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10 Unique and Creative Women’s Names

You’ll notice many common female names as you’re searching for ideas for your new baby or fictional character names. Although these names may be tried and true, why not mix it up a little? Check out this list of unique and creative women’s names for inspiration.

Amelie and Carmilla

Amelie is French in origin and means “industrious” or “striving.” Use this name for a creative twist on the popular American name Emily. This name’s popularity spiked after famous French actress Audrey Tautou played a character of the same name in a popular French film. Other famous namesakes include Princess Amelie of Orleans and French tennis player Amelie Mauresmo.

Carmilla is an extremely unique woman’s name dating back to 1872. Although not much can be found regarding the meaning of this name, it was originally used in author Sheridan Le Fanu’s Gothic vampire novel of the same name. Carmilla is thought to have originated from a similar name, Carmella, meaning “garden” in Hebrew.

Fleur and Leilani

French in origin, Fleur is a simple yet elegant woman’s name meaning “flower.” Another variation of this name, Fleurette, is popular in France and Holland. This literary name was popularized from the Harry Potter series with a character named Fleur Delacour.

This beautiful Hawaiian name means “child of heaven” or “heavenly flowers.” You may have heard of the American popularized version of this name, Leia. Choose this unique name if you are looking for a celestial or exotic sounding name.

Neema and Octavia

Neema is African and Egyptian in origin, meaning “born in prosperity or to wealthy parents.” Other popular variants of the name include Nima and Naomi. Famous namesakes of this unique name include film director Neema Barnette and women’s rights activist Neema Namadamu.

The feminine form of Octavius, this Latin name translates to the number eight. This name was traditionally given to the eighth child in a large family, but can be used as a beautiful female name.

Sirena and Thalia

Sirena is a variant of other forms of the name like Serena or Sirene. Greek in origin, this lovely name means “siren.” Sirens were mythological creatures who were known for luring unsuspecting sailors to their deaths with their exotic looks and voices.

Also with Greek origins, Thalia means “dew of heaven.” This name dates back to Greek mythology, as Thalia was one of the nine muses and a daughter of Zeus.

Vera and Winona

Meaning “verity” in Latin, Vera is also the name of towns in Italy and Southern California. It is also related to the Russian word for “faith.” This name was mainly popularized in America by fashion designer Vera Wang.

Winona, and its variant Wynonna, have several different meanings that stem from German, Welsh and Native American. “Peaceful friend” in German and “first-born daughter” in the Sioux native tongue are among the most popular translations. It is also considered a variant of the name Guinevere in Welsh. Famous namesakes of this name include actress Winona Ryder and singer Wynonna Judd.


creative ways to write your name

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Kids Activities Blog

10 Ways to Make Name Writing Practice Fun for Kids

Ways to make Name Practice fun for kids - Kids activities Blog Pinterest

Today we are showing some really fun name writing practice ideas for kids that are way more fun than just practicing on plain paper. It is an important skill for kids to easily write both their first name and last name before they go to Kindergarten. Don’t let this task be intimidating or frustrating because we have the easy way to practice your child’s name with a lot of fun!

Name writing practice shown here in gel bag - child drawing name in a plastic bag filled with gel - Kids Activities Blog

Write Your Name

A basic Kindergartener skill is that kids can write both their first name and last name without prompting.

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Because most children thrive when education is coupled with sensory activities, we’ve put together a bunch of different ways you can help your child practice writing their name in different and fun ways. We also have free name writing practice sheets you can print at the bottom of this article…

This article contains affiliate links.

Name Writing Practice Tips

Helping your child practice writing their name gives your child the confidence to do their best in school and feel great about it.

Use these Writing Practice Activity Ideas Other Ways

What is even cooler, not only can these help your young learners learn their names, but this would be a good way to teach sight words as well!

Related: This is part of our homeschool preschool curriculum of play based learning

We hope you and your kids enjoy the activities we’ve put together for you to help gain the necessary skills to write your first name and last name with ease.

Fun Ways Kids Can Practice Writing Skills

1. writing name in gel bags for easy name tracing.

These are brilliant. Fill a giant Ziploc bag with about half a bottle of hair gel and some food coloring. To use, write their name on a page. Lay the gel bag over the paper. Your kids trace the letters to make their name.

This is a fun way to teach kids (2 year old and up) how to write their name. It’s mess free and you don’t have to worry about little ones sticking fingers and glitter and such in their mouths.

2. Creating Sandpaper Letters of Name for Practice Tracing

Kids love sensory experiences. This one helps your kids recognize that letters need to be formed in a particular order. Write their name on sandpaper. Your child needs to use yarn to form the letters of their name.

Name activities for preschool kids like connecting dots and glitter and glue writing.

3. Dot-to-Dot for Name Writing Practice to Write Your Name

This is an especially useful technique for older kids who have learned all the wrong habits. Create a series of dots and number from where they start. Your kids need to follow the dots in order. Start with lots of dots and as your child gets more practice, remove dots.

This is a great way for a preschool teacher and kindergarten teachers to not only learn their name, letter formation, but also work on fine motor skills as well.

4. Glittery Letters Name Letters – Cool Way to Write Name

Review their name multiple days in a row. Using a stiff piece of paper or cardboard, write their names. Your child traces letters of their name with glue. Cover the glue with glitter . When it has dried you can trace the letters with your fingers.

What a great way to get your little learners to practice their names. Plus, it gives your child a creative outlet as well..

I would suggest putting something under to catch the excess glitter.

5. Scramble and Unscramble the Letters of Name

One of the precursors to writing their name is recognizing it and deciphering the order of the letters in their name. Practice putting letters in order from left to right with this fun name activity. Refrigerator letters and foam letters work well for this activity.

I like all these different fun ways to work on writing skills.

Cool ways to write your name using blue crayons, orange, pink, and purple, and red.

6. Make Name Rainbow Letters for Colorful Practice Tracing Name

Give your child a handful of crayons. They get to trace their name over and over again. Each time using a different crayon. You will be surprised at how fast your kids will become experts at writing letters with this technique.

This is first place in name writing practice fun. Mixing colors, building colors, going wild with the crayons, what fun!

7. Chalk-Board Swabs for Name Practice

If you have a chalk board this is super handy and fun! Write their name on the board with chalk. Give your kids a handful of cotton swabs and a capful of water. Your kids need to erase the letters using the swabs.

If you don’t have a chalk board, you can also use a dry erase marker board! You can buy all the different colored dry erase pens to make it more fun.

Name writing doesn't have to be hard. First write your childs name with highlighter then trace it

8. Highlighter Tracing Exercises with Name Letters

Write the letters of their name with thick lines using a bright highlighter marker . Your kids trace the letters “ their goal is to stay inside the line of the highlighter markings. As they become a more confident writer, make the letters thinner and smaller.

9. Masking Tape Street Letters Fun with Name

Form the letters of their name in tape on the floor. Grab the bin of cars. Your kids get to drive around the letters of their name. Encourage them to move their vehicles along the roads the way they would write the letters.

This is one of many great ideas. Mix play and learning to keep it interesting for young children.

10. Play Dough Etching of Child’s First Name & Last Name

Etch your child’s name into play dough using a pencil. Your child can trace the lines. Then roll it flat and trace their name very softly. Your kids need to etch their name deeply following the lines you made. The tension of the dough will help develop the muscle motor control needed to write.

Free Name Writing Practice Worksheets You Can Print

This name writing practice worksheet set has two pages of fun for kids.

Printable Cursive flashcard and writing practice for letter a pdf with pencil

Looking For More Writing and Name Writing Practice Activities?

What name writing practice idea are you going to try first?

' src=

Rachel is the founder of the blog, One Crazy House .  She is the co-author of 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! and The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments.  She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and six children.

These are great ideas to help kids. I should try this with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

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creative ways to write your name

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5 Fun Ways For Kids To Learn To Write Their Name

5 Fun Ways For Kids To Learn To Write Their Name

Young Girl Writing with Pencil at Table

Kids can get really frustrated trying to learn to write their name . It’s a difficult skill to learn at a young age but something that is very important to learn before starting kindergarten.

Sitting down to practice on a sheet of paper over and over again can become boring and repetitive to little ones. Here are several ways to get them to practice that seem like fun and break up the monotony of repetition.

Rainbow Letters

Instead of a pencil, use a bunch of colored crayons and let your child write his name in a layer. The rainbow can be any colors he likes and can be as many layers as he sees fit. I bet you will be surprised at how much fun your child has writing his name this way!

Young Boy Writing Letters with Crayon

Chalk-Board Swabs

Instead of having your child practice writing her name, why not have her practice erasing it? Write your child's name for her several times on a chalk board. Give her a cup of water and a cotton swab, and have her trace each letter to erase it. So fun!

Little Girl Holding Up Blank Chalkboard

Gel Letters

Instead of having your child write her name on paper, she can practice tracing it in gel. These squishy bags are fun to play with. Start with a ziploc baggie and fill it with half a bottle of hair gel and a few drops of food coloring; mix it up. Then, print off your kid's name in large font on a piece of paper, and lay the bag over it. She’ll have a blast tracing her name through the goo.

Letters Written in Gel

Find a piece of bubble wrap and write your kid's name on it with a permanent marker (so it won’t run). Then, let him pop the bubble wrap in the shape of his name. Your child will love the sound it makes, and he can practice his name at the same time.

Bubble Wrap

Sensory Letters

Write your child’s name with glue on a piece of cardboard. Pour glitter over it and let it dry completely. Then, your child can trace her name over the texture using their finger.

Letters Written in Glitter

Your kids can learn to write their name and have a good time doing it, we just have to find ways to make it fun! Hopefully these great ideas can help.

We've partnered with Kids Activity Blog to bring you tons of playful learning activities for kids!

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Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

We Are Teachers

25 Clever and Cute Name Crafts and Activities

What’s in a name? So much learning!

Jill Staake

One of the first things most kids learn is how to spell and then write their name. Parents can introduce these fun and free name crafts and activities at home, or teachers can use them in the classroom. Either way, kids are going to love them!

1. Say it, make it, write it

Name Crafts

This concept is popular for helping kids learn letters and words, including names. The “make it” section opens up all sorts of creative opportunities!

Learn more: You Clever Monkey

2. Make a name kit

creative ways to write your name

This is so cool! Give each child their own name kit filled with magnetic letters, a sentence strip puzzle, and more. This is a neat way to allow them to practice on their own.

Learn more: Fun-a-Day

3. Assemble name picture puzzles

creative ways to write your name

This is one of our absolute favorite name crafts, and it’s perfect for back-to-school. Help kids learn the names of everyone in their class (and how to spell them) with a set of classroom name puzzles.

Learn more: Make, Take, and Teach

4. Cover names with dot stickers

Name Crafts

Combine hand-eye coordination practice with learning to spell names when you use dot stickers. Kids always get such a kick out of this.

Learn more: Busy Toddler

5. Park toy cars in a name garage

creative ways to write your name

Label “parking spots” with the letters of your child’s name. Then, as they drive each car into a spot, they say the letter and practice spelling!

Learn more: Growing Book By Book

6. Make colorful rainbow name crafts

creative ways to write your name

These vivid rainbow name crafts would look fantastic on your classroom windows, don’t you think? And they’re so easy to make!

Learn more: Collaborating in Kinder

7. Go on a name hunt

Name Crafts

Active learners will really enjoy this name activity. Hide letters on sticky notes around the room, and have them hunt for the ones that make up their name. ( Find more awesome ways to use sticky notes in the classroom here. )

Learn more: School Time Snippets

8. Piece out names with paper bits

Name Crafts

These colorful name crafts give little ones fine motor skills practice as they glue small paper pieces to make up the letters of their name.

Learn more: Time 4 Kindergarten

9. Hang names from a mini clothesline

Name Crafts

This looks like so much fun! Use clothespins to clip letters to a clothesline to spell names and other words.

Learn more: Pre-K Pages

10. Have a bowl of alphabet soup

Name Crafts

Use a spoon to dig the letters of your name out of a bowl of “alphabet soup.” Younger kids can match letters as written on spoons, while older kids can simply seek and find.

Learn more: Play Teach Repeat

11. Drive down name roads

Name Crafts

Toy car lovers will adore zooming their vehicles along a road that spell their name! Try this with railroad tracks and toy trains too.

Learn more: Buggy and Buddy

12. Scoop up ice cream names

creative ways to write your name

Grab the free printable cones and scoops and have kids cut them out. Then use them to stack up some totally sweet ice cream name crafts!

Learn more: Parenting Chaos

13. Create paint stick name crafts

Name Crafts

Glue magnetic strips to paint sticks and attach a child’s picture to the top. Then use alphabet magnets to spell their name. Such a smart tool!

Learn more: Simply Kinder

14. Scratch and sniff your name

creative ways to write your name

All you need is glue and Jello powder to make these scratch-and-sniff name crafts. Tip: Pair this with activities for learning the five senses !

Learn more: Fun-A-Day

15. Knock over name buckets

Name Crafts

Label small buckets with name letters, then head outside to see if you can knock them down with a spray from the hose! No hose? Knock them down with tennis balls instead, or try to toss the balls into the buckets.

Learn more: Inspiration Laboratories

16. Turn names into crystals

creative ways to write your name

Kids are mesmerized by crystal experiments, and it’s easy to see why. Have them twist pipe cleaners into the letters of their name, then visit the link below to learn how to turn them into crystals.

Learn more: Playdough to Plato

17. Spell names with Play-Doh

Name Crafts

Play-Doh is endlessly fun, but there are a lot of ways to learn with it too . For instance, shape it into the letters of your name!

Learn more: Teach Me Mommy

18. Play a game of name hockey

creative ways to write your name

Let kids shoot and score using paper plate hockey pucks labeled with the letters of their name. Everybody wins!

Learn more: How Wee Learn

19. Pop the letters of your name

Name Crafts

Who doesn’t love to get their hands on some bubble wrap and pop away? Have kids trace the letters of their name as they pop.

Learn more: Coffee Cups and Crayons

20. Stamp out names

creative ways to write your name

Letter stamps give kids a little hand-eye coordination practice while they spell out their name and other words.

21. Put together flower name crafts

creative ways to write your name

Build cheerful flowers with letter petals with these free printable name crafts. They’ll look terrific lining your classroom wall! 

Learn more: A Dab of Glue Will Do

22. Outline rainbow names

Name Crafts

This is a fun way to have kids make name tags for the first few days of school while everyone is still getting to know each other. 

Learn more: The Happy Teacher

23. Clip names with clothespins

creative ways to write your name

Attach wood letters to clothespins, and you’ve got an easy set of spelling manipulatives! Have them clip their name or other words to a large wood craft stick.

24. Wear name bracelets

creative ways to write your name

Kids will love making and wearing these easy name crafts! They can personalize them with other beads you have on hand too.

Learn more: Roylco

25. Graph the number of letters in each name

Name Activities

Introduce the idea of graphing with this name activity. Kids count the number of letters in their name and see who has the most and the least.

Learn more: One Sharp Bunch

They’ve learned their name, so what comes next? Try these 15 Pre-Writing Activities for Preschoolers .

Plus, The Best Writing Apps for the Classroom and At Home .

25 Clever and Cute Name Crafts and Activities

Jill Staake is a Contributing Editor with WeAreTeachers. She has a degree in Secondary English Education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms. She's also done training and curriculum design for a financial institution and been a science museum educator. She currently lives in Tampa, Florida where she often works on her back porch while taking frequent breaks for bird-watching and gardening.

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creative ways to write your name

32 Name Writing Activities

These 32 name writing activities are a fun and engaging way to get the school year started. We know name writing is at the top of the list at the beginning of the school year! This task doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating for students or teachers. Try any of these activities to keep name writing fun and engaging for students, and ensure easy prep for you!  Students will practice recognizing, building, and writing their names all while having fun. 

creative ways to write your name

As a teacher, we know that prep for name writing activities can be so time-consuming because separate activities have to be made for each student’s name. For students, the same paper and pencil task can get boring. We have the solution! ETTC’s Editable Name resource makes your job so much easier and gets students excited about name practice. 

Editable Names includes many creative ways for students to practice their names. As the teacher, you simply type in the students’ names, print, and go. These name writing activities {ETTC Premium} save so much time for you, and students are engaged and having fun while learning their names! 

Name writing is important for young learners because it gives them confidence and gets them excited about learning. Keep it interesting for your students by using a variety of the 32 name writing activities below to encourage name recognition, spelling, and letter formation. Writing names can be fun and engaging with these activities for young learners. 

Activity 1. Letter Hunt

At the beginning of the year in Kindergarten, a favorite student read aloud is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr . (aff) This letter hunt activity is the perfect follow-up after reading the story. Students love talking about their names and identifying all the letters in their names. Take it a step further and have students compare and contrast the letters in their names with a partner.

creative ways to write your name

The STEM and Story Alphabet Tree is another great activity to incorporate with this story as well. The additional alphabet tree challenge will help strengthen fine motor skills while building letter recognition, and students have so much fun with this!

2. Cut and Build

Before writing happens, some students still need practice recognizing and learning the letters in their names. The cut and build activity allows students to cut apart and manipulate the letters. This is a great informal assessment to determine who needs a little extra help with the letter sequence.

At the beginning of Kindergarten, some students might still need a model to build their names, while others are able to do this without a model. It can be helpful to have a couple of copies on hand for extra practice. An added bonus is that this activity includes cutting and gluing practice too! If students need additional cutting practice , activities can be found in our Kindergarten September Packet . 

creative ways to write your name

3. Dice Names

Incorporating other learning tools into name writing can keep the task exciting and fun. Using dice makes it feel like a game for students! The dice name activity in our Editable Names Bundle allows students to get a little creative and practice writing their names in different ways. This helps them become familiar with the different letter shapes as they practice writing the letters in the correct order for their names. 

creative ways to write your name

Name Writing Activity 4. Color Names

One of the first things we focus on in Kindergarten along with names is color words . So, this activity pairs perfectly with that skill. Students work on colors, color words, and name writing all in one! I have my students color the crayons with a colored pencil or crayon, and let them use a marker to write their names. This one is perfect for a center! 

creative ways to write your name

5. Rainbow Names

This is a student favorite! We like to cut this one out and hang it in the classroom for a colorful display. They love finding their rainbow hanging in the classroom. It also helps them start recognizing and reading the names of classmates. 

creative ways to write your name

6. Vowels and Consonants

Help students recognize the vowels and consonants in their names with this activity. The editable bubble letter font is easy for students to color, distinguishing the different letters in their names. Students color the vowels red and the consonants blue in this name writing activity. Have students count the number of vowels and consonants in their names, make a chart together and compare to classmates.

Activity 7. Sign Language Names

A favorite morning song in our classroom is Jack Hartman’s Sing it, Say It, Sign It . This song goes through all of the letters of the alphabet, and students love learning sign language along with Jack. So, when I gave my students the sign language activity from the Editable Names Bundle , they were so excited! They immediately recognized the different signs and loved finding the letters that paired with their names. 

creative ways to write your name

8. Play Dough Names

When parents ask what they can donate to the classroom, I always put play dough on the top of the list! There are so many ways play dough can be incorporated into learning to create playful learning experiences. Using the play dough printable name activity with your students will have them building fine motor muscles, learning letters, and building their names all at the same time.

I love using play dough names during group work because students love to talk about and show their peers what they have created. Not only do they love making their own names, but the names of their classmates too! Play dough letter mats are another great resource to use for fine motor and alphabet practice. 

creative ways to write your name

9. Build With Blocks

This Editable Names printable allows teachers to type student names in a font that looks like small building blocks! This is perfect for a center. I just add legos and students love building their names with the small blocks. Laminate and add name sheets for all students to the center, and students have fun building their friends’ names too. 

creative ways to write your name

Name Writing Activity 10. Emoji Names

Students love emojis, so incorporating them into name writing gets students excited. If your students love emojis as much as mine, check out the other back-to-school emoji printables in Education to the Core Premium . 

creative ways to write your name

The Editable Names Bundle includes a painting name page which is another great fine motor task. The font used in this activity is perfect for painting. Each letter has small paint circles that students can dab and fill in with a cotton swab. You will be surprised how quiet your classroom gets as students focus intently on painting each little circle in the letters! Cotton swab painting is always the quietest time in our classroom.

creative ways to write your name

12. Name Writing Practice

We know that basic name writing practice can become boring for students, but there are simple and fun ways to change it up! Have a writing toolbox where students can choose various writing tools to write their names. Some student favorites are colored pencils, thin and thick markers, twistable crayons, highlighters, and sparkle crayons. I try to switch out the writing tools every once in a while to keep it interesting. The editable name practice activity provides students with traceable names along with blank lines so they can write their names too. 

Activity 13. Secret Code Names

Students love to be a detective. So, when I put out the secret code name activity from the Editable Names Bundle , they get so excited. I like to print off copies of all student names and add them to a center. Put them in a plastic sleeve with a dry-erase marker and students can crack the code over and over!  Once students have practiced with the secret code names, it gets them ready to try solving some other secret code words in the Secret Code Word Printable which is a lot of fun. The secret code activities are great to put out for early finishers. 

creative ways to write your name

14. Scrabble

The scrabble letter font on this printable page is so fun! When you type your student’s name, each letter shows up as a Scrabble tile, and students can then color the tiles and add the numbers in the box provided. This is a great way to incorporate some math skills along with a name-writing activity. 

15. Name Crown

Who doesn’t love to wear a crown?!? Students take so much pride when they wear their name crowns up and down the school hallway.  They love hearing another teacher greet them by name. It really makes them feel so special! When these crowns are edited, each child’s name is printed in bubble letters on the crown for them to color and decorate. Add glitter or sticker jewels to the crown for extra pizazz. 

Name Writing Activity 16. Spiral Name

Around and around and around we go! This is a fun one and so different. Since this activity can be a quick one for students, I like to either laminate them or put them in a plastic sleeve. Students can use a dry-erase marker and practice over and over. 

creative ways to write your name

Activity 17. Magic Names

For the magic names activity from the Editable Names Bundle , students write their name in each box with a white crayon and then color over it with a marker. Ahhh! The magic! They love seeing their names appear. I have never had a student ask to write their name so many times. 

creative ways to write your name

18. Word Art

Word Art is a student favorite! Edit this resource and student names are printed in each of the ten boxes on the page, but each name is in a different font. Students love to use markers, crayons, and colored pencils to color and decorate their names. Change the variety of tools often to make it fun and interesting! 

creative ways to write your name

Name Writing Activity 19. Name Alliteration

This is a great one to complete in a group for younger students, or individually for older students. In Kindergarten, students can’t do this one on their own at the beginning of the year. So, I like to work with a small group of students and complete this one together. We use the time as a “getting to know you” activity, and they learn about each other’s names as well as what alliteration is. It’s a great way to get them familiar with and listen for letter sounds. 

20. Different Ways

Quick and easy to print, add some writing tools, and then put it in a center! I love to stock a writing center with name activities and all sorts of writing tools at the beginning of the school year. This name-writing activity that includes writing names in different ways is also a great one to send home for extra practice. 

creative ways to write your name

Activity 21. Create a Story

Create a Story activity is a great way to spark students’ creativity! For older students, this can be a really fun 

creative ways to write your name

22. Write In Boxes

When a student’s name is typed into this editable resource, only the correct boxes show up! So, students get to fill in the boxes all on their own. A model can be provided if needed, but students quickly catch onto the letter formation using the boxes.

creative ways to write your name

23. Pyramid Names

Add this name-writing activity to a plastic sleeve for students to practice again and again. They love breaking apart the letters in their names to build a pyramid. Add different colors of dry-erase markers to the activity to keep it engaging.

Name Writing Activity 24. Name Maze

This name-writing activity is a fun challenge! Some of my students have never completed a maze before and they love seeing their names throughout the maze. After working on this maze, students are always asking for more mazes! You can find some other fun learning mazes in our Education to the Core Premium resources. 

creative ways to write your name

Name Writing Activity 25. Seasonal Names

With ETTC’s new addition to Editable Names , students will have fun creating a variety of seasonal name activities. With 24 different color, cut and glue name activities, students will be practicing letter and name recognition, as well as fine motor skills. These seasonal name activities {ETTC Premium} are great for name practice for younger students.

However, they are also perfect for older students and can be used to decorate lockers, hang in the classroom, or display for an open house or parent-teacher conference night. Students feel so special when they see their work hanging on a bulletin board!

The Editable Names Bundle includes a variety of seasonal name activities such as a caterpillar, pumpkins, ice cream, a snowman, pumpkins, and more! Displaying these in the classroom is a great way to get students to compare and contrast different letters in their names and lengths of names as well.

creative ways to write your name

26. Holiday Names

The updated Editable Names Bundle also includes holiday name activities. Throughout various holidays of the year, these name activities are perfect to display in the classroom. They are quick and easy for teachers to edit with each student’s name. Your students will be engaged and having fun with these holiday activities such as a pot of gold, gingerbread house, hearts, a spider web, and more!

Add holiday name activities to a center, complete with a partner or even send home for a family project. Students have so much fun returning to school with their completed projects and telling the class all about how their families worked together to create their special name activity.  You have access to all of the holiday and seasonal name activities with ETTC Premium membership !

creative ways to write your name

You can find all of these printable name activities to help students write their names in the Editable Names Bundle . Also, all of the activities are included with your ETTC Premium Membership ! 

Plus, if you are looking for some more fun ways to incorporate name writing into your weekly lesson plans, we have you covered with a few more hands-on activities ideas listed below. 

Name Writing Activity 27. Writing Names in Gel Bags

Gel Writing Bags are simple and easy to make, and are a great alternative to paper and pencil name writing. Here’s how to make them:

Students love using this bag to write their names. They can practice any letters or numbers with this bag so I like to keep a set of them to use throughout the year. 

28. Shaving Cream

Along with play dough mentioned earlier, shaving cream is another item parents often donate to our classroom. It’s easy to put a small squirt of shaving cream on students’ desks or tables, have them smear it out, and then write their names. Simply swipe from side to side to erase, and write again! We do this as a whole group activity, and it allows me to walk around and help students that might be struggling. I can look for letter errors, and they can easily erase and correct them. 

29. Confetti Names

Colorful, fun, and a workout for small fingers! This one takes a little bit of prep work so that you have the colored squares cut and ready for students. It’s also helpful if you write students’ names with a white crayon first. I usually do that so that the students have a model in Kindergarten. However, older students might be able to create their confetti names without the model. 

creative ways to write your name

Activity 30. Pocket Chart Names

Finding and manipulating names in our class pocket chart is one of the first activities we do in Kindergarten to help students learn to write their names.  This gives students practice not only writing their names but the names of their classmates as well. I cut up sentence strips, write each student’s name on a strip and place it in the pocket chart. We take turns identifying student names during morning meetings and use these cards throughout the year for name activities. 

31. Sensory Trays

Sensory trays with rice, sand, salt, or flour are a great way for young learners to practice writing their names. If you don’t have sensory bins in your classroom, any kind of solid plastic bin can be filled with an item of your choice to use for writing letters and names. Sensory trays are a great way to keep name writing playful and fun.

32. Water Color

Students love painting, so watercolors are a fun name-writing activity. This one is simple but so much fun for students. They can fill in pre-made bubble letters with paint or write their names on their own. Writing each letter with their paintbrush is a colorful and fun way to practice names.

creative ways to write your name

Here are a few more name-writing tips:

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creative ways to write your name

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creative ways to write your name

Play to Learn Preschool

A delightful preschool experience

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10 Name Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Name writing is one of the most important things a teacher can pass on to a Pre-K student. There are many different tools, art mediums, and sensory experiences to practice this important kindergarten readiness skill. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with practice each day, most students leave preschool writing their names. These name writing activities are a fantastic place to start!

name writing activities

1. Rainbow Name Writing

One easy way to help students practice is rainbow name writing. Write each student’s name on a sentence strip . The student uses markers to trace each letter, over and over again, to make a “Rainbow Name.” When the name is finished, the teacher can tape the strip together to make a name hat!

Play to Learn Preschool

2. Bingo Daubers

Just because a student hasn’t yet mastered a pincer grasp doesn’t mean they can’t start practicing name writing. Bingo markers are an easy way for students to paint their names with dots. This helps them get a feel for the letter shapes and builds letter recognition.

name writing activities

3. Dry Erase Markers

An economical way to practice writing is on dry erase markers. Print off a sheet for each student and insert it in a plastic page protector. Provide students with a dry erase marker to trace over the letters of their name and an old clean sock to use as an eraser. When they finish, place the marker inside the sock and put both pieces inside the page protector for easy storage. This method can be used for a variety of name writing activities and more!

name writing activities

4. Water Colors

Students love to use art supplies! So why not use art supplies for name writing activities? Filling in each letter with watercolors allows students to recognize letters of their names.

name writing activities

5. Sensory Tray Name Writing

Sensory trays, such as rice, salt, flour, or sand, are terrific ways for preschoolers to practice writing their names. The extra benefit of adding sensory learning uses more of their brains and helps cement the letters they are learning.

creative ways to write your name

Check out this Resource from my Shop!

creative ways to write your name

Name Activities Bundle – Editable

This money-saving Name Activities Bundle includes 6 of Play to Learn Preschool’s best-selling name resources for young learners.

6. Push Pin Letters

Students must have foundational letter knowledge to write their names. A fun way to practice letters in their names is using large push pins and carpet squares. Write the letters of each child’s name onto colored cardstock using a wide marker. Students place the page on top of a carpet square and push dots through the letter’s path. (*Review proper use of the materials prior to practice to ensure safety.)

creative ways to write your name

7. Shaving Cream

Writing letters in shaving cream (or whipped cream) is another excellent sensory-rich way to practice. It is messy, so be sure to have students wear protective smocks. Even if they are not creating letters, movements like the swirls pictured below are excellent pre-writing practice.

Play to Learn Preschool

8. Magna Doodles

A great addition to a writing center is a set of Doodle Pro writing toys. Students love the playfulness of this type of practice and gain valuable practice in the process.

creative ways to write your name

9. Make It Practical

It is crucial that preschoolers write for real purposes. Students can create waiting lists in class whenever there is a line of children who want to use a toy, center, or bike. Even if the name writing isn’t very legible, students can identify their names and begin to understand the purpose of writing in an authentic way.

Play to Learn Preschool

Incorporate sign-in sheets throughout the dramatic play centers. Students “sign-in” to be seen by the doctor at a hospital dramatic play center . Putting the sign-in sheet inside a clear page protector and using a dry erase marker can help extend supplies.

10. Writing at Home

creative ways to write your name

It’s also important to make sure parents realize the importance of having writing materials (pencils, crayons, pens, and markers) easily accessible for their children at home. A small pack of writing materials – such as some mini notepads and silly pens –  make a great gift as well! Click the image to the right to download the free printable.

Additional Name Resources

creative ways to write your name

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