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Make an animated GIF from a slide show

With PowerPoint you can save a presentation as an animated GIF which can be shared via social or other digital channels.

Set up your presentation, complete with any illustrations, animations, and transitions you want.

Select File > Export > Create an Animated GIF .

The default quality is Medium . Use the dropdown box to change it to a higher or lower setting, if you prefer.

Select the minimum Seconds spent on each slide . Time spent can be longer, but not shorter, than this minimum. See more details below under "Timing the slides."

Select Create GIF .

PowerPoint will begin saving your presentation as a GIF, and it'll notify you when it's done. Processing time depends on the file size and quality setting. The end result will be a continuously looping .gif file.

Select File > Export .

In the dialog box, set the File Format to GIF and specify where the finished file should be saved.

Select Export .

Timing the slides

When you save your presentation as GIF, you'll specify the Seconds spent on each slide . This is a minimum duration that applies to all slides.

The default value for this minimum setting is one second.

If a slide in your presentation has animations or media that add up to more than the minimum duration, that is fine. The full length of those animations or media are recorded in the GIF.

If a slide in your presentation has no animations or media, or if they exist but are less than the minimum duration, the slide is recorded for that minimum duration.

Any timings you set for transitions between slides are additional and don't count towards the Seconds spent on each slide .

Details about the finished GIF

The saved file will be a continuously looping GIF. PowerPoint doesn't let you change it to a finite number of repetitions.

All animations, transitions, and media (such as video or GIF) on your slides will be included in the finished GIF file.

If your slides don't include animations, transitions, or media, then the frames-per-second (FPS) rate of the finished GIF will be the inverse of the Seconds spent on each slide setting you choose when you create the GIF. For example, if the seconds spent on each slide is 1, that would be written in fraction form as 1/1. The inverse (for the frames per second) would also be 1/1 frames per second. If the seconds spent on each slide is 3, the fractional form would be 3/1, and the inverse would be 1/3 frames per second.

If a slide in your file is hidden, it will be skipped entirely when the GIF is created.


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Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs in PowerPoint: Your Tutorial

Looking for a way to liven up your PowerPoint presentation’s content? How about using a GIF? Animated images are everywhere these days. So why not use GIFs for your presentation content, too?

GIFs are guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention. They’re a fun and entertaining way to highlight your content and key messages. Plus, GIFs have smaller file sizes than videos , which saves you loading time. Learn how to create GIFs and insert them into your presentation.

What is an animated GIF?

GIF stands for graphics interchange format. This is a type of bitmap image format that supports up to 8 bits per pixel, allowing an image to have access to a 255-color palette. GIF files are perfect for images with a small color palette and, of course, animations. Also, the file size is usually smaller than JPEG files.

Most GIF files are animated. That is, they’re not static images, like JPEG files, but repeat automatically after a few seconds. Other GIFs only once and stop on the last image.

Why use GIFs?

GIFs are a great choice if you want to liven up your presentation and use movement to attract your audience’s attention. There are so many possibilities for using GIFs:

Animated GIFs

GIFs should be chosen and used wisely so as not to distract from your presentation’s content. Learn how to create a GIF and the best way to use it now.

How to create a GIF

So, you’ve decided to insert a GIF into your PowerPoint? Then you have come to the right place. There are several ways to create a GIF, which we will show below.

Create a GIF directly in PowerPoint

GIFs contain a series of images that are displayed in sequence quickly enough to create an animation. To create these in PowerPoint itself, you can use a transition or, as we’ll explain below, use the slide transition, Morph .

1. Before you start creating, you need to determine the shape and size of your GIF . If you are using a standard widescreen slide, the GIF will also adopt the 16:9 aspect.

2. Open the PowerPoint slide on which you want to insert the GIF.

3. Click on the Design In the Customize group you can set your slide size by clicking Slide Size > Custom Slide Size… .

4. Now insert your desired object, in our case an icon, by going to the Insert tab and selecting Icons in the Illustrations group.

Animated GIFs

Tip: You can find more professional icons from PresentationLoad for your business here .

5. Choose an icon and create a duplicate of the slide in the thumbnail view by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D (A Morph transition needs two slides with the same object).

Animated GIFS

6. Now go to the slide with the duplicate and make any changes you want to the icon. For example, change the position, the color or text .

7. Click on the duplicate icon and go to Transition > Morph in the Transition to This Slide group.

Animated GIFs

8. Stay on the Transitions tab and go to Effects Options . There you can choose how you want the transition to work.

9. Select Objects , as in our example.

10. Click Preview in the Transitions tab to see what your Morph transition will look like.

11. Now go to File > Export and select Create Animated GIF .

Animated GIFs

12. Select the file size you want and click Create GIF .

Animated GIFs

13. In the same window, you can also choose how many Seconds to spend on each slide .

14. A progress bar for your GIF file will appear in the status bar at the bottom. This normally takes only a few seconds.

Our GIF looks like this:

Create a GIF in Photoshop

Looking to create your own content and use custom images to make a GIF for your key messages? No problem. Photoshop allows you to turn your own images into GIFs. This is how you do it:

For this tutorial, you need the Photoshop image editor and some experience using it.

1. Remember to use a tripod when taking pictures so that they are taken from the same perspective.

2. Modify each captured image the way it should appear later in the GIF sequence.

3. Make sure all your pictures have the same number of pixels .

4. Import the pictures to a Photoshop file under File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack . This opens a window. Click Browse to find your pictures. Hold down the Shift key , select your photos, click Open and OK . Your photos will now be imported into a single layer file. On the right side, you’ll see several new layers. These will become the frames of your GIF.

5. Now it’s time to design a frame animation. To do this, go to Window > Timeline at the bottom of your workspace.

6. Click the arrow on the button in the middle of the panel and select Create Frame Animation . Your first photo will now be inserted into the timeline for you.

7. To convert layers into animation frames, go to the upper-right corner of the Timeline panel and click the menu icon. Now select Make Frames From Layers .

8. If your photos are playing in reverse order, go back to the Timeline menu icon again and select Reverse Frames .

9. Click under each frame and select how long it should appear for before switching to the next frame. A transition of one to five seconds is optimal.

10. You can also set an infinite loop for your GIF, copy, paste, and flip the images. Before copying and pasting, set the playback time so you don’t have to set it again for each copy. To copy the images, click on the first image, hold down the Shift key and click on the last image. Then go to the right menu and click Copy Frames . Then switch to Paste Frames in the same menu.

11. When the Paste Frames window opens, be sure to select Paste After Selection . Now you can reverse the frames.

12. Go back to the menu and click on Reverse Frames (as in point 8). Two identical frames should now appear in the center. Delete one of them so that your GIF doesn’t lag.

13. You can preview your GIF by clicking the play button at the bottom of the timeline window.

14. Now save your file as a GIF. First make sure the infinite loop is set to Forever (in the bottom left corner). Now select File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy) to save it.

This quick guide can also be found as a video here .

Find animated GIFs on the internet

Animated GIFs

Want to insert a GIF into PowerPoint but don’t want to create your own? You can find GIFs on the web using PowerPoint’s online image search .

In PowerPoint, go to Insert > Pictures > Online Pictures… . or Insert Clip Art for older PowerPoint versions. Go to the search box and type animated GIF . Now you can select a GIF from the category you want.

How to insert a GIF in PowerPoint

Now that you know how to create GIFs, let’s show you how to insert them into PowerPoint:

For Windows:

1. Select the slide where you want to insert the GIF.

2. Now go to Insert > Pictures . This will open the Insert Picture From drop-down menu.

3. Select the file you want from one of the locations in the drop-down menu and click Insert .

2. On the Home tab under Insert , go to Picture > Picture from File .

3. In the window that opens, browse for the file you want and click Insert .

How to play animated GIFs

You’ve inserted your GIF on a slide and it still appears as a just a picture. Don’t worry, with just a few clicks, you can play back your GIF.

1. Go to the Slide Show tab.

2. In the Start Slide Show group, click From Current Slide .

3. The GIF file will now play in a continuous loop.

1. Go to the Slide Show menu.

2. Now select Play from Current Slide .

How to adjust the animation loop frequency

Your GIF is now inserted into PowerPoint and playing in an endless loop. To set how often it plays , use the online editor at ezgif.com .

Animated GIFs

Go to the GIF frame extractor on ezgif.com and upload your GIF file. You can set the repetition by selecting Split to frames > Edit animation > Loop count > Make a GIF! Save the new file and paste it into the presentation again.

Animated GIFs

Some limitations when using GIFs

Keep the following points in mind when using a GIF in PowerPoint:

GIFs liven up a presentation

If you want something entertaining to catch your audience’s eye and attention , choose a GIF.

You don’t always have to turn to elaborate videos. A GIF is a great way to illustrate a process or even your key messages . And thanks to its small file size, you won’t have to deal with long loading times . You can also customize your animated GIF by adjusting its loop frequency however you like . Plus, they’re fun and easy to create!

Use an animated GIF; you won’t regret it.

Check out the PresentationLoad PowerPoint Shop

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powerpoint gif maker

Create Animated GIF in PowerPoint in 3 Steps

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Animated images and similar graphics are everywhere these days. Animated GIFs, in particular, can lighten up a PowerPoint presentation.

In this article, you will learn how to create animated GIFs in PowerPoint.

Why Use Animated GIF in PowerPoint?

The vast majority of GIFs are animated. By animated, we are referring to images that are repeated automatically after a few seconds. Nevertheless, some GIFs contain images that play only once. 

In PowerPoint, you can play animated GIFs in slideshow mode.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and prepare the slides

Open the PowerPoint program on your computer. Create empty slides and fill the slides with the images you want to use to create your GIF.

powerpoint gif maker

Go through File > Export .

Under Export , select Create an Animated GIF.

powerpoint gif maker

Step 2: Specify your preferred parameters for the animation

These parameters define the animated GIF creation process:

Go to the area around the right pane, select your preferred quality level for the GIF. The default selection—Medium—should be fine.

Duration for each slide

Specify your preferred minimum duration for each slide (that will be shown in the GIF). This minimum duration (in seconds) is the smallest time spent on each slide (animations included—if they exist). Transitions do not count towards the duration.

The default duration selection—one second—works fine for most GIFs. However, if your GIF contains animations or elements that require more viewing time, you will do well to increase the duration for each slide.

You can increase the duration for slides through the arrows. Alternatively, you can type in your preferred figure (in seconds) for the duration.

Selected slides

Specify the slides or range of slides you want to use for the animated GIF. For example, you can specify slides 1 to 3. Or you can use all the slides in a presentation.  

Step 3: Initiate the operation and review the result

At this point, you are likely to have specified your preferred settings or parameters. Click the Create GIF button.

powerpoint gif maker

Once PowerPoint finishes making the GIF, you will do well to play it immediately. This way, you get to check and confirm that the resulting GIF is what you had in mind.

If you don’t like the PowerPoint GIF you just created, you can repeat the procedure while making adjustments to the parameters that define the process.

Info : Aspose recently developed a FREE Text to GIF web app that allows you to create stunning GIFs from simple texts.

Open the PowerPoint app on your mac. Create some empty slides. Fill those slides with the images or elements you want to use to create your PowerPoint GIF.

From the top-left area, click File and then click Export .

Step 2: Specify your storage parameters

On the Export window, specify your preferred storage location for the file. Give the file a name. You might also want to add a tag to the file now.

If you want to save the animated GIF online, click Online Locations and then select your preferred location for the file.

Step 3: Specify your preferred parameters for the animation

From the options on the drop-down list, select Animated GIF.

Choose your preferred option for Image Quality . The default selection—Medium—should work fine for most GIFs. However, if your GIF contains a lot of quality images or heavy animations, you may want to go with a lower image quality option here.

If you want to use a transparent background for the PowerPoint GIF, tick the Make background transparent checkbox.

Specify the slides that should be used to create the PowerPoint GIF

Specify your preferred duration for each slide (that will appear in the GIF). The minimum duration here is identical to the parameter in Windows—it is the smallest time expended on each slide (animations included—if they exist). This minimum duration does not take transitions into account.

You can stick with the default duration selection—one second—because it works fine for most GIFs. If you plan to use heavy elements or animations that require more viewing time than normal in your PowerPoint GIF, then you may want to increase the duration for each slide now.

To increase the duration for each slide, use the arrows—or you can type in your preferred figure (in seconds) for the duration.

Step 4: Initiate the operation and review the result

With all the appropriate parameters selected, it is time you initiated the GIF creation task. Click the Export button.

Now, you must head to the directory you specified for storing the GIF. Open it by double-clicking it. It should play out automatically.

If you feel something is wrong with the GIF, you can redo the task by going the same steps (but this time) and making the right adjustments. 

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How to Create an Animated GIF of a PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint gif maker

With her B.S. in Information Technology, Sandy worked for many years in the IT industry as a Project Manager, Department Manager, and PMO Lead. She learned how technology can enrich both professional and personal lives by using the right tools. And, she has shared those suggestions and how-tos on many websites over time. With thousands of articles under her belt, Sandy strives to help others use technology to their advantage. Read more...

PowerPoint Presentation Animated GIF

Want a great way to share your Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow on social media, your company intranet, or a blog? You can create an animated GIF of your PowerPoint presentation and share it with the world.

If you have PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 on Windows or Mac, creating an animated GIF is a piece of cake. Since the steps differ slightly, we’ll list them separately so that you can jump right to the platform you need.

Table of Contents

Create an animated gif in powerpoint on windows, create an animated gif in powerpoint on mac, notes on your animated gif.

Open your PowerPoint slideshow on your Windows computer and click File > Export.

powerpoint gif maker

Under Export, choose “Create an Animated GIF.”

powerpoint gif maker

To the right, select the quality in the drop-down list at the top. It’s set to medium by default, but you can choose small, large, or extra large if you like.

Select the image quality

Optionally, you can check the box for “Make Background Transparent.”

By default, the Seconds to Spend on Each Slide is set to one second. This refers to a minimum number of seconds per slide. If you have animations that are longer than the minimum, they will be included. Transitions between slides do not count toward this minimum. You can use the arrows to increase the number of seconds or enter a number in the box.

You can include all slides in your presentation, or a certain range of Slides, using the arrows or the number boxes.

Set the seconds per slide and slide numbers

With everything set, click “Create GIF.” You should now be able to see your new presentation GIF in the location you chose.

powerpoint gif maker

Open your presentation in PowerPoint for Mac and click File > Export from the menu bar.

powerpoint gif maker

In the Export window, choose a location in which to save the file. You can rename it if you like, and optionally, add tags. If you want to save it online, click “Online Locations” and pick your Place.

Choose a name and location

In the File Format drop-down list, select “Animated GIF.”

powerpoint gif maker

The Image Quality is set to medium by default, but you can pick small, large, or extra large if you prefer. If you want a transparent background, check that box next to Background.

Select the image quality

Another default setting is the Seconds Spent on Each Slide, which is one second. Like on Windows, this refers to a minimum duration spent on each slide, in which animations are included, and transitions don’t count toward the minimum. You can adjust this by using the arrows or by entering a number of seconds in that box.

You can use all slides in your presentation, or a specific range of Slides, using the arrows or the number boxes.

Set the seconds per slide and slide numbers

When you’re ready, click “Export.” Then, head to the location where you saved the file and grab your GIF.

powerpoint gif maker

Here are just a few things to keep in mind for your animated GIF.

Hopefully, this handy Microsoft PowerPoint tip helps you share your presentation quickly and easily wherever you like. You can also save a slide as an image  if you’d like to give that a try!

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powerpoint gif maker

Blog > Create and insert GIFs in PowerPoint

Create and insert GIFs in PowerPoint

12.07.2022   •  #powerpoint #template.

GIFs are a great way to liven up presentation slides and add a dash of humor. with a touch of humor. The animated images grab the attention of your of your audience and add life to your presentation. GIFs are especially popular on social networks because they play automatically and can run in an endless loop. Due to their small file size, they are also ideal for presentations.

1. What are GIFs?

The abbreviation GIF stands for the English term Graphics Interchange format. GIF files can, in contrast to static image representations such as JPG or PNG, generate moving images. These moving images are displayed in the browser or in other output programs as an animation that is constantly repeated. For example, you can display a logo that that moves continuously.

2. Why should you use GIFs?

GIFs and videos have many features in common, yet there are a few differences. For example, GIFs have a small file size, which gives them an advantage over videos. However, each pixel within a GIF can have 256 colors, which makes GIFs appear in lower resolution than videos.

GIFs vs. Videos

3. where to find gifs.

Among the largest providers of GIFs is the online database Giphy . GIFs can be shared and saved here. Giphy offers its own GIF search, which is also integrated into Whatsapp Messenger. Another provider for GIFs is Tenor . Here, you can also find countless GIFs on various topics. Note : However, caution is advised with online providers for GIFs, because in case of a commercial use of GIFs copyright can be violated. A better and also safer alternative is therefore to create your own GIFs.

4. Create GIFs in PowerPoint

GIFs can be easily created in PowerPoint. Note: If you set transitions between slides, they will be exported as well. For a smooth transition between the slides, you can use for example the PowerPoint transition "Morph". This can be found under Transitions > Morph. For the Morph effect, however, you need at least two slides with the same element. In our example we have chosen no transition, so that the Thank You lettering jumps around slightly and looks more alive.

5. Insert GIFs in PowerPoint

In order to insert an already existing GIF into a presentation, you follow these steps.

6. Useful GIFs for presentations

We have created a PowerPoint with useful GIFs for your next presentation. In the presentation you will find slides with royalty-free GIFs:

Download presentation for free

What are GIFS?

The abbreviation GIF stands for the English term Graphics Interchange Format. GIF files can generate moving images that constantly repeat themselves.

How can I insert GIFs into PowerPoint?

How do I create GIFs in PowerPoint?

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About the author.

powerpoint gif maker

Johanna Gumpelmeyer

Johanna is a passionate graphic designer and supports the SlideLizard team in the area of marketing and UX design. There she combines her creative streak with technical know-how.

powerpoint gif maker

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Slide transitions

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A pitch is a short presentation that is given with the intention of persuading someone (a person or company) to buy or invest. There are various forms of pitches, depending on the goal and intended outcome.

B2C means Business to Customer. A B2C event is hosted by a company for its customers. It's important for gaining new customers and for satisfieing regular clients.

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A PPT file, also known as a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation file, is an editable presentation file that typically contains slides. These slides may feature formatted text, multimedia, including images, movie clips and audio, and various animations and transition effects that are included to help users navigate through the presentation. Many users would have been faced with a PPT file while at work or at school, as it is the de facto file type for presentations. It was originally developed by Forethought, Inc. before Microsoft bought it and developed it further – including by bundling it into their office suite. PPT files are not often built from scratch but, instead, users tend to select one of the many templates that are available and build on top of that. In 2007, the PPTX file replaced the PPT file as the primary file type used to save PowerPoint presentations. PPT files can be opened with either Microsoft Office for Windows or Microsoft Office for Mac, and these programs support all the animation features. Other applications, such as OpenOffice from Apache or Corel Presentations, allow PPT files to be opened but may not support all features.

Related Tools

The GIF gets its name from the fact it is an image file saved in the Graphical Interchange Format. The GIF has been around for 30 years and its history is legendary - it has gone from the brink of obsolescence to widespread use thanks largely to the advent of social media and Internet meme culture. The original intended use of the format was quite different to its use today. Created in 1987 by CompuServe and developer Steve Wilhite it was designed to save precious memory whilst providing a convenient container to display images. In the early '90s GIF's were replace by the new JPG and PNG formats, which offered sharper image resolution and more efficient image encoding. However in recent years the GIF has enjoyed something of a renaissance as it offered a widely supported and easy to use method for creating short animated clip (or "memes"). Websites such as Giphy and Tenor built on the back of this trend, and Twitter and Facebook also offered native support for the format.

How to convert a PPT to a GIF file?

Convert from PPT

Using Zamzar , it is possible to convert PPT files to a variety of other formats:

Convert to PPT

Using Zamzar , it is possible to convert a variety of other formats to PPT files :

Convert PowerPoint slides to GIF online; free

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Convert PowerPoint to GIF online

Create fresh new animated GIFs from PowerPoint slides online with VEED. You can convert your slide shows to GIFs in just a few clicks, and you can do it straight from your browser. You can even record yourself while presenting your slides using our free screen and webcam recorder. Upload your Microsoft PPT or Google slides and record your webcam, audio, and screen. Easily customize your layout, background, and camera feed. Add annotations, scenes, and even soundwaves for audio recordings. When you export your project, make sure to select “Export as GIF”.

TRY OUR CHROME EXTENSION! Installing the new PPT to GIF Converter Chrome Extension will allow you to record your screen & webcam anytime! Just click the link and hit ‘Add to Chrome.’ Use our online video editor to create GIFs from PPT for free!

How to Convert PPT to GIF:

1 select layout.

Select from our list of layouts; in this case—Slides or Slides and Camera (you may need to click to ‘ Allow ’ permission to access your screen, camera, or microphone). You can record just your screen, your webcam, or both at the same time!

2 Start recording

Click the red button to start recording! You'll see a countdown before the recording starts. Don't worry if you mess up. You have unlimited time and unlimited retakes. You can navigate to other pages, and don't worry, you are still recording.

3 Review, edit, and export

You can playback your recording to review it, click ‘Share’ to share with friends and colleagues, or ‘Edit’ to edit your video (perfect for adding text, subtitles, and professional touches to your screen recording). Click Export as GIF from the download options.

How Add Animated Text GIF Maker

‘PPT to GIF’ Tutorial

‘Animated Text GIF Maker’ Tutorial

Create GIFs from slide presentation clips

VEED lets you create animated GIFs from your PowerPoint and Google Slides. If there is a particular part in your slideshow that you want to turn into a GIF, all you have to do is upload your slides (record your screen and webcam if you want), and download that specific scene or clip as a GIF! You can cut, trim, and rearrange your video clips to create fresh new GIFs.

Add text, subtitles, and translate

After converting your PowerPoint and Google slides to GIF, you can edit it to make it look even cooler using our full suite of video editing tools. Add text, images, and subtitles. You can even translate your subtitles to different languages. Our automatic translation tool is available to premium subscribers. Check our pricing page for more info.

An all-in-one online video editing software

You can use VEED for all your video creation and editing needs! It’s packed with a full suite of tools to help you create amazing-looking videos in just minutes. It’s also great for businesses. Record important business messages, create explainer videos, presentations, and more. Share, comment, review, and collaborate on videos online—no software to download. Plus, you can add your logo and brand colors using our brand kit—available to pro users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, yes and it’s super easy! Upload your Google or PowerPoint slides to VEED and start recording. You can also choose to record your webcam while presenting your slides. Edit your recording and export it as an mp4 video!

Just click ‘Edit’ when the recording is finished, and you will be taken into VEED’s video editor. Here you will be able to add subtitles, text, annotations, music, sound effects, and much more. Just hit the ‘Export’ button when you’re finished, to save your new edited recording.

Apart from downloading your slides as a GIF, VEED lets you download your presentation as an mp4 video. Just click Export when you’re done recording and download as mp4.

It really depends on your screen recording time. VEED lets you record your screen and webcam while presenting your slides. When you’re down recording, exporting your PowerPoint to GIF only takes a few minutes.

Discover more:

What they say about VEED

Veed is a great piece of browser software with the best team I've ever seen. Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect. Keep in mind that this a browser editor we're talking about and the level of quality that Veed allows is stunning and a complete game changer at worst.

I love using VEED as the speech to subtitles transcription is the most accurate I've seen on the market. It has enabled me to edit my videos in just a few minutes and bring my video content to the next level

Laura Haleydt - Brand Marketing Manager, Carlsberg Importers

The Best & Most Easy to Use Simple Video Editing Software! I had tried tons of other online editors on the market and been disappointed. With VEED I haven't experienced any issues with the videos I create on there. It has everything I need in one place such as the progress bar for my 1-minute clips, auto transcriptions for all my video content, and custom fonts for consistency in my visual branding.

Diana B - Social Media Strategist, Self Employed

More than a PPT to GIF converter

VEED is so much more than just a PPT to GIF converter. It lets you do more than just record your screen and presentation slides online. You can resize your screen recordings to fit any video-sharing and social media platform. You can also edit your videos—add text and captions automatically, add music, sound effects, draw on your videos, and more!

VEED app displayed on mobile,tablet and laptop

Just $59.95 for a limited time (normally $99.95).

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PowerPoint Animations

Cool Motion Clip Animations for PowerPoint, Google Slides, and More!

Add fun and alluring animated design to your presentations; your audience will thank you with their focus and attention.

Get started now and begin downloading unlimited animations for all your projects.

It's Time to Let Your Presentations Shine, Get Started Now!

The animation wow factor.

Boost your Viewer Engagement and Focus

Our PowerPoint animations add a significant increase to viewer engagement. Add even more engagment! Get access to tools and add your message, logo, and images to specially designed animations. Check out our collection of customizable animations.

Your success is our mission

Don't Let Presentation Design Consume Your Time

A perfect solution! Let us provide you with the best tools and vibrant animated designs to help you create captivating presentations faster and easier.

Leverage Animations for PowerPoint and More

Download as gifs in Powerpoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. Also, get these animations as Quicktime movie files for use in many popular video editing programs. In addition to your presentations, use these animations in social media posts, training videos, blog articles, and more.

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Both Presenter and the Audience Will Benefit

Dramatically increase your viewers' probability of remembering your specific point or message. From teachers to students to business professionals, any presenter will benefit from using these highly engaging PowerPoint animations .

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If you have any unanswered questions about our templates, don't hesitate to contact us. We can help you get on your way to creating some dynamic and impactful presentations. Get a head start on your presentation design with our library of professional PowerPoint templates .

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PowerPoint Animation Tutorial

Learn more about using our animations in your PowerPoint slides.

What are PowerPoint animations ? PowerPoint animations are terrific ways to bring your presentations to life by adding character animations or animated elements to your PowerPoint presentations.

If you are looking for animated PowerPoint elements, check out our collection of animated PowerPoint templates here.

If you're looking for a way to create excellent marketing or presentation videos with animation, check out our Slideclips online video maker.

A laptop with screen showing the text animations tips and tutorials with a video play symbol next to it.

Your presentations are going to be amazing! See Plans and Pricing

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Graphic Designers in Sioux Falls SD

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