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New Line Home Entertainment Clip-On Library

Embassy Home Entertainment/Nelson Entertainment


Bumper : On a colored background, we see the following text in a plain font:

FX/SFX : None or the fades.

Music/Sounds : None.

Availability : Seen on earlier Embassy Home Entertainment titles from 1984 to 1986, including the titles mentioned above.

August 29, 1986–1988

Charter Entertainment Coming Attractions Bumper.png

Bumper : On a blue marble background is:

FX/SFX : None.

Availability : Rare. Seen on Charter Entertainment pressings with previews such as Keeping Track , Fire and Ice , and Fair Game . It also appears on certain Embassy Home Entertainment pressings with previews, such as Winners Take All , Defense of the Realm , and The Stepfather . It also appears on early Nelson releases like a copy of The Princess Bride , as well as Hope and Glory and Crazy Moon . This bumper debuted on the 1986 VHS of The Supernaturals .

New Line Home Video/Entertainment

1992–january 17, 1995.

Coming attractions bumper 18

Bumper : On a black background, we see one of the following clip-ons.

Variant : Depending on the release, the text can vary in font and capitalization.

FX/SFX : A fade-in and a fade-out.

Availability : Common. Seen on New Line Home Video/Columbia TriStar VHS releases from its inception in 1992 to 1995. It was last seen on The Mask , New Line's first tape under their two-year deal with Turner as well as the only Turner-era NLHV VHS to contain this bumper.

February 7, 1995–March 14, 2006

New Line Home Video Coming Soon ID (1995)

Bumper : Same as before, except the announcements now appear over the New Line Home Video/Entertainment filmbox:

FX/SFX : Same as above.

Music/Sounds : Wendell Craig (who also announced for Nickelodeon) says:

Music/Sounds Variants :

Availability : Seen on New Line Home Video/Entertainment VHS releases from the era, as well as the demo DVD of How to Deal . The first tape to use the voiceover variant was Dumb and Dumber , and the last to use the full, unedited voiceovers was Dungeons & Dragons . The last tape to use this bumper in general was A History of Violence , widely regarded as the last VHS ever released (though some major studio titles would be released on analog tape into 2008, albeit either as Disney Movie Club exclusives or only as screener tapes). The Feature Presentation variant is strangely left off the 1999 "Edited for Family Viewing" VHS of The Mask , as well as reissues of older New Line films such as 8 Seconds and Now and Then , and the 2002 VHS of Storytelling . The Feature Presentation voiceover variant was last heard on the 2001 demo VHS of The Anniversary Party , though it makes a surprise appearance on the 2002 VHS of Brother's Keeper , which otherwise has silent bumpers.

Editor's Notes :

feature presentation new line

Scary Logos Wiki

New Line Feature Presentation

Same as other bumpers from the era, but the text superimposed over the New Line Home Video filmbox instead reads "Feature Presentation".


A majestic-sounding man saying "And now, our feature presentation". The announcer is Wendell Craig. Starting in 2001, there is no voice-over.

Scare Factor

None to low, the announcer might startle some people. None for the 2001 variant.


New Line Home Video Feature Presentation

feature presentation new line

Feature Presentation/Coming Attraction Screens

The Walt Disney Company ( Buena Vista Home Entertainment - Coming to Theaters , Coming to Videocassette/DVD , Now on Videocassette/DVD , Now in Theaters , Behind the Scenes , Coming Soon/Now Available to Rent on Video , Soundtrack (Coming to CD & Cassette) , Feature Program , Feature Presentation ; 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment - Feature Presentation/Coming Attractions ; Jim Henson Video - Feature Presentation )

Comcast Corporation ( Universal Pictures - Coming Attractions , PolyGram Video/USA Home Entertainment Feature Presentation , PolyGram/Universal/DreamWorks Release Date , Universal/DreamWorks Rent It! , Cineplex Odeon Video Coming Attractions )

Paramount Global ( Paramount Home Media Distribution - Coming Attractions/Now Available , Feature Presentation )

Sony Group Corporation ( Sony Pictures Home Entertainment -)

Warner Bros. Discovery ( Warner Bros. Home Entertainment - Coming Attractions , Now Available , Feature Presentation ; New Line Home Entertainment - Coming Attractions , Feature Presentation ; HBO Home Entertainment - Also Available , Feature Presentation ; HBO/Cinemax - HBO Feature Presentation , Cinemax Feature Presentation ; Turner Classic Movies - Feature Presentation ; Turner Home Entertainment - Feature Presentation )

DreamWorks, LLC. ( Coming Attractions , )

Lionsgate ( Lionsgate Home Entertainment - Feature Presentation ; Cinépix Film Properties - Coming Soon , Feature Presentation ; Artisan Entertainment - Coming Soon , Feature Presentation , Trimark Home Video, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Starz, Starz Encore)

National Screen Service ( Astro Daters , Star Bright )

Theater Chains ( Cineplex Odeon Theatres - Coming Attractions , Coming Soon , Feature Presentation ; General Cinema Corporation - Coming Attractions , Feature Presentation )

Miscellaneous ( Dej Productions - Coming Soon , Feature Presentation ; New Concorde - Feature Presentation ; LeapFrog Enterprises - Also Available )

feature presentation new line

feature presentation new line

New Line Home Entertainment Feature Presentation IDs

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  4. New Line Home Video Feature Presentation

    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)


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  6. New Line Home Video Feature Presentation

    New Line Home Video Feature Presentationhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ubnceyWod48.

  7. New Line Home Video logo and feature presentation

    "And now our feature presentation" followed by "formatted to fit your TV" then the New Line Home Video logo. From the Lost in Space vhs.

  8. New Line Home Entertainment Clip-On Library

    Feature Presentation (1995-2006); In Theaters Holiday 2001 (2001); Coming Soon From New Line Television. Variants: Starting in 2001, the "Home Video"

  9. New Line Feature Presentation

    Same as other bumpers from the era, but the text superimposed over the New Line Home Video filmbox instead reads "Feature Presentation".

  10. New Line Home Entertainment Feature Presentation Bumpers

    Important heads-up! We now have copyright licenses for files and ask that all files are to be tagged with the appropriate licenses. See this forum post for more

  11. Feature Presentation/Coming Attraction Screens

    Feature Presentation; New Line Home Entertainment - Coming Attractions

  12. Motion Picture Corporation of America/New Line Cinema

    General Cinema Corporation Feature Presentation / Columbia Pictures Logo 1993-1995. Logo · General Cinema Corporation / Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation

  13. New Line Cinema

    The studio has also released many of the films of John Waters. In 1976, New Line secured funding to produce its first full-length feature, Stunts (1977)

  14. New Line Home Entertainment Feature Presentation IDs

    ... New Line Cinema filmbox logo (with the blue glow around it) on a black background, but this time, the words "Feature Presentation" in