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Choosing Good Commemorative Speech Topics: Tips and Examples

Updated 01 Feb 2023

A commemorative speech is a type of talk typically given at special events to celebrate a person, group, event, situation, place, institution, idea, etc. or to recall (someone or something)/ show respect. It is also known as a ceremonial speech. Find this topic difficult? Our essay writers are experts in the academic field.

In US education context, it is the talk given during graduation ceremony (in colleges) in which students typically express gratitude/respect towards an academic institution and teaching staff, family, colleagues, etc., recall the good time they had in this environment as well as potential challenges, and highlight the importance of received education/skills for their future.  Legal essay writing service help you with your essay, personal statement, or any of your document needs.

This diversity of occasions makes it quite frequently demanded and hence, important to master. A particular challenge for anyone facing this task is choosing an appropriate topic. Also EduBirdie has " write my speech for me " services. Consulting lists of commemorative speech topics and general categories they fall into can help you save some time and is the equivalent of going through a series of brainstormed solutions.

Commemorative Speech Topics

Features of a Good Oral Presentation

A good commemorative speech has to grab attention of your audience and make them want to listen it to the end, understand it and be positively impressed by it. That is why your talk should be:

Engaging. This can be achieved in multiple ways – you must either try being creative and avoid clichés, introduce a little controversy (within reasonable limits), trigger powerful introspection and important comprehension, or try being funny while still paying tribute, for instance, consider some funny commemorative speech topics.

Inspiring – it is equally important that your talk is not only entertaining but also highlights values you revere and want to share, gratitude you want to express, the sanctity and value of what you are talking about. To inspire is often the main purposes of a commemorative speech.

Positive – obviously, an overly enthusiastic discourse can look unnatural, naïve, or boring, so it is important to compromise wisely on this aspect, but delivering a generally positive message is simply a must (in fact, even when commemorating a recently deceased, one should bring out the bright moments shared with him/her, the legacy, inspiring character traits, etc.). When considering commemorative speech topics for college students, the discourse should be both optimistic and empowering.

Relevant – stay maximally connected to the audience, refer to some collective memories (even recent events the US or your community have gone through) or to some relevant individual memories that would resonate with the audience. Always attempt being specific rather than general, mention real people, groups, teachers, events (this will help engage with the audience).

How to Choose a Good Commemorative Speech Topic

When you considering commemorative speech ideas for class assignments, ensure you follow these recommendations:

Yet another option for identifying a topic or writing the entire performance is to contract a commemorative custom speech writing services that could assist you throughout the steps or help pick great topic. Just message us ‘write speech for me’ to get an expert assistance.

30 Commemorative Talk Categories for You to Choose

Ideas for commemorative speech may fall into different categories depending on the topic, value or event they celebrate:

Read also: Good Persuasive Speech Topics

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50 Best Commemorative Speech Topics

Here is a selection of 50 best topics for commemorative speeches to choose from and make your talk memorable:

Read also: The Best  Demonstration Speech Ideas

Edubirdie is Here to Save Your Day

This short guide offers only a few commemorative speech ideas – in reality, they are only limited by your imagination. Think about the message (brainstorm if needed), consider the basic recommendations provided above, and you’ll be on the right track.

Many students decide to buy term papers online . If you are out of time or simply need the assistance of a professional speech writer , feel free to upload your task with necessary instructions to our online platform. You would be able to transparently evaluate bids placed by our professional writers checking their rating, number of completed orders, reviews and pick a favorite one. Note that you can benefit from unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with the job!

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who should i write my commemorative speech on


170 Most Popular Commemorative Speech Topics Ideas

Table of Contents

Do you want to improve your public speaking skills and understand its tits and bits? I have some exciting ideas for you. To deliver an outstanding speech in front of the public, you need to understand the topic you are trying to deliver and if that topic belongs to your area of interest, then nothing can prevent you from winning the battle.

To go ahead with your public speaking hobby, you need to first understand the meaning of a commemorative speech and the speech topics that can make your speech flawless, along with the different conditions that you can apply to make your speech the best.

What is a Commemorative Speech?

A commemorative speech is a kind of speech, mostly created for remembering a person by demonstrating respect towards him. Such a speech is delivered at an exclusive or a special event for celebrating an occasion, a person, a team, a company, or even a concept. Ceremonial speech is another name for a commemorative speech.

A good example would be the kind of speeches delivered at the graduation ceremony of the US colleges. Also, the speech can be delivered by the students to show their gratitude towards their teachers, classmates, and family members. The commemorative speech topics are selected as per the demand of a situation or an event.

Few outstanding commemorative speech topics for the benefits of the students:

Writing an outstanding commemorative speech needs great skills. But the most challenging task for a student would be to select a topic that can create an impact on the audience. so that you can get help from the assignment expert .

Tips to select the best commemorative speech topics:

Commemorative Speech Topics

Obtain an idea of the attributes of a commemorative speech

As the name suggests, commemoration means to praise, celebrate or remember a special occasion. The key goal of a commemorative speech should be to unify the audience and influence them to remember different memories collaboratively.

Understanding the goals of an occasion

Research is the core to the delivery of an outstanding speech. It is important to conduct relevant research on the topic before delivering a speech on it. To be efficient, a good piece of advice would be to connect with the person who is in charge of the event and obtain details about the event. A commemorative speech can be delivered on occasions like that of a reunion, dedications, funerals, anniversaries, or even memorial services. Another good recommendation would be to seek the advice of a person who has participated in the event earlier, regarding the kind of topics that would create an impact on the audience. In case of an event is taking place for the first time, suggestions can be taken from the senior or professors?

Learn about your audience

To grab the interest of the audience in your speech, it would be highly important to understand your audience first. In this regard, it would be advisable to conduct a small research on your target audience, their needs and requirement, preferences, expectations, beliefs, and ideologies. A good option here would be to first learn about the audience and then accordingly select the topic of a commemorative speech to be delivered to them.

Respect the qualities

The key objective of a commemorative speech is to focus on the characteristics of a person or a company, which does not mean that the characteristics should be listed but should also be respected at the same time. Moreover, a good suggestion here would be to understand the characteristics that are celebrated by the target audience, according to which the topic for a commemorative speech should be selected.

Being Original is the core to win the hearts of the audience

The selection of an original topic is the key to create an outstanding speech. To sound influential, the selected topic should not be the same as that of the other speakers. The selected topic should be highly purposeful, holding the potential to deliver a convincing speech.

A unique commemorative speech topic would be the one that will create an influence on its target audience. It captivates, inspires, and twirls them across a journey of reconstruction. The selection of an appropriate topic moves a long way to ensure that by the time the speaker wraps up his speech and puts by the prompts into his pocket, the audience would be delighted and satisfied with the delivered speech.

Conditions to develop excellent commemorative speech topics

To select the topic of a commemorative speech, it would be significant to focus on the characteristics that the speech should be possessing. Hence, a commemorative speech topic should be meeting the below-mentioned criteria:

Conditions to develop excellent commemorative speech topics

Faking Sincerity

To fake sincerity, a person should be a flawless actor, because many people can identify a hypocritical speaker at once. Also, this creates an adverse impact on the influence that the speech was meant to create on the audience. A good recommendation here would be to select a topic that would create the most influence on the speaker. For instance, if it is a tribute speech, then you would be highly recommended to select the person, you admire the most, in this case, you will not have fake sincerity.

In case if you are celebrating an event, then you should mention the date that is significant in your life. In case, if you don’t have the responsibility to dedicate the speech to an influential person, then you are free to select any controversial topic. Thus the main motive here is that the topic should be personally important to the speaker as then only the speaker would interact with an open heart to their audience.

Favorable Impression

Commemorative speech topics should be such that it creates a favorable impression on the minds of the listeners.  Moreover, being highly enthusiastic will not do justice to the speech, instead, it will sound artificial and create a negative impression on the minds of the listeners. Hence, you should be selecting a person, about whom you can deliver positivity and inspirational thoughts.

Though a commemorative speech is emotional by its nature, the topic chosen should be such that it can be dragged with immense energy, till it reaches the milestone. The speaker should ensure that he is not swayed by his emotions or even that the topic he chooses is not monotonous and rigid. Creating the correct balance can be a critical challenge, but it would be fruitful to make all the desired efforts. So, it would be good to choose a topic, in which the speaker can be both emotional as well as keep his emotions under control while delivering the speech.

Avoid being monotonous

The topic selected should not include a monotonous official tribute, instead, it should be such that it can be filled with creativity and humor. The topic should be such that it can narrate a story that will leave a long-lasting impact on the audience.

Establish connection with the audience

The attribute of the topic should be such that it can be deeply connected with the audience. To add a fun element to the topic, make use of jokes which can keep the audience hooked to their seats.

Popular commemorative speech topics

Now that we have read enough about the key to select efficient commemorative speech topics, we will explore some of the trendiest topics that have the huge potential to create a huge influence on the target audience.

Let us explore the topics below and decide for yourself that which of those would be the most appropriate topic for you:

Paying tribute to eminent personalities

Applauding those around you

Significant historical moments

Celebrating personal accomplishments

Paying tribute to human attributes

Read more: Thought-Provoking Persuasive Speech Topics for you to Consider

Some funny topics of a commemorative speech

Influential commemorative speech topics

Read more topic: Excellent Demonstration Speech Topics to Consider!

Latest commemorative speech topics

Most Lucrative Commemorative Speech Topics

Read more: Motivational Speech Topics for Writing an Influential Speech

Commemorative Speech Topics on People

Most-rated commemorative speech topics

Read more: Captivating Impromptu Speech Topics for Every Student

Very Simple Commemorative Speech Topics

Topmost commemorative Speech Topics for college students

Trending commemorative Speech Topics for college students

Commemorative speech topics:

Read more topic: Excellent Informative Speech Topics for you to Consider

What should you avoid?

These were just a few selected topics that can make a speech more persuasive and can create a long-lasting impact on the minds of the audience. Don’t be in a hurry to choose a commemorative speech topic, but go through the above-discussed conditions that need to be considered before selecting a topic. Also, selecting just any other topic can make your speech boring, so always choose a topic that has always fascinated you and you have also felt the need to explore the topic to a further level.

Recommended Actions

To create an outstanding commemorative speech make sure that the topic is in harmony with the value of its audience, the speech is relevant, sincere, and rhetorical, this will help a great deal to grab the interest of the audience. No matter, what commemorative speech topic you choose, it should involve storytelling art and implore the senses of its listeners. Moreover, by influencing the senses like that of sight, touch, smell, taste, and sound, you can easily uplift the mood of your audience and inspire their interest.

What is Next?

So, if you are searching for examples of events, people, or speeches to create an influence on your commemorative speech topic selection, then you would be recommended to go through this blog, making your task easier. Also, you don’t have to bang your head on the wall, instead, apply a few of your critical thinking skills and consider every aspect from the viewpoint of the audience. Also, you need to be careful that in your efforts to make your audience, you don’t make the mistake of choosing a topic that would be irrelevant to you and add a glimpse of artificiality to your speech.

End-Note- Commemorative speech topic

The best commemorative speech topic would be the one that includes both your passion for the topic and the interest or even the relevance of the topic for your target audience. Just go through the blog, and you will know the rights and wrongs of selecting persuasive commemorative speech topics to create a long-lasting impact on your audience.

who should i write my commemorative speech on

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who should i write my commemorative speech on

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130 Commemorative Speech Topics And Best Writing Hints

who should i write my commemorative speech on

Who else is always excited about public speaking as I do? Well, a commemorative speech gives you a platform to exercise this ‘hobby.’ The best part about this is that you will talk about an exciting event that happened, a person or a particular group. Commemorative speeches are the best, especially when the topic you are handling interests you.

What Are Commemorative Speech Ideas?

Commemorative speech refers to a form of public speaking in which you celebrate a particular person, situation, or event. Such talks are given primarily during special occasions such as national holidays, graduation days, or other memorial events. The orator shows gratitude or pays tribute towards the event or person in question.

Would you like to learn how to write a commemorative speech best? Focus all your energy on this article, and you will have a smooth landing on your following commemorative speech essay!

How To Write Commemorative Speech Topics

A commemorative speech aims to inspire the audience or give them hope from the person’s life or event you are tackling. Therefore, you need to follow a logical format to achieve this task. Remember that as a college student, you might commemorate your classmates, teachers, or family.

A commemorative paper is written from the heart while reminiscing important events. For a convincing commemorative speech, you will have to focus on the past, present, and future implications of the topic. Therefore, the audience should draw essential lessons such as love, hard work, or loyalty from the speech.

When writing such a paper, follow the format below:

With that, you are good to begin your commemorative speech. When choosing topics for commemorative speech, consider these sources:

A good commemorative speech topic should be:

Since a commemorative speech topic will require you to remember many things, mainly in the past, always ensure that you have a notebook with you all the time. It will help you record any significant detail that you will recall.

Now, let’s explore some expert ideas:

Impressive Commemorative Speech Ideas

Funny Commemorative Speech Topics

Commemorative Speech Topics For College Students

Good Commemorative Speech Topics

Commemorative Speech Topics List

Hot Topics For Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech Topics On People

Commemorative Speech Topics About Patriotism

Famous Commemorative Speeches

Easy Commemorative Speech Topics

Do you want professional writing assistance that will transform your grades? Get our expert writing prompts today and see the difference!

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Writing a Commemorative Speech That Makes an Impact

woman giving commemorative speech

A commemorative speech is a presentation given to pay tribute to a person, a group of people or an organization, or in honor of an event or situation that has taken place. This type of speech is typically given at a special event or ceremony. The content should highlight why this person, place, organization, or event was, and continues to be, important.

Tips for Writing a Commemorative Speech

Commemorative speeches are often written as a way of remembering who has passed away or for a celebration that honors a person, place, or event. Such a speech needs to be meaningful, respectful and courteous. Your aim is to make the audience remember . You also want to express yourself and motivate others to feel just as strongly. Sometimes these speeches are filled with emotion, and other times, they are filled with inspiration, hope and information.

Choose a Theme

Since a commemorative speech focuses on recognizing accomplishments, it's important to choose a theme consistent with the person, group, organization, or situation that is being remembered. Think about the impact the subject of the speech had on you and the audience as you are reflecting on what the theme should be.

Brainstorm for Content Ideas

Before writing a commemorative speech, brainstorm some ideas for information you can include in your speech. Rather than trying to write out the whole speech at once, start with a list of elements you want to include.

To identify those elements, consider the following questions:

Craft an Outline

Once you have selected a theme, write a speech outline that highlights the main points you want to cover. Before filling in the outline with details, review to verify if what you are sharing is focused on paying tribute to the subject of the speech rather than merely conveying information . Tweak as needed so that the content is appropriate for the audience and occasion; it's important for your words to resonate with those who will witness the speech being delivered.

Write an Attention-Getting Introduction

Begin your speech with an attention-getting statement, such as a sweeping assertion about the impact of the person, organization or event that your commemorative speech is about. Make it clear that your goal is to bring attention to the subject of the speech for the specific purposes of commemorating key accomplishments. Build a personal connection with the audience by using figurative language and allowing your feelings about the subject of the speech to shine through.

Share Key Details

With a basic outline in place, the next step will be to add details. Include factual information about the subject of the speech, along with some personal observations or anecdotes. Talk to others who have been motivated or inspired by the person or thing you are commemorating, as you may be able to draw ideas and inspiration from their passion. Add quotes as appropriate, including sayings that can be attributed to the subject of the speech if such are available.

Conclude Naturally

Structure the conclusion of your speech so that it flows naturally from the details you are sharing, whether you're citing a quotation, telling a story or listing accomplishments. Since the purpose of the speech is to commemorate, reiterate accomplishments achieved by the subject of the speech and express what their impact has been, and will continue to be. Consider a call to action designed to inspire audience members to follow the example set by the person or other entity about which the speech was delivered.

Practice in Front of an Audience

When writing, ask friends, family and colleagues to listen to your work and help add clarity to the points you're trying to make. Even speeches given by experts can be difficult for a live audience to follow, and it's all the more difficult when emotions are running high. Something on paper that makes sense might not be as easy to follow when spoken aloud.

Ask for advice about changing phrasing, word order and even speech patterns so your writing becomes comprehensible. Remember, constructive criticism isn't an attack on your work. No work on your written speech can replace the vital input derived from giving the speech out loud and incorporating feedback.

Common Commemorative Speech Topics

There are many kinds of commemorative speeches. This type of presentation can be delivered for a wide variety of purposes at many different kinds of events.

Commemorative Speech Examples

A commemorative speech might be addressing anyone or, indeed, anything. It can be understandably difficult to start writing with so little to go on. We've assembled a few examples of how to address particular subjects that might be of use to you.

About a Colleague or Supervisor

Whether you're giving a speech about someone you work with or work for, the approach is largely the same. Keep the tone professional, with just a short anecdote or two for sweetening. Focus on specifics. Why does this person mean so much to you?

Bob's retirement is a bittersweet occasion. He is such an integral part of the XYZ Corporation team that it's difficult to picture what the workplace will be like without his smiling face. However, it is also an occasion for joy, as Bob so deserves the opportunity to retire and follow his dream of traveling the country in an RV. Bob is an incredible coworker who sets an ideal example of what it means to be a team player. He was always the true north for our department. While we may not be following his lead on the next critical project, we'll continue to follow his example. There is no question that Bob left his mark on his team and the overall company. We wish him a safe journey and a most excellent retirement.

About a Friend

In terms of tone , this sits between what you might write about a work colleague and what you might write about a parent. You can share a few stories, but you should also focus on the real, concrete importance of this person in your life. It's also very easy for a speech about a friend to turn into a speech about yourself. Focus on their accomplishments, not your own.

What can I say about Lisa, who has been my closest friend since the first day of high school? How long do I have to speak? Actually, I only need a few moments. It doesn't take a long time to convey that she is loyal, kind and brilliant. In short, she is extraordinary. It is no wonder that we find ourselves saying both goodbye and congratulations, as she has always been destined for great things. She may be moving away to explore her dreams, but her inspiration will stay with all of us forever. Distance may be physical and far, but friendship is forever and the bonds run deep. Please join me in thanking her for being a part of all of our lives while wishing her success for the future.

About Your Parent(s)

No one expects a speech about one or both of your parents to be dry and clinical. Don't shy away from an anecdote or two, and don't be afraid to tug on some heartstrings.

On the occasion of my college graduation, I am not the hero of the story. I'd like to take the tie to commemorate the two people who have not only made this day possible, but who have together made me who I am as a person. I can say firsthand that raising me was not the easiest of tasks; I often saw to that through my words and my deeds. When others may have given up on me or thought I was destined to fail, my parents persevered. Even when I was sure that I could not succeed, they helped me find my way. I know how incredibly fortunate I am to have been raised by these incredible people. Today is their day; celebrate their accomplishments as the two best parents that anyone could ever have.

About Someone Who Has Passed

Obviously, respect and restraint are called for when delivering a eulogy . At the same time, you should honor the effect this person had on your life. Engage the audience: talk about events you all might have shared with the person, or aspects of their life you all knew about.

We are gathered here today because we all loved Violet. She touched each of us in her special way, along with countless others who crossed her path. Violet never met a stranger and was never burdened by lending a hand to help others in need. We can all learn what faith, hope and charity truly mean by learning from the example she set. If she were here now, she'd smile and say, "I just did what anyone would do," but we all know that she was in the habit of going way above and beyond to leave the people who crossed her path better than she found them. Her loss is felt deeply and truly, but so is her impact. Resolve today to carry Violet's spirit with you and bring joy and light to others, just as she did for you and me. She is gone, but not forgotten and she lives on in each of us.

Tips and Tricks for Writing Your Best Speech

Recognize that you will probably be speaking in front of an audience of different backgrounds. Some people might be very familiar with the topics you discuss, while some might be listening to this information for the first time.

Speaking Well

Do not use a commemorative speech as a chance for self-promotion or to share your hubris. If you are worried about how people will perceive you — like how your boss may be in attendance — remember that if you can give a selfless speech, this will speak more than threading personal pats-on-the-back into what you have to say. When writing a commemorative speech, keep it simple, respectful and honorable, and people will want to listen. For more help, review these helpful tips for giving a winning speech . Break a leg!

How to Start a Commemorative Speech: 7 Tips for College Students

Adela Belin photo

Table of contents

When you’re giving a commemorative speech, you are celebrating either a person, an organization, a place, or an incident.

Make sure you’re always genuine, courteous, and meaningful. As giving tributes go, it is advisable to let your audience know why you care about the person or the subject matter and highlight why it is significant to celebrate their accomplishments.

But before, how do you start a commemorative speech?

How to Start a Commemorative Speech

“Why is knowing how to start a speech so important,” you may wonder. That’s because how you choose to start your speech defines if people choose to listen to you further. It’s not easy to hold an audience’s attention but starting on the right note can help you achieve that.

Here are seven tips to help you start a commemorative speech.

Tell them a fascinating story or share an anecdote

Telling your audience an interesting and relatable story is one of the most powerful ways to hook your audience  right at the beginning of your commemorative speech.

Humans are hardwired to love and listen to stories. It compels them to understand better and lean into the information more. That’s why storytelling is used to teach children morals and lessons of life. It makes them place themselves in the story and connect to it easily.

Since you are starting your speech with an attention-grabbing story, it needs to be brief, with the appropriate details and the correct language that would activate the emotions of your audience. It should also be genuine and kind and should denote a message or a lesson learned from the story that your audience can associate with.

You can also start your speech by telling your audience a personal experience or an anecdote that would support the details of your speech. Personal experience stories help make the audience feel the authenticity of the speaker and connect these experiences to their own lives.

Here’s a useful video by Word Cortex with Anita on telling stories while making speeches

Use a compelling quote or a metaphor

Instead of starting your speech typically, why not start with a compelling quote or metaphor?

There are a variety of quotes that were stated by historical and important figures of history such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, etc., that can be used in your speech to develop interest or motivation .

Sometimes it is equally viable to use a quotation you’ve been told by someone in your life. For example, something that your grandfather said that made a massive impact on you, or a close acquaintance who gave you advice that changed your life for the better.

Furthermore, using a metaphor to start your speech will capture your audience’s imagination and make your introduction more memorable and witty.

Ask them a question

When you open your commemorative speech with an engaging, intelligent question to ask your audience, make sure to get them hooked to it completely as you are asking them to engage and participate.

You could also pose a series of rhetorical questions to ask as this then stimulates the audience’s mind, leaving them pondering for the answers, which you will eventually expand on in the rest of your speech. Asking your audience relevant questions right at the beginning of your speech makes them want to know more and, thus, listen intently to what you have to say.

Start with an interesting fact

A surefire way to gain people’s attention is to state an interesting fact or a surprising statistic. Take your time to research the facts before you say them because incorrect or controversial statements and details will just bring your entire credibility down.

Moreover, your audience will assume that you don't know what you are talking about and will no longer be interested in your speech. This strategy sets the tone of the speech and keeps your listener intrigued to learn more.

Get the audience to laugh

If you can make your audience laugh in the first 15 seconds of your speech, you are likely to catch their attention and keep them invested.

Humor brings in the sense of relatability, closeness, and warmth. There’s audience rapport, as they get eager to hear what you have to say, their readiness to laugh and to create a light and breezy atmosphere.

But when you are thinking of opening your commemorative speech with a joke, you should keep in mind a few important points:

Visualize a scenario (using the word ‘imagine’)

Telling the audience to visualize a scenario invites them to create a mental image of a situation or a person.

The word “imagine” holds a lot of meaning and is free-flowing, thus guiding the audience’s mind to wander into another world. As you describe the setting, you place each listener in the middle of the scene, making them understand your point of view and taking them along with you in your creative, imaginative journey.

This tactic should be adapted for introducing your commemorative speech, where you would want your audience to imagine a positive outcome or to have a vision for something better.

Make a bold statement

A big mistake is to start your speech by making generic statements. These statements do not engage anybody and are also very boring and unimaginative.

Start your speech with a bold statement that your audience least expects, which eventually ties back to the rest of the speech. This strategy exudes a certain confidence that your audience will latch on to.

3 Key Factors to Remember While Writing a Commemorative Speech

Now that you know how to start a commemorative speech, here are three key factors to keep in mind.

Add a personal touch

The basic structure of your formal commemorative speech includes what you want to celebrate, how it has impacted you and others, and how it will continue to remain a big part of people’s lives.

Try to include personal observations and anecdotes to make it more relatable and not sound superficial.

Respect the subject and the audience

Your speech is going to be heard and judged by your entire college. Make sure to have all your facts straight, speak confidently, and know who your audience is -- what they find interesting, how they are intertwined with your speech, and what they could react to.

Speak from your heart, think from your head

The audience can usually tell when the speaker gives a speech about something that does not interest them, or they don't think is important.

It shows in their tone, their body language, and their choice of words. Use your heart to express your genuine gratitude for the person, event, or place you commemorate, and use your head to think correctly, be appropriate, and be thoughtful in your speech.

Final Thoughts

To reiterate, giving any big speech in front of an audience is a very intimidating task and would cause some amount of anxiety to the speaker.

Commemorative speeches are no less daunting since the speaker needs to pay tribute and commemorate a person, an event, an idea, or even during a graduation ceremony.

Knowing how to start a commemorative speech strong is the first step to having the rest of the speech turn out great. All you need is confidence and these effective tips.

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Tips for crafting a commemorative speech that will astound everyone

Aug 3, 2022 | Student Guide | 0 comments

Tips for crafting a commemorative speech that will astound everyone

A commemorative speech definition can be a specific kind of public speaking often delivered on special occasions to honour or to pay tribute and remember a person, group, event, graduation ceremony, circumstance, place, institution, idea, paying tribute, tailgating parties etc. 

Such speeches must be considerate and relevant, and your goal should always be to leave an impression on the audience. You also want them to be as moved by your remarks as you are.

Inspiring commemorative speech can inspire people at times when they are not emotionally charged and at other moments when they are.

These speeches do a terrific job of instilling future optimism in the audience. Read this article carefully to find out how to write the ideal memorial address and some commemorative speech ideas.

Table of Contents

Structure of inspiring commemorative speech

Structure of inspiring commemorative speech

If you are wondering, “ what is spatial order in speech .” Then-

So in simple words, what’s a commemorative speech? Commemorative speeches pay tribute and are usually crafted for the special occasion.

Here are the measures you should take to write a tremendous commemorative speech outline

For your effective commemorative speeches.

Select an engaging starting sentence for your speech, such as a phrase, quotation, or tale, to grab the audience’s attention with some personal touch.

The beginning of a speech is the introduction. Maintain a proper word order which makes sense. You describe the topic and your motivation and present accomplishments for discussing it here to make it an informative speech. Even in extemporaneous speech maintaining the proper word order is vital. Get more information here.

You should discuss the person’s accomplishments, knowledge, and other qualities. You can discuss your achievements and experiences and the past, present and future with them and add your knowledge.

Your impressive speech gives the audience hope and makes a massive impact.

Remember to do an unlimited revision and keep it zero plagiarism and informative.

Explore 200+ Research paper Topics !

Bonus tips for commemorative speaking

Bonus tips for commemorative speaking

Make the audience feel they can relate to what you are saying. Write honestly and carefully edit your speech and even speech pattern.

Next, discuss the contributions and achievements using examples and proof. Even you will get all the important details on How to write a claim , just keep reading this article till the end.

What is the significance of these successes, and who stands to gain from them? How can these efforts benefit us?

Encourge audience sympathy.

When discussing a person, get the audience to consider how they may emulate that individual. What habits can we pick up and practice?

The next step will be to add specifics after establishing the basic outline. 

Include some personal remarks or stories and factual facts regarding the speech’s topic.

Talk to those who have been motivated or inspired by the person or thing you are honouring because you might be able to learn from their enthusiasm and gain ideas from it. 

Add quotations as necessary, including ones that, if accessible, can be attributed to the speech’s topic. Also, follow the blog here to learn the different demonstration speech ideas .

When you wrap up your work at the end, discuss how the topic affects individuals now and in the future.

It is equally crucial that your commemorative speech includes the importance and worth of what you are discussing in addition to being entertaining and highlighting principles you appreciate and want to impart. 

One of the critical goals of a memorial speech is frequently to inspire. As in a retirement speech at a farewell ceremony, inspire the retiring employees by saying how fun will be for the rest of their life after retirement.

How to Select a Commemorative Speech Topic

How to Select a Commemorative Speech Topic

You must first come up with various ideas you might include in your speech before delivering a commemorative address to a group of students.

When coming up with ideas, keep the following things in mind:

Online resources include a collection of commemorative speech subjects. You can also watch videos of earlier remembrance addresses made at your school or by famous people, etc.

By brainstorming prospective issues, you might find a topic that is pertinent to you and your situation.

Consider the details you would like to provide about the subject to make your speech and topic meaningful. 

Or the details regarding a circumstance or occurrence you wish to impart to others.

The audience is the most crucial component in any successful writing or speech. 

They are the ones who determine if the piece was worthwhile or not. 

To stay relevant, you should tailor your work around the audience’s interests and characteristics. 

Additionally, you need to be aware of the attendees if you will specifically mention somebody in your speech.

Start your speech with a commanding claim about the significance of the person, group, greater audience or occasion your commemorative speech is about. 

Make it evident that you want to draw attention to the topic of the speech to recognise significant accomplishments. 

You can establish a personal connection with the audience by employing metaphorical language and letting your sentiments about the speech’s subject come through. In the meantime, explore an interesting blog on who invented homework

An instructive speech aims to inform the audience on a specific subject in a commemorative address. 

Even though the primary objective is to honour or remember something, the remainder of your essay must clearly and meaningfully convey your message.

Whether you’re using a quotation, telling a narrative, or listing accomplishments, make sure your speech’s conclusion flows smoothly from the information you’ve shared.

 Reiterate the subject of the speech’s accomplishments in light of its commemorative nature, and describe their significance thus far and in the future. 

Think of a call to action intended to motivate listeners to emulate the behaviour of the person or other speech subject.

Topics for Commemorative Speeches

Topics for Commemorative Speeches

Various categories of commemorative speech topics exist depending on the occasion or event you can choose for your great commemorative speech.

Here are a few of our top recommendations for commemorative speech examples that you can pick from.   You can select any of the short ceremonial speech example :

Guidelines to build impressive award acceptance speech 

Guidelines to build impressive award acceptance speech

To ensure that the audience can comprehend your speech, remember that depending on the address you will deliver and the audience you will be speaking to, it is vital to change the message’s content and some of the terminology used to make your audience remember. 

You might also watch a speech by a leader.

Delivering a tremendous commemorative speech requires being brief and precise. Attempt to explain things thoroughly rather than utilising jargon that can mislead the listener.

Avoid being condescending when speaking to professionals. Make it a point to tell in a dignified and courteous manner rather than bragging about your intelligence.

Remember that you are not the focus person, don’t do self-promotion. The person being honoured is the focus of this speech. 

Speaking to your audience as a whole is crucial. 

You are there to support individuals in coping with their emotions, to allow them to express themselves, give hope for the future, and speak on behalf of the group and make it a selfless speech.

Previous commemorative speeches frequently include life lessons, wisdom, lessons learned, remembrance and respect, acknowledgement for a particular occasion or a person, values central, thoughts on how to be successful, collective voice, insights about dealing with the future and celebrating the past and the meaning of life.

Far too dramatic? No, not always. 

You do not need a sob story to make it significant unless you prepare the speech for a eulogy at a funeral. 

You must become familiar with the audience because commemorative speeches are frequently delivered at graduation ceremonies (commencement speech), ceremonial speeches, special events, funerals (eulogy), and weddings or other similar occasions (celebratory toast).

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3 Laws of Commemorative Speech writing

3 Laws of Commemorative Speech writing


A good commemorative speech must incorporate language, particularly when employing stories, illustrations, personal touch and figurative language to let the audience relate to your experience. 

Be aware that paying respect to unimportant subjects is challenging.

However, suppose you still have trouble coming up with ideas for writing a commemorative speech for your memorable occasion speech, speech organisation or assignment help for your academic paper. In that case, Assignments4u can offer you online essay writing assistance and a complete writing guide and allow you to relieve your stress. 

You merely need to go to the assignmnets4u website and use the chat box or dashboard to request that they compose your essay. It is of great help to college students.

The customer service representatives are prepared to reply and assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Title of faq1.

content of faq

Where do you deliver commemorative speeches?

On special occasions like anniversaries, funerals, memorial services, and reunions, speeches are given in remembrance. Writers of commemorative speeches should focus on memorable moments and extraordinary things in their lessons.

What are commemorative speeches aim to accomplish?

A commemorative speech is given to encourage the crowd and to honour a person. It emphasises the person’s accomplishments and best traits.

What is the appropriate length for a commemorative speech?

Keep your ceremonial speech brief—between one and five minutes—except when you are the main speaker, and you can also get guidance from other speakers.

 Due to its brevity, pick concepts and words that will have a dramatic impact, and practise your delivery to ensure that you can accurately transmit the meaning and emotion of your speech.

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Speech And Debate

Commemorative Speech

Last updated on: Feb 9, 2023

Commemorative Speech: Guide to Craft an Engaging Speech

By: Cordon J.

Reviewed By: Chris H.

Published on: Sep 15, 2020

Commemorative Speech

A commemorative speech is also known as a ceremonial speech. It is a type of speech given on a special occasion or event to celebrate a particular situation, event, or a person/group. It is mostly given to pay tribute or show gratitude towards an event, idea, or person.

By commemorating you inspire or give the audience hope for the future, boost their feelings and emotions.

To learn how to craft effective commemorative speeches, give this article a thorough read.

Commemorative Speech

On this Page

What is a Commemorative Speech

As we mentioned earlier, a commemorative speech is a form of public speaking where the main purpose is to celebrate a particular thing.

Most students in the United States are asked to deliver an inspiring commemorative speech at the graduation ceremony. Here students express their gratitude towards their college, professors, family, classmates, etc.

For such occasions, you must write from the heart, reminiscing about the past and the important events. This kind of speech includes personal touch and the tips and tricks given here will help you write a speech successfully.

Commemorative speech requires a focus on the past, present, and future aspects of the topic. For instance, success, loyalty, wisdom, courage, hope, etc.

It can also be an award acceptance speech, or a eulogy to honor someone after their death. Now that you have understood the commemorative speech definition, let’s take a look and learn how to write a commemorative speech?

Order Essay

Tough Essay Due? Hire Tough Writers!

Commemorative Speech Outline

Just as any other piece of writing, a speech follows a particular outline and structure.

Begin the speech by stating the significance of your topic.

Make it interesting to grab the audience’s attention. If you’re talking about a person, share an interesting thing that they did or said. If your speech is about a particular event, discuss how it brings different people together, etc.

Your reason for paying tribute.

Why are you paying tribute to your subject and the kind of tribute? Why should they be honored and why at this particular event.

Highlight their achievements.

Next, talk about the contributions and accomplishments with examples and evidence.

Importance of these achievements.

Highlight the importance of these accomplishments, who benefits from them? How are these efforts valuable to us?

Make the audience empathize.

If talking about a person, make the audience think about how they can also become like that person, what practices can we learn and adopt?

In this section, the transition towards a brief summary of the speech. Share an anecdote or short story.

Commemorative Speech Examples



How to Choose a Commemorative Speech Topic

When asked to deliver a commemorative speech for a class, you must first brainstorm different ideas that can be added to your speech.

Consider the following points in mind when brainstorming different topics:

Online Research

There is a list of commemorative speech topics available online. You can also find videos of previous commemorative speeches delivered at your school or by celebrities, etc.

Brainstorming potential ideas will enable you to come up with a topic relevant to you and your personal situation.

In order to make your speech and topic meaningful, think of the things you would want to share about the person. Or the information you want to share with others about a situation or event.

When thinking about the different stories to add, consider sharing that maybe you would want to hear in a commemorative speech.

If you are talking about a person then think of ways how you can share things about them respectfully, without offending them or anyone else.

Understand Your Audience

The most important ingredient that makes any piece of writing or speech work is the audience. It is they who decide whether or not the piece was worth it.

In order to ensure that you stay relevant to the audience, keeping in mind their interests and personalities and build your work around that.

Also, if you are going to mention someone directly in your speech you must be aware of the people who are going to be there.

Convey a Meaningful Message

A commemorative speech is a type of informative speech where the aim is to inform the listener about a particular topic. Although the main goal is to praise or commemorate something, your message must be clear and meaningful throughout the rest of the speech.

A  speech writing  guide will help you create an impactful and impressive speech.

Paper Due? Why Suffer? That's our Job!

Commemorative Speech Topics

There are several different categories of commemorative speech ideas depending upon the event or occasion.

Here are some of our best suggested commemorative speech ideas that you can choose from:

Here is a little activity for you to clarify the concept of commemorative speech. Which of the following is an example of a commemorative speech?

These were some of the topics for a commemorative speech just to give you an idea of what direction to think in. You may use these topics as is, or brainstorm staying on this track and you'll have an inspiring topic to talk on.

If you are unable to come up with an engaging topic, feel free to reach out to the expert writers at  5StarEssays.com .

Request an essay for me ! Enjoy a well-crafted commemorative speech at the most affordable prices and leave everyone in awe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of a commemorative speech.

A commemorative speech is delivered to inspire the audience and to pay tribute to a person. It highlights the qualities and works of the person.

Is eulogy a commemorative speech?

A eulogy is a kind of commemorative speech and it also includes other kinds of speeches also.

Cordon J.

Cordon. is a published author and writing specialist. He has worked in the publishing industry for many years, providing writing services and digital content. His own writing career began with a focus on literature and linguistics, which he continues to pursue. Cordon is an engaging and professional individual, always looking to help others achieve their goals.

Was This Blog Helpful?

Keep reading.

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech

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who should i write my commemorative speech on

Commemorative Speech Topics

A ceremonial or commemorative speech is a talk prepared for different special events, for example, to recall something or someone, show respect, etc. You can use it even during your graduation ceremony in college.

It may include your thoughts on the education you received, the challenges you are going to face, the importance of the skills acquired during education, etc. So, it can be applied to many occasions, and you will need a lot of skills to write your ceremonial speech well.

And choosing a good topic for your speech is one of the most difficult challenges. We hope that our helpful tips and the list of the topics divided into categories will help you create a good commemorative speech and impress your listeners.

How to choose the best topic?

When it comes to choosing your commemorative speech topic, you should first choose the subject but it is necessary to take into account the following:

As soon as you define it all, you will choose your topic much easier. So let us consider each of them in detail:

The characteristics of a commemorative speech

It is clear from the name of it that it is aimed to commemorate, i.e. praise, celebrate, or recall different memories.

Purpose: it is aimed to unite the listeners, inspire, and remember the past together. The occasions, for which you may need to prepare your speech, include funerals, memorial services, reunions, dedications, anniversaries, etc.

Define your audience

Now you should understand who your listeners are:

Now you can know much more about what kind of topic you should choose.

Understand the aim of the occasion

Now you can do little research and find out things about the occasion you are preparing your speech for. You can talk to the event manager or a person in charge of it.

It is important to find out whether it is a regular even or it is going to be taken just once. If it is the first case, you can ask what the previous speakers were talking about.

Highlight the qualities

This is speech is aimed to honor the qualities of people, groups of people, organizations, etc. It is not about enlisting the facts.

You should highlight the qualities people celebrate. So depending on all that, you should choose your commemorative speech topic.

Some more tips

We recommend following these tips when choosing your topic:

All these tips should help you write an outstanding commemorative speech but if you still have trouble with it, you can always apply for the help of professionals.

Signs of a great commemorative speech

You can write an outstanding commemorative speech if it:

Best commemorative speech topics

Below, you will find some good topics for your commemorative speech divided into categories. We hope they will inspire you and help you come up with your own great topic.

Commemorative speech topics devoted to love and family

Commemorative speech topics devoted to the dedication

Commemorative speech topics devoted to human rights

Other commemorative speech topics

We want to remind you that you can write on any topic depending on your event. You can choose to write about loss, gentleness, bravery, honor, loneliness, trust, hope, environment, legacy, leadership, and anything you think will leave its track in the hearts of your audience.

You can choose to write about history, first ships, discoveries, trips to the Moon, and anything you think might be interesting to those people who will listen to your speech. Remember that first of all, the topic should be interesting for you, and then, when you are excited about what you are talking about, you will be able to make it interesting for your listeners.

We can help

We really hope that our detailed and simple guide will help you and at least inspire you to write a great commemorative speech on your own. However, remember that you can always consult and get assistance from professionals in that field.

When it comes to commemorative speech, nothing but your imagination and creativity can limit you. Just don’t forget to follow our recommendations and remember that you have to deliver a message to your audience. No one wants to listen to empty words; everyone wants to hear something that will cause emotions.

Sometimes, it happens that students are out of time, they are busy with their part-time jobs, other more important assignments or subjects, and simply don’t manage to submit their speeches on time. But it is not a problem when you can ask a professional speechwriter to help you.

It is easier than you think, all you need is to make an order and complete just a few steps. That’s it – you can get your professional speech due to the deadline you set up. We hope that unlimited revisions will be a pleasant surprise for you. Even if you just need a good hint, advice, or assistance, don’t hesitate and consult our experts!

We saved the time of many students, as well as their final grades. So you can be one of those happy students who can enjoy their time while their speech is being written by the expert!

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Commemorative speech topic helper

How to choose the best commemorative topic

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-25-2022

The ideal commemorative speech topic is one that inspires your audience. It enthralls, uplifts and whirls them through a journey of transformation.

Choosing the right one goes a long way toward ensuring that, by the time you tuck your cue cards back into your pocket at the end of your speech, you'll leave your audience feeling satisfied and enriched.

Choosing the best speech topic

But how do you choose exactly the right commemorative speech idea?

For instance ...

Could the speech be based on the red field poppy?

The one that's been used as a symbol since the end of World War One to honor soldiers who died in battle - particularly soldiers from UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand?

Perhaps talking about the background of the red poppy as a symbol would be interesting.

who should i write my commemorative speech on

According to this Wikipedia article the poem In Flanders Field  about the Second Battle of Ypres fought in Belgium  was the most well known poem of its era.

It immortalized the poppy, making it a natural choice as an emblem. It needed no introduction. People already knew what it stood for.  

Hang on. Slow down.

It's a great topic. And yes, it is very interesting, but wait!

Don't move so fast.

Choosing from your audience's point of view

The process of getting the best commemorative speech topic begins, not with your choice of subject, but with:

Once you've grasped those choosing your topic will be so much easier. That's because when you've considered them carefully, you'll be more likely to make the best decision.

Let's focus on them now.

Exactly what is a commemorative speech?

Commemorative speeches do as their title suggests: they commemorate.

They celebrate, praise, or pay tribute to memories. These could be memories of a person, a group, an institution, a thing, an event or, even an idea.

See the definition

Definition of the word commemorate

What is the purpose behind a speech of this type?

The goal/purpose of the commemorative speech (or tribute speech) is always to unite the audience.

You want to bring them together, to inspire them, to re-dedicate and refocus their energies through honoring and remembering the past.

Ideally after they've heard what you have to say they'll be filled to the brim with positivity and hope.

What are the occasions where you'd expect to hear a commemorative speech?

Examples of occasions calling for this type of speech are anniversaries, reunions, dedications, national and international remembrance days and funeral or memorial services.

I have some of these types of speeches on my site. For instance,  there are more than 70 eulogies or funeral speeches   people from all over the world have sent to me to post.  These are private commemorative speech examples, meaning they were initially written for a group of family and friends. 

In contrast the commemorative speeches marking for instance, Memorial or Independence Day, are intended for a much larger public audience.

Do your research about the event

To help yourself make the best choice of topic find out as much as you can about the event and the organization behind it.

Talk to the event managers or whoever is in charge about what they'd like you to focus on.

If it's a regular event, find out what previous speakers have spoken about or ask folk who've been in the audience what has been successful and why.

Who is your audience?

Consider who is listening to you.

And now that you know more about the speech context you're ready to start thinking about what your commemorative speech topic could be.

Highlight and honor qualities

Image: drawing of red field poppies. Text: Lest we forget.

Because this type of speech is more about  honoring the qualities  enabling a person, organization or group to achieve what they did, the speech is NOT primarily a recital of 'did-this-and-then-did-that' facts.

Instead the facts, when they are recalled, are a backdrop used to demonstrate or illustrate the qualities being celebrated.

So in thinking about this, what themes or values will you focus on? Use your knowledge of the event and the audience to guide your choice.

Commemorative speech topic themes

Any of the following themes are suitable.

Choosing material to fit your theme

Your next job is to select material to best illustrate the qualities you've chosen.

The answer to those three questions is YES.

The most satisfying speech draws from all three elements and combines them eloquently.

Would you like to read an example of commemorative speech?

Vincent Van Gogh - Purple iris

Here is a tribute speech for my Mother , Iris.

You're most welcome to use it as a springboard for the commemorative speech you have to write.

Or you can find out more about the special qualities of tribute speeches with links to well known examples.

6 attributes of a great commemorative speech

In summary, a great commemorative/tribute speech:

Links to kick start your imagination

If you're looking for examples of people, events or speeches to inspire your commemorative speech topic choice you'll find a wonderful collection of resource links in the box below.

Resource links for commemorative speeches

speaking out loud 

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who should i write my commemorative speech on


220 Most Synchronic Commemorative Speech Topics Ideas

Table of Contents

A commemorative speech topic can express thoughts or ideas made for specific events. Are we eternally nervous about public articulation? What should we make my speech about? Effectively, a commemorative speech offers us a platform to express our feelings. Our ‘obsession, action, and amiability’ all can reflect from it. The most enjoyable moment of commemorative speech is to address a lively event that went on.

For example, to evoke something or someone. Express greetings, show respect and honors, etc. You can use it even during your graduation ceremony or other affairs in college.

It may incorporate your judgments or opinions on the education you received. The trials of challenges you will meet. The gravity of the skills gained during learning. So, we can execute it frequently on every occasion. Hence, we need a collection of topics for composing your ceremonial speech effectively. And choosing a suitable topic for your speech is purposefully challenging. We consider that our valuable advice will function well at every moment. The list of commemorative speech topics is divided into various categories. It courageously assists your performance during commemorative speech and inspires your audience.

Synchronic Commemorative Speech Topics

How To Reproduce Commemorative Speech Topics?

  A good commemorative speech intends to inspire the public. Equally, it delivers promises, inspirations in your motivational comments. Thus, you need to follow a rational shape to accomplish that job. Learn that as a college student, you might commemorate your associates, teachers, or parents.A good commemorative topic will overwhelm the heart of audiences. It will recollect every event in your life.

For an interesting commemorative speech, we need to concentrate on the topic. Hence, the audience should recollect their memories of love, efforts, or loyalty during the speech.

How to determine the best topic?

While selecting your commemorative speech topic, you should primary determine the subject. And significantly consider the following:

As soon as you realize these facts, it will keep you convenient to explore your thoughts. So, let us analyze each of them in detail:

How to determine the best commemorative topics

Commemorative speech topics dedicated to love and siblings:

Some Elementary Commemorative Speech Topics:

Few Good Commemorative Speech Topics

College Students might select these Commemorative Speech Topics

Read more topics: Top 100 thought-provoking Motivational Speech Topics

Good Commemorative Speech Topics

Few Best Commemorative Speech Topics

Read more topic: Cool Ideas on Cultural Research Topics For your Assignment

Commemorative Speech Topics for Social Rights

The List of Best Commemorative Speech Topics for social & educational service

Unique Commemorative Speech Topics

Outstanding Commemorative Speech Topics

Some Unique Commemorative Speech Topics

Trending Commemorative Speech Topics

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Several Particular Commemorative Speech Topics:

Some Amusing Commemorative Speech Topics:

Some Famous Commemorative Speech Ideas

Latest Commemorative Speech Ideas

End Story: Commemorative Speech Topics

Now, pen down your thoughts & emotions. It will revamp your values. Select this spontaneous and expressive topic for narrating your college tasks efficiently. Good writing urges perfection and shows the difference!

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150 Impressive Funny Speech Topics and Ideas To Consider

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80 Commemorative Speech Topics for Different Occasions

Commemorative Speech Topics

A commemorative speech is a kind of talk usually given at special events to celebrate a person, group, event, situation, place, institution, ideas e.t.c. It is commonly used to recall someone or something/to show respect.

In an ideal world, giving a commemorative speech would require that you simply pick the words right from your heart and say them out loud the way you feel about the situation. However, this is not an ideal world. And if you’re like most people, you have to prepare very well before giving a commemorative speech. Why? Because not everyone can write a perfectly crafted speech or get topics for their speech without some help.

A commemorative speech may include your thoughts on the challenges you are about to face. It could also be about the importance of some skills you acquired during your education, and so on. Some examples of commemorative speech topics will be cited as you keep reading.

Ceremonial Speech Topics

You may have to give a ceremonial speech on different occasions at some point in your life. These ceremonies may be a wedding ceremony, a retirement ceremony, or even a burial ceremony. But whatever the ceremonial occasion, your speech should mark a show of respect for the event. Below are some suggestions of nice topics for ceremonial speech.

Funny Commemorative Speech Topics

A funny commemorative speech topics list may entail ridiculing oneself or a situation. It could be pointing out some absurdities that demonstrate how funny and unreasonable humans can be. Some examples of funny commemorative speech topics are:

Commemorative Speech Topics For College Students

Most of the time, a college commemorative speech is usually delivered during a graduation ceremony to show gratitude towards any teaching staff, peers, or family members who have positively impacted the lives of the students. In this context, here are some examples of commemorative speech topics for college students:

Good Commemorative Speech Topics

A good commemorative speech should be a speech that creates an impact on its audience. It should either gear the audience up to continue with a particular character or make the audience learn from a particular character that added value and morals to the society. In short, a good speech seeks to entertain, engage and move others.   Here are some examples of good topics for a commemorative speech:

Ceremonial Speech Topics For Public Speaking

As the name explains, this is a type of commemorative speech topic that is mostly given in public to an audience regarding a particular course. A ceremonial speech is an emotional speech that marks a major event or an occasion. Some examples of topics for ceremonial speech are:

Commemorative Speech Topics About Child

Most of the time, providing suitable speech topics for children is often challenging. As a concerned parent or teacher, you would want a subject that stimulates interest in the hearts of the kids. Why? Because this will help them familiarise themselves with the concepts and understand them better. Below are some tribute speech topics that help fire children’s imaginations and help them discuss subjects they love to talk about.

Meaningful Topics For Commemorative Speech

Meaningful topics for commemorative speech in this context usually entail morals and are not just said for entertainment. Some topics are heartfelt and speak meaning to the audience. Below are examples of meaningful good tribute speech topics that help make our world a better place to live in.

Easy Commemorative Speech Topics

An easy commemorative speech is usually a speech with a topic that is commonly and easily thought about. Some examples of easy topics for commemorative speech are:

So here we are! 80 commemorative speech topics for different occasions. We hope this guide has provided you with some brilliant commemorative speech topics! The best commemorative topic would be the one that includes both your passion for the topic and your target audience.

Remember to choose a topic you can easily deliver in a confident manner. Also, don’t forget to write out all the ideas and prompts you have in mind to avoid missing anything. Make sure the topic leaves an impression on your audience!

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