ap chem practice problems

chemistry practice problems reddit

i want to self study over the summer as much as i can. planning to watch the ap chem daily videos cus people said they help a lot. i know they released frq on collegeboard but where can i find good mcq and good practice problems that will help me on the exam?

also any tips will be appreciated along with resources

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Princeton review is good. also don’t stress yourself out over this class it isn’t bad like at all. i honestly loved it

Hi there! UWorld has a 500+ question bank with AP Chemistry MCQs. The questions have thorough explanations and are illustrated. You get an explanation as to why the correct answer is right and why the incorrect answers are wrong. You can make flashcards to review the content, as well. We have a free mini practice test if you want to check out what the product is like. Also, we made a cheat sheet reviewing the most difficult topics in AP Chemistry - feel free to look over it and use it while studying. It's broken down by unit for you to easily follow along. Hope these are helpful to you!

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    chemistry practice problems reddit

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    chemistry practice problems reddit

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    chemistry practice problems reddit

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    chemistry practice problems reddit


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