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work experience letter content

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work experience letter content

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work experience letter content

Experience Letter

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Experience Letter

Whether you are aiming for a career change or opting for a better job opportunity , you will need to provide certain documents corresponding to your previous employment. Amongst these crucial documents, the Experience Letter is an essential one which you will be asked about by your new employer. Leaving an organization without taking the experience certificate is similar to bidding adieu to your school without taking your degree certificate. An experience letter plays a decisive role in shaping your future employment career. Often referred to as a service certificate, this blog brings a detailed guide on what an experience letter is, its format as well as useful samples. 

This Blog Includes:

What are the contents of an experience letter, who writes a work experience letter, why is a work experience letter important, what should a work experience letter contain, experience letter format, experience letter samples , work experience letter for companies sample, sample work experience letter for accountant, experience letter for director sample, sample work experience letter for professor, sample work experience letter for ceo, experience letter sample for it sector, experience letter sample for tourism and hospitality industry, experience letter sample for financial analyst, retail sales experience letter sample, sample of internship completion letter, application for experience certificate, how to write a work experience letter, experience letter template.

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What is an Experience Letter?

It is a letter which is duly issued by an employer stating the duration of your employment, the main roles you were assigned, the skills you learnt and your overall performance review. The experience letter is mostly required when you are switching to a new job. In simple words, an experience letter is an official form of documentation given by a supervisor or employer with their truest knowledge of the time an employee has spent with the company. An experience letter is framed in a manner that the individual’s experience and skills are mentioned by their reporting manager . Also, it also consists of valuable feedback from the supervisor or head of the company. 

Your experience letter must contain the following information:

An experience letter contains information such as –

HR of the organization is responsible to write the work experience letter. HR usually collects the information from your reporting manager before writing the experience letter

A work experience letter is important and required by job seekers which act as proof you have worked for X years in an organization at what level and your remuneration. It also showcases your skills and knowledge.

An experience letter needs to be well-structured and written in a formal tone. Let’s take a look at the format of an experience letter:

Now that you are familiarized with the format of this official document, take a look at the following samples for the Experience letter:

Experience Letter Sample 1

Experience Letter Sample 2

Experience Certificate

It is to certify that Ms Ishita Singal D/O Aman Singhal was under the employer of as a ‘Software Engineer’ in the Engineering team from 17 August 2019 to 20 August 2021. She has been a hardworking, honest, and dedicated employee. 

We hope for her a good future. 

Akshat Juneja

Head of Department

Teacher Experience Certificate

Experience Letter Sample for IT sector

Now that you are familiar with all the nuances of the experience letter and its essential components, let’s move to another important section and discuss how you can request for an experience letter. Glance through some of the pivotal steps; 

It has four major parts:

Your address Date of issuance

Subject: Work experience letter

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that (name) worked as (position) from [DD/MM/YEAR of joining by Employee] to [Employee’s last DD/MM/YEAR of employment]. We can confirm his/her time here with us, his services and dedication towards the organization and duties have been satisfactory. [Employee’s name] decision to leave [name of organization] is solely his, and we hope and pray that he has a bright and successful future ahead.

Sincerely, Your name Your designation Name of your organization.

It is a formal document which is written by a former or current employer mentioning all the quintessential details about the status of an employee. This sort of document necessary includes the time an employer has spent in the company, the skills as well as experience an employee has gained. It may include skills, experience as well as work habits. 

It has four major parts. An introduction: Make sure that you include here the named person rather than writing words like ‘DEAR SIR/ MADAM ETC.  Why would be a perfect hire? Justify here with relevant examples which will include skills, attributes as well as knowledge.  Make sure that you write why you want to do an internship. Sign off in a gracious way. 

Here are some of the important elements of an experience  letter: Date of issuance  Mention a  specific recipient  Make sure you write an employee’s name Make sure that you include the role, designation as well title.  Make sure you include the date of joining as well as the resignation. Work details with the pivotal role are quintessential to include.  Make sure that you include other relevant details.  Wish success to the candidates for future endeavours. 

Hope you are familiarized with the essential features and the format of an Experience Letter. Are you considering a career change or struggling with your career choices? Sign up for an e-meeting with our Leverage Edu and we will assist you in taking the right decision to steer towards your dream career! Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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work experience letter content

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How To Write An Experience Letter (With Format + Examples)

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Preparing to Write a Work Experience Letter

How to write an experience letter, experience letter template and example, the benefits of a letter of experience, experience letter faqs, final thoughts.

Summary. An experience letter is a document written by a current or past employer detailing an employee’s experience in their role. An experience letter should also describe the employee’s attitude and personality. When you apply for a new job, your potential employer will want to know about your past work experience. There are several avenues you can use to show your experience, including your resume, your portfolio, and an experience letter. In this article, we’ll go over what experience letters are used for and how to write one, and we’ll share an example experience letter to pull all our advice together. Key Takeaways An experience letter is written by your current or past employer, and it details how long you were with the company, the experience you gained there, and your positive attributes. If you’re the one being asked to write an experience letter for an employee, make sure you feel comfortable explaining what they did and speaking positively about them before you agree to write it. An experience letter is helpful for backing up your claims about your skills (especially your hard skills) to hiring managers and creating a positive networking connection between you and your current or previous employer. What Is an Experience Letter?

An experience letter is a document written by someone who supervises you at your current or previous job. The letter explains how long you were with the company and what experiences you gained while there. A well-written experience letter confirms the details of your job application and resume.

Don’t be worried if you’ve never heard of an experience letter — they’re not very common in the modern world. They’re sometimes called a company experience letter or a letter of experience, but they’re the same thing no matter what name they go by.

If you’re an employer, manager, or supervisor, an employee or former employee may request a work experience letter. Because they aren’t standard, this could be the first time you’re encountering one, and you might not know what to write or even how to write an experience letter.

Don’t worry; we’ve included samples at the bottom for you to reference.

Before looking at those, here are some important things to consider before you agree to write an experience letter:

Do you know enough about what the employee does or did at the company to detail the experience they’ve gained while working there?

Can you give specific examples of the scope of the job and the employee’s involvement?

Is your letter going to be positive?

Are you the appropriate person to ask; are you a manager or supervisor , or just a work buddy?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, then you’re the right person for the job. If you think you’re not the right person to ask, let the individual know as soon as possible. Maybe you can suggest who they should actually be asking.

If you’re writing the letter, this information is going to help you narrow your focus and come up with a positive letter for the employee.

If you are the employee, look through this section carefully and compare it to your letter to make sure that nothing was missed.

An even better tip for employees: You can create a rough outline of the specific skills you’d like to see highlighted. This will help you target your future job and will make it easier for your boss to write your letter of experience.

Be professional . The most important thing in an experience letter is that you are professional through and through. This goes in someone else’s work portfolio, and your authority as a work supervisor is crucial.

Use business letter formatting . Make sure you’re formatting the letter for business. That means you’ll use work letterhead, include a date, the company name, your name, title, a salutation, the body of the letter, and close with a signature.

The body. It’s the body of the letter that can be the most difficult part to write. The rest is just filling in information. Use this as a guideline:

Employee name

Employee’s date of hire

Employee’s title — If there were title changes, include them as well as the dates the changes went into effect.

Describe the different positions the employee held and the duties they performed. If there was an area where they excelled, explain that in detail.

Describe the employee, their attitude, personality, willingness to learn, leadership qualities , etc. Just remember to focus on the good parts.

Finally, write a positive statement about the employee’s potential future.

Note that some sources recommend listing the employee’s salary. We suggest staying away from this topic as it is private information and unrelated to job performance.

Experience Letter Template

[Date Written] To Whom It May Concern: The purpose of this letter is to certify that [employee’s full name] worked as a [job title] in the [department name] of [company name] from [start date] to [end date] . [Employee’s first name] has [skills, early experiences, major accomplishments] [More details of the employee’s key responsibilities and contributions] [Details of the employee’s promotions, as well as soft skills that make them pleasant to work with] We are sure that whatever they chose to do next, they will do it with the same amount of passion and drive that they showed in their many years with our company. We certainly wish [employee first name] all the best in his future, and I would be happy to speak with you personally if you have any questions about their employment with [company name] . Sincerely, [Your name] [Your job title] [Your contact details]

Example Experience Letter

Let’s dive a little deeper into that formal letter format. We touched on it above and gave you some great ideas for how to create the body. But there’s nothing quite as useful as an example. So here we go.

December 1, 2021 The Cat Project Norman Fester, Chief Executive Officer 1234 Mercer Lane Madison, AL 35756 To Whom It May Concern: The purpose of this letter is to certify that Milo Parker has been working in the packaging department of our company since 2007. Milo has shown tremendous drive and dedication to his position. He began working with us on a part-time basis and helped out when it was our busy season. In 2009 he decided to pursue a career with us on a full-time basis and worked as one of our stockers, making sure shelves were properly stocked and that orders were packaged appropriately. In 2010, Milo was promoted to Chief Stocker, and, in addition to his regular stocking duties, he oversaw the other stockers in the department. He has great leadership skills and was an immediate hit with his teammates and his superiors. In 2012 we encouraged Milo to take some managerial classes at the local technical college, at our expense. By the time he had finished a handful of these courses in 2014, we had promoted him to Quality Control Officer . This promotion removed his stocking responsibilities and put him in charge of overseeing the fulfillment area of our growing online sales business. In 2017, Milo expressed an interest in becoming the Supervisor of the Packaging Division. As our company has grown significantly since Milo began, and he knew the packaging department better than most, he was already our top candidate for this position. We were happy that he wanted to assume the role, and this is the role he currently holds at The Cat Project. Milo has incredible organizational skills and is a thoughtful and compassionate team leader . He is always willing to go the extra mile and has big plans for his future. We are sure that whatever he chose to do next, he will do it with the same amount of passion and drive that he has shown in his many years with our company. We certainly wish Milo all the best in his future, and I would be happy to speak with you personally if you have any questions about his employment with The Cat Project. Sincerely, Norman Fester, CEO of The Cat Project [email protected] (123) 987-6543

The reason an experience letter can help you stand out is that it’s not common, and it can accomplish the following things:

Proof of your affiliation with your previous or current employer

Support your resume’s claims about dates employed and duties

Detail what you did and your mastery of those tasks

Verify your skill set, especially hard skills

Build a networking bond between you and your superior

Remind your company of your value and importance

You see, if you’re thinking about leaving your job or you want a promotion , asking for an experience letter can give you a leg up. Not only will you have something to show to prospective new employers, but your current company now has a heads up that you’re thinking about moving on.

They are also forced to look at your importance, which might make them realize they’d rather keep you than try to find someone else to fill your shoes.

How do I start an experience letter?

To start an experience letter, write a sentence like “the purpose of this letter is to certify [employee name]’s time working for XYZ Corp.” Or, “this letter serves to certify that [employee name] worked at XYZ Corp. from [start date] to [end date].”

Can I ask for an experience letter?

Yes, you can ask for an experience letter from your current or former employer. However, if you ask your current employer for an experience letter, they may suspect that you’re applying for other jobs.

Is salary mentioned in an experience letter?

No, salary is not typically mentioned in an experience letter. If you’re submitting an experience letter from a company, it’s likely that you’re also putting them down as a reference .

Why do you need a work experience letter?

You don’t need a work experience letter, but having one helps verify your past accomplishments and professional contributions. If you’re applying for a job in a faraway city or even another country, an experience letter helps to vouch for your skill set.

Can an employer deny a request for an experience letter?

Yes, an employer can deny a request for an experience letter. There is no law requiring anyone to write an experience letter for an employee, so companies may choose not to do this, especially if the employee was fired for behavioral or legal reasons or wasn’t a good worker.

What should be mentioned in an experience letter?

The length of time the employee worked at the company and their title/title changes, responsibilities, and positive attributes should be mentioned in an experience letter.

Not all letters of experience will be this thorough, and some will be much longer. It all depends on the level of experience, the detail needed to explain the position, and the person writing the letter, and the employee.

For employers, a letter of experience lets potential employers know why you value this employee. It might make you realize that you’re about to lose a great hire, which is a good time to take stock and decide if you need to do something to keep them.

But if your company doesn’t fit with their future goals or plans, then writing a letter and wishing them well is a great way to show that you appreciate their years of service.

Both parties need to remember that this is a professional document. It’s not a place for emotions, good or bad. It’s just business. Keep the request professional, and the resulting letter should also reflect a level of business-minded acumen.

The HR Digest – Experience Letter Format, Sample, Tips & Examples

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Experience Letter Format and Sample – How To Write Work Experience Letter?

Experience Letter | How to Write Experience Letter : As the name suggests, an Experience Letter is given by the organization to the employee at the time he/she is going to leave the organization and look for another job ahead. It provides details about the work done as well as the skills, Careers acquired by the employee.

What is an Experience Letter?

Experience Letter Format and Sample

An experience letter is a letter that gives details of the experiences gained by an employee in the time span one had spent in the organization. Experience Letter is considered to be an important document as it gives the idea of the employee’s work experience to the other organization’s employer.

This is to be attached by the employee with his resume at the time of applying to the new organization.

Work Experience Letter Format

It is very important to know the format of the experience letter as a good and right letter puts a good impression on the employer. The experience letter contains the following parameters:

Q1: What does the experience letter contain?

Experience letter contains all the work done and skills acquired by a person in the time Span he had worked in a particular firm. It is also called Service Certificate. It is provided by the authority where the person has recently worked.

Q2: What is the format of the Experience letter?

The format of the letter contains:   

Q3: Should we include salary in the Experience Certificate?

Yes, the salary must be included in the experience letter as it gives the idea to the other company or firm about the performance and the pay scale of the employee.

Experience Letter Format Sample

Employee’s name Employee’s organisation Employee’s address

Date of issuance

Recipient’s organization Recipient’s address

This letter is to certify that (Employee’s name) has worked in our organization as (Employee’s recent post). He had started working here on (Joining date) and worked till (Leaving Date). He had served till (total time of work) in our organization. He had been very responsible till the date he had joined. He had enriched himself with lots of skills and work experiences to date. Some of his mind-blowing skills include(mention his best skills). He had been paid (Employee’s Salary) as salary on a per month basis. Apart from his love and devotion he had also been a very good and kind man and always maintained a good relationship with everyone. We are really glad to have such a generous personality among us.

Wishing him the best of his luck in his career.

Sender’s Name Sender’s Designation, Sender’s Address.


Work Experience Letter For Companies Sample

Note: Change all the bold text in the letter as per your requirement.

Name Address line 1 Address line 2

Phone number: x x x x x x x x x Mail: x x x x @

Date: dd/mm/year

Dear employer,

This is to inform you that Employee’s name was posted as Degnisation… of the content department of a company from  7th March 2016 to 8th March 2020.   He had given  4 years of his service company.

The employee’s name is a hard-working guy. He started as a content executive in our company and completed all his duties and responsibilities with maintaining decorum. He is always ready to face new challenges and in most of his works, he has given excellent results. The credit of the prestigious awards of our company is because of his deeds. He is always ready to learn new skills and also adapt them very quickly. On the basis of his skills, he has been paid a salary of Rs 72000. His behaviour with other company staff is very good and also receives appraisals from senior members of our company.

We wish him the best of luck.

Name XYZ Company


Experience Letter for Teacher Sample

Note: Change all the bold text in the work experience letter as per your requirement.

To (name of receiver)

One of our best faculty and an excellent maths teacher of our school, Miss Namrita Das started working on 8th August 2009. With 11 years of teaching experience, she easily finds the interests of the students and the way they easily understand the topic.

She was the one who initiated the maths quiz in our school, the result of which is that 10 students of our school were selected in international olympiads in the last 5 years . Being a master in her subject, she had developed some of the best tricks for solving some of the toughest questions which her students find easy to do. She was receiving a salary of Rs 50000. She takes classes of students from the ninth standard to the students of the twelfth standard . Our institution is blessed to have a teacher like her in between us.

We wish her the best of luck.

Venkata Raman Director XYZ School Name


Sample Work Experience Letter for Accountant

Note: Change all the bold text as per your requirement.

XYZ Company Address City

24th July 2018

Employee’s name XYZ Private Limited Address City

I am writing this letter to bring you to the notice that Employee’s name was working in our firm as a post of an accountant from 3rd January 2011 to 23rd July 2018.

Being a master in his subject, he was always an anecdote of a person having sharp and intelligent skills. Some of his skills specialise in balance statements, controlling income and expenditure, and preparing tax returns. He has extraordinary knowledge of motivating clients as per their needs. He has experience working in some of the topic business firms as an accountant. He was paid as per the pay scale which we were having for the accountant i.e Rs 85000. Working in our firm, he has acquired some of the best skills like administrative knowledge, Microsoft office optimization, and reconciliation in accountancy. He has proved himself a hardworking and intelligent person.

We wish best of luck

Employer’s Name Managing Director XYZ Company


Experience Letter for Director Sample

Prof Employee’s name

Director MMPUT Allahabad

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that Employee name had been the director of this prestigious institution for 7 years from 28th October 2013 to 4th April 2020.

The employee name has been a faculty of our institution before he became director. He had served as Head of the Department of Mechanical Department of XYZ University . Being a member of our institute for a long time, he knew very well all the duties of a director. He had adopted many of the measures to smoothly run the institution. His skills in managing each sector of administration were marvellous. His interactions with students are quite interesting. Thus students also find it fascinating to interact with him. The educational curriculum and the departmental structure applied in his span were some of the most efficient changes done under our institute. A salary of Rs 85000 has been paid to him by the university.

I wish him the best of luck for his future times.

Prof Rajiv Asthana Vice-Chancellor MMPUT Allahabad

Sample Work Experience Letter for Professor

Note: Change the bold text in the experience letter below respectively

Date: 3rd April 2020

Prof Name Collage/University Address

This letter is written to inform you that Prof Name … had been a professor at our institute from 26th September 2004 to 2nd April 2020 . He has joined the institute as the Assistant Professor and recently had been working as an Associate professor of our institute

Having a work experience of 16 years from our institute, Prof Name … had enriched himself with many skills. Being a Master from IIT ROORKEE and PhD from the same, he had a good command of Chemistry. The methodologies delivered by him to his students are some of the best ones of his courses. Also serving as the in-charge of labs for several spans of time, he also acquired knowledge of lab-related works. Apart from the institutional works he also made good relations with students as well as other faculties. Students know him as one of our faculties who are easily approachable. Faculties also know him as a figure of commitment and knowledge.

After analyzing his work and his devotion towards it, he was receiving a salary of Rs 92000 per month recently. In his career , he had done his duties with full responsibility and discipline.

We wish him the best of luck in the future.

Name Director, College/University name Address


Experience Letter for Administrator Sample

Note: Change the bold text in the letter below respectively

Mr Name Senior Superintendent of Police, Kharagpur

I write this letter to certify that Mr Name… had been the Senior Superintendent of Police from 6th January 2015 to 5th January 2020. He joined the police department as Deputy Superintendent of Police on 2nd February 2001 and worked on it till 28th November 2009 before he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Police. He joined as an ASP on 30th November 2009 and served till he became SSP.

Mr Name… has always been punctual and loyal to his duties. He has always been witty and courageous throughout his career. He had handled most of the tough cases of the city and had gained experience to solve them successfully. Mr Name… had always submitted the reports within the given time which shows his ever-punctual nature. Being strict with his routine, Mr Name… always maintained the decorum of the department. He was also an admirable police officer by the public as he was easily approachable and people always find it very easy to tell him their problems. He had been paid according to the basic pay module decided by the Government of India. We always feel proud to have such a valourous and intelligent officer in our department.

Mr Rajan Kumar Inspector General, Kharagpur range.

Sample Work Experience Letter for CEO

25th December 2020

Mr CEO name XYZ company name Pvt Ltd, New York

I am writing this letter to inform you that (CEO name) had been the Chief Executive Officer of our company. He started working in our company as a Product Marketing Manager in 2007. In 2011 , he was made marketing head of our company. In 2013 he became CEO of our company and served till today.

Mr CEO name … had always been an example of people having continuous success. He made this possible by continuous effort in his field to increase his efficiency and sharpen himself in his sector. His marketing strategies are always extraordinary which has attracted many of the other leaders for the coalition. He had been an excellent person in managing the whole administration of the company. The income and expenditure have been intelligently managed by him. He had been INR 2,80,000 monthly. Staff also admire him for his job and his work. He had learned and acquired a lot of qualities in our organization. He had mastered some of the groundbreaking marketing techniques while serving in our company. Our company was really blessed to have been led by such an honourable CEO like him.

We wish best of luck for the rest of his life.

Donald Richards, Founder XYZ company name Pvt Ltd, New York

Hope you liked our article on Work Experience Letters and how to write a guide on Experience Letters . If you have any questions then you can contact us in the comment below.

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Experience Certificate

Work Experience Certificate Letter – Format of Experience Certificate with Sample  

Experience letter is a formal letter and is a written or printed information on company’s letterhead about employment confirmation.  The experience letter format must include Name, position, period, salary and benefits signed by a concerned manager to confirm the employment with the organization.  The letter is issued by the employer on company’s letter head and can be used for many purposes and can be send to anyone to show the employment history

A work experience certificate letter is a letter issued to an employee. The formal letter issued by the Human Resource Department confirm the time period the employee was associated with the company. The experience certificate also certifies the skills and work habits of an employee. It is one of the imperative exit documents that the employee needs at the time of leaving the organization. Employee needs this letter to verify his previous employment. Hence, HR department should make it with utmost care.

What is Experience Certificate?

Experience certificate is an official document to certify employment with a company/organization and says that the person is employed or has been employed with the company and the will certify employee name and his/her details such as father’s name, residence address , employee id etc. it further, certify the employment period, last designation and also the pay package of the employee.  The experience certificate means whatever mentioned is true or correct

Experience Certificate or work experience letter is issued by the company in which a person has worked. The experience certificate certifies all the skills or knowledge the person has acquired. This is one of the valuable documents for a person for his career growth and future opportunities.

Experience Certificate Format 

A right format is always the key in letter writing to make a correct and impressive experience certificate.  The following points must be included to create a right format of experience certificate.  It is obvious that it should be in a polite language and must contain the following key points:

Why Experience Certificate Important?

The employee experience certificate is very important to identify the past years of experience and expertise of an employee in his/her last organization. It acts as a proof for you that you were employed by an organization in a certain position for a certain period of time.

It is especially important for the new employees who are considering switching their career direction, and it helps to update the details on your application. The certificate has information such as the name of the company, the date of hire, job description , and the job duties and responsibilities. An employee experience certificate has an electronic signature which is beneficial because it is difficult to forge without the signature

Recommended : Why to implement recruitment management system? 

Objective of Experience Certificate letter

Experience certificate proves and authenticates that the Job Applicant truly holds a valid experience with the company which he or she has mentioned in his Curriculum Vitae (CV). Experience certificate is a very important document for Recruitment at the time of hiring a candidate on board in an organization.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Writing Experience Certificate letter

Experience certificate letter certifies that the person has worked in the organization and has performed all the duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her. Experience certificate may also include the major or satisfactory contribution in the organization also the identified strength. There is no mandatory format of experience letter to be followed. Every organization can have their different format. But a general content that should be included in the experience letter is given below:

Distinguish Between Experience Certificate and Experience Letter

If we dig deep into what is the difference between an experience certificate and an experience letter, then you should know that there is not much difference. Because an experience certificate is in the form of a certificate and an experience letter is given in the form of a letter.

Format of the experience certificate is given below:

Experience letter format is given below:.

Click here to learn about: Appointment Letter Format + 15 Sample   

Difference between Experience Letter and Relieving Letter

In a relieving  letter , the HR department confirms to the employee that the company accepts the resignation letter and notes the last day of employment, on the other hand, an experience certificate is a letter that states that the holder of the letter has worked for a specific organization/company for a specific period of time.

It is issued to employees by their employers and is required by employers when they offer new employment as verification of previous work experience.

The employer issues this letter to an employee on the final working day of the month or following receipt of a request for the same. This paper should be printed on the firm letterhead where the person previously worked. It must be signed by the company's authorized representative, which is the HR manager.

Uses and Needs of Experience Letter

The work experience certificate letter is a formal and official letter written on the Company’s Letter head and must be issued and given by the employer to their employee at the time of relieving an employee. In case if an employee resigns from the services, he can request for Experience Certificate and relieving letter from his employer or his manager.  

Sample Format of Experience Letter

(sent by previous employer to verify employment)

For an employee, all the documents from the day first are important, whether it is an offer letter / letter of intent or whether it is an exit document like an experience letter and relieving letter. Thus, the HRM Department has the responsibility to provide all the necessary documents to the employee.

The information about the experience letter in this article will help the employee, company and the HR department to know about how to prepare experience certificate and what all points to keep in mind while making this kind of letter.

Find 10+ Sample Template to learn about Format of Experienc Certificate Letter - All are free to download modal in PDF & Doc.:

Know more about various  :    Ways to write Address Proof letter 

Download Free PDF/DOC

Work experience certificate letter for teacher.

About this Sample Format:  Here is a teacher was teaching science in the school has resigned from his or her post. The teacher is issued an experience certificate by the principal. This letter has to be issued upon request of outgoing Teacher / Employee. This letter is an official letter and hence must be written on letterhead certifying person’s work experience, duration and position and at the end, wishing for his /her better career ahead. This Sample letter format should be treated as example only.

Company Letterhead / School Letterhead


Date :_______

To, Name of the Teacher

Employee Code :

To Whomsoever It May Concern:

This is to certify that (teacher name) has been a part of our school and taught science for three years starting from (mention date) till (mention the date). During this tenure he/she has shown commendable skills in teaching.

Mr. / Ms. (Teacher Name) has been a wonderful teacher in our school who not only focused on teaching but also had created a special place for the students as well.  We are very proud to have such a dedicated teacher with us. We wish him/her all the best and success in future endeavors.  


Principal ( Name & Designation)        

School Name

Employee Job or Work Experience Certificate Letter

Sample from employer.

About this sample Template: In this Sample, an employer has issued a work experience certificate letter to his / her so called ex-employee who has been working for the last 3 years as a sales executive for the organization. This letter can only be issued by the employer upon the request of his/ her outgoing employee which is also a part of exit process. This letter must be written on company letterhead certifying person’s work experience, duration and position within the company and at the end, wishing for his /her better career ahead. This letter template should be treated as example only.

Dated ________

To, Name of the Employee Address

This is to certify that (employee name) has been a part of our organization (name) in sales and marketing department as a sales executive for a period of two years, starting from (mentioned the date) till (Mention the date). His / her responsibilities included leading the sales team in order to achieve sales targets from the given territory. During this tenure he/she has shown commendable skills and commitment to achieve the goal.   The employee (name) was a great employee in our company. We are very proud to have such a dedicated employee. We wish him/her all the best and success in future endeavors.     

Signature Name of Signing Authority  Designation Company Seal

Work Experience Certificate Format

Sample letter for example.

(Organization Letter Business Letterhead to be used)

  Date: Mention the Date



This is certify that Mr/Mrs (name of the employee) worked with our organization (name of the organization). He/She was a permanent full time employee in our organization. He was posted in our office from________to present.

We found Mr/Mrs very dedicated to the work assigned. He/She was result oriented, professional and sincere. He carries excellent interpersonal skill andknowledge which helped completing lot of valuable business assignments. He is a true teamplayer and fun loving individual and mix-up well with his seniors and his junior as well.

We wish him all the best for future ventures. Please feel free to contact us for any other information required.  

Manager  Name &  Designation Company's Stamp

Sample Experience Letter

Templates example.

Date: _________



  This is to certify that  Mr/Ms____________S/o________ worked in our organization___________as an assistant   manager from date______ to present. 

He/she was very hardworking employee. He/she was sincere in all duties. We wish him/her all the very best for future.

Feel free to contact us for further information.  

Personnel Manager______ Place: ______ Dated: _______ Sign, Stamp

Sample Experience Letter   Templetes  Example 

Date: ______


This is to certify that Mr____________ worked in our organization____________ from________ to_________.

During his tenure we found him hardworking and sincere. He fulfilled all the work responsibilities on time. We wish him good luck for his future endeavors.

With Regards,  

Manager Name Organization Name Address Sign, Date & Stamp

Work Experience Certificate Letter Sample Format

Date ________ 

         This is to certify that name of the person___________was associated with our company_________ as manager from the month__________ to present.

Due to relocation of our company the candidate cannot continue his association with us.

The work was commendable during the tenure of the candidate.We wish him all the best for all future assignments.   Sincerely,  

  Signature Designation Organization Name

Work Experience Letter Format

Sample template.

                                                                         Date ________

  This is to Certify that Mr. /Ms. __________, worked in our organization _________ as designation _____________in our _________ Department at ________from __________.   She/he has done a great job during his tenure. He/she was a friendly person with good humour. She/he has always been on time and was very professional.

We thank him/her for his/her contribution and wish him /her success in his/her future endeavors     For XYZ Co Manager HR

Sample Example

Date: __________


This is to certify that mr xyz is working in our organization from date__________________to present.

He/she was very sincere during her tenure in our organization. Her/his responsibility was interacting with clients.and providing information regarding steel products. She/he has done a great job.

 She/he has been very professional during the tenure here. We wish him all the best in future endeavors.


Organization Name


To, Name of the person Address ______________ ______________________  

To Whomsoever It May Concern:  

This is to certify that Mr. Ms.____________ is employed in our company (Company´s Name) since (date) ____________ up to present. He / She has requested this experience letter.   Mr. Ms.____________ was a great employee in our company. We were very proud of him/her. For further inquiry and verification, feel free to contact our office. I have given all of our contact numbers and email ids so you can contact us in any way you are comfortable with.   Thank you very much. Sincerely Yours,      

Signature Name of the person Designation

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Experience Letter Format ( + Free Samples & Templates)

Experience letter format

Table of Contents

An experience letter is a document that provides proof of employment for employees. Whether an employee wants a career change or a job switch, the employer must provide an experience letter that certifies their association with the company.

work experience letter content

This article details the meaning, format, and examples of an experience letter. 

What is an experience letter?  

An experience letter is an official document issued by an employer to the employee. This document is proof of the employment of an individual with the organisation. It states the duration for which the individual was employed with the company, assigned roles, skills learnt on the job and a review of the employee’s overall performance. 

The HR of the organisation generally shares the experience letter. The HR manager must collect information from the reporting manager before writing the letter. 

Details required in experience letter  

Given below are some important components of an experience letter format:

How to write a work experience letter?  

Writing an honest experience letter for an employee is essential for the employer. Given below are a few points that you should keep in mind while writing a job experience letter –

Experience letter template



Experience Letter

(Name of the Employee)

It is to certify that (employee’s name) was employed as (job title) in the (department) of (Name of Company) from (Joining Date) to (Date of resignation) .

(Employee’s name) has (skills, major accomplishments, early experiences)

(Details about the employee’s key responsibilities and contribution to the company) .

(Details about the promotions given to the employee and a description of their soft skills, attitude and behaviour).

We are sure that their passion and dedication will help them excel in whatever they choose to do next in their life. They have shown a high level of commitment throughout their time with our company.

We wish (employee’s name) all the best for their future.


[Contact details]

experience letter format

Download Experience Letter in Word for Free

Download Experience Letter in PDF for Free

Experience letter sample

ABC Ltd. Company

Hosur Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560030

June 18, 2022

Mr. Rahul Patodia,

It is to certify that Mr. Rahul Patodia was employed as a Senior Finance manager in the Finance department of ABC Ltd. from June 18, 2019, to June 12, 2022. 

Mr. Rahul has exemplary skills in his field and has knowledge of financial software like Python. Being a Chartered Accountant, he is very attentive to details. He has shown due diligence and commitment towards his work throughout his work tenure.

He was responsible for heading the finance department. His far-sighted decisions helped in the company’s growth. He is a soft-spoken and composed individual, works well under pressure and treats his subordinates well. 

We are sure his passion and dedication will help him excel in whatever he chooses to do next in their life. He has shown a high level of commitment throughout his time with our company. 

We wish Mr. Rahul all the best for their future.

Shruti Singhania

This article must have helped you understand an experience letter and how to write one. But writing an experience letter manually every time an employee resigns can be quite burdensome. 

Generate multiple letters in a click with RazorpayX Payroll

RazorpayX Payroll is an HR and payroll software that helps businesses retrieve customisable templates for multiple HR letters such as offer letter, relieving letter, and more. You can also create your own letter and format it.

Other features of RazorpayX Payroll include

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How is an experience letter defined?

The employer issues an experience letter at the time when an employee leaves the company or switches jobs. This letter certifies the employee's duration associated with the organisation and the skills and experiences they gained on the job.

Is an experience letter different from a recommendation letter?

Yes, both are different. While an experience letter is a testament to the period of time an employee worked with the company, a recommendation letter explicitly states all the skills they have and that they would be happy to recommend them to future employers.

Does the experience letter include salary?

While it is not important to include salary amount in an experience letter, it is a good practice as it gives the future employer an idea about the employee’s pay scale at your organisation.

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work experience letter content

Experience Letter Format and Sample

Harshita Khullar

Experience Letter: It is a formal document which is provided by an organization to the employee when he/she leaves that organisation. It usually defines the employee experience in the present organization. They are necessary when an employee searches for another job.

The letter is an essential document which specifies your experience and tenure in an organization. It validates your work experience and adds an overall experience to your career.

 In most cases, experience letter is provided when an employer asks for the same. It is usually best to have it from your previous employer. In case, you are not being provided with an experience letter, add a reference from your last experience letter and make sure you ensure your credibility to the employer.

An experience letter usually has a date of joining and a date of leaving, which is written on the company’s letterhead. You can ask your employer to add any significant achievements as it adds an added value to your experience letter.  For instance; you can ask your employer to mention your promotion details.

Experience Letter Format

Priya Saxena 123, City, State - Pin Code Contact Number: +9198XXX-XXXXX Email: [email protected] Date: DD/MM/YYYY To whomsoever, it may concern It is our pleasure to inform you that Miss_________ son/daughter of Mr.________, has worked with us for the tenure of 2 years 3 months. She has worked with ________ (name of the organization) for the position of ________ (designation) from ______ to _____ (Date in dd/mm/yy). During the tenure mentioned above, Miss _____ (name) has remained involved with her duties and responsibilities assigned to her. We found her competent and active with sincerity and determination. She is professionally sound and hard-working whose dedication in taking contribution and initiative for the organization has proven helpful in the establishment repeatedly. We respect her decision to terminate with the services with us and wish her all the best in her future endeavours. Sincerely, (Name and signature of authorized signatory) (Designation) (Organization’s Seal) (Name and Address of the organization)

Download experience letter format

Experience Letter Sample

DIVYA JAIN 122 C, Anukrama Silver Apartments, Sector-101 Noida Dear concerned, This is to certify that Divya was employed as a Senior Executive-Marketing with our company Amazon Web Services. We certify that she has worked with the company from October 19, 2016 to September 16, 2018. Divya started working with the company as an executive and showcased her sincere efforts and excellent performance which later was employed as a permanent employee with the company. Her contributions to the organization and its success will always be appreciated. We at Amazon Web Services wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Please feel free to contact us for any information. For Amazon Web Services Ankur Agarwal (Signature) Chief People Officer

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Work Experience Certificate

Work Experience Certificate

A work experience certificate is a document that describes your professional accomplishments and skills. It's a great tool for getting hired for jobs that require previous work experience. A good work experience letter should include details like dates worked, titles held, projects completed, and any awards received. It should also include a summary of why you'd be a good fit for the job. Your work experience letter should be tailored to the position you're applying for, so keep that in mind when writing yours. In this article, we'll understand what an Experience certificate is, the components of the Work experience certificate and why it is important. A few sample work experience certificates are given to explain the basic format. 

Table of content

Tips To Remember While Writing An Experience Letter

Use and needs of experience letter, experience letter sample, faq on work experience certificate, what is an experience letter.

Experience letters are essentially cover letters that accompany resumes. They're meant to give employers additional insight into why you'd be a good fit for the position they're hiring for. A lot of times, these letters are written by yourself. 

Experience letters are great because they let employers see beyond the resume and allow them to understand your personality and character. However, experience letters aren't always necessary. Some positions require only a resume, and others may ask for both a resume and an experience letter. If you're unsure whether you should include an experience letter, check with the employer to see what requirements they have.

Work Experience Certificate Format

work experience certificate format

The experience certificate format is like that of a cover letter. It should be well-written and free of any grammatical or spelling errors. Be sure to tailor your experience letter to the job you're applying for. When writing your experience letter, start by introducing yourself and briefly explaining your relationship to the person you're writing the letter for. Then, describe your experience working with the person and detail their skills and accomplishments. Finally, conclude your letter with a positive statement about the person and their potential.

Specifically, include: 

It is advisable to follow the above experience certificate format while writing your own experience letter. You can use our sample experience letter as a guide to writing your own.

Why is a Work Experience Certificate Important?

A work experience certificate is one of the most important official documents that you need to send along with your resume. This is because it gives you an opportunity to explain your past work experiences and how you would contribute to the organization. In addition, it helps you stand out from the crowd and makes you appear more appealing to the prospective employer.

A work experience certificate is not just limited to the job application process. It can help you get interviews at companies that don't even post openings online. So, make sure you include all relevant information in your experience letter. 

Following an experience letter format will guide you in covering all the important sections to make your letter perfect. The following tips are given to enhance your experience letter crafting. 

1. Use a formal tone

When writing an experience letter, it is important to use a formal tone. This means using terms such as "I am pleased to say" or "It is with great pleasure I write this letter". Avoid using slang or abbreviations, as they can make you appear unprofessional.

2. Be specific

When describing your work experience, are specific. Include details such as the position you held, projects you worked on, and your responsibilities and accomplishments. Be as specific as possible when describing your skills.

3. Use positive language

When writing your experience letter, use positive language. For example, instead of saying "I didn't have any problems with her", say "She was always willing to help me with my work" or "She never complained about anything."

4. Write on company letterhead

While writing your experience letter, ensure that you write on company letterhead. This will give you credibility and show that you are part of the team.

5. Add contact details

Include your email address and phone number in case the employer needs to reach you.

6. Proofread before sending

Once you're done writing your experience letter, proofread it carefully. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes (in the employee's name or address) and that the grammar is correct.

7. Double-check the dates

Any discrepancy between the employment dates on the experience letter and the dates on the resume should be avoided. Correct if necessary. 

Experience Certificate vs Experience Letter

An experience certificate and an experience letter are two different documents. An experience certificate is issued by an employer to find out the employment details like the starting date, ending date, job title, roles and responsibilities and conduct of the employee. An experience letter, however, is written by the employee themselves to share their personal experiences and skills. Experience certificates are usually sent to the applicant after receiving the resume. However, experience letters are typically sent directly to employers.

Here's a sample format for a work experience certificate:


Work Experience Letter Format

Difference Between Experience Letter And Relieving Letter

There are multiple reasons an experience letter can be used for future reference. It can be used as a valuable piece of evidence for your next job application or to support your professional development.

On company letterhead

Date: 12, October 2022 Place: Chennai, India

Letter of experience

ABOUT Rajarajeshwari M 234126 12, John Selvaraj Nagar Kumbakonam Tamil Nadu, India To Whom It May Concern, This is to certify that Rajarajeshwari has been employed by us since January 2019. She has worked as a Senior Accountant in our company. Her responsibilities included maintaining accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and other related accounting activities. She always met her deadlines and was a great fit within our organization. She could handle any situation that came up during her work. We are pleased to recommend her for employment.  Contact us for further information.   Regards, [Signature] Vince Mohan Head of Human Resources Vignana Software 

Make use of the Experience letter sample pdf to draft your own letter. 

Work Experience Certificate Sample

On company letterhead Date: 12, October 2022 Place: New Delhi

Certificate of Experience

To whom it may concern,  This is to certify that Mr. Maruthi has been working with us from March 2018 to 30, September 2022. During this period, he has been working as a Sales Manager. His responsibilities include managing sales, marketing, customer service, and other related activities. He has been successful in meeting his deadlines and has performed well in every aspect of his position.  We wish him continued success in his career. Regards, [Signature] Jagatha M Head of Human Resources RTPS Solutions

Make use of the Work experience certificate sample pdf to draft your own letter. 

Work Experience Letter Format In Word


Make use of the Work experience letter in word pdf to draft your own letter.

Sample experience certificate letter

Company letterhead

Place: Chennai Date: 

To,  Harish  Senior manager 

This experience certificate is presented to certify the employment of Harish with ABC Pvt ltd from Oct 2018 to Sep 2021. As a senior manager, he has carried out all his tasks and assignments in a perfect way as per the company norms. He also actively took part in activities related to the projected growth and has a considerable share in increasing our profit. 

He is a self-starter and we are obliged to have him as a part of our team. We wish him all the best to reach greater heights in life and his career. 

Raghavendra. Development team head,  ABC Pvt ltd 

Signature Date 

Make use of the sample experience certificate letter pdf to draft your own letter.

If you're looking for a job, you will need a “work experience certificate” . An experience letter is a document that outlines your work experience, skills, and qualifications. It is usually written by your employer and is an important document that can be used as a reference for future employment. A work experience certificate can be used to get a promotion or to validate your job role. It can also support your professional development. When writing your experience letter, be sure to double-check the grammar and spelling. You should also make sure that the dates on the experience letter and your resume match.

How do I write an experience letter for a job? An experience letter for a job is a letter that outlines your work experience, skills, and qualifications. It is usually written by your employer and is an important document that can be used as a reference for future employment. When writing your experience letter, be sure to double-check the grammar and spelling. You should also make sure that the dates on the experience letter and your resume match.

Is an experience certificate and letter the same thing? An experience certificate and letter are quite similar. An experience certificate is a document that outlines your work experience, skills, and qualifications. It is usually sent to the applicant after receiving the resume. However, experience letters are typically sent directly to employers. Both can validate your job role or to support your professional development.

What does my experience letter say about me? Your experience letter says a lot about you. It shows how much time you have spent at your current job and what you've learned along the way. Your experience letter is also a good place to mention accomplishments and achievements.

How long should my experience letter be? An experience letter should be at least one page long. However, if you have a lot of work experience, you may need to write a longer letter. You should also keep it short because there's no point in making yourself look like a lazy employee.

Do I need to send my experience letter to each company? No, you do not need to send your experience letter to each company. However, keep a copy of your experience letter in your files in case you need it in the future.

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Sample Work Experience Letter

A Work Experience Letter is a formal letter issued by an employer stating the duration of employment of an employee in the company. This letter confirms the leading roles, performance, and skills learnt by that employee during their stay in that company. 

The Human Resource Department collects the information about the employee from their reporting manager and drafts the letter based on that. The purpose of this letter is to validate the data written by the employee in the CV about their work experience in the company. 

Someone writing an experience letter should be informed about the following:

The length of a work experience letter should be just a paragraph, not a whole page like a recommendation letter. This letter is the crucial document to bridge your education GAP and secure you a job. 

Contents to be included in Work Experience Letter 

a practical work experience letter should contain the following:

Basic Components of Work Experience Letter

Tips for writing an impactful Work Experience Letter 

We already discussed the vital information to be included in a work experience letter. Now let’s go through the tips to make the letter more impactful. 

Template: Work Experience Letter 

Samples: work experience letter, sample 1: experience letter for it sector , sample 2: professional experience letter, sample 3: work experience letter for tourism industry , sample 4: retail sales experience letter, sample 5: work experience letter in education field , related posts :.


Statement of Purpose Template (SOP) | All you need to know!


Statement of Purpose (SOP) for USA: A Brief Guideline

Free experience letter templates.

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