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Short Speech on Tree Plantation

Category: Speech (English) On March 24, 2019 By Ananda

Good Afternoon, teachers and students today I would like to deliver my speech to discuss tree plantations . Plantations range from small or big pieces of land and farms planted with trees. Tree plantations are different from forests , as the trees are planted in clear rows and lines with standard distances between the trees. In forests, the trees are randomly placed and the distances between the trees are not uniform.

Tree plantations can be for fruit trees like mangos, apples, oranges and many other fruits. They can also be planted with trees for business value like timber, rubber, oil palm trees and gum trees among others. Dear teachers and student trees are a source of life they give food, oxygen and shelter . Trees give us fruits for food and oil. We also use tree leaves as food or elements for our beverages like tea. They are also used as spices for our food .   Trees like oil palm, coconut, olive trees give us edible oils that are nutritious for our food.

Tree plantations also give us trees that convert the bad carbon monoxide that we exhale into oxygen that we breathe . As the trees undertake the photosynthesis process they take in sunlight and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and food. Tree plantations provide us with timber for building houses and making furniture for our houses, schools, offices and many other places. Mature trees from plantations are cut and processed to give us timber to build and roof our dwelling.

Trees also give us furniture , tables, chairs, beds and many other household items.   Tree plantations also give us timber of sporting equipment like cricket bats, wickets and many other tools. Tree plantations offer us materials such as wood pulp that is critical in paper manufacturing . They also give us substances or chemicals like a raisin that is used in rubber manufacturing that is important in the transport industry and plastic manufacturing. Trees are also a source of fuel to cook food and to keep warm during cold weather . They provide us with shelter from the sun rain and other climatic conditions.

Tree plantations give us trees that are a source of our medicines for various ailments including a cough, headaches and many others. Trees help in conserving water and in dealing with the problems of climate change . They are very important in preserving soils , they hold the soils from being blown away and their leaves enrich the soils for a better harvest. Trees sustain wildlife , they give shelter to birds and animals . They also give them food and protect them from climate elements like rain wind and the sun. Without tree plantations, human life will not be possible. Trees are a great source of life for humans, animals and birds.


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Speech Regarding Tree Plantation.

Respected Principal, Teachers, members of the staff and fellow students !

I am very happy to see all of you here today for the inauguration of the local School Garden which will be accomplished only after a tree planting ceremony. We have with us plenty of saplings that have been donated by you. I am here to speak on ‘Tree plantation’. You know how greatly beneficial trees are! They, in fact, sustain our lives. Just imagine, if they had not provided us with oxygen or with food, fuel, furniture, fruits, herbs, houses for birds, what kind of life it would have been? Well, there wouldn’t have been life at all. 

Just planting the saplings and letting nature take care of the rest will not help. It is our duty as good dedicated citizens to look after these saplings and water them. Besides this, trees cause rains which are as necessary as air. They give us a beautiful landscape and help in the ecological balance of nature. You can imagine the surface of the moon. Our earth would be like that without trees – lifeless, colourless, lustreless. We are here because of them. We must therefore start valuing them. In the past trees were planted by kings and nawabs on roads, around palaces and in gardens. In the modern times local governments have been planting them on roads and in parks. In the future people shall plant them almost everywhere on vacant spaces. Our disregard for trees has borne us with sour fruits. See the effects of deforestation and increasing urbanization. Environmental pollution is their result. Global warming, or the GreenHouse effect have caused drought conditions in many parts of the world. Undoubtedly many states in our country are reeling under scanty rainfall. If we are really serious about the value of tree plantation due to these reasons, it becomes our urgent duty to plant more and more trees on every available inch of land. It is the need of the hour that something should be done to restrain the increasing environmental degradation by planting more trees and implementing various laws to check tree felling. If something is not done soon, the damage to our biosphere will be difficult to repair.

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Speech of Tree plantation in English

Published by omprakash on january 6, 2021 january 6, 2021.

Speech of Tree plantation

Speech of Tree plantation

Speech of Tree Plantation in English- You are Rajneesh Singh, captain of your school. There is a celebration of “Van Mahotsav”– You have to speak. Prepare notes for speech with the help of the following points ‘ (1) Addressing to quest and pupil. (2) What is Van Mahotsav? (3) The plantation is our duty.  (4) How to protect plants by Civilians and Government authority (50 words) 

  Speech of Tree Plantation Or Van Mahotsav or Tree plantation drive

 Ans. Speech of tree plantation Start -Honourable principal, dear teachers, and my dear friends today we are proud to celebrate the Van Mahotsav (tree Plantation) festival with an aim of conserving trees.  Van Mahotsav is an annual tree-planting festival in India celebrated in the first week of July. This movement was initiated m the year 1950 by India’s Union Minister of Agriculture, Kulapati Dr K.M. Munshi. It is expected that every citizen of India has to plant a sapling in the Van Mahotsav week. It helps spread awareness amongst people about the harm caused by cutting down trees. People celebrate Van Mahotsav by planting trees or saplings in homes, offices, schools, colleges, etc.  Tree plantation drive is our duty. Trees provide alternative fuel options,  food for cattle, help in soil conservation and prevent floods. They are the best way to prevent global warming and reduce pollution.  Trees are therefore our natural wealth and they need to be protected. The government should strictly apply the laws of fOrest conservation. Trees are being cut by a civilian for getting land to construct houses, to make furniture, etc., Govt. should make a check to it and see that a tree being planted for  every tree cut Those who are found engaged in the activity of deforestation should be captivated under National Security Law. If both Govt authorities  and civilians become aware of forest protection then only we can conserve them __ Thank You. Tree plantation drive

Tree Plantation Slogans

What is tree plantation?

The process of planting trees or sowing seeds in an empty and wasteland without any trees is called tree planting. This is particularly a process of planting fruitful trees.

In today’s modern era, the number of trees is decreasing greatly. Man is engaged in harvesting large-scale trees in personal interest. The tree is very useful for human life, so planting trees is very important. Simply put, the plantation is the creation of new forests.

Why is tree plantation required?

There are many reasons behind why tree planting is important. One of the main reasons is that trees provide life-giving oxygen without which mankind is impossible to exist. Apart from this, trees provide our various needs and provide home and food to different kinds of organisms. Trees give life-giving oxygen A famous saying goes like this, “Imagine how many trees we would have planted if trees had given WiFi signals, maybe we would have saved the planet. It’s very sad

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Report Writing on Tree Plantation

Before writing a report on tree plantation, one should know what a report is. Report writing is a formal way of writing detailed accounts on any topic. Report writing is based on specific evidence or information and the consequences that might arise due to a situation. Reports are generally written for a specific audience. Students of higher classes are often asked to write reports, and they can do that only if they have a clear understanding of how to write a report on tree plantation.

Tree plantation is a process where a large number of trees or seedlings are planted for land reclamation or landscaping. Planting large numbers of trees helps to purify the polluted air that we breathe in. Plants play a big role in our ecosystem by maintaining a balance among all the elements that are present in nature. Planting more trees also helps to keep in check the climate conditions of a place. So when you are writing a report on tree plantation, you might include all these. To help you more, here are two reports on tree plantations that will help you write one on your own.

Report on Tree Plantation in River Side School

Rourkela River Side School, Orissa organised a tree planting event on 14th March last year. The main purpose was to complete the planting of 200 saplings as a part of the Environment Day celebrations. The Mayor was invited to be the chief guest of this event and to help the school to promote the importance of planting trees. The tree planting program started around 10:00 a.m., just after the morning assembly. The first tree was planted by the Principal of the school and the Mayor in the school park. The students of different classes were given 100 saplings to plant in and around the school campus, and the remaining saplings were planted by the senior students in the local areas around the school. After planting saplings, the Mayor gave a speech on why planting trees can prove to be beneficial for the environment. His speech included subjects like how human beings get ample oxygen because of trees and how cutting down trees mercilessly has impacted the environment adversely. He advised that if future generations wanted to enjoy Mother Earth’s resources and privileges, then it’s important that they plant and save trees. The Principal ended the event with a vote of thanks and appreciated the Mayor and the students for their presence.

Report on Tree Plantation in DPS School

Delhi Public School, Gandhinagar, Delhi, organised a tree planting event on 16th April, 2022. The students from Class VI to XII actively participated in this event. Mr David Francis, the Director of the Board of the DPS North Zone, was invited to be a part of this event. The students, along with the teachers, agreed to plant trees in the campus of the school. Various types of tree saplings, like peepal, cinnamon, neem, and eucalyptus, were planted in the school premises. The geography teachers were asked to explain to the students the importance of different trees that were planted. Mr Francis, along with the Principal, also planted a cinnamon tree. He also talked about how planting trees helps to regulate the temperature and absorb all the carbon dioxide from the air. Mr Francis talked about how planting trees helps to make the surroundings greener and how trees serve as homes to many birds and animals. He also suggested that every student should at least plant one tree per year as it will help the world to fight against global warming. The day’s event was brought to an end with the Principal’s vote of thanks. All the students were given a sapling each to plant at home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do you mean by report writing.

Report writing refers to a formal way of writing detailed accounts on any given topic based on the information provided about it.

How to write a report on a tree plantation?

Students can easily write a report on tree plantations if they include when the event took place, and talk about the importance of tree plantation and number of trees planted during the plantation.

write a speech for school assembly on tree plantation

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Speech on Importance of Trees in Our Lives

write a speech for school assembly on tree plantation


Trees have provided us with two of life's necessities, food, and oxygen, since the beginning. They offered additional necessities, such as shelter, medication, and instruments, as we developed. Today, their importance continues to increase, and as their function expands to meet the needs generated by our modern lifestyles, more benefits of trees are being discovered. Here we have provided both long and short Speech On the Importance Of Trees In Our Life. The article also includes 10 lines for Importance Of Trees In Our Life Speech.

Long Speech on Importance of Trees in Human Life in English

Greetings to each one of you present here. Today I stand in front of you to deliver a Speech On The Importance Of Trees In Our Life. 

Trees are a significant component of any society. Our paths, parks, playgrounds, and backyards are lined with trees that create a calm atmosphere that is aesthetically pleasing. By introducing natural elements and wildlife ecosystems into urban environments, trees improve our quality of life.

The heat island effect caused by pavement and commercial buildings is reduced by using trees in cities to deflect the sunlight. By removing dust and absorbing other contaminants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide, the trees, shrubs, and turf even filter air.

By supplying oxygen, enhancing air quality, climate improvement, water protection, soil preservation, and encouraging biodiversity, trees contribute to their environment. Via moderating the effects of the sun, rain, and wind, they control the climate. By offering a screen from harsh wind, trees often maintain warmth. They protect us from the downfall of rain, sleet, and hail, in addition to affecting wind speed and direction. 

Trees also lower air temperatures and, by maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide, reduce the heat intensity of the greenhouse effect. Both above and below ground, for both the eco-systems in which they live, trees are important. Far-reaching roots retain soil and prevent erosion. Trees absorb and accumulate rainwater during storms, which reduces runoff and sediment deposits. This helps to recharge the groundwater supply, prevents pollutants from being transported into waterways, and prevents floods. Fallen leaves make excellent soil-enriching compost. Many species consume leaves for nourishment, including elephants, koalas, and giraffes. Flowers are eaten by monkeys, and a favourite of birds, bats, and many insects is nectar. Animals also consume most of the same fruit that we enjoy. This allows seeds to be spread over long distances. 

Trees throughout our existence have helped and sustained our life. They have a wide range of uses that are practical and commercial. Wood was the very first fuel and is still used by around half of the world's population for cooking and heating. Trees provide wood for the construction of homes, the manufacturing of furniture, machinery, sports equipment, and thousands of household items. To make paper, wood pulp is used.

So, if the trees do a lot for us, then taking care of their upkeep and giving them proper sunshine, water and shade becomes our job.  In aid of our environment, let's take a pledge to grow more trees.

Short Importance of Trees in Our Life Speech

Today I am here to share my views on the Importance of Trees in Our lives. I can confidently assume that the value of trees is the same as that of our families in our lives. There is no question that trees are an essential source of oxygen and work as natural air filters. 

Besides this, for humans, birds, and animals, are the source of fruits and vegetables. They also shelter birds and are like an object to play with, for monkeys, birds, and kids.  For our ecosystem and our meaningful lives, trees are very valuable.

Trees are the greatest gift to life on earth. Much has already been said about this and I want to reiterate the fact that by closing carbon dioxide in their roots, woods, and leaves, the trees serve as carbon sinks. In our climate, this carbon is not so abundant, which can destroy it. Trees act as windmills. 

The trees planted on the edge actually serve as a windbreaker during cold and windy weather conditions. An airflow will reduce the heating bills of our house to a great degree by up to 30 percent and reduce snow droplets effectively. The soil is preserved by the roots of the trees and their leaves break the power of the air and reduce the impact of rain on the soil. 

Thus, trees face soil erosion, hold rainwater, and keep an eye on sediment deposits and water runoff during storms. Ultimately, I just want to conclude that trees are good for humanity and that they are the true protectors of humanity. They nourish us and our lives are maintained. We should therefore ensure their protection and put them in abundance.

10 Lines for Speech on Importance of Trees in Human Life in English

Trees are the pillars for sustaining life on earth.

Trees consume carbon dioxide and, by photosynthesis, emit oxygen.

By holding the soil to its roots, also assists in reducing soil erosion.

Trees absorb atmospheric carbon and store it in their wood and bark, thus slowing the rate of global warming.

Forests contribute to the growth of wildlife and provide refuge for thousands of animals, including humans.

Trees supply fruit, a food source for birds, animals, and humans.

They are also the key source of raw materials for the timber and paper industries.

There are also medicinal properties in many trees and they are used in the healthcare industry. 

They shield us from harmful UV rays, which can cause skin cancer.

We are safeguarding the lives of our future generations by planting trees.

Tree Importance and Value

Trees have provided humanity with two of life's necessities, food, and oxygen, from the beginning. They offered additional requirements like shelter, medicine, and tools as humanity progressed. Today, their importance is increasing, and new advantages of trees are being found as their function extends to meet the demands of our contemporary lifestyles.

Community and Social Importance

Trees are an essential feature of every society. Trees surround our streets, parks, playgrounds, and backyards, creating a tranquil, visually beautiful atmosphere. Trees improve our quality of life by introducing natural features and animal habitats into urban areas. During outdoor activities, we congregate beneath the cool shade they give with family and friends. Many communities also have very ancient trees that act as historic markers and a source of community pride. The use of trees to deflect sunlight in cities minimises the heat island effect created by pavement and commercial buildings.

Ecological and Environmental Importance

Trees benefit the environment by producing oxygen, improving air quality, reducing climate change, saving water, maintaining soil, and providing habitat for wildlife. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and create oxygen during the photosynthesis process. "One acre of forest absorbs six tonnes of carbon dioxide and emits four tonnes of oxygen," according to the United States Department of Agriculture. This is enough to fulfil the requirements of 18 individuals for a year." Trees, bushes, and turf also filter the air by absorbing pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide. Rain washes harmful particles to the ground after trees intercept them.

Trees influence climate by reducing the impacts of the sun, rain, and wind. In the summer, leaves absorb and screen the sun's radiant energy, keeping things cool. Trees can help to keep heat in by acting as a windbreak. They not only influence wind speed and direction, but they also protect us from rain, sleet, and hail. By maintaining low levels of carbon dioxide, trees help lower air temperature and lessen the heat intensity of the greenhouse effect.

Trees are vital to the eco-systems in which they live, both above and below ground. Long-reaching roots help to keep soil in place and prevent erosion. Trees absorb and retain rainwater, reducing runoff and sediment accumulation after storms. This helps recharge the groundwater supply, inhibits chemical transmission into streams, and avoids flooding. Fallen leaves produce great compost that improves soil fertility.

Many animals, including elephants, koalas, and giraffes, feed on leaves. Monkeys consume flowers, and nectar is a favourite of birds, bats, and many insects. Animals consume a lot of the same fruits that people do. This technique aids in the dispersal of seeds across long distances. Of course, trees are home to hundreds of living animals. Many species, such as birds and squirrels, are kept safe from predators by leaf-covered branches.

Trees help chronicle your family's history as they grow and develop with you and your children. We frequently form emotional attachments to the trees we plant or get particularly attracted to the ones we see every day. The hundreds of groups and organisations around the country that go to considerable efforts to conserve and save exceptionally large or historic trees from the perils of contemporary development demonstrate these deep relationships. How many of your early memories involve trees in your backyard or in your old neighbourhood? A specific tree's emotive significance is just incalculable.

Commercial and Practical Value

Throughout human existence, trees have supported and maintained life. They have a wide range of practical and commercial applications. Wood was the earliest fuel, and it is still used for cooking and heating by almost half of the world's population. Timber from trees is used to make building materials, furniture, tools, athletic equipment, and hundreds of household products. Paper is made from wood pulp.

Economic Value and Property Value

Individual trees and shrubs have value and contribute to savings, but it is the combined influence of a well-maintained landscape that has the biggest economic impact and affects property value. Energy cost savings provide direct economic advantages. When a tree serves as a windbreak, cooling expenses are decreased and heating expenditures are reduced. "Trees correctly positioned around buildings may cut air conditioning demands by 30 percent and save 20-50 percent in energy required for heating," according to the USDA Forest Service.

write a speech for school assembly on tree plantation

FAQs on Speech on Importance of Trees in Our Lives

1. Where can I get helpful study materials?

Everything you need may be found on the Vedantu app or website. These materials are prepared by experts in the subject, and the information is accurate and dependable. Students will be able to obtain revision notes, important questions, question papers, and much more! There are no fees or costs associated with these study resources. All students need to do is sign in, and then they can download everything they want in pdf format. You may benefit from these free tools, which will undoubtedly help you ace your tests.

2. Why is it necessary to learn from the NCERT book?

NCERT texts are recommended by the CBSE board. These books adhere to the most recent CBSE syllabus. As a result, these books are sufficient for preparation for examinations. It discusses things in a simple and straightforward manner. When it comes to improving your basics, these texts are the finest. It has a plethora of solved examples and activities that aid in a student's learning. The exam paper will be nearly entirely based on the NCERT textbook. As a result, pupils are recommended to extensively study the NCERT text.

3. What Is the Importance of Trees?

Trees are an essential component of the ecosystem; they serve to maintain equilibrium while also providing a vital supply of numerous commodities such as lumber, medicine, shelter, raw materials, and so on. Furthermore, trees provide a natural habitat for many animals, which is why animals frequently infringe on human territory when forests are destroyed.

Social Worth- Trees have historically been worshipped or given cultural importance. Many trees are considered sacred, particularly in India, because of their use or connection to old Indian myths. Other cultures have used artworks and sculptures to symbolize trees and their greenery. Furthermore, some cultures see trees as potent symbols of life, death, and rebirth.

4. What is the value of Trees?

Trees are one of the most valuable natural resources on the planet. It is also a critical component of the ecology since many animals rely only on trees for food and refuge. Trees also supply us with materials, some of which are critical to our life. Trees historically provided humans with firewood, which was essential for cooking and warmth. Some of our predecessors lived in woodlands where temperatures often dropped below freezing. Sticks, twigs, and branches from trees were the difference between life and death in many scenarios.

Even now, many portions of India and the rest of the globe lack access to gas and electricity. As a result, these people continue to utilize firewood for cooking and other uses.

5. Explain the personal and spiritual value of trees?

We like trees because they are both beautiful and magnificent. There are no two alike. Different species exhibit an almost infinite range of shapes, patterns, textures, and brilliant colours. Individual trees also change look throughout the year as the seasons change. Trees have a monument-like character due to their strength, long longevity, and regal grandeur. Most of us have a nice, calm, and comfortable reaction to the presence of trees. Many individuals, in fact, plant trees as living mementos to life-changing events.

Trees help chronicle your family's history as they grow and develop with you and your children. We frequently form emotional attachments to the trees we plant or get particularly attracted to the ones we see every day.

IDEYL Learning

How to Prepare a Speech for School Assembly | IDEYL

Welcome to IDEYL, If you are preparing a speech for your school assembly or gathering then this is going to be very useful for you. We are going to break down how can you perform better in public speaking as a student and the topics on which you can prepare your speech.

speech for school assembly

How to Prepare a Speech for Class or School Gathering?

Here are 5 points that you need to follow from making a theme of your speech to how you are going to get applause.

1. Choosing a Theme

The first step is going to pick a theme about which you are going to deliver a speech. It depends on the event if there is a regular school assembly then you can deliver a speech on Time Management or Motivation or Thoughts of the day etc. You need to choose a topic for that event. You need to collect complete information about that topic. One important thing is that you only focus on one theme or topic at a time. For Example, you don’t need to give a speech on time management and pollution. You and your audience should know on which topic you are delivering the speech.

2. Building Confidence & Overcome Fear

Do you feel that you don’t have the self-confidence to deliver the speech in front of everyone? Here are 4 points that can help you to reduce your anxiety :-

A good orator is pointed and impassioned.

3. How do you start a speech topic at school?

Your first impression is how you are going to start in the school assembly. If your start is outstanding then you will capture the attention of everyone instantly. A good start of a speech can be from ‘a Golden Statement’, ‘a question’, or ‘an unexpected surprise’. This is the beginning of the speech after the introduction. For example, You ask everyone in the beginning that “What is the most expensive thing in the world?” Everyone will start assuming it might be whatever or whatever. Then you tell that nothing is more important than time. Well, if your theme of the speech is about time management or the importance of time. This is my personal experience, I also gave that speech on the Importance of time in my school time, and my first speech went awesome because I am well prepared.

Always give a speech that you would like to hear.

4. Story is Must in School Assembly

Many Good Speaker tells a story in their speech And in the school assembly, it is very important to narrate a story because students learn more from the story and keep remembering that for a long time. If your speech is about time management then you can narrate a story related to it. Also, you can start your speech with a story.

If you don’t use stories audience members may enjoy your speech, but there is no chance they’ll remember it

5. Gestures & tones

Nonverbal communication includes intonation, speed, intonation, the volume of voice, gestures and facial expressions, posture, posture, proximity to the listener, movements and eye contact, and covering and appearance. This includes visual communication appreciating gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and posture. the bit may be a non-verbal communication that not solely indicates a person’s feelings or well-being but conjointly illustrates temperament traits. The sound of our voice, as well as pitch, pitch, and volume, are types of non-verbal communication. You need to focus on all of these.

●Must Read:- Secret Tips to become PRO in Public Speaking


It doesn’t end here, there are many more things that you need to improve in yourself. Keep Practising to get extraordinary results. Keep learning from others who are good at speaking in your school assembly. In the future, you are going to deliver a speech to thousands of people not only just the assembly, start working from today. We hope you are going to be successful in your field.

● Must Read:- 7 Secrets to Improve Communication Skills

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Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics

Click here to get access to the best  NCERT Solutions for Class 11 English . Go through this Speech Writing Class 11 Format, Examples, Samples, Topics to learn English.


Question 1: The increasing amount of time spent playing indoor games has been a major cause of decreasing the outdoor appearance of children. With this concern, write a speech to be delivered in the morning assembly in 150-200 words. You are Parag/Pragati. Answer: Respected Principal Sir, honourable teachers and dear friends, I am Parag of Class Xl-A. Today I want to share my views on the topic ‘Indoor games vs. Outdoor games’. Modern gadgets like computers, gaming consoles, video games and mobile phones have made us crazy as well as lazy. In our spare time, we can be either seen surfing the internet or sending SMS on mobile phones. We have forgotten hide and seek, cricket and football, all of which make us physically active and alert.

Outdoor games strengthen our physique and heip us to remain healthy. When we play outdoor games we grow enthusiastic, we agree and disagree and fight. We make more friends, which broadens our social circle. On the other hand, when we play alone on computers, we are damaging our eyes, polluting our minds and turning into couch potatoes which is not good for our health. Outdoor games inculcate values like team work, coherency and zest for living in us. On the other hand, playing indoor games only makes us isolated and self-centred. Considering all these, it can be said that while outdoor games carry joys in their basket, indoor games do not in any way. So, we should adopt outdoor games and come out to play them more often.

Question 2: You are Ankit/Ankita. You have to deliver a speech on the topic “Education Gives One Power”. You have jotted down the following notes: Education trains mind—sharpens skill and abilities—Education: a source of power— improve self—be independent—earn money—ignorance to knowledge—removes superstition—develops a free spirit—important for women: gives them freedom from social ills—independent—responsible. Write your speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! Education provides us knowledge. It trains our mind and sharpens our skills and abilities. Education refines our tastes and temperaments and builds our thought process. Vocational courses help young boys to earn and learn together. They provide means of earning livelihood and open the route to employment. Professional courses, as is evident from the name itself, equip us for adopting various professions. Some of these highly skilled professionals seek placements or jobs in esteemed companies and business concerns. Thus education is important for our survival. Decent living is impossible without good income or high salary. Education improves the quality of our life and frees us of superstition, foolish, meaningless mind-blocks and rituals. If women are educated the whole family benefits qs the food is hygienically prepared, children are healthy, well-mannered and disciplined. Education gives us power over our environment. We can control the situation and shape our destiny. Education spreads awareness among people and gives them freedom from social ills. It makes people independent by providing them means to learn their living. They become responsible citizens and realise their rights and duties. In short, education gives one power. Thank you.

Question 3: You are Priya/Piyush. You are a member of the Environment Club of your school. After visiting many places you have realized that it is the need of the hour to protect environment. You decide to create awareness among the students. Write a speech in 150-200 words on ‘Environmental protection’ to be delivered in the morning assembly. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! Global warming has accelerated the rise of temperature on earth. The sea level is also rising and glaciers’ are melting away. Natural calamities are taking a toll of life on earth. Floods and scanty rainfall result in a crunch of food products, drinking water and disturb normal living conditions. The drought in Rajasthan has led to deaths and famine. Man is himself to blame for the deterioration of ecosystem. Depleting forests, industrial pollution, toxic-wastes, vehicular pollution, cutting of trees in cities, and lack of green cover are some of the contributory factors. The entire process of environmental pollution is becoming a vicious cycle. The urgent need of the hour is to protect environment. School children have begun to create awareness by compaigning against polythene bags and recycling waste material. Let us join hands to protect our forests, grow more trees, check toxic pollutants and change our lifestyle. Thank you.

Question 4: You are Anshu/Anita. You have secured 95 per cent marks in English. Your English teacher has persuaded you to share the secret of your success with your schoolmates. You decide to deliver a speech ‘English is an extremely scoring subject’ in the morning assembly. Write the speech in about 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! English is an extremely scoring, provided one follows a few rules, such as a good reading habit and the ability to be brief and specific in one’s answers. As far as the lessons in the CBSE textbooks are concerned, a thorough reading is essential. Questions asked from these lessons can be from any part of the chapter/story and could be about any minute detail. Remember the complete name of main characters and the author’s name. Your answer has to be in the same tense as the question. Secondly, the answer should be relevant and to the point. In order to get high marks in the comprehension passages and writing tasks, a student must have good communication skills as well as good reading habit. In article/report writing, questions on current affairs are often asked. Reading comes in very handy while writing such compositions. A report should always be written in the passive voice. In note-making, do not give more than five points. Give sub-points for each main point in a logical sequence. On the basis of the points, write a summary and give a title. In letter writing, be brief and accurate. Adopt the block format. Try to be creative while writing advertisements. The phrases/language should be catchy. These are*some points that may stand you in good stead. Thank you.

Question 5: Manish has to speak in debate supporting the motion that life in the country (a village) is preferable to life in the city. Below you can see his notes. Use the information to develop Manish’s speech in 150-200 words. COUNTRY (A VILLAGE) peace and quiet—soothing air—fresh and pure green fields all around—lovely sight helpful neighbours CITY vehicles—smoke industries—smoke-pollution crowded streets people hurry—never relax Answer:


Respected Chairperson, Members of faculty and dear Friends! I stand before you to support the motion that life in the country side is preferable to life in the city. At the outset I will like to remind the audience about the numerous advantages that the villages offer. In fact life in the country has so many advantages over life in the city that I don’t think any one present would disagree with me. The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet and has a soothing effect. The air is fresh and pure. Green fields which can be seen all around are a lovely sight. In the country people are friendly and the neighbours are helpful. On the other hand, cities are full of vehicles giving out smoke and creating atmospheric pollution. There is also air pollution from the chimneys of industries spewing off smoke. Moreover, the streets in the city are always crowded with people. Everyone is in a hurry and never finds time to relax. Village life is tension free. There is no undue hurry and excitement. The villagers may be poor in terms of income but they live a far happier life than the city dwellers. Hence I conclude that life in the countryside is preferable to life in the city. Thank you.

Question 6: Arun Kumar is a resident of Kalkaji. He is an active member of citizens’ forum. He is shocked to read the news that the Government has decided to increase the prices, of petroleum products with immediate effect. He wants to enlighten fellow citizens about the impact of Government decision on common man. Draft Arun’s speech in about 150-200 words highlighting the impact of the hike in prices of petroleum products on the life of common man. Answer:


Respected Chairman and dear friends! The decision of the Central Government to hike the prices of Petroleum products has shocked all the consumers. The salaried classes and the middle-income group are the worst affected. As a common man, I resent this harsh decision of the government. The increase is not only sudden but steep also. The common man is already reeling under the spiralling prices. The recent hike in the cost of petroleum products will push the expenditure graph up by 30 to 40 per cent. The increase in the prices of diesel and petrol will not only increase the expenditure on one’s own vehicle, but also increase the freight of goods and their initial cost will. The essential commodities will get dearer. Fares of buses, autos and taxis will have an upward swing. Shopkeepers will enhance the prices of even those articles which are produce locally. This sympathetic rise in prices of commodities will make it difficult to five within a fixed income. This escalation will mean cutting down the necessary expenditure by curbing some needs of the family. I urge the Finance Minister to reconsider the decision which is bound to hit hard millions of working classes and salaried people besides, creating a vicious circle of spiralling prices. It is earnestly hoped that my views will merit some consideration at the hands of the authorities. Thank you.

Question 7: You are Navneet, a member of school Literacy Club, which has organised literacy classes in villages and city slums under the adult education programme. Draft a speech in 150¬200 words highlighting the importance of educating the illiterates. Answer:


Respected Chairperson, distinguished guest and dear friends! Education provides all round development of our personality—body, mind and soul. Unfortunately, a vast number of our population remain uneducated. The rate of school drop-outs is increasing fast. To overcome the ever increasing number of illiterates Adult Education programmes have been launched by the Ministry of Education. Many voluntary and social organisation have also come forward to render service. The National Literacy Mission is an organization engaged in Adult Education. It has helped to eradicate illiteracy in India to a great extent. School and college students can also help in the noble mission. They can offer voluntary service during their free period, that is, vacation. They can organize adult literacy classes in their streets or villages. It is hoped that these educated villagers will prove helped in the development of the nation. Education will give them awareness and knowledge. They will gain information, dignity and self-respect. They will become good citizens of the nation. They will become free from the social bondage, exploitation and humiliation. Education will not remain ornamental. It will become a part of their personality. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 1


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! The problem of brain-drain has assumed serious proportion in the last thirty years or so. The nation spends its hard earned meager resources on the education and training of its doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. But these highly talented and trained men and women of genius migrate to developed countries. They desert the ranks for the lure of money, better facilities and living conditions. Some of them get opportunities for fulfilment of their ambitions and development of personality as there is full scope for it. They enjoy unlimited freedom for experiments and research and fear no resources crunch. The parent countries become poorer by the depletion of resources as a result of migration of trained and talented persons. The migrants too feel maladjusted in the new country where they are considered second grade citizens. Living and working in an alien culture among foreigners, they find themselves cut off from their own social modes and customs. They do suffer emotional vacuum as the memories of friends and relatives in their country haunt their minds. India too has been facing this problem. We must take steps to ensure them better facilities, improved living conditions, freedom for experimentation and research. In addition to this, their talents must be utilised for proper work and their work must be given due recognition. These measures, if adopted seriously, can check the problem effectively. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 2


Respected Principal, teachers and friends! First Aid is of immense help in case of an emergency or accident when the victim is to be given immediate help before some qualified doctor arrives or the victim is shifted to some nearby clinic or hospital. The importance of first aid can be judged from the fact that many precious fives are saved because they had been administered proper first-aid before the patients received attention from a professional medical practitioner. The knowledge of first aid proves handy in a crisis. A person receiving bum injury, a victim of accident bleeding profusely, a drowned casualty or someone suffering from poisoning need urgent and immediate attention. Administration of immediate first aid provides the necessary relief till the case is attended by a competent doctor. Thus first aid can sometimes give a second life to a person. Hence it is always beneficial to get acquainted with the basic fundamentals of first aid. It is our moral duty to help the people in distress. But the aid rendered by an untrained person may sometimes prove harmful. Hence it is essential to have proper knowledge of first aid. Mere reading of books will not be sufficient. You must know the practical application too. Careful and correct use of first-aid can be beneficial as it can save precious human lives from the jaws of death. Hence I exhort my colleagues to get the requisite knowledge by joining first aid classes. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 3


Respected Chairperson, teachers and dear friends! Examinations are the tools in the hands of the teacher to assess the performance of the students. Tests provide information regarding the student’s grasp of the subject as well as achievement. Like any other object, examination too, has two sides—the brighter side and the darker side. Let us concentrate on the positive aspects or the advantages of examinations. Examinations are essential at school and college level as they help to test the efficiency of the students. The promotion of the students to the next class depends on their qualifying the lower class. Thus the examinations provide the students a stimulus to work regularly and punctually. The annual examination is usually held at the end of the academic year, i.e., in March or April. The students know that they must cover their syllabus within the prescribed time-frame. Examinations provide a visible proof of the students grasp of knowledge and reproduction. Examinations inspire the sense of competition and increase the efficiency of the students. Regular examinations inculcate good values among students. They learn to become regular, systematic, methodical and punctual in their studies. Random or irregular testing is self-defeating because it tests the ignorance of the students rather than their knowledge. The students are caught unawares. Thus irregular tests should be discarded as a wastage of time and energy. They serve neither as a test of comprehension nor as test of achievement. These days it has become fashionable to talk about doing away with examinations altogether. If there were no examinations, the students would lose interest in studies and become non-serious. This “holiday from examinations” will promote idleness, carelessness and irresponsibly. Hence, to conclude, we must agree that objective periodic and regular testing is helpful to the student’s as it ensures the real assessment of his worth and personality. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 4


Respected Chairperson, teachers and students! Twentieth century has witnessed a revolution in the field of science and technology. Everyday we hear of numerous latest gadgets produced to make our life easy and comfortable. Recently, however, some cases have come to fight where criminals and unscrupulous elements have misused the gadgets of science for their selfish and refarious ends. Committing dacoity, kidnapping or murders using stolen vehicles has become a routine. Telephone is misused by anti-social elements. Young Romeos misuse the telephone for eve-teasing. Rash driving, honking of horns and playing loud music are some other tricks used by them. Unscrupulous operators of cable network screen vulgur films depicting glorification of violence and sex. These films directly encourage evils like smuggling, drinking and drugs. The hard-core terrorists use bombs hidden in toys to hit their targets. Remote control comes handy to them to accomplish their plan. The powerful beams of lasers are used by modem day criminals to break the safest safe. The remedy does not fie in banning the gadgets, but in arousing public consciousness. Police and administration must exercise effective vigilance. Law enforcement should be strict and law-breakers be given exemplary punishment. Thank you.

Question 12: You have to speak in the school’s morning assembly on ‘The Harm that Mobile Phones and Smartphones are Creating in Students’ Lives’. Write the speech in 150-200 words. You are Javed/Jyotsana of class XI-A. Answer: Good morning, respected Principal Sir, teachers and my friends. Today, I, Javed of class XI-A, will highlight the harm created by easy availability of mobile phones and smartphones, particularly for students.

Today science and technology has progressed tremendously, but this progress is a mixed bag. Mobile phones, and particularly smartphones, have made life comfortable for all, but they are causing untold harm to students.

Each and every child possesses a mobile phone. The games in it distract the children. The message packs offered by the telecom companies have provided them with the facility of sending messages at very cheap rate, with the result that the students are always messaging for taking part in competitions, sending greetings to friends, forwarding jokes and other such trivial activities.

Internet facility on smartphones is another big distraction. Camera facility is misused by the immature minds of children and adolescents. These phones are an extra cost burden on the parents who buy these, phones to be in touch with their children. The demand of the students is more for expensive smartphones with fancy features. It has now become a headache because of its excessive use of non-essential activities. I hope all my friends are listening.

Question 13: Swati attended a seminar where speakers narrated their experiences of the adverse impact of modern gadgets on our daily life. She has also experienced how these gadgets fail when needed most she decides to enlighten her school mates on this helpless state by delivering a speech in the morning assembly on the topic ‘Modern gadgets have made us slaves to machines’. Write her speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected chairperson, honourable judges, members of the staff and my dear Mends! Today I stand before you stoutly and wholeheartedly to speak on ‘Modem gadgets have made us slave to machines’. We have become so dependent upon machines for everything that out life would come to a stand still without them.

Science and technology have transformed the life style of modem man. In fact, the modem civilization has become highly mechanised. Right from the time we get up to the time we go to bed, we depend on one or the other modem scientific gadget. He uses a fridge to store food and keep it cool. Fans, room coolers, and air conditioners keep him cool. The telephone increases the range of his voice whereas the car multiplies the speed of his legs and now he can fly even like a bird.

In his office to he dictates letters on a dictaphone, which his secretary types on a typewriter, another device of modem science. Now he can store information on a computer. Mobile phones, television, and cable network have become quite common. Most of these gadgets are based on electricity.

Now think of a day when electricity fails. All the activities of the morning are shelved or delayed. There is no hot water for shaving or bathing. No tea or sandwich for breakfast. No computer, television or air conditioner can work without electricity. We feel miserable because we have become so used to them.

The modem gadgets have helped the world to leap forward to a glittering civilization. They have provided tremendous power and unlimited knowledge to man. In fact the modem gadgets have revolutionised every phase of man’s life. Man has become so dependent upon them that it is impossible to conceive of modem man’s life without these gadgets. Hence, we can safely conclude that modem gadgets have made us slaves to machines. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 5


Respected members of the faculty and dear friends. It is indeed shocking that even after more than five decades of independence, we have failed to spread the fruit of literacy among the masses. It is most unfortunate that even today almost half the population of India is illiterate.

It is disheartening to note that in the last thirty years the literate population has risen by a mere three thousand lakhs and in the last fifty years the literacy rate has gone up by 38 per cent. Since the population of the country is increasing fast, we have to take immediate and urgent steps to spread the fruits of literacy among the masses. The lamp of knowledge should be taken to the farthest nook and comer of the far-flung villages as well as the nearby slums.

Let us not lose our patience while engaged in the noble task of spreading literacy. Let us adopt literacy as a mission and as our obligation towards society and the nation. The students of schools can play a very effective and constructive role in educating the illiterates. “Each one teach one’ should not remain a mere slogan. It should be translated into reality. The young students should come forward and accept it as a challenge.

I therefore call upon each one of you to take a solemn pledge to educate at least one illiterate per year. I hope that all of you will rise to the occasion and take up cudgels to remove the blot of illiteracy from the fair name of our nation. Thank you.

Question 15: Harsh is deeply upset to read a report of the death of people in thousands due to hunger and homelessness. He wonders why these homeless persons couldn’t be provided shelter at night in educational institutions and places of worship. Harsh decides to deliver a Speech in the morning assembly to motivate the students, teachers, and Principal to take pity on the plight of the homeless and provide them night shelter. Write his speech in 150-200 words. Answer:


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! I invite your attention to a social cause. Every year thousands of homeless people die of extreme cold. It is the responsibility of the state and the citizens to provide facilities to houseless persons to sleep indoors during chilly weather.

Since creating new shelters is both time-consuming and costly, we must find enough shelters for homeless people in all our cities from the existing stock of buildings. A large number of spacious buildings at prime locations are vacated every night. These are schools, colleges, offices and places of worship that lie empty every night. There is no reason why these buildings can’t be additionally redeployed with small modifications as night shelters for. the homeless.

You may ask why school and college premises should be deployed additionally as shelters at night. It is not just that most school and college teaching spaces are vacant at night and the same space can be used by dispossessed people who do not have a place to sleep, without any-extra cost. Far more important is the fact, that this step would provide these educational institutions an opportunity to fulfill their social commitments as responsible social institutions and teach children and young people first-hand social empathy and social responsibility.

I do hope that the authorities of our school would realize the plight of these homeless persons and open the doors of our schools to them at night. It will show fight to the entire country. Thank you.

Question 16: You are Mehak/Mahesh. Read the newspaper report below. Then write a speech on ‘Water-Borne Diseases—A threat’ to be delivered by you at the occasion of ‘World Health Day’. Write this speech using information from the report together with your own ideas. You may use not more than 200 words.


Samples of drinking water drawn from the municipal limits of the district were found to be contaminated. The samples collected by the district health authorities from the municipal councils and the public health water resources of these towns were found to contain unacceptable levels of bacteria and were unfit for human consumption. The district civil surgeon admitted that the bacteria in water might be the source of various diseases including diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis and typhoid. The contaminated water is more harmful for visitors than the locals.


Respected Principal, distinguished guests, teachers and friends! The report published in the newspaper is shocking. It brings to the fore the callous attitude of the administration. It is a total failure of the Water-Board to provide clean, safe water to the people, a basic necessity. The report categorically says that this water is unfit for human consumption.

What are we going to do about this? Are we going to get together and fight or let water-borne diseases like cholera, hepatitis, and typhoid spread? Contaminated water can cause these deadly diseases which can cause large scale deaths, if not treated immediately. These water samples must be shown to the Municipal Commissioner and an explanation demanded. On the one hand, we celebrate World Health Day, on the other hand, the basic commodity-water-is impure, I’m sure the concerned authorities will look into the matter and ensure clean and safe drinking water for the public. Thank you.

Question 17: On festival days students burst fire-crackers not knowing how much pollution they cause. You are Suresh/Sudha the Head boy/Head girl of your school. You wish to tell them some facts about bursting fire-crackers and the other sources of pollution. Prepare a detailed speech to be delivered in the school assembly. You may use the following hints and your own ideas. You may use not more than 200 words.

(a) Increase in air pollution because of suspended particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, etc. (b) Increase in respiratory diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, Heart attacks, etc. (c) Increase in noise—pollution causing deafness.


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! Good Morning! Today I would like to talk about a subject that we all do know but scarcely pay any heed to it. On the days of festivals, most of us burst firecrackers not realizing the amount of pollution they cause. Thus we are ourselves degrading the environment. The bursting of firecrackers increases atmospheric pollution. The suspended particulate matter like nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide are added up when a cracker is burst.

The increase in atmospheric pollution gives rise to respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. The cases of heart attacks and strokes multiply. The noise pollution created by bursting of crackers may cause deafness as well.

We may enjoy the bright light and the sound of explosion for a few seconds, but we ignore the permanent damage caused by bursting of crackers. We ourselves inhale the extremely harmful particles as we ignite the crackers.

Hence it becomes the duty of each one of us to keep our environment clean and refrain from bursting crackers. Let us put an end to this wasteful exercise of burning our hard-earned money. Thank you.


Question 18: You are Hemant/Harsha the Head boy/Head girl of your school. The following photo adverts caught your attention in a newspaper. You decide to make the school population aware of the pollution caused by plastic bags. Prepare a speech you intend to deliver in the morning assembly the next day giving useful suggestions and write it in not more than 200 words.


Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 6


Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends! Good morning to you all! While going through the morning newspaper today, I came across two photo advertisements. These highlight the major problem created by the steady use of harmful polybags made of recycled plastic. The government agencies as well as voluntary organizations have made a number of efforts to propagate the harmful effects of plastic bags. However, it seems that habit die hard.

Most of us still prefer to ignore the gravity of using plastic bags. Advertisements, it is said, are far more effective than the written speech. One of the advertisements reads “Kill the plastic bag before it kills your future.” It strikes the nail on the head. It clearly indicates the extreme harmfulness of these plastic bags. Let me elaborate the point further. The plastic bags are made of harmful and toxic chemicals that contaminate the environment. The things that we keep inside them become unhealthy. A single plastic bag is enough to choke the whole drainage system. If these bags are discarded carelessly, some animal may eat them. These get stuck in their bodies.

A little effort and awareness on our part now can save us from a lot of future problems. Let us start using cloth or gunny bags and completely boycott the use of plastic bags. Once we revert to the old cloth/gunny bags we can convince the shopkeepers not to use plastic bags. This step will enable us to keep our environment clean, green and healthy. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 7


Respected teachers and dear friends! It is good that our school is celebrating the Vana Mahotsava Day. It is only recently that man has realized the importance of afforestation and growing more trees. In these days of ever-increasing pollution, trees are the best friends of human beings. The importance of planting more and more tree lies in the fact that the number of trees preserved is quite low as compared to the number of trees planted. Some of the trees wither away due to lack of proper nourishment and care and some are cut down. Two random examples are sufficient to prove the point.

The number of trees planted in 2003 was 4000. Of these more than 1000 dried (withered) of the old trees about 2500 were cut. Thus the loss of trees was just 500 less than the plantation that year. However, due to preservation of the old trees the number of preserved trees stood around 1500. Let us consider another example. The highest number of trees 8000, were planted in the year 2007. But in the same year 3000 trees withered and 5000 were cut. Only 4000 trees survived. These figures clearly indicate that the loss of trees due to cutting or withering is almost equal to fresh plantation. This is not a healthy sign.

Hence our endeavour should be not only to plant more and more trees every year, but also to preserve them in greater number. Proper care and nourishment is as necessary for trees as for children. Let us look after these tender saplings as we look after our young brothers and sister and guard them from every danger—natural or man-made.

I am confident that the willing co-operation of all my young friends will certainly make this programme highly successful. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 8


Respected teachers and dear friends! The population of our country is increasing at a tremendous speed and along with it the number of illiterates, especially in the rural areas, is shooting up. This tendency is a cause of concern for all the enlightened citizens who are busy in developmental activities or welfare programmes.

Knowledge or education makes a person civilized, cultured and self-dependent. Education is a medium to transmit knowledge from one person to another over time and space. Today the world is on the threshold of a revolution. National boundaries are breaking up and the nations of the world are coming closer. The world is becoming well-knit. The rich and developed countries are making rapid advances due to their advanced science and technology. The poor and undeveloped countries are lagging behind in this race of progress simply because their people are illiterates and uneducated. In order to convey one’s thoughts and feelings and to understand others, education is essential. Literacy is the first step in this direction.

Poverty and lack of opportunity have hindered majority of poor persons from attaining formal education. The percentage of illiterates is far higher than that of matriculates or graduates. Concerted efforts have been made during the last twenty-five years to take the lamp of knowledge to every nook and comer under the National Literacy mission.

School teachers, students, social workers and voluntary agencies have come forward to lend a helping hand in this noble mission. The Government of India has launched Adult Education Programmes. With the constant efforts of dedicated workers the pace of literacy has picked up. Students have adopted the slogan ‘Each one, teach one’ in its real meaning.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 9


Respected Chairperson and dear friends! The cartoon given above reveals the cartoonist’s sense of humour at the recent hike in the prices of petroleum products. These prices are a gift of the new government to the already over-burdened common man. Though the price-rise varies from ₹ 2 per litre in case of petrol to ₹ 1.50 per litre of diesel, the consumers are adversely affected both directly as well as indirectly. The rise in the prices of diesel will lead to a hike in the bus fares and freight of goods. Everyday consumable articles will become costlier. The hike in LPG prices is enough to raise the ire of the harassed housewife who doesn’t know how to balance her meagre budget against this onslaught.

In fact, the effects of price-hike will percolate to all sections of society—commuters, transporters, farmers, traders, consumers, etc. Increase in cost of tariff will make goods dearer and people will face the shortage of essential items or they will have to shell out more. This will indirectly boost hoarding and black-marketing. Corruption and black money will increase and the means of the common man will shrink.

The government must reconsider this hike and roll back the increase on LPG and diesel. No one will protest if more tax is levied on luxury items such as big cars, air conditioners, supercomputers, air-travel, etc. Frequent rise in prices is not good governance. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 10


Respected Principal, teachers and students! During the first decade of the millennium a disturbing trend was noticed in the society. The peace-loving citizens of locality were rocked by a spurt in cases of violence and social unrest. A close scrutiny of the ‘Violence’ graph reveals a hundred per cent increase during the year 2003-2004. The upward swing went on mounting higher steadily during the next year and showed no sign of abatement. It stuck to a steady level during 2006 as well. Perhaps it was due to some strict measures adopted by the law enforcing agencies. It might also be the proverbial lull before the storm as the violence graph touched the peak in 2007 and maintained the same level during 2008.

Violence against women and misbehaviour with them are manifestations of sexstarved male chauvinism to assert their Supermacy and dominance. The elimination of potential rivals during elections is the bane of politics. Apart from these murders or those committed by extremists to cause panic or by hardened criminals for extortions at the behest of their masters. The net result is the same heinous extermination of a particular individual/ group or section of society.

It is high time urgent steps were undertaken by the state as well as society to curb anti-social elements as well as propagators of violence. Deterrent punishment and speedy disposal of cases can be an effective curb on the nefarious designs of these offenders against state and society. Thank you.

Speech Writing Format CBSE Class 11 Examples, Samples, Topics image - 11


Respected Chairperson and distinguished guests! Tourism is a thriving business for earning valuable foreign exchange as well as providing an opportunity for cultural exchange and generating employment. India has a rich heritage of art, sculpture, music, dance and drama. Many European countries have promoted tourism as a trade. In some countries it is run like an industry. We, in India, are running it in a non-professional or amateurish manner as is evident from the troughs is the graph of domestic as well as foreign tourists.

It is high time we regarded travel and tourism as an industry and launched action plans to accelerate the growth of tourism. A nodal financial institution catering to the specific needs of tourism industry should be established.

The main stumbling blocks in the development of tourism at present are lack of infrastructure, inadequate ways of reaching hotels, tourist sites, gateways, etc., paucity in the number of coaches and cars (specially air-conditioned ones), ill-maintained roads. Conferences, cultured exchanges, tourism exchanges, leisure trips, education trips, holiday trips or business trips should be segregated and facilities available be publicized as an attractive package.

The need and aspirations of the various categories of tourists should be carefully analysed and adhered to in the sphere of accommodation, food, entertainment and guided tours. Last but not the least the hotel industry should adopt a business-like attitude in greeting and sending off the visitors with a smile. Give them a pleasant experience and prepare them to undertake a repeat visit soon. Thank you.

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Tree Plantation Paragraph- for class 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Tree Plantation Paragraph

Paragraph on tree plantation 1, tree plantation paragraph 2.

Tree plantation means planting more and more trees. They are our best friends. Trees are boon to us. Again, they give us shade and soothe our eyes with their green color. The tree gives us various kinds of fruits which is essential for human life. Besides, they give us firewood as fuel for cooking. Trees also give us timber for furniture, doors, windows, boats, electric poles, railway sleepers, etc. Furthermore, they give us rubbers too. Trees absorb carbon dioxide which is very poisonous and produce oxygen. Sufficient trees cause sufficient rainfall and prevent draught. Along the roadside and coastal areas prevent erosion and tidal bore too. But many inconsiderate people are cutting down trees for their selfish interest. So, we are losing trees randomly. Hence, we must take tree plantation as a project.

Tree Plantation Paragraph 3

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Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation 100, 150, 200, 250 to 300 Words for Kids, Students And Children

March 7, 2023 by Prasanna

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation:  Tree Plantation is one of the best activities for making the planet greener, livelier, and healthier. Planted trees help our biodiversity, ensure the supply of oxygen for the next generations, and provide us with various resources. Without trees, the existence of human life, as well as other species on earth, is impossible. So, we should plant more and more trees.

You can read more  Paragraph Writing  about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more.

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation – 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

Trees are important for us to live in. Tree plantation alludes to planting trees at a spot. Tree plantation has many advantages on the earth and our wellbeing. We as a whole inhale oxygen to live, and trees are the main characteristic source of oxygen. Tree plantation guarantees that the supply of oxygen never ends.

Tree plantation additionally urges vegetation to develop. Birds make their homes in the trees, subsequently adding to the beauty of nature. Birds additionally scatter seeds and pollen on the ground, resulting in the development of different plants. So, tree plantation expands the bio-diversity of a specific region.

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation - 100 Words for Classes 1, 2, 3 Kids

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation – 150 Words for Classes 4, 5 Children

Today, many trees are brought down by people to build streets, houses, manufacturing plants, and so on. Trees assume a significant job in nature. They clean air and give oxygen supply. Planting trees won’t just make up for their loss yet, also advantage the earth.

Trees are the earth’s life supportive network. They support and are essential for life on earth. Aside from giving oxygen, trees additionally work as common safeguards of noise pollution.

The forests do develop naturally. Be that as it may, today, forests are chopped down at a rate more noteworthy than they could develop. This causes a sort of irregularity, wherein relatively few trees are left to meet our oxygen supply and different requirements.

Trees are a source of shelter and nourishment for many species, reptiles, and birds. Any place a tree is planted it gives another lease of life to these species. Trees additionally cause rain and prevent floods.

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation – 200 Words for Classes 6, 7, 8 Students

Planting trees is the ideal approach to support nature. It additionally helps other living species, including people, in many ways. Trees give us oxygen, food, shelter, and many more. They are natural air filters and noise safeguards. Areas having a thick estate of trees, are seen to be less loud and generally having cleaner air than the zones without trees.

When trees are planted, on its own, the biodiversity of that zone is improved. It advances the development of species and prevents their depletion or extinction. The tree likewise gives products of the soil. Wood is utilized in the villages who use fire.

Today, more individuals understand the advantage of tree plantation. Individuals are taking up tree plantation as their hobby. People are planting trees in their neighborhood, and reassuring others to do as such. Younger students are likewise planting trees with the assistance of teachers and staff.

The air at a spot with a great number of trees is significantly healthy and clean. Planting trees likewise helps birds, squirrels, and different species, giving them food and living arrangement. The least we can do is plant a large number of trees to provide nature what we have taken from it. We can’t reimburse in full, yet at the same time, at any rate, be appreciative.

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation – 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 And Competitive Exams Students

One of the recognized purposes behind tree plantation is forestry. forests are quickly diminishing from the surface of the earth since people are cutting trees for business purposes. Despite the way that forests develop normally, there is a need to regrow them at a more noteworthy rate than the rate at which they are destroyed. Aside from improving the bio-diversity, trees additionally add to the natural beauty of a spot.

Trees planted by the streets and in the parks add to the scenic beauty of the spot. A tree will be there for ages profiting every one in its specific manner. If you plant a tree today, at that point, your coming ages will be profited by it—one of the best future investment to make for your youngsters.

A few NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and individuals are volunteering in for tree plantation today. It is, after all, the fastest method to make the earth greener. Tree plantation is a signal that will make the planet a great spot to live for the coming ages. We should not exclusively be occupied with tree plantation yet also energize others to plant trees at whatever point and any place the time and resources allow them.

Governments should likewise approach to help tree plantation. Non-government offices and local groups may feel monetary deficiencies, and here the administration could end up being of help. Furthermore, the administration has a pool of assets and funds to complete enormous scope plantation activities with NGOs and other invested parties.

Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation - 250 to 300 Words for Classes 9, 10, 11, 12 And Competitive Exams Students

FAQ’s on Paragraph On Importance Of Tree Plantation

Question 1. When is the tree plantation day celebrated?

Answer: The National Tree Plantation Day or the National Festival of Trees Planting, also known as Van Mahotsav in India, is held from 1st July to 7th July every year. On that day, in every school, colleges, and offices, tree plantation can be noticed.

Question 2. What is the meaning of Tree Plantation?

Answer: Tree plantation is the way toward moving seedlings, starting with one spot then onto the next for various purposes. Besides, there are different purposes for tree plantation; however, the most significant are forestry, land recovery, and landscaping. Each procedure of tree plantation is significant and one of a kind in its specific manner.

Question 3. What are the three things which we need to grow a tree?

Question 4. Why is tree plantation necessary?

Answer: Tree plantation is necessary to provide all the species living on the earth with all the resources and needs for them to survive.


Van mahotsav 2021: history, significance, celebrations and quotes, van mahotsav week is celebrated in the first week of july to spread awareness about forests. have a look at its history, significance, celebrations and quotes that you can share with your loved ones..

India Today Web Desk

By India Today Web Desk : Van Mahotsav or Forest Festival is an annual tree-planting festival celebrated in the month of July in which thousands of trees are planted all over the country. Van Mahotsav week is celebrated from 1 July to 7 July to spread awareness of forest conservation and to save the environment.

Trees and forests play a very crucial role in maintaining an ecological balance and providing oxygen to human beings on the planet. The Van Mahotsav week is a reminder that we must protect forests and stop deforestation and practice the 3R rule- Reduce, reuse and recycle.

During this week, one can find children and elders planting saplings and taking part in the plantation drive to raise awareness about the importance of trees.

Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar planted saplings today and said that India has set a target of creating an additional 2 billion carbon sequestration by 2030. Javadekar said that in the seven years of the Modi government, the tree cover within and outside the forest has grown by 15,000 sq km.

History of Van Mahotsav:

The history of Van Mahotsav Day dates back to 1947 when it was first organised by Punjabi botanist MS Randhawa from 20 to 27 July. The then Delhi Police Commissioner Khurshid Ahmad Khan inaugurated the first event of Van Mahotsav on 20 July 1947 to stress the impact of deforestation on flora and fauna. A flourishing plantation drive was undertaken by national leaders like Dr Rajendra Prasad and Jawaharlal Nehru.

Since then, the tradition of celebrating Van Mahotsav and planting trees has continued. In 1950, it was declared as a national activity by the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Kanaiyaka Maneklal Munshi. Later on, the festival was moved to the first week in July and was renamed to Van Mahotsav in 1950.

Significance of Van Mahotsav:

Van Mahotsav week is celebrated in India to encourage people to plant more and more trees as they are being cut down on a large scale for industrialisation and urbanisation. Trees contribute to the production of food resources, maintain ecological balance, improve air quality, climate amelioration, conserves water, preserves soil, supports wildlife, reduces drought and prevents soil erosion and pollution.

Deforestation is a worrying concern and Van Mahotsav week aims to bring more and more people together to grow and save forests. Reports suggest that regions having a high population density and high forest cover were not much impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. During this week, many organisations like The World Wildlife Fund and Amazon Watch are fighting hard to promote afforestation and create awareness.

How can we celebrate Van Mahotsav?

The government organizes various plantation drives at various levels to encourage people to plant trees. We can also do our part.

-Van Mahotsav can be celebrated by planting more and more trees every day and by telling more and more people to do the same.

-One can stop buying products that are produced or made by destroying forests and avoid using them.

-Plant trees at your homes, schools, offices and colleges and take part in various awareness campaigns.Initiatives like the free circulation of trees can also be taken up by various volunteers and organisations.

-Workshops can be conducted in schools to teach children about the need for planting trees and how it helps in preventing global warming and reducing pollution.

-We can also practice the 3R rule and lower the need for raw materials from trees and forests.

Quotes and wishes on Van Mahotsav:

Here are some quotes and wishes on Van Mahotsav that you can share with your loved ones:

-Finding forests is scarce. When will we understand its value?

-The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

-"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."- Nelson Henderson.

-If we need to thrive, see that flora and fauna in forests survive.

-The Almighty gifted us a bountiful green earth; we had no dearth

-Afforestation can only give our coming generations real mirth.

-"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." Warren Buffett

-"Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven't done a thing. You are just talking." Wangari Maathai

-Each one plant one, for safe and secure environment.

-"Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky." Kahlil Gibran

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