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Creative Writing Tasks for KS2 Students

Creative Writing Tasks for KS2 Students

Subject: Creative writing

Age range: 7-11

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity

21st Century Literacies Shop

I am a teacher, blogger, and teacher trainer with more than 30 years of experience in education. I like to explore new possibilities to engage learners and enhance their learning experiences. I am the author of the blog, Learning and Leading in the 21st Century http://aysinalp.edublogs.org / where I share my reflections and insights on learning and technology.

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7 March 2016

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creative writing homework ks2

Creative writing prompts – Best activities and resources for KS1 and KS2 English

Schoolboy and teacher in creative writing lesson

Fed up of reading 'and then…', 'and then…' in your children's writing? Try these story starters, structures, worksheets and other fun writing prompt resources for primary pupils…

Laura Dobson

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Creative writing resources for the classroom

Creative writing prompts.

What is creative writing?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, ‘creative’ is ‘producing or using original and unusual ideas’, yet I would argue that in writing there’s no such thing as an original idea – all stories are reincarnations of ones that have gone before.

As writers we learn to be expert magpies – selecting the shiny words, phrases and ideas from other stories and taking them for our own.  

Interestingly, the primary national curriculum does not mention creative writing or writing for pleasure at all and is focused on the skill of writing.

Therefore, if writing creatively and for pleasure is important in your school, it must be woven into your vision for English.

“Interestingly, the Primary National Curriculum does not mention creative writing or writing for pleasure at all”

Creative writing in primary schools can be broken into two parts:

Writing with choice and freedom allows children to write about what interests and inspires them.  

Developing story writing provides children with the skills they need to write creatively. In primary schools this is often taught in a very structured way and, particularly in the formative years, can lack opportunities for children to be creative.

Children are often told to retell a story in their own words or tweak a detail such as the setting or the main character.  

Below you’ll find plenty of creative writing prompts, suggestions and resources to help develop both writing for choice and freedom and developing story writing in your classroom. 

How to develop opportunities for writing with choice and freedom 

Here’s an interesting question to consider: if the curriculum disappeared but children still had the skills to write, would they?

I believe so – they’d still have ideas they wanted to convey and stories they wanted to share.

One of my children enjoys writing and the other is more reluctant to mark make when asked to, but both choose to write. They write notes for friends, song lyrics, stories and even business plans.

So how can we develop opportunities to write with choice and freedom in our classrooms?

Early Years classrooms are full of opportunities for children to write about what interests them, but it’s a rarer sight in KS1 and 2.  

Ask children what they want to write about

Reading for pleasure has quite rightly been prioritised in schools and the impact is clear. Many of the wonderful ideas from The Open University’s Reading For Pleasure site can be used and adapted for writing too.

For example, ask children to create a ‘writing river’ where they record the writing they choose to do across a week.

If pupils like writing about a specific thing, consider creating a short burst writing activity linked to this. The below Harry Potter creative writing activity , where children create a new character and write a paragraph about them, is an example of this approach.

creative writing homework ks2

If you have a spare 20 minutes, listen to the below conversation with Lucy and Jonathan from HeadteacherChat and Alex from LinkyThinks . They discuss the importance of knowing about children’s interests but also about being a writer yourself.

'The confidence Crisis in Creative Writing.' Lucy and Jonathan chat with Alex from @LinkyThinks https://t.co/VClYxiQhcf — HeadteacherChat 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👂 (@Headteacherchat) August 9, 2022

Plan in time to pursue personal writing projects 

There are lots of fantastic ideas for developing writing for pleasure in your classrooms on The Writing For Pleasure Centre’s website .

One suggestion is assigning time to pursue personal writing projects. The Meadows Primary School in Madeley Heath, Staffordshire, does this termly and provides scaffolds for children who may find the choice daunting.

Give children a choice about writing implements and paper 

Sometimes the fun is in the novelty. Are there opportunities within your week to give pupils some choices about the materials they use? Ideas could include:

Write for real audiences 

This is a great way to develop children’s motivation to write and is easy to do.

It could be a blog, a class newsletter or pen pals. Look around in your community for opportunities to write – the local supermarket, a nearby nursing home or the library are often all good starting points.

Have a go yourself

The most successful teachers of story writing write fiction themselves.

Many adults do not write creatively and trying to teach something you have not done yourself in a long time can be difficult. By having a go you can identify the areas of difficulty alongside the thought processes required.  

Treat every child as an author

Time is always a premium in the classroom but equally, we’re all fully aware of the impact of verbal feedback.

One-to-one writing conferences have gained in popularity in primary classrooms and it’s well-worth giving these a go if you haven’t already.

Set aside time to speak to each child about the writing they’re currently constructing. Discuss what’s going well and what they could develop.

If possible, timetable these one-to-one discussions with the whole class throughout the year (ideally more often, if possible).  

Free KS2 virtual visit and resources

Children's authors on Author in your Classroom podcast

Bring best-selling children’s authors directly into your classroom with Author In Your Classroom. It’s a brilliant free podcast series made especially for schools, and there’s loads of free resources to download too.

More than 20 authors have recorded episodes so far, including:

Creative writing exercises

Rachel Clarke writing templates for primary English

Use these inspiring writing templates from Rachel Clarke to inspire pupils who find it difficult to get their thoughts down on the page. The structured creative writing prompts and activities, which range from writing a ‘through the portal story’ to a character creation activity that involves making your own Top Trumps style cards, will help inexperienced writers to get started.

Storyboard templates and story structures

School pupil drawing a storyboard

Whether it’s short stories, comic strips or filmmaking, every tale needs the right structure to be told well. This storyboard template resource will help your children develop the skills required to add that foundation to their creative writing.

Ten-minute activities 

The idea of fitting another thing into the school day can feel overwhelming, so start with small creative writing activities once a fortnight. Below are a few ideas that have endless possibilities.

Character capers

creative writing homework ks2

You need a 1-6 dice for this activity. Roll it three to find out who your character is, what their personality is and what job they do, then think about the following:

Download our character capers worksheet .

Setting soup

creative writing homework ks2

In this activity pupils Look at the four photos and fill in a mind map for one of the settings, focusing on what they’d see, hear, feel, smell and feel in that location. They then write an ingredients list for their setting, such as:

Download our setting soup worksheet .

Use consequences to generate story ideas

creative writing homework ks2

Start with a game of drawing consequences – this is a great way of building a new character.

creative writing homework ks2

Next, play a similar game but write a story. Here’s an example . Download our free writing consequences template to get started.

creative writing homework ks2

Roll and write a story

creative writing homework ks2

For this quick activity, children roll a dice three times to choose a setting and two characters – for example, a theme park, an explorer and a mythical creature. They then use the results to create an outline for a story.

Got more than ten minutes? Use the outline to write a complete story. Alternatively, use the results to create a book cover and blurb or, with a younger group of children, do the activity as a class then draw or write about the outcome.

Download our roll and write a story worksheet .

Scavenger hunt

Give children something to hide and tell them they have to write five clues in pairs, taking another pair from one clue to the next until the 5th clue leads them to the hidden item.

For a challenge, the clues could be riddles.  

Set up pen pals. This might be with children in another country or school, or it could simply be with another class.

What do pupils want to say or share? It might be a letter, but it could be a comic strip, poem or pop-up book.  

You need a log-in to access Authorfy’s content but it’s free. The website is crammed with every children’s author imaginable, talking about their books and inspirations and setting writing challenges. It’s a great tool to inspire and enthuse.  

There are lots of great resources and videos on Oxford Owl which are free to access and will provide children with quick bursts of creativity.  

Creative writing ideas for KS2

Pie Corbett Ultimate KS2 Fiction Collection

This free Pie Corbett Ultimate KS2 fiction collection is packed with original short stories from the man himself, and a selection of teaching resources he’s created to accompany each one.

Each creative writing activity will help every young writer get their creative juices flowing and overcome writer’s block.

WAGOLL text types

creative writing homework ks2

​Support pupils when writing across a whole range of text types and genres with these engaging writing packs from Plazoom , differentiated for KS1, LKS2 and UKS2.

They feature:

Each one focuses on a particular kind of text, encouraging children to make appropriate vocabulary, register and layout choices, and produce the very best writing of which they are capable, which can be used for evidence of progress.

creative writing homework ks2

If you teach KS2, start off by exploring fairy tales with a twist , or choose from 50+ other options .

Scaffolds and plot types

Creative writing scaffolds and plot types resource pack

A great way to support children with planning stories with structures, this creative writing scaffolds and plot types resource pack contains five story summaries, each covering a different plot type, which they can use as a story idea.

It has often been suggested that there are only seven basic plots a story can use, and here you’ll find text summaries for five of these:

After familiarising themselves with these texts, children can adapt and change these stories to create tales of their own.

Use story starters

If some children still need a bit of a push in the right direction, check out our 6 superb story starters to develop creative writing skills . This list features a range of free story starter resources, including animations (like the one above) and even the odd iguana…

Use word mats to inspire

creative writing homework ks2

Help pupils to write independently by providing them with helpful vocabulary sheets that they can pick and choose from when doing their own creative writing.

Download our free creative writing word mats here , including:

Creative writing pictures

creative writing homework ks2

Using images as writing prompts is nothing new, but it’s fun and effective.

Pobble 365 has an inspiring photo for every day of the year. These are great inspiration for ten-minute free writing activities. You need to log in to Pobble but access to Pobble 365 (the pictures) is free.  

Choose two pictures as prompts (you can access every picture for the year in the calendar) or provide children with a range of starter prompts.

For example, with the photo above you might ask children to complete one of the following activities: 

The Literacy Shed

Creative writing prompt of children walking down leafy tunnel

Website The Literacy Shed has a page dedicated to interesting pictures for creative writing . There are winter scenes, abandoned places, landscapes, woodlands, pathways, statues and even flying houses.

The Literacy Shed also hosts video clips for inspiring writing and is choc-full of ways to use them. The Night Zookeeper Shed is well worth a visit. There are short videos, activities and resources to inspire creative writing.

Once Upon a Picture

Creative writing picture prompt featuring flying whale

Once Upon a Picture is another site packed with creative writing picture prompts , but its focus is more on illustrations than photography, so its offering is great for letting little imaginations soar.

Each one comes with questions for kids to consider, or activities to carry out.

How to improve creative writing

Developing story writing .

If you decided to climb a mountain, in order to be successful you’d need to be well-equipped and you’d need to have practised with smaller climbs first.

The same is true of creative writing: to be successful you need to be well-equipped with the skills of writing and have had plenty of opportunities to practise.  

As a teachers you need to plan with this in mind – develop a writing journey which allows children to learn the art of story writing by studying stories of a similar style, focusing on how effects are created and scaffolding children’s writing activities so they achieve success.  

Below is a rough outline of a planning format that leads to successful writing opportunities.

This sequence of learning takes around three weeks but may be longer or shorter, depending on the writing type.  

Before planning out the learning, decide on up to three key focuses for the sequence. Think about the potential learning opportunities that the stimuli supports (eg don’t focus on direct speech if you’re writing non-chronological reports).  

Ways to overcome fear of creative writing

Many children are inhibited in their writing for a variety of reasons. These include the all-too-familiar ‘fear of the blank page’ (“I can’t think of anything to write about!” is a common lament), trying to get all the technical aspects right as they compose their work (a sense of being ‘overwhelmed’), and the fact that much of children’s success in school is underpinned by an ethos of competitiveness and comparison, which can lead to a fear of failure and a lack of desire to try.

Any steps we can take to diminish these anxieties means that children will feel increasingly motivated to write, and so enjoy their writing more. This in turn will lead to the development of skills in all areas of writing, with the broader benefits this brings more generally in children’s education.

Here are some easily applied and simple ideas from author and school workshop provider Steve Bowkett for boosting self-confidence in writing.

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creative writing homework ks2

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creative writing homework ks2

KS2 RESOURCE PACK: Creative Writing with Jacqueline Wilson

Key stage and subjects, what’s the story.

Jacqueline Wilson has written over 100 books – so now it is over to you! This pack includes creative writing advice from Jacqueline Wilson, broken into five sections so you can create your story over a series of lessons.

This resource pack includes:

Lesson 1: Big ideas

Lesson 2: creating characters

Lesson 3: the beginning – starting a story

Lesson 4: The middle – making something happen

Lesson 5: The end – finishing the story

Work sheets

Get the KS2 RESOURCE PACK: Creative Writing with Jacqueline Wilson

Related books, four children and it, my mum tracy beaker.

Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt

The Get Creative Journal

Jacqueline Wilson, Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)

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There are lots of writing ideas and resources on this page which I will keep adding to. The green words on this piece of text will also take you to some useful videos and websites for creative writing tips:

Lauren Childs , Oxford Owl , Usborne publishing , Suspense writing , Tips for parents , Relative Clauses , Similes and Metaphors , Using speech , Parenthesis song , Expanded noun phrase song , Persuasive writing videos , Parenthesis , Creative writing tips , Expanded noun phrases , Personification , Describing characters , Describing settings , Planning a story  

Writing support

Creative Writing

Write at least 2 pages using the following title.

In your writing you could:


In your writing you should:

In your writing, try to use the following:

Task: To complete a piece of creative writing.

What you need to do: Choose from one of the following story starters/writing prompts. You can write in any type of genre: A letter, a poem, a story, a short story, a play, a blog, a diary, a newspaper report, persuasive writing Remember that you need to include some powerful vocabulary but just start writing and have fun!  

Writing prompts/starters:

You’re digging in your garden and find a fist-sized nugget of gold.

The asteroid was hurtling straight for Earth…

There’s a guy sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper…

He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw…

Silvery flakes drifted down, glittering in the bright light of the harvest moon. The blackbird swooped down…

The detective saw his opportunity. He grabbed the waitress’s arm and said…

There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says…

You find a door at the end of the garden. What do you do?

And you thought dragons didn’t exist…

Write about nature.

You walk into your house and it’s completely different — furniture, decor, all changed. And nobody’s home.

Write about one (or both) of your parents. Start with “I was born…”

The most beautiful smile I ever saw…

creative writing homework ks2

Here is a poem using metaphors about James Bond

He is a bar of dark chocolate,

A smooth black cat’s coat,

An exotic fruit cocktail,

A silver Porsche disappearing into the distance.

He is a plate of caviar,

A blade on a knife,

A frothy cappuccino,

A piece of black silk.

He is a midnight alarm,

A tiger disguised as a pussycat,

A jet plane,

A perfect day.

creative writing homework ks2

Your task is to write a poem in the same style about either a fictional character or a celebrity. It could be about a character from a book or film. It could be a celebrity from sport, the music industry, the film industry or even the Royal family.

Think about these questions and write some interesting metaphors: What do they look like? What do they do? What are they famous for? What is their character like?

How to Play a Favourite Game

our school has been asked to make a book of instructions for children’s favourite games. These might be games you play at home or school. It could be a game you enjoy playing with your friends. It must not be a game you play on the computer. 

creative writing homework ks2

Your task is to write a set of exact instructions to explain how to play your favourite game. Remember, the person who will be reading your instructions will never have played this game before.

Planning ideas - Title of the game, equipment needed, aim of the game, step-by-step details

The Electric Skateboard

You have been asked to promote a new type of skateboard. It is powered by an electric motor and has rechargeable batteries. It is operated from a wireless hand controller.

creative writing homework ks2

Your task is to write a persuasive article for a parent’s magazine explaining the functions and advantages of the electric skateboard. You need to make it sound like the best Christmas present any child could ever want! 

Planning Questions

What are its uses? How is it unique? Why is it fun? Cost and maintenence? Features? 

Collect words and phrases to help you persuade parents to buy this skateboard.

The Argument

creative writing homework ks2

A group of friends, who are slightly older than you, have asked if you can come to town on Saturday. Your parents are not keen for you to go. Continue the play script below

(Emma and Mum are in the kitchen.)

Emma: Mum! Anna and Henna are going to town on Saturday. They asked if I could go too. Is that O.K.?

(Mum has a concerned look on her face.)

Mum: I don’t think so dear, you’re much too young.

(Emma pleads.)

Emma: But Mum, I’ll be fine. 

(Dad enters the room.)

Dad: What are you two talking about?

Planning ideas - Think about the characters in the play. What are they like? What are the arguments for and against Emma going to town?

Time Travel

One evening you go to your computer and accidentally press one of the keys you have never pressed before. Suddenly you are transported into a different time! Your task is to write about where you travel to, what the place is like, who you meet and how you manage to get home again.

creative writing homework ks2

Where did you travel to and what form did your transport/journey take? (Remember: You can travel back or forwards in time.) What is the place you visit like? Who do you meet? What are they like? How do you manage to get back home?

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National Centre for Writing logo

Young People

Creative writing resources for young people

Exploring and writing poetry for 5 to 11 years (key stage 1 and 2).

Commissioned by Young Norfolk Arts and the National Centre for Writing as part of the Young Norfolk Arts Festival 2020, ‘The Wish’ is a poem designed to be accessible for Primary age children. This resource has been designed to support KS1/2 teachers in the teaching of reading and writing poetry in the classroom. It contains sample exercises that you can use in your own classrooms, as well as extension activities for older or more capable students.

Access the resources for free

Creative writing prompts.

Each of our simple creative writing prompts is designed to give ideas for stories, develop characters, explore point of view, kickstart dialogue or respond to a text creatively. We hope you find our selection useful and inspiring, and if not, please tell us! If you have any creative prompts you’d like to share to add to the list please email [email protected]

View our simple creative writing prompts here

The fiercest light – war poetry resource pack.

The resource pack contains:

Download the resource pack here

To request a free physical copy of the resource pack, please email [email protected] . (Please note: postal orders for merchandise are currently suspended. We will endeavour to post any items ordered as soon as possible but please be mindful that this may take a few weeks.)

Never Ending Stories Pack

Never Ending Stories is a colourful storytelling pack designed to help you to create and share stories with your child. Inside you will find lots of ideas, including: how to find inspiration for stories; how to find time to tell stories together; how to create physical spaces for stories; and how to tell a great story. Download it here.

If you are an organisation looking to purchase multiple copies of the packs, please contact [email protected] to

Further creative writing activity packs for use in the classroom and home-schooling are coming soon. These include activities based around Norwich as a UNESCO City of Literature and resources featuring contemporary writers.

For updates on all our schools activity, subscribe to the schools e-newsletter >>

Privacy Overview

Sunday 12th July 

Some Pobble ideas this week to inspire you. I have put in two different options. 

Sunday 5th July 

Lots of you seem to enjoy the writing starters that use a film so I have added another one for this week. With a set of activities that are linked to it. Some activities are writing and some are other ideas. 

Ruckus 2013

Ruckus is a short, stylized, narrative group animation by CVA students: Ben Davis, Jared Auty, Luke Gravett, Peter May, and Peter Matev and CAA students: Jam...

Ruckus Activities

Ideas to Help with Wanted Poster Description

You could design and make a 'Wanted Poster' 

Make sure your poster has...

A really great description of the person/people who are wanted. 

Paints them in a a bad light. 

Be specific about what they have done and why they are wanted. 

Let's people know how dangerous they are. 

Who to tell if someone has information. 

If there is a reward and what they reward is. 

I have added a template below that you could print or use to create your own on blank paper. 

Also if you want your paper to look old you could tear the edges and colour it with cold tea or coffee (no milk in it) Ask a parent to help you if you want to do that. 

Make sure that your poster isn't just a picture but that you write as well. 

Wanted Poster Background

Sunday 28th June 

A video to watch this week and then ideas to follow to practise writing. A simple and heart-warming story.  

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director:...

Lighthouse Activities

Saturday 20th June

In case you hadn't noticed I've gone a bit lightning themed this week. Check out the picture and activities below.  

creative writing homework ks2

Lightning Never Strikes Twice

Sunday 7th June

Do you love Meercats? I do. So here is some writing inspired by a Meercat adventure. Watch the film first and then use the document to find ideas to write about. No need to finish it all in one day - there is quite a lot there and could be done over several days. 

Catch It - ESMA 2015

Discover more ESMA animation movies by subscribing: bit.ly/ESMAmovies Découvrez encore plus de films d'animation de l'ESMA en vous abonnant: bit.ly/ESMAmovie...

Catch It Activities

Or alternatively...

Use the image below to create or retell a fairy/fantasy story.  Open the PDF to see it. 

Think about these questions...

Who is the knight?

How has he reached the tower?

It is a princess in the tower?

Could it be a witch in disguise?

Does the princes need or want to be rescued?

Will you write a traditional version of a fairy tale you know like Rapunzel?

Will you write something with a modern twist - think of stories like 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson (if you haven't seen this it is available to watch on BBC iplayer - for free), or have you read 'Princess Smarty Pants' or 'Prince Cinders' by Babette Cole that both have a modern twist on traditional tales. 

Princess in a Tower

Sunday 31st May 

Something fun!

Some of you may remember this film from September (can you remember all that way back?) 

Use it to refresh yourself about how to add suspense with your characters. What they are thinking and how they are feeling. Remember we want to be more sophisticated and 'show don't tell'.

Instead of: 'It was dark and he was scared' try something like...

His heart was in his throat and his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth as he crept through the gloom. 

Watch the clip from the start and stop at 2m 58s


What happens – how will you describe the events in order to make it interesting?

You may want to create a word bank, like we do together in class, first to help you think about some great vocabulary. 

I have put the pyramids below that you can download to help you think about punctuation conjunctions, vocabulary and openers. Remember you need to aim for the larger sections of the triangles. 

Things to think about when you are writing...


Try writing it in the 1 st person.

Imagine you are the character and write an entry about what happened in your diary.

Whichever one you choose come back to your writing the next day and...

Punctuation, Openers, Vocabulary and Conjunctions

Explanation Texts

Alphabet Poem

What can you remember about persuasive writing? Can you cast you mind all the way back to when we were persuading people to join the Roman Army and Celtic Rebellion?

Ideas to write persuasively about could be...

Create an amazing toy design - draw it and then write the advert to persuade others to buy it. 

Pick your favourite toy or game at home - can you persuade someone why it is the best?

What is so fantastic about football/netball/swimming - any sport. Persuade others why they should play. 

How To Write a Film Review

Something Different

Watch this film about 2 bandits - it's a cowboy/western style. 


Then there are some different ideas that you could try after you've watched it. There are lots on the document so you could try a few different ones over a week or so. 

Wednesday 29th April 

I have added the Year 3 Talk for Writing Unit called Troll today. Although it is Year 3 it is good revision as the Year 3 and 4 curriculum work over two year so it revisits some of our objectives. I am sure you could always level up to Year 4 writing as well :)

It leads you through all the activities and all you need if some paper and a pencil. Or you can always type on a computer if that is a possibility. 

There are lots of different activities just like we would do together at school and I would recommend that you work on it over a week or maybe a little longer - completing part of the unit each day. 

I have added another 3 Pobble writing idea sheets that you could use as well.

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