The Best 24 Fonts for Modern PowerPoint Presentations [+Guide]

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By Lyudmil Enchev

in Insights , Inspiration

8 months ago

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The Best 24 Fonts for Modern PowerPoint Presentations [+Guide]

Presentations are pieces of art. From slide structure to animations, every single detail matters. In this blog post, we will show you the 24 best PowerPoint fonts for all uses. Of course, like everything in design – you might like some and frown at others.

What we can guarantee you is that using this collection of top fonts for PowerPoint will always be a safe bet when you’re in doubt.

Article Overview: 1. How to import a font into your presentation? 2. Great Fonts to Use for your PowerPoint Presentations 3. Great System fonts for PowerPoint Presentations 4. How to design text in PowerPoint?

1. How to import a font into your presentation?

If you don’t know how to import fonts into PowerPoint, it’s important to learn how to do it.

Step 1. Download your fonts

The first step is to select your desired font and download it.

Step 2. Extract the font

Once you’ve downloaded the font, it’s most probably compressed. You need to extract it before installation. If it comes directly as a .otf or .ttf format, there’s no need to unzip.

Step 3. Install the font

Install the font. The process is similar to installing any software, just press “Next” until you see the option “Finish”. If your fonts have been successfully installed, they should appear in the Font library in Windows. To access it, go to your computer, Local Disk (C:)->Windows-> Fonts .

Step 4. Open PowerPoint

Once you open your PowerPoint, the new font should appear among the others.

2. Great Fonts to Use for your PowerPoint Presentations

Fonts are a great way to show some branding skills but also a significant part of your presentation. Of course, we cannot select the best PowerPoint fonts or the best fonts in general, it’s a too subjective matter. But we will try to show you some of the most versatile ones that you will not make a mistake with. Let’s start!

Lato font

Lato is a very common font that is used in digital forms since it was created for this purpose. It is a sans-serif font that is flexible. One of the most useful things about it is that you can choose between 5 different options for font thickness, giving it extra value when creating PowerPoint presentations.

Recommended title size:  20px

Optimum size for legibility:  18px

Perfect for:  headers and body text

You can combine it with: Roboto, Montserrat, Merriweather

2. Open Sans

Open Sans typeface

Open Sans is another great font that can fit PowerPoint presentations perfectly. Since there is some line spacing, it can be easily readable. If you have large paragraphs that you cannot break down in bullets, it’s your perfect choice. It’s a standard PowerPoint font, so you’ll most probably have it in your font library.

Recommended title size: 28px

Optimum size for legibility:  16px

Perfect for:  body text

You can combine it with: Georgia, Lucida Grande, Publico

Candara font

Candara is not your everyday font. While you cannot use it in Linux or the web, as it’s proprietary,  it’s accessible in PowerPoint, and what makes it interesting are the curved diagonals, and it’s the curves that give it more “personality”.

Recommended title size: 20px

Optimum size for legibility: 16px

Perfect for: body text

You can combine it with: Calibri, Cambria, Corbel

Tahoma font

Specifically designed for Windows 95, Tahoma is a very formal font that can fit business presentations perfectly. It is a very clear and distinctive font which can help avoid confusion, thus it makes it great for formal presentations that need clarity.

Optimum size for legibility: 18px

Perfect for: title headers and body text

You can combine it with:  Georgia, Helvetica Neue, Arial

5. Montserrat

Montserrat font

Montserrat is an extremely popular font, as it can be utilized everywhere – from website texts to presentations. Due to its high practicality, you can find it almost anywhere. Well, we need to warn you that you won’t get many “originality” points but you’ll also be “safe” when using it.

Recommended title size: 30px

You can combine it with: Open Sans, Lora, Carla

Whitney font

Whitney is an amazing font that will make your presentation stand out. There are two options – Whitney Condensed and Whitney Narrow. To be honest, Whitney can be used for both headers and body texts (check Discord), but we find it a bit overwhelming for PowerPoint paragraphs.

Recommended title size: 22px

Optimum size for legibility: 15px

Perfect for: title headers

You can combine it with:  Sentinel, Mercury, Gotham

7. Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova font

Proxima Nova is one of the most versatile fonts out there with not 2 but 7 variants! That makes it a viable choice for many purposes and it’s part of the Adobe Fonts collection. The popularity spike is not without a reason, and Proxima Nova certainly won’t disappoint as it is one of the better fonts for PowerPoint.

Recommended title size: 26px

Perfect for: headers and body text

You can combine it with:  Adobe Garamond, Futura, Helvetica Neue

Oswald font

Oswald is a very decent sans-serif typeface and has 3 different versions – light, normal, and bold. It’s an interesting combination of some modern elements combined with classic gothic style, thus it’s perfect for your presentations.

Recommended title size: 18px

You can combine it with: Merriweather, Arial, Roboto

Europa font

Europa is an amazing font from the Adobe Font Family. It’s a modern geometric sans-serif font that goes well with other fonts from the Adobe family but it can be used in a combination with non-Adobe fonts. It’s up to you.

Recommended title size: 32px

Optimum size for legibility: 20px

Perfect for: headers

You can combine it with:  Adobe Garamond, Chaparral, Kepler

Roboto font

Roboto is one of the most versatile fonts for the web, as it comes with 6 variations. Described as a grotesque sans-serif, it is the default font of Google Maps. Being easy to read makes it great for body texts where scanning is pivotal. While it’s great for small texts, it doesn’t perform that well for titles.

Recommended title size: 38px

Optimum size for legibility: 22px

You can combine it with: Roboto-Slab, Oswald, Abel

Adelle font

Adelle is a slab serif font that is part of the Adobe Family. It’s multipurpose and could work be well utilized and magazines. Its personality and great visibility make it a viable choice on our PowerPoint fonts list. While it can be used for body text too, we prefer to recommend it for headers.

Recommended title size: 36px

You can combine it with: Freight Sans Pro, Proxima Nova, Lucida Grande

12. Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue font

Bebas Neue is one of the best PowerPoint fonts we could recommend for headers and a good variety of font weights – five. Bebas Neue, however, is only available in uppercase, thus it isn’t a good fit for body text, so consider this before utilizing the font.

Recommended title size: 60px

Optimum size for legibility:  not recommended

You can combine it with: Аvenir, Roboto, Montserrat

Avenir font

Avenir is a relatively old geometric sans-serif but it’s beautifully made and has been highly regarded . There are six font weights available and if creativity is the focus of your presentation, then Avenir is your perfect choice.

Optimum size for legibility: 14px

Perfect for: header and body text

You can combine it with: Canela, Future PT, Kepler

14. Lobster

Lobster font

Lobster is a great choice if you want to create some funky text. It’s a great font for posters and headers but ensure you don’t use it much for body text, as it has very poor legibility if written in small letters.

Recommended title size: 58px

Optimum size for legibility: not recommended

You can combine it with: Lato, Open Sans, Muli

Futura font

Futura is almost a century old but still converts well today! It’s one of the most versatile fonts for PowerPoint in case you download it. Who would suppose a 95-year-old font would still be relevant these days? And you will win points for creativity.

Optimum size for legibility: 17px

You can combine it with: Proxima Nova, New Caledonia, Trade Gothic

Canela font

Canela is a hybrid font, as it can neither be called serif, nor sans-serif. It’s a very graceful typeface and we find it amazing for title texts. We also loved how it performs in the body from an artistic standpoint. However, we cannot rate it as very suitable for long paragraphs. Still, it can be used in bullets quite well.

You can combine it with: Caslon, Futura, Maison Neue

Aleo font

Aleo is an modern slab serif typeface designed as a “companion” to other popular fonts, like Lato. It has a sleek design but that doesn’t sacrifice readability which matters the most. As it has great clarity, it can be used both as a title text and in the body.

Recommended title size: 25px

Optimum size for legibility: 19px

You can combine it with: Lato, Arimo, Halis Grotesque

18. Poppins

Poppins font

Poppins is a playful sans-serif font that can be used as a main PowerPoint font without any issue. Thanks to its versatility, this PowerPoint font can be used both for title headers and body text, although we prefer the latter.

Recommended title size: 24px

Perfect for: header, body text

You can combine it with: Raleway, Work Sans, New Caledonia

Eras font

Eras font has 4 weight options in PowerPoint and is absolutely stunning. It won’t be a mistake if we use it as a synonym to “elegance”. It’s slightly italic, thus making it perfect for long paragraphs and web content.

You can combine it with: Garamond, Futura, Helvetica Neue

Lora font

Lora is a great font that is offered for free by Google. It is a formal font that doesn’t turn its back on art, and as a result, it can be utilized greatly in PowerPoint both as a header and in the body, and it can work perfectly in print, too.

You can combine it with: Lato, Avenir, Montserrat

3. Great System fonts for PowerPoint Presentations

System fonts are a classic choice for PowerPoint presentations as they are a pretty safe bet – you can access them on all types of devices and operating systems. While some of them might not be as beautiful as the previous ones on our list, they will serve you well!

21. Georgia

Georgia font

Georgia is a classic serif font that doesn’t impress with outstanding looks but what makes it a viable choice for PowerPoint presentations is its versatility – you can use it on any type of presentation, as a header or in the body. It’s popular, so you won’t make a mistake using it.

You can combine it with:

22. Times New Roman

Times New Roman font

Times New Roman was “The Thing” back in time. It was used as a default font for many web browsers and software, thus it was overwhelming. Recently, this serif font has lost its “halo” and is less common but you will never get it wrong if you bring it back to life.

Optimum size for legibility: 12px

You can combine it with: Arial, Gotham, Helvetica Neue

Arial font

Arial is another well-known name in the web font industry. You can also check this neo-grotesque sans-serif font used in PowerPoint presentations quite often, as it offers a lot of versatility.

You can combine it with: Oswald, Verdana, Georgia

24. Helvetica Neue

Helvetica Neue font

Helvetica Neue is the successor of Helvetica which improved legibility and made it more modern. It is one of the most formal fonts that you can use in PowerPoint (and at all). This sans-serif font has 23 different variations in PowerPoint 2022 that you can choose from.

You can combine it with:  Open Sans, Proxima Nova, Adelle

4. How to design text in PowerPoint?

There are certain standards that should be met, in order for your PowerPoint fonts to appear correctly. Let’s see how to order your texts.

1. Make sure the font size is readable

Fonts in PowerPoint tip: the font should be readable

Do you wonder why some websites have HUGE fonts? It’s to ensure their content will be easily scannable. While you don’t have to use a 60px font size for your letters, you should consider making your text more readable.

Pro tip : A simple and straightforward way to achieve this is to try and remove large paragraphs, and replace them with single sentences and bullet points.

2. Make a contrast between the text and background

Tip for fonts in PowerPoint presentation: make contrast with background

There is an adopted standard of a minimum 4.5:1 contrast ratio between text and background for content to be scannable, and 3:1 for large text. There are people who have bad eyesight, and others are color blind.

3. Use white space

Use white space for text in PowerPoint

White space (or negative space) is crucial for your slide design. It is used to separate different parts of the text, making content more readable. It’s crucial to remember that you should leave some “air” after finishing a main point in the slide.

4. Find the right text balance

Balance text in PowerPoint - presentation design tip

One of the best PowerPoint presentation practices is to write between 6-8 lines and use no more than 30-35 words. Also, you should try to balance the text evenly – you cannot write 4 lines, then follow them with 3 lines, and then 1. Typically, writing 2-3 lines per paragraph is considered a good move, then followed by white space.

Final words

Structuring your PowerPoint text is not an easy feat. You need to pick the right PowerPoint fonts, as well as follow some basic instructions to make your slide text more scannable for your audience.

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14 Fonts That Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Stand Out

Presentation fonts, more generally known as typography, are one of the most neglected areas of presentation design .

That’s because when presentation fonts are used appropriately and correctly, they blend so well with the overall design that your audience doesn’t even notice it. Yet, when your font usage is lacking, this sticks out like a sore thumb. 

Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made daily. Therefore, when it comes to creating your own slide decks, you need to take every advantage you can get to make it stand out. Among other design choices, choosing the best fonts for presentations can provide a huge impact with minimal effort.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why Steve Jobs was able to turn Apple into the brand it is today. His expertise in branding and design was fueled by the Calligraphy classes that he attended in his early years. This allowed him to find the best font family that accentuated his company’s brand and identity.

So no matter the subject of your PowerPoint presentation, the best font or font family will help you create a lasting impression and convey a powerful message. To help you shine through your next slideshow, here’s our cultivated list of the best fonts for presentations.

If you want to create a PowerPoint presentation, but don’t have access to PowerPoint itself, you can use Piktochart’s presentation maker to create a presentation or slide deck, and export it as a .ppt file.

Best Fonts for Presentations and PowerPoint

Before we proceed, you should know some basics of typography, especially the difference between Serif, Sans Serif, Script, and Decorative types of fonts. 

Serif Fonts : These are classic fonts recognizable by an additional foot (or tail) where each letter ends. Well-known Serif fonts include Garamond, Times New Roman, Lucida, Bookman, Century, and so on. 

Sans Serif Fonts : Differing from the Serif font style, Sans Serif fonts do not have a tail. The most popular Sans Serif font used in presentations is Arial, but Century Gothic, Tahoma, Calibri, Lucida Sans, Verdana, and Helvetica are also commonly employed renditions of Sans Serif typeface.

Script and Decorative Fonts : These are the fonts that emulate handwriting—not typed with a keyboard or typewriter. Script typefaces and decorative or custom fonts for PowerPoint vary immensely and can be created by a graphic designer to ensure these custom fonts are bespoke to your company/brand.

With these font fundamentals explained, you can also keep up-to-date with the popularity of such fonts using Google’s free font analytics tool here . Let’s now go ahead with our list of the best presentation fonts for your PowerPoint slides. 

1. Helvetica

helvetica font

Helvetica is a basic Sans Serif font with a loyal user base. Originally created in 1957 , Helvetica comes from the Latin word for ‘Switzerland’ where it was born. When you use Helvetica, the top-half part of the text is bigger than in other Sans Serif fonts. For this reason, letters and numbers have a balanced proportionality between the top and bottom segments. As a result, this standard font makes it easier to identify characters from a distance.

As a result of being one of the easiest typecases to read compared to different presentation fonts, Helvetica is great for communicating major points as titles and subheadings in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. If you are presenting live to a large group of people, Helvetica is your new go to font! It is the tried and tested best font that ensures the legibility of your slide deck, even for the audience members sitting at the very back. Though it looks good in any form, you can make Helvetica shine even more in a bold font style or all caps. 

futura font

Futura is one of the popular Sans Serif fonts, and is based on geometric shapes. Its features are based on uncomplicated shapes like circles, triangles, and rectangles. In other words , it mimics clean and precise proportions, instead of replicating organic script or handwriting. Futura is a great default font for presentations because of its excellent readability, elegance, and lively personality. 

As one of many standard fonts designed to invoke a sense of efficiency and progress, Futura is best employed when you want to project a modern look and feel in your presentation. Futura is a versatile option ideal for use in both titles and body content, accounting for why it has remained immensely popular since 1927. 

3. Rockwell

rockwell font, presentation font

The Rockwell font has strong yet warm characters that make it suitable for a variety of presentation types, regardless of whether it’s used in headings or the body text. However, best practice dictates that this standard font should be used in headers and subheadings based on its geometric style. Rockwell is a Geometric Slab Serif . It is formed almost completely of straight lines, flawless circles, and sharp angles. This roman font features a tall x-height and even stroke width that provides its strong presence with a somewhat blocky feel.

Monoline and geometric, Rockwell is a beautiful font that can display any text in a way that looks impactful and important. Whether you want to set a mood or announce a critical update or event, you can’t go wrong with this robust font.

presentation font, verdana font

Verdana is easily a great choice as one of the top PowerPoint presentation fonts. Its tall lowercase letters and wide spaces contribute significantly towards boosting slide readability even when the text case or font size is small. That’s why Verdana is best for references, citations, footnotes, disclaimers, and so on. Additionally, it can also be used as a body font to extrapolate on slide headings to nail down your key points.

Besides that, it is one of the most widely available fonts, compatible with both Mac and Windows systems. This makes this modern Sans Serif font a safe bet for when you are not certain where and how will you be delivering your presentation. 

raleway font, presentation font

Raleway is a modern and lightweight Sans Serif font. Its italicized version has shoulders and bowls in some letters that are a bit off-centered. What this means is that the markings excluding the stem are intentionally lower or higher as compared to other fonts. 

This gives Raleway a slightly artistic look and feels without impacting its readability (and without falling into the custom or decorative fonts category). In fact, many professionals think the swashes and markings actually enhance the font’s readability and legibility. Moreover, Raleway also has a bold version which is heavily used in presentations and slide decks. 

The bottom line is that Raleway is a versatile typeface that can be used in a variety of presentations, either in the body copy or in titles and subheadings. When the titles are capitalized or formatted as bold, captivating your audience becomes a breeze. 

6. Montserrat

montserrat font, presentation font

Montserrat is one of our favorite PowerPoint fonts for presentation titles and subheadings. It’s a bold, professional, and visually appealing choice for situations when you want your headers and titles to really capture the audience’s attention. 

Every time you move to the next slide, the viewers will see the headings and instantly understand its core message.  

Another major quality of the Montserrat font is its adaptability and versatility. Even a small change such as switching up the weight gives you an entirely different-looking typeface. So you get enough flexibility to be able to use the font in all types of PowerPoint presentations.

Montserrat pairs nicely with a wide range of other fonts. For example, using it with a thin Sans Serif in body paragraphs creates a beautiful contrast in your PowerPoint slides. For this reason, it is usually the first modern Serif font choice of those creating a business plan or marketing presentation in MS PowerPoint. 

Create powerful presentations with Piktochart

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Infographic header template showcase

Roboto is a simple sans serif font which is a good fit for PowerPoint presentations in a wide range of industries. Well-designed and professional, Roboto works especially well when used for body text, making your paragraphs easy to read.

Roboto combines beautifully with several other fonts. When you’re using Roboto for body text, you can have headings and titles that use a script font such as Pacifico, a serif font such as Garamond, or a sans serif font such as Gill Sans. 

bentham presentation font

Bentham is a radiant serif font perfectly suited for headings and subtitles in your PowerPoint slides. It gives your presentation a traditional appearance, and its letter spacing makes your content really easy to read.

You can use this font in uppercase, lowercase, or the title case, depending on how it blends with the rest of your slide. For best result, we recommend combining Bentham with a Sans Serif font in your body content. For example, you can use a font such as Open Sans or Futura for the rest of your slide content.

9. Libre-Baskerville

libre baskerville, libre baskerville font

Libre-Baskerville is a free serif Google font. You can pair this classic font with several other fonts to make a PowerPoint presentation with a traditional design. 

One of its best features is that works equally well in both headings and body copy. It’s clear and easily readable no matter how you use it. And when used for headings, it works really well in uppercase form. 

tahoma powerpoint font, tahoma font

Tahoma is one of the fonts that offer the best level of clarity for PowerPoint slides. It has easily distinguishable characters like Verdana, but with the exception of tight spacing to give a more formal appearance.

Designed particularly for screens, Tahoma looks readable on a variety of screen sizes and multiple devices. In fact, this significant aspect is what makes Tahoma stand out from other fonts in the Sans Serif family. 

11. Poppins

poppins powerpoint font, poppins font

Poppins falls within the Sans Serif font category, but is a different font of its own uniqueness. The solid vertical terminals make it look strong and authoritative. That’s why it’s great for catchy titles, and subheadings, as well as for the body paragraphs. Poppins is a geometric typeface issued by Indian Type Foundry in 2014. It was released as open-source and is available in many font sizes for free on Google Fonts.

When you want something that feels casual and professional in equal measure, pick Poppins should be in the running for the best PowerPoint fonts. 

12. Gill Sans 

gill sans presentation font, gill sans font

Gill Sans is another classic choice for PowerPoint presentations when you’re looking to build rapport with your audience. Gill Sans is a friendly and warm Sans Serif font similar to Helvetica. At the same time, it looks strong and professional. 

It’s designed to be easy to read even when used in small sizes or viewed from afar. For this reason, it’s a superior match for headers, and one of the best PowerPoint fonts especially when combined with body text using Times New Roman or Georgia (not to mention several other fonts you can pair it with for successful results). This is the right font for combing different fonts within a presentation.

13. Palatino

palatino presentation font, palatino font

Palatino can be classified as one of the oldest fonts inspired by calligraphic works of the 1940s. This old-style serif typeface was designed by Hermann Zapf , and originally released in 1948 by the Linotype foundry. It features smooth lines and spacious counters, giving it an air of elegance and class. 

Palatino was designed to be used for headlines in print media and advertising that need to be viewable from a distance. This attribute makes Palatino a great font suitable for today’s PowerPoint presentations.   

Palatino is also a viable choice for your presentation’s body text. It’s a little different from fonts typically used for body paragraphs. So it can make your presentation content stand out from those using conventional fonts. 

14. Georgia

georgia ppt presentation font, georgia font

Georgia typeface has a modern design that few fonts can match for its graceful look. It’s similar to Times New Roman but with slightly larger characters. Even in a small font size Georgia exudes a sense of friendliness; a sense of intimacy many would claim has been eroded from Times New Roman through its overuse. This versatile font was designed by Matthew Carter , who has successfully composed such a typeface family which incorporates high legibility with personality and charisma. Its strokes form Serif characters with ample spacing, making it easily readable even in small sizes and low-resolution screens. 

Another benefit of using this modern font is its enhanced visibility even when it’s used in the background of your PowerPoint slides. Moreover, the tall lowercase letters contribute to a classic appearance great for any PowerPoint presentation.  

Final Step: Choosing Your Presentation Fonts to Make Your Slide Deck Shine

Choosing the right PowerPoint fonts for your future presentations is more of a creative exercise than a scientific one. Unless you need to abide by strict branding guidelines and company policies, there are no rules for the ‘best font’ set in stone. Plus, presentation fonts depend entirely on the environment or audience it is intended for, the nature and format of the project, and the topic of your PowerPoint presentation. 

However, there are certain basic principles rooted in Typography that can help you narrow down the evergrowing list of available PowerPoint presentation fonts, and choose PowerPoint fonts that will resonate with and have a powerful impact on your target audience. As discussed in this article, these include font factors such as compatibility with most systems, clarity from a distance, letter spacing, and so on.  Luckily for you, our carefully researched and compiled list of best fonts for presentations above was created with these core fundamentals already in mind, saving you time and hassle.

As long as you adopt these best practices for standard fonts without overcomplicating your key message and takeaways, you’ll soon be on your way to designing a brilliant slide deck using a quality PowerPoint font or font family! From all of us here at Piktochart, good luck with your new and improved presentation slides that will surely shine!


Hitesh Sahni is an editor, consultant, and founder of , an upscale content marketing studio helping brands accelerate growth with superior and scalable SEO, PPC, and copywriting services.

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10 Best fonts to use in your next PowerPoint presentation

modern presentation fonts

The design choices we make in our presentations – the colours, the icons, the photography and illustrations – all form a kind of shorthand through which our audiences recognise our brand and get a feel for the message we’re aiming to communicate. The same goes for the fonts we use. Fonts have as big an impact on design style as the visuals. Beautiful photography and well-designed icons can all be undermined by a poorly-chosen typeface. You need to use a font that aligns with the rest of your design style, and with the personality you’re trying to convey. You need a font with the right ‘voice.’

But how do we pick one? Before we get into our recommendations for 10 of the best presentation fonts, let’s run through some of the questions you can ask to help you decide.

Is it a Windows-standard font?

Before we get started this is probably the most important question to ask is if your font should be Windows-standard.

Free download: If you’re not sure what is Windows-standard and what isn’t, then  download this list of Windows-standard fonts for your reference.

We’ll have a look at custom fonts later in this article, but one last question to ask is if the font you intend to use is Windows-standard. Why does this matter? Well, if you make a beautiful presentation using a custom font and then send it to your colleague who doesn’t have the font installed, their version of the presentation will be a huge mess of mis-sized default fonts that isn’t really fit for purpose.

So, if you’re going to be using your presentation on multiple machines, you need something that will work on all of them – you need a Windows-standard font.

And, in case you were wondering, the ten we recommend here are all on that list.

Are you choosing a font for headings or body text?

The first thing to consider is where your text will be used – does it need to be easily readable in longer paragraphs and smaller sizes? Or can you afford to go bigger? Are you looking for a larger, more impactful slide title?

Whether your font is for heading or body text will help inform your answer to the next question…

Serif or sans serif?

Serif fonts have little ticks or ‘wings’ at the end of their lines, and are usually associated with serious, business-like, intellectual content, whereas sans serif fonts – like this one – have no marks on the ends of their lines, and are usually seen as modern, sleek and clean.

General wisdom is that serif fonts are better for print and for body text, as the serifs lead the eye from one character to the next like joined handwriting. Alternatively, sans serif fonts are better for titles and text displayed on a screen. But these are not hard and fast rules! A popular idea is to choose one of each, perhaps titles will be sans serif and body text will be serif, but it’s up to you – choose what feels right for your brand. Do you want to appeal to tradition, to intellectual weight with a serif font, or do you want your text to feel modern, to speak of technology and progress with a sans serif choice? Which leads to the final consideration…

How much familiarity do you want?

Many of the most popular typefaces already have well established voices. Everyone knows Times New Roman is serious, respectable, reliable. Everyone knows Arial is clear, no-nonsense, professional. If you want your audience to feel the familiarity of these tried and tested fonts, easily done! Or do you want to escape the familiar, be a little bit unique and memorable with a font your audience hasn’t already seen that day?

Once you have the answers to these questions, and have decided on the ‘voice’ you want to convey, you are finally ready to start searching for your font! Read on for our recommendations of 10 of the best fonts you can use for your next presentation.

10 best presentation fonts

1. garamond.

presentation fonts

‘Garamond’ actually refers to a style of font, rather than one font in particular. Some examples you may have heard of include Adobe Garamond, Monotype Garamond and Garamond ITC. All of these fonts are slightly different, but all have their origins in the work of Claude Garamond, who designed the original punch cuts in the 1500s, making Garamond fonts some of the oldest around.

Prior to Claude Garamond’s work, fonts were designed to mimic the handwriting of scribes. Garamond’s typefaces however (there are 34 attributed to him), were designed in the Roman style, with the letters’ ascenders vertical and the crossbar of the letter ‘e’ horizontal, instead of slanted as in earlier calligraphic fonts. The letters were designed this way to increase legibility in print, which is what makes Garamond fonts such a great choice for body text. Such a great choice in fact, that the entire Harry Potter series is printed in Adobe Garamond. Outside of print, Garamond fonts have been used in the logos of numerous brands, including Rolex and Abercrombie and Fitch, and giants Google and Apple.

With their rich history and elegant readability, you can be confident that a Garamond font will bring a timeless sophistication to your slides, while keeping your text legible.

2. Palatino

presentation fonts

Palatino was designed by Hermann Zapf in 1949. Based on the type styles of the Italian Renaissance, Palatino draws influence from calligraphy, and is in fact named after master calligrapher Giambattista Palatino – a contemporary of Claude Garamond. Zapf intended Palatino for use in headings, advertisements and printing. More specifically, it was designed to remain legible when printed on low quality paper, printed at small size or viewed at a distance.

Palatino Linotype is the version of the font included with Microsoft products, and has been altered slightly from the original for optimum display on screens. Book Antiqua, also a Microsoft default font, is very similar, almost impossible to tell from Palatino Linotype.

presentation fonts

Both of these fonts are good choices for body text – a little unusual, they will set your slides apart in a sea of Arial and Times New Roman, while with their airy counters and smooth, calligraphic lines, maintaining elegance and readability.

presentation fonts

Verdana was designed by Matthew Carter for Microsoft in 1996, deliberately crafted for use on computer screens. The letters are widely spaced, with wide counters and tall lowercase letters, making this font extremely readable, especially when displayed at small sizes. Verdana is also nearly ubiquitous, it has been included with all versions of Windows and Office since its creation. One survey estimates it is available on 99.7% of Windows computers, and 98.05% of Macs. On the one hand, this makes it a very safe bet – you are almost guaranteed your presentation will appear as you intended on all devices, but on the other hand, you may not stand out from the crowd as much as you may like!

You can’t argue with its legibility though. Verdana is an excellent font to use for small text, for example, to keep your footnotes, references and disclaimers readable. Or, for a safer choice, Verdana’s unobtrusive, effortlessly legible characters will keep your audience’s attention on what you have said, not the font you’ve used to say it.

presentation fonts

If you’ve used a Windows computer, used Skype, played on an Xbox 360 or just seen the Microsoft logo, you have seen a font from the Segoe family. Microsoft uses Segoe fonts for its logos and marketing materials, and Segoe UI has been the default operating system font since Windows Vista. This is all down to its beautiful simplicity, and on-screen legibility. Similarly to Verdana, Segoe fonts look perfect on screens and at small sizes, and are warm and inviting while maintaining the airy, aspirational feel of technology and progress. Unlike Verdana though – which has wide spaces and heavier letters – Segoe fonts are also a great choice for titles and headers.

Another fun bonus from the Segoe font family is the expansive set of symbols and icons it offers. From the insert tab in PowerPoint, click symbol, and change the symbol font to either Segoe UI Symbol, or Segoe UI Emoji, and marvel at the reams and reams of symbols to choose from. There are shapes, arrows, musical notes, mathematical notation, scientific notation, there are animals, buildings, food, Mahjong tiles, Fraktur letters, I Ching hexagrams… Likely any symbol you could possibly want is in there!

So for easy to read body text, light, elegant headers, or a quick and easy way to bring just about any icon you can think of into your presentation, the Segoe font family is a perfect choice.

5. Franklin Gothic

presentation fonts

What is it that makes a font ‘gothic?’ There’s certainly nothing about Franklin Gothic that speaks of bats in belfries or doomed lovers wandering the Yorkshire moors! Well, confusingly, when describing fonts ‘Gothic’ can mean completely opposite things – it is sometimes used to refer to a Medieval-style, blackletter font, or conversely, it can be used as a synonym for the clean, geometric, sans serif fonts that began their rise to prominence in the early 19 th century. And that’s certainly the category Franklin Gothic fits into.

Designed by Morris Fuller for the American Type Founders in 1902 and named after the American printer and Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Gothic is a classic American font that has been described as ‘square-jawed and strong-armed, yet soft-spoken.’ With its wide range of weights and widths, and interesting design details (take a look at the uppercase Q and lowercase g for some beautiful, unusual curves, and the uppercase A and M for subtly varying line weights), Franklin Gothic will look strong and approachable as your headings, and classy and legible as your body text.

presentation fonts

Candara was designed by Gary Munch, and released with Windows Vista in 2008. It is part of a family of six Microsoft fonts, all beginning with the letter C (Calibri, Cambria, Consolas, Corbel and Constantia), that were all optimised for use with Microsoft’s ClearType rendering system.

The most interesting thing about Candara, and what makes it such a beautiful font to use, is the influence of architecture on its design. If you look closely at the letters’ ascenders, you will notice an entasis at their ends, which means there is a slight convex curve towards the ends of the lines – a feature best known from classical architecture. Columns built by ancient Greek, Roman, Incan, Aztec and Chinese empires were built with this convex curve, a particularly famous example being the columns of the Parthenon in Athens. Historians believe columns were built in this way to give an impression of greater strength, to correct for the visual illusion that very tall, straight columns appear to bow inwards as they rise.

And the architectural influence doesn’t end there, Candara’s diagonal lines – best seen in the capital X, N and A – have been designed with unusual ogee curves. Most often seen in Gothic arches from 13 th and 14 th century Britain, an ogee curve is part convex, part concave, forming a shallow S shape as it rises. Two ogee curves meeting in the middle form an arch that rises to a point – like Candara’s capital A.

presentation fonts

These entases and ogee curves are what makes this font pleasingly unusual. At first glance, it is a standard, easy-to-read sans serif that looks crisp and clear on screen, but on closer inspection, Candara has some interesting design details that set it apart. Candara is perhaps not the most serious looking font, but if you’d like something slightly unusual, but still professional and perfectly legible, consider Candara.

presentation fonts

Similarly to Garamond, Bodoni refers not to a single font, but to a family of typefaces inspired by the centuries old work of a master typographer. Giambattista Bodoni was an extremely successful master printer who lived and worked in the Italian city of Parma through the late 18 th and early 19 th century. Along with a French typographer named Firmin Didot, Bodoni was responsible for developing the ‘New Face’ style of lettering, characterised by extreme contrast between thick and razor thin lines.

You will have seen this in action if you have ever glanced at a fashion magazine. Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle all print their names in a Bodoni font. In fact, these fonts are so prevalent in fashion graphic design that they have become a shorthand for the elegance and refinement the fashion world idealises.

The sharp lines and smooth curves of these fonts have been compared to the precise geometries of fabric patterns, and their delicate, graceful forms afford them a sophisticated femininity. This delicacy also make these fonts perfect for overlaying photographs. You will notice from the fashion magazine covers how the titles maintain their presence, but don’t overpower the photograph beneath. You can use this to great effect in your own designs; if you need to layer text over photographs, Bodoni fonts could be a stylish and sophisticated answer.

Best used in headings displayed at large sizes where contrasting line weights will have maximum impact, Bodoni fonts will instantly instil your design with an effortless, timeless elegance. Bodoni himself wrote that the beauty of type lies in “conformity without ambiguity, variety without dissonance, and equality and symmetry without confusion.” Bodoni fonts have all those things in abundance, and are some of the most beautiful fonts you can choose to use.

presentation fonts

If Bodoni fonts are just that bit too extreme, try Bell MT instead. They have similar roots – both Bodoni and Bell fonts were influenced by the work of French typographer Fermin Didot, and have the same ‘New Face’ style contrast between thick and thin lines, just to a lesser extent with Bell fonts.

Designed in 1788 by the punch cutter Richard Austin, commissioned by the publisher John Bell, Bell fonts share similarities with Didot style fonts, but also with softer, rounder Roman fonts of the time such as Baskerville. The influence of flowing, cursive style fonts such as Baskerville can be seen in letters such as the uppercase Q and K, and the italic Y and z , which all have some beautiful, unusual curves. In fact, Bell MT is particularly attractive in italic, almost script-like while maintaining legibility. This makes it an excellent choice for sub-headings, as a softer counterpart to a sans serif heading. Or use it for quotes and testimonials, set in a beautiful Bell italic they will be inviting and authentic, as well as clear and readable.

presentation fonts

Coming from an indigenous Salishan language, Tahoma is one of the original Native American names for Mount Rainier in the US state of Washington.

Tahoma the font however was designed by the British typographer Matthew Carter working for Microsoft, and was released with Windows 95. It is a very close cousin of Verdana, but though similar, Tahoma is a little narrower and more tightly spaced than Verdana, giving it a more slender, slightly more formal feel. It is another example of a font that was designed specifically for screen use, meaning it will look good at a wide range of sizes, and on a wide range of screens, perfect if you are making a presentation that will need to display properly on multiple devices.

In fact, perfect clarity is what sets Tahoma apart from some similar sans serif fonts. The image below shows the characters uppercase I (eye), lowercase l (ell) and number 1 (one) written in four popular sans serif fonts (from left to right) Century Gothic, Calibri, Gill Sans and Tahoma. Notice how in every font but Tahoma, at least two characters are indistinguishable. Gill Sans, for example, is a disaster here. It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to write these three characters in quick succession, but for scientific, technical or mathematical content, clear distinction between these characters can be very important – and Tahoma gives you that.

presentation fonts

So with its easy to read, screen friendly design and readily distinguishable characters, Tahoma is an ideal choice for the slightly more formal, but still approachable, scientific or technical presentation.

best presentation fonts

Designed by Jeremy Tankard and released in 2005, like Candara Corbel was also designed to work well with Microsoft’s ClearType rendering system, meaning it is specifically designed to work well on screens. Tankard described his aim when designing Corbel as ‘to give an uncluttered and clean appearance on screen,’ and describes the font as ‘legible, clear, and functional at small sizes.’ All of these things are important boxes to tick when you’re looking for a presentation font!

Corbel is a little more serious than Candara, again in Tankard’s words: ‘functional but not bland,’ designed to be ‘less cuddly, more assertive.’ The dots above the i’s and j’s for example are square, not rounded. The tail of the uppercase Q is straight and horizontal, not a whimsical curve. This makes Corbel a good choice for more serious or technical content, it is legible and without excessive embellishment, yet not characterless or overused.

One of the most interesting design details with Corbel is the fact that with this font, numbers are lowercase. What does this mean? Take a look at the image below, where you can see a comparison of how the numbers 0-9 appear in Corbel with how they appear in another popular sans serif font, Segoe UI. Notice how the Corbel numbers don’t line up exactly? This is know as lowercase or old-style numerals.

best presentation fonts

The purpose of this is to improve how numbers look when they form part of body text – they are a more natural fit with lowercase lettering. Few fonts have this option (for a serif option offering lowercase numbers, consider Georgia, also a Windows standard font), meaning Corbel can make a for a very unique choice. It will be both legible and readable, and its unusual numbers will add a unique and pleasing design touch to your slides.

What about custom fonts?

Sometimes what we want is not the familiar, the comforting, the Arial and the Times New Roman, sometimes we just want something different . This is your opportunity to step into the almost infinite world of custom fonts. Here you can find fonts to fit almost any imaginable need. From timeless and elegant and crisp and futuristic, to ornate scripts and decorative novelties, there will be a custom font for you.

But a word of warning on non-system fonts – custom fonts can be a powerful, attractive component of your presentation design, but if used incorrectly, they can also be its undoing.

A custom font will only appear in your presentation if it is played on a device with that font installed . On any other device, PowerPoint will replace your beautiful, carefully planned custom font with one of the system defaults, and this can have disastrous consequences for your design.

If your presentation is going to be built and presented exclusively from the same device you shouldn’t have a problem, but if multiple devices or operating systems are involved, or if you intend to share your presentation for others to use, to ensure your fonts survive the jump it is safer to stay in the realms of the system default fonts. There you can be confident your carefully crafted designs will stay exactly as you envisaged them, and you can concentrate on delivering the very best presentation.

You can find a useful PDF here detailing which fonts are available on all platforms for maximum compatibility.

Whatever font you do choose for your next PowerPoint presentation, ask yourself two questions:

If the answer to both of the above is yes, then you are on to a winner. You know best what fits with your brand, and if a font captures your unique voice, and makes your slides easy for your audience to read, you are one step closer to that perfect presentation.

Further reading

For more advice on choosing the best font for your next presentation, and then making the very best of it in your design, take a look at our other articles:

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record narration in powerpoint

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modern presentation fonts

Presentation font size: Dos and don’ts

We’ve found there’s no hard-and-fast rule for how big or small text on slides should be. Each presentation has its own unique requirements – it all depends on what you’re using the slides for, what you’re hoping to achieve with them, and how your audience will be viewing them. That said, we do have a few best practices for you to consider.

modern presentation fonts

Thank you very much for sharing such useful information!

what is the font you used in the text above

We use GT Walsheim as our corporate font (web, print)(which one has to pay for), but because it’s not a Windows standard font we actually use Segoe UI in our presentations.

What is a Bold font we can use?

What is the name of font you use on this website for writing information ..I want this font

It’s GT Walsheim .

Wow that was good but maybe add Mali to the best fonts for google slides and docs

What is the font of the article?

See above in the comments… GT Walsheim

Loved it. Thanks a lot Bright Carbon team

What font did you write this article in?

See comments above – GT Walsheim, which is a paid font, and not great for presentations as it isn’t on many machines.

Thanks, this helped me with my school presentation!

Absolutely great thank you!

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modern presentation fonts

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The 10 Best PowerPoint Fonts for Your Presentation Design

Ben Myhre
  • Sans Serif fonts are those without the tail. The word "Sans" is French for without, and Serif refers to the extra tails. They include Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Verdana, Lucida Sans, Tahoma and Century Gothic, etc.
  • Script and decorative fonts seek to emulate handwriting and are mostly reserved for special presentations. Here are the top ten PowerPoint fonts you can use for your presentations.
  • What is the best font for PowerPoint? Let's take a look at some of the most popular ones!


    It was released in 2005 to work with Microsoft's clear-type rendering, making it ideal for PowerPoint presentations. Corbel is quite similar to Candara, albeit more assertive with box dots (instead of circles) above lower cases for I and J.


    10. Century Gothic


    Ulfah Alifah

    • Published on April 28, 2021

    best fonts for professional powerpoint

    Table of Contents

    Have you read our old post about ‘ Font Pairing Tips and Tricks for Dummies ’? If not, we highly recommend you take a quick look at that typography article. Why is it so? Fonts have as big an influence on design manner as visuals.

    Beautiful presentation visuals can all be undermined by poorly chosen typefaces. Hence, you must use a font that follows the rest of your design style, the personality, and the right voice you’re trying to convey.

    That insight will help you determine the ideal font before creating your presentation design project using these 20 best fonts for Professional PowerPoint. Good luck!

    Best fonts for professional PowerPoint

    There are four types of fonts to analyze when looking to choose the best fonts for professional PowerPoint. Shortly, we merged Script and Decorative fonts.

    Serif fonts

    Serif fonts are traditional ones. They are known for their extra tail (or “feet”) at the end of each letter. Popular Serifs are Times New Roman, Century, Bookman, Lucida, Garamond, and more.

    Sans Serif fonts

    Sans Serif fonts are those without the tail. The word “Sans” is French for without, and Serif refers to the extra tails. They include Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Verdana, Lucida Sans, Tahoma, and Century Gothic.

    Script and decorative fonts

    These fonts try to follow handwriting and are mostly reserved for special presentations. Here, you will see the 20 best fonts for professional PowerPoint you can use for your presentations.

    What are the best fonts for professional PowerPoint? Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones!

    Using the best fonts for professional PowerPoint is favored for obvious reasons.

    It is the ideal choice when looking for a universal, readable Sans Serif PowerPoint font.

    See also: 20 Best Creative Custom Fonts PowerPoint Design

    Helvetica font family is in its neutral, a font that can blend into any style, like that of a chameleon but in the font world. 

    If I could summarise Helvetica in one sentence, it would be: “Clarity with complete simplicity.” In presentations, Helvetica is powerful and can add real impact, but it doesn’t take over the limelight.

    Next, one of the oldest fonts created in the 16th century in France by Claude Garamond led the whole European typography.

    This font family is worth choosing for companies not chasing trends and making the identity look refined and elegant.

    Futura is a geometric sans-serif typeface created by Paul Renner and published in 1927.

    This font is based on geometric shapes, especially the circle, similar in spirit to the Bauhaus design trends of the period.

    See also: What Are Sans Serif Fonts? Don’t Get Stuck in the “Serif = Traditional, Sans Serif = Modern” Mindset

    Gill Sans was created by British graphic artist and sculptor Eric Gill.

    Another Sans Serif font, Gill Sans, gives a friendly and warm look without being too overstressed. Some refer to Gill Sans as ‘the British Helvetica.’

    Rockwell font was developed with Monotype Design Studio in 1934, which saw the return to the reputation of slab serif fonts. Rockwell’s strong and friendly characters make this font particularly adaptable.

    This font is ready in nine different variations: italics, different weights, and condensed font versions.

    Verdana is one of the easy choices of the best fonts for professional PowerPoint. It is a more recent font crafted in 1996 by Mathew Carter for Microsoft, so you know it is optimized for the screen.

    Its symbols include wide spaces and counters with tall lower-case letters that increase readability.

    In fact, you can use a font like Fira Sans as both your header and body font, with different fonts in the mix to create only an accent font.

    While this font is suitable in both normal and bold weights for most of the slide content, we see a nice serif launched as well to balance the single presentation font.

    Hermann Zapf created Palatino back in 1949 based on type styles starting from the Italian Renaissance era.

    Hermann also intended to keep the font readable on low-quality paper and small-sized prints, including when viewed at a distance, making it the perfect fonts for professional PowerPoint presentation.

    Tahoma provides separable characters from each other and looks more like Verdana, albeit tightly spaced for a more formal appearance.

    Tahoma fonts arrived with Windows 95 and have since been used in professional PowerPoint presentations for their uniqueness, clarity, and readability.

    Georgia is highly appreciated for its beauty and blends thick and thin strokes to give well-spaced Serif characters.

    Georgia is the most similar font to Times New Roman, albeit bigger, making it ideal for presentations.

    This font was produced with one purpose in mind, and that’s to give clean text without confusion on the screen. It was created particularly for LCD monitors, so you know it’s optimized for any presentation project. 

    The font is neat and clean, making it a reasonable choice for any professional PowerPoint presentation that calls for large contrast. Also, its spacing allows for readability at a distance.

    The Segoe family of fonts is one of the best fonts for professional PowerPoint presentations. 

    Segoe is pretty similar to Verdana and maintains a warm, inviting look, and that’s still spacious and precise on screens.

    Century Gothic

    Century Gothic is a sans-serif typeface with a geometrical style. Monotype Imaging published it in 1991, created to fight with the ever-famous Futura. Its style is very similar to the rival but with a larger x-height.

    Importantly, this font is useful in advertising, such as headlines, display work, and small quantities of text.

    We’ve all seen a million and two presentations using conventional fonts like Arial and Times New Roman.

    Plus, Lato’s variety of weights is ready – from thin to light to bold, which helps to increase this font’s overall interest.

    Roboto is one of the other great fonts for professional PowerPoint presentations. This font is yet another basic sans-serif font that works beyond many industries and types of presentations.

    This font style is the perfect font to use for body text. The main body paragraphs are easy to read with this font in professional nuance and well designed.

    Montserrat is our favorite font for us here at RRGraph Design.

    Besides, this font will let them know what to expect each time you move to a new slide. However, it’s one of the top font selections you can apply for the headings on your professional PowerPoint presentation.

    We commonly use Open Sans fonts for professional PowerPoint presentation , especially for body paragraphs due to their legibility.

    However, we shouldn’t cut Open Sans like only a paragraph typeface. You can also use it in professional PowerPoint presentations to help your headings stand out sharply.


    Libre-Baskerville is a serif font style with several other fonts and color schemes to create a more traditional look and feel for your slides. 

    However, you also can use this font in body paragraphs easily, as it’s clear, legible, and readable.

    It has developed in reputation and become something like the “Helvetica of the free fonts.” The family has four new members – Thin, Light, Book, and Regular – added by Fontfabric Type Foundry.

    The new weights stay true to the style and grace of Bebas with the familiar clean lines, elegant shapes, a blend of technical straightforwardness, and simple warmth, which make it consistently proper for web, print, commerce, and art.

    Are you choosing a font for headings or body text?

    The first thing to think about is where you choose a font for headings or body text – does it need to be clearly understandable in longer paragraphs and smaller sizes? Or can you afford to go bigger? Are you looking for a bigger, more impactful slide title?

    Whether your font is for the heading or body text will help inform your answer to the next question.

    Serif or Sans Serif?

    Serif fonts have tiny ticks or ‘wings’ at the end of their lines. Usually, they correlate with strictness, business-like, intellectual content. On the other hand, sans-serif fonts – have no marks on the ends of their lines, and we usually see them as modern, smooth, and clean.

    The general sense is that serif fonts are better for print and body text, as the serifs lead the eye from one character to the next, like joined handwriting. Instead, sans serif fonts are better for titles and text displayed on a screen. But these are not complex and fast precepts!

    The popular opinion is to pick one of each; possibly titles will be sans serif, and body text will be serif, but it’s up to you. You can determine what feels suitable for your brand. Do you want to appeal to tradition, create an intelligent vibe with a serif font, or want your text to feel fresh, speaking of technology, and progress with a sans serif choice? This leads to your final consideration.

    See also: The Only Guide You Need to Download and Install Fonts for Professional PowerPoint

    What about custom fonts.

    Sometimes what we want is not the ordinary, the comforting, the Arial, and the Times New Roman; sometimes, we want something diverse. This is your opportunity to reach the almost endless world of the best fonts for professional PowerPoint presentations. Here, you can find fonts to fit nearly any reasonable necessity. There will be a custom font for you, from timeless, elegant, crisp, and futuristic to embellished scripts and decorative innovations.

    But a word of caution on non-system fonts – custom fonts can be a convincing and attractive component of your presentation design. Still, if misused, they can also be its destruction.

    A custom font will only appear in your presentation if played on a device by installing the fonts first. PowerPoint will replace your beautiful and carefully planned custom font with one system default on any other device. This can have destructive outcomes for your presentation design.

    If you present your presentation exclusively from the same device, you shouldn’t have a puzzle. Still, suppose many devices or operating systems are available or intend to share your presentation with others to ensure your fonts survive the jump. In that case, it is safer to stay in the system’s default fonts. So, you can be confident now. Your carefully crafted designs will remain as you conceived them, and you can focus on delivering the very best professional PowerPoint presentation.

    See also: How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint into Various Platforms

    3 tools to help you choose better presentation fonts.

    We’ve noted the three helpful tools mention in the video here to help you choose more effective typefaces for your next professional PowerPoint presentation.

    Then, we’ve used ‘Fonts in Use many times; it is a handy tool for selecting fonts for any presentation design project.

    Fonts in the Wild

    Fonts in use.

    Lastly, we’ve done the game with the 20 best fonts for professional PowerPoint. That every single person who has ever designed an Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint™ presentation should have it in their arsenal. Please go out and enjoy them.

    See also: Font Pairing Tips and Tricks for Dummies

    Ready to create your next presentation.

    Furthermore, whether you use Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote , each of these presentation fonts can bring the best out of your presentation projects.

    Let’s visit RRSlide to download free PowerPoint presentation templates  with many categories. But wait, don’t go anywhere and stay here with our Blog to keep up-to-date on all the best pitch deck template collections and design advice from our PowerPoint experts yet to come!

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    Alpha – Business PowerPoint Template

    Alpha - Business PowerPoint Template

    This PowerPoint template is made with modern businesses in mind. It’s ideal for crafting professional presentations for business meetings, company profiles, and pitch deck slideshows. The template includes 39 unique slides for you to choose from.

    Stanbiz – Startup Business Plan PowerPoint Template

    Stanbiz - Startup Business Plan Powerpoint Template

    Design the perfect slideshow to showcase your startup and business plans with this professional PowerPoint template. There are 36 different slide layouts included in this template with fully customizable designs.

    Gray Gold Company Profile Presentation Template

    Gray Gold Company Profile Presentation Template

    The dark gray and gold design of this PowerPoint template gives it a very stylish look and feel. The template is ideal for making slideshows for various marketing and product showcase presentations. It includes 26 unique slides.

    Minimal Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation Template

    Minimal Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation Template

    The modern and minimal design of this PowerPoint template offers a beautiful canvas for crafting bold and beautiful presentations for your professional projects. There are 24 slides in the template that are especially suitable for portfolio presentations.

    Aqua – Free Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

    Aqua Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

    This free PowerPoint template comes with a colorful watercolor-themed design. It’s perfect for professional marketing presentations and slideshows. The template has 32 unique slide layouts.

    Minimal PowerPoint Presentation Template

    Minimal PowerPoint Presentation Template

    Craft minimal presentations with an aesthetic feel using this PowerPoint template. It’s made with various business and agency portfolio presentations in mind. There are 21 different slide layouts to choose from.

    Cell – Creative Professional PowerPoint Template

    Cell - Creative Professional Powerpoint Template

    The bold and dark design of this PowerPoint template will allow you to make professional slideshows for presenting your projects and portfolio in style. The template includes fully customizable slides with image placeholders, device mockups, and much more.

    Media-Press Kit – Professional PowerPoint Template

    Media-Press Kit - Professional PowerPoint Template

    Just as the name suggests, this PowerPoint template is designed to help you craft a professional-looking media kit or a press kit for a brand. It includes 16 carefully crafted slides with all the important sections for promoting your brand and business.

    Crowdfunding – PowerPoint Infographics Slides

    Crowdfunding - PowerPoint Infographics Slides

    If you’re planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for your business or product launch, this PowerPoint template will come in handy. It includes 17 different crowdfunding-themed infographic slides in 12 different color variations.

    Photographer Portfolio – Free Professional PowerPoint Template

    Photographer Portfolio - Free Professional PowerPoint Template

    This free PowerPoint template is a great choice for crafting a simple portfolio slideshow for a photographer. There are 29 unique slides in the template with different styles of layouts for showcasing your work more effectively.

    Gosamp – Urban Professional PowerPoint Template

    Gosamp - Urban Professional Powerpoint Template

    Gosamp is a modern PowerPoint template that features a trendy and attractive design. It comes with more than 30 unique slide layouts you can use to create presentations for digital marketing and fashion brands. Each slide in the template also includes image placeholders, editable graphics, and much more.

    Logica – IT Consultant PowerPoint Template

    Logica - IT Consultant PowerPoint Template

    This template is designed with consulting agencies in mind. The template includes 30 different slide layouts with clean and professional designs. You can also customize it using PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

    Business Plan – Professional PowerPoint Template

    Business Plan - Professional PowerPoint Template

    If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template to create a killer business plan slide deck, this template is perfect for you. It includes 25 carefully crafted slides that can be used to make a professional presentation to showcase your business and company plans.

    Tradents – Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

    Tradents - Brand Guidelines Presentation Template

    Use this PowerPoint template to make attractive brand guideline slide decks. You can choose from 30 unique slides, which include slides for detailing everything from font choices to color schemes and everything in between. You can easily edit and customize each slide to your preference as well.

    Free Growth Business Plan PowerPoint Template

    Free Growth Business Plan PowerPoint Template

    This free PowerPoint template is ideal for making simple and professional presentations for describing your business growth plans. There are 39 different slide layouts included in the template. Along with editable graphs, charts, and vector graphics.

    Roline – Professional PowerPoint Template

    Roline - Professional PowerPoint Template

    This PowerPoint template combines elements from both professional and modern worlds to offer a set of beautiful slide layouts. It’s perfect for creating everything from business presentations to pitch decks and more. The template includes 50 unique slides with editable designs.

    Koman – Modern Business PowerPoint Template

    Koman – Modern Business PowerPoint Template

    Presentations with dark designs are great for highlighting content more effectively. This PowerPoint template is designed to help achieve that goal. It includes a total of 39 slides with fully customizable layouts. And it features editable shapes and graphics as well.

    Marketing Pitch – Modern PowerPoint Template

    Marketing Pitch - Modern PowerPoint Template

    This PowerPoint template includes many different infographic slides you can use to visualize data in your marketing meetings. It features a clean and professional design. The template comes with 30 unique slides.

    Wicka – Business PowerPoint Template

    Wicka – Business PowerPoint Template

    You can use this PPT to create professional presentations to promote creative brands and agencies. The template lets you choose from 39 different slides. It includes master slide layouts, editable vector graphics, image placeholders, and much more as well.

    Free Business Profile PowerPoint Template

    Free Business Profile PowerPoint Template

    This is a free PowerPoint template for designing business presentations with professional slides. It comes with 23 unique slides. Each slide can be easily customized to change colors, fonts, and images to your preference.

    Social Humanity – Modern PowerPoint Template

    Social Humanity - Modern PowerPoint Template

    This professional PowerPoint template features a minimalist slide design. It’s perfect for making presentations for non-profit organizations and many other businesses. The template includes 30 unique slides.

    Business & Corporate PowerPoint Template

    Business & Corporate PowerPoint Template

    Use this template to design a modern and creative presentation for your corporate business. It includes a total of 420 slides featuring 40 unique slides in 8 pre-made color schemes. The template also has transition animations as well.

    Lonux – Professional PowerPoint Template

    Lonux - Professional PowerPoint Template

    Lonux is a PowerPoint template you can use to design presentations to showcase your professional services. The template includes 39 unique slides filled with editable shapes, master slide layouts, image placeholders, and more.

    Aserlla – Clean Business PowerPoint Template

    Aserlla - Clean Business Powerpoint Template

    Looking for a PowerPoint template with a clean and professional layout? Then this template is for you. It includes slides in both dark and light color themes as well as in 3 pre-made color schemes.

    Business & Consulting Toolkit Free PPT

    Business & Consulting Toolkit Free PPT

    This creative PowerPoint template not only comes with a set of modern slides but also features multipurpose designs you can use to create many different types of presentations. It includes 50 unique slides with graphs, maps, infographics, and more.

    Reendinguz – Modern PowerPoint Template

    Reendinguz - Modern Powerpoint Template

    If you’re looking for a minimal PowerPoint template with a modern design to create clean and effective presentations, this template is perfect for you. It includes 30 unique slide designs featuring 5 different color schemes to choose from. The layouts made with vector shapes are easily editable as well.

    Galerino – Professional PowerPoint Template

    Galerino - Powerpoint Template

    Galerino is another modern PowerPoint template that comes with a total of 150 slides. It features image placeholders for easily placing your images in the slides as well as master slide layouts, illustrations, and editable vector graphics.

    Best Business – Modern PowerPoint Template

    Best Business - Powerpoint Template

    This is a great PowerPoint template you can use to design an elegant and attractive slideshow for a professional presentation. It includes 30 slides that you can choose from 5 different color schemes. It also comes with an infographic, gallery slide, illustrations, and much more.

    Browney – Contemporary PowerPoint Template

    modern powerpoint templates

    If you are looking for an elegantly designed, professional PowerPoint template for modern businesses, Browney is an ideal choice. This collection of five templates, each having 30 slides, is a great option for making an impression on potential investors or clients.

    Sparrow – Creative Agency PowerPoint Template

    modern powerpoint templates

    Exclusively designed for creative industries, Sparrow features a modern, uncluttered design with a splash of bright colors that instantly draws the attention of your audience. There is a smorgasbord of slides for you to customize to your heart’s content, and easy-to-use features that make the dreadful task of making a presentation look like a piece of cake.

    Poolest – Simple PowerPoint Template

    modern powerpoint templates

    The best presentations are often the ones without any bells and whistles. Poolest is a minimal yet eye-catching option, making it one of the best professional PowerPoint templates on our list. We wholeheartedly recommend you try out Poolest for your upcoming presentation.

    Modela – Free Creative PowerPoint Template

    professional powerpoint template

    With a stylish, modern, and striking design, Modela is an effective presentation template with multi-purpose slides, data infographics, and a 16:9 widescreen ratio. It’s one of the best free modern PowerPoint templates available on the web and can be fully customized to reflect your own branding.

    Arina – Free Business PowerPoint Template

    modern powerpoint templates

    Arina, a modern and sophisticated PowerPoint template is a great choice for businesses looking to make an impact. It features an elegant layout, easy-to-edit slides, and a range of amazing features that really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

    Round – Clean Business PowerPoint Template

    Round - Powerpoint Template

    Round also comes with a set of modern and professional slide designs. Each slide in this PowerPoint template is available in 5 different colors. It also includes master slide layouts, image placeholders, editable vector graphics, and more.

    Voodoo – Free Professional PowerPoint Template

    Voodoo - Free Professional PowerPoint Template

    VooDoo is a free PowerPoint template that features a set of highly professional slides, including ones with infographics. The free version of the template includes 5 free presentation slides and 5 infographic slides.

    Kirkland – Business PowerPoint Template

    Kirkland - Business PowerPoint Template

    This PowerPoint template is a great choice for making all types of professional and business presentations. It comes with a set of beautiful slides made with a minimal content layout full of colorful shapes and images. The template includes 30 unique slides with 5 different colors to choose from.

    Twenty Five – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Twenty Five - Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Minimalism takes a key role in every modern and professional presentation design. This template will allow you to leverage both those factors to your advantage by crafting a set of slides full of clarity and creativity. It includes 25 unique slides for you to choose from. And comes in Google Slides version as well.

    Quizy – Quiz Themed Powerpoint Template

    Quizy - Quiz Themed Powerpoint Template

    A very unique PowerPoint template designed specifically for quiz and questionnaire-based presentations. This template comes with 30 slides featuring colorful quiz-themed designs and layouts. It’s perfect for making your presentations more entertaining for events and conferences.

    Rexse – Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

    Rexse - Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template

    Rexse is a pitch deck PowerPoint template you can use for all sorts of business and startup investor presentations. The template comes with 40 unique master slide layouts with modern designs. Each slide features editable graphics, icons, shapes, and image placeholders for easy customization.

    Original – Free Modern PowerPoint Template

    Original - Free Modern PowerPoint Template

    This beautiful PowerPoint template is completely free to download and use with your personal projects. It’s ideal for making a simple slideshow for design and lifestyle-themed presentations.

    LEARN – Education Powerpoint Template

    LEARN - Education Powerpoint Template

    Just as the name suggests, this PowerPoint template is designed for all sorts of educational presentations. It’s ideal for making presentations for educating the audiences of your products and services. The template includes 30 unique slides.

    Atea – Clean Professional Presentation Template

    Atea - Clean Professional Presentation Template

    The clean and creative design of this presentation template gives it a truly unique look and feel. This PowerPoint template features 30 unique slides that are available in 5 different pre-made color schemes. It also comes in Keynote and Google Slides versions as well.

    Accasia – Creative Business PowerPoint Template

    Accasia - Creative Business PowerPoint Template

    This PowerPoint template comes with a slide design filled with creative and abstract shapes. This gives the entire presentation a very uncommon look and feel. The template includes 30 unique slides. You can easily customize the design using its pre-made color schemes and image placeholders.

    Aquos – Minimal Professional PowerPoint Template

    Aquos - Minimal Professional PowerPoint Template

    If you’re working on a presentation for a corporate brand or a modern business, this PowerPoint template will come in handy. It comes with 30 minimalist slides that feature plenty of visuals and shapes. The template includes gallery slides, portfolio slides, history slides, and lots more.

    Hexxos – Free Modern PowerPoint Template

    Hexxos - Free Modern PowerPoint Template

    The vivid and colorful slides in this template give it a truly modern and trendy look. This PowerPoint template is perfect for making a presentation for modern fashion and lifestyle brands. It’s free to use with your personal projects.

    Classy – Modern PowerPoint Template

    Classy - Modern PowerPoint Template

    Classy is a modern PowerPoint template that features a set of 30 unique slides that are available in 5 different color schemes, making it a total of 150 slides. It also includes image placeholders, editable vector graphics, and free fonts as well.

    Sneaky – Fashion PowerPoint Template

    Sneaky - Sneakers PowerPoint Template

    Sneaky is a modern PowerPoint template that comes with a stylish visual slide design, which makes it perfect for creating fashion and apparel related presentations. The template includes 45 unique slides with drag and drop customization features.

    Visionare – Modern PowerPoint Presentation

    Visionare - Modern Powerpoint Presentation

    Visionare is a beautiful PowerPoint template you can use to design professional presentations for business and agency meetings and events. The template comes with 50 unique slides in HD resolution and features image placeholders, world maps, icons, and much more.

    Zero – Creative PowerPoint Template

    Zero - Creative Powerpoint Template

    Zero is a modern and creative PowerPoint template featuring a colorful design. This template is most suitable for making marketing and sales related presentations. It includes 30 unique slides in 5 different color schemes, making a total of over 150 slides.

    Yoon – Business PowerPoint Template

    Yoon - Business Powerpoint Template

    Yoon comes with a simple and clean design which allows you to effectively highlight your images and content. The template is perfect for making business profile and product showcase presentation slideshows.

    Ashtray – Professional PowerPoint Template

    Ashtray - Professional Powerpoint Template

    Ashtray PowerPoint template features a creative slide design filled with lots of shapes, colors, and images. The template lets you choose from a total of 150 slides to craft unique business and professional presentations that stand out from the crowd.

    Free Portfolio PowerPoint Template

    Free Portfolio PowerPoint Template

    This modern free PowerPoint template is designed specifically for creating professional portfolio presentations. It includes 12 unique slides filled with lots of icons and shapes.

    Free Minimal PowerPoint Presentation

    Free Minimal PowerPoint Presentation

    If you’re looking for a minimal PowerPoint template for making a portfolio showcase or an agency presentation, this free template is for you. It features 20 unique slides with image placeholders and icons.

    Chroma – Modern PowerPoint Template

    Chroma - Modern Powerpoint Template

    Chroma features a design unlike any other PowerPoint template in this collection. The template has a modern design featuring vibrant gradient colors. It includes 50 unique slides that are most suitable for modern startup and small businesses.

    Molex – Dark PowerPoint Template

    Molex - Dark Powerpoint Template

    Molex is a stylish PowerPoint template that comes with a dark color theme, which effectively highlights text and other content in the design. The template is also available in 5 different color schemes and comes with 30 unique slides.

    PRADIC – Creative PowerPoint Template

    PRADIC - Creative Powerpoint Template

    Pradic is a creative PowerPoint template you can use to design business and corporate presentations. It comes with slides full of colorful shapes, charts, graphs, image placeholders, and much more.

    Gholem – Minimal PowerPoint Template

    Gholem - Minimal Powerpoint Template

    Gholem PowerPoint template features 30 unique slides that can be easily customized to your preference. The slides are also available in 5 different color variations and include a handcrafted infographic and gallery slides as well as image placeholders.

    Rekxa – Clean PowerPoint Template

    Rekxa - Clean Powerpoint Template

    Rekxa is a clean and minimalist PowerPoint template most suitable for designing startup and business-related presentations. The template includes 150 slides with editable designs and 5 color schemes to choose from.

    Pop – Free Colorful PowerPoint Template

    Pop - Free Colorful PowerPoint Template

    This is a free demo of a premium PowerPoint template. It features a set of modern and colorful slide designs you can use to create a stylish slideshow to showcase your personal designs, artworks, and portfolios.

    GMTRY – Free Geometric Presentation Template

    GMTRY – Free Geometric Presentation Template

    This modern PowerPoint template features a unique style of design filled with creative geometric shapes. You can use it for free with personal projects.

    Hanobi – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Hanobi - Powerpoint Template

    Hanobi is a modern and elegant PowerPoint template that features a professional design for making slideshows for business and creative presentations. It includes a total of 150 slide designs that are also available in 5 different color schemes.

    Anada – Agency Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Anada - Agency Powerpoint Template

    Anada is a PowerPoint template most suitable for making marketing and sales related presentations. It comes with 30 unique slides featuring infographics, charts, graphs, and icons. The template s also available in 3 different colors as well as light and dark themes.

    Space – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Space Powerpoint Template

    Space is a minimalist and professional PowerPoint template that includes a set of gorgeously designed slides featuring portfolio slides, infographics, vector graphics, image placeholders, and much more.

    Laforest – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Laforest - Modern Powerpoint Template

    Laforest PowerPoint template comes with 12 different files featuring the slideshow in 3 premade color schemes and in light and dark themes. It includes 30 professionally designed slides featuring timelines, mockups, image placeholders, and more.

    Pastel – Free PowerPoint Template

    Pastel - Free PowerPoint Template

    Pastel is another great free PowerPoint template you can use to design a colorful and attractive presentation to showcase your portfolio. It’s free to use with personal projects.

    Free Corporate Powerpoint Template

    Free Corporate Powerpoint Template

    This free PowerPoint template comes with 15 unique slide designs you can use to design various business and corporate presentations. It includes lots of shapes, infographics, and illustrations as well.

    Mochica – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Mochica - Powerpoint Template

    Mochica features a minimalist design with lots of clean and white space. The PowerPoint template lets you choose from 5 color schemes and a total of 150 slides to design professional presentations.

    Project Proposal – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Project Proposal PowerPoint Template

    With this professional PowerPoint template, you’ll be able to create attractive presentations for project proposals and meetings. The template is available in 4 different color themes and it features lots of unique slides for describing pricing, project scope, budget, and more.

    Cella PitchDeck Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Cella PitchDeck Template

    This PowerPoint template will definitely come in handy for startups and businesses for making powerful pitch decks to promote and present their ideas and startups to investors. The template includes a total of 120 slides.

    MINIMAL PROPOSAL – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    MINIMAL PROPOSAL - Powerpoint

    Another modern and professionally designed PowerPoint template for making attractive proposal presentations. This template comes with 50 unique slides that feature 3D infographics, icons, vector illustrations, and more.

    Yellow Bussiness – Modern Professional PowerPoint Template

    Yellow Bussiness - Powerpoint Template

    Create unique and persuasive marketing and sales presentations using this PowerPoint template. It features 50 unique slides you can easily edit to change colors, text, images, and shapes.

    Free Fashion PowerPoint Presentation Template

    Free Fashion PowerPoint Presentation Template

    Another great free PowerPoint template for crafting slideshows related to photography and fashion design. The template includes 10 unique slides you can customize to your preference.

    Motagua – Free Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

    Motagua - Free Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

    Motagua is a modern and attractive free PowerPoint template that can be used to design all kinds of design, business, and creative presentations. It comes with 12 unique slides based on master slide layouts.

    Latte PowerPoint Presentation Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Latte is a professional PowerPoint template that comes with a minimal and a modern design. The template features lots of space for showing off images with a beautiful color scheme. It includes over 50 unique slides based on master slides with vector graphics and portfolio slides.

    Marketing Plan 2.0 PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    This is a PowerPoint template designed specifically for creating marketing-related presentations. It includes 30 unique slides that come in 10 different color schemes. The slides are also available in white and dark background versions. The slideshow is also fully animated and print-ready as well.

    Modev Professional PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    This professional PowerPoint template is most suitable for creating slideshows for design agency and freelancer presentations. It features an elegant color design, which is available in Green, Blue, and Pink versions. Each template consists of 30 unique slides.

    Minimal Presentation PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Just as the title suggests, this is a minimalist PowerPoint template that comes with a total of over 300 slides. The template features a modern design that makes it ideal for SaaS and small business related presentations. It’s also available in 10 different color schemes as well.

    Visionary – Attractive PowerPoint Design

    modern presentation fonts

    Visionary is a professionally designed PowerPoint template that includes 80 unique multipurpose slides with vibrant colors. The template is available in 30 different color schemes and it comes with 98 master slide layouts for creating your own unique slides.

    MUNINE PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Munine is a PowerPoint slideshow template with a feminine design. It’s perfect for designing slideshows for fashion and clothing brand related presentations. The template features 60 unique slides in 50 different premade color schemes. Each template is also available in dark and light color versions as well.

    iDea – Creative Company PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Idea is a PowerPoint template designed specifically for marketing related presentations. It’s also perfect for making presentations for creative and design agencies as well. It includes 30 unique slides in 3 different color schemes.

    Kalium Corporate PowerPoint Presentation

    modern presentation fonts

    Featuring a professional design, Kalium PowerPoint template is most suitable for creating presentations for corporate businesses, brands, and agencies. It includes 50 unique slides that are easily customizable and featuring lots of vector graphics and elements. The slides also come equipped with animations as well.

    SPLASH – PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    This PowerPoint template is ideal for design agencies and other creative businesses. It features slides with a modern design for easily highlighting your portfolio, case studies, team, and galleries. The template includes 32 unique slides that are available in 5 premade color schemes.

    SIMPLY – PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Simply is a creatively designed PowerPoint presentation template that includes 32 unique slides. It’s also available in 5 different color variations and features plenty of vector elements, such as infographics, charts, graphs, and more. You can easily edit it to customize the slides to your preference.

    Oxygen PowerPoint Presentation

    modern presentation fonts

    Oxygen is the perfect PowerPoint template for creating marketing and creative presentations. It comes with an attractive slide design and a drag and drop editing environment. The template includes 50 unique slides featuring infographics, maps, charts, and graphs.

    SKETCH 1 PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    This creative template includes 40 unique slides that feature lots of sketch-based illustrations and icons. The template is also available in 50 different color variations and with hundreds of vector graphics, icons, and shapes.

    Exotic Project Presentation Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Featuring a minimal and a modern design, this PowerPoint template is best for showcasing your projects and products in your presentations. It’s also great for making presentations for corporate and small business presentations as well. The template includes 62 multipurpose slides in 20 different color schemes.

    NEXT PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Next is a highly visual PowerPoint template that comes with a set of slides with a modern design. It includes 20 unique slides in 50 different color styles, including dark and light themes. The slides are also filled with lots of vector graphics and icons as well.

    Rising Sun PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    If you’re working on a presentation for a creative agency or a small business, this PowerPoint template will come in handy. This template includes 20 master slides featuring lots of vector elements, gradient colors, and icons.

    Real Estate PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    This is a PowerPoint template designed specifically for making presentations related to real-estate agencies. The template features 20 unique slides with plenty of space for highlighting properties with large images. It also includes charts, diagrams, graphs, and vector icons as well.

    Lean PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Lean is a professionally designed PowerPoint template that’s ideal for creating business and corporate presentation slideshows. The template includes 20 master slides featuring lots of vector graphics, icons, and shapes.

    Add Color PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    This colorful PowerPoint template is perfect for creating presentation slideshows for all types of occasions, including schools, colleges, marketing, fashion, and more. The template comes packed with vector charts and graphs as well.

    Mapped PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Mapped is a PowerPoint template with a modern design. It’s best for making slideshows for eCommerce businesses and startups. The template includes slides based on 20 master slides and animations.

    Ruby PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Featuring a set of 50 unique slides, this PowerPoint template is made specifically for creating presentations for business and corporate projects. It includes resizable vector graphics and gallery slides as well.

    Express – Freestyle PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Express is a unique PowerPoint template with a modern and a creative design that will certainly make your presentations stand out. It includes 30 slides featuring attractive brush-strokes, vectors, icons, and graphics. The template is also available in 3 different color schemes.

    Modern Real Estate PowerPoint Template

    modern presentation fonts

    Another PowerPoint slideshow template for creating presentations for real-estate businesses. The template includes 30 clean and modern slides that are available in 5 premade color schemes. It comes with resizable graphics, vector illustrations, portfolio slides, and lots more.

    Timeline 2.0 for PowerPoint

    modern presentation fonts

    This is a massive bundle of PowerPoint templates that includes 50 unique templates of timeline slides. You can use them to create business projections charts, product-related graphs, and more. The templates are also available in 10 different premade color schemes.

    Tidama – Modern Business PowerPoint Template

    PowerPoint template

    This is one of the most elegant PowerPoint templates in this collection. If you’re looking for a theme to design a presentation for a luxury brand or high-end product, this template is perfect for you. It includes 39 slide layouts with fully editable designs.

    Bakooh PowerPoint Template

    PowerPoint template

    With a confident look and clean, creative slides, this is a versatile, flat design PowerPoint template. It’s got a modern style that blends plenty of colorful graphics, powerful charts, and minimal design elements.

    Doros PowerPoint Template

    PowerPoint template

    Need a PowerPoint presentation design template with a modern style? One that’s easy to customize? And comes packed with the right slide designs to communicate your message effectively? Look no further than Doros.

    Mokka PowerPoint Template

    PowerPoint template

    If you like minimal PowerPoint design templates, check this out. This is a minimal PowerPoint presentation design with plenty of template options built-in. If you’ve got important information to present, this set delivers. It’s perfect for personal or corporate use. And comes with a ton of easy-to-edit features that are 100% customizable.

    Rising PowerPoint Template

    PowerPoint template

    Think big and get ready to go bold with this modern PowerPoint design theme. It’s got a powerful set of unique PPT slide designs that’ll help your message stand out. It mixes striking images with compelling layouts and a confident type. It also includes quick to work with components that pack a creative punch.

    5 Tips for Creating a Modern PowerPoint Presentation

    If you’re new to designing PowerPoint presentations, these tips will help you create a more professional looking slideshow to win your audience.

    1. Use Minimal and Professional Slide Designs

    Let’s face it, all of the default templates included in PowerPoint are terrible and have outdated designs. They’ll never help make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

    Libre - Powerpoint Template

    So start your process by finding a better and professionally designed PowerPoint template to make your slideshow look more creative and original. You’d be surprised to see the amazing designs on some of the templates you can download from third-party websites. They’ll make your old presentations look like something from the 1980s.

    2. Find and Use Better Custom Fonts

    Fonts take a major role in presentation slideshows as they help attract attention to each of your slides. Consider using custom fonts in your presentations.

    Expand - Powerpoint Template

    With the right combination of a big bold title font and a body font with an easy to read design, you can create presentations to deliver a great user experience that shows off professionalism.

    3. Write Shorter Sentences

    In most cases, a PowerPoint presentation should focus on highlighting the key points of a speech and to visualize data. And you should keep it that way and avoid making your presentation look like a novel filled with long paragraphs.

    Pancja - Powerpoint Template

    You can achieve this goal by creating a content layout for including shorter sentences and paragraphs. Use bullet points and icons as well.

    4. Add Shapes, Images, Charts, and Graphs

    Modern PowerPoint presentations are usually very visually appealing and it’s beautiful to look at. You can make similar presentations by including lots of shapes and large images to make each slide look more creative.

    Sureprise Powerpoint Template

    You can also use charts and infographics to visualize data from studies, show projections, summarize reports, and even make strong statements.

    5. Use a Modern Color Palette

    While using minimal designs is always a great approach to designing professional PowerPoint slideshows, many modern presentations feature colorful designs as well.

    Lamia - Modern PowerPoint Template

    Create a color palette that matches your brand and your industry. Use it to add a stylish look to each of the slides in your presentations while maintaining a persistent design.

    Theme Junkie

    44+ Best Fonts for PowerPoint (PPT Fonts) 2023

    When designing a PowerPoint presentation to deliver a business project, pitch, or portfolio, one of the key elements that you’ll spend your time deciding on is a font, or set of fonts, to use for your headings, captions, and text bodies.

    Although it may seem like a simple decision, the typeface you use has the potential to change the entire feel of your presentation, so it’s imperative to choose wisely!

    The bad news is that there are hundreds of thousands of fonts out there, and it’s impossible to test each and every one of them. The good news? We’ve done the hard yards for you and created a list of the top options available, and they’re all waiting for you to download and use at the click of a button.

    Read on for some of the best fonts for PowerPoint!

    One Subscription: Unlimited Access to Stunning Premium Fonts

    Get every varied font and typeface you could ever need with one simple subscription. From just $16, get unlimited access to thousands of fonts, typefaces, graphics, templates, photos and illustrations.

    Serif Fonts

    Serif Fonts

    Script Fonts

    Script Fonts

    Monospace Fonts

    Monospace Fonts

    Handwritten Fonts

    Handwritten Fonts

    Condensed Fonts

    Condensed Fonts

    Sans Serif Fonts

    Sans Serif Fonts

    Versanity ppt font.

    powerpoint font

    Versanity is one of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations. It features a delicate and elegant design that feels right at home in strictly professional settings. Use it confidently in your upcoming presentation, and allow yourself to be astonished by the result produced.

    Streamline Moderne PPT Font

    best ppt fonts

    Check out Streamline Moderne, an elegant and modern serif font that will add a nice vintage flair to your presentation. It offers a gorgeous, sleek design, uppercase and lowercase letters, and a range of features that are sure to take your PowerPoint up a notch.

    Geotrica PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    Geotrica is a modern sans-serif font family that comes with a range of weights and equips you with four typeface styles. Whether you need it to stylize the body text or headings in your PowerPoint presentation, Geotrica is a font worth investing in.

    Kaelia PPT Font

    best ppt fonts

    If you are putting together a branding presentation, you will absolutely love Kaelia, a simple yet stylish sans-serif font that works perfectly in both large and small sizes. It’s one of the best ppt fonts on our list!

    Preface PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    The next in our list of the best fonts for PowerPoint is the modern and simplistic Preface, a fresh sans serif typeface designed for professional presentations that will engage your audience without drawing them away from the content! It comes in three different weights and can be used in any size.

    Rustyne PowerPoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Next up we have Rustyne, another authentically hand-drawn typeface but this time with a rustic brushed look that makes it ideal for a creative presentation for a new business or project. This lovely script font comes with full uppercase and lowercase characters plus a range of numbers, symbols, and alternates.

    Highline PowerPoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    If you’re searching for a cute, feminine calligraphy style font for your next PowerPoint presentation, consider the Highline typeface, which offers a beautiful script with an elegant and creative feel and includes a wealth of ligatures and alternates for you to choose from.

    Rollgates Fabulous PPT Font

    best ppt fonts

    Our list of the best fonts for PowerPoint features a number of vintage options, but when it comes to choosing our favorite, Rollsgates Fabulous definitely takes the cake. We wholeheartedly recommend you try it out for any corporate presentation purpose.

    Washington Fabulous PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    Washington is another amazing typeface for PowerPoint presentations that’s sure to impress your clients. It has a warm and friendly appeal that will instantly transform your dull, everyday PowerPoint into a presentation worth appreciating.

    Getcode Pro PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    If you’re looking to create a professional presentation that looks stylish but not flashy, Getcode Pro is the best choice for you. It’s a slab serif font with a modern design fitting to a pool of business and corporate projects. Get it today!

    Walton Elegant PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    Another top-notch font to consider for PowerPoint presentations is Walton. The typeface can be optimized for body text, or headlines, and is easily one of the most used PowerPoint fonts when it comes to preparing ppts for creative industries.

    Bale Belly PowerPoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Bale Belly is a cute handwritten font duo that’s great for a school project or kid-friendly presentation and includes a clean sans serif typeface with upper and lowercase characters as well as a corresponding calligraphy font that features lowercase letters and a range of stylistic alternates.

    Lemonade Duo PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    A set of matching script and serif fonts, the Lemonade typeface package includes a stylish, handwritten signature-style script that’s great for headings and quotes, and an elegant, all-caps serif option to complement it. Included are more than 50 ligatures for an authentic hand-made look.

    Myron PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Myron is a beautiful family of delicate serif fonts, featuring five different weight options, various formats, and a total of 249 glyphs, including uppercase and lowercase multilingual letters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as several non-English characters. It’s perfect for any kind of PowerPoint, from personal portfolios to business projects.

    Herz PPT Font

    best ppt fonts

    Looking for a simple and effective font for your upcoming presentation? You need Herz, a modern, minimal typeface option featuring three weights namely light, regular and bold. It has a professional design that works best for corporate PowerPoint presentations.

    Houston PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Another perfect combination of two contrasting fonts, the timeless Houston typeface duo features a classical script in four different variations, and an elegant all caps serif. As a PUA encoded font, it’s a highly versatile option that’s compatible with almost any software program.

    Chapillada PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    The Chapillada typeface is a clean, modern handwritten font that’s perfect for creative projects and portfolios. This stylish option includes upper and lowercase characters, numbering and punctuation, as well as ligatures for a realistic hand-brushed look. It looks best as the center of attention, in a large size as a heading or title.

    Hornimet PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Our next typeface is a dramatic hand lettering font featuring all caps characters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as a web font addition. It’s great for crafty, creative presentations and designs where a unique heading or title is needed and is best rendered in an authentic black ink style.

    Brioche PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Brioche is a stunning, classical serif font with a modern twist. It’s available with condensed spacing in two weight styles and offers a range of alternate characters for each letter, as well as full multi-language support. It’s highly versatile and can be applied to any kind of business or personal PowerPoint template.

    Vintage Diary PPT Font

    best ppt fonts

    Unique and modern, the next of our best ppt fonts is Vintage Diary, a stunning option for PowerPoint presentations of any kind. Use this font with confidence, and leave your clients, and colleagues in awe of your professionalism.

    Molita PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    One of the best fonts for PowerPoint, if you need to include a signature in your design, is the Molita font, a beautiful signature script font with an elegant and authentic handwritten feel. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbering, and punctuation, as well as 71 stunning ligatures.

    Parkia PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    For a simple, no-nonsense option, the Parkia is a modern sans serif condensed typeface that’s perfect for industrial and corporate PowerPoint presentations. Inspired by newsprint and editorial elements, it’s brilliant as a headline, title or logo font, and renders particularly well in smaller sizes.

    CornerOne PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    For a subtle vintage feel, consider the simple, round CornerOne font, a clean and concise sans serif option that includes numbers and glyphs, and comes in both bold and regular variations, as well as supporting both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. It’s an understated and versatile typeface that can be applied to any presentation.

    Wirebet PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    The Wirebet font gets its name from combining the words wireframe and alphabet. Wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose, and that’s exactly what this clean, functional icon-based font is designed to do! It will help you construct a web concept in your presentation and visualize or highlight certain web design elements.

    Mabrick PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Mabrick is a rough, vintage serif typeface that’s sure to capture the attention of an audience in any kind of creative presentation – we think it’d be especially fitting when used as part of an art portfolio. It comes with alternative characters and a full suite of glyphs with foreign language letters included.

    Duarose PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    If you’re searching for a classic and elegant serif typeface with a range of alternates and stylistic accents, look no further than the Duarose. It’s a stunning all caps font that comes with full multi-language support that can be rendered perfectly in any size and will make any presentation look professional and polished.

    Mandalika PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    A similar font is the Mandalika, but this bold, modern serif typeface comes in both upper and lowercase. It also features many different ligatures and alternate characters for a truly unique and elegant look and is PUA encoded for ease of use.

    Friday’s Lazy PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    This beautiful thin sans serif font is a simple yet quirky option for any kind of presentation and suits a crafty or hipster aesthetic. Elegant, understated, and highly versatile, it can be used for headings or main text fields, as it renders well in any size and offers regular spacing for readability.

    Anise PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Anisa is a charming, rustic hand-painted sans serif font that provides an authentic hand-brushed ink effect, and is ideal for a cafe or boutique to use as part of its branding. It can be applied to logos, headings, and any line of text that needs to make an impact, and looks particularly good when paired with watercolor illustrations.

    Adallyn PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Here’s a gorgeous example of a classical serif typeface that looks both modern and timeless, and comes in five different variations. It’s a stunning choice for headlines and titles and will give your PowerPoint presentation a professional and polished feel.

    Daaron PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Elegant and minimalistic, this sans serif typeface is a perfect example of a modern font that can be used for anything! It includes regular, round, and bold styles, each of which supports a range of foreign language characters in addition to the complete set of basic glyphs.

    Effren PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Effren is a powerfully simple sans serif typeface that can be applied to just about any purpose, from corporate presentations to personal portfolios and projects. It includes four different weight options, a full suite of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation, as well as corresponding web font and multilingual support.

    Theodorlane Powerpoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    The Theodorlane hand-drawn typeface is a relaxed modern calligraphy font that’s ideal for adding a touch of authentic handcrafted charm to your Powerpoint presentation. Featuring bold lines and an artsy feel, it includes a range of ligatures, multilingual support, and an accompanying web font.

    France Powerpoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Inspired by classical vintage typewriter letters, the France typeface is a unique serif font handcrafted using pen ink scratches to give it an authentic texture. It’s great for any kind of retro or creative Powerpoint presentation, and includes upper and lower case characters as well as numerals and punctuation marks.

    Blue Fonte Powerpoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Blue Fonte is a multipurpose duo consisting of a funky handwriting script, featuring thin lines and elegant accents, and a block letter serif typeface that’s perfect for titles and headlines. This font duo offers a fun, creative contrast and is a perfect match for any kind of Powerpoint presentation.

    Aesthetic Powerpoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Next in our list of the best fonts for Powerpoint is the Aesthetic sans serif font, a cheerful handmade brush style typeface that’s great for adding a touch of rustic charm to your presentation. It looks best as a headline or title font, and comes with a full suite of basic Latin characters as well as numbers and symbols.

    Halva Powerpoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Featuring sophisticated, angular lines and subtle rounded edges, Halva is a highly professional sans serif font that will be perfect for a business or corporate presentation. Being super versatile and easily legible, it’s also one of the most user-friendly Powerpoint fonts out there.

    Wensley PPT Font

    modern presentation fonts

    The next option in our list of the best PPT fonts is Wensley, a stunning modern serif typeface with a classy, elegant appeal that’s perfect for impressing an audience! It pairs beautifully with script, signature, and handwriting fonts and comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as a range of Latin characters.

    Metro Beardy PowerPoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    The Metro Beardy font is perfect for fun, lighthearted PowerPoint presentations that require a vintage aesthetic. Featuring a bold retro look with a subtle hand-drawn effect, it’s super easy to install and use, and is fully PUA encoded.

    Jack Frost PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    Jack Frost is a handmade style font with stunning characters. Made with a brush and high quality water-based ink, this font is ideal for name tags, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media, greeting cards, etc. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, and a large range of punctuation, numerals.

    Cronus PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    The curvy structure and clean, even line weight of Cronus is sure to compliment a bold title or provide easy legibility for descriptive text. Vertical strokes make it an ideal choice to be the display font for your new app, powerpoint presentation, or company logo.

    Anisver PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    Anisver is an elegant sans serif typeface with touch of modern and simplicity. You can use this typeface for magazine cover, headline, wedding invitations, logo, powerpoint templates design, and many.

    Fraction Speed PPT Font

    powerpoint font

    You will be amazed by the above-featured product’ professional appearance. It’s a great choice for PowerPoint presentations; do check it out.

    Prettywise PowerPoint Font

    modern presentation fonts

    Last but not least in our selection of the best PowerPoint fonts is Prettywise, a vintage-inspired serif typeface that offers a beautiful retro vibe with a range of 30 ligatures and 100 stylistic alternates for you to mix and match. It also comes with ten different weight options!

    We hope you liked our collection of the best PPT fonts. These typefaces are among the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations of any kind and will help you make your next pitch or project into a professional and visually appealing masterpiece that’s bound to impress your audience.

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    30 Modern PowerPoint (PPT) Templates to Design Presentations in 2022

    Brenda Barron

    Are you working on a presentation for your business? Presentations are a great way to get a round of seed capital for your business.

    To make a great impression, you need a beautiful and ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">modern presentation design . Modern slide designs engage your audience and help you present your business in the best possible light.

    Minimal modern PowerPoint template

    Luckily, there's no shortage of ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">modern PPT templates that'll save you hours of time when it comes to creating a ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">truly great presentation in 2022. Here's a curated list of 20+ modern presentation templates that'll help your presentation to stand out.

    Modern PowerPoint Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

    Modern PowerPoint slides templates from Envato Elements have thousands of awesome presentations slide designs to choose from.

    ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Explore Modern PowerPoint Templates

    If you need modern contemporary PowerPoint templates for 2020 Envato Elements is a great place to look

    Sure, you can find free PowerPoint templates to download online. But remember: you get what you pay for. With premium modern PowerPoint templates, you get professional results fast.

    Plus, a subscription to Envato Elements comes with thousands of Premium design assets for you to use, like: stock photos, fonts, icons, and more.

    5 Awesome Modern PowerPoint Templates From Envato Elements (Inspiration for 2022)

    To start, here are some of the best-selling sleek and ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">modern PowerPoint themes that Envato Elements has to offer for 2022:

    All the templates on this list feature attractive designs, they can be used for various purposes, and are easy to customize. Here's a list of some of our 2022 best modern PowerPoint designs:

    1. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">The X-Note - Sleek PowerPoint Templates

    The X Note - PowerPoint Template

    The X-Note is a modern PowerPoint template that’s easy to customize. The template comes with a light and dark version as well as a couple of premade color themes. You’ll also find more than 40 individual slides, beautiful slide transitions, and custom icons. They'll make it easy to create an eye-catching presentation. This template was designed to be used in both 4:3 and 16:9 format. Finding this flexibility is almost impossible with modern PowerPoint templates that are free.

    2. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Simphony - Beautiful Modern PPT Design

    Simphony Powerpoint template

    The Simphony presentation template for PowerPoint features a beautiful and elegant design. It’s perfect for corporate presentations. This modern PowerPoint background offers a light and a dark version as well as a colorful version. No matter which style you choose, you won’t lack for slide options with this template. Simphony comes with more than 5000 individual slides with many aspect ratios. You’ll also find a help file to make the most out of your modern PowerPoint template.

    3. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Teamwork - PPT Template Modern

    Teamwork PowerPoint Template

    If you’re looking for a PowerPoint template with a minimal design, look no further than Teamwork. This sleek and modern presentation template includes 20 master slides in the standard 4:3 size. Easily choose the best layout for your information. This modern slide design comes with charts, diagrams and other data visualization elements. All the elements are editable. So, you'll have no problems creating a fully branded presentation.

    4. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Wergy - Corporate Modern Presentation Design

    Wergy corporate modern presentation design

    Try the Wergy template if you’re looking for a corporate look with a modern twist. Don't fall for modern PowerPoint templates free download. Try this modern slide design with features such as:

    5. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Minimal - Creative PowerPoint Template for Modern Presentation Designs

    Minimal PowerPoint template

    The Minimal template features a beautifully minimal design with sleek gradients. You’ll also find various vector infographics, custom icons, and fully editable fonts and colors. The modern PowerPoint background was designed in 16:9 layout. It's a perfect choice for designers, illustrators or artists that want a unique way to present their portfolio and business.

    Envato Elements (Design Without Limits)

    Envato Elements - Unlimited modern templates for PowerPoint

    Envato Elements has a single compelling (all-inclusive) offer:

    Sign up for Envato Elements and you get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates  (with unlimited use). Get great  web themes, ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">modern templates for PowerPoint , and more—all for  ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">one low price .   

    Get unlimited downloads from a massive digital warehouse of creative assets

    That’s right! Download as many professional templates and graphics as you want, then customize them to fit any of your project needs.

    Envato Elements is a powerful option. But if you prefer to buy ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">modern templates for PowerPoint one at a time , check out the selection from our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

    Best Modern Presentation Templates from GraphicRiver (Buy It One At a Time in 2022)

    Another place where you can find modern and ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">cool presentation templates is GraphicRiver. This marketplace is a great choice if you want to buy a single template for one-time use as you only pay for the item you’re interested in. The PPT you choose will have premium quality, which can't be offered from modern PowerPoint templates that are free.

    GraphicRiver Modern Presentation Templates

    24 Modern Templates for PowerPoint From GraphicRiver (With Ultra-Cool Designs)

    Here’s our 2022 selection of the best ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">modern presentation templates from GraphicRiver:

    1. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Glow Business Plan - PowerPoint Template

    Glow Business Plan effective PowerPoint Template

    The Glow Business Plan template includes modern icons, charts, and styles. You'll create branded presentations and pitch decks. The template features 500+ unique modern presentation slides and easy to change color schemes. It also includes beautiful slide transitions and animations. It's a great level of detail that's hard to find in modern PowerPoint templates free download.

    2. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Mangata - Business PowerPoint Template

    Mangata Clean and Modern Presentation PowerPoint Template

    The Mangata PowerPoint template features truly stunning design. It's got a total of 38 slides with resizable graphics. Use them to showcase team members and present business information. Modern business PowerPoint templates like this are easy to edit. You can even enable slide animations for extra visual appeal.

    3. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Business Icon PowerPoint Template

    Business Icon Cool Modern Powerpoint Template

    The Business Icon template features a cool, minimal design style with more than 500 unique modern presentation slides. In modern PowerPoints like this you’ll also find:

    4. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Shift- Modern PowerPoint Templates 2022


    Shift has over 600 total modern PowerPoint slides. Easily drag and drop the image of your choice into the image placeholder to add an image to the template. This template comes with 28 color scheme variations. It's a great alternative to modern PowerPoint templates for free download.

    5.  ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Xenana Presentation Template

    How to Design PowerPoint Template with Xenana

    There are many modern PowerPoint templates free download options. But they won’t deliver the quality and sleek design of this premium template. Xenana is designed by experts to support your next presentation. With it, you can build custom slides from 60+ layouts and countless color options. 

    6. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">The Elements - Animated PowerPoint Presentation

    The Elements modern PowerPoint templates

    Animating modern educational slides is a quick and easy way to boost audience attention. And thanks to templates like this one, you don’t have to waste precious time building them yourself. The Elements includes 118 pre-built, animated slides for your next science project. You won't find any modern PowerPoint templates for free download that can say that.

    7. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Adventure Creative PowerPoint Template  

    Adventure Creative Minimal PPT template

    Finding modern PowerPoint templates free is easy, but you get what you pay for. This robust, premium template sets you apart when you deliver your next presentation. Build dozens of custom slides, all with a beautiful dark modern PowerPoint background. 

    8. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern PowerPoint - Professional PowerPoint PPT Design

    Modern PowerPoint professional template

    Get modern PowerPoints with a professional design perfect for any business presentation. This template comes with 150+ unique slides and custom infographic and vector elements. The template includes a modern slide design to feature your team members, charts and more.

    9. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern Solution - Contemporary PowerPoint Templates

    Modern Solution PowerPoint Template

    The Modern Solution template is a feature-rich presentation template. It's got all the elements you could ever need for your presentations. This modern PPT is packed with features such as:

    10. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern - Amazing Modern PowerPoint Themes

    Modern Amazing PowerPoint Template

    The minimal look is popular, but very hard to find if you're only looking at modern PowerPoint templates for a free download. Good thing there's this modern PPT. The Modern template features a minimal design with 80 unique slides. It’s easy to customize and comes with drag and drop Image placeholders so you can insert your own images. The template was designed in 16:9 layout.

    11. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Edelweiss - Modern PowerPoint Designs

    Edelweiss - Modern PowerPoint Designs

    The Edelweiss’s template comes with clean modern PowerPoint designs. It's got a total of 40 modern PowerPoint slides for a variety of purposes. It allows you to showcase your team and present important information. Easily customize this modern PPT template. 

    12. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern Strategy - Stylish Modern PowerPoint Presentations

    Modern Strategy stylish modern PowerPoint Presentation Template

    The Modern Strategy template features a modern design with infographics, illustrations, and more. The template comes with several premade color schemes, which can match your brand colors. Unlike most modern PowerPoint templates that are free, you’ll also find 496 unique slides and 1000 vector icons.

    13. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Motagua - Multipurpose Modern PowerPoint Presentations

    Motagua Multipurpose Modern PowerPoint Template

    The Motagua template is suitable for businesses that want to make memorable presentations. This template features a clean and modern design and comes with more than 606 unique slides. You’ll also find custom vector and infographic elements that make it easy to create your presentation.    

    14. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Massive X - Great Modern Presentation Templates

    Massive X Great Modern Presentation template

    The Massive X template is a great modern template with more than 600 unique slides. Use the template for corporate as well as creative presentations. It features animated slides, custom vector elements, and 15 color variations. Massive X is a better option than modern PowerPoint templates available for free download. Customers love the design quality of this template:

    Great item quality, amazing work. Thanks for the constant updates, guys! I love your work.

    15. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Verzus - Elegant PowerPoint Template for a Modern Presentation Design  

    Verzus PowerPoint Template

    The Verzus template has an elegant design. It includes tons of elements, charts editable in excel and many other great features. Use the template for corporate presentations, pitch decks, and more.

    16. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Simplicity - Simple PPT Template Modern

    Simplicity Simple Modern PowerPoint Template

    The Simplicity template features a simple minimal design. Modern PowerPoint templates for 2022 make it easy to create a branded presentation. The template includes features such as:

    17. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Space - Beautiful PowerPoint Template for Modern Presentations

    Space PowerPoint template

    This modern PowerPoint template offers a clean design and 150 unique slides. The modern PPT template was designed in 16:9 format and it's fully editable.

    18. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Monteiro Modern PowerPoint

    Moteiro How to make a PPT template

    This colorful, modern presentation offers many powerful design options as you build your new slide deck. Be sure to check out:

    19. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Tompo - Presentation Templates

    Tompo PPT Template

    Tompo is a top choice for those exploring how to make PPT template designs in a flash. With charts, device mockups, photo portfolios, and more, it’s both modern and highly flexible. It’s up to you to drop in your own content!

    20. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern Solution

    Modern Solution

    Modern solution modern PowerPoint Template has 420 unique slides and 27 color schemes you can choose from. This template comes with editable maps, tables, graphs, and icons. With this template, you'll have 27 color schemes to choose from.

    21. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Pastel Modern Minimal PowerPoint

    Pastel Modern Minimal PowerPoint

    Try this template if you're looking for a colorful modern PowerPoint template. Easily add an image of your choice by dragging and dropping the image into the placeholder. Everything in this template is customizable.

    22. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Modern Proposal

    Modern Proposal Modern PPT

    Modern Proposal has 439 unique slides. This template comes with sixteen color schemes, 1000 icons, tables, and charts. Everything in this template is editable.

    23. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Citizene Presentation Templates

    Citizene Modern Presentation Design

    The Citizene modern PowerPoint template is a great choice for a student or professional project. It's got attractive infographics and icons to add to the look of your presentation. This template has a creative and modern design that'll impress your audience. Customize this modern template to suit your needs. Citizene is the perfect alternative to modern PowerPoint templates for free download.

    24. ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">Crosten - Corporate PowerPoint

    Crosten Powerful PowerPoint Template

    The Crosten sleek PowerPoint template is a modern presentation template. The template comes with 30 unique slides designed in 16:9 aspect ratio for high resolution presentation displays. The template includes easy to edit colors and a creative layout. You’ll also find icons, vector infographic elements, and more.

    How to Design Modern PowerPoint Slides With PPT Templates

    So far, you've seen great PowerPoint templates from leading marketplaces. But how can you use pre-built templates to build modern presentation slides of your own? In this section, let's walk through customizing a PowerPoint slide.

    1. Select Your Slide

    First, let's select a slide. Templates from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver have tons of slides in them. Our modern PowerPoint templates for 2022 are flexible to use for any purpose.

    For these steps, I'm going to use the ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Simphony Presentation Template   from Envato Elements. Remember, the best way to learn how to design PowerPoint templates is to skip the design process altogether!

    Simphony starting point

    Slide 36 in this template is perfect for customization. An image placeholder, three business steps, and clean text make it easy-to-use for every purpose. Let's start customizing it.

    2. Add an Image

    One of my favorite parts of this slide is the large, custom shaped image placeholder. It's easy-to-update and really adds a bit of visual interest to the slide.

    Customizing this slide is easy. Click on the image placeholder, then browse to an image that you want to use. You'll see your rectangular image transformed into a dynamic custom shape.

    Add custom image

    3. Update the Headline

    Okay, now that we've added an image, we need to customize the main text on the slide. It's great to use bright and flashy imagery, but it shouldn't conflict with an image. Let's learn to balance the two.

    First, update the text placeholder with your desired message. Type over the placeholder "BUSINESS STEP." In my case, I'll update it to "3 KEY PRINCIPLES."

    Now, we've updated the text but it's a bit challenging to read. The solution is two-fold: reposition it and add a shadow to make it pop off the slide a bit. Right-click on the text box and choose  Format Shape.

    Updated slide

    On the  Shape Options  menu, click on the middle icon. Then, open the  Shadow  panel and choose an option from the dropdown. This will add a drop shadow to your text so that it separates itself from the image background.

    4. Fill in the Section

    We're almost finished with customizations! Let's round out the slide by updating the steps below. Again, this is as simple as typing over the text placeholder boxes.

    Text slides updated

    As a final step, let's move the boxes down. Click on the leftmost box, then hold shift on your keyboard and click on the rightmost box to select them all. Then, click and drag them down to create more white space on the slide.

    That's it! With a few easy customizations, we've created a slide that rivals any when it comes to style.

    6 Quick Modern Presentation Tips & Techniques

    Creating an awesome presentation isn't hard with the right template. But there are a few other things to keep in mind when it comes to modern presentation techniques.

    1. Keep Your Paragraphs Short

    The first tip to keep in mind is to keep paragraphs short. This will help you keep your audience interested in your presentation. It'll help you avoid participants reading through the text and losing interest while you’re still explaining the slide.

    2. Use Modern PowerPoint Slide Designs

    Keep Your Presentation Fresh With Modern PowerPoint Slides

    It helps to keep your presentation fresh with modern PowerPoint slides. A dated template can be extremely distracting for your audience. It'll also keep them guessing about whether your content is as outdated as the template. 

    3. Use Bullet Points

    Using bullet points is another great way to keep the information clear and concise without the risk of losing the interest of your audience.

    4. Include Your Logo and Brand Colors

    Our modern business PowerPoint templates come with premade color schemes. But it’s crucial to include your brand colors and logo. This will help you reinforce your brand and allow you to make the template look like a part of your brand.

    5. Make Use of Graphic Elements Such as Icons, Charts, and Photos

    Use Icons to Help Visualisation

    Graphic elements such as icons and charts can help your audience visualize concepts you’re talking about. As you’ve seen from the example templates above, all the modern PPT templates include custom icons and graphic elements.

    6. Use Larger Font Sizes

    Lastly, consider using modern fonts that belong to a sans-serif family. This will make the text more legible, especially if you increase the font size. Avoid using script fonts as they're hard to read and consider setting the font size to 24 points.

    5 Modern PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design Trends for 2022

    Trends in the design world seem to move at the speed of light. Some catch on, and a lot more fall by the wayside. That's why Envato Tuts+ is here to help. We've grabbed five of the best trends you should use for your modern presentation slides in 2022:

    1. Flat Design

    3D and semi-flat design have been fashionable for a few years. But modern PowerPoint presentations are moving towards flat design. The look is clean and is right in line with the general flat design trend in 2022.

    Modern Slide Design

    2. Gradients

    Gradients have been around forever, but they're having a moment right now. This smooth blend of colors looks great in modern presentation design. Pair this with our tip on using your brand's colors for the perfect modern PPT.

    3. Image Masking

    In practice, this trend makes your slides look more engaging. Instead of the typical square image frames and masks, this trend uses numbers, unique shapes, and words to show off your imagery. Make sure you apply this trend to your modern presentation slides.

    Modern Start Up Modern Slide Design

    4. Illustrations

    Illustrated elements are bringing modern PowerPoint themes to life in 2022. Using this trend will help you elevate the aesthetic of your modern PPT. It also can help build a narrative with recurring illustrations across different slides.

    Math Lesson Modern Slide Design

    5. Dark Mode

    The most popular apps and websites in 2022 have a cool visual feature in common: dark mode. This look dims the lights and designing in dark mode for your presentation keeps you in sync with what's going on elsewhere in the design world. 

    More Premium PowerPoint Templates For Your 2022 Presentations

    On the hunt for more PowerPoint presentation templates? You won't need to look too far. Our Envato Tuts+ team has gathered hundreds of the best PowerPoint templates you can use for your next presentation. Here are a few to get you started:

    modern presentation fonts

    Where to Find the Best Modern PowerPoint Templates in 2022 (Envato Elements vs GraphicRiver)

    There's no shortage of ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">modern PowerPoint presentations on Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. So, when you're ready to start designing a ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PowerPoint template , which should  you choose? Let's look at both options.

    There are many benefits to a professional modern PowerPoint template. A huge benefit is that you save time. All the templates are set up all you need to do is add in the information. You don't need to worry about spending hours designing a PowerPoint presentation.

    Another benefit of using a professional template is that you the professional design will impress your audience. When you design your own you may be rushed and not design the presentation well. All the professional templates are designed by professionals.

    1. Key Benefits of Envato Elements

    On Envato Elements, the key advantage is the "all-you-can-download" license structure. Pay one fee, and you'll unlock more than a million assets in a wide variety of categories.

    As part of that, you'll unlock modern PowerPoint templates.  Plus,  all the stock photography and graphics to build your best presentation yet. If you want to learn how to ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">design PPT templates at a low cost, Envato Elements is the key.

    Envato Elements service for designing a PowerPoint template

    2. Key Benefits of GraphicRiver (& Envato Market)

    On GraphicRiver, you'll find plenty of assets that you can use when designing a PowerPoint template. The main difference is that you'll pay only for the individual files that you choose.

    GraphicRiver is ideal for the cost-conscious creative who knows exactly what they want. These PowerPoint designs are helpful when you only need one ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">modern PowerPoint background . 

    Get modern PowerPoints one at a time from GraphicRiver.

    Your Choice (What’s Right for You?)

    The value of Envato Elements is hard to beat. That single, simple license unlocks so many different assets that the value is incredible. Anyone who makes creative products will benefit from a subscription to Elements. ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">Sign up for Envato Elements now .

    Envato Elements - Design without Limits

    But if you need a single ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PowerPoint presentation template, jump over to GraphicRiver and buy exactly what you need.

    5 Benefits of Using the Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates With Pro Designs (In 2022)

    Do you wonder whether to use modern PPT templates to jump ahead in the presentation design process? You might wonder whether you should try to create your own presentation design. 

    Here are five reasons that you should use a professionally designed modern PPT template for your next presentation in 2022:

    Benefits of Envato Elements (The Power of Unlimited Use)

    Envato Elements: one flat rate, thousands of presentation templates.

    Envato Elements is a unique service. It's a flat-rate subscription that includes thousands of great PPT templates for a single flat-rate price.

    Sign up for Envato Elements. You'll get access to thousands of unlimited use graphics and templates. From web themes to ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">presentation templates , and more—all for one low price. 

    Common PowerPoint Template Questions Answered (FAQ)

    Now that you've started working with modern PowerPoint designs, you may have some questions. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

    1. Can I Edit the Templates?

    All the templates can be edited to suit your needs. The templates even come with many color schemes. Having a template that editable makes it easy for you to have a template that'll suit your style.

    modern presentation fonts

    2. Can I Add Images to the Templates?

    Yes. Most of the templates have an image placeholder on a slide or many slides. Having an image placeholder makes it easy to add an image to a slide. To replace the image place holder with an image, take the image of your choice and drag and drop the image into the place holder.

    modern presentation fonts

    3. Are There Templates for Software Other Than Microsoft PowerPoint?

    Both GraphicRiver and Envato Elements have templates for many different programs. These programs include Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Some of the templates offered on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver can be used on many programs. The description of the template always states what software the templates are compatible with.

    modern presentation fonts

    4. Do Envato Elements and GraphicRiver Have Special Purpose Templates?

    GraphicRiver and Envato Elements both have specific presentation templates for different purposes. Their templates range from education to project planning to product presentation.  If you don't find a specific theme, multipurpose templates are excellent for many purposes.

    modern presentation fonts

    5. I Don't Like the Icons or Font on My Slide. Can I Replace Them?

    Yes. Use an icon or font of your choosing. Or download one from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver. So, if you don't like something on your template you can replace it.

    modern presentation fonts

    More Great PowerPoint Tutorials on Envato Tuts+

    Need great sleek PowerPoint templates ideas that are ready to use? We've got tons of PowerPoint tutorials with awesome and modern PPT design styles featured in them. Learn how to take your presentations to the next level with these awesome tutorials and articles:

    modern presentation fonts

    Download Our eBook on Making Great Presentations ( Free PDF )

    Need more help with your PowerPoint presentations? We've got a helpful resource that'll walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

    Get our eBook:  The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It's available for FREE with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter. 

    make a great presentation free ebook

    Create Amazing Presentations in 2022 (With Modern PowerPoint Themes)

    Creating amazing presentations is easy when you've got modern PowerPoint templates as a starting point. 

    You may think that a modern PowerPoint templates free download is the answer. But professionally designed premium templates are almost always the better choice.

    Browse through our selection of ga-analytics#sendElementsClickEvent">contemporary PowerPoint templates over on Envato Elements . Or check out even more ga-analytics#sendMarketClickEvent">PowerPoint presentation designs on GraphicRiver .

    Editorial Note :  This post has been updated with contributions from Andrew Childress , Sarah Joy , Nathan Umoh and Maria Villanueva . Andrew and Sarah are freelance instructors for Envato Tuts+. Nathan and Maria are staff writers with Envato Tuts+.

    Brenda Barron

    Blog / Presentation Design / The 10 best presentation fonts to transform your next PowerPoint.

    modern presentation fonts

    The 10 best presentation fonts to transform your next PowerPoint.

    Welcome to our new presentation font dating show: What’s your type? Starting with ten eligible font choices, you’ll get to know your future font intimately. Based on purpose and personality, you’ll whittle the list down before making your final decision and running off into the sunset with the font of your dreams. 

    With over 600,000 fonts on  What Font Is  alone, the term choice paralysis doesn’t quite cover the sweat-inducing panic that accompanies picking just one font for your PowerPoint presentation. How do you even begin to narrow them down and find the best font for your needs? Do you choose based on the name you like most? Perhaps you simply keep returning to your ex font, even though you two clearly have communication issues? Or maybe you just close your eyes and see which your mouse lands on?

    Why isn’t there a tinder for fonts?

    You obviously can’t be trusted to make this decision on your own. Which is why we’ve done the legwork for you, rounding up ten beautiful, brilliant, and personality-packed font choices for you to choose from.

    Enough of the build up.

    10 best fonts for presentations

    Shall we meet them.

    Tahoma font for presentation

    Designed by Matthew Carter, Tahoma is one of Microsoft’s most popular sans serif typefaces.

    Verdana font for PowerPoint

    Another of Matthew Carter’s designs, Verdana is a prime example of a font created specifically for the screen.

    Impact font for PowerPoint

    Impact gets about a bit. Named as one of the  core fonts for the web , this font has been seen by just about everyone.

    Georgia font for PowerPoint

    Georgia is a nineties gal. Designed for screen, Georgia’s weight fluctuates by a whole pixel, which is greater than traditional print typography.

    5. Palatino

    Palatino font

    Palatino was originally designed for headings and is legible even on the inferior paper of the post-World War II period.

    6. Proxima Nova

    Proxima Nova font

    Proxima Nova is the go-to font for just about anything. Oh, it’s flexible alright.

    7. ITC Souvenir

    ITC Souvenir font

    This personable little number gets along with loads of other fonts, just ask Futura and Roboto.

    8. Montserrat

    Montserrat presentation font

    A Buenos Aires export, old posters and signs in the artist’s hometown inspired the creation of this 30-year old stunner.

    Raleway font

    Initially created by Matt McInerney as a single-weight font, but my, my, has Raleway come a long way since then.

    Lato font

    Lato was originally betrothed to a large corporate client, but they decided to go in another direction, so now it’s back on the public market, and looking for Mr Right.

    The best font for your PowerPoint presentation is somewhere in this selection, just waiting for you to choose it. How does that feel? 

    Well, I’m excited. Let’s get cut-throat and start removing the fonts that just aren’t right for you.

    Round one: Finding a presentation font with purpose

    Fonts are much more than a pretty (type)face to look good sitting on your PowerPoint slide. They have strengths and weaknesses, just like any of us. In order to choose your perfect font, you first need to decide which one fits your purpose. All relationships are chosen based on practicalities, right?

    Do you want a simple life, or something a little extra?

    Understanding your ultimate goal isn’t just important when it comes to  writing your story . The final deliverable, audience, and even the room layout all need to be taken into account when choosing your font. After all, if they can’t read your message, what’s the likelihood they’re going to remember it?

    Serif vs Sans serif

    There are two main font categories for you to decide between: serifs and sans serifs. There are others, such as script and stencil, but we’re trying to keep this simple. Both serifs and sans serifs have their own benefits and specified use cases, making it easy to find the right font category for your need. Let’s start with serifs.

    Could a sophisticated serif be the best font for your presentation?

    Serifs are the little extra flourishes that sit at the ends of the larger strokes. They likely came about because the Romans would first paint the outlines onto stone before carving, and the paint brushes would create flares at the ends. Serif fonts more closely represent handwriting and, therefore, are universally acknowledged to be easier to read in print. The serifs create joins between letters, similar to how we’re taught to write in school.

    Traditionalists will tell you that serif fonts should only be used for print, but we say that’s nonsense. In fact, serifs have made a  huge comeback , have taken over the web, and are in some damn trendy presentations.

    We don’t recommend using serif fonts for body copy, as they aren’t always the clearest, but for titles, or as a supporting font, they can work nicely to liven up your slides, while delivering that touch of class some of you might be looking for. 

    If you strip your slides right back to just powerful key statements, you want to draw the eye to the title, or your PowerPoint is destined to be printed, congratulations, you’ve just narrowed down your choices.

    Our sassy serifs are:

    ITC Souvenir

    Certain about serifs? Feel free to  jump to the next section .

    Or is a simple sans serif the best font for your presentation?

    If you want to keep your options open, let’s bring in our sans serif sensations.

    Are you looking for something versatile, sleek, and modern for your presentation font? Look no further than our sans serifs. As digital has taken over from print, so too have sans serifs. These font families are considered better for online and screen formats. This is because their simplified forms translate well across different screen resolutions. 

    But don’t be too quick to jump to a sans, just because your presentation is destined for the screen only. Sure, if you’re going to pack the slides with copy, a sans serif may be your only choice. However, if you want our honest opinion, your best move here is to shift most of that text into your speaker notes. But that’s a lesson for another time. 

    If you can’t be sure about the technical specifications of the kit you’ll be presenting on, you don’t know how big the room will be, or you might want to reuse your deck for a variety of purposes, you won’t go too far wrong with a sans serif font for your presentation.

    If you want to play it safe with a sans, your remaining font choices are:

    Proxima Nova

    You may think you have your heart set on a typographical temptress now, but we’re only halfway through the round. There’s much more to presentation purpose than how much copy is on the slide.

    Know your presentation font limits

    Have you ever spent days crafting a beautiful presentation, just to stand up on the day in front of a nauseating hurricane of copy calamity?

    Nobody wants their font to make a scene in front of a crowd so, if your presentation is ever going to be viewed, presented or edited on a machine that isn’t yours, you need to take the innate availability of your font into account. 

    Why use system fonts in your presentation?

    If you just want an easy life, to be able to take your chosen font anywhere and have them behave appropriately, you’re going to want to stick with a system font. Choosing a system font means it doesn’t matter what machine you, or anyone else, opens your presentation on, it will always look exactly how you meant it to. There’s certainly a place for custom fonts in presentations, but you have to know exactly where that presentation is going, and have the foresight to install the font on every machine that could open it. 

    If you want to stay safe with a system, but keep it sassy with a serif, you’ve just narrowed your choices to:

    If you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to take any risks, you’re going to want to go for a sans serif system font:

    Look at that. We’re getting closer to your perfect match.

    Settled on system? Now would be a great time to  jump to round two . Don’t even let your heart be tempted away by those exotic custom fonts.

    Custom fonts to make your presentation stand out

    We all want to stand out from the crowd, especially if you happen to be just one presentation in a long line your audience is seeing that day. One way to stick out from the onslaught of Arial is to use a custom font. When we say custom, we don’t necessarily mean you have to pay a typographer to create one just for you. But you could.

    No, if you use a custom font, you just open your presentation possibilities up to the whole world of fonts, beyond what can be found on all machines, as standard. 

    If you have complete control over everywhere your presentation lands, and can install your font in all these locations, you have the freedom to get a little more creative with your copy.

    Want to go custom, but stay classy? Your serif font is:

    Boom! Decision made. However, you may still want to  jump to part two to take the personality test, before you put a ring on it.

    Prioritising versatility, but happy to be vigilant? Your sans choices are:

    By now, I know you have a favourite. Before we finally get to hear from our fonts, let’s make sure you have all the information you need to get your chosen one to the finish line.

    How to install custom fonts in PowerPoint

    Start by downloading the font. The font you choose will determine which online location you need to visit to source it. Some reliable sites are  Google Fonts ,  Font Squirrel ,  Da Font , and  Font Fabric . 

    Installing your fonts on Windows

    Find the font file that you downloaded. It’s probably in a zip file and located in your downloads folder.

    Double-click  the font file and it will open in the Font Previewer.

    Font Previewer

    Click Install  at the top left.

    Installing your font on Mac

    Find the font file you downloaded. It likely has a .ttf or .otf extension and it’s probably in your downloads folder.  Double-click  on it.

    NOTE: If the font file has a .zip extension you need to open that .zip file and open the font file from there.

    It will open in the Font Previewer.  Click Install Font  to open in Font Book.

    In Font Book, drag and drop the font to Windows Office Compatible to make it available to Microsoft Office.

    After you’ve installed the font, whether on Mac or PC, you need to restart PowerPoint for it to appear in your font list, ready to use.

    Round two: How to avoid a personality clash

    You’ve used your noggin and picked some practical choices. Now it’s time to bring in the heart. 

    The font you use for your PowerPoint presentation says so much more than the copy it’s used for. Fonts convey emotion, they have personalities and, when used right, they help to visually tell your brand story. After all, you wouldn’t write a formal tender document in Comic Sans, would you?

    Comic sans saying 'take me seriously'

    No, you’d choose something that communicates respect and integrity, such as Bodoni or Optima.

    telling Comic Sans to shush

    But these guys are just gatecrashers. Back to the main event.

    Let’s hand over to  our  fonts, so you can get to know them a little better.

    First up, our reliable system fonts.

    Tahoma is reserved

    “I’m pretty neutral. The Switzerland of fonts. My personality may not be wacky enough for some, but I’m always up to have some good, clean fun.

    I go with anything, complementing whatever design style you’ve chosen, rather than trying to stamp my personality all over it.

    Some call me boring, I like to think I’m agreeable. After all, is your presentation really about me?”

    verdana is simple

    “I’m a modern font with an air of innocence. Clean cut, yet retaining just enough personality to liven up your presentation, I will add a dash of character without stealing the show.

    I’ve been described as “cheap”, but I prefer to think of myself as simple. I stand back to let your message shine through.”

    powerful impact

    “Want to make a statement? I’m the font for you. 

    My popularity hasn’t made me any less  impactful .

    I may be heavy and condensed in style, but I look great in all caps and am effortless to read.  

    Big, bold, and powerful; when you’re with me, no one in the room will be able to take their eyes off you.”

    Tradtional Georgia

    “I may be traditional, but traditions stick around for a reason. I’m sophisticated, certain, confident and reliable. Yes, I prefer to err on the side of practicality, over flamboyance, but if you’re looking for someone to take to a formal occasion, I’m the font for you. After all, people often describe me as looking “expensive”.

    With such high contrast between my weights, ample letter spacing and clever design, your message will come across, loud and clear.

    Want to put some power behind your presentations? I don’t mean to brag, but my bold is significantly more bold than your average. 

    To put it simply: I’m a classic.”

    Modern Palatino

    “Pfft. A classic? A relic, you mean. Who wants classic, when you can have modern classic?

    I’m popular among professionals, as my sharp edges add a dash of character, without getting too crazy. 

    Originally designed for headings, I can certainly stand out from a crowd, but my open counters and carefully-weighted strokes mean I also look great as body copy.”

    Phew, things are certainly heating up around here. Before you make your final choice, let’s not forget about our custom contestants.

    Beautiful Proxima Nova

    “Now, now, please don’t be intimidated by my beauty. 

    I may be stunning, but I’m so much more. I have so many different weights, I might just be the most versatile font around. You can take me to any occasion, and I will adapt.

    As a premium find, I don’t come cheap, but if you have a subscription to Adobe, you can get me through  Adobe Fonts , at no extra cost. Consider this your lucky day.” 

    trendy ITC Souvenir

    “I am so in right now. By choosing me you will instantly freshen up your slides and add relevance to your designs.

    I combine the traditional elegance of a serif with a so-hip-it-hurts retro 90s vibe. I’m curvy in all the right places and will catapult your presentation into the here and now, without losing the credibility that comes with a classic serif.”

    Hipster Montserrat

    I’m a reaaaaal solid font. A hipster classic.

    If you want a font that complements your check shirt, I’m your guy.” 

    Flexible Raleway font

    “What do you need to know about me? Well, I’m thicc. 

    If you’re looking for something chunky and bold, look no further. 

    Oh, you’re not? Wait, please don’t go.

    I can be sleek and thin for your text pull outs, too.

    Or just a regular type for body copy.

    I’m diverse and eager to please. Just let me know what you need, and I’ll find a solution for you.”

    Subtle Lato

    “You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t presume to know a font on first glance.

    To the untrained eye, I might look like any other sans serif font, but just get to know me and you’ll see my originality shine through.”

    And that’s everyone. Now that you’ve met our fonts, all that’s left for us to do is ask the big question…

    What’s your type?

    You have everything you need to make a smart decision about the best font for your PowerPoint presentation, but your adventure together is only just beginning.

    Here are some more tips to get the most out of your new beau.

    Perhaps one font isn’t enough?

    There are many reasons that you might want to use more than one font in a presentation, however, ain’t nobody got time to pick a pair through trial and error. That’s why you come to us for our sweet presentation design services , right?

    Usually, a font with a big personality paired with a more conservative font works well. Pairing a serif with a sans serif can create a nice contrast, but remember to use the sans serif for heavy body copy, as you want it to be legible. You can have a little more fun with your header type, as this tends to be larger, with more space to breathe.

    Avoid pairing types that are too similar. If they aren’t distinguishable from each other it can look like you just made a mistake.

    If you found it hard to decide which font to choose earlier, pairing two fonts is your chance to have your cake and eat it too. 

    Some examples of good couples are:

    ITC Souvenir works really well with Roboto and Futura. Roboto and Futura are classic fonts, but they don’t come native to Microsoft Office, so they will need downloading and installing.

    Alternatively, our curvaceous ITC Souvenir sits pretty as a picture next to a simple font, like Proxima Nova.

    Raleway works with Playfair Display, a beautiful serif font that’s available free from Google Fonts.

    Montserrat, which was designed specifically for use online, works perfectly with an old-school classic, like Courier New. The light, modern feel of Montserrat contrasts beautifully with the retro, typewriter vibe of Courier New.

    Or you could pair Impact with Tahoma, or even Lato, for a perfect presentation font combo.

    If you’re unsure, play it safe. Choose a typeface with lots of weight variations (like Open Sans below), and pair fonts from the same family. After all, they were created to work together. Just make sure there’s enough contrast to make the two types distinguishable.

    Open Sans weight variations

    Finally, don’t go crazy with your number of fonts. You can be a little greedy and get away with it, but at some point, they’re all just going to start fighting one another for your affections. As a general rule for presentations, there should be no more than three or four variations in type, weight or effect. That means you can usually get away with two different typefaces. You can then bold, italicise or change the weight for the remaining variations.

    How do my fonts look to other people?

    We know what’s really important to you. It’s not whether you like your font choice, not really. You care that your message is communicated clearly and effectively to your audience, and your use of type plays a part in this. Here are a few tricks you can use to make sure the message you’re sending out into the world is the right one.

    Be bold to stand out

    Use italics to  stress  a point or to indicate a publication, such as;  How to choose the best font for your PowerPoint presentation .

    A lot of people like to use  bold  to make their key information stand out. But be careful. If you embolden too many things, what’s important gets lost in a sea of bold.

    We don’t see a lot of underlines these days, do we? This is something you can use to your advantage. If you have a word or phrase that really needs some bite, throw a lone underline in there for maximum impact. 

    Get in line

    It is really important to be consistent with your alignment choice. If your alignment jumps from left to right, to centre, back to right, the likelihood is your audience aren’t following. It makes it difficult for them to know where their eye should go, and it can make them feel pretty seasick. 

    Left-aligned text is the easiest to read. In  the West , this is the most commonly-used alignment, as we read left to right. It also creates a clean left edge for our eyes to return back to, once we reach the end of the previous line. It’s like a typewriter, always returning to the same point.

    Right-aligned text is usually used for decoration, or to accompany a logo. It’s not very easy to read when in large blocks, because your eyes have to do summersaults to find the beginning of the line again.

    Centred text works for small snippets of text, such as posters and book covers. Like with right alignment, your eyes will struggle to follow from line to line, if it’s any more than a few sentences.

    Justified text is generally acknowledged as a sure-fire way to create order. However, it can be difficult to get right. Justified text makes the words fit a pre-determined line length, by changing the distance between each word. This means each line has a sharp, consistent edge, but can create big white spaces between words called ‘rivers. Justified text can be particularly difficult for people with dyslexia to read, as the ‘rivers’ distract from the actual text.

    Optimise your copy

    The optimum line length for presentation copy is 50 characters. This allows the eye to keep track of where the next line starts, so the jump back is seamless.

    One of the biggest peeves when it comes to working with typography in presentations is untidy sentence endings. We’re not talking about ending with a preposition, it’s only really dull people that care about that. We’re referring to how a body of text is shaped.

    Avoid raggedy paragraph structures, which cause your, otherwise beautiful, design to look untidy and unfinished.

    If you’re using left-aligned text, look out for any big gaps or words that hang off the end of the line. Try using a soft return to move them around, as this creates less space between lines than a hard return and notifies the brain that you’re still within the same paragraph.

    The lonely hearts club

    This is all great advice, until you add in the complication of widows and orphans.

    A widow is a lonely word with a line all to itself. You can fix this with that soft return trick, knocking a word or two down from the line above. Your widow won’t be so lonely anymore.

    Widow text example

    An orphan is when that single word, or a single line, causes you to have to start a new column, or a new slide entirely. Again, either editing your copy or adjusting the structure of the whole paragraph will fix this.

    Try to strike a balance between the perfect paragraph shape, and removing your widows and orphans. If you have to make the call, it’s better to have a ragged line than a widow.

    Not enough information for you?

    As you can see, when working to plan your idyllic future with your new partner in presentations, there’s quite a lot to get your head around. For more tips on creating beautiful slides, check out our  presentation design cheat sheet , explore more system font choices with our  comprehensive overview of what’s available , or get in touch to set up your very own, exclusive episode of  What’s your type?


    Work Can wait

    Put off writing that email just a little longer. Send your incoming calls to voicemail. Put your feet up, grab a brew and explore more presentation insight in the Buffalo 7 Library

    Deploy your app quickly and scale as you grow with our Hobby Tier

    50+ Modern Fonts to Use on Your Website in 2023

    modern fonts

    When creating a site, you need to have all the right tools in place to make an effective impact. This includes a slew of modern fonts!

    However, your theme might not have the selection of HTML fonts you need to choose from. Or, you might not be happy with the ones that have been selected for you.

    Because of these factors, being able to install some custom fonts is essential. We’ll be discussing a variety of font options here today. But first, let’s get the technical stuff out of the way.

    What Really Makes a Font Modern?

    Modern fonts aren’t new at all. The style was originally developed in the 18th century. Despite that, their designs remain relevant in the modern world. In fact, you see them quite literally everywhere.

    So, what do modern fonts look like?

    Modern fonts are sharp, sleek, bold, professional, and stylish. They are also often sans serif (but not always) and sometimes fit into the cursive fonts category. Their design is immediately distinctive and they are often used in headers and logos. They can be distinctly corporate but not aggressive. Rather, they’re bold and demand attention.

    Here’s an example of a portfolio site using a modern font.

    Notice how condensed and narrow it is?

    chris wilhite

    These are generalities, of course. Modern typography has evolved and you can often find more stylistic examples as well. But hopefully, this gives you a general idea of what a modern font is (and why you might want to use one).

    How to Upload Downloaded Fonts to WordPress

    Custom fonts downloaded from the web need a little extra work to get them running since you can’t just import them like you could for an online service like Google Fonts . Instead, you’ll need to either manually upload your fonts or use a plugin to do the job.

    But before you do any uploading, you need to first ensure your fonts are web-ready. What do we mean by that? Well, not all fonts are web-safe or compatible with all web browsers straight out of the box.

    But this isn’t a huge hassle. Just use the free Webfont Generator tool to transform any custom font you’ve found online into a format that’s readable and usable by all web browsers.

    Modern fonts

    Completing this step will go a long way toward speed optimizing your fonts as well. However, that’s not all there is to it. You should also follow a few tips to ensure your custom fonts aren’t eating up resources or slowing down your site’s load time unnecessarily:

    Uploading fonts manually requires a bit of technical skill but it’s not out of reach for most website owners.

    The above code adds the font to your site. Next, you need to tell WordPress where the font should be used. For that, open style.css again and use this code snippet:

    In this code snippet, you need to identify which aspect of your site you want the font to apply to and specify the font name before updating the file.

    Conversely, if you want to skip all this manual uploading stuff, you can use a plugin to add fonts to WordPress. A solid option includes Use Any Font . As its name suggests, you can use it to upload any custom font to your site and assign it to CSS elements.

    56 of the Most Modern Fonts to Use in 2023

    Now that you know how to optimize and upload custom fonts, we can now offer up a healthy list of modern fonts and options to choose from.

    Modern fonts: intro

    Intro is a standard-looking modern font that offers bold lines and presentation that could easily be used for headers or titles. This font family includes 72 fonts with 8 different weights from thin to thick, giving you tons of flexibility.

    Modern fonts: komoda

    Another choice is Komoda . This font is condensed and super interesting to look at. It’s all caps and sans serif with a blocky look where the midline of each letter is raised high. And its ligatures make a statement. A perfect choice for logos here.

    Modern fonts: stoked

    Stoked is another all caps selection that offers a unique look for headers and logos. It’s interesting while remaining legible. Its defining feature is the inclusion of double lines on each letter, as well as line breaks that give it a sort of stenciled look.

    4. Classy Marisa

    classy marisa

    There’s also Classy Marisa . This modern font is elegant and flowy, offering a thinner and more dainty font option for your logos and headers . It has really interesting ligatures, alternative glyphs, and ornaments as well that add further character to whatever text you want to share.


    Canter is another great choice. This one is a sans serif font that features all caps and has condensed spacing. It comes in six different weights as well, including a 3D option and one with a prominent drop shadow.


    Lucky is another modern font worth considering. It’s another sans serif selection that could work well as a logo or header. It has a distinctly editorial quality as well that could easily be applied to magazines and online publications .

    Modern fonts: zafir

    Zafir offers another modern font choice well worth considering. It’s super minimal in the presentation. Zafir is another all-caps option. It’s a serif font with curved lines and an overall interesting look that could work well for logos and titles .


    Or you could use Coves . It comes with two weights, light and bold, and offers an elegant and streamlined font option for your latest projects. Use it for standard text and for titles and headers, too. It’s truly multipurpose.


    Arkhip is another free font selection that maintains a modern design while recalling back to bygone eras. It uses elements of Russian typography to create something modern and truly new.

    Modern fonts: prime

    There’s another font to consider called Prime . It’s a modern sans serif font that features bold lines and has an overall futuristic look. It has geometric corners and looks perfect for futuristic or technology themed websites.


    Glober is another modern font you should take a look at. This font family includes 18 weights with an even split of 9 uprights and 9 italics. It’s a san serif font that’s easy to read and easy to apply to a number of different situations, including titles as well as body text .

    13. MADE Gentle

    made gentle

    MADE Gentle is another modern typeface worthy of consideration. It’s considered a soft serif and was inspired by the Cooper Black font. This one is a bold but rounded retro font that looks reminiscent of old book covers and signage from the 1970s.


    Nordic is both modern and classic offers two typefaces and three weights to choose from. The design was inspired by Norwegian runes and would be perfect for use in titles, headings, and logos.

    Modern fonts: maddac

    The Maddac font offers a stylish option for your website . It’s bold, blocky, and sans serif. It’s modern in design and unique in execution. Each letter has a slight angle or slant to one aspect of its design, offering a bit of style to the equation.


    Isn’t Croc such a cool font? It’s a bold serif typeface with an iconic style that’s nostalgic while still remaining fresh.

    Modern fonts: aqua

    Aqua is another font you should take a look at. This one has an art nouveau quality to it that makes it appear timeless. It’s bold yet simple and features embellishments and ligatures that make it stand out from other similar fonts.

    18. Manifesto


    Make a bold statement with Manifesto . This font was inspired by the Italian rationalist movement and has a decidedly editorial quality to it. Use it for headings, logos, and titles. Use it for print and online designs. It’s truly versatile in that way.


    Elppa has a futuristic look that’s captivating and multifaceted. The typeface is quite minimal while also capturing a space-age sort of feel. Use it for print and web designs . It would work for logos and titles, probably not body text, but definitely useful for graphics and such.


    Corn is an interesting font that has rounded corners and a farm-style feel. It consists of 14 different styles that you can start using immediately for titles, headers, and logos. Some styles can even be used for body text if you wish. You could build an entire site design with this one.


    Or you could opt for Koliko , a seriously fun font that has instant appeal for a wide variety of purposes. It comes with three styles, each embracing a perfect marriage of form and function.

    Modern fonts: quirk

    Quirk is actually a quite quirky-looking font. The name for it is a good choice. It’s an all-caps font that includes fun ligatures and stackable elements.

    24. Le French

    le french

    Le French is a sophisticated font choice especially if you’re looking to replicate that vintage French cafe feel. An excellent choice for menus and food-related websites all around. Use it for titles, headers, logos, and body text, too.


    Munich is a lovely sans serif font choice that would be an excellent choice for a logo or title graphic. It stands tall and imposing without being threatening.

    26. Northwest


    Northwest is a modern style font with a retro feel. It’s reminiscent of campaign gear logos and outdoor magazine titles. With boxy serifs and decorative elements, this font would work well for any sort of outdoor-themed content.


    Modeka is boxy and modern and honestly just super cool. It’s a modern choice that can be adapted for use in a variety of ways. With added angles on each letter, it offers a unique style that might just suit your next project.

    28. Disclaimer


    Disclaimer is a narrow and bold font choice that’s excellent for a wide variety of purposes. It’s got a super-condensed style that makes the letters stand tall and imposing. This would work great for a header or title.

    29. 5th Avenue

    5th avenue

    30. Quakiez

    Modern fonts: quakiez

    Quakiez is another modern font choice that offers a serif option to our list. It was designed with luxury in mind yet still maintains an element of minimalism. It comes with two styles and can be used for logos, titles, headers, and more.

    31. Modern Outdoor

    modern outdoor

    Or you could opt for Modern Outdoor and immediately invoke camping and outdoors on sight. This font is perfect for titles, headers, and logos and would make a real impact statement on posters. It demands attention and sitting pretty in all caps further secures its outdoorsy feel.

    32. Hyperbola

    Modern fonts: Hyperbola

    Hyperbola is rounded and futuristic. In fact, it looks positively spacey — in a good way. This font has rounded counters while maintaining an overall boxy shape.


    The Boxing font is boxy and clean, perfect for headers, titles, and logos. It’s all caps, tall, and interesting to look. Best of all, it’s extremely functional and can be repurposed in an innumerable number of ways.


    Sonder is another multifaceted font, truly. It comes with a slab and sans serif font option. It comes with multiple weights as well as a regular and rough style. The rough style features some gaps in the letters, creating a rustic and natural look.


    Lombok is a thin typeface that’s extremely elegant. It’s a sans serif option with geometric elements that make it stand out and appear quite unique. It’s an ideal choice for headers, logos, and titles.

    36. Distrito


    Distrito is an all-caps font that has a distinct style. Each letter is slightly slanted, offering a unique look that could translate well for use in logos and headers. It’s also an all-caps font inspired by Columbian modular design.

    37. Ailerons


    Ailerons looks like the font that would appear on alien signage. And it achieves this aesthetic well. It’s sans serif and all caps and makes an impact no matter where you place it, though titles and headers would be best for it.

    Modern fonts: ethna

    Ethna has a classic look but a modern style. It’s a sans serif font family inspired by humanist design and does a good job of combining vintage and modern design elements to create something new. This one works well in any use case.


    Noelle is a geometric serif font that’s poised to make a positive first impression. It’s minimalist in design and would work well for titles and headers in any industry. It has a few vintage elements but still looks fresh. Use it online or in print. Plus, it comes with a script font as a bonus.


    Sequel is a rounded font perfect for logos and headers. Best of all, it comes with a slew of ligatures that offer style and added interest to anything you create with them. The design here is bold but not imposing.


    Higher is another sophisticated font choice that offers a classic look. This all caps font is super condensed and demanding, offering immediate style to anything you use it on.


    Nano is a non-serif font that has a futuristic look and is all lowercase, making it a unique option on this list. The letters themselves are super modern and identifiable, making this a great choice for logos and other branded materials. It’s best for short phrases, however, as longer sentences might be a tad illegible.


    Jollin is a modern font with curly cues on some letters and an all-around chunky look. This sans serif font comes in a regular and italic version and includes a variety of alternate letters so you can make your text look simpler or fancier depending on your mood.

    44. Phenomena


    Phenomena is a narrow and blocky font with rounded edges. It makes a statement and can easily be used for titles, logos, or headers. It comes with 7 different styles from thin to bold, offering plenty of standard text usage opportunities as well.

    45. Calibre


    Calibre is a super condensed font that can tower over your content if you let it — in a good way. It’s an all-caps option that also includes numbers, glyphs, and western characters for good measure.

    46. Sundays


    Sundays is a serif font that is definitely of the present era but also has a classic feel to it that’s undeniable. It’s thinner and curvier than classic similar fonts, and has a style that would fit magazine headings and titles, website logos, headers, and more.

    47. Cornerstone


    Cornerstone is another blocky font that offers a modular design that could work in a number of different applications from logos to headers.

    48. One Day

    one day

    One Day is a thin font with interesting disconnecting lines that make it unique. It’s another all uppercase font with a light and thin style. It includes numbers and glyphs and feels geometric without being too boxy.

    49. Kollektif


    Kollektif is a classically modern font that could be used in a wide number of ways. It’s geometric in design and comes in two weights. It’s also optimized for both print and web use .

    50. Nostalgia

    Modern fonts: nostalgia

    Then there’s Nostalgia , a modern font with enough retro appeal to make it feel as though it were created decades ago. It includes 3 fonts as well as alternative glyphs, ligatures, and flowers. It would make a great choice for logos, titles, posters, or invitations.


    Elixia has an ethereal look befitting of an alchemist’s lair. It’s geometric and includes extra line angles on each letter that offer a unique style.


    Or you could opt for Salmon . This sans serif font is bold and minimal. It’s ideal for titles, logos, and headers. It’s an all-caps design and includes a filled and outlined version that pairs well together as well.


    Thinoo is another san serif font. It comes with a thin and bold style and includes all letter styles, including numbers, symbols, and punctuation. It’s professional and clean. Simple yet eye-catching. This one would work well for any type of website as well as printed materials.

    54. Summer Loving

    summer loving

    Or you could use Summer Loving , a super fun modern font that includes multiple font styles so you can create a whole design using just one font. It comes with a sans font as well as a paintbrush detail that can immediately add dimension to your projects. It includes ligatures and alternate letters as well.

    55. Silverfake


    Silverfake offers a widely-spaced serif font option for titles, logos, headers, and printed materials. This one would look great as a T-shirt logo, for instance.


    Lastly, there’s Vienna . This modern font is a serif option that has all the appeal of a classic font used on magazine covers with enough modifications to appeal to current day aesthetics. It’s minimal and includes all-caps letters, numbers, and punctuation.

    There are a number of reasons why you might want to use custom fonts on your site. Whether you want to better suit your branding or make your content more readable across all browsers, uploading your own modern style fonts is worth doing.

    Even so, the process might seem daunting at first. You do have to find a font, download it, put it in a .zip file, then upload it to the correct directory on your website using an FTP client . You’ll need to paste code snippets into the appropriate areas of your theme’s CSS file . You can choose to do this manually or through the use of a plugin (or you could hire a developer ).

    No matter how you approach this process, however, you can rest assured that the end result will be stylish and add character to your site’s overall look. Hopefully, this collection of modern fonts we’ve curated here will aid you in discovering the appropriate one for your site. Whether it’s bold or thin, rounded or harsh, embellished or plain, the font you choose will make an impact!

    (Suggested reading: How to Hide the Page and Post Titles in WordPress )

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    Get started with a free trial of our Application Hosting or Database Hosting . Explore our plans or talk to sales to find your best fit.

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    50 Free Futuristic and Modern Fonts to Give Your Designs an Edgy Look

    50 Free Futuristic and Modern Fonts to Give Your Designs an Edgy Look

    Written by: Orana Velarde

    50 free modern fonts header

    If you're looking for a great-looking font with a bit of an edge, look no further than this collection of modern fonts.

    This roundup full of sleek, classy, and versatile fonts is perfect for all sorts of modern designs, from websites to printed material.

    We also want to make sure you understand what “free” really means when it comes to fonts and typography. Type designers sometimes offer their fonts completely free for both personal and commercial use. Some only offer it free for personal use and others offer a demo version with the full version available after buying a license. The modern fonts in this collection are free in all three ways, so please make sure you read the designer’s details before using them in your designs.

    50 Free Modern Fonts

    Leoscar free modern fonts

    This modern font set designed by Faridul Haque has both serif and sans serif versions. The sans serif set is neat and clean with different style curves and straight angles. The serif version has thin, small extensions with a tidy curve connector. Lowercase letters in Leoscar are rounded and dainty and can work well in small paragraphs.

    Download here

    Azonix free modern fonts

    This geometric minimalistic font is modern in all the right ways. All the letters are perfectly sized to fit together on an even line. Azonix is an uppercase font designed by Mixo! and a great choice for headlines and logos. The "A" without a crossline gives Azonix a wonderfully unique look.

    munich free modern fonts

    Minimalistic uppercase fonts are great tools for many types of designs. Munich has a singular look and feel, perfect for strong headlines and logos. The elongated and condensed letters in this font have a low crossline which gives it a powerful visual base. The unique designs of the Q and Z are a wonderful addition to this set.

    manrope free modern fonts

    When it comes to functional modern typography, Manrope is the real deal. This sans serif font from Pixel Surplus has great readability in both upper and lowercase letters. The geometric digits that come with this font are perfectly suited for clock faces, phone numbers, and apps. Last but not least, Manrope has Cyrillic and most Latin variations and ligatures.

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    one-day free modern fonts

    This modern stencil style font designed by Nawras Moneer comes only in one weight in uppercase letters. Most letters in the set have a disconnecting line which gives it a stencil feel. The rounded terminals give this font a laid-back quality, making it great for most types of design projects. One Day is perfect for logos or social media graphics. This is not a font for long text but more for headings and subtitles.

    kayak free modern fonts

    Sometimes fonts are designed to simply BE and not stand out too much. Kayak has an easy quality with a heavy base, and works best in sizes higher than 10 points due to the small connections in ascenders and descenders. Jack Harvatt designs for simplicity and beauty—this font is no different.

    coves free modern fonts

    Another beautiful modern font by Jack Harvatt, Coves is one of our all-time favorites. All rounded letters are based on perfect circles and the non curves are neat and clean. The angled crossline on the letter "e" gives the font an extra detail of finesse.

    Coco Gothic

    Coco-Gothic free modern fonts

    This modern geometric san font is perfect down to the very detail of its curves. Fashionable, elegant, simple and sleek, Coco comes in 6 weights and has letter alternates for the letters "a" and "g." This is a gorgeous versatile font by designer Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini.

    Pier free modern fonts

    Pier Sans is an off geometric font with low curves and straight cut lines. It was designed to look good on both large headings and long paragraphs. It comes in ten weights and styles for lots of possibilities. The large curves on the "P" and "R" make it look friendly and easy to read.

    Big John Pro

    BigJohn free modern fonts

    This font family grew from one modern geometric font to an entire typeface as the designer added on to the collection. The entire type family is completely free for both personal and commercial use and is so versatile that it can be used for pretty much anything.

    Sequel free modern fonts

    Simple and clean style fonts like Sequel should always be in your typography arsenal. This font has rounded edges and a condensed design, great for any sort of project with a laidback and steady feel. Sequel is an all-cap letter set perfect for titles and social media graphics.

    Corn free modern fonts

    Corn is a sweet and rounded font which feels happy and simple. The free demo font is the regular weight and looks great on social media graphics a well as logos and titles. The full family has 14 styles, from thin to ultrabold. The low crosslines and large curves make this wonderful all-cap font easy to use and a great addition to your collection.


    Cornerstone free modern fonts

    Cornerstone calls itself a no-nonsense modular font. Slightly elongated and with mathematical grid dimensions, this font is great for logos, headers and banners that need an eye-catching, modern feel.

    Noir free modern fonts

    This is another great, modern font that will look great on your headings and social media graphics. Pointy and straight-edge terminals with a low crossline and a condensed curve give this font a bottom-heavy feel.

    Tenre free modern fonts

    This novelty font is designed as a combination of an inline style beneath a regular uppercase letter set. With three variations, the letter parts can be interchanged to create numerous other designs. Tenre, a font designed by Jacopo Severitano, has an interesting feel to it and can be used for logos, letterheads, and other unique modern designs.

    vanity free modern fonts

    This font designed by Hendrick Rolandez is available completely free in all its weights and styles. From thin italic to ultrabold, Vanity is a classic modern serif ready to grace magazines, fashion spreads, promotional postcards, and classy, modern billboards.

    UniSans free modern fonts

    Nothing is more modern - in the classic design sense - than a geometric sans font with clean lines and thick even strokes that sit perfectly against each other. Uni Sans is an all-cap font designed by Fontfabric which comes in two weights and is perfectly compatible with any kind of modern design project.

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    Kontanfer free modern fonts

    Novelty fonts like Kontanter are great for modern and unique designs that need a real edge and special feel to them. The letters in this font from Fontfabric all have diagonal decorative lines or extra crosslines for an added effect.

    Fredoka free modern fonts

    This perfectly geometric and rounded font designed by Milena Brandau is gorgeous and perfect for any sort of modern project. What makes Fredoka unique is the collection of super cute dingbats and its integration with Google fonts. Fredoka is great for websites, apps, and any digital designs.

    Arkhip free modern fonts

    It’s not uncommon for designers to have to search for days to find a good, free font which supports Russian alphabets. Arkhip is a wonderful letter set which can be used in both English and Russian. The slight curves that grace the otherwise geometric letters make this font beautifully modern and easy to use.

    Moon free modern fonts

    This modern font is circular and has perfectly rounded terminals and a soft, geometric feel to it. It comes in three very different weights, in both uppercase and lowercase letters. It has glyphs for many languages as well. Moon is a versatile font for fun and easy going designs.

    Headache free modern fonts

    This attention seeking font has two versions which can be used together to create infinite variations. Headache is a font which looks mostly normal but with a slight twist in the shape of diagonal decorative lines. This font is perfect for headlines, logos, and branding materials.

    Odachi free modern fonts

    Modern fonts that pull from classic styles are usually very easy to use and particularly visual. This brush style font with an antique Japanese feel is perfect for social media graphics or fun t-shirt designs with catchy quotes.

    Bondi free modern fonts

    Modern, futuristic and with a bit of an Art Deco feel, Bondi is a fun novelty font for all types of fun and bubbly designs. The left side is a thick line while the right side is thin, creating a wonderful balance. The letter "S" has the thickness on the right to create an illusion of weight at the bottom instead of being top-heavy.

    Celestia free modern fonts

    Futuristic styled modern fonts like Celestia are unusual and fun to use in graphic design projects that want to be a little disruptive. This circular geometric font with filled-in diagonal lines is great for music event posters or fashion spreads. Celestia can give any design a fun modern and futuristic feel.

    Calibre free modern fonts

    Condensed fonts like Calibre are quite popular lately. This one is super condensed and so a bit more unique than the usual condensed styles. Calibre is perfect for logos and creative lettering projects. The elongated quality of this font is so interesting that it should definitely be in your design arsenal.

    forma free modern fonts

    Soft and rounded, geometric and delicate, Forma is the right font for colorful and exceptional designs. The letters "g" and "y" have a unique separation in the descender, making the letter set rather unique. It’s these kinds of details that make fonts like this one so memorable.

    Gilroy free modern fonts

    Modern, geometric and perfect, Gilroy is a great font for all types of clean-cut designs. This is another beautiful all-cap font for your collection which can save you tons of font scrolling to find the right one.

    Potra free modern fonts

    This modern futuristic font by Alejo Bergman has lots of potential for many different kinds of designs. With a double line and finishing dot, the letters look almost three-dimensional in an abstract way. Potra is great not only for galactic designs but also for any graphics that want to have an edge over the others.

    Orkney free modern fonts

    Sleek and elegant, this modern font is delightfully sublime. Orkney is perfect for modern designs from business materials to minimalist websites. Clean lines and neat corners are what makes this font so easy to use and a great choice for many types of projects.

    Kohmar free modern fonts

    Kohmar is a strong, modern font that straddles the line between elegant and fun. Ideal for flyers, banners and printables of all types, this font works perfectly in titles and headlines, instantly grabbing viewers' attention with its unique boldness.

    Nordic free modern fonts

    This font delights itself in having two faces and three weights. Designer Yana Bereziner has created a beautiful modern font with interesting lines and diagonal cut off sections. This font with two unique styles in three different weights works for all sorts of creative projects.

    peace sans modern fonts

    The thick and peaceful letters in this font have the perfect weight for powerful disruptive designs. Peace Sans has glyphs available for all major languages, including Turkish, French, Russian, and more. This lovely font looks great in quote graphics for social media or as headlines and website banners.

    anurati free modern fonts

    Modern futuristic fonts like Anurati are so unique and special that they are almost timeless. This font uses empty spaces as a visual cue to make letter compositions look amazing and eye-catching. Mixing Anurati with interesting backgrounds can create spectacular designs.

    HEADING-PRO free modern fonts

    This font designed by the Zetafonts designer family has now been updated to nine weights and eight widths, plus italics. It’s easily the most versatile modern font out there at the moment. You can download a few weights for free through the link below but the full version has to be paid for. This font family is definitely worth it!

    Paradise Board

    This is another versatile all-cap modern font for your collection. Sonder is available in both sans serif and slab serif styles. On top of that, this font also has a regular style and a rough style. It looks great in logos and advertising.

    Body free modern fonts

    This font is another gorgeous type family by Zetafonts. Slightly geometric and a bit flattened in the wider variants, Body is a superfamily. Four widths are available as a free download. This is another font family which can work for many different projects.

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    Abyssopelagic free modern fonts

    Few fonts illustrate their name as well as Abyssopelagic. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, this font is specially designed to be set with wide spacing between letters. The thin design uses blank space with missing crosslines, making the font look like it's in motion.

    Aquatico free modern fonts

    Another font inspired by the deep aquatic, Aquatico is rounded, geometric, and full of surprises. Designer Andrew Herndon added lots of special ligatures and unique letter variations so that you can create all sorts of letter compositions in your designs.

    Ykar free modern fonts

    Futuristic and disruptive, Ykar is the kind of font that you look at and like instantly but can’t place exactly why. Each letter has a unique style that simply works. The font comes in uppercase and lowercase, but it looks more like two styles of uppercase. One is just more novel than the other.

    Codec free modern fonts

    Typeface systems are a little more complex than type families and are therefore more versatile. Codec has two moods: cold and warm along with nine weights and two logo variations. Zetafonts never ceases to impress with their font families and font systems—truly a lifesaver for any type of modern designer.

    Lieben free modern fonts

    This modern novelty font has all the makings for a fun and popping design. Decorated with lines, dots, and stars, the letters take on a life of their own. Available with uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers, glyphs, and special characters. Argentine designer Yai Salinas really hit it out of the park with his novelty Lieben font.

    Minimalust free modern fonts

    This minimal font with rounded edges and soft curves is easy-going and looks great with wide separation between letters. A perfect font for logos, headings and titles, Minimalust is also great for social media graphics, specially Instagram.

    Liquido free modern fonts

    This condensed font comes in two styles: regular and fluid. The regular style has unique angles in an elongated style making it more unique than most other condensed fonts. The fluid style has a design in the center of each letter which makes it look like it’s moving. Mixing the two can create interesting compositions.

    Facon free modern fonts

    This modern font is labeled as an athletic display font. It was designed to feel like it's in eternal movement as if energy is passing through the letters in a diagonal motion. It’s perfect for logos and short titles, in bright colors and over a background which helps visualize the effect of the letters.

    Ufo-Nest free modern fonts

    Modern display fonts are some of the most creative styles of fonts available. Ufo Nest, a futuristic geometric font, is inspired by the crop circles found in the fields all over the world. The lines ending in perfect circles and geometric curves truly capture what could be called alien art. This font might not be very versatile but it is quite fun.

    Elppa free modern fonts

    The basic shapes of this modern font are based on rectangles and squares. The uppercase letters fit into a rectangle each. The lowercase letters fit in a square half the size of the uppercase letters. The corners are rounded to soften the design and the lines are thin, making it airy and quite unique.

    Blanka free modern fonts

    Blanka is a modern, futuristic font with a strong presence. The letters are minimalistic and have a specific section missing, which makes them look really interesting when put together in a composition. This is a good font for logos and short titles or headers. It could also work really well as quotes for postcards and stickers.

    Quantum free modern fonts

    This all-caps modern font has a futuristic feel with a diagonal line which crosses each line a bit off center diagonally. Wide angles mixed with short shapes make Quantum an interesting font for logos and products names related to technology or science.

    Metrica free modern fonts

    Metrica is a unique and modern novelty font designed with criss-crossing lines and angles in unexpected places. Every letter has its own design, making this font quite special. This font has great potential as part of a logo for a technical or creative business.

    Ministry free modern fonts

    Condensed modern fonts like Ministry look great on social media graphics and typographic compositions. When they have a unique design in their terminals and unions, that makes them unique and special in their niche. This font has a special letter "T" and the "S" look likes like a chain link.

    Spacema free modern fonts

    Last but not least, a modern futuristic condensed font with a style all its own, Spacema has all the right side corners as right angles while either one or two of the left side corners are sharply cut in a small curve. The empty space inside letter is thin and perfectly sized, making this font look stable and eye-catching.

    Which is your favorite in this list of modern fonts? Let me know if I missed any in the comments below!

    Design beautiful graphics you can be proud of with Visme.

    modern presentation fonts

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    Serif vs. Sans Serif: How Are These Fonts Different?

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    Orana is a multi-faceted creative. She is a content writer, artist, and designer. She travels the world with her family and is currently in Istanbul. Find out more about her work at

    modern presentation fonts


    15 Best Powerpoint Fonts to Built Beautiful Presentations

    A font choice can make or break your presentation. So, how do you know you’re making a wrong decision?

    The very first thing you need to consider is choosing high-quality readable fonts. Don’t try to fit small font into a full-sentence explanation, because it may minimize the effect of your message. 30pt font size is the minimum you can use for your presentation.

    Also, if you use more than one font on your slide, you need to make sure to pair the fonts properly. Here are   10 golden rules of combining the fonts   you need to know before creating your next presentation.

    Related:   17 Minimalist Powerpoint Templates for Clean Presentations

    Best Powerpoint Fonts to Create Modern Presentations

    Here we have collected 15 of the  best fonts for PowerPoint  to build a stunning presentation in 2018:

    1. Montserrat

    Montserrat is a beautiful title font designed by Julieta Ulanovsky. It was inspired by the signage found in a historical neighborhood of Buenos Aires! You can use it for any design project.



    2. Vidaloka – Cool Powerpoint Font

    Vidaloka is an elegant high-contrast typeface for titles and short chunks of text. It features curlified drops. Vidaloka is created by Alexei Vanyashin and Olga Karpushina.


    Raleway could be a great font for presentations, is a sans-serif font family intended for titles and headings. It was designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight, but then it was expanded into a 9 weight family. It will be a perfect choice for break slides.


    4. Bebas Neue – Best Font for Presentations

    Bebas Neue is a great sans serif font family based on the original Bebas Neue font by Ryoichi Tsunekawa. It’s so multipurpose that it became ‘Helvetica among free fonts’, which means you can use it every time you’re in doubt which font to choose.


    5. Yellowtail

    Yellowtail is a flat vintage brush script font. It features a mix of connecting and non-connecting letterforms. You can easily pair it with Bebas and Vidaloka.


    Lato is a san serif font fam­ily designed in the Sum­mer 2010 by Poland-​based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Sum­mer” in Pol­ish). Since that time the family was greatly extended. It supports over 100 Latin-based lan­guages and over 50 Cyrillic-​​based lan­guages including Greek.


    modern presentation fonts

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    6-Petal Flower Cycle for PowerPoint and Google Slides

    Free 6-Petal Flower Cycle for PowerPoint


    Charts & diagrams , circular , processes, 6 options , central idea , circular , flowers , petal.

    Free 6-petal flower cycle for PowerPoint and Google Slides. A colorful flower with 6 petals in a circular arrangement. Editable graphics with icons and text placeholders.

    6-Petal Flower Cycle

    It is high time you brought life to your slides! Why don’t you give a natural touch to your visual aids in your slides thanks to this 6-Petal Flower Cycle template? Never underestimate the power of a flower on your audience!

    More specifically, this original slide offers a design in which a flower appears. For example, the central part or pistil is a circular shape that can be used to write your central idea or the name of your cycle. Besides, you will find 6 petals with distinct colors. You can also insert an icon inside each one to illustrate your peripheral ideas or steps. Finally, there are 6 large text placeholders in case you need to describe your stages or thoughts in writing.

    Finally, this 6-Petal Flower Cycle for PowerPoint and Google Slides is ideal to present a circular process with 6 steps or a central idea with 6 interconnected ideas . It is particularly fit for presentations linked to nature, biology, or the environment.

    Shapes are 100% editable : colors and sizes can be easily changed.

    Includes 2 slide option designs: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9).

    Widescreen (16:9) size preview:

    Free 6-Petal Flower Cycle for PowerPoint and Google Slides

    This ‘6-Petal Flower Cycle’ template features:

    Free fonts used:

    Terms of use:

    Requires attribution, personal and educational use, commercial use, (re)sell, (re)distribute, read the full  terms of use.

    Google Slides: Widescreen (16:9)

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    Free 8-Petal Flower Cycle for PowerPoint

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    Modern Warfare 2 UI Font

    modern presentation fonts

    I cant seem to find this font, looked all over the internet for the info. Could you guys help?

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    1. 20 Best Fonts for Presentations In 2023 [PowerPoint or Not]

      Some of the best fonts for presentations include Lato, Roboto, Bentham, Fira Sans, Montserrat, Open Sans, Dosis, Libre-Baskerville and more. This list will help you find the best font for your next presentation, regardless if you're using PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote or any other tool to create it. Simplify content creation

    2. 40+ Best Fonts for PowerPoint Presentations

      With an air of minimalism, the font is perfectly suited for a variety of presentation formats. Addington CF - Serif Font Family Addington is a family of serif fonts that feature a very formal design. It's perfect for designing PowerPoint slides for business and professional presentations.

    3. 12 Best Fonts For Powerpoint Presentations in 2022

      Find the best font to use for your Powerpoint presentation from Creative Market's top presentation font picks: 1. Pelicano: Basic Sans Serif Font This easy-to-read, monoline typeface has a simple and clean look that can give your Powerpoint presentation a more casual and approachable vibe.

    4. The Best 24 Fonts for Modern PowerPoint Presentations [+Guide]

      Specifically designed for Windows 95, Tahoma is a very formal font that can fit business presentations perfectly. It is a very clear and distinctive font which can help avoid confusion, thus it makes it great for formal presentations that need clarity. Recommended title size: 28px Optimum size for legibility: 18px

    5. 14 Fonts That Make Your Powerpoint Presentations Stand Out

      The most popular Sans Serif font used in presentations is Arial, but Century Gothic, Tahoma, Calibri, Lucida Sans, Verdana, and Helvetica are also commonly employed renditions of Sans Serif typeface. Script and Decorative Fonts: These are the fonts that emulate handwriting—not typed with a keyboard or typewriter.

    6. 10 Best fonts to use in your next PowerPoint presentation

      10 best presentation fonts 1. Garamond 'Garamond' actually refers to a style of font, rather than one font in particular. Some examples you may have heard of include Adobe Garamond, Monotype Garamond and Garamond ITC.

    7. The 10 Best PowerPoint Fonts for Your Presentation

      There are several fonts you can use for your presentation. However, you are better off choosing standard fonts, such as Calibri, Tahoma, Gill Sans and Garamond, or even Times New Roman and Constantia. People are already fond of these fonts and see them often, which is great for readability. 2. Consider Contrast

    8. 5268 Free Modern Fonts · 1001 Fonts

      Modern Fonts Fonts 1 - 10 of 5,264 modern script calligraphy display handwritten handdrawn handlettering logotype elegant fashion handwriting wedding headline bold magazine cursive stylish brand identity brush regular signature love beautiful feminine haute couture sans serif invitation luxury light medium crafting poster large x-height heavy

    9. Top 23 Professional Fonts (And How To Choose the Right One)

      Sans serif fonts often have less width variation than serif fonts. They're often associated with terms like "modern," "approachable' and "clean." Sans serif fonts are commonly used to display text on computers or mobile devices due to easier screen readability. They are also frequent choices for infographics or table text.

    10. 20 Best Fonts for Professional PowerPoint Design: Sayonara Arial!

      20 Best Fonts for Professional PowerPoint: Adios! You Won't See Arial and Times New Roman Anymore Ulfah Alifah Published on April 28, 2021 Table of Contents Calibri Helvetica Garamond Futura Gill Sans Rockwell Verdana Fira Sans Palatino Tahoma Georgia Corbel Segoe Century Gothic Lato Roboto Montserrat Open Sans Libre-Baskerville Bebas Neue

    11. The Best Fonts for Powerpoint

      15+ Best Fonts for PowerPoint in 2023 Mosse Montero Display Typeface Tuttifonts — 23 Fonts Bundle Weigeland Serif Font Streamline Moderne Racer Boy Apostrof — Grotesk Type Bisetron MONEYWISE — Business Display Font Magnivera ARCADE Font S&S Nickson Font Family Ingo — Modern Serif Display Font Mindset Business Corporate Font

    12. Best free modern fonts

      Based on geometric lines and forms, modern fonts are clean, clear, and easy to read; plus with a creative twist or dash of detail they have a cool, contemporary vibe. Here are 50 free modern fonts that will give your design work an up-to-date edge. All are listed as free to use and can be uploaded to Canva. Here's how. 01. Lombok Alexandre Pietre

    13. 60+ Modern Professional PowerPoint Templates 2023

      With a stylish, modern, and striking design, Modela is an effective presentation template with multi-purpose slides, data infographics, and a 16:9 widescreen ratio. It's one of the best free modern PowerPoint templates available on the web and can be fully customized to reflect your own branding. Arina - Free Business PowerPoint Template

    14. 44+ Best Fonts for PowerPoint (PPT Fonts) 2023

      Versanity is one of the best fonts for PowerPoint presentations. It features a delicate and elegant design that feels right at home in strictly professional settings. Use it confidently in your upcoming presentation, and allow yourself to be astonished by the result produced. Streamline Moderne PPT Font

    15. What Are the Best Fonts to Use in PowerPoint PPT Presentations?

      Serif fonts like Adallyn might be the most professional font for PowerPoint presentations in traditional fields. In 2021, the category of best font for PowerPoint presentations goes to sans-serif fonts. These are the modern and smooth typefaces that you'll find in most presentations.

    16. 30 Modern PowerPoint (PPT) Templates to Design Presentations

      Lastly, consider using modern fonts that belong to a sans-serif family. This will make the text more legible, especially if you increase the font size. Avoid using script fonts as they're hard to read and consider setting the font size to 24 points. 5 Modern PowerPoint Presentation Slide Design Trends for 2022

    17. The 10 best presentation fonts to transform your next PowerPoint

      10 best fonts for presentations Shall we meet them? 1. Tahoma Designed by Matthew Carter, Tahoma is one of Microsoft's most popular sans serif typefaces. 2. Verdana Another of Matthew Carter's designs, Verdana is a prime example of a font created specifically for the screen. 3. Impact Impact gets about a bit.

    18. 50+ Modern Fonts to Use on Your Website in 2023

      56 of the Most Modern Fonts to Use in 2023. Now that you know how to optimize and upload custom fonts, we can now offer up a healthy list of modern fonts and options to choose from.. 1. Intro Intro. Intro is a standard-looking modern font that offers bold lines and presentation that could easily be used for headers or titles. This font family includes 72 fonts with 8 different weights from ...

    19. 50 Free Modern Fonts to Give Your Designs an Edgy Look

      50 Free Modern Fonts Leoscar This modern font set designed by Faridul Haque has both serif and sans serif versions. The sans serif set is neat and clean with different style curves and straight angles. The serif version has thin, small extensions with a tidy curve connector.

    20. 15 Best Powerpoint Fonts to Built Beautiful Presentations

      Raleway could be a great font for presentations, is a sans-serif font family intended for titles and headings. It was designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight, but then it was expanded into a 9 weight family. It will be a perfect choice for break slides. DOWNLOAD 4. Bebas Neue - Best Font for Presentations

    21. 6-Petal Flower Cycle for PowerPoint and Google Slides

      This '6-Petal Flower Cycle' template features: 2 unique slides. Light and Dark layout. Ready to use template with icons and text placeholders. Completely editable shapes. Uses a selection of editable PowerPoint icons. Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9) aspect ratios. PPTX file (PowerPoint) and for Google Slides.

    22. Modern Warfare 2 UI Font : r/identifythisfont

      Handwritten, vectorized and turned into my first font: Callugraph! A blackletter font suitable for signs, labels and bible reproductions 😉 Feedback is appreciated. All the stylistic sets for Aerator, my newest typeface. Almost ready for release.