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20 Topics For A Biology Literature Review

science topics for literature review

Advanced Stem Cell And Developmental Biology – Experimental Design

science topics for literature review

Finding Articles And Books Using Database For Your Discipline

science topics for literature review

The building block of all academic research activities , regardless of discipline, is to base the work on existing knowledge and link it up. Hence, doing so correctly should be a priority for all academics. However, the task has got more and more complicated. Development of knowledge within the field of business research is growing at a tremendous pace while remaining fragmented and interdisciplinary at the same time. This makes it difficult to keep up with state of the art studies and be at the forefront, as well as analyse the accumulated evidence in a specific area of research. Therefore, the literature review as a method of research is more relevant than ever. A review of literature can be generally defined as a more or less systematic way of collecting and synthesizing prior research.

A successful and well-done analysis as a research method provides a firm foundation for the advancement of knowledge and the growth of theory. Scientific research support services offer the medical analysis data that are related to research work. Through combining observations and insights from many scientific studies, a review of the literature will answer research questions with a strength that no single study has (Boyd & Solarino , 2016).

20 Topics For A Biology Literature Review

Literature Search, Topics, Journals, Coronavirus, Biology

The Process of Conducting a Literature Review

There are a number of steps that need to be taken and decisions are taken to produce a study that satisfies the publication criteria.  The basic steps and essential choices involved in conducting a literature review will be suggested and addressed in four phases; (1) Planning of the review, (2) Conducting of the review, (3) Analyses and (4) Writing the review (Palmatier et al., 2018).

Interesting topics to Choose in Biology

Here we have discussed 20 topics to choose in biology, which can be quite interesting. The first 10 topics are explained to the point where we can work and the remaining 10 articles are stated on general themes.

1.Obesity related to Genetic Phenomenon

Obesity is a heterogeneous disease whose biological causes are complex. The increasing frequency of obesity over the last few decades is attributed to environmental factors such as sedentary lifestyles and overnutrition, but that is obese at an individual level is determined by genetic susceptibility (Venkatesan & Mohan, 2016).

2.Is Paleo diet the healthiest choice

Paleolithic diet has been gaining worldwide popularity due to its putative health benefits. “Paleo” was Google’s most wanted diet word in 2014. Nonetheless, a 2015 US News and World Report ranking of 35 diets with feedback from a panel of health experts ranked the Paleolithic diet dead last, citing a lack of evidence of clinical benefits from research (Manheimer et al., 2015).

3.Resistant to Antibiotics

Antibiotics are the’ wonder medicines’ used for battling microbes. Numerous types of antibiotics have been not only used for therapeutic purposes for decades but have been used prophylactically across other fields such as livestock and animal husbandry. Uncertainty has emerged as microbes have become immune to specific antibiotics while the host remains unaware of the development of antibiotic resistance (Zaman et al., 2017).

4.The Need of the Hour – Coronavirus

A cluster of identified-cause pneumonia patients was related to a wholesale market for seafood in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. A previously unknown betacoronavirus was discovered from patients with pneumonia by using objective sequencing in the samples .

5.Impact of Tobacco Use

Cigarettes smoked in the form of either smoke or smokeless is dangerous for the human body. Globally, the death toll from cigarettes has risen to around 6.4 million annually and is on a steady rise (Shah et al., 2018).

6.The need to review HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV / AIDS) is a global health problem: more than 70 million people were diagnosed with HIV, 35 million died, and 36.7 million people are currently living with the disease (Fajardo-Ortiz et al., 2017).

7.The Unsolved Leprosy

Leprosy, a chronic mycobacterial infection caused by Mycobacterium leprae, is an infectious disease that has destroyed human societies for thousands of years. This ancestral pathogen causes cutaneous lesions to disfigure, peripheral nerve damage, ostearticular deformity, loss of limbs and weakness, blindness and stigma (Franco-Paredes & Rodriguez-Morales, 2016).

8.Tuberculosis – The Disease without Boundaries

An airborne disease of Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB), which usually affects the lungs causing severe coughing, fever, and chest pain. While current research has provided valuable insight into the transmission, diagnosis, and treatment of TB over the past four years, much remains to be learned to effectively decrease the occurrence of and ultimately eliminate TB (Levine et al., 2015).

9.The Epidemic of the Century – Diabetes

It studies the epidemic essence of diabetes mellitus in various regions. The North Africa and the Middle East region has the lowest prevalence of diabetes in adults (10.9 percent), while the Western Pacific region has the highest number of diabetes-diagnosed adults and countries with the highest incidence of diabetes (37.5 per cent) (Kharroubi, 2015).

10.Parkinson’s Disease

The disease of Parkinson is a progressive neurodegenerative disease characterized by tremor and bradykinesia and is a common neurological disorder. Male sex and advancing age are independent risk factors, and rising productivity and medical resources are taking on increasing toll as the population ages (Hayes, 2019).

General Topics to Focus

Future Scopes

A review of the literature may be thorough or limited, but it should discuss landmark or principal works and works that have been important in the field. The complexity of a review of the literature can vary according to assignment and discipline. The analysis of literature may be part of a larger piece of work or a stand-alone post, meaning it’s a paper entirely. Moreover, literature reviews can pave a way to numerous research questions and research ideas.




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172 Intriguing Science Research Paper Topics

Table of Contents

What are Science Research Paper Topics?

If you have clicked on this page, perhaps you have a huge interest in writing a psychology research paper. However, if you need to write a good paper, undoubtedly selecting good psychology research topics serves as a crucial step. Certainly, you might find numerous topics on the internet, yet choosing the best science research paper topics might cause you difficulties. Despite, the numerous complexities you might face, yet it seems interesting to write and simple to research science topics. Moreover, you ought to find several latest and current journals online, make your research even simpler.

Science Research Paper Topics

How to use Science Research Paper Topics?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand how relevant science research topics are and we ought to select them carefully. Moreover, in reality, if we don’t select good topics, perhaps our research paper will not hold much value. Hence, select your science research paper topics carefully, as you might want to excel in your assignments.

Let’s explore few conditions that might help you choose good science research paper topics:

Consequently, if you select a broad topic, ensure to explore it from a particular angle. For instance, studying the impact of video games on children doesn’t seem an appropriate topic. Instead, you choose to write on the impact of video games on the cognitive skills of children. Moreover, ensure to have a backup plan in place, because while writing on it, you may discover its popularity. Perhaps, talking to your professor might help you choose a good direction for your science research paper topics.

How to Write Science Research Paper Topics?

Subsequently, if you want to write exemplary science research papers, possibly you will have to adhere to the following points:

Vision Statement- Specifically, ensure to write the key message of your science research in just one sentence. Perhaps, you will have to use it multiple times in your paper.

Read more: excellent biology research topics

Science Research Paper Topics

Interesting science research topics.

Excellent Science Research Topics

Good-Scoring Science Research Paper Topics

Informative Science Research Paper Topics

Top-Notch Science Research Paper Topics

Outstanding Science Research Paper Topics

Captivating Science Research Paper Topics

Science Research Paper Topics for All Academics

Eye-Catching Science Research Paper Topics

Top-Quality Science Research Paper Topics

Final List of Science Research Paper Topics

Latest Science research paper topics:

Final Thoughts

If you have reached the end, perhaps you have found some interesting science research paper topics for your assignments. However, if you don’t know if your topic is suitable or not, certainly you ought to talk to your professor or get help with our online Ph.D. Dissertation Helper .  Moreover, if you still don’t understand it, perhaps consider calling our experts and seek their help to complete your assignments.

science topics for literature review

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Social Issues Topics

198 Captivating Social Issues Topics for Essay or Research Paper

Geology Research Topic

146 Best Geology Research Topics for Academic Writing

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Raise Your Grades with Great Assignment Help

105 Literature Review Topics + How-to Guide [2023]

105 Literature Review Topics + How-to Guide [2023]

A literature review is a variant of curtsy in scientific circles. It presents your acknowledgment that you are not the first to tackle the issue. Your predecessors have made progress in answering your research question, and you plan to start from the point they finished.

The picture contains a definition of a literature review.

This article features examples of literature review topics on multiple knowledge areas. Additionally, you will find exhaustive disambiguation of all the types of a literature review, as well as its purposes, definition, outline, and formatting.

🔗 References

🔝 top 15 literature review topics.

✍️ Literature Review Writing Tips

Speaking of a literature review , the definition is too broad to be used as writing guidance. It is an overview of credible materials on a particular research question. A literature review usually becomes chapter 1 in dissertations and theses , allowing to explore the current knowledge on the topic. It evaluates academic and professional articles, journal publications, books, and web-based resources.

A literature review is an indispensable part of a research paper. It serves many purposes, some of which are not evident.

What Is the Purpose of a Literature Review?

Types of Literature Review

Below you’ll find the 6 types of literature reviews.

The picture lists the 6 types of literature review.

Systematic Review

A systematic literature review is a most comprehensive and data-oriented type. It defines the timeframe of the selected literature and is subdivided into two categories:

Narrative Review

It is also called a traditional or critical literature review. The purpose is to summarize the available material, critique it, and identify the gaps and inconsistencies. This type works well for almost any research question, provided it is sufficiently focused and limited in time or subject matter.

Scoping Review

As the name implies, it estimates the scope of available literature on a literature review topic. Unlike a systematic literature review, which aims to find the most specific research question, this type looks for the most general one. It answers the question of what else can be researched in the field.

Theoretical Review

A theoretical literature review explores the pool of theories that have so far accumulated on a concept. It lists the existing ideas, their relationships, and gaps. The purpose is to develop hypotheses to be tested in the experimental section.

Argumentative Review

This type provides the most selective literature review to prove or refute an argument already established in the research literature. However, this is also the most biased review among all types.

Integrative Review

This literature review integrates, synthesizes, and critiques the available secondary data to develop new research frameworks and perspectives.

Systematic Review vs. Literature Review vs. Annotated Bibliography

Literature Review Outline

How long should a literature review be? It depends on the assignment requirements and your outline.

A literature review is often used as a part of a more general research paper. In such a case, you can limit yourself to the standard introduction –main body – conclusion formula.

In all the other situations, use the following literature review outline.

The picture lists the 5 components of literature review.

Literature Review Format

All citation styles require you to indicate the author’s name, book title, publication year, number of pages, and volume or issue number. This data is available in any printed edition, as publishers use it to identify their products.

It may sound simple until you discover that each citation style has a multi-page list of nuanced details specific to this format and inapplicable to any other.

Browse the guides for each of the most popular types below.

APA style is a format for scholarly documents. It is particularly popular in the fields of social and behavioral sciences. APA is well-known for its simplicity in source references. Thus, a vast majority of American universities and colleges prefer this format.

MLA style manual is an abridged version of the MLA Handbook published by the Modern Language Association. It was created for students to assist in their research aspirations. Its 8 th edition is addressed to secondary-school and undergraduate university and college teachers and students. The style is popular in humanities (modern languages, literature, cultural studies, and related disciplines).

Chicago style (also called CMS or CMOS) is a style guide for American English. The University of Chicago Press first published it in 1906. Since then, it has had 17 editions and has become one of the most popular citation styles in the US. The guide instructs on editorial practice, grammar, document preparation, formatting, and even the use of the singular “they.”

💡 Literature Review Topics

Literature review topics in education.

Political Science Literature Review Topics

Criminal Justice Literature Review Topics

Sociology Literature Review Topics

Nursing Literature Review Topics

Psychology Literature Review Topics

Biology Literature Review Topics

Easy Literature Review Topics

❓ Literature Review Topics FAQ

❓ what is discussed in literature review.

A literature review discusses the texts that are the most relevant to your research question. It summarizes, compares, evaluates, and critiques the available literature to find the points of intersection and blind spots. As a result, you will develop a specific topic for further research or pose a hypothesis.

❓ What are the 3 parts of literature review?

The three parts of this academic genre are the same as those of any other research paper. The introduction explores the background and importance of the topic. The main body analyzes the selected texts. It may also contain a methodology section that explains why you chose such or another literary review type. The conclusion outlines the perspectives of your research.

❓ What are the four stages of literature review?

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UM-Flint Home


Research Topic Ideas

Astronomy Topics

Biology topics, chemistry topics, computer science topics, earth and resource science topics, engineering topics, mathematics topics, physics topics, suggested databases.

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Science Research Paper Topics

90 best science research paper topics.

Science is a fantastic field of learning that pushes humankind forward. You can research many different topics and ideas. However, this confuses the student when you try to choose a topic for the research paper. In this article, we want to help you with selecting the appropriate research paper topics.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Science Research Paper Topics

Who Created This List of Science Research Paper Topics?

We are a team of professional academic writers from all around the globe. Our team members have worked on a vast amount of topics from science to literature for the last several years. We put a long time into creating this list, and we are 100% sure that it will be helpful for you.

15 Good Science Topics for Research Papers

15 Science Topics For High School Research Papers

15 Life Science Research Paper Topics

15 Interesting Topics For Science Research Paper

15 Physical Science Research Paper Topics

15 Science Research Paper Ideas

Get Hands-on Help w/ Research Paper Topics About Science?

It is challenging to write a high-quality academic piece. You need to find, analyze and structure different sources. After that, you will note several drafts and edit your work. Many people don’t have the time to do this. So we advise you to consider hiring our professionals to write your paper. We are a team of professional paper writers that does an excellent job for a fair price.

521 Research Questions & Titles about Science

Do you enjoy revealing the mysteries of nature? There are as many secrets in space as there are deep in the ocean. You may be the one who solves the next puzzle!

Our specialists will write a custom essay on any topic for $13.00 $10.40/page

Natural science focuses on our environment. We try to understand how and why everything around us works. Living organisms, natural phenomena, rocks, and even the stars, are under scientists’ observation. Research in this area is a continuous process. Sometimes when it seems like we found out the answer, it just creates more questions! There are also plenty of weird things that can’t be explained.

Want to learn more about the scientific puzzles to be solved? Take a look at the collection of science research questions that experts have prepared. Find your perfect idea in the list below!

🔝 Top 10 Natural Science Topics for Research Papers

⭐ Scientific Research Topics List: Top 10

🔎 References

💡 Choosing an Interesting Science Research Topic

There are plenty of scientific research papers topics to choose from. You can pick an area that you prefer: astronomy, biology, chemistry, nature, geology, and physics. And we prepared a list of at least 35 cool research titles about science in each of them!

However, you should put some effort into choosing a good and interesting topic. There are several aspects you need to consider. The first thing to look into is how easy or hard the future research may be. Evaluate the resources and the skills you have. Are they enough to understand if it is enough to resolve a scientific issue you chose?

Next, you should also foresee the benefits of the research. Proper scientific research can increase knowledge in a specific area. Of course, if you are a college student, you shouldn’t feel any obligation to solve unimaginable problems. However, even a small discovery could be a huge step in understanding an issue.

Therefore, the key concept is to find a topic that would be easy and fruitful at the same time. Don’t rush! Usually, picking the first idea that comes to your mind doesn’t end successfully…

Also, don’t forget to listen to your inner voice. If it feels like the topic is not for you, cross it out. You shouldn’t waste your time working on research that doesn’t satisfy you. It also needs to reflect your point of view.

How To Choose A Research Topic?

Last but not least, think about the approach of your research since it can also affect the topic. Decide whether you want to start quantitative or qualitative research . Then you might want to check out our collection of 501 good research topics for science!

🚀 Space Research Topics

Have you ever had a dream of going into outer space as a kid? If yes, then these space research topics are for you!

Space research studies the observable universe that starts just outside the Earth’s surface. You don’t necessarily need to go in outer space to study it, though. Astronomy is where it all begins. Planets, galaxies, and different phenomena can all be studied from the ground. But note that most current projects also require some knowledge in physics, math, and computer science.

Receive a plagiarism-free paper tailored to your instructions.

If you feel like it’s for you, then check out the list of the trending astronomy research topics below.

💫 58 Astronomy Research Topics

Spaceport base night with rocket.

🌿 Plants & Animals: Biological Research

Studying living organisms makes it to the top of the most interesting science research topics! No complicated physics, no political debates, just the peaceful science of life. If that is what you were looking for, then this list of biology research topics is for you!

Biology may not be the most popular choice for those writing a paper, but it doesn’t make it less exciting. Just think about the life-changing ideas of Charles Darwin! No need to worry, there are quite enough issues to be solved in animal biology since it is such a wide area.

Look through the whole list of 164 plants and animals research topics to find the best one for you.

🐈 164 Biology Research Topics

Aristotle quote.

Human evolution from monkey.

🔬 Research in Chemistry

You may not realize it, but everything happening around is chemistry. Even such simple actions as breathing and eating are chemical reactions! How cool is that? Chemistry makes it to the top fun science research topics.

Just $13.00 $10.40/page , and you can get an custom-written academic paper according to your instructions

The thing is that everything is made of chemicals. Yes, even your body and your food! So claiming that you “don’t want to eat those chemicals in the food” would be fundamentally wrong. However, trying to avoid harmful additives is a healthy practice.

Everything happening around is chemistry.

Are you excited already? Then you might want to look through the list of chemistry research topics we prepared for you. The level of difficulty varies, so there are plenty of chemistry research paper topics for graduates as well as high school students.

⚛️ 72 Chemistry Research Topics

🌎 Ecological Research: Environment & Climate Change

It is a special scientific research topic list. This one is for the lovers of our planet and for those who see their purpose in improving the environment. The carefully selected environmental science research topics can help you do that.

The ecological and environmental science research unites all the studies about the interconnection between living organisms and their environment. You might find many ecology research topics, as well as multiple climate change research topics.

The term ecology.

However, since a lot of processes in the ecosystems can be quite slow, you should choose the field considering the time limits you have. But don’t worry, there are plenty of interesting environmental research paper topics for any kind of research you want to conduct!

☁️ 71 Environmental Science Research Topics

⛰️ Research in Geology

Contrary to popular belief, geology can be fun! You might ask yourself how fun an earth science can be… But this area actually includes much more than just studying the rocks.

Geologists are responsible for answering science research questions about mineral sources, earthquakes, volcanos, and even energy and climate change. They basically take care of society’s biggest natural problems.

Facts About The Earth.

In the area of geology, you can usually find quite easy scientific research topics. However, keep in mind that you might have to go out to the field and get muddy while doing most of your research.

We prepared an excellent list of geology research topics that can be useful for students with a major in geology who are working on their thesis.

🔷 45 Geology Research Topics

🤓 Physics Research

Once again – a scientific subject that studies how our world works. However, just like other branches, it has its own specifics. Even though physics usually seems complicated, we gathered only simple science research topics for you!

Physics research might require a profound knowledge of the four fundamental concepts of physics. However, the good news is that this is the area where it is easy to find many qualitative and quantitative research topics about science.

Richard Dawkins quote.

Also, research is mostly based on conducting experiments, but most physics research topics in our list concern theoretical issues. Any of the ideas here can be used for your paper, so hurry up and look through all of them!

🌈 73 Physics Research Topics

🔝 Top 20 Big Science Research Questions

Learn more on this topic:

Great lists, thanks for sharing such nice titles.

Custom Writing

Thank you for your feedback!

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Science & research news | Frontiers

Top 10 Research Topics from 2022

Posted on December 9, 2022 by Frontiers Communications in Research topics , Top News // 0 Comments

science topics for literature review

Find the answers to your biggest research questions from 2022. With collective views of over 3.2 million, researchers explored topics spanning from vaccine safety and psychedelic therapy to quaternary fossils and antiviral plants .

Research Topics:

science topics for literature review

1. Viral diseases

37 articles | 499,000 views

Uncovering the countermeasures, molecular virology, and pathogenesis of emerging and re-emerging viruses

science topics for literature review

2. Exploring sound

23 articles | 442,000 views

Exploring the fascinating world of sound and how it benefits and causes problems to people, other animals, and our environment

science topics for literature review

3. Neurodegenerative diseases

19 articles | 387,000 views

Examining the effect of bioactive compounds, diet, and lifestyle factors on neurodegenerative disease phenotypes

science topics for literature review

4. Psychedelic therapy

22 articles | 346,000 views

Understanding how the social and relational effects of psychedelic use impact therapeutic outcomes

science topics for literature review

5. Circadian rhythms

6 articles | 335,000 views

Demonstrating why time-of-day is an important factor in maximizing the health benefits of exercise and physical activity for disease prevention and treatment

science topics for literature review

6. Covid-19 insights

84 articles | 320,000 views

Focusing on new insights, novel developments, current challenges, latest discoveries, recent advances, and future perspectives in the field of COVID-19

science topics for literature review

7. Vaccine safety

10 articles | 244,000 views

Novel approaches to balance vaccine efficacy and safety by addressing increased pro-inflammatory immune responses and their effects on other biological systems

science topics for literature review

8. Spirituality and healthcare

16 articles | 242,000 views

Evaluating the intersections between spirituality and healthcare in all their manifestations, either secular or religious ones, alongside their consequent clinical implication

science topics for literature review

9. Antiviral plants

16 articles | 208,000 views

Demonstrating the clinical application of plant products in the management of viral infection

science topics for literature review

10. Quaternary fossils

4 articles | 144,000 views

Discovering the geological and paleoecological processes that lead to the formation of Quaternary fossil accumulations and recognizing the impact of taphonomic processes on the paleobiological and paleoecological information contained within these deposits

Shape the future of your field

Become a guest editor of an article collection around your own research theme. Benefit from increased impact and discoverability, a dedicated platform and support team, and rigorous peer review for every paper.

Suggest your topic

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