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The Most Useful Map Tools on the Web

When you’re looking for the distances between places, or for the nearest dry cleaners, you probably rely on Google Maps. That’s fine. It’s a fantastic tool (see below). But what about more specialist uses? If you’re like most people, you probably rely on Google Maps for them too—and give up when it can’t do what you need. This is a pity. Because there are many, many other map tools out there. And most are unparalleled for what they do best. From exploring the backcountry to planning a vacation, here are some of the most useful map tools on the web.

Best All-rounder: Google Maps

Everyone knows Google Maps. It’s one of the tech giant’s most popular products and it’s hands-down the most useful tool out there—for most purposes anyway. Users rely on the app to find the distance in between two places, for real-time traffic information, GPS navigation and reliable local business reviews. You can even zoom in to ground-level and take a virtual stroll around town with Street View—pretty much wherever you are in the world.

Continually pushing the envelope and blazing a trail to the future, Google Maps also enables you to view the planet Earth from space, tour the moon, and even look around the surface of Mars. And, because Google makes money from user data, the app is 100% free to use.

Best for the Wild: BackCountry Navigator

What Google Maps doesn’t offer as standard is a detailed topography of the landscape. So if you ever find yourself stranded (however intentionally) in the wilderness, it’s unlikely to be of much use. Or rather, it’s unlikely to be of as much use as BackCountry Navigator for Android.

Designed for explorers of the great outdoors, this excellent map tool collates topographical data from numerous reliable sources. These include official government sources (like the US Geological Survey’s US Topo) and open-source, user-built projects (like OpenCycleMap).

BackCountry Navigator even draws on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) to provide nautical topographical information—should you ever find yourself lost at sea in a submarine, say.

Best for Planning Holidays:

Ever been let down by rain on a long-awaited vacation abroad? If so, may be the app for you. Whether you know where to go but you’re not sure when or you know when to go but you’re not sure where, this map tool lets you plan a vacation around the weather.

Simply enter your ideal temperature range and rainfall preferences, along with your preferred week of travel, and the map will highlight everywhere that meets your requirements. Not sure when you want to go? No problem: Just scroll through the weeks one by one until your chosen destination (or anywhere else in the world) fits your meteorological demands.

Best for Drivers: Waze

Google actually acquired Waze in 2013 and integrated its community-driven traffic info into its own map service. But—as testament to its enduring popularity and accessibility—it still exists as a standalone app (for Android, iOS, and desktop browsers).

Users are encouraged to submit traffic warnings; indeed it’s the users that make Waze so successful. Thanks to a devoted worldwide community, you can rely on the app to avoid construction sites, accidents, and getting flagged by a hidden speed camera. It’ll even direct you to the cheapest local gas stations and nearest police officers. It’s not a perfect map tool. Obviously some areas are better covered than others, and it’s not without privacy concerns. However, it’s free to use and only as thorough as its users.

Best for Public Transport: Citymapper

Not a driver? Or just looking to get around town as a pedestrian for a change? Look no further than Citymapper.

Although Google Maps does include public transport information nowadays, it’s not nearly as reliable for Citymapper. Whether you’re going by bus, tram, train, subway, or even rented bicycle, Citymapper provides up-to-date routes and alerts in real time. Better yet, it also gives pricing info—something you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, let alone on Google Maps. There is a downside, though: Not every city is supported. But many are. Chances are if you find yourself in a first-world capital, Citymapper will be of some use.


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Visme is the best presentation software for teams who need real-time collaboration and individuals who need advanced features and customization for interactive presentations. Create beautiful presentations in minutes, not hours.

A collage showing the different presentation templates available in Visme.

“Frequently, members of the lead team need to give presentations and trainings; Visme has allowed us to really increase the quality of the presentations with minimal effort AND we can re-use past presentations as templates for future presentations, which makes it a great little efficiency booster too!”

“I like the sheer volume of quality presentation and design templates we get with Visme. Editing the templates is generally straightforward and we can have a few different people have access to editing them. We can also set different permissions to have some people provide input or approval and others do the actual editing. We can collaborate right within the Visme to make our notes and suggestions as direct as possible.”

Make it bold and beautiful

Design presentation slides with a wide selection of gorgeous templates and pitch decks , millions of free stock images and thousands of icons.

Tap into more than 50 charts & graphs, interactive maps, mind maps, plus multimedia features modern functionalities that other presentation apps and presentation programs don’t offer.

Thousands of easy-to-edit presentation templates, slides and pitch decks

A welcome slide from the Creative presentation theme in Visme.

Record yourself presenting

Once you’ve created your presentation, do more than only share or download it. With Visme’s Presenter Studio, you can record your presentation and share it with your audience.

Living in the past?

Relax. Visme allows you to import and export your Microsoft PowerPoint as editable presentations.

An illustration of a guy inserting a black-and-white slide into the top of a printer and a girl taking out a colorful slide from the bottom.

Graphics, charts, diagrams, data widgets and maps

A collage showing the different data widgets available in Visme.

Save time and a whole lot of hassle

No more searching for Microsoft Office files in your device, in your G Suite account or in iCloud. Have everything you need in one place, accessible at any time and reuse them in your presentations.

A graphic showing the file management feature in Visme.

File Management & Content Blocks

The more you create, the more productive you get. Grow your own media library of icons and even PDFs for future presentations and other formats.

A graphic showing the slide library in Visme.

Slide Library

Create your own slide library or custom content blocks and reuse them in any of your future presentations.

A graphic showing a video thumbnail with a play button in the center and confetti around it.

Create a stunning presentation in 5 minutes

Gain granular control, animate anything, create actionable areas, add videos, voice overs, and music to your presentations., present like a pro or go home.

Deliver your presentation as visually interactive experiences.

Create, edit & present

Access Visme on your favorite browser on your desktop or laptop. No presentation software or plugins to install. Present offline even if you have no internet connection.

Create Edit & Present

Reach your audience everywhere

Visme presentations are engineered to display across all mobile and tablet devices. Auto responsive presentations will adhere to maximum resolution of any device you present on.

Reach your Audience Everywhere

Stay poised with presenter

Tap into Visme presenter view to access notes and prompts visible only to you while you present to help you maintain focus and stay on prompt.

Stay poised with Presenter

Share or download your presentations

Share your presentation online, make it private or download to present offline

A graphic showing the commenting feature in Visme.

Share online

Share your presentation online, embed to your website with Visme’s advanced embedding options or post on social media.

A graphic showing the collaboration feature in Visme.

Make it private

Make your presentation private or password protected and not indexable by Google for internal sharing and sensitive information.

A graphic showing the different download options available in Visme.

Download your presentation to present offline without internet connection. Download as PowerPoint, PDF, HTML5 and video.

Track, analyze and engage

Learn who is viewing your presentation and for how long, down to the slide level.

A graphic showing the analytics feature in Visme.

Great for you . Even better for your team!

Visme for presentations is everything you need to collaborate and share beautiful presentations with your team.

A graphic showing the team management feature in Visme.

Manage your team

Easily add and track users in your teams for real-time collaboration

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Set document brand guidelines

Lock your document brand colors and set your own chart and graph templates

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Set permissions

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Learn more about how our users are taking advantage of everything Visme has to offer.

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How WOW! is Saving Nearly 79% in Time and Cost With Visme

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How IBM Saw a 75% Reduction in Job Posting Costs With Visme

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Learn more about Visme for Teams.

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Tap into 50+ charts, tables, flowcharts or insert your own external content

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Quickly and easily download as HTML5 or PowerPoint to present offline

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the best presentation software are Visme, Prezi, SlideDog, Haiku Deck, Slidebean, Powtoon and Zoho Show and others like Google Slides, Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote.

While PowerPoint was a great tool, it’s a bit outdated and doesn’t have the capabilities that a modern tool like Visme has. With professionally designed, modern presentation templates, millions of free design assets, easy-to-understand tutorials and more available to you, Visme is the number one PowerPoint alternative available. You can find more PowerPoint alternatives on our blog.

Don't worry – you don't have to start from scratch! Import your PowerPoint presentation into Visme, edit it online and export in PowerPoint, PDF or even embed it on your website.

Visme presentations are responsive on mobile devices, so regardless of if you're viewing your project on an Android or iOS device like an iPhone or iPad, your presentations are still displayed perfectly.

Yes, Visme offers a completely free plan! However, for professionals and businesses who need access to more premium features, there are tiered pricing plans available based on your needs.

Create a free account today and start creating your own presentations, infographics, social media content, professional documents and more.

An illustration of confetti.

Jumpstart your presentation

The all-in-one beautiful interactive presentation maker that will transform the way you create, engage and present with your audience.

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Go hybrid with Prezi

It’s a new world. Are you ready? Here’s how Prezi helps your team thrive in today’s hybrid workplace.

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The science

Learn to grab their attention and keep it with presentation advice from the pros.

Create moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

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Appear right alongside your content while presenting to your audience.

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Make stunning interactive charts, reports, maps, infographics, and more.

The best way to engage and connect at home, the office, in the classroom, or anywhere.

Three powerful tools with one powerful goal. All our products are built to help you meet better and communicate more effectively.

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Prezi is good for business. Keep teams engaged and customers asking for more.

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Prezi is smart for education. Make lessons more exciting and easier to remember.

Meet just a few of our 100 million customers, more products from prezi.

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Present remotely with video using Zoom, Webex, Google Meeting and more.

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Present in person with moving, zooming presentations that grab attention and keep it.

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Send out interactive charts, infographics, and more.

Get a demo, try out cool features and learn how Prezi can make your team more efficient.

The best presentation software in 2022

These powerpoint alternatives go beyond the basics..

Hero image with logos of the best presentation software

The latest presentation apps have made it easier than ever to format slides and create professional-looking slideshows without giving off a "this is a template" vibe. Even standard PowerPoint alternatives have updated key features to make it easier than ever to collaborate and create presentations quickly, so you can spend more time prepping for your actual presentation.

If, like me, you've been using Google Slides unquestioningly for years, it's a whole new world out there. The newest crop of online presentation tools go way beyond the classic slideshow experience, with new features to keep your audience's attention, streamline the creation process with AI, and turn slide decks into videos and interactive conversations.

I spent a lot of time testing the top presentation software solutions out there to bring you the best of the best. for AI-powered presentations

Prezi for non-linear, conversational presentations

Powtoon for video presentations

Genially for interactive, presenter-less presentations

Pitch for collaborating with your team on presentations

Zoho Show for a simple presentation app

What makes a great presentation app?

How we evaluate and test apps.

All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog .

When looking for the best presentation apps, I wanted utility players since slideshows are used for just about everything, from pitch decks and product launches to class lectures and church sermons. With that in mind, here's what I was looking for:

Pre-built templates. The best presentation tools should have attractive, professional-looking templates to build presentations in a hurry.

Sharing and collaboration options. More people are working remotely. Whether you plan to share your webinar slides later, or you just want to collaborate with a coworker on a presentation, it should be easy to share files and collaborate in real-time.

Flexibility and customization options. Templates are great, but top presentation apps should enable you to customize just about everything—giving you the flexibility to build exactly what you need.

Affordability. Creating compelling presentations is important, but you shouldn't have to bust your budget to make it happen. With capable free tools on the market, affordability is a top consideration.

Beyond that, we also looked for presentation apps that brought something unique to the table, like video presentations or AI design—features above and beyond what you can get for free from a legacy solution like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Here's what my testing workflow looked like:

I went through any onboarding or guided tutorials.

I created a new deck, scanning through all available templates, noting how well-designed they are (and which were free versus paid).

I added new slides, deleted slides, edited text and images, and played around with other content types.

I changed presentation design settings like color schemes and background images.

I reviewed and tested the sharing and collaboration options.

I tested out presenter view (when available).

After my first round of testing, I went back into the top performers to test any unique or niche features like AI, brand settings, interactive content, and more. With that, these are the best presentation apps I found—each one really brings something different or radically easy to the table.

Already have slides and want a great way to share them instead? Here are the best apps to share presentations .

The best free presentation software

Canva (Web, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS)

Canva, our pick for the best free presentation app

Canva offers one of the most robust free plans of all the presentation apps I tested. The app delays account creation until after you've created your first design, so you can get started building your presentation in seconds. Choose from an almost overwhelming number of beautiful templates (nearly all available for free), including those designed specifically for education or business use cases.

Anyone who's accidentally scrolled too far and been bumped to the next slide will appreciate Canva's editor interface, which eliminates that problem altogether with a smooth scroll that doesn't jump around. Choose from a handful of preset animations to add life to your presentations, or browse the library of audio and video files available to add.

Canva recently added a number of new options for sharing your presentation, including adding collaborators to your team, sharing directly to social media, and even via QR code.

Present directly from Canva and let audience members submit their questions via Canva Live. Once you share a link to invite audience members to your presentation, they can send questions for you to answer. As the presenter, you'll see them pop up in your presenter view window, so you can keep the audience engaged and your presentation clear.

Canva pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $119.99/year for up to 5 users and include additional features like Brand Kit and premium templates and stock assets.

The best presentation app for AI-powered presentations (Web, Mac, Windows)

If you're like me, editing granular spacing issues is the absolute worst part of building a presentation. uses artificial intelligence to take a lot of the hassle and granular design requirements out of the presentation process, so you can focus on the content of a presentation without sacrificing professional design. Look at the GIF above as an example: when you drag an element toward a specific area of the slide, it'll automatically drop it into place for you.

The editor is a little different from most presentation apps, but it's still intuitive—and you'll start off with a quick two-minute tutorial. When creating a new slide, scroll through "inspiration slides" to find a layout you like; once you choose, the app will pull the layout and automatically adapt it to match the design of the rest of your presentation.

With 10 themes, several templated slides, over 40 fully-designed templates, and 23 different color palettes to choose from, strikes a perfect balance between automation and customization.

While traditional collaboration features are limited on the free plan, paid plans are reasonably priced and offer sharing and collaboration options that rival collab-focused apps like Google Slides. And speaking of Google, you can connect with Google Drive to save all your presentations there. pricing: Plans start at $12/month for unlimited slides, revision history, viewer analytics, and more. Upgrade to a Team plan for $40/user/month to get extra collaboration and workspace features and custom brand controls.

If you're looking for an AI presentation tool, Slidebean is another great option for startups. The app offers a number of templates; a unique, content-first outline editor; and AI design help that you can toggle on or off for each slide. I didn't include it on the list mainly because of the price: the free plan is quite limited, and the paid all-access plan starts at $29/month.

The best presentation app for conversational presentations

Prezi (Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

Prezi interface

Struggling to squeeze information into a basic, linear presentation? Give Prezi a try. Unlike nearly all other presentation apps on the market, Prezi Present doesn't restrict the structure of your presentation to a straight line. The editor focuses on topics and subtopics and allows you to arrange them any way you want, so you can create a more conversational flow of information.

With the structural flexibility, you still get all the same customization features you expect from top presentation software, including fully-editable templates.

Plus, Prezi comes with two other apps: Prezi Design and Prezi Video. Prezi Video helps you take remote presentations to a new level. You can record a video where the presentation elements are displayed right over your webcam feed. Record and save the video to share later, or connect with your video conferencing tool of choice (including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more) to present live.

Prezi pricing: Free 14-day trial and a free plan that includes up to 5 visual projects; paid plans start at $15/month.

The best presentation app for video presentations

Powtoon (Web, iOS, Android)

Powtoon makes it easy to create engaging videos by orienting the editor around a slide deck. Editing a Powtoon feels just like editing a presentation, but by the time you finish, you have a professional video. 

You can edit your slides at any time, and when you hit play, a video plays through your deck—the feel is almost like an animated explainer video. Each slide includes the animations you choose and takes up as much time as is needed based on the content on the slide. Powtoon figures the timing automatically, and you can see in the bottom-right of the editor how much time is used on your current slide versus the total presentation. If you ever want to present as a slide deck, just toggle between Slideshow and Movie.

You'll likely need to subscribe to a paid plan to get the most out of Powtoon—like creating videos longer than three minutes, downloading them as MP4 files, and white-labeling your presentations—but doing so won't break the bank. Plus, you'll unlock tons of templates complete with animations and soundtracks.

One of my favorite Powtoon features is the ability to orient your video: you can choose horizontal orientation (like a normal presentation) or opt for vertical (for mobile) or square (for social media). When your presentation is ready, you can publish straight to YouTube, Wistia, Facebook Ads, and any number of other locations.

Powtoon pricing: Limited free plan available; paid plans start at $20/month and include white-labeling, priority support, additional storage, and more.

The best presentation app for interactive presentations

Genially (Web)

Genially, our pick for the best presentation app for interactive presentations

While many presentation apps are built for presenter-led decks, Genially 's interactive features and animated templates make it easy to build a self-led presentation. A variety of interactive buttons allow you to show viewers additional context on hover, have them skip to any page of your deck, and let them navigate to external links.

This presentation program offers a bunch of searchable templates, including some for business proposals, reports, social media presentations, and more (though most of those are available on premium plans only). Genially also includes Smart blocks —templated blocks of content for elements like data visualizations, image galleries, and more.

My favorite feature is the brand settings. Premium users can set universal branding guidelines that include your logo, color scheme, fonts, images, backgrounds, and more. Think of them like a custom template, created and customized by you, that the whole team can use. Once set, your team can easily create on-brand presentations that automatically apply your brand settings, without even thinking about it.

Plus, Genially supports additional content like training materials, infographics, interactive images, and more—all subject to your brand presets.

Genially pricing: Free plan available with unlimited creations and views and access to templates; paid plans start at $7.49/month and include additional download options, privacy controls, offline viewing, premium templates, and more.

The best presentation app for collaborating with your team

Pitch (Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

Pitch, our pick for the best presentation software for collaborating with your team

Need to collaborate on presentations with your team? Pitch is a Google Slides alternative that gets the job done. As far as decks go, Pitch includes all the beautifully-designed templates, customizability, and ease of use you expect from a top-notch presentation tool. But the app really shines when you add your team.

The right-hand sidebar is all about project management and collaboration: you can set and update the status of your deck, assign entire presentations or individual slides to team members, plus comment, react, or add notes. Save custom templates to make future presentations even easier and faster.

You can also invite collaborators from outside your company to work with you on individual decks. And if you opt for a paid plan, Pitch introduces workspace roles, shared private folders, and version history.

The "Go live" feature is a personal favorite—with just a click on the headphones icon in the top right, you can start a live video call. Any team members who open the presentation can hop in and collaborate in real-time. 

Pitch pricing: Free plan offers unlimited presentations, custom templates, and live video collaboration; paid plans start at $8/user/month for additional workspace features, presentation analytics, and more.

The best simple presentation app

Zoho Show (Web, iOS, Android, Chrome)

Zoho Show, our pick for the best simple presentation app

If you're looking for a simple, yet capable presentation app that's a step up from Google Slides, Zoho Show is a great option. It's completely free to use, offers a clean, intuitive editor, and includes a number of templates.

Templates are on the basic side, but they boast a more modern and professional design than much of what Google Slides or PowerPoint offer. And I love that you can set the font and color scheme for the whole template, right from the start.

The app doesn't skimp on collaboration or shareability either. You can invite collaborators via email or shareable link, and comments and version history make it easy to work together on presentations. Once you're ready to share, you can even broadcast your presentation to a remote audience right from within Zoho.

Plus, you can one-click lock slides to prevent any more editing or hide individual slides to customize your presentation for different audiences.

Zoho Show price: Free

What about the old standbys?

You might notice a few major presentation players aren't on our list, including OGs Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. These apps are perfectly adequate for creating basic presentations, and they're free if you have a Windows or Mac device or a Google account.

I didn't include them on the list because the presentation space has really developed in the last several years, and after testing them out, I found these behemoths haven't kept pace. If they weren't made by Microsoft/Apple/Google, I might not even be mentioning them. They're pretty basic tools, they're behind the curve when it comes to templates (both quantity and design), and they don't offer any uniquely valuable features like AI, robust team collaboration, branding controls, video, and so on.

If you're reading this, you're probably looking for an alternative that allows you to move away from one of the big 3, and as the presentation platforms featured above show, there's a ton to gain—in terms of features, usability, and more—when you do.

This post was originally published in October 2014 and has since been updated with contributions from Danny Schreiber, Matthew Guay, Andrew Kunesh, and Krystina Martinez.

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*Free forever, no credit card required

An online presentation maker that’s fast, flexible, and free

Choose from 100+ templates

Find that creative spark with our gallery of custom-crafted presentation templates . Add your brand colors and upload custom fonts to make our templates look uniquely yours.

From pitch decks to project plans , conference keynotes to team meetings , Pitch offers professional presentation templates that save you time and help your work shine.

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Collaborate on stunning presentations

When the whole team can contribute, you get diverse opinions, stronger ideas, and better outcomes. Pitch makes online collaboration seamless.

Work together in real-time, asynchronously, and across devices and manage team feedback in one place. Delegate work to create an engaging presentation in less time, all for free.

Animation of a team working in Pitch's live collaboration feature which allows them to make edits on a slide in real time while seeing and hearing each other

Tell rich and immersive stories

Presentations contain a company’s most important information. But the process of making them can be time-consuming. Our intuitive online presentation maker works with the tools you already use to help you create your own presentation and bring your ideas to life.

Add images, company logos, and embed video clips or include charts via integrations with  Google Analytics  and  Chartmogul ,  Google Sheets, and CSVs . When you’re ready to share, your presentations can go anywhere!

Keep everything and everyone on-brand

Say goodbye to missing fonts and clashing colors. With custom slide styles, you can set your colors and upload fonts to make sure everyone in your workspace can create professional presentations.

Simply add your assets to Pitch and create a custom style to keep all your presentation designs beautifully consistent. Your designers will thank you.

Your decks and stakeholders in one place

Workspaces offer a central place for your team’s best thinking, so all your up-to-date materials are available to everyone, all the time.

Imagine always having the most up-to-date data, marketing messaging, and visual assets at your fingertips. That’s what you get with our free online presentation maker.

An example of a workspace in Pitch with different folders, template proposals and recently edited presentations

Find the perfect template

From pitch decks to professional portfolios. Our online presentation software gives individuals and teams space to share all the work that matters.

web presentation tool

“ With Pitch, people can start working on their slides and pull from approved templates. Being able to do this in real time and in the cloud makes the entire process seamless. ” See how Unsplash wins new business with Pitch

Charles Deluvio

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How to create a presentation with Pitch

Getting started is easy: You can import an existing deck from PowerPoint , get inspired with presentations from our online template gallery, or start from scratch with a totally blank slide. Once you start editing, you can fully customize your presentation slides.

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Edit with ease

Smart formatting options help anyone make precise updates in a flash — even non-designers. You can make a quick update without submitting a design request.

Tell data-driven stories

Save hours when sharing insights online. Connect Pitch with your data and keep charts and tables up to date with the latest information.

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Take your ideas anywhere

Present on Zoom, in a room, or to the entire world. Pitch presentations live everywhere you need them. Invite your client as a guest and manage who can see and edit your work or export your presentation in PDF format .

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Build stunning decks in record time

Create a pitch deck for your next round or build your business report. With slide styles, you’re a few clicks away from making these templates look uniquely yours.

web presentation tool

Frequently asked questions

Pitch is one of the best presentation makers for communicating complex ideas in a simple and visually pleasing way. Pitch offers free presentation templates that are professionally designed and easy to customize, so you can spend more time on actually preparing your presentation.

The easiest way to create a presentation is to use a free online presentation maker. For example, Pitch is fast, flexible, and free, and has over 100 presentation templates that are custom-crafted for every occasion so you can create stunning presentations in record time.

You can create your own presentation with Pitch! Just set up an account - no worries, it’s free. Then, click on New presentation and choose from any of the free templates in the library. That's it — you're all set to start turning these beautiful presentation templates into your own slide deck!

Most modern presentation makers allow you to create good-looking presentations, even if you don't have design skills. Professionally designed templates are ready to use right off the bat, and they’re easy to customize so you can keep all assets on-brand. We have custom slide styles so you can set your colors and upload fonts to ensure consistency, and an asset library so you can ensure that all your decks are always on-brand.

A good online presentation maker should have a collection of professionally designed templates for every purpose, each structured in a way that tells a compelling story. It should also be easy to customize the decks, so you can create presentations that meet your needs. In terms of its features, choose a presentation maker that’s effortless to navigate and use. Look for drag-and-drop features, integrations with analytics tools, and functions that make team collaboration and embedding content simple.

Cloud-based presentation makers allow everyone on your team to collaborate on presentations simultaneously from any location — just remember to give everyone on your team access! You won’t have to worry about saving your presentation or overwriting changes because online presentation makers automatically save your stunning decks to the cloud in real-time.

web presentation tool

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14 Best Tools to Create Great Presentations Online


Whether you are a student or a professional, you need to create presentations at some point or another.

Presentations allow you to explain a concept, share an idea, and convince the audience with the right blend of text and supporting graphics.

It’s an invaluable skill that can help you in many ways, such as pitching your product or service to investors, demonstrating your work to your superiors on a new product, or presenting your assignment at college.

Creating a presentation is no more limited to Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. It’s because modern-age presentation software solutions are available to make presentations engaging and easy to create. They come with useful features and design elements and are super easy to use for everyone.

The software enables people to present their ideas no matter where they are, making their lives easier. This probably explains its growing demand, especially in organizations, to save time and increase productivity . Not to mention, the work-from-home scenario due to the pandemic further accelerated its usage.

Let’s talk more about this tool, and then I’ll introduce you to the best online presentation software for creating beautiful presentations.

What to Look for in An Online Presentation Tool?


Before choosing an online presentation tool, you must look for a few things to ensure you get the right software to suit your needs and get the job done effortlessly.

Easy to use

The presentation tool you choose must be easy to use for all. It must not give a hard time to people and is suitable for everyone with varying technical skills. It’s because you can’t spend hours learning the tool and then invest more hours for creation. This tool aims to make creating a presentation easy and fast without consuming much time.

Therefore, always choose a presentation tool that’s easy to use. Lots of tools nowadays offer free trials, so you can try and decide whether it’s easy to use or not.


A good presentation tool must be feature-rich to support creating your presentations and making them look attractive. It must offer various formats to present and share content that people would love engaging with.

For this, the presentation software must provide lots of stunning templates, videos/audio capability , images, design elements, and other useful media to include in your content. In addition, it must be easy to import or export to other tools and supports multiple file formats.

Furthermore, the software must offer excellent storage capacity; hence cloud-based software is a good option. It will allow you to work on projects wherever and whenever you want with an internet connection.


The presentation software must offer flexibility to help you create the documents based on your unique requirements. You must be able to customize templates, add or remove elements, and make quick changes the way you want with ease.

Collaboration options

With effective teamwork , you can increase your success rates. This is why collaboration is an essential consideration when choosing a presentation tool. It must offer features such as sharing the presentation to the entire team, managing the presentation, and introducing their feedback in real time. It’s also useful for people working remotely.


Your team members could use different devices and operating systems to work. Hence, the presentation software you choose must be compatible across multiple devices to allow people to view or change the documents.


Lastly, choose a presentation tool within your budget. There’s no point investing in software that’s heavily priced and comes with features you don’t require. Strike a good balance between what you need and your budget to decide the best presentation tool for you.

You can also compare different available tools with their offerings and cost to choose the most suitable one. And for this, here is a list of the top 9 presentation tools that you can consider.

Design engaging and powerful slides with Canva’s presentation tool . Whether at school or work, convert your idea into a great design and improve its readability to convey your ideas effectively.

Canva’s presentation software provides hundreds of layouts so that you can get everything you want for your topic.

Select the perfect fonts, colors, and images to explain your idea to your colleagues and friends. It’s easy to get started; just launch Canva in your system and search for presentations to begin creating your design.

web presentation tool

Browse presentation templates in different themes and styles and choose from startup decks, education slides, marketing slides, creative presentations, and more.

You can also upload your logos, photos if any, and some elements you want. Plus, you can add slides in whatever numbers you need and use separate animations for each slide in creative ways to make your text and images look incredible and attractive.

Furthermore, you can add music and videos for an engaging presentation. Try out Canva ’s different presentation features, such as presenter mode, standard presentation, or video recording. Save the slides as PDF to export them as .pptx files.

Get an online presentation maker – Visme – for creating engaging presentations with ease. It offers more than 900 slide layouts, millions of icons, graphics, images, and dozens of charts to visualize numbers and data.

web presentation tool

Designers have built Visme ’s online presentation maker for everyone with varying technical skills to help them create better presentations for their viewers or audiences. You will get customizable text blocks, photos, icons, data visualization tools, slides, etc., to quickly build fantastic and creative presentations.

Visme’s presentation editor lets you create perfect slides that complement your ideas. In addition, you can incorporate transitions, pop-ups, third-party content like social media and live websites, interactivity, and animation effects. Visme also gives you the Presenter Studio to record the presentation and share with the viewers.

Moreover, you can record video, audio, and screen and get the option of controlling the camera on/off. This way, you can present the slides at your preferred time and let your audience view them at their convenient time. You can also input your brand colors and fonts to create company content.

Next, Visme will generate a link for your presentation to allow sharing your presentation with anyone, and by accessing the link, they can watch your videos or files. Share simple numbers, statistics, and data in the slides by graphs, widgets, and charts.

Visme is free, but you can buy stock images, illustrations, lines, characters, shapes, icons, etc., to make your presentation more engaging. Also, download the file as editable HTML5 or PowerPoint to keep interactivity intact and animations for offline presentation.

Make beautiful and professional-looking presentations online with Venngage . Welcome this easy-to-use online presentation-making software to your toolkit and unlock all the tools you need to create an attractive presentation.

Venngage helps you communicate with your audience effectively, whether you deliver a virtual presentation or run a class online. With pre-made layouts and customizable templates, you can make your presentation look stunning by adding life to each content.

web presentation tool

Venngage’s in-house designers build exciting templates for you so you can have many options to choose from. You can add photos, customize the charts, and change the text easily via the drag-and-drop tool. Additionally, you can incorporate speaker notes as well into the presentations if you need them.

Furthermore, export your online presentation to PDF or PowerPoint and get it offline or present your creativity from Venngage’s presentation software. You will also get an option to upload fonts, brand colors, and company logos and make your presentation perfect.

Get Venngage for FREE at the beginning for five designs. If you want to step up your professional designs, go with $16/user/month.

Design professional slides to collaborate with your colleagues and deliver extraordinary presentations anytime and from anywhere with Zoho Show . It offers contextual and minimalist UI to get relevant options for your task like editing text, animating a slide , and adding a photo without getting into complexities.

From business proposals to startup pitch decks and sales presentations, Zoho provides pre-loaded templates that can cover all your needs. It offers a collaborative workspace to create presentations online in a more productive way with your team members.

web presentation tool

You can import PPS, PPSX, PPT, ODP, and PPTX files to work on them without formatting issues. In addition, export files in PPSX, ODP, PDF, HTML, and PPTX format to present or share with anyone.

Interestingly, the tool lets you control the presentation with your smartwatch and mobile phone while broadcasting your creativity on smart TVs.

Entertain your viewers with videos and audio presentations that convey your point quickly. You can use features such as custom slideshows, presenter view, and more to deliver presentations with power. Besides, you can publish your slides online and show your ideas to a broader audience. Sign up and start using the online presentation software for FREE.

Make your audience say “WOW’ to your presentations when you create them via Genially . Whether you want to make infographics, presentation slides, or any other stunning content collaborating with your team or individually, use Genially’s online presentation software.

You can create beautiful business proposals, dossiers, reports, and many more useful marketing designs with Genially. Furthermore, the tool will help you create interactive infographics that can convey your content in a better way. In your presentation, you can also include external links, audio, videos, etc., and transform any image into interactive content.

web presentation tool

Capture everyone’s attention in your video play presentation and engage your viewers deeply. Make learning for students easier with interactive learning sessions that ensure success in every environment.

You do not need to be a pro to work with Genially; it makes you become a pro while using the required tools. It also offers easy handling so that you can focus on the work.

Genially is FREE forever with unlimited views, creations, resources, and templates. If you are looking for premium resources and other options, go with $7.49/month. For students, it is again FREE but costs you $1.25/month if you need more benefits.

Biteable helps you create animated video presentations and lets your video speak to your audience on your behalf. Choose from many video presentation templates and customize footage, colors, music, images, text, etc., to make your presentation engaging.

YouTube video

You can easily export your presentations from email, social media, or meetings to this tool. In addition, Biteable makes your work so easy that you can feel super comfortable while creating a unique presentation as it keeps complexities at bay.

Choose templates according to your topic and allow your viewers to understand the content without much explanation. You can make your video presentation visually appealing by browsing the library to add logos, texts, and scenes.

Additionally, you can customize colors that suit your brand and become a pro in attracting audiences. The tool also has features to help you keep your content clear, simple, short, punchy, and sweet.

Upgrade to explore your creativity more at just $19/month. Biteable is FREE forever with unlimited exports, 4 million pics, animations, clips, and a watermark.


Why spend the whole night preparing slides when you have a tool to make it for you within some time. Use Renderforest to take your viewers on a beautiful journey with your attractive and powerful slides.

Explore design elements and presentation slides to find the perfect match for your project. Whether you have a business review requirement or introduce a new fashion brand, Renderforest has templates suitable for you. It provides simple editing tools, thousands of stock photos, and many more.


Breathe life into your presentations by customizing slides as per your design needs. This online presentation maker works in the following easy steps:

Bingo! Your presentation is now ready. Renderforest ’s online presentation maker is FREE for up to 300 MB and up to 1-minute videos with a limited number of music tracks, watermarks, and unlimited 360p video exports. And you can share it with your team or your audience. You can also download it as a PDF or JPG file to present offline.

You don’t need to be a designing pro while creating slides; use – an expert tool to create your presentations easily. It helps you keep your team ready on branding, make your business look great, and save hours in designing. offers elegant templates, so you have a blueprint according to your design needs for making presentations. This online presentation tool makes it easy to start, design, customize, and finish presentations in no time and impress your audience.

web presentation tool

Assign each member with the design needs for separate sections under a single account and sync up all the details at last. Once you sign up, you have millions of modern icons and images. As every slide is unique and creative in its own way, so make it talk to your audience via the right font, logo, and colors with this tool. The animated presentation maker also provides foolproof features to surprise your viewers.

Get everything you need to start your creativity for FREE and get unlimited slides, more than 2 million icons, photos, customized themes, PowerPoint import, and many more. If you need more, go with a paid plan starting at $12/month.

Maglr is a web-based tool that can help you create great and engaging content. The presentation tool can help you in creating great sales presentations.

Leave a lasting impression on the team with a visually engaging presentation.


The tool gives you complete reins over the presentation and lets you run the show.

Some of its key features are:

Microsoft Sway

Microsoft has already provided the world with one of the most used presentation tools, PowerPoint. Microsoft Sway is an improvement on the already perfected recipe of PowerPoint.

The tool can be used to create not only stunning presentations but also newsletters and documentation within minutes.


It boasts of the following features:

Powtoon is a tool that can be used for creating videos and presentations. This is a great way to engage your audience and a fun way to present your product to them.

YouTube video

The software isn’t just for businesses looking to market their brand, but also an educational tool used by teachers, and a personal tool to engage family and friends.

Everybody relies on using PowerPoint on their computers to create their presentations. If you want your presentation to stand out, you will need a different tool.

Slides will help you create professional-looking presentations in order to set you apart from the crowd.


It is a cloud-based software that ensures you can work on it from anywhere in the world and on any device.

A good presentation can make all the difference in the life of a professional and it is always helpful to have the right tool for the job.

Prezi is a web-based platform that can be used to create engaging and eye-catching presentations. As it is web-based, the tool can be used anywhere and at any time.


A good presentation makes all the difference. Haiku Deck is a great tool that can be used to design an amazing presentation.


The tool is very easy to use and is cloud-based, hence, making it accessible through your PC, iPad, and iPhone.

A free trial version of the software is available to experience the software. If you like the software, you can unlock more features by opting for a monthly subscription, priced at $19.99 per month.

Bonus: 5 Tips to Make Excellent Online Presentations

Having a presentation tool that works smoothly and comes with great features is cool, but you must know how to create presentations that excel. Here are some quick tips for creating presentations online if you are a beginner.

Conclusion 👩‍💻

Creating presentations has become a lot easier with the introduction of online presentation software. It makes the overall process easier and simpler to create engaging slides with design elements and valuable capabilities. So, choose a presentation tool based on your requirements and budget.


Beyond PowerPoint: Presentation Tools for Small Businesses

Matt D'Angelo

The prevalence of PowerPoint has made company presentations all too routine. It can be hard to get and hold your audience’s attention with mundane slides full of bullet points. It may be an effective tool in some scenarios, but there are tons of other presentation solutions out there that can help you engage with your audience and communicate key ideas.

While traditional tools such as PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote can all be used to create presentations, you can break the conventional method – basic points on simple slides – by including images, creating movement, and limiting each slide or section to only a couple key points.

If you’re looking to shake things up and connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way, it may be time to try one of these solutions.

Visme  is a cloud-based presentation tool that allows you to create highly visual presentations to engage viewers and communicate your ideas. It features an intuitive, drag-and-drop design method for creating presentations. The business version also prioritizes brand consistency and company-wide image storage. When you or your employees create a presentation, it will feature colors, logos and images that are on brand for your organization. This promotes consistency across presentations among your employees. Visme also offers a built-in analytics system, so you can see who has viewed your presentation and who finished it.

Visme offers multiple plans ranging from $20 per user per month to $60 per three users per month. It’s also possible to get a free live demo to see how the technology works before you try it out.

2. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck  is a platform that prioritizes simplicity. Business owners can create elegant, basic presentations with high-quality images. The spartan approach allows for connecting with audiences instead of losing them in information overload due to text-heavy slides. What separates Haiku Deck from traditional presentation tools is its library of images and array of fonts. It makes it easy to craft simple, powerful presentations that are accessible on any device.

Haiku Deck offers three plans, ranging from $7.99 to $29.99 per month.

3. Pitcherific

Pitcherific  is not only a presentation solution, but also a platform for building and practicing your presentation. It’s a template-based program that guides you through the presentation creation process. Instead of drafting a few slides, Pitcherific prompts you to write out the areas of each part of your speech. The outline for an elevator pitch, for example, includes a hook, problem, solution and closing. There are various templates for different kinds of pitches and presentations, so you’ll have guidance on many kinds of speeches and presentations. Pitcherific also recommends a character count for each section and a timeclock, allowing you to track how long your speech or presentation is and stay within a desired range.

Pitcherific’s pricing depends largely on your business and its needs, so you’ll have to reach out to its sales team to get a direct quote. Pitcherific does offer a free trial in case you’re curious to see how the platform works.

Canva  is an online platform that provides templates for a wide range of business-related publications, like resumes, newsletters, business cards, media kits, brochures and infographics. You can also use it to construct presentations. There are hundreds of design layouts and templates to start with, and you can upload your own images or choose from more than 1 million of Canva’s stock images. As you build your presentation, you can adjust text and fonts, add filters to images, and drag and drop different elements for design. You can also upload and save your company logo.

Canva offers a free version equipped with all its features. If you’re a startup or very small business owner, this is a good option. For larger businesses, Canva for Work offers team management features for $12.95 per month (or $9.95 per month when you pay annually). You can try this version free for 30 days.

5. SlideCamp

SlideCamp  provide slide templates for creating company presentations. You can adjust color schemes, add company logos, import charts and data, build infographics, and organize presentations into sections with SlideCamp. This is a great solution for maintaining presentation consistency across multiple presentations from your organization. After you set up branding details, employees will be able to work with predesigned slides to easily craft professional presentations. It’s geared for larger businesses, so if you’re a startup or one-person company, this may not be an ideal solution for you.

There are a few plans available, which range from $49 to $499 per month depending on the number of users who will access SlideCamp. There is a demo version as well, so you can try out the service to see if it’s right for your business. 

6. Microsoft Events

While PowerPoint may be a tired way to handle a business presentation at times, Microsoft has other tools that can introduce a new level of practicality to the standard presentation. It recently introduced the ability to create live and on-demand events in Microsoft 365. These events can be viewed in real time or on demand by remote co-workers or even workers who were present in the meeting but want to reference what was said. It combines HD video with machine learning to create a speaker timeline, speech-to-text transcriptions and time coding, and closed captioning.

Live events are part of the Office 365 subscription plans. If you’re already a subscriber, you can use this tool for no additional cost.

Powtoon  is an animated presentation and video platform for creating short informational videos and presentations about your brand or product. Explainer videos are an important part of a brand’s message, and Powtoon is an affordable tool for creating animated videos and presentations to educate consumers and clients about your business. You can easily edit presentations and videos, add voiceover, and build a professional experience for your customers.

Powtoon offers a free version, but there are more robust offerings at $19 and $59 per month.

8. VideoScribe

VideoScribe  is a whiteboard video presentation platform that allows small businesses to customize their presentations to fit their needs. These videos, which feature a whiteboard and hand that “draws” different objects and slides in the presentation, are ideal for quick explainers and marketing videos on your business or product. You can easily place objects, insert text, and even draw your own objects or text with VideoScribe’s platform.

VideoScribe is available for either $29 per user per month or, if paid annually, $12 per user per month. If you want to extend VideoScribe to a larger team, you’ll have to pay $110 to $130 per user, depending on the number of users. You can also make a one-time payment of $665 for a single user.

Prezi  is another template-based presentation solution that you can use to create persuasive and engaging presentations with unique movement between “slides” and key points. Prezi maps out your whole presentation on an overall track that you decide. When you switch slides, it doesn’t simply advance to the next one; it takes the viewer through the track to the point that needs to be made. This allows your audience to visualize the progression of your presentation. You can arrange content under different sections and create an overview so your audience can see your entire presentation plan. This method keeps the presenation organized and your audience engaged. You can also navigate freely through your presentation – your track is not locked in and you can adjust when you address which points as you’re presenting.

Prezi is either $50 or $59 per user per month, depending on the number of users.

web presentation tool

Best Online Presentation Software Tools

15 best investor pitch deck examples from successful startups.

Best Online Presentation Software Tools

Image contains a computer on a desktop

Say goodbye to PowerPoint. Here are the best online presentation tools you can use to make a powerful impact during your next presentation according to your preference and personality.

What is an online presentation tool?

An online presentation tool is an application that displays information and graphics in a slideshow format. An online presentation tool is comprised of three key elements with three basic steps:

1. Text editor: type your content.

2. Import function: add graphics and other content.

3. Presentation or slideshow mode: tie it together with sleek, stylish formatting.

PowerPoint is the most popular online presentation tool available, with over 500 million users globally. Yet, with its basic interface, outdated templates, and challenging tools, PowerPoint is a far cry from being the best online presentation software. If you’re struggling with the excess work that goes into rearranging and formatting your presentation in PowerPoint, it’s time for a change.

“Today, we’re past the dark ages of PowerPoint and making an outstanding presentation doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming”

With dozens of tools available online, you may be wondering where to start. But finding the best online presentation software needn’t be a challenge. We’ve broken down the best online presentation tools according to these five core personality types. Take a look to discover yours.

Top 5 online presentation tools:

1- slidebean (the marketer) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★.

Image contains the slidebean software

You may be a Marketer if…

a. You created a startup and need a creative, sleek presentation for funding.

b. You’re in the marketing field and looking for software to help you be better than your competitors.

c. You want to improve your sales pitch with attractive visuals and graphics, but you don’t have time to do the work.

Slidebean is an online presentation software that’s free to sign up and ideal for those in the business and marketing fields. If you’re running a startup or are the head of a small business or a marketing expert, we know how overworked and exhausted you feel 90% of the time. That’s where Slidebean comes in: simply input your content and allow the app to arrange your text, graphics, and content in the best format possible, and save yourself time (and money!). Dozens of templates designed for business professionals are at your fingertips, allowing you to impress your audience.

Locating and acquiring the rights to content is a huge hassle. Fortunately, Slidebean has you covered: this online presentation tool comes with the added bonus of a huge gallery of stunning graphics and gifs that will highlight essential information in your presentation and help you drive your point home, whether you’re trying to reel in funding or deliver an outstanding sales pitch. CSV data can be transferred seamlessly into minimalistic charts that allow you to present facts and figures in an engaging way.

Whether you’re a marketing pro, running a startup or just a busy business professional looking to make a great impression, Slidebean is unique because its universal interface makes it an excellent fit for all presentation types and users of all backgrounds.

Try Slidebean Free

2- keynote (the minimalist) ★ ★ ★ ★.

Image contains the keynote logo

You may be a Minimalist if…

a. You prefer simple and clean templates without visual clutter.

b. Your presentation is information-heavy and needs great formatting for a boost.

c. Having graphically rich images is a huge factor in the success of your presentation.

Keynote is the leading software presentation tool for Mac. This tool is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, making it easily accessible and ideal for group presentations with both Keynote and PowerPoint users. With 30 minimalistic themes to choose from, Keynote is designed to elegantly arrange your graphics with your content. The format panel automatically highlights the tools you need to tweak your content, saving you time. Slide borders are eliminated, allowing you to get the full picture of what your presentation will look like instantly. This tool’s simple yet stylish range of charts helps you make information-heavy presentations more engaging.

One of Keynote’s best features is its sleek interface, which allows you to efficiently upload graphics without losing video or picture quality. This online presentation tool also includes a coach so you can perfect your presentation before it’s finished. For the Minimalist on the go, you have the option to alternate between Mac and iOS devices, creating a fluid design experience. Due to Keynote’s many features, you’ll need to take several hours to get used to utilizing this online presentation software. Unlike Slidebean, there is a steeper learning curve and more manual editing involved.

Try Keynote


Image contains the slides logo

You may be a Team Player if…

a. You need a team option for designing your presentations.

b. You share your presentations with large audiences.

c. You want an online presentation software that’s attractive but simple to use for users of all levels.

If you’re running a small or medium-sized business or frequently hold group presentations at work, Slides is a solid choice. Unlike PowerPoint, you don’t need to download Slides — all your content is stored on their servers, making it easy to access on the go; privacy options allow you to keep your presentations private unless sharing is enabled. Slides presentations can be exported to a PDF when you upgrade to Pro. The Team option allows multiple members to access the presentation either on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

One of Slides’ best features is its ability to let you present live, making this tool perfect for users who want to share their presentations in real-time with large audiences nearby or across the globe. Unlike some of the more complex online presentation software that has a learning curve, like Keynote and Prezi, Slides has a simple walkthrough tutorial for new users, making it simple for large groups to learn how to use it quickly.

Related Read: How to Make a Presentation Interesting


Image contains the prezi logo

You may be an Artist if…

a. You have always used PowerPoint, and you’re worried about changing to a newer software.

b. You want to impress your audience with artsy visuals and bold transitions.

c. You’re hands-off and want your presentation to look good without a lot of work.

If you’re reluctant to give up PowerPoint and want a similar, faster web-based alternative, Prezi Pro is your go-to online presentation tool. Faster and more thorough than PowerPoint, Prezi is a cloud-based app that’s great for those who have mastered the PPT presentation and want something more attractive. Artists will love Prezi’s canvas design format and cinematic look that blow away the traditional PPT slide format. ‘Path points’ are used in place of slides, and Prezi animates the transitions between ‘path points’ for you. Sign up for free and upgrade for better graphics and effects. One of this software’s best features is its variety of templates . During the editing process, you can see exactly what the audience will see. Prezi Pro can be downloaded to moved Prezi from the web to your desktop.

Prezi’s rather simple interface is a step up from PowerPoint but lags in comparison to Slidebean’s software and lacks its built-in intuitive design. Some users may find it challenging to not have any control over their slide transitions if they’re more accustomed to PPT slides. Although Prezi Pro does the work of animating things for you, the final result is more basic than Slidebean.


Image contains the zoho logo

You may be a Mathematician if…

a. You’re highly exacting and want access to the small details behind its creation.

b. You deal primarily with facts and figures and don’t want flowery graphics.

c. You’re looking for large storage.

If you are looking for an online presentation tool to spice up boring facts and figures, you’ll find Zoho extremely useful — it’s excellent for individuals in accounting and business. Zoho Docs is perfect for you if you need an online presentation tool that gives you access to tweaking the small details of your presentation. There are 17 available themes that give you the option to select a preferred aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3).

This software offers three template options: document, spreadsheet, or presentation. Presentations can also be shared via email, embedded on websites or published publicly. Export options are numerous, including PDF, PPTX, and ODP. Shared storage is huge, even for basic users. Techie types will appreciate that Zoho is accessible on tablets and smartphones. Unlike Slidebean, Zoho does not have a wide variety of templates or an intuitive interface that automatically formats your data, so legwork is involved.

Today, we’re past the dark ages of PowerPoint and making an outstanding presentation doesn’t have to be challenging or time-consuming — it’s all about having great software. If you’re a marketing professional, a businessperson, or somewhere in between, we’re confident these online presentation tools will help you make a stellar presentation.

Start your Presentation

web presentation tool

We’ve created the best presentation software list with tools to ensure you make the right call in the platform you select. This articles is the result of several weeks of research and review of 50+ presentation tools currently available on the web. 

web presentation tool

We're bringing a review of the best Powerpoint presentation software alternatives for 2023.

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If you’ve ever had to do some kind of public speaking , meeting, workshop, or educational course you have certainly encountered a slide deck or two. And if like me you have spent hours messing around with the transitions on your PowerPoint presentation or adding Clipart to make it look nice you can understand the frustrations. 

PowerPoint may be synonymous with presentations but so too is it synonymous with long, linear presentations where the audience has little or no input. But luckily, for audiences and presenters everywhere, things have changed. 

So let’s talk an in-depth look at what some of the best online presentation makers the world wide web has to offer!

What are presentation tools?

Well, this article would be pretty redundant if we didn’t briefly answer this question. Presentation tools, software, or programs, are essentially anything that lets users create slides for use in a presentation. As mentioned before, most of our minds automatically go to PowerPoint, but other tools have features that allow us to design and customize slides, add images and graphics, and present our information as we see fit. 

Newer ‘Audience Engagement Platforms’ will let audience members take part in the presentation and actually vote on certain slides and submit questions and opinions. 

Mentimeter - For interactive and engaging presentations 

One of the leading Audience Engagement Platforms, Mentimeter you have all bells and whistles users need to build full presentations and engage their audience with their slides. Not just a poll or quiz tool, Mentimeter affords users the ability to combine more traditional ‘content’ slides with fully interactive ‘question’ slides, resulting in a complete slide deck.

These interactive slides are the thing that sets Mentimeter apart from other tools on this list. They help you to collect insights in real-time and allow the audience to participate, contribute and collaborate in the presentation. It is completely anonymous so it facilitates frank and meaningful conversations without the fear that can come with speaking up in front of others. 

Presenter stress and the fear of speaking in public are something many of us experience at some point in time. A way to overcome these is to use the tech we have on hand to take the pressure off and ease some of those concerns. So no more awkward silences and blank faces staring up at you! You can jump right in and get started by using a pre-designed Mentimeter template so you can be even more efficient! 

Ludus - For those looking for intricate designs

Ludus claims that it’s a tool that ‘combines creativity with simplicity... and a bit of magic’. Now while we can’t attest to whether or not their presentations actually do have something of the wizarding world to them, we can say with some certainty that there is more than a little creative flair. 

Adding images, logos, GIFs, and stock photos isn’t just easy, but it’s simple to customize and make the presentation your own. Thanks to an intuitive search feature combined with a sound drag and drop feature, users can easily resize and redesign every single aspect that will go into each one of their slides. While it might seem a bit overwhelming at first the end result promises to be impressive. 

Haiku Deck - For iOS users

HaikuDeck is a great option for all of our friends that live in the iOS ecosystem - we know that once you get in it can be hard to leave! Now users can breathe presentation directly on their iPhone and iPad, gone is the need to log onto their desktop. The flexibility and the versatility that this provides potential users really cannot be understated. It’s rare to find a presentation builder that prioritizes mobile dithering and HaikuDeck is another reason to envy Apple owners. 

Much like the poem style, it is named after, this particular software is simplistic but powerful. An interesting initiative that Haiku Deck has launched is Zuru, an artificial intelligence tool that aims to build a ‘polished deck in minutes’. Powerful indeed!

Pitch - For those struggling to get started

For those of us short on time - if like me you probably left it o the last minute to design your slides - Pitch has the answer. Templates, templates, and even more templates. Their catalog of pre-designed slide decks ranges from Go-to-Market Strategies to Concept Testing and included pretty much everything in between. 

Thanks to both template designers at Pitch and collaborations with external creators, Pitch is one of the best places online to get a head start on creating your next presentation. No need to worry about the design elements here, just bring your specific ideas and talking points to the table (or keyboard) and be ready to type. Presentations made easy.

Canva - For multi-purpose presentations

Need to add in a custom video? Looking to create a slide highlighting potential social media posts? Canva offers solutions to each of these needs. Jump in a create every element you need for your presentation then turn your attention to the slides themselves once everything is finalized. 

Canva’s presentations are just as versatile as they don’t just prioritize one format over another. Users are free to create mobile-first presentations just as easily as they can whip up a talking presentation. Likewise, every option is equally customizable so no matter your need there should be a solution to match. 

Visme - For endless features

Need to add in infographics, charts, graphs, videos, and social media graphics? If that is the case then no need to sign up for a full plethora of different services. Visme offers its users a vast array of features that mean you can stay within its platform to create everything you may need in one solution. 

It can be a little bit tricky at the start to get the hang of everything, as there is just so much to navigate, but once you click around and get the hang of the UI then creating exactly what you need shouldn’t take too much time or effort. 

Google Slides - For a completely free PowerPoint alternative

Google is no longer just an eponymous for searching things online. The internet giant now offers an array of tools and software designed to make you more productive and efficient at work. Google Slides is perfect if you don’t want or don’t need to commit to purchasing an Office 365 subscription. Simply get online and start making slides.

Users familiar with PP can jump right in and create away. This won’t necessarily be the most revolutionary in terms of design and features but it’s free. It links to Google Drive and it is just another impressive feature in the Google ecosystem.  

Prezi - For video presentations

Prezi has a number of innovative and inventive features but the one that stands out is Prezi Video. Without delving into a long-winded and overly wordy explanation, imagine you are the background of your presentation. Got it? Excellent. In the world of online meetings and remote calls, Prezi video lets you the presenter share the screen with your presentation, no need to share your screen and relegate yourself to a small tile in the corner.  

No need for a boring presentation

So there you have it! Some of the best presentation tools the internet has to offer. With such a vast collection to choose from, there really is no excuse for having to sit through a boring and lifeless presentation ever again is there? We think not. So liven up your slide decks today and give your audience something to be impressed with.

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The 15 Best Free Online Web Presentation Software Tools for 2020

Laura Spencer

At some point or another, most of us need to create a slideshow. Maybe you're running a small business, and now you need to give a sales presentation. Or maybe you're a student and your assignment is to create a slideshow. Either way, you probably don't have much to spend on a presentation software tool.

Online Presentation Software

If you need a tool to help you create presentations, but you're on a limited budget, you may think you're out of luck. Fortunately, there are quite a few good free presentation tools for you to consider.

In this post, we'll share 15 free presentation tools. We'll describe each and point out key features. We'll also explain what to look for when choosing your online presentation software. Finally, we'll share ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">resources you can use with some online presentation software .  

Making Great Presentations eBook Free Download

But first, get killer presentation tips and professional strategies in our free eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations .  Download it now, before diving into this article.

What to Look for in Free Online Presentation Software

Just because your software, doesn't mean you don't need a good software presentation tool to work with. Luckily, many free online presentation tools have all the features you need to create a top-notch presentation.

Here are some things to look for when selecting online presentation software:

When choosing an online presentation software tool keep in mind your future needs. If you're running a business that's likely to grow, consider starting with the free version of a presentation software tool with a premium version that's got features you may need as your business grows.

If you're new to creating slideshows and your budget is limited, think about design. Whether you're a business owner or a student, you want your presentation to look professional so that you make a good impression.

If you're not a designer yourself, you may struggle to create an attractive, eye-catching design for your presentation. Thankfully, templates are available for many presentation tools at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional designer. 

Best Selling Presentation Templates on Envato Elements

For a low monthly payment, you get a  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">professionally designed template for your PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote presentations  on Envato Elements . 

The unlimited downloads that Elements offers lets you download as many presentation templates (and other design assets) as you'd like. Not only can you access all these presentation templates, but you get access to photos, videos, fonts, and many other resources that could be helpful to you.

The presentation templates that Elements offers include a variety of features:

Take advantage of this offer on ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Envato Elements today!

Have a look at some of the best-selling PowerPoint presentation templates below:

web presentation tool

Free (2020) Online Presentation Software Tools—Well-Known Tools

Now that you know what to look for in free presentation software, let's examine some of the most popular options. Here's a look at the free versions of some of the most popular online presentation tools:

1. PowerPoint Online

PowerPoint Online presentation software

Many people don't realize that there's a free version of PowerPoint available . This can be an especially great option for students who may have a one-time or infrequent need to create a presentation and can't afford to buy a Microsoft Office subscription.

Note: It's important to note that this software tool isn't intended for business use.

Microsoft products are widely used. Because these tools are so popular, many people are familiar with the software layout and commands. That helps make PowerPoint Online easy to learn to use.  Plus, you can upgrade to the premium PowerPoint tool if you need more features.

The online presentation software, PowerPoint Online, includes many (but not all) of the features of its premium counterpart. Format text, use animations, and include other graphic elements. Since it's web-based, there are also collaboration features and cloud storage.

There are some limitations, though. For example, you can't use PowerPoint Online unless you've got Internet access. Some views aren't available. You're limited to built-in themes, although you can import a presentation with a third-party theme. And you can only insert audio and video files through YouTube. There are other differences as well. 

PowerPoint provides many help documents and articles to its users. The tool also includes online help in the form of the Tell Me tool. Plus, you can find lots of third-party articles and resources on PowerPoint, such as this Tuts+ tutorial:

web presentation tool

2. Google Slides

Google Slides online presentation software

Next up on our list of free presentation tools in Google Slides. Even though it's free, Google Slides' features rival those of premium presentation software tools. It's real-time collaboration tools make it ideal for times. Google Slides is also a great option if you intend to publish your presentation online. Plus, even though Google Slides is a cloud-based tool, you can change the settings to use it while you're offline . If you're considering using Google Slides, this article explains how it compares to more expensive tools: 

web presentation tool

Google's office suite is increasing in popularity. And you can upgrade to a premium version of the office suite if your needs grow. Google Slides is also easy to learn. Google has helpful online documentation as well as Help documentation within each office tool, including Google Slides. Plus, there are a lot of third-party resources you can access, such as our tutorial on how to use Google Slides:

web presentation tool

When you sign up for a free Google account, you get access to all the Google Drive tools--including Google Slides.

Make sure that your Google Slides presentation stands out by using a professional template such as those offered by ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Envato Elements or ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Graphic River . For a peek at some of the best Google Slides presentation themes, look at:

web presentation tool

3. Keynote  

Keynote presentation tool

Keynote is another one of the many free online presentation tools available. If you've purchased a Mac computer lately, it probably came with Apple's Keynotes software already loaded. It's also available to download for free for iOs devices from the iTunes App Store. PC users can now view or edit Keynote presentations online with the iCloud website.

If you've got a Mac, you'll probably find Keynote easy to use. It's well-integrated with the Mac platform, which makes it easy to add images and multimedia into your presentation. A recent upgrade added better collaboration features to Keynote. 

Coming from Apple, Keynote is well-documented. There's good technical support and other resources from both Apple and third parties. To learn more about Apple Keynote, read this Tuts+ article:

web presentation tool

Produce a professional slideshow quickly and easily through a third part template such as those available through ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Envato Elements or ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Graphic River .  Here's a look at some popular Keynote presentation templates:

web presentation tool

4. Prezi Basic

Prezi presentation software

Prezi is a popular free online presentation tool known for its graphic interface and its non-linear approach to presentations. The zooming tool is impressive. Plus, there are tutorials and other aids to help you learn how to use it. Its popularity is growing, which means there's also a growing number of third-party resources available.

Try Prezi for free by using either the basic version or by signing up for Prezi basic, or for a free trial of one of the other versions. 

5. LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare presentation tool

LinkedIn SlideShare isn't a presentation authoring software tool, but rather a free presentation sharing software tool. But if you need to get your slideshow in front of a large professional audience, then this online presentation software is worth knowing about. Currently, there are millions of users on SlideShare, many of whom are business professionals.

SlideShare is easy to use and there's some help available within the tool. Since SlideShare is growing in popularity, there are also a growing number of third-party resources and tutorials. To learn more about SlideShare, study:

web presentation tool

Best Free (2020) Online Software Presentation Tools—Other Tools

While the free online presentation software tools below may not be quite as well-known as some of the presentation software listed above, many of these packages have features that compare with their better-known counterparts.

Many of these tools are limited in features at the free level, but let you upgrade to a more premium version if your needs change. Some free tools may display ads or require that your presentation include their logo or company name on it.

Let's take a closer look: 

6. Zoho Show  

Zoho Show presentation software

Zoho Show is part of a popular office productivity suite. According to the website, the free version of this office suite is available for teams of up to 5 users. The free version also offers some nice extra features for teams such as secure file collaboration and in-app chat.

Zoho Office Suite offers quite a bit of support, with a knowledge base, articles, and more.  

7. FlowVella  

FlowVella presentation software

FlowVella (formerly Flowboard) was designed to work online with mobile devices. But there's also version available for the Mac. Easily incorporate multi-media and other online content into your presentation. The newest version also includes drag and drop. Presentations are also easily shared through URL links.

FlowVella is a strong presentation tool choice with company support and help. Currently, there aren't a lot of third-party resources. The free version limits you to four public flows (presentations). The presentation size is limited to ten slides. 

8. LibreOffice Impress  

LibreOffice presentation software

Impress is part of LibreOffice (based on OpenOffice), which is free and open source software. As such, there's no premium version available. This might not be a problem for you because Impress compares favorably to many pricier alternatives.

When LibreOffice 5.3 was released in 2017, LibreOffice also made LibreOffice online available. To use it you'll need to install it on your own server.

As might be expected for open source software, LibreOffice has a sizeable community. This means that there are several third-party resources and tutorials available. 

Ludus online presentation software

A promising new best free presentation software tool is Ludus. It's designed with creativity and the web in mind. So, you can easily integrate content from other web services like YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, GIPHY, and more. It's also got some nice design tools including the ability to upload fonts, blend colors, use overlays, and more.

Because Ludus is so new, there aren't a lot of third-party resources, such as articles and tutorials. But the main site includes helpful videos that illustrate how to use some of the main features that should help new users get up to speed.

You can get a free trial of any of their versions. With the free trial version of the Solo level, one user can create unlimited presentations for free with access to all the features. When the trial ends, you'll need to decide if you want to buy one of the premium versions.

10. PowToon  

PowToon presentation software

Next up on our list of best free presentation software is PowToon. PowToon gives you the option to create an animated video instead of a more static, slide-based presentation. Even at the free, basic level you get access to some nice features. Free users get up to 100 MB of storage and can create a video of up to three minutes. With the free version, your video will have the PowToon branding.

The PowToon site includes help articles and tutorials to help you learn to use this tool quickly. Plus, there are plenty of third-party tutorials available.

11. Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck online presentation software tool

Speaker Deck is a free tool owned by GitHub. While it's not a presentation authoring tool, upload your presentations as a PDF file and it'll convert them to slideshow format. You can then share your presentation through the Speaker Deck site or embed it into another website.

Visme presentation software tool

The Visme website includes many resources such as tutorials and a helpful knowledge base.

Visme is a multi-faceted online presentation software. Not only can you create presentations, but you can also make infographics, charts, and social graphics. Add video or audio or animate an object in your presentation to make it more interesting. With the free version of Visme, create up to five projects and you also get 100 MB of storage. You can download your project as a .jpg file.

13. WPS Presentation  

WPS Presentation software

WPS Presentation is part of a free office suite that also includes Writer and Spreadsheets. If you choose this option, you'll find it to be very comparable to more popular office productivity software such as MS Office. Even with the free version you get 1G of cloud-based storages. You can also use it on up to three devices (one desktop device and two mobile devices). 

The WPS Office site includes a searchable online help, a useful blog, and other helpful resources.

14. authorSTREAM   

authorSTREAM presentation tool

Like SlideShare, authorSTREAM allows you to share uploaded presentations online with a wider audience. With the free version, the size of the presentation your upload and online storage is limited to 100 MB. Also, with the free version you can convert a single PowerPoint presentation to video. Some support is available through the company, but I didn't find many third-party tutorials or articles.

15. Genially  

Genially presentation software

This online presentation software specializes in letting you create interactive content. It also features many animation effects. Not only can you use Genially to create online presentations, you can also create infographics and other interactive projects. 

Most people should find this software easy to learn. The website includes a frequently updated blog with some helpful tips. I was also able to find some third-party tutorials for this presentation software tool.

5 Quick Tips for Making Great Online Web Presentations in 2020

To help you create the best possible online web presentation, we've got collected five quick tips that you can use in your presentations now:

1. Simplicity Is Key

Today's free interactive presentation tools come packed with many advanced features and options that let you customize your slides. A header text plus no more than four bullet points along with graphics and charts is more than enough to create a powerful presentation. 

Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

2. Timing Is Everything

Finding the appropriate length for your presentation is vital to the success of your presentation. If you create a presentation that's too short, your audience will feel like you didn't put enough effort into the presentation. If you create a presentation that's too long, you run the risk of confusing and boring your audience. Aim to create no more than 17 slides and have each slide take no longer than four minutes. 

3. Use Graphics

To help your presentation to be more interesting and to connect with your audience, add graphics to several slides in your presentation. Make sure to include graphics that are relevant to the subject of the slide that you're on and that helps you illustrate your point.


4. Speak in a Clear and Expressive Voice

How you speak during your presentation will make or break the presentation. Speak in a clear, strong, and expressive voice. This type of voice will capture the attention of your audience and make the entire presentation much more appealing to watch.

5. Ask Your Audience to Take Part

Presenting online has many advantages. One of those advantages is having the ability to send messages during the presentation without interrupting the speaker. This opens up a great opportunity for you to encourage questions and comments during your presentation. This will not only help engage your audience but also help them learn the material you are trying to present more effectively. 

Top 5 Trending Presentation Templates (From Envato Elements - For 2020)

Envato Elements gives you a huge library of business presentation templates to choose from. To help you find the perfect template, I've collected five of the best-selling presentation templates on Envato Elements for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides: 

1.  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Permanent Keynote Template

Permanent Keynote Template

This eye-catching Keynote features 32 masters and two slide sizes. It'll allow you to choose the flexibility to choose a layout that'll work for you. Expect to find matching charts, diagrams, and tables in this template that'll make your presentation stand out. If you're looking for a versatile template that works well for a wide variety of presentations, then this is the template for you.

2.  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Nextar - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

Nextar - Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This clean and modern looking PowerPoint template is ideal for creative agencies, tech startups, and for any finance presentation. All the elements are fully editable and can easily be customized. 

Here's what to expect in this presentation template:

3.  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Expert PowerPoint Template

Expert PowerPoint Template

The Expert template will make you look like an expert. This presentation template offers a whopping 620 unique slides, 100 color themes, and 24 templates. The design of the template is very versatile making this a go-to template for any of your presentation needs. Don't be afraid to use this template for more than one presentation!

4.  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">iEdu - Education Google Slides Template

iEdu - Education Google Slides Template

The iEDU template gives you a contemporary and minimal design that'll engage your audience. All the content on the design is well structured and flows nicely. 

Here are a few of this template's main features:

Don't miss out on this ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">high-quality presentation template !

5.  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Tech Corp - Modern Google Slides Template

Tech Corp - Modern Google Slides Template

This multipurpose presentation is ideal for internal meetings, investor pitch decks, weekly meetings, product showcases, and much more. Every object in this Google Slides template is editable. So, customize the presentation to your specific needs. 

Here are a few notable features of this presentation

If you only need a ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent"> single web presentation template , consider GraphicRiver. It lets you download and pay for templates one at a time. You'll get the same professional quality without the commitment of a subscription.

Discover More Presentation Templates for 2020

The templates outlined in this article are some of the best available. But this is only a small selection of the presentation templates that you can find on Envato Elements and Graphic River.

By purchasing the low-cost unlimited subscription on Envato Elements, you'll have complete access to a library of all types of ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">presentation templates . If you didn't find the right template for your presentation in this article, then browse through these other articles containing more high-quality presentation templates:

web presentation tool

Learn More About Making Stunning Presentations

Online web presentation tools come with a variety of features that can help you in creating a professional presentation. In this article, we only went over a few tips to help you in the presentation creation process. To learn more great tips and tricks when it comes to free online interactive presentation tools, check out our articles below: 

web presentation tool

Chances are if you're creating an online presentation, you'll need video conferencing software, so look at   12+ Top Business Web Video Conferencing Software Free + Paid  as well!

Extra Resource: Free Presentation eBook Download ( PDF )

Also, be sure download our new eBook on Making Great Presentations . It'll help you with the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

Free PDF Presentation eBook

Get Started on Your Next Online Presentation

Don't let a limited budget keep you from creating the presentations you need. You're just learned about what to look for in an online presentation software tool.

We've also shared 15 free online presentation software packages. One of them is bound to be right for you. Plus, we've also shared ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">professionally designed templates to use with these online presentation makers so you can make a good impression.

Good luck with your presentation!

Editorial Note: This tutorial was originally published in December of 2017. It's been comprehensively revised to include new information—with special assistance from Daniel Strongin .

Laura Spencer


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