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Get prepared: apply, submitting your application.


After you have  searched for jobs  and completed your self-assessment, you’re ready to apply! Once you begin, you can save the progress of your online application and return to it later. Please be mindful of the deadline for submitting your application and of any time zone differences. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your application is submitted. 

Creating and managing your application

For most job applications at UNICEF, you should complete and submit the following:  

Tips for your online profile

Tips for your CV or resume

Tips for your cover letter

Your cover letter is your opportunity to speak directly to the hiring manager. Personalize your cover letter but try to maintain a professional tone. You may also want to consider the following:  

Practice makes perfect: Free course

UNICEF's global hub for learning and development, Agora, is a free portal offering tailored learning solutions to UNICEF staff, partners and supporters. Access our  'Preparing a Written Application'  course on the platform. 

cover letter unicef

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at UNICEF

Health specialist.

With reference to your posting requesting for eligible candidates to express interest for various positions, I wish to apply for the position of Senior Health Specialist. I am expressing my interest in the position because of my experience and skills in performing the duties of a Senior Health Specialist.

Presntly, I am the Senior Maternal and Child Program Manager/Child Health Advisor for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), . I am responsible and accountable for providing broader Maternal and child health-focused strategic and technical direction , coordination and management of normative and programmatic activities for the Nigeria Mission.

I support the Mission’s relationships with the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) portfolios. My role is ensuring core processes associated with grant management provides opportunities for Nigeria to: Identify the country immunization bottlenecks and express its need for technical assistance; review the sets of potential partners who could provide support in these areas; engage country-level partners on their roles and responsibilities in providing technical assistance; and provide feedback on the effectiveness and relevance of the assistance received from partners. I play a lead in the processes through which GAVI and GPEI partners access technical assistance within the framework of global norms and standards. I also contributed towards the Polio Funding Resource Requirements (FRR) gap identification process for Nigeria. These roles have predisposed me to broader areas of work that will be valuable in the role of senior health specialist.

Other initiatives that relate to the role advertised, include the critical role I played in initiating an award of $10.4 million from the International Organization Grants for UNICEF,UNFPA and WHO. The funding mechanisms I managed, were to urgent humanitarian health, WASH, nutritional and Sexual and Gender Based Violence needs in the conflict afflicted populations in North East of Nigeria. The initiative resulted in saving lives and improving the dignity of displaced persons and host communities through increased access to and utilization of improved emergency health and WASH services for an estimated population of 2 million people. I also initiated the USAID support for vaccinating over 500,000 eligible children in security compromised northeast especially in Internally Displaced Persons in camps, host communities and recently accessible areas. Working with the UN System agencies on these initiatives, has exposed me to the way these institutions operate. The exposure will help me perform in the new role I am applying for. My skills in fund management will be used to enhance the work of the organisation.

Another experience that will be essential in the role of the Senior Health Specialist, is the initiation of the quadripartite Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen immunization activities in Nigeria. The result was the the strengthening and sustainability of the health system through which a well-functioning supply and cold chain system as well as systems for improving equity, detecting unreached groups, efficient service delivery and capacity building of vaccinators and supervisors were established. The effort also included strengthening government’s management and programing management capacity. Other areas of health systems that benefitted were establishment of effective planning systems, with a focus on policy and strategy development. Most important, is the establishment of demand creation mechanisms and the institutionalization of performance monitoring procedures as well as strengthening disease surveillance, data analysis and evaluation systems. Through these interventions, the beneficiary states were able to improve the performance of the State Primary Health Development Agencies. It also helped to improve coordination and accountability mechanisms for the delivery of routine Immunization services.

During my 16 years of progressive career in public health, I have worked at country, regional and global levels in support of the expansion of child health- notably immunization programs, contributing to policy formulation, capacity building, program planning and evaluation, and disease surveillance . I am a trained Nigeria physician with an advanced degree in public health and professional diploma in Education . I am a certified Contract/Agreement Officer Representative (AOR/COR) with the U.S. Government, with significant direct experience in proposal development and grant/contract administration.

My skills and expertise are closely aligned with the responsibilities assigned this position. This is because I have a good understanding of the global health systems , especially in resource poor settings . I have also been working closely with Government and helping in setting up systems that promote ownership and eventual sustainability of the interventions introduced. My knowledge and skills in public health financing , health systems , aid effectiveness and policy dialogue , financial management and accountability will be blended with the expertise gained in promoting health systems strengthening to enhance my work. Most importantly, I will also use my skills and expertise in setting up of monitoring and evaluation systems to help the government institutions identify relevant indicators for monitoring program interventions.

Over the years, I have gained cumulative ability to embrace and model the core values of the organization I represent in my day-to-day behaviour and decision-making ; with conscious attention and sensitivity to wider organizational priorities and perspectives. I identified and developed strategies that catalysed collaborative and productive working relationship within the organization and with external partners, promoted a culture of excellence in all the aspects of individual and organizational performance with integrity and respect for diversity, but holding others accountable for the decisions they make.

I am applying for this position because I believe I can contribute to the attainment of the outputs of the program. In addition, I have the skills end experience in managing people, funds and other resources. My exposure will be used to enhance the work of the organisation, while learning new ideas from my colleagues. 

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Unicef Resume and Cover Letter Samples

Unicef Freelance Trainer Resume Sample

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Jourdan UNICEF Cover Letter

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Child Protection Specialist Cover Letter Example

A Child Protection Specialist is an expert investigator who undertakes responsibility for investigating allegations relating to child neglect, abuse, and or labor. Working for families, social workers, NGOs, and law enforcement agencies, these individuals work to ensure the safety of children is maintained at all times. To be a successful Child Protection Specialist, you have to be organized, patient, and can work well mainly under pressurizing situations. In your cover letter document, you have to list all your skills and experience that make you suitable for this role.

Write your perfect cover letter using our Child Protection Specialist Cover Letter Samples and professional writing tips. To make things easier, we have designed an easy-to-use cover letter builder to help you get your desired dream job!

Child Protection Specialist Cover Letter example

A Child Protection Specialist is tasked with the duty of protecting, caring, and safeguarding the children, and connecting them with proper sources as needed. The job description entails visiting homes, schools, and families and making sure the children get the necessary service, support, and care. Primary responsibilities often include taking care of the children, and protecting their wellness of them while ensuring the children get the resources provided by the government and state

What to Include in a Child Protection Specialist Cover Letter?

Roles and responsibilities.

Education & Skills

Child protection specialist skills:.

Child Protection Specialist Education Requirements:

Child Protection Specialist Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

I would like to introduce myself as a strong candidate for the Child Protection Specialist position at ***. With my strong academic background in social work, and experience in child protection law, coupled with my steadfast commitment to serving the public, I am well-positioned to provide superior services as your next Child Protection Specialist.

I am a highly experienced, motivated, compassionate and caring individual who can quickly surpass your expectations and bring a sustainable and positive impact on the lives of the children with whom your firm is working.

Some of my core accomplishments and area of responsibility include the following –

Apart from these qualifications, I have a thorough knowledge of the social service systems, and the laws governing them. Moreover, my experience has positioned me well to handle any type of challenging situation and help people as they go through their crises. I am confident my skills, and expertise will be useful to ***.

If my profile is of interest to you, please call me at () or email me at () to schedule a meeting. Thanks in advance for considering my candidacy.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Child Protection Specialists are the first line of communication for the protection of children. If you want to join one of the most trusted child protection agencies, your cover letter must show that you are reliable, trustworthy, and professional.

As a potential job seeker, you should research the hiring company’s website to get a better idea of who they are as an agency and what they do. The mission statement of the agency should be strictly kept in mind while applying for this role.

When you align your responsibilities with the core values of the hiring company, the reader gets an everlasting impression and will know that you are capable enough to fulfill all the roles and responsibilities associated with the job and that you have their best interests at heart.

Once you’ve written a great cover letter, it’s time to start working on your resume. Refer to our Child Protection Specialist Resume Samples for more tips on how to write your resume and accompany it with a strong cover letter.


Customize Child Protection Specialist Cover Letter

Get hired faster with our free cover letter template designed to land you the perfect position.

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