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5 Tips for Creating a New Teacher Bio

PIC of Loris Bio from 2002

Last week, in my new online class called Make Money Teaching DIY Classes , a student asked me:

Do you have any tips for creating a bio (one that instills confidence or actually might draw students to your class), especially when one is just starting out and may not have much teaching experience yet?

The word biography is defined as “a written account of another person’s life.” And of course, “bio” is short for the word biography. (I guess that explains why bios are almost always written in third person and not first person… I always wondered about that!)

Out of curiosity, I also looked up the origin of the word Bio. The root of the word in Greek means life, and in Latin means living. So, you could think of a bio as a chance to share with your future students what in your life has lead you to the moment where you will be teaching this topic or class for them. Obviously, if you have teaching experience – share that. But if you don’t, there are plenty of other things you can include.

PIC of Loris Bio from 2002

From the Archives: Lori’s Bio, Circa 2002

Here are My Top 5 Tips for Creating a New Teacher Bio

1. Tell them your experience with the thing you’re teaching.

Let’s say you’re teaching a class on soap making. How long have you been making soap? Do you sell it? Where? Why did you start making it? If you make it for gifts, are your friends beating down your door to get it? What makes your soap recipe special?

Ex. Alana has been a soapmaker ever since 2014 when she took a class and was hooked. Her all-natural cocoa butter & mint soap is sold at quirky mom & pop shops throughout the Bay Area.

Side Note: If you’re not yet confident about WHAT you’re teaching, then it’s probably not a good idea to have strangers spend their hard earned money to learn from you. You don’t need to be a know-it-all “expert,” but be sure your recipes are thoroughly tested and your understanding of the entire process is solid before “teaching” others.

2. Share WHY you are teaching this topic.

Enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re passionate about bath fizzies, tell us why! Let people know that ever since you learned how to make this fabulous product, your life hasn’t been the same. And how you want everyone to experience that too. You can also convey your enthusiasm and passion about teaching. For me, the act of teaching is as exciting & important as what I’m teaching (this is precisely why I’ve decided to share my knowledge about teaching).

Ex. Susie is so passionate about using & making natural deodorants, that she will never buy a big-brand deodorant/antiperspirant again. More importantly, she can’t wait to share her knowledge with you in this unique class.

3. Let them know about any teaching experience you’ve had.

My first real teaching experience was at The University of Hawaii as an undergrad, teaching 9 students in a program called Freshmen Seminar where everyone sat on the floor (including me). Then, to cover my tuition while in graduate school, I was awarded a teaching assistantship and taught several Public Speaking 101 labs with about 35 students each (this time, we got to sit in chairs in a real classroom). My first soap class bio briefly mentioned my experience working as a teacher and my master’s degree. It didn’t have anything to do with soapmaking, but if nothing else, I felt it might give people some confidence in my teaching ability, and that helped me feel more confident.

If you’ve never had any experience teaching anyone in any capacity, just skip this one and move on to #4.

4. Add a little bit about who you are, outside of this topic & teaching.

This is your chance to let your personality shine through. You could try to keep it related, like saying that you love to garden or cook healthy meals for your family. Or, you could offer something completely unexpected and quirky like you have a pet snake! Think about what other crafty adventures you have been on that your future students might appreciate. Being authentic is an attractive quality that will hopefully pique the interest of your target audience.

Ruth with Rusty

5. Don’t lie or exaggerate in your bio.

I know this seems like an obvious break in integrity (and it is), but artificially inflating experiences to make yourself look a little better is not uncommon. surveyed over 2,500 hiring managers and 56% reported catching job candidates lying on their resumes. The most frequent “fib” was embellishing one’s skills or capabilities. Whether it’s stretching the truth about your teaching history or your proficiency in the chosen topic, just say no. You certainly don’t want to embarrass yourself and find your nose growing by the end of your class.

Well, I really hope these tips will help anyone trying to write a bio as a new teacher. If you find them useful, please let me know in the comments below.

And then get on out there, be yourself, and be confident in your abilities. It’s okay to tell people the truth & say: “This is my first time teaching a class like this, and I’m a little nervous.” Then your big secret is out, and you can relax and enjoy the experience. To quote Zig Ziglar, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar Quote

If you’re a good fit for teaching, you’ll love it, and people (in the form of students) will be drawn to you. I’d better end this here… I really need to go update my bio.

This article is part of a series of posts designed to help people who are considering teaching classes. If you want to get paid to share your passion with others, check out Lori’s Make Money Teaching DIY Classes . Also be sure to subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss a post.


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How To Make A Teacher Bio That Sells

What Is A Teacher Bio

The perfect curriculum combined with a solid teacher summary can really help sell more courses. Teacher bios create trust and confidence to move forward with a purchase of a course.

You are going to be surprised by how easy it is to create the essential parts of a good teacher profile. But most importantly, we want to stop you from including any dealbreakers that make prospects immediately skip over you.

Top Mistakes

Here are the most frequent online teacher about us problems:

Your Profile Picture

Having a nice picture of you will help your course look good. It doesn’t have to be a professional studio photo, but it should be high quality and show you looking at the camera.

The photo thumbnail may be small, so having a closeup that scales down well is also important. In some cases, the profile picture may be in an oval shape, so make sure you use a headshot that is centered.

Is your background appropriate or out of context. Think about the location of the image. Is your background busy, where it is hard to see your face. Avoid having other people or cropped parts of people.

Your Teaching Name

Use your proper name like “Margaret Tutti Perez” or shortened name “Peggy Perez” for your teaching bio.

Do not use an online handle like “PrettyThreads” or a strange email address like “Girl571PrinceSt”.

If you are afraid of putting too much information on the internet, you can use a shortened name like “Peggy P.” or “Ms. Perez”

Your Short Title

A smart short title can help customers orient around your bio. It can send the message, that this is a person I want to learn from. Something random like “Sewing and sneaker rebel” may be a head-scratcher and work in some cases, but something like “20y Seamstress Expert” is another positive thing why they should buy your course.

Your Main Bio

Your main bio should talk about your skills, education, experience, and provide insight into your personality.

Specify your exact skills, and don’t be afraid to get specific. For example, you may teach design, but add in details like you are an expert at designing new fonts.

If you have degrees, certificates, that can help give confidence to buyers, then you should list them. However, if you’re degree was in Statistics, then you may want to not mention that degree if you ended up a culinary chef.

Mention top industries or well-known companies that you have worked at or helped over the years. Even if you have a tricky resume, if you have relevant companies, work them into your story arc.

Choice of Words

Think about your choice of words in all the parts of your about me page. Your words definitely paint an image about you like are you down to earth, fancy, global, experienced, young, hip, etc.

Even the words you use to greet, provide prompts, and sign off are important parts of your brand voice. And your brand voice should be consistent with your course sales page, course curriculum description, and course materials.

Your Reviews

If your course platform highlights customer reviews, try to have a few reviews so that prospects can see that other students have had success with your classes.

If necessary, you can use a free link or coupon to have some friends or family review your course. They can quickly do you a favor by logging in, watching a few lessons, and leaving a friendly review about the content. Afterward, you can follow up to get private feedback from them so that you can improve your sales page, descriptions, and course.

Your Total Courses

If you have several courses, advertising the number will instill confidence in buyers. Similar to book authors, it is good to know when teachers are experienced and deeply knowledgeable in an area that you’re interested in. Seeing a teacher of three courses makes you think that they know a lot about a topic and that they know what they are doing.

Your Social Media

If you have a nice collection of images, tips, and videos on your social profiles, definitely link up your teacher profile with those business or personal accounts.

This allows students to view your work, how you have followers, and your communications style.

If customers are not ready to buy your course now, they may follow you and ultimately buy at a future time when they have more confidence in you.

However, don’t include your social accounts if they are truly personal with jokes, family, and friends from college. Make a note or task for yourself to create a business account when you can.

Also, don’t feel the need to include every social account. If you have appropriate content then use them. It is best to link to external accounts that will help not reduce your sales.

Your Course Hero shot

You should have a course hero shot that is your #1 picture about your course.

It may be a beautiful graphic design of your course, almost like a book cover with your course title.

A hero shot could also be a close-up of what your a teaching, so as an example, it could be a closeup of a blouse you are showing how to make with a nice title like “How to make women’s tops”.

Your Course Preview Picture

Ideally, your teacher info or course sales page may utilize a video of you.

If you have a teacher or preview video, make sure to select the best preview thumbnail in your video. In some cases, the preview thumbnail may be your first frame, but if you can, select a good frame te that shows you teaching.

You also don’t want a mid-action frame, that shows you blinking, blurry, or making a weird face.

Ideally, this preview image shows you in a good teaching pose. Maybe you are in the middle of sewing on your machine or showing how to use an adobe program.

Some prospects may not even realize that this image is a video, so you want that video preview to be a wonderful representation of who you are and what you teach.

Teacher’s Location

Some course systems show where the teacher is from. So if you are from a highly desired location like NY, LA, Paris, Toronto, Sydney, you may want to highlight where you are from. Additionally, some specific skills are associated with locations like culinary design with Italy, or artisan crafts with a South American small town. Shoppers may associate some value when comparing you to other teachers because of your experience from being at your unique location.

Conclusion – Teacher Bios Help Sell Courses

Teacher bios can definitely have a large impact on helping a prospect get comfortable with your course. Questionable teacher info can add doubt and keep the customer uncommitted in the shopping stage, however, a positive teacher about us section can help you seal the deal right when they are most likely to buy.

We know you’re creative, so show your best self!

Share With Other Creatives

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Teacher Bio

Katie sawyer.

Katie Sawyer

I have a true passion for working with our youngest learners!!  Helping each child progress in all areas of their development—academic, social, language, and motor—is a challenge that I am honored to accept daily.  I strive to create a community of learners that nurtures this growth in a positive, fun environment. 

Personally, I have been married for 22 glorious years and have three fantastic children who are 21,18, and 15 years old and attend Parkway Schools and Mizzou.  We love to watch our kids' sports—tennis, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and swim! I also enjoy reading, cooking, music, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with friends and family.

I look forward to working together with you as partners in your child’s growth and development!!

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How to Write a Teacher Biography

Rose mathews, 28 jun 2018.

How to Write a Teacher Biography

Sometimes supplying a short biography, rather than a resume, is required for professional purposes. In these cases, it's best to have a thorough yet succinct and compelling profile on hand. The bio can be chronological, starting with earliest influences and reasons for becoming a teacher. Or you can work backwards, describing your current professional duties first and then earlier experiences, including college and student teaching.

Explore this article

1 Make Form Follow Function

Tailor your teacher bio to meet the specific requirements of the application or publication in which it will appear. Eastern Illinois University recommends that student teachers keep their biographies to seven paragraphs. This format is likely intended for a hiring school administrator seeking in-depth understanding of an applicant's teaching philosophy.

Depending on what the biography is used for, however, a professional full-time teacher's bio can be as short as a paragraph. Teacher biographies, for example, may appear on a school website to be read by parents and students. For this reason, teachers should have two biographies on file, a full-length and an abbreviated version.

2 Review Your Teaching Highlights

Spend some time brainstorming about your accomplishments, taking note of career and personal highlights. Start by looking at your resume to jog your memory. Remember, this isn't the time to be humble. Talk with a supportive colleague or friend for suggestions about your most noteworthy achievements and special talents. Read other teachers' bios for ideas about form and content. Then, create an outline that defines the best placement for these assets.

3 Connect Teaching Past and Present

Some essential details for your bio are early academic successes, especially if they're relevant to your current role. For example, if you won your state spelling bee as an elementary student and you now administer the spelling bee program for the school, that's relevant and compelling information that the reader will want to know.

You should include where you went to college and what type of educational training you focused on -- whether you trained to be an advanced placement teacher or a music teacher, for example. Any academic honors should be noted, as well as any significant student-teaching experiences. Make sure to connect these formative experience to your current role at your academic institution -- what classes you teach, teams you coach, or clubs you advise.

4 Give It a Personal Touch

A bio is more than a list of professional accomplishments. It's the story of a person's life, and that story is more compelling when it includes personal information. The story of why teachers enter the profession can be engaging and memorable; telling your most rewarding teaching experience can define you and your values in a positive way, too. You might want to reveal how your family life, hobbies or volunteer work influence your teaching. Stories of education models and favorite teachers are also effective in providing a prospective employer with an idea of what kind of teacher you really are and aspire to be.

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05 . Teaching is my thing! I am very patient, flexible and open-minded. I encourage my students to ask questions, take risks and overcome the fear of making mistakes as this is part of the learning process. All levels are welcome (we will start from scratch if need be).

06 . My goal as your teacher is to improve your_____ skills! I have many topics of interest that we can talk about. I’m an outspoken person and a good listener. During our classes, I’ll pay attention to your issues/needs/difficulties, always taking notes on them to be discussed during each class and teaching the techniques to fix them.

10 . I always try my best to make sure that my students are enjoying themselves while practicing and learning _____! I aim to make my classes as fun and relaxing as possible. If you have any questions about my lessons, please ask me – I’d be happy to answer. I enjoy being a teacher because I like helping people. I think teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs a person could do, especially when I get to see all of the amazing progress my students make!

I have been teaching ______ for over 9 years now and am always studying and working to improve myself as a teacher.

I always create material suited towards my students interest and abilities, therefor creating a fun and interactive lesson and ensuring that the student will benefit as much as possible from my teaching.

I have a vast experience teaching both adults and children and I specialise in_____, Exam and interview preparation and general _____.

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