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case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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Case study - YouTube


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Youtube Presentation

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case study on youtube pdf

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A case study of the company 'YouTube as research for my A2 music video production.


case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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case study on youtube pdf

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YouTube for Brands

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Telegraaf Media Groep built a YouTube strategy around content and Partner Sales to increase their revenue

To accelerate digital video growth, the Mexican publisher integrated YouTube’s customizable video player into its O&O sites

Turning the page: How a traditional newspaper became a multimedia brand

ABS-CBN embraces digital video and explores new ways of engaging audiences

Advance tests a new digital video format to tell stories that engage local audiences

Arena Holdings invests in human resources, technology, and training to elevate the quality of their digital journalism

Thairath creates an online marketplace for digital news footage to empower freelancers and broadcasters

Asianet News develops an AI translation engine to automatically convert videos into different Indian vernacular languages

The Atlantic experiments with content formats to help grow YouTube subscriber base

Atresmedia leans into native digital video and grows online audience

Band integrates a diverse video team into its newsroom and creates digital-first content to engage young audiences

Digital native BhaDiPa engages young people in news and current affairs through live stream town halls and infotainment formats

Bloomberg creates high performing video formats for audio podcasts

Brut adapts its content formats to deepen engagement with the YouTube audience

BuzzFeed News builds a video newsroom and experiments with formats to improve YouTube performance and grow subscriber base

CBS News develops an app feature to alert audiences about live events and breaking news

Channels TV lays the foundation for sustainable digital video operations

Ciaopeople invests in digital video capabilities to go live 24/7

Complex Networks experiments with new formats to bring hard news topics to life

Dagbladet uncovers the formula for live breaking news and significantly grows audience

DataBaaz uses data-driven digital video storytelling to highlight important issues to Indian youth

EBC leans into livestreaming and increases audience engagement and revenue

The Economist tests a multi-format content strategy and drives huge channel growth

News agency Europa Press empowers reporters to transition from text to multimedia reporting

EWN invests in digital video capabilities to increase the quality and quantity of video production

Factly uses digital video to make complex government policies and processes accessible to a broad audience

Filo.News expands digital video capabilities, experiments with new formats, and sees huge audience growth

The Financial Times hones its digital video strategy and explores new formats to grow audience loyalty

FiveThirtyEight doubles down on its YouTube presence to drive channel growth

Fox leans into latest YouTube tools and features to grow subscribers and revenue

Gaon Connection expands its rural journalism initiative and gives a voice to community journalists throughout India

Gedi makes live video the cornerstone of its digital offering and drives growth across brands

Global News restructures their digital video team and experiments with new formats to grow channel

By leaning into digital-first video, GMA reinvigorates their traditional media brand, engages a new audience, and reduces production costs

Graham Media Group overhauled technology infrastructure to empower local newsrooms

Grupo América transitions from a traditional media publisher to a digital-first organization

The Guardian invests in digital video to drive audience growth

The Guardian Nigeria builds a digital newsroom and establishes their voice in the digital video news space

The Hill invests in building its YouTube channel to better engage audiences and drives impressive growth

HTV integrates digital video into its TV newsroom and launches a YouTube news channel

HugoDécrypte experiments with new formats to make news and current affairs more accessible to younger audiences

Imagen Digital experiments with digital-first video formats to better engage YouTube audiences

India Today expands eight local channels under the "Tak" brand and grows its digital audience

iNews trains hundreds of young reporters to publish news videos shot on smartphone

Jovem Pan undergoes a digital video transformation to grow its multi-platform news content

JTBC integrates digital video into its newsroom and tests new formats to engage younger readers

Kompas TV invests in smartphone journalism and grows audience and revenue

kumparan empowers regional journalists and increases the quality of video content published on its platform

La Nación establishes a digital video team and tests new formats to help reach a younger audience invests in digital video capabilities and engages the Hausa-language community

Le Monde engages new, younger audiences by experimenting with new digital video formats

Grupo Milenio experiments with an evergreen 'soft' news format to engage new audiences

MyNews experiments with formats, channel memberships, and new partnerships to drive sustainable growth

Narasi empowers investigative reporters and community correspondents, and drives channel growth

NBC News introduces new AR capabilities to enhance news content

NDTV aligns TV and digital video to drive platform interactivity and audience engagement

The New York Times leans into YouTube's audience engagement features to drive growth

The News Lens invests in digital video capabilities and creates a membership program to drive non-ads revenue

Nexo invests in digital video capabilities to increase YouTube presence and grow audience

NOS experiments with digital-first formats and forges strong connections with viewers

Nyoooz develops an app to help local Hindi-speaking field reporters more easily create video content

PBS NewsHour evolves digital video to meet the demands of today's audiences

Postmedia creates a new video-first brand to connect with younger audiences

ProPublica unleashes the power of digital video for investigative journalism

Refinery29 empowers digital video journalists and experiments with new formats

Grupo Reforma transition to a multimedia newsroom and grows its audience

YouTube creator Phil DeFranco launches a new brand and channel to expand news network

ShepHertz helps regional publishers across India with digital video transformations

SCMP invested in digital video tools and a world-class team to build up a broad, global YouTube audience

SPIEGEL TV combines archival footage with bespoke digital video content to test new formats and engage younger audiences

Stern experiments with content formats to drive engagement with younger viewers

Sure and Share Center launches a new YouTube channel to publish fact checking videos

TBS develops a virtual newscaster to more efficiently create digital video content and reach younger audiences

Telefe Noticias centralizes digital video workflows to help newsrooms efficiently and effectively tell local stories

Telemundo formulates plan to test Youtube-first series to engage a new audience

TKM finds innovative ways of video news storytelling to engage young audiences

Tribune leans into digital video and gives underrepresented people and issues a voice

TV Asahi integrates YouTube and Google maps in a new website to commemorate the March 2011 earthquake

TVO invests in digital video capabilities to give underrepresented Indigenous groups and communities an online voice

tvOne invests in digital video capabilities and partners with new creatives to reach younger audiences

Video Volunteers upskills community journalists to help them tell local stories that appeal to wide audiences

Vox experiments with YouTube memberships to deepen relationships with loyal fans

VTC establishes a dedicated digital video newsroom and drives channel growth

The Washington Post develops a new industry-standard taxonomy for video fact checking

The Young Turks creates an online training program to empower aspiring local digital video journalists

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31+ Case Study Samples – Word, PDF

For business, there’s no better way of telling the world the potential or even the actual value of the product and services you sell than presenting case studies that validates your claim through following guidelines for case study as they contain more than just your testimonials by being able to show real-life examples of how you deal with, and achieve customer satisfaction. you may also see Analysis Templates .

case study

Case Study Analysis Template

case study analysis template

Business Case Study

Business law case study.

business law case study

Case Study for Business Ethics

case study for business ethics

Small Business Case Study

small business case study

Driver Case Study

Train driver case study.

train driver case study

Drink Driving Case Study

drink driving case study

Here Are The Top 8 Tips For Creating A Great Case Study

1. write a situation that your ideal customer can relate to, 2. make it about real people, 3 . tell the story from beginning to end, 4. do it in a readable format, 5. include real numbers, 6. talk specific strategy, 7. appeal to learners of different kinds, 8. they should be easy to find, management case study, case study for change management.

case study for change management

Case Study for Risk Management

case study for risk management

Management Planning Case Study

management planning case study

Psychological Case Study

Case study for psychological contract.

case study for psychological contract

Social Case Study

Health and social case study.

health and social case study

Case Study for Social Work

case study for social work

Social Media Case Study

social media case study

Case Control Study

Control study for prospective case.

control study for prospective case

Nested Case Control Study

nested case control study

Matched Case Control Study

matched case control study

Counseling Case Study

Career counseling case study.

career counseling case study

Education Case Study

Case study for higher education.

case study for higher education

Education Research Case Study

Case study for special education.

case study for special education

Medical Case Study

Case study for medical terminology.

case study for medical terminology

Project Case Study

Power project case study.

power project case study

Case Study for Construction Project

case study for construction project

Project Management Case Study

project management case study

Pilot Project Case Study

pilot project case study

Research Case Study

Case study for action research.

case study for action research

Research Methodology Case Study

research methodology case study

Case Study for Research Paper

case study for research paper

Research Design Case Study

research design case study

Student Case Study

Case study of college student.

case study of college student

Elementary Student Case Study

Student information system case study.

student information system case study

Technical Case Study

Technical writing case study.

technical writing case study

Case Study for Technical Support

case study for technical support

Additional Guidelines for Your Case Analysis

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Case Study – Examples, PDF

1. case study template, 2. case study collection, 3. b2b case study template, 4. case study protocol, 5. case study proposal template, 6. impact case study template, 7. minimum process case study template, 8. study questionnaire, 9. culture case study template, 10. open standards case study, 11. customer case study template, 12. customer case design template, 13. case study guide, 14. occupational therapy case study template, 15. project case study template, 16. descriptive case study, 17. case study report format guideline, 18. case study purpose, 19. sample case study analysis, 20. customer case study agreement, 21. case study release form, 22. case study format, 23. case study compilation, 24. client case study template, 25. student research case study, what is a case study, how to write a case study topic, why are case studies necessary, are case studies qualitative or quantitative research, what makes a good case study.

case study template

1) Choose an Overall Subject of a Topic to Write About

2) research related literature and studies, 3) select a specified sub-topic, 4) write down both dependent and independent variables, more business, 74+ formal letter examples & samples in pdf | doc | microsoft word | apple pages | google docs, 28+ examples of sports certificate in publisher | ms word | psd | ai | pages | indesign, 65+ project proposal examples in pdf | ms word | pages | google docs, 8+ reminder email examples & samples in pdf | doc, 85+ report examples in pdf, 7+ formal email examples and samples in pdf | doc, 27+ email examples & samples in microsoft word | apple pages | editable pdf | google docs, 10+ goodbye emails to coworkers examples & samples in word, 15+ leave application email examples & samples in pdf | doc, 58+ incident report examples & samples in pdf | google docs | pages | doc, 4+ introduction email examples & samples – pdf, doc, 38+ business proposal letter examples in pdf | doc | microsoft word | apple pages, related articles.


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    case study on youtube pdf

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    case study on youtube pdf

  3. Case Study

    case study on youtube pdf

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    case study on youtube pdf

  5. (PDF) Case Study

    case study on youtube pdf

  6. 😀 How to start case study writing. QUT cite. 2019-01-24

    case study on youtube pdf


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    YOUTUBE CASE STUDY 1. What options are available for brand advertiser to use youtube to engage with consumers ? What are the pro's and the con's for each option. Option Description Pro's Con's User Channel any user or company can register on Youtube for free and post content, commentand likes.

  2. (PDF) Use of YouTube by Students: A Case Study of ...

    This study examined the use of YouTube for educational purposes. An online questionnaire was designed using Google form and data were collected from Pondicherry University students. Data...

  3. (Pdf) a Case Study in Using Youtube and Facebook As Social Media Tools

    This case study examines the use of social media such as youtube and facebook in enhancing student centred learning techniques for media production courses at the NHTV University of Applied...

  4. Case Study Youtube

    Case Study Youtube-converted - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free.

  5. product-management-case study-youtube.pdf

    Problem Context Android users now spend more time on TikTok than on YouTube. American users consumed 24 hours of content on TikTok in June 2021 compared to 22 hours and 40 minutes on YouTube. YouTube Shorts want to leverage this insight to better serve the creators and audience on YouTube Shorts. As V.P of Product for YouTube, Shorts, produce a detailed plan for improving the Average Watch ...

  6. Success Stories, Case Studies and Examples

    Success Stories, Case Studies and Examples - YouTube Advertising Insights Start now YouTube success stories See how businesses of all sizes are reaching their goals with YouTube Ads....

  7. Media Studies

    Media Studies - Youtube Case Study Jan. 07, 2016 • 1 like • 1,422 views Download Now Download to read offline Education Here is my YouTube case study which I've produced for my media studies coursework. Croudinator Follow Advertisement Advertisement Recommended Case study - YouTube emmaspyramediastudies 4.7k views • 9 slides Presentation - you tube

  8. Case study

    A case study of the company 'YouTube as research for my A2 music video production. emmaspyramediastudies Follow Advertisement Advertisement Recommended Youtube Presentation townsend 19.6k views • 10 slides YouTube Powerpoint AlexanderRichardson 63.9k views • 11 slides Presentation - you tube sunil.dce 37.9k views • 17 slides Evolution Of YouTube

  9. PDF haiqiang case study YouTube

    Case study on YouTube ... YouTube Feb. 2005 Yes 1,200,000,000 Yes OfÞcially ÒSelected Videos OnlyÓ ...

  10. PDF Participatory culture on YouTube: a case study of the multichannel

    Participatory culture on YouTube: A case study of the multichannel network Machinima Bryan Mueller ABSTRACT The theory of participatory culture, described by Henry Jenkins and Yochai Benkler, proposes that the emergence of new media allows for unrestricted access to the system of cultural exchange, and supports a more democratic process of ...

  11. Format of CASE STUDY with SAMPLE

    Hiii…….. FRIENDS In this video you will get the knowledge about the format of the CASE STUDY.I have provided a SAMPLE of a CASE STUDY at the end of this vid...

  12. YouTube Case Study

    YouTube Case Study. by fiberadmin | Sep 6, 2010 | Case Studies. Located in San Bruno, California, YouTube is the undisputed leader in online video. Users worldwide gather to share and watch original videos through YouTube's simple interface. ... Pandora Case Study. Give Us a Ring. Phone 888-504-4678. Send a Fax. Fax 801-223-9937. Take A Tour ...

  13. PDF Case Study: YouTube and HTML5 Video

    HTML5 technology allowed YouTube to offer live streaming playback on devices such as the Chromecast, XBox One, PS4, and Smart TV devices. Key Results Faster YouTube VP9 time to load. Dark green areas indicate a faster load time. Note that while low-bandwidth countries were the most affected, almost every country saw an improvement. More

  14. PDF How YouTube Developed into a Successful Platform for User ...

    Since its development, YouTube, the world's third most popular online destination, has transformed from a video-sharing site into a job opportunity for content creators in both new and mainstream media. Based on content analysis, the study examined how three prominent YouTubers have created a successful personal brand.

  15. YouTube for Brands

    Abstract. This case examines the changes employed by YouTube to make the massively popular site more attractive to brands. Building from its base of amateur, user-generated content, YouTube had turned to experimenting with professionally-made content and organizing its videos into channels. But it still struggled when it came to capturing ...

  16. News on YouTube

    Factly. Factly uses digital video to make complex government policies and processes accessible to a broad audience. Download PDF. Filo.News expands digital video capabilities, experiments with new formats, and sees huge audience growth. Download PDF.

  17. 31+ Case Study Samples

    PDF. Size: 110 KB. Download. By definition, case studies in the Social Sciences are records of detailed research focusing on the development of a person, organization, or situation over a given time period. In the corporate arena, a case study is usually a summary of some real life scenarios in business. It can also be a fictional account of ...

  18. Case Study

    Case Study - Examples, PDF. Plenty of qualitative research requires genuine information from subjects going about their normal lives. This type of information is difficult to obtain through the scientific method. Case studies allow researchers to engage and investigate the subject in a way that generates genuine and reliable data.