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Professional cover letter and resume builder software perfected over a decade by HR experts. Our tools will ultimately save you hours of time and effort.

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Need a few ideas before submitting your application? View hundreds of resume, cover letter, and CV examples for different jobs and life situations.

Free-to-Download Templates

500+ resume and cover letter templates in a wide range of colors and formats. Each template can be downloaded instantly for Word or opened in Google Docs.

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Making a resume and writing a cover letter is easy with the right instructions. Our certified career coaches walk you through every step and detail.

FAQ Database

Can’t find the answer to your most pressing career-related questions? Our FAQ library is a good place to start.

Additional Career Resources

Resume Genius provides resignation letter templates, tips on writing thank you and recommendation letters, interview advice, and more.

Professional Resume Templates

Get your job hunt going with an easy-to-edit template. Download one of our 240+ resume templates and build a resume today.

Professional Resume Builder

Resume Genius features some of the most effective cover letter and resume maker software on the internet. If you need a job as soon as possible, our cover letter and resume generator tools can help you quickly create customized applications for multiple jobs.

HR-Approved Examples

There are 600+ resume & cover letter examples (and counting) hosted on Resume Genius. Each sample is reviewed by a certified expert, and is thoroughly vetted to ensure it's up-to-date and suitable for today's job market.

Popular Resumes

Popular cover letters, the genius career blog.

Whether you're new to job hunting, happily employed, or looking to land a higher-paid gig, our blog has resources to help you at each stage of your career.

A hero image for the resume formats page.

The Best Resume Format for 2023

Not sure how to format your resume and best highlight your qualifications? We'll show you, and also provide downloadable examples.

Image showing how to write a cover letter that impresses recruiters.

Learn the art of cover letter writing step by step. Knowing how to write a cover letter is a skill that'll help you throughout your career.

45+ Resume Summary Examples

Your resume summary showcases your top qualifications in 2-3 concise sentences. Use our examples as a reference when writing your own.

What Is a CV? (Definition & Meaning)

A CV (or "curriculum vitae") is similar to a resume, but it's not the same — especially in the US. Don't worry, we'll explain.

Videos for Job Seekers

Prefer video content? We cover the job application basics and more with in-depth YouTube tutorials. And don't forget to check out our TikTok content featuring the joys of work life.

How to Make a "No Experience" Resume

No work experience? No problem. Chloe walks you through the process of making a full 1-page resume that showcases the skills and experience you do have , so you can start applying for jobs.

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

The best internships are competitive. Corissa explains how to write an internship cover letter that makes your application stand out from others vying for the same opportunity.

How to Assert Dominance in an Interview

Life on the job hunt is often full of surprises. And sometimes those surprises can be pretty funny.

Top Soft Skills for Your Job Search

Soft skills make you a more desirable candidate for a job. Are you highlighting these skills in your resume and during interviews?

Ready to level up your job hunt?

Increase your chance of landing interviews and earning job offers with these four proven steps .

Make a compelling resume

Write and format a job-winning resume with tips and tricks from certified career experts.

Write a complementary cover letter

Pair your resume with a great cover letter to make your application irresistible to hiring managers.

Get ready for the interview

Prepare for the interview by studying tricky interview questions and learning how to respond.

Send a thank-you email

Email a polite thank you letter to impress the hiring manager and improve your job prospects.

The Genius resume builder helps users get job offers from top companies

Frequently asked questions, what is resume genius.

Resume Genius is the internet’s premiere free resource for job seekers, and features powerful resume builder and cover letter generator software for anyone looking to apply for competitive jobs across the globe.

Over the past decade, Resume Genius has helped millions of users put together winning job applications by providing thorough writing guides, cutting-edge software, and free downloadable templates. Staffed by a team of seasoned career experts and HR professionals, Resume Genius seeks to help users (both old and new) find and grow their careers.

How do I build a resume?

You can build a resume with our resume creator — simply upload your existing resume and edit it or start from the beginning. Check out our free resume builder today and learn how to make a resume that gets you more job offers in your chosen industry.

Is Resume Genius legit?

Yes, Resume Genius is legit. is SSL Certified and protected by Norton AntiVirus, and all of the downloads and software on are protected as well.

Read, download, and navigate our content with ease, so you can spend more time focusing on that job you’ve got your eye on and getting ready to submit an application that earns you that job.

Is my information GDPR compliant and safe?

Yes, your information is GDPR/CCPA compliant and safe. We take the privacy of each user seriously, and allow everyone to opt out of some or all of the non-essential cookies we use across the website. If you’d like to request that we remove any of your personal data or check what personal data we’ve collected from you simply click here , or send us an email at [email protected] .

We outline the data we collect and why we collect it in our privacy policy . And if you’d like to see a list of cookies our website collects and how to opt in or out of cookies, read our cookie policy .

Can you help me build a cover letter?

Yes, we can help you build a cover letter. Our cover letter builder helps you fill out each line of your cover letter quickly — without the need to actually write it yourself. Simply put in your information and our software will provide suggestions for every sentence, helping you make a professional cover letter in just a few minutes.

Do you support languages outside of US english?

No, we do not support languages outside of US English yet. However, we’re hard at work translating our services so we can help more job seekers from around the world build successful careers. If interested, please check out our UK English content on , and French content on .

What is a CPRW?

A CPRW is a Certified Professional Resume Writer. The CPRW is a globally-recognized credential awarded to resume-writing experts to show they’re qualified to help others make professional resumes that get them noticed by employers and recruiters.

To qualify for a CPRW certification, applicants must first pass a test provided by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches .

More questions? Visit our FAQ library .

Ready to start making your resume?

Don't let your resume hold you back from getting the job you want. Our powerful resume builder helps you create a resume that highlights your qualifications and lands you more interviews.

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The Best Online Resume Builder

Create a resume quickly, easily, and for free with our resume maker! In just minutes, build a resume to take your career to the next level.

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Three easy steps to build a professional resume

Template Collection

Choose from our extensive template collection and personalize to your style.

Job Specific Content

Click to add job-specific content, pre-written by experts.

Donwload File Format

Download in the file format you need and send!

Our resume builder has professionally-designed templates

No need to start from zero! Resume building is easy with our preformatted resume templates , which are optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS). Choose a style that works for you, from modern to professional and basic resumes. Customize in our Resume Builder and finish in just a few clicks.

Lead the recruiter down your qualifications with this easy-to-read design.

Build a resume and elaborate on your qualifications with this crisp and strong layout.


Make a resume that conveys your knowledge with this simple resume template.

The two-column layout makes this modern resume template easy to read.

Put your best foot forward with our resume maker and a unique resume template.

This modern resume template presents your credentials with style.

Build a professional resume with this strong resume template.

This resume template plus our Resume Builder will help you make a bold statement.

Check out our resume maker’s 5-star reviews

Why our resume builder is the best, content created by resume experts.

Our career expert and certified resume and cover letter writers are here to help you! They are certified professionals dedicated to helping you through career advice, professionally designed templates and real-life examples. They make it easy to build a resume with examples and templates created by real people, for real people.

Expert Resume

Step-by-step guidance

We do the work for you. Create a resume free, quickly and easily. Reduce the stress of writing a resume by adding pre-written content specific to the job. We’ll guide you according to your desired position and industry. Building a resume has never been easier! If you need more assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us . Our customer service team is standing by, ready to assist you. We are here to help!

Guidance Resume

Upload your resume or start from scratch

With our online resume builder, you can upload your tried-and-true resume and it’ll automatically reformat to your newly chosen template. Or, if you’re looking to start fresh, simply build a new resume in minutes with a few clicks for free in our resume generator.

Start Resume Build

Customize your resume for any industry and position

It’s simple to craft a resume for any industry . Simply copy and paste the job description and we’ll let you know how well your existing resume matches the job. From there, we provide actionable advice to improve your match score, helping you create a resume tailor-made for the job! Customize the layout and color scheme while the free resume creator takes care of the rest.

Customize Resume

Resume Maker + Smart Apply = Success!

Work smarter, not harder with Smart Apply. Our Resume Builder will guide you in every step of the way: from finding the right job, creating and downloading a targeted resume and cover letter, to sending in your application. Build a free resume and save time in a one-stop shop to advance your career!.

Smart Apply Resume

Make a resume and cover letter in one place

Create a brand for yourself with a matching resume and cover letter. Our cover letter builder is as easy to use as the resume maker. You can count on expert suggestions and professional cover letter templates to complement your resume. When you’re finished, download in any of the following formats: DOC, PDF, .TXT, SVG or JPEG.

Make Resume

Build a resume today. Start your dream job tomorrow.

Join our community of job seekers and use our Resume Builder today.

Career and technology experts love our resume maker

MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder services and accompanying resume assistance tools and extras make it a standout option for job seekers looking to quickly and easily showcase their unique skills to potential employers.

Read the story

MyPerfectResume is a step-by-step resume-building tool with easy-to-use templates and expert tips and advice. MyPerfectResume also automatically creates cover letters that pair perfectly with the resumes. Users also have the option of using MyPerfectResume’s professional resume writers to design a personalized resume and cover letter for them.

This platform is more than an ordinary resume builder. It’s also a cover letter builder, resume checker, and a rich source of examples and tips. You can use its job searching engine to find relevant job openings, too.

Now, you don’t have to get in the hassle of creating a template and getting into resume writing. MyPerfectResume is there to help you out in building a perfect resume. You get to choose from several templates to create a job-ready resume effortlessly.

Resume examples to help you build your resume

We got you covered! Check out resumes examples for the job and industry you want. Browse 900+ professional resume examples created and designed by experts. Build a resume free of worries and in no time.

Registered Nurse

Personal Trainer

WordPress Developer

Resume builder FAQ

Last Updated: February 08, 2023

What is a resume builder?

A resume builder is an online resume maker that provides guidance and tools to create a resume with a few clicks. MyPerfectResume’s Resume Builder allows you to start from scratch by choosing a template, adding your information or choosing our expert suggestions and downloading your finished product. You can also upload your current resume and the resume builder will automatically reformat it for you.

Whichever way you choose, MyPerfectResume’s online resume builder will provide you with guidance and expert suggestions every step of the way. You will build a resume for free that could take your career to the next level.

And, if you want to take it to the next level, invest in your career and choose our Full Access Plan. With features like ResumeCheck, ResumeScore, unlimited downloads in multiple formats and more, our users have a 42% higher chance of hearing back from an employer.

What is the best resume builder?

An excellent resume builder doesn’t just give you a bland template and stuff it with generic information; it takes the time to craft a tailored resume to improve your chances of getting hired. Not all resume builders provide the same tools to build your resume.

At MyPerfectResume, our resume generator is:

Try out the best free resume builder and see for yourself.

Should I use a resume template or make my resume?

Most employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to filter out applications. Using the wrong resume template means you won’t make it past their ATS. A professionally designed, ATS-compliant resume builder template takes out the guesswork.

If you want to save time, our professional Resume Builder also offers step-by-step guidance for our dozens of resume templates . With a free online resume builder, you will finish in no time!

Why should I use a resume builder?

Using a resume builder simplifies your job application process. It saves you time, allows you to reformat without messing up the entire document and even transfers your information automatically if you want to change templates. At MyPerfectResume, our builder will also provide you guidance and expert suggestions. Its user-friendliness also translates to the CV Maker and Cover Letter Builder.

How long should a resume be?

The length of your resume will depend on your level of experience. A professional resume should be one to two pages long. If you’re a student, a recent graduate or an entry-level professional, it’s OK for your resume to only be a one-page document. However, if you have several years of experience, you can organize your qualifications into two pages.

Whatever your case may be, our free Resume Builder will create your resume without compromising readability. Try it and create a free resume on our resume maker.

How much does a resume builder cost? Is this resume creator free?

Investing in your future is always a good idea. You can build a resume on a resume builder and download it as a plain text format free of charge, but you will be missing out on the extra features. A Full Access plan can take your application to the next level.

With Full Access, you can:

Take it for a test drive and create a free resume with our Resume Builder!

Should I customize my resume for each job?

Yes. A targeted resume has a higher chance of getting noticed. Each job will have different requirements and needs. To catch the recruiter’s attention, your resume should highlight your skills that match the job description.

How far back should a resume go?

A resume should outline the last decade of your work experience . You can go further back if the employer is requesting more experience, which is why it is crucial to pay close attention to the job posting. Whatever your case may be, rest assured that with our Resume Builder, you’ll build a resume that fits your needs.

What templates are available? Can I use the same template for my resume and cover letter?

We have 40+ resume templates available. These templates have been professionally designed to fulfill the needs of job seekers. You can choose a template based on your personal style or the requirements laid out in the job description, like a plain text resume or a Word document resume. We know the federal government requires special attention and the federal resume templates were created to meet those needs. 

The Resume Builder and Cover Letter Builder have the same user-friendliness. You can create an eye-catching job application by matching both documents.

Is MyPerfectResume safe?

Yes. My PerfectResume is a secure website and we care about protecting our users. Learn more about how we take care of your personal and account information by reading our privacy policy .

What if I need more help with my resume or account?

We got you! If you need a personalized and professionally done resume, our Resume Writing Services are available for you. For any concerns or questions regarding your account information, you can reach our customer support team:


Mon. – Fri. 8 AM – 8 PM CST

Saturday 8 AM – 5PM CST

Sunday 10 AM – 6 PM CST.

Nilda Melissa Diaz

Nilda Melissa Diaz

Career advice contributor.

Nilda Melissa Díaz is a Career Advice Writer. She has worked for the Washington Post, Stringr, and Latina Style Magazine. She has a master's in journalism from Columbia University and is a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Take your career to the next level

Create A Targeted Resume

How to Create a Targeted Resume

Ace your phone interview using our expert tips to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Upload Resumes

The Hows and Whys of Uploading Your Resume to LinkedIn and Other Job Sites

Before jumping into our Resume Builder, be sure to check the five things that every successful resume has in common.

Surprising Secrets To A Perfect Resume

10 Surprising Secrets to a Perfect Resume (Hint: Grammar is Vital)

Every resume needs a great cover letter — here’s why.

Update Resume Quick Fix Guide

Update Your Resume: a Quick Fix Guide

It’s never a bad idea to keep an updated, polished, edited resume on hand so when the time comes, you can take action and make your next career move without hesitation.



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ResumeGiants’ Free Resume Builder

Writing your very first resume is a big step. Make this task 10x easier with ResumeGiants’ free professional resume builder and preparation tools.

resume examples carousel

Our free online resume builder

Having a smart and stylish resume is the best way to get the attention of employers and ResumeGiants is here to guide you through this process.

With our 100% free resume builder, you can avoid the stress, wasted time, and mistakes most people make when writing a resume for the first time.

We’ll help you show why you’re the best candidate for any job you apply for and make it easier to create a professional-looking resume that gets results.

carrousel templates for resume

How to Build Your Resume With ResumeGiants

ResumeGiants’ online free resume builder is your helping hand when you’re preparing a job application as a high school or college graduate. Our tools simplify the process and support you in getting everything down on paper that recruiters want to see.

Select a template

We’ve prepared a wide range of stylish and eye-catching designs to choose from.

Fill in Your Information

Add your personal information with step-by-step instructions to guide you.

Edit and Customize

Add any other personalized touches you need to make your resume appeal to employers.

resume template builder free

Why to Use ResumeGiants’ Resume Builder

Using a resume builder is the perfect way to quickly and easily optimize your application and get on the radar of employers. The whole process of writing and preparing your job application is streamlined and made simpler with the help of our resume maker.

Find out below how you can create the perfect resume with our assistance.

Create Your Online Resume Worry-Free

Creating a resume for the first time can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, ResumeGiants’ builder and editor tools take the stress out of creating a brand new resume with step-by-step instructions, expert tips and easily customizable templates.

free online resume templates

Write a Resume in Minutes Not Hours

Writing a resume without the right support takes a lot longer than having guidance. Our resume builder can help you every step of the way and let you shorten the amount of time needed to get results.

Your Resume Stand Out

No one is born a resume writing expert. They have to learn the essentials to get results. Our resume builder can give you a quick crash course in all the details you must include to get employers on-side.

Get Hired Faster For Free

You’ll have all of ResumeGiants’ tools at your disposal totally free ! Get the support you need as a new graduate to design and build expert resumes that employers will notice without paying big bucks for the privilege.

What People Say About ResumeGiants

We’ve helped a lot of grads get past those tricky first steps towards building their own resume. Find out what the experience of using ResumeGiants is like from those who tried it themselves below.

Susan Carter Sales Associate “ResumeGiants helped me create my very first resume out of college. It was really useful as I really didn’t know what I was doing at the beginning. It made the whole process so much simpler and helped me get interviews almost straight away. Huge thanks ResumeGiants”
John Patrick Events Coordinator “I was beginning to think I didn’t have what it takes to get hired in my sector until I started using ResumeGiants. I was able to see where I’d been going wrong with my resumes before and had a much better success rate with job applications.”

resume template builder free

Free Resume Templates

Using resume templates that are proven to work will help you to move your career search forward. Start and customize as many resumes as you need with our free resume builder .

FAQs About ResumeGiants’ Resume Builder

Before starting your very first resume you may have questions about how our resume builder works. Find out more about the service we offer below.

What is a Resume Builder?

Is it really free to make a resume with resumegiants’ resume builder, what features does our resume builder offer, where can i use the resume builder, what is the best free resume builder online, is it worth paying for a resume builder, which resume builder is actually free, which resume builder is the best in 2022.

resume template builder free

Use a template to create a resume

If you need help creating a resume or cover letter, start with one of the dozens of professionally-designed resume and cover letter templates that are available in Word.

Go to File > New .

In the search box, type Resume or Cover Letter.

The search word, Resume, is highlighted on the New document screen.

Double-click the template you want to use.

Replace the placeholder text with your own information.

On the File menu, select New from Template .

Resume is hightlighted in the templates search box

Create and use your own template in Office for Mac

Making a resume like this while you're online is quick and easy.

Note:  This template comes with a cover letter, so you'll have everything in one document.

Resume template

Choose one of our resume templates , and open it in Word for the web to make it yours.

click More on

As you work on the resume, you'll probably want to rename it.

The template uses a table to line everything up. If you need to add more lines for job experience or education, add rows to the table by going up to Layout under Table Tools and clicking Insert Below (or Insert Above) .

Insert Below and Insert Above commands

For tips on writing your resume, check out Six steps to developing a great resume .

When you're finished, print it out or share it online. You can do this with the resume still open in Word for the web. No need to save it first (that's already done for you).

To print it, press Ctrl+P, and wait for the Print dialog box.

Note:  If you don't see a Print dialog box, click the link for opening a PDF version of your resume. From there, use the PDF program's Print command.

To share it online, send a link:

Near the top of the screen, click Share .

Under Share , click Get a Link .

Click Get a Link

Under Choose an option , click View only .

View-only link

Click Create Link .

Click on the web address to select it, and then copy and paste it into an email, message, or post.

Tip:  If you have a blog or website, you can embed a view of your resume there.


Need more help?

Want more options.

Explore subscription benefits, browse training courses, learn how to secure your device, and more.

resume template builder free

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

resume template builder free

Microsoft 365 training

resume template builder free

Microsoft security

resume template builder free

Accessibility center

Communities help you ask and answer questions, give feedback, and hear from experts with rich knowledge.

resume template builder free

Ask the Microsoft Community

resume template builder free

Microsoft Tech Community

resume template builder free

Windows Insiders

Microsoft 365 Insiders

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The outplacement & employer branding services selected by the leading companies.

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1m+ new curated jobs.

Best jobs in the most lucrative industries and leading companies.

Handpicked Companies

Our team of curators ensures that every company you will see is going to be worth your time.

Matching and Alerts

We will match you with the most relevant positions and will keep you informed about new positions.

Create a Resume Instantly

Choose from 15 Resume Templates Designed by Award Winning Graphic Designers.

Choose The Best Template

Choose from 15 Leading Templates. No need to think about design details.

Use Pre-written Bullet Points

Select from thousands of pre-written bullet points.

Download in PDF / Print or Publish Online

Instantly download in PDF format or share a custom link to your online resume. Set privacy settings to determine if resume is private or public.

Hire an Expert to Guide You

Hire an expert to help you write an impressive resume.

Featured Articles

In the articles, you will find resume templates & samples, career advice, insights, guides and lots of cool stuff to help you find and keep a dream job

Top 22 Best Fonts For Your Resume [Examples]

Top 22 Best Fonts For Your Resume [Examples]

The right font can make or break your resume and formatting can be confusing.This is why we’re here..

Outplacement Impact on Employer Branding

Outplacement Impact on Employer Branding

Employer Brand Protection During Transition Period Much has been said about the im

How and Why To Tailor Your Resume to the Job [in 10 Steps]

How and Why To Tailor Your Resume to the Job [in 10 Steps]

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50 Resume Tips To Up Your Game Instantly

50 Resume Tips To Up Your Game Instantly

Your resume is the single most important one-page you'll ever write in your life. That includes you..

200+ Action Words to Use on Your Resume

200+ Action Words to Use on Your Resume

Table of Contents Using Action Words on your Resume Administrative and Organizational Analyt

Resume Samples & Examples

Resume Samples & Examples

resume template builder free

300+ Free Resume Templates for 2023 [Download Now]

Professional, high school, templates for career and life situations, google docs templates, cv templates.

Building your resume doesn’t need to be a difficult or time-consuming process. We offer hundreds of free, high-quality resume templates — with these designs, you’ll be able to catch the attention of hiring managers, make a good first impression, and generate more interview callbacks. 

Every job seeker needs a professional resume that not only features their most relevant job experience and skills, but is organized and easy to read as well. Our clean, well-designed resume templates are tested formats sure to catch the attention of hiring managers.


Film Director


Senior Software Engineer


Chief Financial Officer

On average, hiring managers only spend 7.4 seconds reviewing each resume that lands on their desk. This is why it’s important that your resume doesn’t include any unnecessary language or design elements. Our simple resume templates are designed to quickly impress hiring managers.


Marketing Manager


Makeup Artist


Service Technician

In some industries, such as fashion and marketing , it’s especially important to feature your creativity. We offer sleek, contemporary resume templates that show hiring managers you’re a modern candidate that’s worthy of a look.




Human Resources


Collections Representative

Trying to get into graduate school ? With our college student resume templates, it’s easy to highlight your academic achievements and show why you deserve a spot in whichever program you’re interested in.


If you’ve never had a job before, writing your resume can certainly be challenging. Our templates for high school students allow you to expand on your educational record, volunteer service, and any other activities to fill out your resume.


If you work in a field such as music or photography , you may want to use a resume template that reflects your creativity. We offer plenty of artistic and colorful designs that allow you to showcase your unique perspective.


Music Teacher




Technology jobs are competitive, so it’s important to have an impactful resume that clearly shows your technical skills, the software programs you’re familiar with, and any relevant projects. This selection of templates has a wide variety for any tech job.


Information Technology


Data Scientist


Computer Engineering

Our selection of resume templates includes highly specialized options for life situations such as military-to-civilian transitions and stay-at-home moms who are reentering the workforce.


Stay-at-Home Mom


No Experience

You may prefer customizing the contents of your resume template over Google Docs rather than any other word processing app. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that our templates are easy to transfer over to this platform.


Social Work


Budget Analyst

If it takes more than a couple pages to describe your professional background, you should check out our CV templates . These CV templates are crafted for job seekers in academics, science, and other highly-qualified industries, and for those applying overseas.


CV Example #1


CV Example #2


CV Example #3

Why Resume Builder?

Unlike other resume sites, all of the templates on Resume Builder are currently free. Choose from a wide selection of creative, modern, and professional resume templates that won’t cost you a dime. Then, use our Resume Builder App to create unique resumes for each job you’re applying — it’s also free.

Additionally, our resume templates are optimized for the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Our ATS-friendly designs help prevent your application from being filtered out before the hiring manager even gets a chance to look at it.

What is a resume? +

A resume is a document that describes your qualifications as a job candidate. Collecting resumes from applicants is one of the first stages of the hiring process — a well-written and cleanly designed resume highlights the value that you would bring to an organization, sets you apart from the other candidates, and helps you move forward to the interview stage. Find over 250+ free resume examples for multiple job types and industries.

How do I write a resume for my first job? +

Writing a resume for your first job can be difficult, as you won’t be able to include any work experience. In that case, you should expand on any educational achievements or other related activities such as internships and community service that shows you would be a good fit for the position.

What do I put on my resume? +

Generally, your resume should cover your relevant work experience, education, and other important details regarding your professional background. Our guide to what to put on a resume goes over exactly what you should (and shouldn't) include.

How do I format my resume? +

Hiring managers often have dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes to review for an open position. If your resume doesn’t grab their attention immediately, chances are it’ll get lost among other candidates. This is why it’s important to format your resume correctly. Use short paragraphs, break up the text with bulleted lists, and consider removing any headers or footers that may be adding unnecessary space. Our guide on How to Build a Resume walks you through each section every resume needs and how to use our Resume Builder App to create one.

How long should a resume be? +

Resumes should be between one to three pages long depending on your experience and career goals. Our guide on resume length will help you determine how many pages make sense for your specific situation.

How do I write a resume summary? +

At the top of your resume, you should write a summary that provides hiring managers with an overview of your professional background. Start with your occupation and how many years of experience you have (e.g. "Dedicated and creative graphic design specialist with 10+ years of experience"), and then highlight any notable skills and achievements. This summary shouldn't be too long - stick to a single short paragraph.

How do I list work experience on a resume? +

In addition to the names of your previous employers and how long you worked at each job, it’s important to list out your responsibilities and the tasks that you regularly performed. While job titles can be somewhat vague, describing what you actually did on the job allows recruiters to determine whether you have the necessary experience for the role they’re hiring for. Read more about How to Turn Basic Job Duties Into Powerful Achievements on Your Resume .

How do I list skills on a resume? +

We recommend including a “Key Skills'' section on your resume that highlights your most valuable assets as an employee in a simple bulleted list. Our guide to hard skills vs. soft skills will help you decide which items should be included on your list.

How do I make a cover letter for my resume? +

It’s important to make a customized cover letter for each role you’re applying for. Our guide to writing a cover letter goes over how to research the organization you’re applying to, making your introduction engaging, and other tips that will improve your odds of getting an interview callback. Find 100+ free cover letter examples for multiple job types and industries.

What is the best resume template? +

The best resume template for one worker isn't necessarily the best for another. For example, those who work in a field such as art or graphic design might consider using a modern template in order to catch the hiring manager's attention and showcase their creativity. But if you work in a field such as accounting or healthcare, a simpler template may be more appropriate.

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Resume Templates

Pick a resume template, fill it out, and format. Create a professional resume in a few clicks . Just choose one of 18+ resume templates below, add ready-made content, download, and get the job.

Professional Resume Template Cascade

Professional resume template. Plenty of information, no clutter.

Professional Resume Template Concept

Modern resume template. A timeline to show progression and icons to save space.

Professional Resume Template Crisp

Creative resume template. A perfect balance of graphics and whitespace.

Professional Resume Template Cubic

Perfect resume template. Readable no matter how much you write.

Professional Resume Template Diamond

Single column resume template. Work history is the focus, the job title the selling point.

Professional Resume Template Enfold

Two column resume template. Focuses on your summary, draws attention to skills.

Professional Resume Template Iconic

Icon-based resume template. Section that pop with a little bit of graphic help.

Professional Resume Template Influx

Elegant resume template. Tells a story, makes sure it gets heard.

Professional Resume Template Initials

Creative resume template. Initials for a personal touch, dash of color to highlight strengths.

Professional Resume Template Minimo

Minimalistic resume template. Great readability with a surprisingly sleek finish.

Professional Resume Template Modern

Modern resume template. Elegant accents in the header, footer, and section titles.

Professional Resume Template Muse

Visual resume template. Two columns that help focus on your experience.

Professional Resume Template Nanica

Traditional resume template. Neat layout that focuses on your career highlights.

Professional Resume Template Newcast

Basic resume template. Standard design with a designer finish.

Professional Resume Template Primo

Infographic resume template. Blends classic structure with timelines and graphs.

Professional Resume Template Simple

Simple resume template. Excellent readability without being bland.

Professional Resume Template Valera

Unique resume template. One-of-a-kind typography, classic structure to guide the gaze.

Professional Resume Template Vibes

Sleek resume template. A clean format with exciting details.

Rated excellent on Trustpilot

Need a text-based free resume template for a specific job.

Give our free resume samples a go and follow the advice from the how-to guides to recreate them. Or work with the Zety resume maker to use built-in tips and download a successful resume in minutes.

Free Resume Templates to Copy and Use

Contact Information

[Your Name]

[Your Job Title]

[Email Address]

[Phone Number]

[Optional: Personal Website, Twitter, Other Relevant Links]

Resume Summary Statement

Dependable/Detail-oriented/Creative[Your Job Title] with [X] years of experience in [Your Industry/Niche]. Helped [increase revenue/cut costs/train employees/other achievements] by [X]%. Looking to join [Company Name] to ensure[highest customer happiness scores/a steady boost in ROI/prompt project delivery/other metrics and KPIs you hope to deliver for the prospective employer].

Work Experience/Job Description

[Company Name]


[Your Previous Job Title]

[Previous Company Name]


[BA/MA in Your Major]

[University Name]

[Graduation Year]

[Skill #1: Advanced]

[Skill #2: Advanced]

[Skill #3: Basic]

Additional Resume Sections


[Volunteer Experience]

[Conference Participation]

[Hobbies and Interests]

Want more free resume templates with content prepared for you by Certified Professional Resume Writers?

With the Zety free plan, you can create and download as many free resumes with customized content for your job or industry as you like. All you need to do is log in to the Zety builder, pick any of our free resume templates, and let the wizard autofill your resume. After a few clicks, your resume will be ready to download for free as a .txt file.

And with our paid plan, you can do even more:

Best resume templates for a job or academia

A resume template is a blank form you fill in with contact information, work experience, skills, and education. Easier said than done. Most free MS Word resume template formats fall apart as soon as you start typing. But not Zety. Pick Zety and stop struggling. Focus on what matters: telling your story in a way that gets you the job.

Build a resume that gets you hired

Attractive design

Each resume format template is designed to draw attention to your assets. Highlight your career summary to hook the employer. Use icons to save valuable space. Pick a single or two column design to balance whitespace and wordcount. Show your mastery of skills by using graphs. Fit two pages on one.

Build a resume that gets

Ease of use

No more hours spent writing a resume from scratch. No more files with broken formatting. And no more clunky text editors lacking essential features. Pick a resume template you like, follow the steps in the builder, and get a resume ready to apply within minutes. You can download your resume template for free in a .txt format and vamp up the design after. Or you can use more features with the paid plan and apply for jobs faster and smarter.

Build a resume that gets you hired

Our users have saved hours of valuable time by picking a resume format template on Zety. You should be out there building a career, not a resume. Save time by choosing a professional layout, follow our resume wizard app, and download an attractive resume in minutes. And create a cover letter while you’re at it to boost your chances of having your resume read.

Build a resume that gets you hired

Confidence boost

It’s not just about looks. Filling out a resume with the Zety resume builder is fast, easy, and effective. Add optimized content with a single click to build your resume. Start from scratch or upload your old resume sample and give it a makeover in 5 minutes. Update the template, tweak the content with ready-made bullet points, get hired faster than anyone else.

Build a resume that gets you hired

Proven effectiveness

Our customers haven’t simply updated their resumes. They’ve updated their lives. With the right balance between creativity and tradition, Zety’s templates for resumes have been optimized for readability and scanability. Hiring managers and recruitment software alike will have no trouble recognizing you for who you are—the perfect candidate.

Build a resume that gets you hired

Frequently Asked Questions about Resume Templates

What is a professional resume template.

A professional resume template is a ready document format that demonstrates your skills, work experience, achievements, and education to employers in an attractive & organized way . The most professional resume templates are those designed by career experts, as they follow the current recruiting standards and are easily scannable by applicant tracking systems (ATS)—tools currently used in over 75% of recruitment processes.

All the resume templates you can find in the Zety resume builder meet this criteria, which guarantees you can quickly create a professional resume.

Should you use a template for a resume or not?

You can make a resume all by yourself, but you risk spending hours working on it and still making mistakes that will kill your chances of landing that job interview. That’s why we recommend using a premade professional resume template online. This way you will have the right layout, colors, and fonts for your resume from the get-go. All you will need to do is fill in the blanks with your information.

Remember to tailor the text content of your resume to your job title and industry. And we’ve got you covered here as well: you can use built-in content and suggestions in our resume builder, or check out our free resume examples for 500+ job titles from all industries .

What is the best resume format in 2023?

There are three main resume formats you can use for your resume, but the choice depends on your career path. The most popular one is the reverse-chronological resume format , which displays your current or most recent job at the top, followed by previous ones. This is the best resume format for candidates with consistent work history. The second most popular is the functional resume format (focusing on transferable skills and experience rather than work history), and the third is the combination resume format (which is a blend of the two previous types).

Which is the best template for a resume in 2023?

The best template for a resume in 2023 is one that looks professional and modern, yet simple . All resume templates available at Zety allow you to put your best foot forward, showcasing your most impactful work experience, achievements, and skills in an eye-catching way. Unsure what resume template to choose? Check out our list of the best resume templates , along with top picks for specific positions and industries.

What to put on a resume?

On a resume, you should include:

For more information, see this list of elements to put on your resume . Note that our builder will guide you with tips for each resume section so that you can create a professional resume quickly and stress-free. If you need detailed resume writing advice, read our guide on how to write a resume . And if you don’t yet have any professional experience, check out our dedicated guide on how to make a resume with no experience .

What should a resume look like in 2023?

Your resume has one goal: get you the job. Now. Resume writing has evolved a lot in the past few years, and some 'best practices' of the past are now considered mistakes. You need to avoid typical resume-writing pitfalls, like too much text, irrelevant details, or crazy colors. Read more on what the best resume looks like in 2023 here to check how to make sure your resume boosts your employability . If you still don’t know which resume template design is the best for you, check out all available resume styles here .

How long should a resume be?

How long your resume should be depends on your level of experience. A typical resume is one-page long , but experienced candidates may need more pages to demonstrate their expertise and skills properly. In extreme cases, a resume can be even 10 pages long, but the average resume length is between 1 and 3 pages. All resume templates available at Zety are flexible and fully customizable so you can be sure your resume will look professional no matter the page count.

How to make a cover letter for a resume?

Yes, you need a cover letter . In fact, 56% of employers expect to get a cover letter from you, even if they don’t explicitly state it in the job ad.In the Zety cover letter builder , you can create a cover letter that matches your resume , and help yourself with our tips & pre - written cover letter content to fill the document in a few minutes.If you need more detailed advice, check out our dedicated guide on how to write a cover letter or our free cover letter examples for 100+ jobs .

Should you use a PDF or a DOC resume template?

A resume saved as PDF is the best file format for your job application. It ensures your resume stays intact across all devices and operating systems it’s viewed on. Go for PDF if it’s not specified in the job description what resume file format you’re supposed to use.

But also keep in mind that some employers may ask you to send a resume in DOC/Word format. It’s rare, but it may happen. If that’s the case, resume templates in our builder are available for you to download both as PDF or DOC files .

Does Zety have free resume templates?

All our resume templates are free to use, free to customize online, and free to download if you pick the .txt format. Create as many resumes as you want and pay only for the PDF or Word download once you’re satisfied. Zety follows the "try before you buy" rule and will never make you pay before you’re 100% certain your resume template is pixel-perfect. And even with the free .txt download option, you have unlimited access to our resume autofill features that will populate your resume with content created by Certified Professional Resume Writers for any job or industry.

How much does a professional resume template cost?

Professional resume templates offered by commercial resume writers or agencies can cost anything from a dozen or so to two or three hundred dollars. With Zety resume templates and builder, you can create your resume online for free , get tips from career experts, and use pre-written resume content from certified resume writers (CPRW) inside the app. You only need to invest a few bucks to export the ready document and make your career skyrocket with a professional resume created in no time.

Where can I get a free resume template?

There are plenty of free resume templates available to download in DOC, PDF, and other formats. You can check out these resume templates for MS Word or, as an alternative, consider these free Google Docs resume templates .

Bear in mind, however, that while they seem professional and convenient to use, they’re typically created by graphic designers or amateurs—people without an HR background. So these free resume templates can look attractive, but they won’t meet the current recruiting standards, dramatically decreasing your chances of landing the interview. We strongly recommend using modern resume templates designed by career experts instead.

Try Zety's professional resume builder now

Create your resume for free in minutes.

Showcase yourself and your achievements with an impressive resume made with the free online resume maker from Adobe Express.

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Explore more categories in our app.

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Creative Resumes

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Teacher Resumes

Business Resumes

Make your resume for free on the Adobe Express app.

Standout with the adobe express resume creator and free templates..

Highlight your career experience, skills, and knowledge in a resume template from Adobe Express. Your resume will stand out in these sleek, contemporary layouts that you can customize and share with potential employers. Explore a vast library of simple yet professional designs that can land you that next interview. Using this resume builder app is as simple as selecting a template, editing it, and sharing in any format you choose.

Blue and Orange Elegant Professional Resume

Discover even more.


Lesson Planners


resume template builder free

How to use the resume editor.

Customize your application with this free resume creator..

A visually-appealing resume distinguishes you from the competition and attracts the attention of job recruiters. The Adobe Express online tools equip you with everything you need to design the perfect resume. Add the fonts, graphics, text, colors, and images of your choice to the fully-customizable resume templates. You’ll find limitless ways to create eye-catching resumes.

resume template builder free

Make Adobe Express your go-to resume generator.

Do even more with this free resume generator. Adjust your resume’s size so you can post it to your social channels, website, or blog. Build a portfolio so your audience can see for themselves all of your accomplishments in full HD. Use your resume as a template to make a matching cover letter Need help? Adobe Express is more than a set of online tools – it’s a design community as well, with an inspiration gallery of completed projects, tutorials, and design resources for all of the Adobe Express tools.

How to create a resume that stands out from the crowd.

How does one achieve front-line status among all the other candidates in the field? With the help of Adobe Express, anyone can create professional quality resumes that will impress any employer and showcase your qualifications – and you can do it all for free. No design experience or credit card is required to make something quickly and amazing.

Get started with the free online resume maker.

Adobe Express has thousands of ready-made resume templates that you can customize exactly to your liking. Choose from thousands of unique Adobe Fonts and high-quality design elements to personalize your resume. You can also upload any photo, illustration, or font right from your device to the resume maker app. To make the process even more efficient, get organized before you start your resume design project— write out everything you want to include in your resume and spell-check it before dropping it into your Adobe Express resume.

Brand your resume template to market yourself.

It’s easy to add your branding to your resume project. Upload your logo to your resume and customize it with your branded color palette and slogan. Duplicate your resume and use the same branding to create a cover letter, CV, or business stationary. Once you get all your branding templates in place, it will save you so much time – and time is money. And fortunately, the Adobe Express resume maker app is free.

Frequently asked questions.

resume template builder free

12 Top-rated Resume Templates: Customize Them Today

Peruse our selection to find the perfect format for your specific professional needs.


When writing a job-winning resume, it’s not only critical to include the right information, but also to choose a layout that shows off that information in the best light . Given the short amount of time most recruiters spend reading resumes before choosing which applicants to interview – just six seconds on average – being confident that your resume highlights your strengths in an easy-to-read format is incredibly important.

In short, looks matter . So what’s the key to writing a successful resume? Perusing resume templates and choosing the one that’s right for you.

Find the Perfect Resume Template

Choosing the right resume template is step one in the journey towards writing a great resume. Your layout largely dictates the manner in which you present your skills and experience and how you choose to highlight your accomplishments. Similarly, your template choice should take into account your industry, experience level, and career path progression. has dozens of resume templates for a variety of jobseeker needs. Below, learn more about some of the most popular resume templates we offer. Use them for inspiration or connect with our resume builder to plug in your own information for step-by-step guidance on how to create your perfect resume.

Professional Resume Template

resume template builder free

Our Professional resume template is one of our most popular resume templates for good reason. This template offers users a clean, classic look that focuses on your goals, skills, and achievements rather than on unnecessary design elements.

Keep the attention where it counts – on your hard work. With clearly outlined sections for your professional summary, skills, experience, and education, hiring managers will be able to see at-a-glance that you are the right person for the job.

Perfect for professionals in almost any industry where looking smart and pulled together matters, the Professional template is particularly useful for jobseekers in corporate sectors like sales, marketing, or customer service. Always remember: while your hard skills as a professional are incredibly important, soft skills on a resume can help you rise to the top of the candidate pool.

Chronological Resume Template

resume template builder free

When you have a stellar work history, our Chronological resume template helps you shout it from the treetops. Linear and easy to scan, of all of our resume templates, this one is ideal for use by professionals who have a clear career trajectory with no major changes in their professional path.

The Chronological resume template is the preferred format for recruiters and hiring managers and is suitable for any professional who is seeking employment in their current line of work. Our Chronological resume template utilizes professional summary, skills, work experience, and education sections to clearly map out where you’ve been and where you are headed professionally.

Functional Resume Template

resume template builder free

Of all of our resume templates, the Functional template might be best for those who’ve had some bumps in the road, professionally-speaking. More specifically, for those jobseekers who might have bounced from job to job or who have experienced gaps in their employment history, a Functional resume format can help you direct attention to your skills, instead of on your chronological work history.

By adding an “Experience” section, which groups professional experience by category rather than by individual job, this resume template helps bring forward your hard and soft skills while taking the focus off of dates of employment. This resume template is also great for those who have made significant career changes, as it allows jobseekers to highlight transferable skills without pointing out a lack of direct industry experience.

Simple Resume Template

resume template builder free

Forget ordinary resume templates and get on board with the Simple template. A fresh font breathes new life into this go-to classic resume format. The sleek design relies on bold headers to organize your summary, skills, work history, and education into easy-to-digest sections that will catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers.

While black-and-white resumes can feel dull and run of the mill, the Simple resume template is spirited yet classy… just like you. Appropriate across a large variety of industries and job titles, the Simple resume template will show off your accomplishments with a splash of personality to help you stand out even in a large pool of candidates.

Highlight your hard skills, for sure, but always remember to pepper the document with soft skills, like stellar written and verbal communication, to propel your application forward.

Executive Resume Template

resume template builder free

For those jobseekers who are looking to nab a senior role with a thriving company, presentation is king when it comes to your resume. Using our Executive resume template can help you highlight your professional accomplishments and managerial successes in a clean, conservative format suited for a variety of industries.

Direct and to-the-point, our Executive resume template’s power lies in its clean design – your experience and accomplishments take center stage rather than unnecessary design elements. Also, with plenty of white space incorporated into the design, this resume template leaves the reader room to breathe and take in the information contained within the document.

When reaching for the brass ring, don’t forget to proofread. A simple typo can cost even the most qualified executive a shot at their next great job.

Online Resume Template

resume template builder free

Be a beacon in a sea of dull black-and-white resumes with our Online resume template. This digital resume template utilizes bold blue headers to draw attention to your resume’s most important elements. Your contact information, summary, skills, work history, and education are easier to scan thanks to the splash of color designed to orient the reader, while plenty of white space keeps the details digestible and clear.

In short, busy recruiters and hiring managers will appreciate the readability of this resume template. You’re no shrinking violet and neither is our Online resume template, which allows you to easily highlight your soft skills in addition to your hard skills.

Entry-level Resume Template

resume template builder free

Recent graduates and entry-level workers often fear white space on a resume, imagining that it will make them unqualified. Our Entry-level resume template, on the other hand, takes on a new motto: Embrace the white space!

This attractive, minimalist design uses white space to improve readability, while a splash of color in the header makes your email address simple to find, which is key to landing that coveted interview!

Rather than focusing on limited work experience, this layout focuses attention on the skills you do have. The template allows you to pull hard and soft skills into the top third of the document – the most-read section of any resume – to immediately shine a light on your best qualities, regardless of experience level.

Management Resume Template

resume template builder free

A twist on a classic resume design, our Management resume template utilizes interesting section dividers and the use of cool gray to punctuate your accomplishments. If you are looking for an elegant and professional design, choose the Management resume template for applying for jobs in any industry. It’s a favorite design of professionals in sales, retail, and healthcare, but it will work equally well for creative and conservative industries alike.

And, don’t let the name fool you – this template is appropriate for jobseekers at any stage of their career. Pro tip: make sure to focus on soft skills, like conflict resolution and communication skills. These qualities are the hallmark of a great manager and will help get you noticed.

Resume Builder’s Best Resume Template

resume template builder free

Of all the resume templates, we consider this Best resume template perfect for the jobseeker who doesn’t want to blend in with the crowd of standard black and white resumes. With its bold blue header, your contact information pops, making it easy for employers to remember your name and call you in for that job interview.

The clean layout leaves plenty of white space, allowing a recruiter’s eye to rest on the most important elements of your resume. From the summary statement down to your education, the Best resume template’s clearly delineated sections help you strut your stuff. This format is highly recommended for educators and sales professionals.

Modern Resume Template

resume template builder free

Modern times call for a Modern resume template, and ours won’t disappoint. A fresh take on a classic format, the Modern resume template combines a clean, concise style with understated sophistication. With the Modern resume template, your summary, skills, experience, and education have never looked so good.

A great choice for any professional looking for a contemporary take on standard resume templates, the Modern resume template comes highly-recommended by professionals in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, and sales. This format is also perfect for executives across industries.

Teacher Resume Template

resume template builder free

In addition to listing your summary, skills, and past work experience, our Teacher resume template adds a section for educators to list their various certifications – a must for teachers everywhere since each state has its own requirements for those leading the classroom. In addition, the Teacher resume format allows for a detailed education section, which is critical to proving you are qualified for the job at hand.

Remember, while hard skills like lesson planning and grading papers are important to mention, the soft skills you add into the document, such as communication skills and conflict resolution, can help you stand out from the competition.

Customer Service Resume Template

To prove you are the right person for that coveted customer service job, you’ll need to serve up a terrific customer service resume. Whether you are applying to work at a large call center or a retail help desk, emphasizing your people skills is critical to landing the job.

Our Customer Service resume template allows users to highlight professional wins and special training alongside the hard and soft skills that make you great at what you do, all in just minutes. Be sure to use your skills section to highlight special abilities, such as technical troubleshooting and critical thinking, as these soft skills are traits that employers consider incredibly valuable.

Write a Professional Resume Now!

resume template builder free

Should I Use Infographic Resume Templates?

Infographic resume templates are layouts that, like a good data visualization or infographic, use visuals to bring your critical career information to life in a way that’s fast and easy to digest. From a cognitive perspective, these kinds of resume templates are supposed to make it easier for the 50 percent of our brain dedicated to visual function to process key points more efficiently.

So why wouldn’t you wow a recruiter or hiring leader with a slick and savvy illustration that not only uses text to tout your accomplishments, but it also drives home your creativity with a matching image?

Well, for one, many companies rely on an applicant tracking system (ATS) to initially scan resumes and weed out unqualified candidates. This software relies primarily on keyword matching and has a relatively difficult time understanding even the most basic visuals, like tables. Accordingly, including something as complex as an infographic resume may mean your application never makes it past the machines into human hands.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use an infographic resume, it just means you should be mindful of when to send such a document.

When to Send an Infographic Resume Template

resume template builder free

You’ve made it past an ATS and have already been contacted by a recruiter or hiring leader for an official screen. Now you can pass on the more engaging version of your resume to the humans who’ll evaluate you in future.

resume template builder free

You’ve been referred directly to a hiring leader or contact within a company.

resume template builder free

You’re not sending your resume digitally. In this case, make sure you have a high-quality version of your printed application.

Job Title Fields


Free Online Resume Builder: Make Yours in Minutes!

Create a professional resume with ease. Our builder features 30+ templates, step-by-step guidance and endless customizable content options.

How our resume builder works

Our online resume builder was created by career experts to simplify the writing process and help give you a professional edge.

Here’s the simple process to create a resume:

Choose your template.

Browse 30+ professionally designed resume templates to find the one that speaks to your style and experience.

Enter your information.

Follow our screen-by-screen prompts as we offer guidance specific to the job to which you’re applying.

Select your content.

Choose from our prewritten phrases: thousands of customizable bullet points by job title, industry and experience level.

Finalize the details.

Fine-tune your resume design with additional fonts, colors and sections to showcase your personal style.

Already have a resume?

You can upload your existing resume into our builder to give it a professional design or freshen the content with our expert-written phrases.

Why our resume builder works

It was designed by career experts., it gets you past the robots., it ensures you look like a professional., what users say about our resume builder.

“I was able to take my outdated resume and design in a few easy steps an impressive resume to give to potential employers. Thank you.”

“Guidelines for creating a resume were extremely helpful. Suggestions for input were tailored made for the specific job, resulting in a polished and professional resume. Good Job Livecareer.”

“Professional resume templates with easy step-by-step process”

Our builder has high-quality resume templates

We have dozens of resume templates in different styles. All were made by professional graphic designers to be easy to read, pass an ATS and help you get noticed!

View All Templates

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See what they’re saying about us on Trustpilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have little to no experience in the workforce. will your resume builder help me.

Absolutely! Our resume builder can help you whether you’re new to the workforce or an industry veteran.

Its very first prompt asks, “How long have you been working?” This helps generate text suggestions to fit your experience level. Even if you haven’t had a lot of experience, we recommend skills to target for the job!

Plus, if you’re new to the workforce and don’t know how to describe your experience, our builder is full of best-use phrases created by our seasoned career experts. It’s like having someone explain to you what employers want to hear.

I can't finish my resume right now. Can I save it and come back?

Yes! Our resume builder saves your progress so you can finish it later.

Your resume content is saved when you click the “Next” button on each section. So, just remember to do that before you exit the screen and all your edits will be saved.

Then, you can return to access your resume and send out as many copies or variations as you need.

I've finished my resume and now I need to download, print, or email it. How do I do this?

When you get to the “Finalize” screen, you will see a “Download” option.

Most jobs request a PDF version of your resume. However, whichever format you need to download it in— JPEG, SVG, a Word doc, or plain text file––our builder gives you the option.

Once it’s saved, you can start sending it off to employers!

See more on our FAQ page

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resume template builder free

Job-winning resume templates

Each resume template is expertly designed and follows the exact “resume rules” hiring managers look for. Stand out and get hired faster with field-tested resume templates.

Professional resume template Toronto

Free Resume Templates

And just like our resume examples and resume guides our resume templates are free to download. Within our free plan, you can use the builder tool to create a great resume from scratch using our free resume templates. Once logged in, you can download your resume for free as a .txt file to design on your own. 

To make things even easier, you can also download our resume templates as a .pdf or Word file. Our builder allows for maximum customization so you can add, delete and rearrange sections all based on your personal needs. And with our payment options you can easily download your resume as a .pdf.

At, we understand that the job hunt can be a stressful time. That’s why it’s our mission to make the process as easy as possible. That means the best templates for resumes, a hassle-free online builder tool and free online guides. 

When it comes to picking the perfect resume template, you might be overwhelmed by your options. Don’t be! There are a few simple rules that can help you narrow down the field to only the best templates that are a good fit. Then, the choice is yours. There’s no rule against showing off your personality and what makes you truly unique.

From a bigger salary to fresh skills, a new job can open a world of possibilities. But in today’s increasingly competitive job market, you simply can’t get there without the perfect resume template. That’s why is by your side, with the best resume templates to help you create the best resume that shows off your strongest attributes and gets you hired in a flash.

The Top 10 tips below are meant to guide you through picking the best resume template to land not just any job – but a dream position that will open new doors to a meaningful career. Let’s go!

Top 10 tips for picking a resume template

If there was one resume template that worked for everyone – well, our website would be much, much smaller. But the truth is, a variety of templates are important to help capture the uniqueness of each candidate. And as beautiful as each resume template might be, a hiring manager doesn’t want to see the same one 100 times in a row. At the end of the day, the choice comes down to you. It’s important to evaluate the level of professionalism in your industry and at the company you’re applying to and decide if a modern, stylish resume or a more traditional one would be in line with those standards. 

Beyond that, it’s about highlighting the experiences and abilities that make you unique. In some industries, a pop of color or a friendly photo can do the trick. In others, you’ll have to rely on your expert writing to sell yourself as a top candidate 

Let’s say you pick a template but find out the skills section just doesn’t have enough space for all your talents. The best part about using our resume creator is that you can switch between templates with ease. So go on, pick a resume template and test it out. Changing your mind is never a problem.

What makes the best resume template

Most resumes contain the same basic elements: contact info, a profile summary and sections for experience, education, skills and achievements. While our builder tool makes it easy to add or delete sections based on your industry and needs, it’s a good idea to start with a resume template that offers you the best chances at customization. The best layouts make your information attractive and clear, with the right balance of text and white space. Color and icons should be used depending on the best practices for your industry, and whether or not to include a photo often depends on the country where you intend to work.

Our resume templates are expertly designed so that all your information fits on one page (strongly recommended for most industries and experience levels), without looking crammed or cluttered. Our resume builder tool, along with our guides, will help you create the best layout that makes the most of each element.

best resume template layout

The job hunt is a fierce competition, and you’ll want to take on this challenge from all angles. That means applying to multiple positions at once. Tailoring your resume for each and every opening is not only highly suggested, it’s the reality of the 22st century hiring process. But that doesn’t mean it has to be time consuming. With our subscription service, you can edit, update and change your resume as many times as you’d like and download each new version as a .pdf  to make the application process run even smoother.

CV Templates for every career

As a candidate, you are a unique individual with the skills and experience to get the job done. So why shouldn’t your resume be just as interesting as you are? When it comes to convincing an employer to hire you, your resume is the best way to tell your story and make a strong first impression. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of dozens of expertly-designed CV templates to fit a variety of fields and career levels. To make choosing a template even easier, we’ve divided our collection into five types: professional, modern, creative, simple and basic. These groupings offer a great starting point to explore the CV templates best suited for your field. Then, if nothing catches your eye, try another collection to find the right style and add your personal flair.

Modern resume templates

Modern resume templates are best for showing employers that you are a forward-thinking candidate who isn’t afraid to be bold and be themselves. These templates offer blocks of color, strong lines and added emphasis to your name or title. 

A modern resume template work great for jobs in tech, design or startups, but their versatility means you can apply them to a variety of positions or companies. Does your potential employer have a focus on the here and now with a stylish image and young feel? That’s a great hint that a modern template will do the trick. Pick this category and start crafting an effective resume right away. 

Show all modern templates →

Professional resume templates

Professional resume templates are a safe bet for almost any position or industry, but they are particularly great for serious roles at traditional companies. Applicants for jobs in the medical field, administration, law or finance would all benefit from our professional templates, which offer crisp, clean formatting and a focus on skills. Within our free plan, you can use to create a perfect resume from scratch using our free professional templates.

A Professional resume template can work in just about any position where you need to highlight your experience with just a touch of design and layout flair. Many of our professional templates also contain space for a professional headshot or logo which adds credibility and class to your resume.

Show all professional templates →

Creative resume templates

Creative resume templates are for times when thinking out of the box is not only encouraged – it’s required. Candidates in creative fields are most likely to benefit from these templates, but they can also be used by a variety of professionals when the situation calls for a bold move.

These templates offer a variety of colorful accents, interesting backgrounds and space for headshots, logos and professional titles. When trying to show off your artistic prowess, you don’t want a resume layout to hold you back. That’s why these templates are perfect for getting the job done – creatively. Pick one and get started creating your resume masterpiece.

Show all creative templates →

Simple resume templates

Simple resume templates are multitalented. Just about any job requiring a straightforward basic resume with a touch of class will benefit from the options in this category. With a simple template, employers aren’t focused on bells and whistles – they’re focused on you! After all, you’re the star of this show.

Simple templates can work well for law, education, marketing – just about any position that requires a clean resume where the focus is on your experience and skills. When in doubt, keep it simple! Try a basic and simple resume template right now to land the job of your dreams in no time.

Show all simple templates →

Try our professional Resume builder now!

Resume Templates

/ 0 - 5 years of experience

Resumes Student/Intermediate

Cover Letters All levels of experience

Pick from 8+ [Free] Resume Templates

Pick one of our free resume templates, fill it out, and land that dream job! Create and download your professional resume in less than 5 minutes.

ghrapic image


General Resume Template


Skill-Based Resume Template


College Resume Template

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Why Novorésumé?

Free AND Premium

We offer both free and premium resume templates, so whatever your budget might be, you can still take advantage of our resume builder.

Creative & Professional Resume Templates

Whether you’re a creative advertiser looking for an outside-the-box creative resume template, or a banker seeking a more professional resume template, we’ve got a template for you!

NO Hidden Fees

If you’ve tried other resume builders, you’ve probably experienced this: You spend hours creating a resume, and when you click “download,” you get hit with a paywall asking you to subscribe.

At Novorésumé, we don’t do that . We have NO hidden fees - upgrade to Premium ONLY if you LOVE our resumes!

ATS Friendly

All Novorésumé resume templates are built with the most popular Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in mind. What this means for YOU is that whichever job you apply for, the CV filtering software they use will be able to read your resume (and NOT automatically discard it).

Expert Reviews

Oana Vintila

Career Counselor

For over 10 years now, I've been on both sides of the fence, career counseling, and recruitment, and let me tell you, the writer's block hits hard when it comes to drafting your resume.

Novorésumé not only offers you a smart and modern template for you to fill in, but their team has also crafted a winning combo of aesthetics and functionality that will inspire you to apply for the job you thought was out of your league. Give it a try!

Biron Clark

Former Executive Recruiter

Novorésumé is one of the few resume builders that I recommend online. Their resume templates are modern and eye-catching, and will grab an employer's attention. As a former Recruiter, if a candidate sent me a resume built with one of these templates, I would take notice and be impressed.

The software also makes it easy to enter your info and handles all of the formatting for you, so you can get your resume ready to send out as quickly as possible. I recommend these templates whether you're a recent graduate or experienced candidate.

Gabriela Tardea

Career Strategist, Coach & Trainer

When I consult people on resume writing, the most common question that I am asked it is about the content and what components to add or avoid, when they have less than 5 years of work experience.

On this platform, you not only have access to many options, but you get guidance on what to choose and why. When the work experience is less than 5 years, the other components such as languages, projects, volunteering experiences, hobbies etc, make a huge difference.

Resume Resources

What is a resume.

A resume is a brief summary of personal and professional experiences, skills, and education history. Its main purpose is to show off your best self to potential employers.

When applying for a job, you’re (in most cases) going to be asked for a resume accompanied by a cover letter.

If you manage to create a “good” resume, you’re going to 2x your chances of getting hired . Want to learn how? Check out our complete guide on how to make a resume .

How to Write a Resume for Your First Job?

The process of writing a resume might seem super scary to you. After all, most resume examples you see on the web are 80% about work experience. So, what the heck can you include in your resume if you have none?

Well, here’s some good news. If you’re applying for an entry-level job or an internship, no one expects you to have ANY work experience.

Instead, you should focus on what you DO have: education, projects, volunteering experience, hobbies & interests.

For a complete guide on how to make a resume with no work experience stand out, check out our article.

What to Put on a Resume?

The most common sections on a resume are:

Contact information

Resume summary or objective

Work experience

If you want to personalize your resume a bit more, you can also include the following sections:

Volunteering experience

Hobbies & interests

For more information on how to place these sections on your resume, check out our article on what to put on a resume .

How to Format a Resume?

There are 3 typical resume formats:

Reverse-Chronological Resume

Functional Resume

Combination Resume

In 99% of the cases, you’ll want to go with the Reverse Chronological resume format. That’s the format most resumes you’ve seen follow - its main focus is your work experience, written down in reverse-chronological order.

Unless you’re looking to create a career change resume , we’d recommend sticking with this format.

If you want to learn more about resume formats , check out our comparison guide.

How Long Should a Resume Be?

Ah, the most popular resume question in the world: “how long should your resume be?”

Short answer: one page. If you have a lot of work experience (10 years +), sometimes it makes sense to make it 2 pages MAX if everything you mention is super relevant for the position you’re applying for.

Long answer: check out our guide on how long should a resume be .

P.S. all of our templates are one-page resume templates, so you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble sticking to the one-page limit!

How to Write a Resume Summary?

Your resume summary is a “hook” that goes on top of your resume. Think of it as an introduction to the rest of your resume. It should, in 2-4 sentences, explain what your background is, and why it’s relevant for the position you’re applying for.

Want your resume summary to stand out? Use this proven formula:

“Professional [job title] with X+ years of work experience in [job responsibility] . In the past Y years, I have [your top 1-2 achivements] . Seeking a position of [job title] at [company name] ”

To learn more about how to create a resume summary that excels, check out our guide.

On the other hand, if you’re a student or just don’t have a lot of work experience, read our article on how to create a resume objective instead.

How to List Work Experience on a Resume

Work experience on a resume is one of those things that’s easy to learn, hard to master.

Each work experience entry should contain the following:

Position title

Company name/description/location

Achievements or responsibilities

Dates employed

Now, if you want to create a work experience section that stands out , you want to focus on quantifiable achievements. What this means is, instead of creating an entry like:

“Carried out sales operations”

You list an achievement:

“Hit and exceeded monthly sales KPIs for 5 months in a row.”

This shows the employer that you’re not just a random candidate, you’re an A-player! To learn more about how to list achievements in your work experience (and land the job), check out our article.

How to List Skills on a Resume?

Simply create a ”skills” section on your Novorésumé resume template, and list your top skills. We usually recommend going for a mix of hard and soft skills.

Not sure what skills to include in your resume? Check out these 101 essential skills for any resume .

How to Make a Cover Letter For a Resume?

Every job application asks for a cover letter (in addition to your resume). Here are some of our tips on how to do this right:

Customize your cover letter to the employer. The more personalized it is, the more likely it is for the recruiter to like you

Outline your general background (work experience, profession, etc.) and mention your top 2-3 achievements to show off your skills

If you really want to stand out, create a cover letter that matches your resume template. To do this, you can use one of our cover letter templates here.

If you want to learn more about how to write a convincing cover letter , check out our comprehensive guide.

What is the Best Resume Template?

There’s no such thing as “the best resume template” - every recruiter/employer has their own personal preference. Our general recommendation is to do your research on the company and what their values are.

For example, if you’re applying for a position at a bank, you’d want a more professional resume template. On the other hand, if you want a job in a startup where they value innovation more, you should stick to a creative resume template .

Finally, if you’re still not sure which type of template is right for the job you’re applying for, you can just use a simple resume template just to be safe.

Get Inspired with Our Resume Examples

Resume templates faq, how to make a resume with novorésumé.

Follow these simple steps:

Choose one of our top resume templates above

Follow the tips & tricks built-in our resume builder

Fill in your work history and other experiences

Hit download and start applying to jobs!

What If I Am a Student?

All of our resume samples are student-friendly! If you’re looking for something a bit more tailored, we’d recommend picking the “college resume template”

Or, if you want to learn how to create a convincing student resume , check out our guide.

Are These Resume Templates Free?

Yep, all of the templates listed above are free resume templates.

However, our resume builder comes with a ton of premium features. So if you want to personalize your resume and make it truly yours, you can upgrade!

Who Created These Resume Samples?

At Novorésumé, we put extensive care in creating each resume template.

We interviewed recruiters and analyzed applicant tracking systems to create resume samples that will maximize your chances of getting hired.

Then, our professional graphic designer worked his magic to make the resume samples compelling, well-designed, and easy to read!

Are These Resume Templates ATS-Friendly?

Yes! All Novorésumé resume templates are created with applicant tracking systems in mind.

Keep in mind, though, that using the right template is step #1. You should also optimize your resume content for applicant tracking systems. For more on that, check out our guide to creating an ATS-friendly resume .

Do You Offer One-Page Resume Templates?

Yep. All the templates you see above are one-page resume templates. They are, however, pretty flexible, so if you decide to go for 2 pages, our templates will get the job done!

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Millions have won jobs at top companies thanks to our resume maker


Choose your resume template.

Our professional resume templates are designed strictly following all industry guidelines and best practices that employers look for.


Not finding the right words to showcase yourself? We´ve added thousands of pre-written examples and resume samples . As easy as clicking.


Start impressing employers. Download your awesome resume and land the job you are looking for, effortlessly.


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How to Make a Resume?


Easy to follow prompts and beautiful templates to choose from!! Started getting calls for job interviews a few days after submitting and applying the resume that I created with the help of this amazing website. It definitely stands out!

George Holand

Found this website really very helpful since I wanted to make my resume look super professional and eye-catching too…Finally, I was able to set up a perfect resume!!!

Allison Doman

Download took 2-3 seconds…..I made my CV while waiting in the queue to attend my interview! I loved the professional resume templates. Thanks for this useful website.

Camille Ryan V

Went for a job interview and the potential employers were very impressed with my CV. I must say that Resumebuild comes with so many interesting templates and also, creating a resume with it is super easy.

Have Questions About Writing A Great Resume?

Expert Answers to All Your Resume Inquiries.

Resume Templates FAQ

What is a Resume?

A resume, sometimes called a CV or curriculum vitae, is a document mostly used to showcase your career background, skills, and accomplishments when searching for a job. Resume Build helps you create professional resumes tailored to the specific industry or job you want in just minutes.

How to Create a High school Student Resume for My First Job?

Resume Build has hundreds of resume templates and pre-written resume examples divided by industry, experience level, and careers. Just follow the simple steps to make a high school resume to help you land your first job in a few minutes.

How to Make a Resume on My Phone?

Resume Build helps you make a job-winning resume on any device with just a few clicks. Follow the easy instructions and start by choosing the template you need for our library of professionally designed resume templates by industries, to create a perfect resume on your phone or computer fast.

How Many Pages Should a Resume Be?

Resumes should grab the recruiter’s attention in just a few seconds, and Resume Build helps you create the perfect resume using expert tips and pre-written resume examples to build it fast and easily. While the length of the resume depends on the career field and experience of the applicant, a two-page resume is ideal, according to employers.

Where Can I Make a Resume for Free?

Resume Build is the simplest resume builder available online to help you create job-winning resumes in no time. Use Resume Build now to create a professional resume for free by just following a few simple steps. Choose from hundreds of industry-specific resume templates and use our pre-written resume examples targeted by job or by careers to make a perfect resume in just a few minutes.

Resume Builder: Create a Resume Online in Minutes

Build a resume easily with a free-to-use resume creator, make a resume with our easy-to-use generator, benefits of using a professional resume builder, you’re 5 easy steps away from a great resume, our resume generator offers templates in all styles, more professional resume services, resume builder faq.

Our Resume Generator will make your job search simpler. How? No longer worry about losing your formatting when you add new work experience or coming up with the perfect word to describe your last role. Simply enter your job title into the best resume builder online to choose from thousands of skills and professionally-written phrases — and we’ll keep your formatting safe every step of the way. When you’re ready to create a resume, we’re here to help.

Unlike a free resume builder, our Builder offers:

Our online resume creator will help you generate a professional resume in minutes. Here’s how:

1. Pick a resume template.

Choose from hundreds of eye-catching, professionally designed resume templates that employers will notice!

2. Find the right words.

Resume Now’s Resume Builder makes it a snap to write the best resume for landing a job. Our prewritten text examples will help you showcase your qualifications in the best light.

3. Customize your resume.

Use our step-by-step guidance and expert tips to tailor your resume for your target job and stand out from the competition.

4. Put some polish on it.

Our built-in editing tools make it easy to make changes on the fly or put final touches on your finished product. Don’t worry about formatting your document — our online Resume Builder will do the formatting for you!

5. Save it in the appropriate file format.

Save and download multiple copies of your resume in different file formats so you can print and send as many resumes as you need. Our professional resume maker will ensure your layout stays intact.

We offer the best resume templates for most industries, career paths and job titles. Download a template from our extensive library, and you’ll be good to go!

Resume Now is here to help you on your path to success. We have many tools and resources available beyond our Resume Builder, such as:

Resume-review services. Our professional resume analysts will read and evaluate your resume section by section to ensure you are marketing yourself in the best possible light.

Professional resume-writing services. Our expert resume writers will skillfully and strategically create a resume that stands out.

Career resources. Our career advice specialists will guide you on how to write a resume and a cover letter , give you interview tips and help you navigate the job application process from start to finish.

What’s unique about using your online Resume Builder to build my resume?

Resume Now’s resume generator makes resume building pain-free, fast and straightforward. It can help anyone in any industry build a professional resume in minutes.

Can your resume creator help me if I’m new to the workforce?

Yes! Our Resume Builder service is perfect for new grads and entry-level job seekers because we provide more than 150 tips to help you spotlight your strengths and work around a lack of job experience. We will help you build a resume that will allow you to stand out in a competitive job market so you can get to work fast.

Can I create a cover letter with this resume generator?

Resume Now’s Resume Builder was designed to help job seekers create a resume online only, so you won’t be able to build a cover letter with it. Instead, our Cover Letter Builder is where you can go to create the perfect companion to your resume. We know that a cover letter is an essential part of your job application, so we also offer a library of cover letter examples and several customizable cover letter templates to help you build a captivating letter in no time.

I can’t finish my resume right now. Will you save my work?

Yes, don’t worry — you can save your resume in progress in our Resume Builder. Simply log back onto the site to finish up anytime. But don’t wait too long!

I’ve finished my resume — how can I download, print and email it?

Once you’re 100% satisfied with your resume, simply choose “download” from your Resume Builder dashboard and select the type of file you want to use. In addition to downloading a copy of your resume, you can also email or print it directly from your dashboard.

Was this information helpful? Let us know!

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