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Pocket Folder Templates

Create your own pocket folders.

Pocket Folders Template Preview

Pocket Folders

Building a trustworthy and memorable brand often comes down to the details, which is why custom pocket folders can make such a huge difference! Instead of saddling your customers or prospects with a bunch of loose-leaf, disorderly papers, you’ll hand them a well-organized, beautifully created, easy-to-carry folder—one that not only keeps everything neatly together but, more importantly, exudes that finishing touch of quality and care.

Because folders are actually useful to many people’s day-to-day lives, you’ll get even more mileage out of a well-branded design! Long after your conference or retreat is over, your folder recipients can continue to use their pocket folders at home, in the office, or on the go. For you, that just means even more exposure and brand awareness—all from the same affordable marketing investment.

At MyCreativeShop, we make it easy to create pocket folders that are perfectly matched to your brand, even if you have no design experience whatsoever. All you need is a computer and a few minutes to spare! Simply choose a professionally designed folder template, use our online editor to customize it inside and out, and then order high-quality prints shipped right to your door.

Our Pocket Folder Templates Are Easy To Personalize

Plain-Jane manila folders bought in bulk can certainly get the job done in terms of organizing paperwork...but why stop there? With MyCreativeShop’s huge library of pocket templates, you can transform a boring office supply item into a versatile tool for your brand. Whether you’re a travel agent getting your clients ready for their next big adventure or an accountant keeping individual tax returns organized by year, a smartly designed pocket folder could be the practical marketing strategy you’re missing.

In our simple drag-and-drop editor, you can make any customization you want to your file folder template—including the front, back, and interior pockets! We make it easy to:

To help you through the design process, we offer a presentation view that gives you a real-time view of your pocket folder design as you edit, along with the option to create a shareable link for feedback from friends or colleagues. Depending on how creative you feel, you can also select a presentation folder template that works for you! Choose a ready-made design (sorted by industry) if you want to make a few quick changes, or go with a blank or generic template if you’d rather start from scratch.

At every step of designing your pocket folders, templates from MyCreativeShop make it easy.

Ideally Sized for Standard Documents

We offer the most popular size of bi-fold pocket folders: 9” x 12” when folded. Each of the two interior pockets can fit standard letter-sized documents (8.5” x 11”) as well as plenty of smaller marketing materials like flyers, postcards, and tri-fold brochures.

Since the interior pockets can be customized just as much as the front and the back, you’ll have plenty of space for your logo and tagline, contact information, and other key details. All print areas are full-bleed, too, so you can expect a print that extends cleanly and professionally to the edge.

Order Your Printed Pocket Folders for Fast Delivery

Once your pocket folder design is complete, we make it seamless to order prints directly from MyCreativeShop — including guaranteed delivery dates. In addition to super-fast shipping, we give you useful options for your pocket folder print:

Our pocket folders come folded and ready to use, no assembly required.

You Can Also Print Folders Locally

Many users love the convenience of our printing and shipping services, but we know that not everyone works in the same way. If you already have a printer familiar with your business accounts, you can just as easily have your pocket folders printed there. Just download a print-ready PDF (including the proper bleed settings) for a high-quality print at any professional print shop or online printing service.

Come Back to Edit and Reprint Anytime

Once you’ve created one pocket folder design with MyCreativeShop, your next ones will be a breeze! You can duplicate any project, make changes, and then print or download through the same easy process. Branding refreshes, academic program updates, and new product launches are all worthy of a folder redesign, and creating (and re-creating!) your project is always hassle-free.

To make the most of a limited marketing budget, put your message in the hands of customers with a practical, custom-branded folder. Choose an awesome pocket folder template now, and you could be print-ready today!

A pocket folder, also known as a “presentation folder,” allows you to present and organize important documents in a professional way. Pocket folders can include one or more pockets (ours have two) and can be made from paper, vinyl, or other materials. Our pocket folder templates are printed on 14pt or 16pt cardstock with the option to include business card slits.

In order to design an effective pocket folder, you need to be fluent in your company’s branding strategy and have a good understanding of how your pocket folder will be used. Keeping all of that in mind, browse our catalog of pocket folder templates until you land on the one that meets your needs. The tools in our online editor make it easy for you to apply your custom color scheme and upload high-quality images. Choose from the options in our textbox feature to select a font style, size, and color that fit in with your design and brand. Replace sample text and logos with your own original content and company logo. Insert shapes, arrows, icons, and patterns with just a few clicks, then give the entire project a final perusal for any necessary edits. If all is well, you’re ready to print!

Now that your pocket folder design is complete, click on the “Print/Download” button or head to the Pocket Folder Printing page. Select your quantity, paper type, and business card slit preferences, then enter your delivery options and submit your order. We’ll deliver a top-notch set of pocket folders right to your door and guarantee your satisfaction! Or, if you’d rather do it yourself, you can easily download a high-quality PDF of your project and print your folders anywhere you like. We fully support our customers’ desire to DIY, but printing with us in this situation is the best way to ensure that all of the complex details in your pocket folder project come across correctly.

Our pocket folder templates are 9” wide x 12” tall when folded, and 18” wide x 12” tall when fully opened.

presentation folder design online

Folders are not only perfect for applications and exposés, but can also store important documents, invoices, flyers, reports or notes quickly and securely.

presentation folder design online

With just a few clicks, you can customise our design templates. Here you will find a variety of templates for every industry!

presentation folder design online

Are you creative by passion and don't need templates? You've come to the right place!

presentation folder design online

Have you already created a great design? Just upload it and you're done!

presentation folder design online

Everyone wants to hear about a happy event like the birth of a child! Discover our numerous card templates, but also other customisable accessories for the celebration!

presentation folder design online

Design everything for the perfect children's birthday party with us! With our individual products and colourful templates you will make children's eyes sparkle and turn this day into an unforgettable experience!

presentation folder design online

For an unforgettable first day of school, you will find numerous product ideas and matching templates here. From beautiful invitation cards in a matching design to the perfect decoration for the celebratory meal!

presentation folder design online

For your loved one, it should be a very individual attention on this special day. Be it with a personally designed card or a personalised gift!

presentation folder design online

Thoughtfully design greeting cards for Father's Day! Use our numerous free templates and create unforgettable personalized gifts.

presentation folder design online

Regardless of whether you have a pharmacy or a practice for people or animals. Use our numerous free templates and design the perfect office equipment for doctors, veterinarians and pharmacies.

presentation folder design online

You will find templates for perfect digital and physical communication for your construction or renovation business here. Just browse our templates!

presentation folder design online

Use our numerous free templates and design the perfect equipment for educational institutions with us!

presentation folder design online

Use our numerous free templates and design the perfect business stationery for architects, designers and creatives at our website!

presentation folder design online

Bars, restaurants or catering services will find ideal templates for digital and haptic communication and business stationery.

presentation folder design online

You can find templates for perfect digital and physical communication for real estate here. Just browse our templates!

presentation folder design online

Masseurs, beauticians and all representatives of the health industry will find ideal templates for digital and haptic communication here.

presentation folder design online

Templates for the perfect digital and haptic communication for trainers, gyms or sporting events can be found here. Just browse our templates!

presentation folder design online

For the transport and taxi industry, you'll find lots of product suggestions and design templates for the ideal business stationery.

presentation folder design online

Design folders online

Important documents are not only neatly stored in folders, but are also immediately at hand, so why not design your own folders your way, with your design or logo? These practical cardboard folders can now very easily be designed online in just a few clicks, and printed and shipped by us! It's that easy!

Behind the somewhat sober term "presentation folders" lies a whole universe of possible uses. Used widely in Education and business, printed in corporate motifs, folders are perfect for presenting offers to customers or for collecting all important documents together. If you have a real estate agency, presentation folders are ideal for stylishly presenting properties and related documents.

presentation folder design online

Sturdy paper for your folders

We print your self-designed presentation folders for you on high-quality, 350 g/m² thick picture printing paper. The folders are suitable for DIN A4 documents and, depending on the version, have two flaps with a one millimetre or five millimetre wide spine. With a wider spine, the cardboard folders offer even more space for documents, brochures, flyers or photos.

Easyprint also lets you customise both the front and back of your folders. Simply select the desired option in the tool. This leaves even more room for your creative streak. The beauty of it: With the FreeDesign tool you can work on the perfect presentation folder as long as you want. Design is free. You just pay for the print!

presentation folder design online

You don't need expensive image editing programs or extensive previous knowledge in print design. Simply start the online configurator by selecting the desired version of your presentation folder. For example, load your own motifs, logos or images into the existing layout with just one click. Then you drag and drop your graphics, creating the design you want in nice easy steps.

Easyprint offers you a huge number of free photo and design templates. These are clearly arranged according to occasions and topics. All you have to do is select the right picture or clipart. Maybe you want to make your presentation folders more colourful? With the FreeDesign tool you can do it in no time. You can choose the colour you want on the screen with the intuitive colour configurator.

Presentation Folder

presentation folder design online

Design custom presentation folders directly online using our new design feature!

Create custom folders for your business or organization with our new interactive online design feature. Upload custom images, text, and artwork for your presentation folders.

Raised UV Textures

It's easy to add a background layer of raised uv texture to make your presentation folder truly stand out.

Templates & Proofs

Upload your folder artwork and images directly to one of our print-ready presentation folder templates. PDF proofs are automatically created with each folder order and can be downloaded during online checkout.

presentation folder design online

This digital print process creates memorable tactile experiences on our  presentation folders  and other printed products.

Try adding a  raised uv texture  background to your folder, this a simple yet effective way to experience the full effects of raised uv., by creating a background layer of  textured lines  or shapes, all other design elements appear lifted and smooth., for example, a simple image laid on top of the  texture  will stand out more so than on a printed sheet without an added texture - these patterns are transparent, lifted gloss so it doesn't compromise any design elements by adding an extra ink color., allow your clients' logo, imagery, and other unique design elements stand out by adding a  raised uv texture .

presentation folder design online

Raised Foil - Digital Print Process

Raised foil  is a layer of foil material pressed over raised uv coating during the offline (post-print) process on our scodix digital press., raised foil gives the effect of traditional foil stamping with embossing without compromising the stock., this allows for logos and other cornerstone design elements lift off the printed sheet providing a literal raised effect., because this this is a digital print process, raised foil is highly efficient for short run print projects, does not require die setup, and is capable of variable data., additionally, this provides you the capability to offer your clients unique print enhancements developed from the latest cutting edge technology..

presentation folder design online

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our lifetime warranty

We deliver premium quality products backed by a lifetime warranty. Each product is constructed with only the best materials, an expert team, and a precise process.

Our Materials

Stocks — Durable paper stocks have excellent scoring and folding properties, with low environmental impact.

Inks — Renewable vegetable-soy oil inks dry quickly to produce vibrant, crisp colors.

Coatings — Fast-dry coatings maintain color over time and are recyclable in many cases.

Glue — Products are glued using precise bead length to prevent lifted corners or detached pockets.

Expertise — Our team members have decades of combined experience in the graphic design and printing industries.

Passion — Our team loves what we do; our excitement, expertise, and eye for detail show in every design.

Our Process

Pre-Press Reviews — Three printing experts will review your artwork for a flawless final product.

Production Reviews — Your product is painstakingly tested before and during each production phase to ensure precision printing, stamping, die-cutting, folding, and gluing.

No Gang Runs — Your print job runs independently of any other, meaning we give your product the individual attention it deserves.

High-Caliber Equipment — Regular inspections of printing machines and dies guarantee accurate printing and precision cutting, stamping, and folding.

"We love the folders. Everyone is raving on how professional it looks. We will definitely be back for more orders." Maria Bhowmick, Henely-Putnam University, San Jose, CA
"The folders look wonderful, we will certainly order again. Thanks!" Jennifer Nentrrup, Deactur Vein Clinic, Carmel, IN
"The folders look great! Everyone loved them and we have already used [many of them]." Marsha Diggs, Gary Jewell & Company, Raleigh, NC
"Just wanted to let you know that we love the folders. Everyone is raving on how professional they look. We will definitely be back for more orders." Michele Herzog, Innobaby

We're the ultimate folder boutique with the largest selection. Each of our hundred plus folders is fully customizable with a variety of stocks, coatings, foils, imprint methods and more. If you're looking for a totally custom, one-of-a-kind folder, no problem.

We encourage you to contact us at any time, for any reason. Our friendly printing/design experts are happy to assist!

We're so confident in our products and our rigorous quality control process that we guarantee you'll get high-quality folders every time.

presentation folder design online

Company Overview: First Baptist Church is a biblically based community in Bristol, Indiana that brings people together for worship services, ministries, missions and service projects. Problem: Executive Assistant Laura Johnson needed to quickly obtain a presentation folder to hold teaching materials for a new ministry the church was starting. Story: First Baptist Church was starting […]

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presentation folder design online

Presentation Folders

Give a polished and professional look with custom folders. Explore fully customizable design templates and an easy design upload.

presentation folder design online

Use our custom presentation folders to give your handouts a put-together appeal.

Organize & impress Our custom folders help you arrange handouts in style. They include customizable inside pockets and business card slots to keep all of the essentials in place. Choose from customizable templates or upload a design and make your logo stand out at business meetings, conferences and events.

Make a strong impression These high-quality printed folders are durable enough to put in the mail. They come in 3 size options to best suit your needs. We provide clear printing across a glossy or matte paper stock. For an eye-catching touch, our foil accent upgrade option adds metallic details to logos and text on the front of your design.

Open up a world of design possibilities Ready to create? Start by browsing our assortment of fully customizable designs. Once you’ve found a favorite, make it yours by adding personal touches and choosing the options that work best for you. After that, we’ll take care of the rest – professionally printing and shipping your order. Your custom folders will arrive looking crisp, polished and ready to show off.

Need more than 10,000? Click here to submit a request.

custom white presentation folder

VistaPrint offers Presentation Folders design templates in assorted styles.

Design Services

presentation folder design online

Questions? Need Help? 866.936.5337

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The Standard 9x12 presentation folder is an essential marketing tool and our most popular product! This presentation folder is the perfect choice when presenting your marketing material and/or sales information to your customers. Our custom presentation folders are manufactured using only the highest quality standards and they are a great way to present your company as organized and professional.

Download free 9 x 12 presentation folder templates

9x12 Presentation Folder Options:

COLORS: We only print offset using State-of-the-Art printing presses. Here is the difference between 4/0 (Color 1 Side) and 4/4 (Color 2 Sides):

4/0 - Color 1 Side allows you to print the front and back cover as well as the pockets! With this option you can print in full color with full bleeds. Watch this video to see what a 9x12" presentation folder printed 4/0 looks like:

DESIGN: If you already have your folder designed you can simply upload your file when you are checking out. If you don't have a design yet, you can choose from these 3 main design options:

FREE DESIGN: FolderPrinters.com will do up to a 1/2 hour free design work with any order! We can create a simple design from scratch or you can use one of our premade Free Folder Designs .*

DESIGN IT YOURSELF: Download a layout template formated to the most popular design programs like Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop  (choose the appropriate link labeled "Download Template" above).

CUSTOM DESIGN QUOTE: Send your design ideas along with any files you may have to our sales department and we will send you a quote. *Call (866) 936-5337 x2 to get started.


12pt C2s - 12pt refers to the stock's thickness and is the industry standard for presentation folders. We only offer C2s! C2s indicates that it is coated 2 sides (We do not offer C1s as it a step down in density and durability). Our 12pt C2s is a premium stock and is a great choice for presentation folders!

14pt C2s - When you need a thicker option with even more durability, then 14pt C2s is the perfect choice. It has the same premium properties as our 12pt but it's even thicker.


Gloss is a most popular option and is a great choice for any folder.

Matte is a great option as well. It has increased popularity recently and is the first choice for many designers. It is a flat finish without the glossy look.

PRINTING AND MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY : To ensure that the quality of your folders is second to none, we have invested heavily in — end employ only — the best equipment.

For printing, depending on the project's quantity, we use either traditional large offset-litho presses or presses with the most advanced digital printing technology.

For finishing, our equipment include traditional die-cutters, as well as cutting edge folder converting machinery that feature rotary die-cutters.

Our printing professionals at FolderPrinters.com are available to answer any questions you may have. Call (866)936-5337 x2 to talk to one of our experts today!

What should be in a presentation folder? Tips on what items to include in the pockets of your professional branded presentation folder. . . READ MORE

How to Choose a Folder Printing Company. Things to look for -- and look out for -- in a printer before buying your presentation folder . . . READ MORE

What is a professional presentation folder? Learn about basic specifications like size, printing colors, pockets. . . READ MORE


"Great, fast, attentive service" - Miguel Rivera Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Michael Franz did an excellent job on taking my order and coordinating my special requests. This is an excellent company to do business with!" - Douglas Hosmer Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"This was a reorder and I was able to easily log in, reorder and pay in less than 3 minutes. Artwork is always fabulous." - Stacey Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Great Job!! We are very happy with the folders!" - Adam Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Love using Folder Printers. They have amazing quality folders. Always easy to order or re-order and customer service is great." - Danny Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Michael was so helpful with getting our old folder artwork over to us when we couldn't find it anywhere else. It was five years old and he still had it on file. We were able to get it updated and get a new order placed. Excellent service!" - Christie Collbran Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Always Great Service and Products! Their products are great quality and they followed my design perfectly. Fast shipping and affordable price!" - Allison Ruby Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"A+ In My Book! As a Graphic Designer I found the design process of adding my artwork very easy, self explanatory and the proofing is simple. It basically looks like the finished product. The Quality of the folders ordered as well as the printing exceeded my expectations. When I call to place re-orders Customer Service has always been respectful, kind and honest. This is the number 1 go to for folder orders. Thanks Guys, keep up the good work!" - NCS Graphics & Technologies LL Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

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"Just entered my order for presentation folders. Very easy to do. Easy to upload my own design" - Letitia Robinson Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"The folders came out beautiful!!! The team was very responsive and easy to work with, and they helped me with my first time ordering. The turn around and shipping was fast. I will defiantly be purchasing more folders in the future." - Caroline Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Very satisfied. I needed a fast print service for my presentation folders and I decided to try them, very satisfied with the easy process and the quality of the products received. I'll definitely order from them again in the future." - Andrea Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"I received a prompt response with my proof, which I hadn't had printed in a couple of years. Michael made reordering a breeze. This is the only company I will ever use! The quality is excellent!" - Jakia Sultana Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

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"Thank you Joe! You were the best. I expected to talk to a far away place . Joe Answered. 10 Minutes later we were done. Best service of any kind I have had in the last 2 years. I will highly, highly recommend you. I normally don't fill out surveys. In fact send me another survey and I'll fill that out too. BEST SERVICE I HAVE HAD IN 2 YEARS." - Darren Roush Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Website is very user friendly! Love being able to design online. Folders are very good quality and turnaround time is great!" - Karen Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Always a good experience. My company has used folderprinters.com for various folder needs over the years. Always a good experience. They're quick to respond, customer service has always been great when I've had to use them, the ordering process is easy, and their pricing is fair. We always get our orders in a timely manner as well. Always my go-to for large folder printing orders." - Robert Konnerth Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"While shopping for a new print vendor for our business, FolderPrinters came up in my search. Used the on-line tool to design a get a quote. Had to call to clarify some design layout questions and I receive the best customer service I have ever received over the phone. They identified some logo artwork quality while reviewing my design and corrected EVERYTHING for me. GREAT VALUE and AWESOME Customer Service!" - Steve Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"We have recently purchased presentation folders for our clients. We provided our logo and with a little of there help give us a fantastic presentation folder. We were happy from start to finish with the process. The pricing was affordable and the final product was outstanding." - Benchmark Designs Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Awesome quality, fast delivery! Fast print, awesome quality, personal phone call to verify design - definitely will be printing with these guys again!" - Irina Wagner Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

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"Excellent service helping us get the design right and the order placed. The folders are beautiful and they came very fast. I’ll definitely use them again As other printers have not delivered good results in the past." - P. Horowitz Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Great Business. The folders I ordered came in just as I wanted them. We will definitely be ordering again for my company. The website was super easy to use to design what I wanted and they were produced and delivered quickly." - SYDNEE Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"So easy to work with and made sure my folders looked amazing" - Abby Moreland Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Folder Printers was great in all facets of the process. From ordering, design assistance, edits, and payment process. They are flexible and quick, I recommend them to anybody looking for a good price and quality product." - Jason Robaina Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.

"Our folders look incredible. We are extremely happy with the results and will be using folder printers.com again" - Justin Emerick Rated 5 out of 5 stars Read actual verified review here.


presentation folder design online

Enhance your business image

Use custom presentation folders to add a professional touch to any business meeting. Papers and your business card will be neatly held in place, keeping you organized and sharp.

Perfect for meetings, seminars and trade shows

Order different amounts, from 50 to 1,000 to suit your needs. Folders can be used to hold travel itineraries for groups, course information for students and account or business information.

Folder information

Delivery information

Presentation folders can be delivered in 11 to 13 business days.

presentation folder design online

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