Speech Writing Class 6 CBSE Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises

A speech is used to convey information orally to a number of people. The purpose of a speech is:

  • to convince the listeners about the speaker’s point of view
  • to pass on a wide range of information
  • to express an opinion, share a point of view, experience, observation, etc.

Looking for an easy way to Learning of new elementary english grammar and composition for class 6 answers, Solutions. You have to learn basic  English Grammar  topics like Tenses Verbs, Nouns, etc… In this article, we will review the best English Grammer Topics and compare them against each other

Speech Writing Class 6 Format, Examples, Topics, Exercises PDF


For example:

A self-introduction is very common.

For example: I am Rajan Sharma from class VI B and I feel honoured to be given an opportunity to speak about global warming.

Speech Writing Class 6 CBSE Sample Example With Answer

Some people say that television is a very useful tool when it comes to education. Others argue that television is a medium of entertainment only. Discuss both of these views and write a speech upon the usefulness of television as an educational tool in not more than 150 words.

Speech Writing Class 6 CBSE Practice Example

A. “You may take a thousand risks and get away with it every time, but it takes only one accident, just one, to cause you injury or death.” In the light of the above statement, prepare a speech on the topic ‘Road Safety’ for the morning assembly. Give a suitable title. Do not exceed more than 150- 200 words. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

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speech writing questions class 6

Worksheet: Speech Writing - Notes | Study English Grammar for Class 6 - Class 6

Q.1. Prepare a speech for the morning assembly on the topic, ‘Good Manners’ with the help of the given outlines. Importance of good manners—cost nothing—at home—at school—in social life.

Worksheet: Speech Writing - Notes | Study English Grammar for Class 6 - Class 6

Q.3. Prepare a speech in about 100 words, encouraging your schoolmates to follow certain rules when they go for excursions so as to keep our picnic spots clean and attractive. You can take the help of the hints given below. use of bags to dispose of wrappers—leave no waste—use public dustbins—avoid carrying disposables etc.

Q.4. You have to make a speech in your class about the precautions and measures to be taken against malaria. Write the speech in not more than 100 words. You may take help of the ideas given below : Prevention is better than cure—cleanliness—in and outside the house—no water logging—mosquito—DDT spray—full sleeves—full pants—covers

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Document description: worksheet: speech writing for class 6 2023 is part of english grammar for class 6 preparation. the notes and questions for worksheet: speech writing have been prepared according to the class 6 exam syllabus. information about worksheet: speech writing covers topics like and worksheet: speech writing example, for class 6 2023 exam. find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises and tests below for worksheet: speech writing., download free edurev app, related searches, semester notes, objective type questions, previous year questions with solutions, study material, video lectures, mock tests for examination, viva questions, practice quizzes, extra questions, important questions, sample paper, shortcuts and tricks, past year papers.

speech writing questions class 6

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speech writing questions class 6

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speech writing questions class 6

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100+ English Speech Topics for Students and Children | Persuasive Speech Topics

February 16, 2023 by Veerendra

Most of the time we wish to stand in front of the people and educate or inspire them with our views and innovative ideas. Despite that, some time’s we can’t make it in the correct manner just like our wish. This happens mostly because of failing to choose the right words at the right times. That’s why we have come up with today’s special article i.e., Topics of Effective Speeches . These speech topics will support you to grab the audience’s attention and make them hear to you.

Speech topics become a part of our life during the time of schools and colleges. Somewhat writing a speech is entirely different than delivering a speech. All you require is persuasive speech topics and bit knowledge helps you inform and persuade your target audience. For that, you should go through with deep research and state valid points to build a good impression.

Types of Persuasive Speech Topics

However, there are numerous persuasive speech topics considered interesting & adequate to be used are as mentioned below. All these effective speech topics are appropriate and will stay in our minds after a long time. You have infinite options in terms of choosing a persuasive speech topics. We have listed some of the best & good ones to aid you to create an excellent impression.

List of 100+ Effective Speech Topics for Students & Children

We as a team undergo thorough research about the various kinds of speech topics for your sake of knowledge. So that you can just concentrate on delivering an excellent speech on the topic in front of others. From here, you will find out a massive list of important persuasive speech topics for different special occasions, on prominent leaders, motivational, and many more.

This list of effective speech topics is suitable for anyone right from school students to colleges/universities. I am sure that you will discover what you are looking for from our massive collection of Persuasive Speech Topics. To save your time and to put out of the mess from the hard search we have divided the speech topics into different categories and listed in the below sections for a better and quick search.

Tips for Writing an Effective Speech

It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you have the most creative thoughts and don’t execute them well in your speech. A decent speech keeps summons emotions is soundly based and addresses relevant subjects. So as to compose a good speech, ensure to follow the focuses given beneath:

Structure: Never forget to have a clear structure in your mind before you start writing your speech. It is the set of the first step that will give a certain figure to your speech and aid keep you on track. Scribble down all your thoughts coming to your mind and then relate them therefore each part has something fascinating to keep the audience curious.

Vocabulary: A speech is intended for an audience that is loaded up with several kinds of people. You have to ensure that you are utilizing the correct words so the message will pass on to every single one effectively. Only the right words can communicate and feature your message. Thereby, the extent of difficulty must match the instance of the audience of your speech.

Relatable: Your speech is what you think of it, if you have mind-blowing points in your speech but you have failed in delivering it well, it won’t work. Attempt to include relatable things in the speech to make everybody agreeable and convey it in a civilized way so the audience connects with you and also with your speech.

Examples: When you utilize examples, it helps to prove your point in a superior way. It also supports persuades the audience and results in better engagement. Just use the required amount of examples so the audience purchase what you are offering and furthermore to add that touching point to your speech.

Short: The most exceedingly terrible thing that you do to your audience is delivering a long speech. Try not to make a decent attempt and summarize your views in a short and enlightening speech. Indeed, the longer you take, the more missteps you will make. At some point when somebody is investing their time to hear you out, make sure it is justified, despite all the trouble.

FAQs on Speech Topics

1. How many Types of Speeches exist?

There are three main types of speeches. And the type will depend upon the speaker’s objective. The three main types of speeches are Informative, Persuasive, and Special Occasion .

2. What are the 5 speech styles?

Yet, As per the Jooz, the styles of speeches are classified into five types: frozen, formal, consultative, casual, and intimate.

3. What are the best Persuasive Speech Topics?

There are plenty of speech topics that exist for students and children and they are classified into many categories. They are as under:

4. What are the Best Tips for Crafting your Persuasive Speech?

Follow the three tips which are given here and create an outstanding speech that’ll interest and influence your audience.

Final Words

To summarize it, a great speech needs time and effort. If you have a chance to pick your own speech topic, try to select the right one that you have an idea, and express your views and opinions openly, without any reluctance. Consistency is a key, you won’t get it impeccable for the first time, yet ultimately, you will arrive that position what you have dreamt.

So, practice these above steps and make your speech goes well and seek the audience’s interest in you and your speeches. Try to select the speech topics from the list of “100+ Persuasive Speech Topics for Students” available over here and make it more perfect at the end. Also, refer to our site AplusTopper.com and get more related articles like this.

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Speech Topics for Kids

Struggling to prepare a good speech? Here we are to help you through it.

It is important to understand what ‘speech’ is before you start writing one. Speech is the act of communicating your ideas on a particular topic. Speech can also simply mean sharing what you feel in front of an audience. The occasions in which you would have to do it might differ, but there are a few pointers that should be taken care of and stay the same irrespective of the kind of topic you are talking about.

Table of Contents

Miscellaneous english speech topics, tips to prepare and present a good speech.

Explore multiple English speech topics and go through sample speeches from the list of articles given below.

Before you give a speech on a public forum, make sure you are well-versed about the topic that would be discussed. Most often, in schools, you find various opportunities to voice out your ideas. There are school assemblies, language assessments, literary competitions and the like. The opportunities are plenty. You are the one who should take a bold step to volunteer and prepare a good speech for your audience.

If you know the topic beforehand, be sure to prepare and practise well before you give your speech. No matter how nervous you are, stand up there like you own it all. Firmly hold your microphone and speak. Always know that your audience are people with different points of view, so do not let any sort of distractions, including the fingers pointing at you, the people laughing or murmuring, the different facial expressions and so on, ruin it for you. Remember, when you are up there, ‘you’ are the one speaking, ‘you’ are the one who showed the courage to be on the stage in front of a huge audience; so go for it, enjoy the spotlight and let your words be etched in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Furthermore, if you are planning on becoming an orator or an entrepreneur, you should know that what and how you speak is what will sell you. This is your chance to start making a change and shaping your future. So, prepare, practice and produce in the best way possible. We are here to guide you through.

speech writing questions class 6

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