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How to Write a Job Application Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is essential when applying for jobs. This is the perfect way to express how your specific skills are relevant to the open position. Wow your future employer with this simple cover letter example format.

Write a First Draft

Writing a first draft makes your letter concise and professional, states The Balance Careers. Organize your thoughts by making a list of what you’re trying to convey. Make sure you prioritize certain aspects like your previous job experience and why you would be a good fit for the position. Clearly state what position you’re interested in and why. Think about why you’re applying and what caught your eye about this specific position. Your cover letter will be easier to write after your thoughts are collected and organized.

Customize Your Salutation

When writing a salutation, make sure you know who you are writing to. Is this person the owner of the company or a Human Resources administrator? If you’re not sure, research the company to find out. Addressing your cover letter to a specific person shows initiative and attention to detail. After your salutation, start your letter with a short introduction of yourself. This gives future employers insight into who you are and the purpose of your cover letter.

Write Intentionally

Your cover letter should be no more than one page, so keep your points brief. Clearly state what position you are interested in and why. Explain why you are a good fit for the company because of your past job experience. If you have no similar job experience, let the employer know why you are changing career paths. Expand on your skills and give specific examples of how that skill set helped you at your last position. Name projects you’ve worked on and show results.

Close Your Letter

End your cover letter with a brief sentence and sign off. Thank the employer for their time and express your interest towards the job again. Let them know you’ll follow up with them if you do not hear back within a week and leave your contact information. Sign off with a professional farewell and leave room for a signature if sending a hard copy.

Edit and Proofread

As you finish writing your cover letter, make sure you take time to edit and proofread your document. Make sure it’s structured in a professional format with the company’s information, the salutation and introduction, the body of the letter, a brief closing sentence and farewell. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes to ensure a formal result. Make sure all names are spelled correctly, as well.


informal job application letter example

The Informal Cover Letter and Its Benefits

Table of contents.

Cover letters are indispensable for many professional job applications and can help you sell yourself to your future employer. Writing cover letters can be tedious, reading them even more so, but it does not have to be. An informal cover letter , also known as short cover letters, help break this tedium for job applicants and recruiters.

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Keep reading to learn more about informal cover letters , their benefits, and the way to write one the next time you apply!

Types of Cover Letters

An empty window showing two banners saying we are hiring and apply today.

There any many types of cover letters for different scenarios. The most well-known is the  application cover letter . These types of cover letters are written for specific jobs and should include specific skills and qualifications regarding them.

The second type is the  prospecting cover letter.  Generally speaking, a prospecting cover letter is best suited to inquiries about open positions at a company you are interested.

Third is the  networking cover letter.  The networking cover letter is used to ask for career advice and career opportunities.

And finally, we come to the main topic of this article, the  informal cover letter .

What is the Informal (Short) Cover Letter?

The informal cover letter is a short cover letter with the purpose of quick introduction . You include information about yourself, your skills, why you are interested in the job, and your personal connection with the company. Short cover letters are for job inquiries that don’t require a formal cover letter.

This cover letter does not have a clear-cut format. Usually, it consists of a greeting, a simple body explaining your experience and your interest in the company.

As a rule of thumb, you should also attach your CV or resume to the cover letter when you are applying.

Benefits of the Informal Cover Letter

Many people think that a good cover letter should be lenghty. In fact, a short cover letter may be as beneficial to your application as a long one. There are many reasons hiring managers prefer a more brief cover letter:

When Not to Write a Short Cover Letter?

Although short cover letters have many advantages over the traditional ones, there are some cases where you should not use them.

If you have too many relevant skills and experiences about the work, you should not trim them down. You should be writing all of them in great detail, with as much information as possible.

If the hiring manager or the employer put down word count limits in the job posting, you should obviously respect them.

Informal Cover Letter Examples

The most important thing to remember when writing a cover letter is that you are conveying relevant information in a concise manner.

Here is an example of an informal cover letter:

Dear Mr. Sacrimoni,

My name is Paulie, and I would be thrilled to join your team as an accounting manager. I admire Satriale Markets’ reputation of customers satisfaction.

My resume outlines my skills and 5 years of experience in accounting. I am passionate about speaking to new people and helping others reach their goals.

I believe my background will benefit a team that prioritizes collaboration, and Satriale Markets is the perfect place to apply for this role.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the accounting manager position further.

Best,Paulie Gualtieri111 Oak Tree LaneSunnyvale, [email protected] | 555-123-12345

Employers might enjoy this example because it addresses the hiring manager personally. It also mentions the company in the first sentence, and it only takes half a page!

How Long Should it Be?

As a rule of thumb, write just half or two-thirds of a page. This way the hiring manager will be able to tell you right away it will be an effective and quick cover letter.

As most cover letters take up a single page, spending half or two thirds of the page shows the length difference.

The Informal Cover Letter and Its Benefits

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

Pam Weber LinkedIn

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Cover letters are indispensable for many professional job applications and can help you sell yourself to your future employer. Writing…

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Home Cover Letter Help Short Cover Letter Examples

5 Short Cover Letter Examples (+How to Write)

Ida Pettersson

A general cover letter ranges from 300 to 500 words. But what if we told you that you can make it even shorter and still impress potential employers? Read on to find out how to write an effective short cover letter.

short cover letter example hero image, sample of a cover letter that's under 100 words

To write a short cover letter that still lands you the interview, draw inspiration from our short cover letter samples and template below. You can use these examples however you like — either download them as Microsoft Word files or copy and paste the text.

As long as you can explain why you’re the ideal candidate, a short cover letter is just as effective as a long cover letter. In fact, it’s even more effective to include just the one or two biggest reasons you deserve to be hired, rather than a list of less relevant reasons.

Five short cover letter examples

Our professional short cover letter samples include everything needed to capture the hiring manager’s attention and earn an interview.

Short cover letter sample #1

Download This Free Sample

This brief cover letter works because it quickly makes an impact by highlighting the candidate’s passion for tutoring.

Additionally, the cover letter is just long enough for the candidate to include some concrete achievements from their past work. These examples show employers what the candidate is capable of in just a short amount of time.

Short cover letter sample #1 (text version)

February 29, 2020

[Principal’s Name]

Washington High School

Portland, Oregon 97174

(971) 847-2122

[email protected]

Dear Principal [Name],

I’ve been passionate about teaching since I began tutoring for pocket money in high school.

I have seven years of teaching experience, instructing children with a diverse range of abilities. I’m also successful at boosting achievement, having increased average grades by 15% at my current school. I believe this makes me an ideal candidate for the tutoring role at Brearley High School as advertised on LinkedIn.

I can be contacted at 971 874-2478 or [Your Email]. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

[Your Name]

Short cover letter sample #2

Short cover letter example for a server

Despite this short cover letter’s length, the candidate quickly spotlights their interpersonal skills and full attendance record — both details that will impress employers.

By the end of this cover letter, the reader is left with a clear understanding of this candidate’s qualifications and confidence in their abilities.

Short cover letter sample #2 (text version)

March 15, 2020

Hiring Manager’s Name

47 Jackson Street

Derry, Maine 04401

(207) 421-3698

[email protected]

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

Since graduating from high school in 2010, I’ve waitressed at four different establishments in Derry. If Atwater’s restaurant is looking for an experienced professional, I’m your candidate.

I’m a reliable, diligent worker, with a 100% attendance record. I’m also popular with the local clientele: my ability to create a rapport with customers increased daily wine sales by $50+ in my current role.

I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at [Your Email] or (207) 014-7858.

Short cover letter sample #3

Short cover letter sample for nursing using a red outline

This concise cover letter is effective because the applicant wastes no time highlighting how much experience they have.

The candidate quickly shows that they were recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA) for their emergency response performance and strong sense of ethics. In less than 150 words, they effectively draw attention to their top hard and soft skills in a convincing yet brief cover letter.

Short cover letter sample #3 (text version)

April 7, 2020

1047 Osage Boulevard

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74169

(539) 258-0014

[email protected]

As a state-qualified registered nurse with 17 years of experience tending to the infirm, I believe that I’m the ideal candidate for the nursing position at St. Mary’s Hospital.

In my present role, I evaluate the conditions of approximately 30 patients daily, developing personalized support plans for each of them, all while interfacing with colleagues to ensure effective care.

I’m responsive to emergency medical situations, and provide sympathetic support to patients as well as their friends and families. In 2018, I was awarded the Leadership in Ethics Award by the ANA in recognition of these qualities, so I believe I would be a valuable addition to St. Mary’s

I look forward to speaking to you about this position. I can be reached at 918.184.5447 or [Your Email].

Short cover letter sample #4

An example of a short cover letter that uses bullet points.

This short cover letter succeeds by packing plenty of information in a small space.

The applicant uses bullet points to showcase their relevant achievements and organizational skills . In this case, the applicant is applying for a copy editing role, so they talk about how they’ve successfully improved copy in the past, backing up those achievements with hard numbers.

Short cover letter example #4 (text version)

August 31, 2021

[Hiring Manager’s Name]

[Company Address]

Atlanta, GA 30347

(xxx) xxx-xxxx

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx.] [Hiring Manager’s Surname],

I’m writing to apply for the chief copy editor position at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution you advertised on

Here are the reasons why I believe I’d be suitable for the role:

Thank you for reviewing my qualifications. You can contact me at your convenience to organize an interview at (470) 000-1234 or [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you.

Short cover letter sample #5

An entry-level short cover letter sample.

This example demonstrates that you don’t need work experience to write an effective short cover letter.

In fact, short cover letters are perfect if you’re writing an entry-level cover letter . The shorter format lets you get right to the point and allows you to focus on your top 1–2 achievements that make you a good fit for the role.

Short cover letter example #5 (text version)

February 1, 2022

74 Company Address

Murfreesboro, TN 37131

(615) 123-4567

[email protected]

Dear [Mr./Mx./Ms.] [Hiring Manager’s Surname],

I’m thrilled to be writing to you to apply for the Tour Guide position that Greenbay Tours is advertising on LinkedIn.

Guiding tourists around our historic city and teaching them about its colorful past requires strong leadership and communication skills. I grew into an effective leader and communicator as President of the Tubman High School Debate Team, and these abilities paired with a passion for history make me the perfect fit for this role.

I have no doubt that I could apply my charisma and sincere interest in our city’s past to showcase its marvels to tourists. Please feel free to reach out to me for an interview at (615) 000-1234 or [email protected]

Short cover letter template

Prefer using a template where you can simply plug in your information? We’ve got you covered.

Fill-in-the-blanks cover letter template using a beige header background

Download This Free Template

This template ticks all the boxes of a well-written short cover letter: it’s properly formatted, concise, and addresses the hiring manager by name. You can download this template — or copy and paste the text — and fill in the blanks.

Short cover letter template (text version)

[City], [State] [ZIP]

As a [Position Name] with [X] years of experience [Action], I believe that I am the ideal candidate for [Company Name].

I am a [Adjective], [Adjective] worker, and in my current position have successfully [Achievement — with numbers]

I look forward to hearing from you. I can be reached at [Your Email] or [Your Phone Number].

How to write a short cover letter for a job application

To write an effective short cover letter, you need to summarize your relevant experience, skill set, and achievements as quickly as possible.

Follow these tips to create a brief cover letter that wins over hiring managers.

1. Don’t use this overused opening line

“I’m writing to apply for the role of…” is the most overused opening line job seekers use on their cover letters.

Most hiring managers have seen it thousands of times. When writing your cover letter, try to avoid this boring opener.

Instead, learn how to start a cover letter with creativity and personalize your opening to you, and you’ll get noticed by more recruiters.

To illustrate how to do this, here’s an example of a captivating opening line:

“As an experienced and innovative marketer with an excellent track record, I’m thrilled to submit my application for the Senior Marketing Specialist role at ABC Enterprises.”

Then later on your cover letter explain the details about the role you want to fill and where you found it.

2. Cut meaningless buzzwords

Anyone can describe themself as “detail-oriented” or a “self-starter,” but buzzwords mean little to recruiters.

Rather than describing yourself as “self-motivated,” give an example of an achievement that demonstrates this quality in action.

For instance, you could write “Researched a new search engine optimization strategy that led to a 47% increase in sales.”

Adding an accomplishment that reflects your strongest soft skills demonstrates to the hiring manager that you actually have those soft skills, and aren’t just saying so.

3. Don’t mention every past job

You don’t need to mention every job you’ve ever had in a short cover letter.

Instead of talking about specific roles, discuss the accomplishments and skills listed on your resume that make you the perfect fit for the job.

You can give a more detailed overview of your previous positions when writing your resume .

4. Use short words rather than long phrases

Without realizing it, we sometimes write unnecessarily long phrases on professional documents when a single word is enough. After you’ve written your cover letter, go back and reread it.  Replace longer phrases with single words (or at least fewer words).

Here are some examples of long phrases that are frequently used in cover letters along with some shorter words to use instead:

Short cover letter FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions about short cover letters.

What do I include in a short cover letter?

In clude the same sections of a cover letter you’d normally have, including:

How do I format a short cover letter?

Format your short cover letter the same way you’d format a cover letter that’s standard length.

Standard formatting elements include:

When shouldn’t I use a short and concise cover letter?

There are a couple of situations when you shouldn’t use a short and concise cover letter:

However, here’s the Golden Rule of cover letter length : Never go past one page!

How can I make a short cover letter quickly?

If you need to make a short cover letter quickly, you can use a cover letter builder , which breaks the process down into a few quick steps. Or if you dread setting up a cover letter because you don’t know how to make it eye-catching, use a cover letter template instead.

Will hiring managers be turned off by a brief cover letter?

No, hiring managers won’t be turned off by a brief cover letter. In fact, many hiring managers will appreciate your ability to get to the point. Hiring managers have dozens of applications to review, and if you can sum up why you’d be the perfect hire in 200 words or less, they’ll appreciate you saving them time.

How short should a cover letter be?

As long as you can present a solid reason for why you should be hired, there’s no real rule about how short a cover letter should be. The shortest one we feature is under 150 words, but if you could convey the same information in fewer words, then go for it!

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Ida Pettersson

Written by Ida Pettersson

Ida is a Content Writer at Resume Genius, where she assists job seekers as they plan their next career moves. She graduated from New College of Florida with a double major... more

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5 Short Cover Letter Examples for Any Job (+ Writing Guide)

5 Short Cover Letter Examples for Any Job (+ Writing Guide)

Today’s hiring process is fast and furious. Don’t waste the recruiter’s time—see our 5 short cover letter examples and learn how to make every word count.

Jacques Buffett, CPRW

As seen in:

Cover letters. The worst part of any job application.

They’re tricky and time-consuming to write—who knows if they’re even read.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

You can be fast and effective. We’ve got a selection of short cover letter examples to show you how.

This guide will show you:

Want to write your cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from  20+ professional cover letter templates  that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

sample resume and cover letter set

Sample Cover Letter for a Resume— See more cover letter examples here .

Simple Cover Letter Sample (IT Startup Job)

Basic cover letter template (corporate job), brief cover letter sample (internship).

Why Write a Short Cover Letter

Meet Mike. He’s a recruiter for a major corporation.

For every job opening that gets posted, he has to deal with 250 applications . Mike is a busy man.

He’s got no time for long application cover letters. What Mike wants is a simple cover letter that gives him the most info in the shortest time.

Short cover letters work for Mike, and they'll work for you. Here’s why:

Short  and s imple  cover letters are made for emails. No need for the hiring manager to click on an attachment. Just a few easy-to-read lines ready to go.

Want to learn more about sending email cover letters for a job application? Check out our guide: Email Cover Letters for Job Applications

You’ll need to email a resume, too. Learn how to do it right with our guide: How to Apply for a Job Via Email

So without further ado, meet our lean, mean short cover letter team.

Five Simple Cover Letter Examples to Get You Inspired

First, we’ll look at a carefully curated selection of short cover letter templates. Then we’ll tell you how to write one of your own.

Sample Short Cover Letter  (Mid Level Office Job)

Let me introduce Tony. He’s an office manager at a small firm in Oregon. He’s got a few years experience and he’s looking to move on to work for a bigger company.

Here’s his super sharp short cover letter.

Attached you will find my resume with detailed work experience for the position of office manager. My most satisfying win has been cutting office supply costs by 50%. This success comes from my dedication to discovering new routes to efficiency and robust supplier contract management and negotiation.

As an Office Manager at Weyland’s Widgets Inc., I have a proven record of implementing cost-saving efficiencies and processes. My changes to office supply contractors saved $10,000 per annum and my outsourcing of payroll saved the HR team 20 man-hours per month.

Joining the team at Schickley’s Sprockets would be an incredible next step in my career. I’d relish the challenge of joining a rapidly growing team and your ethos of “progress through technology” is a perfect fit for my own professional values.

Could we please schedule a call so we can discuss how I can implement cost-saving process improvements at Schickley’s? 

Tony Gambino

P.S. I’d also be delighted to tell you how my implementation of a call overflow system reduced customer phone waiting time by 65%.

Office Manager

[email protected]


Tony, you’re June’s savior!

Short Cover Letter Example  (Creative Job)

Our next candidate is Maria. She’s a graphic designer from North Dakota. Her firm has had a round of layoffs and she is concerned for her future so she’s looking for a new challenge.

My resume is attached for the position of senior graphic designer. I’ve had a number of satisfying career highlights but my most notable to date is leading a team that was a winner in the 2018 Package Design Awards. This achievement was spearheaded by my dedication to meeting client requirements with fresh contemporary design solutions.

As a senior graphic designer at Edwards & Spinks, I designed a fresh layout for the new edition of the cookbook “Glorious Gluten” that led to the publisher signing a five-year contract worth $500,000. 

Leading the graphic design team at Mountebanks & Co. is an amazing opportunity. I want to be part of your multi-award winning delivery of unique and functional web design to prestigious corporate clients.

Can we arrange a call so I can discuss how I led and developed a team of five junior designers while helping clients cut costs by an average of 15%?

Maria Villanueva

P.S. I’m also keen to discuss how my design of the “Flight Comparator” app led to a 20% increase in conversions for the client compared to previous iterations.

Senior Graphic Designer

[email protected]


A simple cover letter that's short and to the point! The hiring manager is singing her praises already!

Here’s Helen. She’s a California-based software engineer who’s just moved from out of state for family reasons.

Dear Fatima,

Please see attached my resume for the position of software engineer. My most recent achievement has been successfully managing code deployment to one of the largest ride-sharing platforms on the East Coast. This was driven by my expertise in transportation demand management software and my knack for reporting tool integration.

As a software engineer at Zoom! I implemented survey and data analysis functions that improved user behavior statistics and led to a 20% reduction in wait times for drivers during peak use periods with an accompanying 30% increase in client satisfaction.

Joining the team at Moov is exactly where I want to be in my career. Helping you disrupt the current West Coast platform duopoly is a challenge I am made for.

Could we meet for a coffee and a chat about how my dedication to leveraging gamification played a crucial role in increasing user data recording?

Helen Topley

P.S. I’d also be happy for you to learn more about how my optimized driver tracking feature pinpointed inefficiencies that when resolved, resulted in cost savings of $750,000.

Software Engineer

[email protected]


Watch out Uber. With Helen on board, Moov is ready to take over the world.

Meet Cyrus, he’s a business analyst from Illinois. He is looking to move on to pastures new in search of a more senior role.

I have attached my resume for the position of business analyst. My professional achievements include saving $1M in costs by choosing a new cloud data warehouse solution. This was enabled by my superior negotiation skills, expertise in effective procurement and ability to identify cost savings.

As a business analyst at Vantech, I leveraged a new procurement business process to ensure consistency across all teams leading to a saving of 500 man-hours equivalent to $100,000. This consistent approach was the first of its kind in the company.

Getting on board with Vermillion as it rapidly scales its operations is an amazing opportunity for me to do what I do best, increasing efficiency in business processes and implementing value-rich changes to the organization.

Let’s arrange a quick chat to discuss how my ability to translate stakeholder needs into development goals can help Vermillion at this crucial time.


Cyrus Johnson

P.S. It’d also be a great chance to discuss how my dedication to clear data visualization has improved communication between stakeholders and development teams.

Business Analyst

[email protected]


They’re already preparing Cyrus’ onboarding.

Last up is Monica. She’s at college in Delaware and looking for a summer internship to gain some real-world experience while she pursues her studies.

Attached you’ll find my resume for the position of summer intern. My “Drill Instructor” augmented power tool add-on has just won the Northwest Student Award for Tech Innovation. That’s because I’ve had a passion for practical design since childhood.

Fazer’s commitment to mentoring the best young talent in the industry is a direct fit with my proven electronic engineering skills and studies. 

I would love to improve my skill set to deliver even more cost-effective and industry-leading power tool and machinery solutions, just as I did with my award project.

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to put my skills to work for you. Could we arrange a phone call to discuss how I can help Fazer gain even more industry plaudits.

Monica Nesbitt

P.S. I’d also love to discuss how my volunteer work with the “Upcycle!” project is helping to teach electronic engineering and repair skills to the wider community.

[email protected]


Monica’s summer is all set. A simple cover letter is all it takes. 

Want to see even more cover letter examples? See: Cover Letter Templates for All Professions

How to Write a Short Cover Letter

This formula has all those bases covered:

Basic Cover Letter Structure—Checklist

Every one of our fast and furious five has followed that simple example. Next, we’ll break it down in brief.

1. Start Your Short Cover Letter Right

We’ve mentioned the power of personalizing your short cover letter by using the hiring manager’s name. That puts you in the elite. Only 16% of jobseekers bother to do this.

We want to be in the short, sharp, snappy 16%. We’re going straight in for the kill, so start with a powerful introduction that’s tailored to the job :

Short Cover Letter Example—Introduction

That’s Officer Manager Tony’s intro. He’s only 49 words in, but he’s ready to win. It’s personalized, starts off by indicating the position he’s applying for, then cuts to the chase with a solid achievement, eagerness, and key skills . 

Find out more about winning short cover letter introductions in our guide: How to Begin a Cover Letter, so the Hiring Manager Wants More

Don’t know how to find the hiring manager’s name? It’s easy. See our guide: How to Address a Cover Letter

2. Make a Brief Cover Letter Middle

We’re off and racing in our cover letter sprint. This is where we build momentum. For a magnificent middle, you need to show two things: 

Like here: 

Short Cover Letter Example—Middle

That’s Maria, our graphic designer. She’s clearly got the skills to deliver to clients and bring in new business. Plus, she’s highly motivated and has done her research on the company and the role. All that in just 66 words.

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

3. Seal the Deal With a CTA

A CTA is a call to action. It’s the finish line of our short cover letter race. Do this right, and an interview is in the bag. Why?

Because you asked for it, and you did it in the right way:

Short Cover Letter Example—Closing

Helen is our software engineer. She’s asked for the interview and given the hiring manager a reason to find out more about the value she’ll add. Then she did one more thing that guaranteed it. Two letters. P.S.

That draws the eye like a magnet. Then it lands a killer blow with an impressive achievement backed by numbers. The hiring manager will be on the phone faster than Superman racing The Flash.

Lastly, remember about a formal close. There’s nothing like a simple “Sincerely,” but there are others too. Stick to this list, and you’ll be set:

Cover Letter Closing Salutations

Still not sure how to finish with an offer they can’t refuse? Read our guide: How to End a Cover Letter

And if you need more detailed pointers on cover letter formatting, check: How to Format a Cover Letter [10+ Examples]

Key Takeaways

You’re all set to write the best short application cover letter. Now let’s refresh your memory with a super short summary.

How to write a simple cover letter:

Struggling to slim down your cover letter? Need more advice? Ask away in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Jacques Buffett, CPRW

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Cover Letter Examples That Will Help Get You Hired

man_working on laptop_with headphones

If you're wondering how to write a cover letter , you're in the right place! Monster's library of cover letter examples can help you do exactly that.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in or level you're at in your career—to get noticed by potential employers, your professional cover letter needs to knock their socks off. Writing a good cover letter is about much more than friendly greeting; it's a tool that lets hiring managers know that you're the candidate they've been hoping for.

Because recruiters and hiring managers have seen every type of cover letter format imaginable, for maximum wow-factor, you must build a cover letter that highlights your industry-specific experience, accomplishments , and credentials.

Is a Cover Letter Necessary?

If the job ad calls for a cover letter, yes, it is necessary to include one. Failure to have a cover letter for a job can immediately disqualified you from consideration if it’s explicitly stated that one is required. As a job seeker, you need to demonstrate that you’re able to follow directions. An employer might interpret your missing cover letter to mean that you didn’t pay attention to what was asked of you. Not a good look.

If a job ad doesn’t say a cover letter is required , then you do not need to include one with your application. That said, if the job application has a section for any additional information you would like to share with an employer, it’s highly recommended that you copy and paste the text of your cover letter into this area. The same is true if you’re required to email your application; copy and paste your cover letter into the body of the email.

As good a source of candidate information as a resume is, it doesn’t really give you the same kind of opportunity to share your personality with an employer. Culture fit is very high on the list of determining factors that can cause you to be hired, and a good cover letter can mean the difference between you getting called in for an interview or not.

Cover Letter Length

A cover letter shouldn't be longer than one page; three or four paragraphs will suffice. Aim for about 250 to 400 words. Any longer, and your efforts risk being wasted.

First of all, hiring managers and recruiters are busy people who don’t have time to read through pages and pages of copy. Second, you should be able to succinctly hit your selling points. This may take a few rounds to perfect, but it’ll be worth it. Nobody wants you to spend time and energy writing scrolls of copy that a hiring manager won’t even both reading on account of you being long-winded.

Tips for Using Cover Letter Templates

1. Customize your cover letter for each job. In the examples below, you’ll see the advantage of having a dedicated space to engage with an employer, but don't rely on a generic cover letter to get noticed. Create a different cover letter for each job to which you're applying. Companies want to feel special, like you're applying to their job, not just any old job. Tell a brief story or two that demonstrates how your skills and experience can benefit the company’s particular needs.

2. Don't simply reiterate your resume. In a cover letter, you don’t just list facts about your work history—you use emotion and storytelling to add some life to the page. For example, if you see on a company’s website that they’re in the process of rolling out new products to the international market, you can talk about how you’ve been involved in a number of successful global product launches and really loved developing marketing campaigns for different countries and customs, which strengthened your dedication to connecting with customers all over the world.

3. Put your personality into it. Whatever you do, do not simply copy and paste these cover letter examples and pass them off as your own. The whole point of a cover letter is to convince an employer of your one-of-a-kind value.

Steps to Write a Cover Letter

Start with the proper greeting: Address your cover letter to the person who will be reading it. If you do not know the person's gender, write out their full name.

Introduce yourself with an opening : Write a personable, inviting opening paragraph that highlights how your skills are a perfect fit to the company and position.

Get them interested with a compelling hook: Highlight your past achievements as they relate to the job you're applying for.

Promote your skills : Highlight your additional relevant skills, such as computer languages or certifications.

Thank them in the close : Briefly recap your strengths as a candidate, thank the reader for their time, and include your contact information.

A professional cover letter is worth all the effort. If you need writing help, check out these cover letter templates for various careers and career levels in the following industries:

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Finished Writing a Cover Letter? Now Get Your Resume in Shape

Once you've used Monster's cover letter examples to complete your own, it's time to focus on that other important piece of paper: your resume. Could you use a little help with that? Get a free resume evaluation today from Monster, and you'll get detailed feedback in two business days. It's a quick and easy way to make sure your candidacy for the job is as strong as possible.

Most Helpful In Cover Letters


Nursing Cover Letter Example

By Martina Mascali, Monster Contributor

Graphic Designer Cover Letter Example

By Jennifer Verta, Monster Contributor

Sample Sales Cover Letter

Administrative assistant cover letter sample, how to write a police officer cover letter - with example.

Oh no! We couldn't find anything like that.

Try another search, and we'll give it our best shot.

15 Cover Letter Templates to Perfect Your Next Job Application

Rachel Leist

Published: August 10, 2022

Are cover letters necessary? I'm not in HR, but I've been approached by applicants who wondered whether their cover letter would actually be read. My answer is one not many of them wanted to hear: "sometimes." Sometimes it will be read. Other times, you can get away with just sending in your resume — like when you network your way into applying for a position.

Woman using a cover letter template

The truth is, you can't really predict on a case-by-case basis — and you're better safe than sorry. For the most part, having a cover letter will give you an upper hand in ways your resume doesn't. It allows you to show off your writing skills, provide details that you couldn't fit on your resume, demonstrate your passion, and show your willingness to put in as much time and effort as possible.

→ Click here to access 5 free cover letter templates [Free Download]

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes or balked at an application that required a cover letter, this guide is for you. We’ll go over how to write a cover letter and provide cover letter templates to help you perfect your own.

Application Letter

An application letter is a written document addressed to an employer by a job applicant, explaining why they're interested in and qualified for an open position. More commonly known as a cover letter, this document can come in the form of an email, MS Word document, or similar application template offered by the employer.

Seems fairly basic, right? Cover letters can hold different levels of importance to an employer depending on the industry you're in and the job you're applying for. According to a CareerBuilder survey, 49% of recruiters say sendign a cover letter along with your resume boosts your chance of landing the role.

If you do plan to write a cover letter, keep in mind there are certain qualities it should have that are not included in the definition above.

What to Include in a Cover Letter

So, what should you include? We'll let the 11 templates below this list do most of the talking. No matter which one you download, pay attention to the following elements — all of which should shine through in the letter you send to your future manager.

5 Free Cover Letter Templates

Fill out this form to access your templates., 1. contact information.

Cover letters shouldn't just carry your contact information, but also that of the company to which you're applying. Contact info includes your phone number, email address, and any social media accounts you're willing to share and receive connections to.

Home addresses aren't required, but they can be a helpful reassurance to the employer that you already live nearby and would have no trouble coming into the office.

Avoid offering phone numbers, email addresses, or actual addresses that belong to your current employer. Using your personal Gmail address over your work email, for example, ensures your correspondence with recruiters remains separate from all of your current work communication.

2. A Personal Address Line

For as often as you see "to whom it may concern" at the top of cover letters today, do your best to avoid writing this exhausted line.

Address lines that specify a person or company grab your reader's attention much more quickly, and show the employer that you've taken the time to tailor your application letter to them. Don't have the name of the hiring manager? "Employers at [company name]" will do just fine.

A "hook" is a clever introduction that "hooks" your reader into wanting to learn more. Think about yourself as a job candidate — what makes you unique? What about your career might a recruiter be intrigued by that you can package into an interesting first sentence?

4. Why You're Qualified

It's a no-brainer that you should summarize your professional experience in your cover letter. However, today's best applications describe why this experience qualifies the applicant for the job they're applying for. For example, don't just state that you spent three years writing for a company blog. Explain that this type of work lends itself to managing your new potential employer's content calendar every week.

5. General Knowledge of the Business

Grammatical errors could mean your application is thrown in the trash, but that's not the only thing that could get your letter tossed aside. Using a generic "one-size-fits-all" cover letter — especially if you forget to change the name of the company — will also hurt your chances of landing an interview.

So, if you take the time to write a cover letter, take the time to comment on the business itself. Why are you applying to this company? What about their business stuck out to you as a professional?

Now, let's take a look at an example cover letter , what makes it effective, along with 11 templates you can download or draw inspiration from.

Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example.

Image Source

The example above illustrates how to write a marketing cover letter using the elements we listed.

Besides the contact information and the address line, the first few paragraphs explain why the candidate is qualified for the position. This example uses specific data to show why they would be a good fit.

Additionally, in the second to last paragraph, the candidate discusses why they're interested in the specific company, demonstrating general knowledge of the business.

By combining all the elements to a cover letter, this is a great example to use for inspiration.

Featured Resource: 5 Professional Cover Letter Templates

Cover Letter Templates

14 Free Cover Letter Templates for Your Next Job Application

Template 1: basic.

Basic cover letter template with 7 qualities to learn from.

The example above is a basic (but great) cover letter. The numbered sections are explained in more detail below.

The level of formality your header has will depend on the company to which you apply. If you're applying to a formal business, it's important to use a formal header to open your cover letter, like in the sample above. Put your address, the date, and the company's address. But if you're applying to a company that isn't as formal, you don't need to include yours and the company's addresses. You can still include the date, though.

2. Greeting

Using "To Whom It May Concern" is okay, but you may want to take the time to research the name of the recruiter or hiring manager online. If you do your research and aren't confident you found the right name, then you should definitely use the generic greeting — but if you are sure, then it shows you put in the effort to find their name and it will catch the recruiter's eye.

If you have the recruiter's name, do you greet them by their full name, or by their courtesy title (i.e. Mr., Ms., or Mrs.)? Similar to the header, it depends on the company's level of formality. If you're applying to a corporate business, you may want to consider using "Mr. Snaper" instead of "Jon Snaper." If you're applying to a start-up or a business with a more casual culture, you can use "Jon Snaper," as shown in the example.

3. Introduction

Your opening paragraph should, in 1-3 sentences, state why you're excited to apply and what makes you the perfect candidate. Get right to the point, and don't worry about explaining where you found the posting or who you know at the company. This isn't a place to go into detail about why you're a great candidate — that's for the second paragraph. Here, simply list a few key reasons in one sentence to set up the rest of your letter. Keep in mind that the recruiter may cross-reference your cover letter with your resume, so make sure the two sync up.

4. Paragraph 2: Why You're a Great Fit for the Job

Next, sell yourself and your experience by choosing one or two concrete examples that show why you're a great fit for the position. What did you do at a previous company that gave you relevant experience? Which projects have you worked on that would benefit the new company? How will your prior experience help this company grow? Stay humble in your explanation of credentials while still showing that you would be an asset to the team. Use this paragraph to show you're genuinely excited and interested in the position.

5. Third Paragraph: Why the Company Is a Great Fit for You

While it's certainly important you're a good fit for the job, it's also important that the company is a good fit for you. "A cover letter typically describes why you're great for a company — but how will you benefit from getting hired?" asks former HubSpot Team Development Manager Emily MacIntyre . "We want to know why our company appeals to you, and how it will be a mutually beneficial working relationship."

In the third paragraph, show you're serious about growing and developing your career at this new company. What impresses and excites you about the company? Is there something that you feel strongly about that aligns with the company's goals? For example, the candidate in the sample letter used this space to show his personal commitment to environmental causes aligns with the company's green initiatives.

6. Strong Closer and Signature

Don't get lazy in the final few sentences of your cover letter — it's important to finish strong. Be straightforward about your interest and enthusiasm about the new position, and tell them you're available to talk about the opportunity at any time. Be sure to include your phone number and email address. At this point, the ball is (rightly) in the recruiter's court to decide how to follow up.

Last but certainly not least, thank them for their time and consideration. Use a formal sign-off like "Best," "All the best," or "Sincerely," and finish by typing out your full name. You don't need to sign it with a pen.

Template 2: Data-Driven Marketing Cover Letter

Get it here..

Data-driven marketing cover letter template

When applying to a data-driven position, it might be tempting to inject your cover letter with, well, the data to describe what you've done for other employers. But in an application letter — particularly for the marketing industry — how you convey this data is just as important as the data itself.

The cover letter template above, which we created here at HubSpot, can help you present the data that's most important to you as a candidate such that it'll matter to your future employer.

Notice the three bullet points near the center of the letter above, preceded by the statement: "... I've developed a strategy that has helped the company achieve ..." This setup is important, because while you can add as many statistics as you want to this template, your data points should describe how your current/former business benefited from your work, rather than how you, yourself, benefited.

Template 3: Straight-to-the-Point Cover Letter

cover letter template: Straight-to-the-point

Harvard Business Review contributor David Silverman hailed the above cover letter example as "The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received." For context, Silverman believes there are only a handful of times when writing a cover letter is actually necessary:

Under those three circumstances, a straight-to-the-point cover letter like the one above could be your best bet. Because it's so concise, however, make a point to add your own letterhead above the message itself. It might be easy for a recruiter to sift through a short and sweet cover letter like the one above, but it's just as easy for it to get lost in the shuffle of their application list without a unique design or format.

Template 4: Referral Cover Letter

cover letter template: Referral cover letter

Just because a friend or colleague recommended you for a job doesn't mean the company is all set to hire you. Therefore, the cover letter template above is written specifically for referrals. We made this one here at HubSpot. Download it here (it comes with four other cover letter templates , too).

As you can see in the picture above, the first paragraph of the cover letter is dedicated entirely to acknowledging the circumstances of your applying: You know someone who works there — no harm in that. But there might be harm in not mentioning it to the hiring manager. Telling the reader about your connection at the company shows you're aware and confident of the actions you take to get the opportunities you're interested in.

Ultimately, it's better than the recruiter hearing about your employee connection from somebody else.

As for the rest of the cover letter, treat your message the same way you would if you had applied with no connection from within. Your skills and successes are no less important because of your internal referral.

Template 5: Photo Letterhead Cover Letter

cover letter template:Photo letterhead cover letter by Microsoft Office

The cover letter template above was designed by Microsoft Office, and as comprehensive as it looks, it's completely free to download and modify.

As it looks right now, this cover letter contains about half photo, half text. Feel free to shrink (and change) the image to give yourself more room to tell your story. Of course, a nice washed-out image that expresses who you are can be part of that story ...

Template 6: Digital Creative Cover Letter

cover letter template: digital creative letter.

This sixth template is perfect for the applicant who wants to emphasize the many different digital channels they areon. This template goes well with a resume of the same format.

As you personalize this letter with your own experience, make note of the social networks and industry software included in this template. You'll see there’s additional space along the top to add your LinkedIn and personal website to fill with your own information.

You can improve upon this template by formatting your most important highlights and accomplishments with bullet points. This will make the document easier to read for the hiring manager and emphasizes the value you provide.

Template 7: Marketing Manager Cover Letter

cover letter template: Marketing-specific cover letter

Our seventh cover letter comes from This cover letter, shown above, is focused specifically on a marketing role.

Notice how the writer includes references to important marketing metrics and terminology. If you're applying to a data-driven role, you might not want to fill the page with a story of your experience in paragraph form, like Template 1 does at the beginning of this article. Instead, consider highlighting three (or four, or five) of your successes that you believe the hiring manager would resonate most with, in bulleted form.

As a marketing professional, breaking up your letter with bulleted details like the ones above shows a respect for the hiring manager's limited time — a mentality that all marketers must understand when communicating with a brand's audience.

Template 8: Career Day Follow-Up Cover Letter

cover letter template: Career day follow-up cover letter

This is a unique kind of cover letter from Princeton University.

LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, and Indeed might take the lion's share of your job searches online, but still some employment opportunities come out of a trade show, job fair, or similar networking event. For those occurrences, you have the follow-up cover letter template above.

This cover letter has everything you need to help an employer recall a conversation you had with him/her at a career fair. As you can see in the second paragraph, the letter is particularly useful to people who are about to graduate college.

Template 9: Logo and Watermarked Cover Letter

cover letter template: Logo and watermarked cover letter by Microsoft Office

Here's another cover letter template from Microsoft Office. This one has a light touch of color in the design just above the letterhead, but make no mistake — the template caters to any professional looking to make a good first impression on their future employer.

Don't let the logo space on the top-right of the page confuse you. This can be the logo of the company to which you're applying — to quickly get the attention of the recruiter — or your own logo. Perhaps you freelance on the side or simply like branding yourself. This cover letter template is meant for customization.

Template 10: Data Scientist Cover Letter

cover letter template: Princeton Data Science Cover Letter

The text emphasizes how the applicant’s academic research and projects makes them an ideal candidate for the position. The format is also simple enough to submit as a pdf, as text in an email message or an application text box.

Template 11: Business Cover Letter

cover letter template: Business cover letter

The cover letter template above is perfect for entry- and mid-level marketers who want to show a little extra professionalism in their opening note to a potential employer.

The multi-colored header (you can change the color if you wish) shows just the right amount of creativity and can go quite well with a resume of the same style. If you don't have enough experience to fill the entire page, don't worry. Feel free to write to a length you think is representative of who you are and what the hiring manager wants to see.

No matter how long your final cover letter is, the above template is your opportunity to show your attention to detail — from your contact information in the top header, to the personalized address line where you can include the name of the hiring manager. Like we said, "to whom it may concern" is pretty outdated, anyway.

Template 12: Entry-Level Cover Letter

cover letter template: Entry level cover letter

The cover letter template above, written by HubSpot, is specifically designed for entry-level applicants.

When you only have a few years experience, it's important to display how you gained your skills and what you learned from your education or internships. Additionally, it's important to mention why you want to work at the company you're applying to.

No matter your experience, the template above will help you decide what skills you want to highlight and flesh out in your cover letter.

You can download it here (it comes with four other cover letter templates , too).

Template 13: Healthcare Cover Letter

cover letter template: Healthcare cover letter

Additionally, phrases like "I'd love to put my skills to work for your clinic" and "Please contact me at your convenience and let me know how I can help you" focus on what the business will gain as a result of hiring the applicant, rather than what the applicant is looking to gain.

Template 14: Freelance Cover Letter

cover letter template: freelance cover letter

If you're looking for freelance work, your biggest goal is to get your strengths across quickly, so busy clients won't pass by your cover letter entirely. Additionally, if you're sending out multiple cover letters to different clients, you'll want to target each one to that client's unique goals.

For instance, if one client is looking for SEO-optimized content related to marketing, you'll want to highlight past experience writing marketing content; this will change if, for instance, the client is looking for fitness content.

For this reason, it's a good idea to structure your cover letter so you start with a) past credentials or references, and b) bullet-point information related to the client's goal, as shown in the cover letter above.

Template 15: Director Cover Letter

cover letter template: cover letter for director

In the cover letter above, the candidate does a good job outlining how she succeeded in a leadership role previously: "For the past five years, I have successfully developed and maintained all data systems, including schedules and records for a business employing more than 100 people."

You'll want to demonstrate how your skills align with a Director position — both through organization and leadership — and, when possible, where you received recognition for your hard work (i.e. "I earned an award for Most Valuable Administrative Staff Member").

Write a Winning Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is easier said than done. Don't hesitate to spend a lot of time writing and editing it. Or, ask a friend or family member to read it over and give you feedback. If the recruiter does end up reading it, you'll be thankful you did.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in November 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

Professional Cover Letter Templates

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informal job application letter example

What to Include in a Cover Letter for a Part-Time Job

Tips for writing a cover letter for a part-time job, printed letters vs. email messages, sample cover letter for a part-time job, part-time job email cover letter examples.

When you are applying for  part-time positions , you should follow the same procedures as you would if the position was full-time. That means writing a thoughtful, well-crafted resume and cover letter.

While not all part-time jobs will require a cover letter, it is always a good idea to write one. A great cover letter will show the employer that you are very interested in the job and that you have what it takes to do the job well.

When writing a cover letter, use business letter format. In the top-left corner of your letter, include your name and address, the date, and the employer’s name and address. Start your letter with a polite salutation to the hiring manager. If you know the employer or hiring manager’s name, be sure to use it.

In your first paragraph , introduce yourself and express your interest in the position. Also, explain how you heard about the job. If someone recommended you for the job, mention this.

Your second paragraph  (and maybe a third paragraph as well) is where you specify your qualifications and make connections between your skills and the requirements of the job.

Provide examples of times you demonstrated various  skills  necessary for the job.

Include a final paragraph  with your follow-up plan. Explain when and how you will get in touch with them, or where they can reach you.

Then, end with a professional closing . Include a handwritten signature, followed by your typed signature.

(Almost) Always write one.  You should always write a cover letter unless you are specifically asked not to.

Even if an employer does not ask for a cover letter, it is a great way to take initiative and show how much you care about the position.

Keep it brief.  You always want to keep a cover letter concise. This is especially the case when applying for a part-time job, for which the employer might have many applicants. Keep your letter under one page. Include a lot of white space on the page too—add spaces between paragraphs and keep the margins at least one inch wide.

Emphasize your flexibility.  If the part-time job requires shift work, consider mentioning in your cover letter your ability to work flexible hours. Employers look for shift workers who can take multiple shifts and are willing to step up whenever needed.

Edit and proofread carefully.  Whether applying for a part-time or full-time job, you need to write a professional cover letter. This means thoroughly editing your cover letter to avoid any spelling or grammar errors. A well-written cover letter will show the employer your professionalism, communication skills, and attention to detail.

Thoroughly read through the job listing to see if there are instructions on whether to send your cover letter (and other job materials) via email or by mail. If there are no directions, you can choose.

If you decide to send your cover letter via email, you can either attach it to the email as a Word document or PDF or write the letter directly into the email message.

If you're sending your cover letter in an email message, list your name and the job title in the subject line of the message. Don't list any contact information or the date at the top. Instead, start your email message with the salutation. Then, include your contact information in your email signature. You don’t need to include the employer’s contact information.

This is a part-time job cover letter example. Download the part-time job cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word) or see below for more examples.

The Balance

Sample Cover Letter For a Part-Time Job (Text Version)

Eric Anderson 123 Main Street Anytown, CA, 12345 111-111-1111

April 6, 2022

Jeremy Lee Manager Sarasota Saddlery 123 Business Rd. Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee,

I am interested in the part-time position at Sarasota Saddlery, as advertised in The Sarasotian. I have extensive equine experience as I have worked with horses for over nine years. Not only have I shown and ridden horses, but I have also assisted in multiple barns. Through working with horses, I have acquired a thorough knowledge of horses, tack, and equine apparel for both horse and rider.

While I have equine experience, I also have excellent communication skills and an aptitude for customer service. My experience as a volunteer at Sarasota Hospital made it necessary for me to focus on providing quality customer service, and also enabled me to work with all types of people. I believe that my communication skills, partnered with my equine knowledge, would make me an asset to your company.

Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached at 111-111-1111 or I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Signature (hard copy letter)

Eric Anderson

Sample Email Cover Letter for a Part-Time Job #1

Subject:  Part-Time Position – Gerald Johnson

Dear Ms. Lee,

I am interested in the part-time sales associate position at XYZ Company. I read the posting on with interest, and I feel that my experience would be valuable to your firm. My communication skills and attention to detail are assets that I have been able to utilize in my previous sales positions.

I have extensive retail experience, having worked at small boutiques as well as large department stores. In these jobs, I was often praised for my attention to detail. I was particularly skilled at spotting items that were out of place, and quickly returning them to their appropriate locations in the store.

I also have strong communication skills. I am able to interact with clients in a friendly, approachable manner. In my last position, I interacted with over 50 clients daily. I was named Employee of the Month for three months in a row and was recognized for my contribution to a 10% yearly increase in sales in my department.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you regarding this position. I am available flexible hours, and I believe that you would find me to be an asset to your company.

Gerald Johnson 555-555-5555

Sample Email Cover Letter for a Part-Time Job #2

Subject:  Office Assistant - April Chang

I am interested in applying for the office assistant position that was listed on CareerBuilder.

I have experience in scheduling appointments and communicating with clients, and I am familiar with a variety of phone systems. My communication skills are excellent; I have been praised for my ability to communicate with clients effectively on the phone, in person, and over email.

I also have training in a variety of software programs and systems, including Microsoft Excel, Adobe InDesign, DocuSign, and more. I recently led a workshop for office staff at my previous job on how to effectively use SharePoint. I am a fast learner who is skilled at mastering computer software.

My schedule is flexible, and I would be available to work at your convenience. I hope to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you for your consideration.

April Chang 37 Paper Street Baytown, CT 06061 Email: Cell: 806-555-1245

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How To Write a Cover Letter: A Guide to Creatively Crafting Your Words

three tips for what to do and two tips for what not to do when writing a cover letter

Hiring managers have to go through piles and piles of applications every single day. They have to sort through cover letters that use all the same mindless words, like “great team player” or “good at computers.” A good cover letter can set you apart from all that and send the rest of those applications straight to the recycle bin. So how do you write a cover letter that’ll get you straight from the “to read” pile to the CEO of the company?

What Is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a document that acts as a personal introduction and accompanies a resume or curriculum vitae (CV).

It’s called a cover letter because back in the day, when you had to apply to things by turning in actual physical pieces of paper, the cover letter appeared as the cover for your application.

Cover letters are a type of business communication usually associated with job applications, but they can be a requirement for all sorts of application processes. That can include everything from literary magazine submissions to mortgage loan applications to grad school applications.

What Goes Into a Creative Cover Letter?

Cover letters are flexible by nature, a chance to showcase your writing abilities and provide more information about your job skills , experience, education, and other pertinent information that doesn’t show up on a resume or CV.

That’s the important part: Your cover letter isn’t a retread of your resume. Instead, it goes beyond that to help a hiring manager (or admissions representative or loan representative) learn more about you beyond some grades, numbers, and a list of dates. All of that should ideally fit on a single page.

That leaves a lot of wiggle room, but your creative cover letter will generally include:

How To Write a Cover Letter for a Job

Now you know what goes into a creative cover letter. Seems pretty straightforward, right? While it’s definitely simpler than you’re probably thinking, it does require a little extra thought to portray yourself accurately while still maintaining a creative, engaging voice in your cover letter. Seeing some examples of cover letters can also give you a better idea of what to write.

cover letter template with tips from the article

Creative cover letter template

Focus on a dynamic opening line.

Much like a good essay introduction, a creative cover letter begins with a great hook . This doesn’t have to be the most amazing piece of writing ever conceived, but it should give the hiring manager an idea of what to look forward to (in the letter and in you as a person). Talk about what compelled you to even consider the open position.

Examples of intriguing opening lines for different occupational fields include:

Notice how these opening lines are brief, enthusiastic, and personable. They help to immediately bring the reader into your letter.

Tell a Story About Your Achievements and Experience

You went to school, got a degree, worked some number of years before finding yourself opening a new document to write out a new cover letter. If you just listed out those touchstones (school, degree, work experience) in your letter, the reader wouldn’t really have any idea of you as an actual person.

This is where narrative writing can help. It helps to show your personality and sense of humor, while giving a hiring manager a more concrete example of your achievements and obstacles.

There’s a difference between saying “I am well-organized” and:

In my previous job, I was in charge of organizing conferences. The most complex of these was by far this past year’s French Toast Conference. This involved getting in touch with numerous home cooks, catering services, event organizers, and other personnel to ensure the smoothest and tastiest French toast get-together in North America. The day ended with syrup all over my top and powdered sugar in my hair, but the conference saw the highest number of attendees in years.

That narrative demonstrates more of your abilities, even beyond just “good organization.” It shows a specific thing that you accomplished, along with a look at how you dealt with potential conflict. Do your best to show your work experiences with anecdotes and storytelling.

Talk About How You Can Contribute to the Team

Following the body paragraphs discussing your work, include a short paragraph about how you will contribute to the team. It’s one thing to have skills and experience, but it’s a whole other thing to know your unique qualities and how they’ll make a company better.

That could be as simple as your personality or your in-depth knowledge of the product, but it’s still worth mentioning.

As an extremely enthusiastic and positive person, I hope to imbue the company with new energy that will help to produce even more solid work. I have a natural love for French Toast Product, and I hope to only spread my love to more people with my skills.

Conclude With a Look Toward Future Steps

The body of the cover letter is where you should invest most of your time and energy. The conclusion is mostly about planting the seeds that will get you to the next step of the hiring process.

It can feel a bit arbitrary, but the closing paragraph for your cover letter does give you the opportunity to thank the hiring manager for their time. Whether or not you actually get the job, a little kindness never hurt anyone.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to setting up any future steps toward working together. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact me through my email.

Use Confident (But Not Overconfident) Language

All cover letters should sound confident, which is often why people dread writing them. Sometimes it feels like you're bragging about yourself when you'd rather be humble, but being truly confident goes hand-in-hand with being humble.

You want to assure a hiring manager that you are skilled but also grounded. Confident language will move your cover letter to the interview pile. Less-confident language may make you sound unsure or unskilled.

Use Humor (But Don’t Be Sarcastic)

Humor can make you more personable and comfort the hiring manager. However, be careful with your humor, especially when it comes to sarcasm . Humor is really hard to communicate through writing, and if there is even the smallest chance that someone might take that joke or sarcastic remark the wrong way, you’re better off avoiding it.

That first example makes you sound a little cynical, a little off-putting, and generally unpleasant to be around. The second is maybe not as outright humorous, but it’s a lot more harmless.

Get Ready for Your Interview

With your cover letter perfectly proofread and edited and your application submitted, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for a potential interview. It’s always better to assume that you’ll get at least an introductory interview than to be caught unawares, so take the proper steps to get ready, from thinking about potential weaknesses to coming up with good questions to ask your interviewer .


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