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IT Portfolio Shell – Add a title, your name, date, links and examples

modern pedagogy ppt

Integrated Learning Environment ??? Changing School Culture – Using IT to Cope with Individual Learning Differences in Schools 1 st December 2003 Final.

modern pedagogy ppt

Visual Arts Lesson Planning Zoom in…Planning for action One lesson at a time.

modern pedagogy ppt

Professional Teaching Portfolio

modern pedagogy ppt

Designing the whole curriculum linking subjects, PLTS, Dimensions.

modern pedagogy ppt

1 The New Primary National Curriculum St Helen’s CE Primary School.

modern pedagogy ppt

 Project-based learning is considered an alternative to teacher-led classrooms.  Project-based learning emphasises learning activities that are student-

modern pedagogy ppt

1 A proposed skills framework for all 11- to 19-year-olds.

modern pedagogy ppt

Perceptions of the Value of the Online Tools Alessandra Abbattista and Ali Messer, University of Roehampton Dr Arthur Chapman, Institute of Education.

modern pedagogy ppt

Thomas College Name Major Expected date of graduation address

modern pedagogy ppt

ationmenu/nets/forteachers/2008s tandards/nets_for_teachers_2008.h tm Click on the above circles to see each standard.

modern pedagogy ppt

Pedagogy for the 21 st Century LSS Retreat, November, 2010.

modern pedagogy ppt

Constructivism A learning theory for today’s classroom.

modern pedagogy ppt

Christine Yang March 17, As a teacher it is critical for me to demonstrate mastery of technology teacher standards. ISTE-NETS Teacher Standards.

modern pedagogy ppt

Differentiation What is meant by differences between learners?

modern pedagogy ppt

Building Bridges. After school programs can provide: an environment in which children can practice ways of learning and behaving that will help them succeed.

modern pedagogy ppt

Action Research Purpose and Benefits Technology as a Learning Tool to Improve Student Achievement.

modern pedagogy ppt

Coding Connections at the Interface of Algebra I and Physical World Concepts Improving Teacher Quality Grant Program Summer 2016.

modern pedagogy ppt

Course Work 2: Critical Reflection GERALDINE DORAN B

modern pedagogy ppt

What is meant by methodology and why is it important? Methodology refers to the ‘how’ of teaching - how teaching and learning is planned, organized, conducted,

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Pedagogy and innovative approaches in Teaching and learning.pptx

jagannath Dange

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Innovative approaches for Teaching and Learning

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modern pedagogy ppt

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All children are born and raised in different situations. The schools in need to implement a curriculum which not only promotes development in cognition, language, literacy, numeracy and the arts but also addresses wellbeing and happiness of the students. so, Pedagogy must be ideal to the needs of the learners. hence different approaches must be adopted to train the different faculties of children.


modern pedagogy ppt

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modern pedagogy ppt

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modern pedagogy ppt

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modern pedagogy ppt

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Pedagogy: A critical Approach to Teaching and Learning

Profile image of Prof.Dillip Giri

Emerging pedagogy-Co-operative teaching  Supportive teaching  Parallel teaching  Complementary teaching  Team teaching Who is an effective pedagogue?  Those who are knowledge smart.  Those who are attitude smart.  Those who are value smart.

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modern pedagogy ppt


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Making spaces: Regenerating the profession

Paul Martin

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kunnathodi abdul gafoor

"K. ABDUL GAFOOR & T.K. UMER FAROOQUE Schools identified as high and low efficient on the basis of student achievement were compared in terms of seventeen school related, four home-related variables and achievement motivation of pupils. The study was conducted on a sample of seven hundred pupils and eighty teachers from four rural secondary schools of Kozhikode district in Kerala. It was found that significant difference exist between high and low efficient schools in terms of: (a) school organisational culture variables viz., commitment, formalisation of rules, co-operative emphasis, expectations, academic emphasis, professional management and goal consensus; (b) school social system variables viz., instructional approaches, interpersonal relationships and monitoring; (c) teacher performance; (d) instructional facilities; and (e) parental encouragement. But there is no significant difference between high and low efficient schools in terms of orderly environment, expectation and communication between students and teachers, home school relationship, teacher perception of leadership of the head of the institution, achievement motivation of pupils, parental aspiration, parental guidance and physical facilities at home."

Loading Preview

Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above.


Nityananda Pradhan

Iranian EFL Journal, 8(6), 289-303

Seyyed Hossein Kashef

Iranian EFL Journal, 8(6), 145-158

Masoud Mahmoodzadeh

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Publication of National University

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Intakhab A Khan

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Pedagogy Thesis presentation template

Pedagogy Thesis

We're releasing today a new template for those users who want to impress everyone when defending their thesis. Thanks to a more creative approach and doodle-like illustrations, it can be used for any field of study related to learning or teaching, such as pedagogy. Showcase the results of your research...

Montessori Pedagogy presentation template

Montessori Pedagogy

What interests children? Does it really need to match the things that the school wants to teach them? Introducing the Montessori education, which focuses on appealing to the kids' interest, instead of a standarized set of topics and subjects. Do you want more information about it? Slidesgo, in collaboration with...

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Technical Drawing Printable Sheets: building 3D geometric shapes in Middle School

We are sure that your technical drawing classes are full of creativity and precision. We wanted to contribute to your work by designing this wonderful template in gradient shades of purple so you can give your lesson on building 3D geometric shapes to your middle school students. Download this presentation...

Teaching Methods: Project-Based Learning presentation template

Teaching Methods: Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning focuses on the execution of a task and the steps to arrive at a final product. As a teacher, you must be constantly learning new ways of teaching, and that's why we wanted to help you share your knowledge by creating this cute template with illustrations in pastel...

Printable Dyscalculia Worksheets for Middle School presentation template

Printable Dyscalculia Worksheets for Middle School

We can probably all agree that Dyscalculia is one of those conditions that subject anyone affected by them to an enormous amount of frustration. How hard is it to persevere when it just seems impossible to make sense of all the numbers that are flying around on the page? Well,...

Research Methods Lesson presentation template

Research Methods Lesson

If you deal with Science, it’s important to learn more about research methods. Teach your students about them with this presentation full of illustrations and drawings related to labs. Use graphs, maps, tables and overview diagrams to support your lecture in a visual way!

Teaching Methods: Visual Thinking Thesis presentation template

Teaching Methods: Visual Thinking Thesis

Visual thinking is a methodology that helps to order ideas through images. Defend your thesis on this topic using this eye-catching template in which we have followed the principles of visual thinking, adding drawings that will make your audience unable to take their eyes off the presentation. Edit the resources...

Education Major for College: Special Education presentation template

Education Major for College: Special Education

Do you like to teach? Do you like to help people? If you are a patient person who knows how to treat people you might be interested in enrolling in a Special Education Major! There are some people that need a little more help to learn, so it’s necessary that...

Pedagogical Education Infographics presentation template

Pedagogical Education Infographics

Perhaps you might remember our template called Pedagogical Education and its cute and funny illustrations and its colorful nature. It looked great on the screen! This set of infographics is designed as an extra, meaning all the slides have a similar style to the one found in the aforementioned presentation....

Special Education Major for College: Learning Disabilities presentation template

Special Education Major for College: Learning Disabilities

When teaching, it’s important to know lots of pedagogy and being aware of the different difficulties children might experience as they learn. The sooner teachers identify that a child has problems to read or do math, the sooner special attention will be put into them and the better they will...

Teaching Methods: Flipped Clasroom Thesis presentation template

Teaching Methods: Flipped Clasroom Thesis

Imagine this: students reading or watching next day’s lesson at home and, after that, questions and doubts are answered in class with the teacher’s support. That would be like the reverse procedure of traditional classes, right? Kind of… flipped? Exactly, that’s what a flipped classroom is about! Speak about this...

Types of Educational Assessments presentation template

Types of Educational Assessments

In order to make sure that a child is learning correctly, sometimes educational assessments are needed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they must sit exams, though! There are lots of ways of assessing whether a student has already achieved all the goals of the course. On this template for educators,...

Pedagogical Approach Thesis: Social Constructivism presentation template

Pedagogical Approach Thesis: Social Constructivism

There are always new approaches in education. Some are focused more on observation, while others prefer interaction. For the latter, one example is social constructivism, in which learning is achieved through interacting with others. Check out this template and its design: it's great for speeches on this pedagogical approach, or...

Pedagogical Approach Thesis: Waldorf Education presentation template

Pedagogical Approach Thesis: Waldorf Education

Do you know about Waldorf education? It’s a different pedagogical way of seeing teaching and classrooms. Established by Rudolf Steiner, a follower of anthroposophy, it’s a pedagogical approach of learning where creativity and practical skills are seen in a holistic way and esoterism and spirituality are very present in this...

Pedagogical Approach Thesis: Experiential Learning presentation template

Pedagogical Approach Thesis: Experiential Learning

We all know learning as in someone who is teaching someone else. There's an approach in education called experiential learning, consisting of learning through reflection of doing. We don't know the meaning of that, but you may do. In that case, help! Get this template to prepare some slides in...

Positive Behavior for Learning: Middle School presentation template

Positive Behavior for Learning: Middle School

Classes work if everyone behaves correctly so that a poor behavior doesn't interfere with the teaching. Explain to your students from middle school about the importance of good behavior and how it affects learning. This template has many slides to write information about this topic in a brutalist style. Pedagogy...

Linguistic Major for College: Speech-Language Pathologies presentation template

Linguistic Major for College: Speech-Language Pathologies

Oral communication can be so easy, yet so easily impaired as well… This eye-catching template gives you all the tools you need to introduce the Linguistics major program “Speech-language pathologies”: What they are, how you’re going to learn to help people overcome them, where you can work with this major...

Scandinavian School Center presentation template

Scandinavian School Center

Schools located in the Scandinavian region provide students with an incredibly unique integration of creativity and intelligence. The curriculum covers everything from the traditional sciences, mathematics, and language arts to innovative courses such as environmental sustainability and design. Students are encouraged to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate freely. The...


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    Presentation on theme: "TOP 10 INNOVATIVE PEDAGOGIES"— Presentation ... Narrative encourages the combination of historical overview and modern practice.

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    10. Stealth Assessment The automatic data collection that goes on in the background when students. Next SlideShares. SlideShare

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    Inclusive education ppt.pptx ... Modern methods: Conventional methods: Lecture method Dialogue mode Discussion method activity method.

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    The most modern definition of pedagogy says “ It is a cultural process, to bring out the all innate abilities and nourish the acquired abilities of a child

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    Purposeful body movements, gestures, voice modulations, eye contact etc. Teacher is the main one. Teacher teaches. ( not the black board, OHP or PPT). Teaching

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