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Finding the Best Creative Writing Blogs on the Internet

Regardless how many books I’ve written or sold, if I’m not still educating myself about writing, I’m stagnating.

My late mother taught me the value of life-long learning. Not only was she a piano teacher into her eighties, but she was also a piano student. 

One of the most powerful learning tools today is the internet. But you could surf through endless writing blogs before finally finding which are the best for you and worthy of your time. 

So I asked my team to research what’s out there, and we’ve compiled a short list to get you started. But you also know how to search by specifying genres and areas of interest, so don’t stop here. Our list is by no means exhaustive, and I haven’t even included all the ones I enjoy. 

Here, then, are just suggestions of a few blogs you might want to check out to start your own list of writing resources —and we list them in alphabetical order:

best blogs of creative writing

Through his blog Become a Writer Today , Bryan Collins focuses on the needs of new writers. 

A non-fiction writer, blogger, and podcaster, Bryan writes on those genres, as well as on self-publishing . He’s written two 3-book series, “Become a Better Writer Today” and “The Power of Creativity.” 

A team of writers cover the business side of writing and such topics as writer’s block , formatting, and best practices. 

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller author, Joanna Penn is behind The Creative Penn . 

She also writes books for writers—her 21 titles have sold more than a half million copies. She’s a speaker, an entrepreneur, runs Curl Up Press, and has been named one of the top 100 Creative Professionals in the UK. 

Joanna’s blog focuses on self-publishing, marketing, and writing. The Creative Penn podcast offers more than 350 episodes on writing.

Founded by writing teacher Nancy Strauss, Creative Writing Now offers courses, tips , prompts, and information on writing contests. Writing teachers will find lesson plans as well.  

DIY MFA serves as a do-it-yourself manual for the equivalent of a Master of Fine Arts in writing without the expense. It centers on writing with focus, reading with purpose, building your writing community, and how to discover the writing tools available online and off.

Founded by author and podcaster Gabriela Pereira, the site posts on everything from playwriting to surviving rejection, travel writing, and many other writing topics. She offers a “ writer igniter ” that generates writing prompts. 

A must read for writers and publishers, blogger Jane Friedman is one of the leading voices in the digital age of publishing.

She has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, publishes The Hot Sheet (a newsletter for authors), is a columnist for Publishers Weekly , a professor with The Great Courses ( How to Publish Your Book ), and wrote The Business of Being a Writer . 

Jane’s blog offers how-to’s on publishing, writing a book proposal , finding a literary agent , and many other such topics. 

Through her website Helping Writers Become Authors , K.M. Weiland has published more than 1,200 blog posts educating writers on the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of writing and publishing. 

She offers a bi-monthly e-letter, a podcast, and a vlog. She writes historical and speculative fiction, as well as how-to books, including Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel .

Novelist, copyeditor, and writing coach C.S. Lakin  created Live Write Thrive to help write your novel with posts like “ The Challenges of Believability in Writing Science Fiction ” and “ The 3 Ways to Show Emotion in Your Characters .” 

Bridget and Brendan McNulty and Dagmar Timler co-founded Now Novel , a platform designed to help you craft your story . 

The blog offers information for writers at every stage, a character writing hub, productivity tips, and help creating fantasy worlds. 

Pro Writing Aid is a desktop app you can use with programs like Scrivener , Word, and Google Docs. It catches grammar errors, suggests style changes, and even checks your work for plagiarism.

Their blog covers which writing apps are best, the writing process, blogging and content writing, grammar rules , and business writing. 

Founded by Suzannah Windsor, Write It Sideways is for aspiring and emerging writers . 

A team of writers answers questions budding writers ask, and blogs on things like writer’s intuition,“Confessions of a Writing Group Virgin,” and “Here’s the Type of Hate Mail Bloggers Get.” 

Authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi created Writers Helping Writers for new writers, seasoned writers, editors, and writing teachers. The blog offers advice on technique and strategy, as well as “Navigating the Changing Face of Book Promotion with Smart, Effective Strategies” and “ How To Stop Self-Doubt From Holding You Back From Writing .” 

Joe Bunting started The Write Practice to help writers become better through practice. 

He offers writing prompts and provides a platform for fellow writers to offer feedback on what you’ve written. 

And of course you’re always welcome to visit me at .

Over the last half century I’ve been an editor, a publisher, a nonfiction author, and a novelist—yet I’m still learning and growing like you. I offer a 20-Step Guide on How to Write a Book , How to Develop a Great Story Idea , Find the Right Writers Group and How to Write Dialogue . 

The best mentoring comes from seasoned writers proven in their fields. So dive into these blog sites and commit to life-long learning. 

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best blogs of creative writing

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Last updated on Feb 07, 2023

The 50 Best Writing Websites of 2023

The Internet is full of writing websites and blogs to help people reach their creative goals. If you’ve always dreamt of writing your own book, but don’t know how to get there — or if you’re in the process of writing, but feel unsure about what to do next — then it’s your lucky day! Here we have all the best writing websites of 2023 in one single place for your convenience. They’re also organized by category, and alphabetically within each of those categories, to make each one easier to find. Enjoy!

Best writing websites for writing craft and inspiration

writing websites

1. Almost an Author

Offering up new content every day, Almost an Author covers a grand scope of writing topics. From genre-specific advice to emotional support on your writing journey, there's tons of useful info here for beginner and veteran writers alike.

2. Association of Writer & Writing Programs

Having just marked their 50th anniversary, AWP is one of the premier authorities on writing. The AWP website provides resources and ample opportunities for authors, teachers, and students at every point in their career. Here you’ll be able to find information about writing programs, career options, and conferences all over the world. Keep in mind, though, that access to some of these features is restricted to members only.

3. Creativity Portal

This is a wonderful hub for creative resources that has been around for a whopping nineteen years! Here you can find writing prompts , creative coaching, printable writing templates, and interviews with authors that will help nourish the right side of your brain.

4. Daily Writing Tips

As the name suggests, this site offers daily writing tips ranging from open-ended prompts and exercises to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. It also covers all writing levels and professions, so it doesn't matter how far along you are in your writing career — DWT is sure to help you out.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a master’s degree, you can get your own "DIY MFA" right here! This site (founded by Gabriela Pereira ) aims to cover everything you would learn in a graduate program, while giving you the freedom to choose your own areas of concentration and allocate your time as you please. 

6. Electric Literature

While not exactly a craft-focused website — so no straight-up writing advice or prompts — this nonprofit digital publisher showcases literature-related essays, criticism, and recommended readings. If you're looking to brush up on both literary theory and recent literary trends, Electric Lit is the place for you.

7. Fiction University

This virtual university, run by award-winning author Janice Hardy, contains tons of advice and concrete examples to help authors build a strong writing foundation. It's full of blog posts by professionals who share their own processes and techniques, providing tips not just on what you should do as a writer, but on how  to make it happen.

8. Helping Writers Become Authors

Longtime author K.M. Weiland offers writing advice that ranges from outlining and structuring to characterization and dialogue — plus all the little details in between. She updates her blog faithfully with topical posts that would pique any writer's (or non-writer's) interest.

9. Insecure Writer's Support Group

Writing is intimidating for everyone , whether you're a multi-published author or you're just starting out. That's why getting support, guidance, and motivation throughout the process is vital! On IWSG, you'll discover a wealth of information on writing, publishing, marketing, and anything else you might need to ultimately overcome your insecurities.

10. Literary Hub

LitHub boasts a superb selection of content for all things literary. Here you can get all the latest book-related news, posts on design and the craft, your daily dose of fiction, and sparkling reviews of new works. One of this site's best features is its section on literature in translation — a great resource for those who want to read books and authors from around the world.

11. LitReactor

The LitReactor blog consists of writing classes, workshops, and a myriad of posts on writing and books ( some of which are even written by us! ). There’s also an online magazine that includes interviews, criticism and analysis, and seasonally appropriate reads and recommendations.

12. LitRejections

An unfortunate occupational hazard of with writing is rejection. This is where a site like LitRejections comes into play! It offers personal stories to help discouraged writers persevere through rejection, and maintain hope and motivation as they move forward in their careers.

13. Live Write Thrive

In this website by professional writer and editor C.S. Lakin, you’ll find plenty of nuanced writing anecdotes and tips. Lakin also supplies annotated critiques that can help you prep your book for publication.

14. NaNoWriMo

Besides serving as the official information hub for NaNoWriMo , this site also lends constant support for those struggling to "win" National Novel Writing Month. Make sure to check out the NaNoWriMo forums, which are chock-full of other people's personal writing tips and strategies to get you through November — and every other month of the year — as a writer.

15. Now Novel

This comprehensive website, founded by author Bridget McNulty , is a go-to for just about every writing-related question you might have. Here you'll also find advice, courses, and even an author dashboard where you can keep track of your own writing progress.

16. Positive Writer

If you often feel uncertain about your creative abilities, this is the site for you. Bryan Hutchinson created Positive Writer to encourage and inspire all those who want to write, no matter how much experience or confidence they have.

17. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offers a fantastic manuscript editing software that analyzes your writing and creates reports for you to learn from! This tool also includes a thesaurus, grammar checks, style suggestions, and more — you can learn all about it on the ProWritingAid blog, or in our review of the app !

18. She Writes

A well-established writing website with a feminist bent, She Writes is "the largest online community and content site for women writers... all around the world." The site features thoughtful posts and resources to help writers on their journeys, as well as a personal She Writes blog page for every user who signs up.

19. Well-Storied

Here you can find recent articles, workbooks, tutorials, and fascinating discussions on writing. Kristine Kieffer has an extensive archive of posts as well, where you can procure information on just about any topic related to books and writing.

20. The Write Practice

Fulfilling the promise of their name, every single post on this site emphasizes putting theory into practice! There's simply no better way to become a writer than by creating a routine, and that’s exactly what The Write Practice helps facilitate.

21. Writer’s Digest

Writer's Digest is one of the most encyclopedic writing websites out there — after all, the print magazine has been around for almost a century now! Here you’ll find genre and vocation-organized articles, events and competitions, webinars, templates, tutorials, and so much more.

22. Writer Unboxed

Writer Unboxed features articles by authors and industry professionals, focused specifically on the craft and business of fiction writing.

23. The Writing Cooperative

Plain and simple, this is a group of people who want to help each other become better writers. On Writing Cooperative, you will find articles that cover just about every aspect of the writing life. They also have monthly writing challenges to keep you incentivized, and there’s even a space where you can submit your own article to the blog!


This is an absolutely all-inclusive community for writers . It’s open to all levels and provides a creative, supportive environment for all members, as well as portfolios to store and display their writing. Like most writing websites, it also includes a plethora of writing tools , contests, and rewards.

25. Catapult: Don’t Write Alone

Don’t Write Alone is a blog written by the Catapult team dedicated to helping writers grow their skills. As a publisher and magazine founded in 2005, Catapult has seen a lot of works and now they’re spilling all the details. From interviews, to craft essays, to writer lifestyle essays, Catapult covers it all.

26. Kirkus Review’s Writers’ Center

Kirkus Review is known for its prestigious $50,000 dollar annual prize and its bi-monthly issues where they critique hundreds of recently published books. But, did you know they also have a section of their website devoted to helping emerging writers grow their skills and navigate the publishing industry? They’re always up to date on the latest trends — if they aren’t creating new trends themselves.

27. Writers Write

An invaluable resource for creative writers, business writers, or bloggers, Writers Write offers over 1400 articles, courses, and workbooks to help you take your writing practice to the next level. Alongside their educational content, they offer book reviews, trivia on famous authors, and prompts. Sign up for their inspirational newsletters for regular hits of motivation that will keep you writing.

Best writing websites in the publishing industry

writing websites

28. Agent Query

This database allows authors to perform in-depth searches for literary agents . You can narrow your search by genre and keywords, view agents’ full profiles, and see if they are currently accepting queries — all for free!

29. The Creative Penn

Besides being a bestselling author on various topics, Joanna Penn is also a leading voice in self-publishing . On her punnily named site, you’ll find abundant information related to writing, self-publishing, marketing, and everything else you mind need to make a living as a writer.

30. Digital Pubbing

Digital Pubbing provides industry news, interviews with indie authors, and resources for learning all about ebooks and the publishing industry. In accordance with the name, this is the perfect site for any author hoping to absorb some serious digital knowledge.

31. The Independent Publishing Magazine

We know it might seem like we're repeating ourselves, but this website really is all about publishing (both independent and traditional, despite what the name indicates). Whatever info you need about self-publishing, trad pub, or hybrid publishing , you’ll definitely be able to find it here.

32. Publishers Weekly

And if you have a specific question about the publishing world, you’ll most likely find the answer here. This weekly magazine is packed full of news, reviews, announcements, and many other resources on the industry. It has been dubbed as "the Bible of the book business" and with its extensive archive, it’s easy to see why.

33. Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives is another leading source of publishing info, specializing in industry news and topical articles. Aimed at publishers, agents , and authors alike, it features a variety of posts that cover book fairs, distribution, education, and much more.

34. Query Shark

Not sure where your query letter is up to snuff? Query Shark offers the opportunity to have your query critiqued, and to read detailed query critiques of other authors' letters, so you can get the best possible results for your book. Be warned, though, that this sharp-toothed feedback isn't for the weak of heart.

35. Writer Beware

This amazingly thorough site compiles information on schemes and scams that affect authors , especially those run through email and the Internet. It’s sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, but obviously applies to authors everywhere. If you're a fresh-faced author trying to get published, definitely check it out — it could save you from losing thousands of dollars in an elaborate scam.

36. The Darling Axe

When the industry professionals at The Darling Axe aren’t working on manuscripts, they flock to the internet to share their hot takes on the publishing industry. They also host writing contests throughout the year to build a writing community and give unpublished authors the chance to get feedback from professionals.

Best writing websites for marketing and design

writing websites

37. David Gaughran

An experienced author of historical adventures, short stories, and popular books for writers , David Gaughran is one of the definitive writing experts out there. His eponymous blog contains plenty of info on marketing and self-publishing, plus workshops to help aspiring authors. And similar to Writer Beware, he's the noble opposition of online publishing scams and scammers — so if you're frustrated by these issues, you'll discover a blissfully sympathetic voice on his blog.

38. Kikolani

Focused specifically on marketing, Kikolani offers tips and strategies for bloggers who want to grow their presence and attract more readers. Here you’ll find information on brand development, social media, customer retention, and other useful tips that you can put to good use as a blogger. (If you're just getting started, though, we'd recommend this course .)

39. Kindlepreneur

Dave Chesson is — in his own words — a “digital marketing nut.” His blog has all the information you could ever need about Kindle book publishing , how to write to market, increasing your rankings on Amazon, and lots more practical tips and advice.

40. Storiad

Storiad is a marketing platform that helps authors and publishers sell books. Go here for essential information on writing apps , databases, tools, and budgeting to help you run your own publishing campaign from start to finish.

41. Writers & Artists

Part of the distinguished Bloomsbury, Writers & Artists has quite a few articles on writing and the self-publishing process. They also offer editorial services and events on many different topics, like genre-specific writing courses and how to get connected with agents .

42. Your Writer Platform

Naturally, this site is dedicated to building your very own writer platform. There are tons of tips, resources, tools, how-tos, and even individual consulting services to help you build the platform that works best for you and your marketing needs.

Best writing blogs by industry professionals

writing websites

43. Goins, Writer

Bestselling author Jeff Goins created this blog to share his thoughts on writing and to inspire others to chase their creative dreams. He's especially good at breaking complex topics down into digestible bits — new writers, go here for your primers.

44. Jane Friedman

With copious experience in the publishing industry, Jane Friedman offers online classes and articles on the entire process of book publishing. She's a real goldmine of business knowledge, so keep her in mind for when you're ready to publish your book.

45. Nail Your Novel

As a bestselling former ghostwriter who now publishes under her own name, Roz Morris provides advice about writing, self-publishing, and of course, ghostwriting . If you're interested in becoming a ghostwriter, be sure to check out her courses!

46. Nathan Bransford

Nathan Bransford is a former literary agent who posts all about the inner workings of publishing, as well and information on agents and self-publishing. He also does consultations, edits, and critiques . Plus, he’s a Reedsy professional   and  he's written for the blog !

47. Rachelle Gardner

Skillful agent Rachelle Gardner has negotiated over 200 contracts with over twenty publishers and helped more than 100 authors fulfill their dreams of publishing. On her blog, she offers writing, publishing, and social media coaching, along with general writing and publishing tips.

48. Kris Writes

For regular insights from a New York Times bestselling author, look no further than Kristine Kathryn Rusch's blog. On Mondays, she posts free short stories for authors to find inspiration in, and Wednesdays she posts in her “Business Musings” collection where she breaks down news from the publishing industry and offers her inside opinions. 

49. The Marginalian  

Maria Popova describes her site as “a record of my own becoming as a person — intellectually, creatively, spiritually, poetically — drawn from my extended marginalia on the search for meaning across literature, science, art, philosophy, and the various other tendrils of human thought and feeling.” She sends out a Sunday newsletter with thoughtful deconstruction of the week’s best liberal arts goings-on to help broaden her readers’ appreciation of the creative world.

50. John August

For all the screenwriters out there, John August co-hosts a weekly podcast with fellow screenwriter Craig Mazin discussing both the craft and business of screenwriting while breaking down popular movies. To help screenwriters really get a feel for the process of working with a studio, John has posted multiple versions of scripts from different stages in the production process on films and series he’s written, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Big Fish , and Chernobyl .

What are some of your favorite writing websites? Let us know in the comments below!

5 responses

Alex J. Cavanaugh says:

09/11/2018 – 15:10

I guess the Insecure Writer's Support Group is going to have to work harder...

↪️ Reedsy replied:

09/11/2018 – 19:51

Hey Alex, oversight on our part. The post has been updated :)

Harvey Stanbrough says:

16/11/2018 – 12:44

Many on your list regurgitate the same old clichéd information we all learned from non-writers that doesn't work. I'm amazed and are not included. Invaluable information there. The former is a daily blog, the latter weekly. Also, I publish a daily Journal of the writing life at (often with topics) and a weekly Pro-Writers blog at

Bridget at Now Novel says:

17/11/2018 – 16:38

Thanks so much for the mention, team Reedsy. Wonderful to be mentioned on (and alongside) our favourite writing sites and blogs.

Emmiasky Ojex says:

25/02/2019 – 11:08

Such great list of the top-tiered (or will be) in the industry. I vouch for The ArtHut too to be amidst this sorta list soon.

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creative writing blogs

Each genre of writing has its difficulties⁠—nonetheless, creative writing can be a unique challenge!

Creative writing requires the author to depend on creative inspiration instead of not on real-world facts and information. The creative writer must figure out how to build characters and stories out of their imagination, which is no easy feat! That is why it can be very helpful for writers to make a practice of reading creative writing blogs and interacting with other authors to help get the creative juices flowing.

Join a Writing Community! ????

Writing can be a solitary task. Nevertheless, you’d be robbing yourself of a lot of support if you aren’t a part of a writing community.

Joining a writing company is beneficial for many reasons. For example, in-person writing groups or workshops allow you to find a support system in your local area. Additionally, web-based writing communities are a lucrative method to find diverse support.

Even more, there are a plethora of ways to get involved in online writing communities. To elaborate, interact in writers’ forums, follow writers you admire on social media, read the best creative blogs.

All in all, these are simple ways you can get involved in a writing community. And, as a result, learn from other writers, share your knowledge, and get tips to progress your creative writing career!

Get Inspired with These Best Creative Writing Blogs ????

Here are 10 creative writing blogs that you should consider reading for writing tips and support.

#1: Jane Friedman Blog

Publishing industry veteran Jane Friedman is the author of The Business of Being a Writer and The Hot Sheet. Additionally, she is the author of the Jane Friedman Blog ! Posts—some written by Friedman, others by guest bloggers—cover a wide array of helpful topics. From the nuts and bolts of writing (e.g. character building, creating context) to networking and finding a publisher, Jane Friedman’s blog will prepare you to succeed in the writing world.

#2: Writing Forward

Writing Forward is a creative writing blog that gives writers plenty to chew on! The blog includes musings like “What is poetry?” and “What makes iconic characters unforgettable?” Other blogs include in-depth grammar lessons, tips for setting writing goals and advice on avoiding clichés. To get your creativity going, there are also posts featuring storytelling exercises and writing prompts!

#3: Well-Storied

Fantasy fiction author Kristen Kieffer is the founder and author of blog Well-Storied . Well-storied is a compilation of Kieffer’s and guest author’s greatest tip for the trade. This reader-friendly blog uses bold graphics to highlight topics such as editing fiction, and writing motivation. While some posts focus on the crucial basics of writing, others get into meaningful aspects of the writing life.

#4: Peter Rey’s Blog

Author Peter Rey’s blog provides creative writing advice and reflections on writing through a more personal lens. Blog posts include a wide range of topics. For example, Ray’s pet peeves as a reader and what a recent move taught him about writing. Also, he offers practical writing advice like how many drafts are too many drafts.

#5: Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers ‘ mission is to provoke thoughtful commentary on creative writing to help you conquer common writing challenges. The blog features useful resources like its Descriptive Thesaurus Collection posts. Conflict, Character Motivation, Occupation, and so on are common topics that these posts are based around. For example, a recent Conflict Thesaurus entry on the plot point of “Taking Advice from the Wrong Person” provides dramatic examples, lists of potentially disastrous results, people who could be affected, resulting in emotions, positive outcomes, etc. It’s a great resource that essentially does your brainstorming for you!

#6: NaNoWriMo Blog

National Novel Writing Month, called NaNoWriMo by those in the know, is a popular annual event in which authors are encouraged to spend the month of November working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel. The non-profit behind the event runs a great blog that features news about it and other writing programs run by NaNoWriMo, also including relevant posts on topics like how to break through writer’s block.

#7: Writer Unboxed

Get a daily dose of creative writing advice from writers like yourself at Writers Unboxed , a blog about the craft and business of fiction. From contemplative pieces on the challenges of being a writer to more technical articles like an explanation of how to revise your manuscript in Scrivener (a well-known word processing program), Writers Unboxed offers a wide range of blog posts covering many angles of the writing experience.

#8: The Muffin (also known as WOW!) is a global e-zine dedicated to supporting women through the creative writing process. Its blog The Muffin, which publishes new posts daily, provides tips and inspiration to readers through engaging interviews with writers, reviews and spotlights on books authored by women, writing prompts, editing advice, and much more.

#9: Creative Writing Contests

Writing contests can give writers an excellent opportunity to get their work out into the world, and possibly earn publication and prize money. But, it can be hard to hunt down these opportunities. Fortunately, the Creative Writing Contests blog does the work for you, posting about upcoming contests in creative writing and poetry, as well as other opportunities and information about fellowships, writing residencies, and grants.

#10: Time to Write

Former television writer Jurgen Wolff (Family Ties, Benson) brings his decades of hard-earned experience to his blog Time to Write . Posts include pep talks, advice on everything from brainstorming to creating characters, and a focus on screenwriting tips and thoughts that will be especially helpful for those of you hoping to write for film or TV.

Bonus blog! ???? Gatekeeper Press Blog

Not to toot our own horn, but we think the blog that you are reading right now is worth following! The Gatekeeper Press blog digs into several issues important to writers, like the cost of publishing and what authors can expect to earn . Gatekeeper’s blog features important writer topics such as self-publishing , eBook publishing , marketing , choosing a book title , and more!

What to Do When You’re Ready to Publish Your First Book

If you need guidance on the business of writing or are thirsty for inspiration, perusing these creative writing blogs regularly can help you along in your writing process.

And, once you have completed your book, Gatekeeper Press is ready to assist with your next steps, whether that is a need for editing & proofreading services or with publishing and distribution . Visit the website to discover how Gatekeeper Press can help!

Free Consultation

best blogs of creative writing

TCK Publishing

if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[468,60],'tckpublishing_com-box-2','ezslot_3',141,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-tckpublishing_com-box-2-0'); 20 Writing Blogs You Should Follow to Grow Your Skills

by Cole Salao | 6 comments

writing blogs blog post image

You know this: Writing is hard.

It’s especially hard in this era overloaded with information. You could surf through countless writing blogs before finding one that’s worth your time. The time you’ve wasted searching is time you could have spent writing.

Best Writing Blogs

Now what you find helpful and worth your time is subjective, but if you don’t know where to look, the options can be overwhelming. So here are a few writing blogs I personally follow, and that I hope will help you along your writing journey.

1. The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn is the New York Times  and  USA Today  bestselling thriller author behind this The Creative Penn . She’s been named one of the top 100 Creative Professionals in the UK and has sold more than 500,000 copies.

Her blog focuses on the writing craft, self-publishing, and marketing with the purpose of giving you insights to how you can reach her high level of success. She’s all about practical tips and tricks that she draws from her own experiences and insights.

If your goal is to make a career out of writing, then this is one of the best blogs to add to your list. It features more than 500 episodes from her podcast, writing-specific books, courses, tools, and more that you can learn from.

Recommended blog posts:

2. Terrible Minds

Terrible Minds is the brainchild of author Chuck Wendig, best known for his Star Wars novel trilogy, Aftermath .

It’s a hard-hitting blog full of Wendig’s hilariously brutal, cynical, and unconventional personality. His posts are an absolute pleasure to read, ranging from entertainment matters, to writing advice, and his own personal work.

This is the perfect example of a blog that advertises a writer’s work without being too salesy. Even though his book promotions are in-your-face obvious on the blog, it’s still more about the writing craft than selling them.

3. Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman has more than 20 years of experience in the publishing industry and is one of the leading voices in digital publishing.

Got a question about marketing, publishing, or writing? She probably has a post with the answers. Her blog is a how-to manual for making it as a writer in this digital age, with posts that range from picking the right WordPress theme for your website to creating your own newsletter.

More than that, she offers insights on how technology affects us as writers, marketers, publishers, and most of all, as people.

Whether you’re looking for traditional publishing or self-publishing, this is one of the most helpful blogs on this list.

4. The Write Practice

Joe Bunting created The Write Practice to help writers like him improve their craft. It’s a blog with a focus on deliberate practice, which means you’ve got to write tons of words to improve your writing and eventually get published.

The Write Practice calls for writing 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That’s all they ask, and they’ll give you writing prompts, exercises, lessons on technique, and a supportive community to help you out. A fair exchange, right?

The blog has a wealth of resources for any writer, including posts that cover pretty much everything related to writing. You’ll definitely get a boost of creativity from this site.

5. Writer’s Digest

If you want writing advice from fellow writers, then Writer’s Digest is the site to visit. It’s a magazine that’s been out since the 1920s and is all about the writing craft.

It’s like a one-stop-shop of everything there is about writing, including contests, tips, workshops, seminars, exclusive interviews, jobs, and communities. Information, resources, and a writing clique, what more could you ask for?

Their blog posts are easy-to-follow articles that mostly focus on fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, and poetry. It’s a site that writers of any level of experience, genre, and medium can appreciate and learn from.

6. Copyblogger

Copyblogger isn’t your usual writing blog. It’s aimed at teaching you how to create content for marketing and SEO purposes.

If you blog, write for online publications, and are a digital nomad, this is one of the most valuable resources you’ll ever have. Their content will teach you on how to make it as a writer in this digital age.

Even if you’re not a content writer, you’ll still have plenty to learn from this blog. They frequently post interviews with bestselling writers, book marketers, publishers, and other useful content.

7. Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins’ love of writing is evident in his blog , and that’s probably why it’s one of the most popular writing blogs on the internet. He’s an author and writing coach with a lot to share.

His storybook style of writing makes his content easily digestible and memorable. The topics he writes about range from practical knowledge in novel writing, to commercial writing, publishing, and more nebulous concepts like creativity and making a difference in the world.

8. Daily Writing Tips

This blog’s name says it all: they offer daily tips and advice to aspiring writers. Their content ranges from extremely specific writing-related topics like grammar and punctuation, to more general ones, including Shakespeare and how to expand your vocabulary.

If you’re confused about when to use a colon or semicolon, or whether punctuation is placed before or after quotation marks, this blog’s got you covered.

There’s a lot of practical knowledge to learn from this site. No matter your experience, there’s always something new to learn about the technical aspects of the craft.

9. The Write Life

The Write Life covers all the bases of writing. It’s a site that will help you learn, connect, create, and make extra money on the side.

It’s a fantastic resource for writers of any background. Whether you’re looking to publish a book or jump into the freelance writing world, this blog has something for you. If you’re just beginning your writing career, then this is a good place to start.

10. Write to Done

Write to Done gives the best of both worlds with its focus on creative writing and nonfiction writing. Their content teaches you tips, tricks, and tested techniques geared towards making you succeed in the literary world.

Their content is laid out in a clear and understandable manner, making it accessible for any writer. There’s no clickbaits, just articles to help you write better.

11. Helping Writers Become Authors

This blog is run by K.M. Weiland , a historical and speculative fiction writer. She’s the author of the award-winning, and internationally-renowned books Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel.

One of the greatest goals for a writer is to have their works published, and that’s what this blog will teach you.

12. The Novelry

The Novelry was founded in 2017 by Louise Dean, a writer regularly published by big publishers like Penguin and Simon & Schuster. With more than 20 years of experience, she’s dedicated to helping her fellow writers succeed in the field.

Aside from the blog, she offers a popular course that can teach you practical tips on becoming a successful novelist.

13. Smart Blogger

Jon Morrow created this blog way back in 2012 and it has since grown to be one of the most popular blogs for content and copy writing. He’s an experienced copywriter with a lot of success to back his claims up. You’d learn a few things just from examining how he writes his articles.

From creating engaging content to learning how to capture your audience, this blog’s a treasure trove for any freelance writer.

14. Men With Pens

James Chartrand , owner and founder of this popular blog, is in fact, a woman. She’s a blogger, copywriter, businesswoman, published author, and instructor who is internationally renowned for her skills and business acumen.

Her blog is an excellent resource for learning more about the art of storytelling and copywriting. Her posts range from grammar to in-depth analyses of the writing field, so you won’t lack interesting reads.

15. Become a Writer Today

Bryan Collins , the man behind this blog, is a fiction and non-fiction writer who currently writes for Forbes. He’s also a copywriter working in the B2B industry.

He blogs about a lot of things: there are posts about reviews, grammar, insights to the writing and publishing industry, copywriting, and many more. He also provides courses that are relevant to the literary field.

Collins is open to contributors, so if you’re looking to build your reputation as a writer, you might want to check out how you can contribute to his blog.

16. Now Novel

Now Novel was created by Bridget and Brendan McNulty and Dagmar Timler to help you create your story. Their blog seeks to simplify and demystify many aspects of the writing craft to help you in your journey.

Their content is suitable for writers of any level, and ranges from worldbuilding to cultivating good writing habits. There’s also an active writing hub to help you connect with fellow writers.

17. Well-Storied

Kristen Kieffer created this blog to help others become successful writers that lead happy writing lives. She writes fantasy fiction as well as resource books like Build Your Best Writing Life .

Her blog features a ton of helpful resources, including tutorials, a podcast, free courses, and a community chat to foster relations with other writers.

18. Shayla Raquel

Shayla Raquel is a seasoned editor, best-selling author, and book marketer. She’s personally edited more than 300 books and written Amazon bestsellers, so she’s more than qualified to talk to you about the writing craft.

Her blog content covers the most basic processes of writing a novel to the final touches of publishing it.

19. Writing Revolt

This is another blog that drips with hilarious and chaotic energy. And it works so well! The owner of this blog, Jorden Roper, is sarcastic, direct to the point, and highly entertaining.

She makes sure that everything she talks about contributes to her reader’s growth in a meaningful way. Her advice on writing is always practical and easy to understand.

While you’re here…

Why don’t you check out more of our blog ? Here at TCK Publishing, we believe in writers. We started out as a small independent publishing company that has since grown to an international level. We’re here to help you achieve a full-time career as a writer.

It’s why we blog about a huge range of writing topics, from non-fiction and fiction, to all major genres and niches. Grammar, practical tips, motivational insights—we’ve got it! And we’re still adding more. We hope our content helps you progress in your writing journey.

What Is the Best Blog for Writers?

There’s no universal “best” when it comes to these things. Because the best writing blog is the one you find most helpful to you!

But every blog surely has something to offer—it’s just a matter of what you’re looking for as a writer. So don’t immediately dismiss any blog you find. Crack it open and take a peek! If you don’t like what’s inside, move on and leave it for someone else who might find it more to their liking.

Do you have a favorite blog that’s not here? Share it in the comments below!

If you enjoyed this post, then you might also like:

Cole Salao

Cole is a blog writer and aspiring novelist. He has a degree in Communications and is an advocate of media and information literacy and responsible media practices. Aside from his interest in technology, crafts, and food, he’s also your typical science fiction and fantasy junkie, spending most of his free time reading through an ever-growing to-be-read list. It’s either that or procrastinating over actually writing his book. Wish him luck!

stumble guys

As a writer, you must consistently read the blogs of other writers. This will help you expand your knowledge and expertise.

Richard E. Jarvis

As a writer you must always follow others writers blogs as well, What it does it helps you to grow your experience more, Good Luck to new bloggers.

Jordan at Now Novel

This is a great list, and thank you for including Now Novel in here, we’ll definitely share this.

Kaelyn Barron

Thanks Jordan, we’re glad you enjoyed Cole’s article!

Len S

Great post! Lots of good advice, in one place to be used as a springboard for someone at the start of their journey.

Thanks Len, so glad you found Cole’s post helpful! :)

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Creative Writing 101: Everything You Need to Get Started

Lindsay Kramer

Creative writing: You can take classes in it, you can earn a degree in it, but the only things you really need to do it are your creative thinking and writing tools. Creative writing is the act of putting your imagination on a page. It’s artistic expression in words; it’s writing without the constraints that come with other kinds of writing like persuasive or expository. 

Write with originality Grammarly helps you refine your word choice Write with Grammarly

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is writing meant to evoke emotion in a reader by communicating a theme. In storytelling (including literature, movies, graphic novels, creative nonfiction, and many video games), the theme is the central meaning the work communicates. 

Take the movie (and the novel upon which it’s based) Jaws , for instance. The story is about a shark that terrorizes a beach community and the men tasked with killing the shark. But the film’s themes include humanity’s desire to control nature, tradition vs. innovation, and how potential profit can drive people in power to make dangerous, even fatal, decisions. 

A theme isn’t the only factor that defines creative writing. Here are other components usually found in creative writing:

Creative writing typically uses literary devices like metaphors and foreshadowing to build a narrative and express the theme, but this isn’t a requirement. Neither is dialogue, though you’ll find it used in most works of fiction. Creative writing doesn’t have to be fictional, either. Dramatized presentations of true stories, memoirs, and observational humor pieces are all types of creative writing. 

What isn’t creative writing?

In contrast, research papers aren’t creative writing. Neither are analytical essays, persuasive essays , or other kinds of academic writing . Similarly, personal and professional communications aren’t considered creative writing—so your emails, social media posts, and official company statements are all firmly in the realm of non-creative writing. These kinds of writing convey messages, but they don’t express themes. Their goals are to inform and educate, and in some cases collect information from, readers. But even though they can evoke emotion in readers, that isn’t their primary goal. 

But what about things like blog posts? Or personal essays? These are broad categories, and specific pieces in these categories can be considered creative writing if they meet the criteria listed above. This blog post, for example, is not a piece of creative writing as it aims to inform, but a blog post that walks its reader through a first-person narrative of an event could be deemed creative writing. 

Types of creative writing

Creative writing comes in many forms. These are the most common:

Novels originated in the eighteenth century . Today, when people think of books, most think of novels. 

A novel is a fictional story that’s generally told in 60,000 to 100,000 words, though they can be as short as 40,000 words or go beyond 100,000. 

Stories that are too short to be novels, but can’t accurately be called short stories, are often referred to as novellas. Generally, a story between 10,000 and 40,000 words is considered a novella. You might also run into the term “ novelette ,” which is used to refer to stories that clock in between 7,500 and 19,000 words. 

Short stories

Short stories are fictional stories that fall generally between 5,000 and 10,000 words. Like novels, they tell complete stories and have at least one character, some sort of conflict, and at least one theme. 

When a story is less than 1,000 words, it’s categorized as a work of flash fiction.

Poetry can be hard to define because as a genre, it’s so open-ended. A poem doesn’t have to be any specific length. It doesn’t have to rhyme. There are many different kinds of poems from cultures all over the world, like sonnets, haikus, sestinas, blank verse, limericks, and free verse. 

The rules of poetry are generally flexible . . . unless you’re writing a specific type of poem, like a haiku, that has specific rules around the number of lines or structure. But while a poem isn’t required to conform to a specific length or formatting, or use perfect grammar , it does need to evoke its reader’s emotions, come from a specific point of view, and express a theme. 

And when you set a poem to music, you’ve got a song. 

Plays, TV scripts, and screenplays

Plays are meant to be performed on stage. Screenplays are meant to be made into films, and TV scripts are meant to be made into television programs. Scripts for videos produced for other platforms fit into this category as well. 

Plays, TV scripts, and screenplays have a lot in common with novels and short stories. They tell stories that evoke emotion and express themes. The difference is that they’re meant to be performed rather than read and as such, they tend to rely much more on dialogue because they don’t have the luxury of lengthy descriptive passages. But scriptwriters have more than just dialogue to work with; writing a play or script also involves writing stage or scene directions.

Each type of script has its own specific formatting requirements. 

Creative nonfiction

Creative nonfiction covers all the kinds of creative writing that aren’t fiction. Here are some examples:

Tips for writing creatively

Give yourself time and space for creative writing.

It’s hard to write a poem during your lunch break or work on your memoir between calls. Don’t make writing more difficult for yourself by trying to squeeze it into your day. Instead, block off time to focus solely on creative writing, ideally in a distraction-free environment like your bedroom or a coffee shop. 

>>Read More: How to Create Your Very Own Writing Retreat

Get to know yourself as a writer

The more you write, the more in tune you’ll become with your strengths and weaknesses as a writer. You’ll identify the kinds of characters, scenes, language, and pieces you like writing best and determine where you struggle the most. Understanding what kind of writer you are can help you decide which kinds of projects to pursue. 

Challenge yourself 

Once you know which kinds of writing you struggle with, do those kinds of writing. If you only focus on what you’re good at, you’ll never grow as a writer. Challenge yourself to write in a different genre or try a completely new type of writing. For example, if you’re a short story writer, give poetry or personal essays a try. 

Need help getting started? Give one (or all!) of these 20 fun writing prompts a try .

Learn from other writers

There are lots of resources out there about creative writing. Read and watch them. If there’s a particular writer whose work you enjoy, seek out interviews with them and personal essays they’ve written about their creative processes. 

>>Read More: How to Be a Master Storyteller—Tips from 5 Experts 

Don’t limit yourself to big-name writers, either. Get involved in online forums, social media groups, and if possible, in-person groups for creative writers. By doing this, you’re positioning yourself to learn from writers from all different walks of life . . . and help other writers, too. 

I wrote something. Where do I go from here?

Give yourself a pat on the back: You did it! You finished a piece of creative writing—something many attempt, but not quite as many achieve. 

What comes next is up to you. You can share it with your friends and family, but you don’t have to. You can post it online or bring it to an in-person writing group for constructive critique. You can even submit it to a literary journal or an agent to potentially have it published, but if you decide to take this route, we recommend working with an editor first to make it as polished as possible. 

Some writers are initially hesitant to share their work with others because they’re afraid their work will be stolen. Although this is a possibility, keep in mind that you automatically hold the copyright for any piece you write. If you’d like, you can apply for copyright protection to give yourself additional legal protection against plagiarizers, but this is by no means a requirement. 

Write with originality

Grammarly can’t help you be more creative, but we can help you hone your writing so your creativity shines as brightly as possible. Once you’ve written your piece, Grammarly can catch any mistakes you made and suggest strong word choices that accurately express your message. 

best blogs of creative writing



Creative Boom

70 of the best blogs and platforms for creative inspiration in 2021

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Many times, we suffer creative block, struggling to figure out what to draw, design, or make next. No matter what our creative field, we all need regular inspiration to help us on our way.

Written by: Katy Cowan

20 September 2021

The web is the perfect playground for exploring and being inspired by an endless range of art, illustration, photography, graphic design, and crafts. But finding those inspiring blogs can be difficult.

That's why we've painstakingly put together the following list of 70 of the best blogs for creative inspiration, so you never need to go elsewhere or waste hours of your precious time scouring the search engines. We've split this list into various creative fields for easy reference.

Please note, we first drafted this resource in 2011, back when blogs ruled the web. We've updated our recommendations for 2021, over a decade later, as some sites have sadly retired or been archived.

1. Aisle One : An inspirational resource focused on graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism. I love the simplicity of this blog, and the things they share are very inspiring. It was last updated in 2017 but its archive still offers plenty of inspiration.

2. Shillington Design Blog : Brought to you by the people at Shillington, an international graphic design college with campuses in the UK, America and Australia, this blog is full of inspiring work, industry insights and people.

3. Abduzeedo : A successful and well-known popular blog about design, including plenty of inspiration and tutorials to support other creatives.

4. MIRADOR : Mirador is the image hunting work of Say What Studio, a graphic design duo based in Paris, France. They curate the most inspirational works out there and share them through this collection of projects.

5. I Love Typography : Just want to pour over fonts and drool at typography? Check out this popular blog showing off all the latest typefaces.

6. Logo Design Love : Stuck on a logo? Want some inspiration to help you out? Check out this blog, showing lots of different logos from around the globe.

7. We Made This : We Made This is brought to you by graphic designer Alistair Hall, sharing other people's inspiring work. Beautifully designed and always refreshing.

8. Graphic Exchange : Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. In 2008 he joined forces with his wife Frédérique to create "Harmonie intérieure", a business and brand that pushes poster and wall sticker design beyond the limits we expect from a commercial undertaking. Fabien also runs the "graphic-exchange" blog, a popular online venue for graphic designers.

9. The Design Blog : Founded, designed and curated by Ena Baćanović - a designer based in Zagreb - Croatia, The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

10. Fonts in Use : It does exactly as you'd expect: shares work that uses fonts you love, offering heaps of inspiration for your next design projects.

11. Grain Edit : Grain edit is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period. It's not been updated for some time but still provides a helpful archive.

12. Pikaland : Quirky, cute and fun – this blog has been going for quite some time and offers everything an illustrator needs, including interesting artwork to drool over and opportunities to collaborate and get involved.

13. Ape on the Moon : Alex Mathers and Philip Dennis are the people behind Ape on the Moon. A hugely popular source of inspiration for illustrators worldwide that went quiet in 2019 but has a trove of illustration work to ponder over.

14. BallPit : A recent newcomer with a simple format: inspiration and interviews with some of the most influential illustrators today.

15. Brown Paper Bag : An interesting blog that celebrates beautiful illustration in creative and clever ways, apparently.

16. Booooooom : This Canadian illustration blog is extremely playful, showcasing surreal and unusual illustration work that exudes creativity and provokes thought. Always worth checking for some indie art and illustration.

17. The AOI : The Association of Illustrators offers a news section where you can keep abreast of all the latest industry news from emerging and established talent.

18. Books By Its Cover : Love book cover illustration? This gorgeous, clean designed blog was created as a way to share a variety of art-related publications.

19. Illustration Age : Illustration Age regularly feature new, inspiring, and sometimes groundbreaking artwork from professional Illustrators all over the world.

20. AIGA Eye on Design : Eye on Design is published by AIGA, the professional association for design, the oldest and largest not-for-profit design organisation in the United States. Here, we recommend its Illustration section.

21. AdGoodness : A blog about advertising and graphic design by designer Frederik Samuel.

22. AdWeek : AdWeek is the leading source of news and insight serving the "brand marketing ecosystem", as it puts it. An essential read.

23. AdPulp : A blog by technologist Shawn Hartley, creative director David Burn and copywriter Dan Goldgeier on a mission to make better communications.

24. AdRants : This site shares advertising and marketing news while following the latest advertising trends.

25. The Ad Buzz : Advertising trends, interviews with leading ad people and tours around advertising agencies.

26. AdAge : One of your daily must-reads if you work in advertising or marketing. Founded in 1930, it continues to deliver award-winning journalism.

27. AdeeVee : Just want to browse through interesting adverts? This blog's for you.

28. Ads of the World : A decent blog that showcases all the latest advertising campaigns, which you can rate and talk about in the website's forum.

29. Adland : A website that gossips and rants about the advertising industry while collecting ads of all media for your reference.

30. Adverbox : Another great advertising blog to browse through for inspiration. I love the layout, and you can even get involved in rating different campaigns.

31. The Big Picture : Inspiring news stories in pictures, created by the picture editors at The Boston Globe in the US.

32. Guardian In Pictures : The Guardian's own popular 'news in pictures' section. And if you download the iPad app, you'll be able to follow 'pro tips', learning how to take similar shots.

33. 500px : An inspiring blog brought to you by photo community, 500px. Expect tips, advice and inspiring work from some of the world's best photographers.

34. iGnant : A creative blog with an inspiring photography section to browse through. They tend to share a lot of 'not safe for work' type stuff, but it's a great site nevertheless.

35. They Shoot Film : They Shoot Film is a photo collective started by two photographers, Patrice Esser (on sabbatical) and Garrick Fujii. They are based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively.

36. One Big Photo : OneBigPhoto is your daily dose of high-quality photos.

37. Ain't Bad Magazine : Aint-Bad Magazine is a quarterly publication that promotes new photographic art. Founded in Savannah, Georgia, by five emerging photographers, the magazine seeks fresh photography and text in support of a progressive community of artists from around the world for our printed publication, a web-based forum, and periodic exhibitions and events.

38. Feature Shoot : Superb magazine based on all kinds of photography – fine art, portraits, documentary, still life... you name it, this is the website to visit daily.

39. Flickr Blog : The companion blog to Flickr, showcasing a huge range of photography from across the globe.

40. PetaPixel : Established in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography. Check it out!

41. Juxtapoz : A beautiful website featuring emerging artists and illustrators, along with the occasional erotic artworks. A must.

42. Contemporary Daily Art : One of the most famous art blogs, offering a real dose of inspiration to art lovers worldwide.

43. Yatzer : Yatzer is a recommended magazine covering all creative fields, but we especially love its arts section. Always reliably inspiring.

44. Arrested Motion : Online magazine providing exclusive worldwide coverage of the low brow, urban and contemporary art scene on the daily.

45. We Heart : We Heart explores the intersections between arts and culture, and lifestyle, living and travel. A great one to add to your reading list.

46. Beautiful/Decay : A former printed publication that now has an online home, sharing the same exciting content that made Beautiful/Decay a widely loved and revered creative bible.

47. My Modern Met : My Modern Met is where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas, established in 2008.

48. Colossal : Launched in 2010, Colossal is a Webby-nominated blog that explores art and other aspects of visual culture. And it's bloomin' lovely.

49. Hi-Fructose : Hi-Fructose is a quarterly print art magazine founded by artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. Its online version is always worth a visit.

50. Aesthetica : A respected print and online magazine covering art, design, photography, architecture, music and film.

Interior Design

51. Design Milk : Renowned for its design insight into architecture and interiors, this classic blog began life in 2006 and has continued to evolve and inspire ever since.

52. Apartment Therapy : An American blog that covers just about anything and everything to do with interior design - an online bible for interior designers.

53. Design Hunter : A destination for those in search of "understated minimal style, everyday luxury and enduring modern design". Founded by interiors writer and stylist Helen Powell in 2009.

54. Mad About The House : Interior design lushness from Kate Watson-Smyth, a journalist and stylist who writes for The Financial Times, The Independent and Daily Mail.

55. The Design Files : The Design Files covers Australian design in all its forms; from architecture and interiors to gardens, food, fine art and craft.

56. The Selby : Todd Selby is a photographer, director, author and illustrator. His project, The Selby, offers an insider's view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail.

57. The Fabric of My Life : A London interior stylist shares interesting images for inspiration.

58. Desire to Inspire : This is interior design heaven and up there with the very best blogs for inspiration. A must-read.

59. Decor8 : One of our favourite interior design blogs, written by an American living in Germany.

60. Habitually Chic : Since its inception in 2007, interior designer Heather Clawson and her famous blog Habitually Chic have been featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Domino, Lonny, Fast Company, and Amica magazines.

Additional Creative Reading

61. Ideas by TED : "Explore ideas worth spreading" reads the description on TED's popular blog. Learn how to get better at receiving feedback or how to make others feel more valued at work, or simply be inspired by some of its latest talks.

62. Fast Company : Some gems can be found in the Fast Company's varied content, particularly for those amongst us who run creative businesses. A recent design update has refreshed the entire site and made browsing a delight.

63. Dribbble : We always enjoy a dip into Dribbble's blog where you can discover tips and ideas around creativity. One recent article covered tips on winning freelance graphic design jobs while another looked at the online mistakes that could cost you your work. One for the bookmarks.

64. Sidebar : Not so much a blog in its own right, more a curation platform bringing some of the best content from around the web, Sidebar is especially helpful for designers.

65. Andy Budd : Some insightful stuff from designer Andy Budd to help you keep informed of the latest trends and developments in the ever-changing design industry.

66. Darius Foroux : Intelligent writing from Darius Foroux, who loves to cover productivity, business, and wealth-building – all the good stuff.

67. The Spaces : A platform that explores new ways to live and work – just the sort of thing we creatives love. It's about digging deeper into the rich urban fabric of cities across the world and what the future holds for all of us.

68. Courier : Predominantly a print magazine, Courier does offer some online content that is well researched and written to help a "new generation of young entrepreneurs work and live on your own terms". Prepare to feel inspired.

69. Zen Habits : Leo Babauta brings us a regular dose of zen via his blog with articles that teach us to find a healthier, more balanced life.

70. Google Design : Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google. Here you'll find content that showcases its work but also champions innovators in the field.

Sleep by Murugiah

by Murugiah

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best blogs of creative writing

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best blogs of creative writing

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best blogs of creative writing

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The 12 Best Creative Writing Blogs to Master the Craft of Creative Writing

Content Marketing

April 5, 2021

Best Creative Writing Blogs to Master the Craft of Creative Writing

Are you looking to improve your creative writing skills but overwhelmed with the seemingly endless blogging sites? There are an estimated 2 million blog posts written everyday; navigating that amount of content can be intimidating. Whether you’re a writing professional or an aspiring first-time author, whether your interest is in historical fiction or short stories, there are several great blogging options available that will cater to your specific needs.

One resource, , is an excellent resource for finding the right blog for your project. It’sreviewed, compared, and ranked over 180 writing blogs. The finalists include handy writing guides such as JK Rowling’s 8 Rules of Writing , How to Overcome Writer’s Block: 14 Tricks That Work , and Lies Writers Believe That are Holding Them Back .

But we also have our own picks that will aid any non-fiction or fiction writer. Here are 12 creative writing blogs to help you through the writing process:

1. Writing Forward is  a creative writing blog with loads of useful information. This site is clear and easy to use. It encourages you to get outside your comfort zone with emphasis on character development, poetry tips, and more.

Frequency: Two posts/month.

2. This Itch Of Writing is a blog by novelist Emma Darwin. Darwin focuses on perseverance in creative fiction and non-fiction, as well as writing your first novel. She gives valuable advice on dealing with your own inner critic and getting your work out there.

Frequency: 15 posts/year.

3. Writer’s Fun Zone aims to “make book writing and marketing fun instead of intimidating.” It caters to both first-time and seasoned authors of fiction and non-fiction. WFZ introduces you to aspiring and published authors who give advice on everything from character development to marketing your first novel.

Frequency: Three posts/week.

4. Creative Writing News’ goal is to “support and guide everyone who is trying to earn money from writing.” This site opens up and presents the writer with a variety of publishing opportunities from dark fantasy to comedy. CWN offers free writing workshops, literary events, writing courses, job opportunities, and more.

Frequency: Three posts/week.

5. WriteByNight is a writer service “dedicated to helping you achieve your creative potential.” It offers do-it-yourself resources for writers as well as professional coaching, manuscript consultation, and publishing advice in all genres.

Frequency: Two posts/month.

you achieve your creative potential

6. Write to Done ,  curated by chief editor Mary Jaksch, creates content on a range of topics, including how to become a successful blogger and finding the right literary agent for your specific needs. The site offers articles on virtual book club opportunities, tips on how to create a book outline in less than an hour, and how to write more efficiently and make more money. Plus, chose this site as their number one creative writing blog.

Be sure to check out

7. Live Write Thrive , run by Susanne Lakin, offers relevant content and helpful tips for the first-time writer. Lakin is a soft place to land for aspiring writers looking for guidance and support. Blog posts on topics such as How to Launch a Book During a PandemicandHow to Write When the World has Broken Your Heart seem particularly relevant and at the core of why we write at all.

8. Writers in the Storm has offered advice and support to writers since 2010. The blog is maintained and supported by a group of seasoned writers who aim to help new and experienced authors weather the storm of the writing world and navigate the paradigm shift in the publishing industry. They offer thoughtful and in-depth articles on subjects such as character development in the novel and Why Don’t Best Sellers Use Deep Point of View?  

9. Helping Writers Become Authors is authoredby K.M. Weiland, who’swon awardsfor writing guides such as Structuring Your Novel and Creating Character Arcs. Since 2007, Weiland’s site has aimed to mentor writers who have great ideas but need help organizing broader story principles. The site also offers live workshops and webinars. When you sign up for her blog, you’ll receive her free e-book, Crafting Unforgettable Characters.

10. Joanna Penn explores how to make money being a writer. The New York Times and USA Today best-selling author presents herself as a writer who’s made many mistakes. She aims to make the publishing process less intimidating for emerging writers through the telling of her own journey. Penn also offers resources such podcasts, DIY guides to publishing, tutorials, and everything else you need to become a successful author/entrepreneur.

11. Write It Sideways , founded by Suzannah Windsor, is concise and user-friendly for aspiring writers.  With a collection of over 390 articles written by those who have gone before, Windsor offers a platform for every genre and writer. Articles explore the art of bringing love relationships to life to finding the zeitgeist of the past in historical fiction. There’s also information and advice on free courses and webinars.

12. offers the unique and experienced insights of a 21-time New York Times best-selling author. Jenkins, one of the most commercially successful writers of our time, offers three free guides that focus on areas writers typically struggle with: How to Maximize Your Time, The Ultimate Self-Editing Checklist, and 5 Online Resources Every Serious Author Needs.

These days, becoming a published author is filled with new challenges. These websites can help you target your audience and get your work noticed in an ever-changing publishing environment. Whatever your goal is, these links provide something useful for any new or seasoned writer. Good luck!

Get a FREE consultation .

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10 Terrific Creative Writing Blogs

' src=

If you know Copyblogger, you know that we believe in writers .

Which is why we always look forward to the results from the “Ten Best Blogs for Writers” each year — a contest currently being produced by the blog Write to Done .

If you want to become a better writer yourself, it’s smart to study writers with strong voices, to learn about the craft of writing, and to spend time with others who share your obsession.

You can do all of that and more by checking out this year’s winners.

Congratulations to all the winners, but we’d like to give a special shout-out to our own Copyblogger guest writer Jeff Goins.

Jeff Goins Writer Jeff writes about the process of becoming a professional writer, including what it takes to get published and how to succeed at the creative life without losing your marbles.

The Write Practice Joe Bunting and Liz Bureman focus on one of my own favorite success factors — deliberate practice . Any writer will get a lot out of this creativity-boosting site.

Jane Friedman Media professor and speaker Jane Friedman focuses on how technology affects us as writers, marketers, and people.

The Creative Penn Once again, Joanna Penn makes the Top Ten list with her popular blog on writing, publishing, and book promotion.

The Bookshelf Muse Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi offer a warm and friendly take on the craft of writing, social networking for writers, and more.

Romance University A fascinating site run by a writing team to help romance writers “establish and advance their careers, introducing readers to a variety of authors, and delving into the ever-inscrutable male mind.” Worth a look for any writer, not just those in genre fiction.

Courage to Create Ollin Morales makes the list again with his passionate, creative blog about his own journey as a novelist.

terribleminds Novelist and screenwriter Chuck Wendig offers advice, information, and attitude in equal measure.

The Artist’s Road Patrick Ross’s career has taken him from journalism and communications consulting back to the creative life. He describes his blog as “an ongoing conversation among the blog’s author and its readers regarding the challenges and rewards of pursuing an art-committed life.”

WordPlay WordPlay’s tagline is “helping writers become authors,” which shows that fiction writer K.M. Weiland doesn’t just know creative writing, she also understands how to put a benefit in the headline. She offers lots of advice for fiction writers to improve their craft and create publishable work, as well as reading guides and other material for readers.

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners! (You can find the finalists on the Write to Done site.) Thanks for consistently putting your passion into words.

By the way, we couldn’t help but notice that there’s not a single blog on this list that’s primarily dedicated to copywriting. We love our creative writing colleagues, but we also love the brilliant copywriters and content marketers out there. So look for our own list of a few favorite copywriting and content marketing blogs coming later this week.

I’d love to get your input … what’s your “vote” for a terrific copywriting or content marketing blog that should make our list? Let us know about it in the comments.

About the Author: Sonia Simone is co-founder and CMO of Copyblogger Media. Share your favorite writing resources with her on twitter .

' src=

Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone was a founding partner of Copyblogger Media. These days, she helps content writers become fiercely creative and insanely productive. Check out her brand-new free report on 7 Things Prolific Writers Do Differently -- written especially for content writers.

Reader Interactions

Reader comments (68).

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 6:56 am

let me be the first to cast a vote for Justin Plambert over at

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 11:02 am

Thanks Hashim!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 7:58 am

I would have to put a vote in for Chris Abraham and Conversation Agent.

Awesome, thanks. 🙂

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 8:00 am

I really appreciate this post. I’ve been writing since early 2001 but I struggle to be creative at times so hopefully checking out some of these will offer up some nice tips on how to get my creative juices lfowing more often. 🙂

' src=

I have enjoyed Jeff Goins for a long time now, and am really happy to see him get some love from Write to Done. Awesome job!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 9:27 pm

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 8:26 am

Thanks for posting these results, Sonia. We are so thrilled to have made the list this year and to be surrounded by such amazing blogs. I’m glad Jeff is right there on the top, too. He’s a great guy and well deserving of the reward.

January 3, 2012 at 9:28 pm

thanks, man. the feeling is mutual.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 9:12 am

At the risk of being immodest, please check out my site, . It’s devoted to fashion, beauty, health and fitness for ageless women and is quite well written, if I do say so myself. I’m a fashion and beauty writer/editor from the world of print media. Hope you’ll consider my site well written, informative and fun to visit. Thanks for checking it out – and thank you for bringing the winning sites to my attention.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 9:57 am

Thanks for this list. I can’t wait to start exploring these sites. Happy New Year!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 10:15 am

Super list!

Reading top shelf writers has improved my writing more than any other practice. Really helpful stuff here, thanks for sharing.

January 3, 2012 at 10:32 am

Thanks for the love, Sonia. I can honestly say that without what I’ve learned from Copyblogger I wouldn’t have been able to pull off in 2011. This community is a gift to me and so many other writers. Thanks for your generosity.

January 3, 2012 at 11:03 am

Great to see everything you’re doing, Jeff. 🙂

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 3:29 pm

I’m dragging him to Blog World this year so we can all meet him. 😉

sounds like a plan.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 10:55 am

Very nice selection here. I’d also suggest John August’s blog for anyone interested in screenwriting, though it’s also a great resource for creativity in general:

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 11:37 am

One day I will be in that list. Until then I’m got loads more things to read. Get post and I wish you all the best for 2012

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 11:40 am

Been following Jeff this year and it’s been great to see and consume what he’s been publishing.

Congrats to everyone on the list! Off to check out a few of the others that I haven’t been following already…

January 3, 2012 at 12:46 pm

thanks, Ricardo. Appreciate you.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 11:46 am

Great stuff, thanks

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 11:52 am

Great timing with this blog post, I’ve just started writing a novel and these blogs will give me lots of support 🙂

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Wow! This is a useful list! I’ll definitely have to look through these links in order to be able to maximize my writing! Thanks for posting the list for us to look through, it’ll definitely help us improve our writings for the future!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 12:16 pm

My top vote(s) for fantastic copywriting bloggers goes to:

Michel Fortin – when I first came online years ago, I appreciated his level of info and strength of voice. Walking through his archives is a real treat!

John Carlton – So I can do without the … that shows up all over his writing, but he’s one genius cookie when it comes to sales copywriting.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 1:12 pm

I’d also suggest I Should Be Writing by Mur Lafferty –

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 4:02 pm

Mur has a great podcast for ‘wannabe fiction’ writers which is definitely a must-listen. Her take on “it’s ok to suck” helped me write my first novel. I also recommend Writing Excuses podcast, again, for fiction writers.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Love this! I’m always looking for some tips/tricks from experts in the creative writing field. Thanks for posting this!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 1:31 pm

It is refreshing to see all these new faces this year. I am very excited about checking their blogs out. A huge congrats to all the winners!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 3:23 pm

I’m not yet familiar with any of the winners, and surprised that only one Copyblogger writer (Congratulations Jeff Goins), is among them. ‘Write to Done’ seems to have overlooked several other writers, including Sonia Simone, Brian Clark, James Chartrand, Jon Morrow, Sean Platt and Johnny Truant. Believe me, I’m not being paid to write this. 🙂

January 3, 2012 at 9:31 pm

thanks, Gordon.

January 4, 2012 at 3:34 pm

Their focus seems to be moving strongly away from writing that gets clients, and toward creative self-expression. Which is great, but I miss the old list that had a mix.

January 3, 2012 at 4:01 pm

Thanks so much for posting this Sonia, I’m honoured to be on the list as (I think) the only Brit 🙂 In terms of other great resources, Joe Konrath’s blog is great for indie publishing, especially fiction and Seth Godin is posting about publishing at The Domino Project blog separately from his main blog If you like video interviews and publishing specifics, check out Dan Blank’s We Grow Media Thanks, Joanna

agreed. especially on the Domino Project.

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Great list. I’d have to add Carol Tice at . She’s always got lots of great advice for writers.

' src=

January 5, 2012 at 2:12 pm

Thanks for the mention, Emma!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 5:35 pm

Great list, I wasnt following all of these… But now I am Thanks X

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 6:19 pm

I’d like to add copywriter Ben Settle to the list at . He is what you might call “different” from the norm and that’s why I like him, plus he is a fantastic copywriter. His blog has audio interviews and really helpful and insightful (and often funny) blog posts. For instance, his latest post is called “How to Stick Out In The Inbox Like A Fart In Study Hall. You can find it at .

Hilarious (and interesting).

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Hmm, i already subscribe to half the list ~ looking forward to checking out the rest. Thanks!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 7:17 pm

This list is great! I’ve been searching for creative-writing blogs for some time, and I’m anxious to check out these sites! Thanks for the list!

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 7:44 pm

Thank you, Sonia! For posting this list. It was an honor to be featured on the list for the second year in a row, and an honor to be listed among some fantastic blogs. Congrats to everyone!

Secondly, congrats to the finalists and the nominated blogs. I encourage everyone here to check out the finalists and the blogs that were nominated. It was a stellar group this year, truly outstanding.

Also, special thanks to Sonia, Brian, Jon and the rest of the Copyblogger team. Your articles are invaluable to EVERY kind of writer and they have been certainly invaluable to me. Thank you for all the hard work and thought you’ve put into the articles you feature on Copyblogger. Hope you all have a great New Year! This made my day! 🙂

January 4, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Thanks so much, Ollin! Congrats once again. 🙂

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 8:19 pm

Thanks so much for the shout out. Christmas came early for Angela and me when the list came out and we found ourselves in such good company. And now, to have it tooted on Copyblogger. So awesome. Thanks again!

Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 8:27 pm

Yes, do check out the finalists. Like Ollin Morales said, they are a stellar bunch!

*hint hint, nudge nudge*

' src=

January 3, 2012 at 9:47 pm

Wow, nobody has mentioned The Middle Finger Project for best copywriting blog? Ash Ambirge definitely gets my vote.

Thanks for this great list, Sonia! I’m looking forward to following all these new blogs. 🙂

' src=

January 4, 2012 at 6:00 am

Thanks for the Great list. I am so looking forward to learning so much more. Please keep the Good Oil coming. Apparently the Squeaky Wheel gets the Oil….I’m Squeaking. Cheers.

' src=

January 4, 2012 at 10:30 am

I’m surprised that no one (at least not that I saw) mentioned Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO Copywriting blog: .

Heather’s blog tackles not only SEO-specific copywriting topics, but also direct marketing writing tips and so much more. I highly recommend this blog! Thanks.

' src=

January 4, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Thanks for mentioning Heather Lloyd-Martin’s blog, Amy…I was just about to do the same thing. is a global authority on content marketing and chock-full of information and updates on what’s happening with Google, how-to’s for persuasive writing and the latest information needed to get the job done for copywriting clients. It’s a living textbook that I wouldn’t be without.

January 4, 2012 at 3:36 pm

Awesome, I’m checking all of these out, thanks everyone for the great suggestions.

' src=

January 4, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Definitely going to start following these! My writing focus is now much more business-related (…such is what happens when you go into conversion copywriting), but I love to write creatively and these seem like great resources. Allowing the creative juices to flow also ultimately helps bettering my writing across the board – this has just inspired me to get back into it!

Thanks again for this. 🙂

' src=

January 5, 2012 at 12:20 am

Thanks for mentioning The Bookshelf Muse. Becca and I were bowled over to be grouped with all these amazing blogs. We’re just happy to do something to give back, because the writing community is so fantastic about sharing knowledge and we’ve benefited in so many ways. Here’s to 2012 being another great year for everyone!

Angela @The Bookshelf Muse

' src=

January 5, 2012 at 6:37 am

Can someone please tell me that is that list rank based? I also posted the same question on Write To Done but nobody replied. 🙁

January 5, 2012 at 7:20 am

Hi Farhan, If you mean ‘how’ were they ranked or chosen – the description is on Write To Done as per below:

How were the finalists selected? 1) Initial qualification: A site must have been nominated more than once by multiple individuals. If someone nominated more than one blog, only the first nomination was counted. Valid nominations needed to include the URL and give a reason why the nominated blog should be considered. 2) Contest criteria: In order to be considered, a blog needed to be a writing blog. In order to qualify, at least 5 out of the 10 posts written prior 22 November 2011 (when the call for nominations went out) needed to be about writing and not not about freelancing, business, publishing, etc. 3) Blog-based analysis: Factors taken into account included: Frequency of posts: the blogging frequency accounted for 15% of the total score; Reader involvement: comment numbers per posts accounted for 15% of the total score. The number of nominations accounted for 15% of the total score. These three blog-based factors make up 45% of the final score. 4) Quality of posts: Educational, useful, engaging, and discussion-creating posts were rated higher than self-promotional posts. The quality of posts accounts for 55% of the final score.

There was no ranking of the final Top 10 or at least no indication of ranking as there was the previous year.

In the context of other comments about the missing quality blogs, #2 is the key factor i.e. not about freelancing, business, publishing. Thanks, Joanna

January 5, 2012 at 11:29 am

Thanks Joanna.

The list on Write To Done is not in alphabetical order so I thought that maybe it was listed on the basis of ranks. But ya they are not informing us about it explicitly.

By the way I was genuinely not surprised that your blog made into the list again.

January 5, 2012 at 11:38 am

Thanks Farhan, I appreciate that 🙂 although since I write a lot about marketing books as well, I think it luck I made the cut on blog posts!

January 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm

I think your regular videos and podcasts make you stand out of the crowd.

The Write To Done judges would know better, of course.

' src=

April 15, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Thank you for all the great information. Steve

' src=

July 12, 2012 at 8:29 am

From my first view I really liked ‘Courage to Create’ from your list. I’ll get back to you with my favorite after I’ll take a closer look.

Really appreciate this post. Thanks. 🙂

' src=

September 8, 2012 at 8:41 am

Hey am I allowed to vote for myself? I write a regular blog on creativity training and writing and the mechanism of ideas over at and I’d be delighted and grateful if you’d consider clicking over there and giving me some feedback. LOVE the blog, and thank you.

September 8, 2012 at 8:42 am

Joanna Penn is a writing god by the way, have you read her books? Fabulous thrillers, can’t wait for the next one.

' src=

September 18, 2012 at 11:10 am

An interesting list, but is it not true that most successful writers are not taught, they just write, and they break many of the supposed rules given out on creative writing courses too?

September 18, 2012 at 11:21 am

Hi Andrew, It’s interesting. I actually used to believe that 100%. However, since then I’ve learned that almost every writer has had some kind of a coach, some kind of training. Hemingway, for example, had the Kansas City Star and then Gertrude Stein and then the great Max Perkins to guide him. A more recent example, David Foster Wallace, studied under Marilynne Robinson and then got his MFA at UofA. The truth is that more writers than not had some kind of coach, whether that coach is a parent, a teacher, an editor, or all of the above. It’s very difficult for a writer to grow up in a vacuum.

' src=

November 20, 2012 at 12:58 pm

I’m amazed that Larry Brooks’ didn’t make this list. One of my favorite writing blogs. Larry updates regularly and often has amazing posts. And I don’t know the guy, just love his site.

' src=

November 27, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Trying to get my content out there, I’d love for a visit from you all! Thanks in advance.

' src=

December 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm

Very useful list here, I am a big fan of Courage to Create. Some other good ones to check out are and , I use these daily to improve my writing and find publishing resources.

' src=

December 28, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Check out this blog. It’s creative, funny, witty, about music, but writing with a distinctive voice and a profound sense of humor:

This article's comments are closed.

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3. The Write Practice

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4. Jeff Goins

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5. Helping Writers Become Authors

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6. The Write Life

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7. Daily Writing Tips

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Business writing blog.

Business Writing Blog About - I'm Lynn Gaertner-Johnston, founder of Syntax Training in Seattle, Washington, and a fan of business writing. Right now, my profession and passion are one and the same: teaching business writing, and teaching it well.

Christian Writing Blog

Christian Bookaholic | Christian Book Reviews About - Christian Bookaholic is a site mainly for reviews of books. I undertake blog tours for authors and publishing houses in both the UK and America.

Content Writing Blog

Content Writers Blog About - At ContentWriters, our mission is to empower you to focus on yours. We craft your message through high-quality content from knowledgeable and passionate writers - hand-picked for your project.

Creative Writing Blog

GrubStreet About - Creative Writing blog by Grub Street, one of the nation's leading creative writing centers. We believe that narrative transforms lives, builds bridges, and produces empathy.

Crime Writing Blog

Criminal Element About - Criminal Element is a community website featuring daily content for fans of the crime and mystery genres in all of their forms.

Email Writing Blog

Business Email Etiquette About - Business E-mail Discussions, Tips and Proper Practices.

English Writing Blog About - is an online language school that offers English lessons via Skype or by phone. It has helped thousands of people around the world to improve their English.

Essay Writing Blog

Custom Writing About - We are a high quality writing service established in 2005. We are dedicated to providing customized, authentic papers to our clients in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia and other countries of the world.

Fantasy Writing Blog

Best Fantasy Books | Reviews, Discussions, and Giveaways About - is your number one source for fantasy and science fiction recommendations -- books, comics, anime, movies, and games.

Fiction Writing Blog

Fictionophile About - Fiction reviews, author interviews, fiction, bookworm, books, reviewer, bookblogger.

Food Writing Blog

Dianne Jacob | Will Write For Food About - My blog is aimed at food writers and bloggers. Established in 2009, it covers trends, issues, and techniques. The New York Times, Publishers’ Weekly, Chow, Eater, BlogHer, have linked to my posts.

Freelance Writing Blog

Freelance Writing About - Freelance Writing Jobs is a leading network and community for freelance writers.Freelance writing resources, jobs, gigs and advice.

Funny Writing Blog

Comedy Writing Blog About - Info on how to add humor to your communications – whether you’re speaking in front of group or writing something for people to read, you can be funnier.

Inspirational Writing Blog

Marie Forleo About - Through our free content, our paid online training programs and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to make a difference. To help you build a life that you truly love. A life that is one of a kind, unique and brilliantly tailored for you.

Legal Writing Blog

Legal Writing Prof Blog About - Law Professor Blogs, LLC is the nation's only network of legal blogs edited primarily by law professors, deans, and lawyers.

Letter Writing Blog

Letter Writers Alliance About - In this era of instantaneous communication, a handwritten letter is a rare and wondrous item. The Letter Writers Alliance is dedicated to preserving this art form.

Medical Writing Blog

Cognibrain - Medical Writing and Medical Communication About - Cognibrain is an expert provider of medical writing and medical communication services. We also offer medical manuscript writing, scientific, medical editing and research publication services.

Mystery Writing Blog

The Strand Mystery Magazine » Writing Tips About - Want the best in mysteries? Look to The Strand Mystery Magazine. Each issue delivers stories of mystery and suspense by some of today's leading mystery writers.

Nature Writing Blog

Human Nature About - This blog is written by a diverse group of passionate people who believe in CI’s mission to safeguard nature’s critical services for the well-being of all of us.

Novel Writing Blog

Now Novel | Novel writing blog About - Now Novel's mission is simple: to get you to stop making excuses and start writing your novel. We have all the necessary tools to get you to reach your goal in the time you set to complete it.

Resume Writing Blog

Great Resumes Fast About - Resume writing tips from certified resume writers and personal branding professionals. Blog by Award-Winning Executive Resume Writer Jessica H Hernandez.

Screenwriting Blog

Script Magazine About - Script has been the leading source for information on the craft and business of writing for film and television for over 15 years. With inside information, articles written by working writers and filmmakers, and in-depth interviews, Script is the resource on every scriptwriter’s must-read list.

Short Story Writing Blog

Every Writer About - EWR: Short Stories is a site of short stories from authors old and new.

Songwriting Blog

Song Town | Songwriting Community About - SongTown provides a creative community of potential co-writers, world-class pro mentors, and a support system to inspire and guide your progress.

Story Writing Blog

One Story Blog About - One Story is an award-winning, not-for-profit literary publisher committed to supporting the art form of the short story and the authors who write them—through One Story, One Teen Story, education, community, and mentorship.

Travel Writing Blog

Rick Steves' Travel Blog About - I'm sharing my travel experiences, candid opinions and what's on my mind.

Web Writing Blog

Web Writing Advice About - I create SEO web marketing content such as blog posts, social media updates, white papers, online articles, e-books, original photography and static web page text.

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best blogs of creative writing

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Ogi Djuraskovic

We’ve created this article with a simple mission, to share with new bloggers some examples of successful and popular blogs on the web. 

Hopefully, these niche blog examples will motivate you to start your own blog .  

The best blogs share similar properties that make them successful: 

However, the quality of the content itself is sometimes not enough, meaning that most popular blogs also pay attention to design.

If you’re looking for the best blog examples to inspire you, you’re on the right page. We have covered a wide variety of top personal blogs and sorted them by niches. Read on!

52 examples of the most popular personal blogs in different niches

We chose some of the most currently popular niches and selected several blog examples for each niche. We researched every blog to learn more about CMS’es and the themes that they’re using.

Finally, we included the sources of income for every blog, which can help you to understand how blogs make money .

This list should inspire you to create your own personal blog in a niche that you are passionate about. This is an opportunity to learn from the best in the online business .

If you feel like your blog deserves to be on this list, contact us .

Best lifestyle blog examples

Best mom blog examples, best health and fitness blog examples, best food blog examples, best fashion blog examples, best travel blog examples.

Best eco and green blog examples

Best relationship blog examples, best education and career blog examples, best diy blog examples, best photography blog examples, best marketing and social media blog examples.

Best lifestyle blog examples

1. Apartment Therapy Apartment Therapy is a blog focusing on interior design. It was launched by Maxwell Ryan in 2001. Ryan is an interior designer who turned to blogging (using the moniker “the apartment therapist”). The blog has reached 20 million followers and has expanded into a full-scale media company.

Main topics covered: Lifestyle and interior design, design tips, DIY how-tos, shopping guides. Built with: Next.js The main source of income: product sales, affiliate links

2. Say Yes Say Yes is an award-winning blog created by Liz Stanley in 2006. Although it could be classified as a mom blog as well, since Liz is a mother of three, it goes beyond that, offering useful advice about other topics, including food, and travel.

Main topics covered: Family, travel, food, lifestyle, DIY Built with: WordPress – custom theme The main source of income: sponsored articles, affiliate links, social media

3. Bright Bazaar Bright Bazaar was created by Will Taylor, a journalist-turned-interior designer in 2009. Apart from wonderful home tours and design findings, Will shares other exciting details about his lifestyle, including his outfits, recipes, and life in New York City.

Main topics covered: Interior design, fashion, food, NYC life, travel Built with: CheerUp Child (WordPress theme) The main source of income: affiliate links, book sales

4. A Cup of Jo A weekend hobby for Joanna Goddard turned into a full-time job. She started A Cup of Jo in 2007 and became a superstar lifestyle blogger. In fact, the site is barely a personal blog anymore, as Jo now has a team of professional writers who share her interests, such as style, design, food, and motherhood.

Main topics covered: Style, design, food, motherhood, travel, relationships Built with: A Cup of Jo (custom WordPress theme designed for this site) The main source of income: product sales, affiliate links

Best mom blog examples

5. Megan the Vegan Mom Megan, the founder of “Megan the Vegan Mom”, blogs about her daily life as a vegan mom. She is a strong advocate of veganism as a former veterinarian who shares an immense love for pets. Along with topics about motherhood, Megan likes to write about parties, lifestyle, and fashion.

Main topics covered: Vegan parenting, vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, lifestyle. Built with: Squarespace The main source of income: affiliate links, sponsorships

6. Rookie Moms Rookie Moms focuses on various products and activities for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Like the name says, the site is aimed at new moms who don’t have much experience with parenthood.

Main topics covered: baby gear, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, mom life Built with: Pretty Lifestyle (WordPress theme) The main source of income: product sales

7. Tech Savvy Mama Tech Savvy Mama was founded in 2008 by former teacher and technology specialist Leticia Barr, who also happens to be a mother of two. She mostly focuses on aspects of parenting that are related to the digital age and technological development.

Main topics covered: technology, lifestyle, education, causes, gift guides Built with: Foodie Pro (WordPress theme) The main source of income: affiliate links, product sales

8. At Home With Natalie Natalie is a lifestyle blogger from North Carolina. More importantly, she is a mother of six, meaning that she has a lot of parenthood experience that she likes to share. Her blog is also an eCommerce site where you can shop for various Etsy products, courses, and books.

Main topics covered: motherhood, party themes, DIY projects, recipes Built with: Redwood (WordPress theme) The main source of income: product sales, brand collaborations

Best health and fitness blog examples

9. My Fitness Pal My Fitness Pal is an online platform that helps people lose weight. The site also offers a great set of mobile apps that allow users to keep track of their weight, exercise regularly, and more. The site also has a lively blog section where users can learn more about all things related to fitness.

Main topics covered: weight loss, fitness, nutrition, recipes, inspiration Built with: WordPress, custom theme by Matthew Woodard The main source of income: product and subscription sales

10. Nerd Fitness This site targets “nerds, misfits and mutants,” and helps them to get in shape through home workouts and private coaching. Nerd Fitness has 25 team members led by Jim Bathurst, an award-winning personal trainer. The site also comes with an educational blog where you can learn more about working out.

Main topics covered: weight loss, working out Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: products and subscription sales

11. Love Sweat Fitness Created in 2014 by Katie Dunlop, LSF focuses on providing fitness services to women. The site also features an app with fitness plans, workout plans, and more. There’s also a blog section where you can read more about fitness, nutrition, and participate in the community of LSF members.

Main topics covered: lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, travel Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: product sales, subscription sales

12. Fit Bottomed Girls Fit Bottomed Girls started as a blog in 2008, only to expand into other mediums, including a book, a podcast, and more. This blog nurtures body positivity, and it was founded by two certified fitness professionals — Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour.

Main topics covered: fitness, motherhood, food, philosophy Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: coaching, ads

Best food blog examples

13. Smitten Kitchen Smitten Kitchen is an award-winning blog by Deb Perelman. The blog revolves around one place — Deb’s kitchen, where she experiments and comes up with unique recipes that she shares with the world. Her site has a nice feature called “Surprise me!” where a random recipe is suggested. Great for people wondering what to eat!

Main topics covered: recipes, food, travel Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: ads, book sales

14. Rainbow Plant Life Nisha was a lawyer who wanted to focus on her other interests, so she decided to start a blog where she shares all kinds of vegan recipes. Apart from this successful blog, Nisha also boasts more than 400,000 followers on social media (including her YouTube channel).

Main topics covered: recipes, food, photography, lifestyle Built with: Squarespace The main source of income: ads, product sales

15. Our Food Stories Laura Muthesius and Nora Eisermann decided to start a blog after Laura discovered her food allergies. That’s why Our Food Stories features plenty of innovative recipes. The Berlin-based duo mixed their passions (food styling and photography) to make a successful and original food blog.

Main topics covered: recipes, travel, interior design Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: book sales, sponsorships, ads

16. Cookie and Kate Named after Kate’s dog Cookie, the popular food blog features vegetarian recipes. Kate decided to pursue her passion for food in 2010 when she started her blog. The recipes are divided into several categories, making her blog very intuitive. She also wrote a cookbook that you can purchase on her site!

Main topics covered: recipes Built with: Magazine Pro (WordPress theme) The main source of income: ads, book sales

Best fashion blog examples

17. Sincerely Jules Sincerely Jules was created in 2009 when Jules started writing inspirational posts, daily thoughts, and more. However, she became famous for sharing her fashion ideas, turning her blog into a top international fashion sensation. Jules is now one of the leading influencers in the fashion industry.

Main topics covered: fashion, lifestyle Built with: Sage Starter (WordPress theme) The main source of income: product sales

18. Color me Courtney Courtney Quinn is a fashion and makeup blogger from NYC. She shares her colorful world in her blog called Color Me Courtney, where you can also find various makeup tutorials, lifestyle posts, and more.

Main topics covered: fashion, makeup, lifestyle, travel Built with: WordPress (custom theme) Main source of income: product sales

19. Camila Coelho Camila Coelho is a Brazilian travel and fashion blogger (her blog is in English as well). She is the founder of Elaluz perfumes and the Camila Coelho collection.

Main topics covered: fashion, beauty, travel, wellness Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: affiliate links, product sales

20. Style and Error Style & Error is a men’s fashion blog by Thomas Stubbs, a famous stylist, editor, and writer. Apart from his blog, he also works as a Fashion Editor with British GQ and is an Editor at Large for The Rake magazine. Also, Stubbs is the main man behind the styles of many male celebrities.

Main topics covered: fashion for men Built with: Squarespace The main source of income: stylist for celebrities

Best travel blog examples

21. PS I’m on my way Trisha is a Philippines-born blogger who shares her adventures from travels around the globe. Being a digital nomad, she always has an interesting story to tell or impressions to share about various places. Moreover, the blog has useful information for people who want to travel, including posts about visas, travel budgets, solo travel, and more.

Main topics covered: travel, living abroad, female wellness Built with: Wanderland (WordPress theme) Main source of income: travel coaching, travel courses, retreat sales

22. Travels of Adam Adam is a professional gay blogger who likes to share his travel stories. Many of them are useful for gay men wanting to travel to different places in the world. Apart from traveling, he also writes about a wide array of topics, including festivals, art, films, music, and books.

Main topics covered: travel, gay life, languages, festivals, books, films, music, fashion, op-eds, tech, art Built with: The Bootstrap (WordPress theme) The main source of income: ads, featured posts

23. Helen in Wonderlust Helen is a travel writer and adventurer. She is also a professional Yogi. Although she has traveled all over the world, Africa seems to be her favorite continent, and it’s the main focus of her writing. Helen also owns a tour company called Rock My Adventure.

Main topics covered: travels, travel tips Built with: 15Zine Child (WordPress theme) The main source of income: selling trips to Africa

24. Hand Luggage Only Hand Luggage Only was created in 2014 by UK duo Yaya and Lloyd during their college years at the University of Cambridge. They already had a lot of experience sharing their travel stories separately, so they decided to join forces and make a great blog about their adventures.

Main topics covered: photography, travel, food, life hacks Built with: Applique (WordPress theme) The main source of income: ads

Best gaming blog examples

gaming blog examples

25. Wolf’s gaming blog Scottish-born gamer Baden Ronnie shares his game reviews and opinions, focusing on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and VR games. He promises honest reviews with no “PR bulls**t.” Ronnie has been an active gamer since the age of seven and now uses his experience to help people choose what games to play.

Main topics covered: game reviews, interviews, gaming gear Built with: Chronicle (WordPress theme) The main source of income: donations

26. What’s Eric playing Eric is a software engineer who loves board games, and his blog mainly focuses on that type of entertainment. He mostly reviews board games and uses BGG’s rating system to share his opinion about the titles that he covers.

Main topics covered: board games, reviews Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: donations, contributions

27. Ask Dave Taylor Dave Taylor is your “tech guy.” Whenever you stumble upon an issue with your tech equipment (hardware or software), he is the one to ask. The site was started by Dave but now features an entire team. The blog section mainly focuses on providing useful pieces of advice for common tech problems.

Main topics covered: tech support Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: donations, book sales

28. Tech Crack Founded and managed by Romit Sharma, TechCrack covers all things related to technology, including gadgets, apps, gaming, business, news, and more. There’s even an attractive how-to section with useful advice for tech lovers. Romit has been an active blogger since 2012 when he started the TechCrack blog.

Main topics covered: tech, gaming, apps, gadgets, business Built with: Blogger The main source of income: ads, guest posts

Best eco and green blog examples

29. Eartheasy Eartheasy is actually an online shop that sells various gardening products. However, it also comes with a fantastic blog section where you can learn more about the latest trends in gardening. The site was founded by Greg Seaman who is now accompanied by a team of professionals with one goal in mind – to improve quality of life with useful advice and products that offer sustainable living options.

Main topics covered: gardening, green home, food Built with: BigCommerce The main source of income: product sales

30. Going Zero Waste Going Zero Waste is an eco-friendly blog started by Kathryn Kellogg, an advocate for a plastic-free and sustainable lifestyle. She blogs about zero waste, and her site is a perfect place to start if you want to join this movement. The site also features a book called 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste.

Main topics covered: eco-friendly and sustainable living Built with: Gutentag (WordPress theme) The main source of income: product sales, affiliate marketing

31. My Plastic-Free Life Beth Terry started her blog after learning more about the terrible consequences of plastic pollution. She advocates plastic-free living and provides useful information on how to reduce plastic use in our lives. The blog also focuses on various eco-friendly services, such as restaurants, green businesses, and more.

Main topics covered: plastic-free lifestyle, eco-friendly products and services Built with: Twenty Twelve Child (WordPress theme) The main source of income: book sales

32. Tree Hugger Tree Hugger is the ultimate blog for an eco-friendly lifestyle. It offers advice and inspiration for green and sustainable life. The site was established in 2004 and has more than 20,000 articles on the topic, written by 100+ industry experts.

Main topics covered: eco-friendly & green lifestyle, home, garden, environment, business & policy, news Built with: from scratch (no CMS) The main source of income: ads through articles

Best relationship blog examples

33. The Gottman Institute The Gottman Institute was founded by John and Julie Gottman, a married couple and professional PhD’s with a successful marriage and 40+ years of research experience. The Gottman Institute is the ultimate blog for everyone seeking relationship advice. The site features a blog section where you can read more about relationships, parenting, dating, and more

Main topics covered: relationships, parenting, dating Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: product sales, workshops, courses

34. Created With Love Tyler and Michelle are a married couple and founders of Created With Love. Every relationship experiences ups and downs, and the couple decided to share their experience and give advice by starting the blog in 2014.

Main topics covered: relationship tips, date night Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: product sales, subscriptions

35. Love in 90 Days Dr. Diana Kirschner offers useful relationship advice on her site Love in 90 Days. She has helped thousands of couples find and establish great romantic relationships. The site features a free masterclass, coaching sessions with Dr. Kirscher, and a useful blog where you can get tips on dating, finding a soulmate, and dating advice for women.

Main topics covered: love, relationships, dating, online dating Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: coaching, book sales

36. Love and Life Toolbox Love and Life Toolbox is an ultimate blog/guide for people seeking useful advice about relationships and emotional health. The site was founded by Lisa Brookes Kift, a marriage, and family therapist. Lisa has significant experience in MFT and has contributed to popular media, including CNN, Men’s Health, Shape, and Huffington Post.

Main topics covered: relationships, emotional health Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: ebook and course sales

best blogs of creative writing

37. Teach Thought Teach Thought offers posts that focus on innovation in K-12 education. Teachers interested in growing and improving their skills can find useful pieces of advice in this blog. The blog was founded in 2012 by Terry Heick, an author and a former teacher interested in reshaping K-12 teaching.

Main topics covered: education, learning, critical thinking, technology Built with: JNews Child (WordPress theme) The main source of income: ads, workshops

38. Teach Junkie Teach Junkie is a blog founded by Leslie, who is the main author on the site. However, she allows content contributors, meaning her blog is actually a community of teachers who want to improve and learn new techniques. The blog is categorized into grades and different subjects, including science, languages, math, art, and more.

Main topics covered: education, teaching, DIY Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: guest posts

39. Corporette Corporette is actually a fashion and lifestyle blog, but it focuses on women with corporate career paths, such as bankers, lawyers, and consultants. The site was founded in 2008 by Kat Griffin, a professional litigator for a Wall Street law firm.

Main topics covered: fashion, career, lifestyle Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: affiliate links

40. Penelope Trunk Penelope Trunk is a founder of four start-ups and a writer. She uses her free time to write about career advice and her personal experiences as a part of every company she has worked for. Trunk also focuses on writing educational and op-ed pieces.

Main topics covered: career, education Built with: Enfold Child (WordPress theme) The main source of income: coaching, courses

Best DIY blog examples

41. Remodelaholic Cassity and her family are a creative bunch that doesn’t leave anything in their house untouched. She shares plenty of DIY projects that can help you to remodel your house and make it more stylish and comfortable.

Main topics covered: DIY, interior design, holidays, recipes Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: ads, product sales

42. Collective Gen Collective Gen is a blog founded in 2008 by the owner and Editor-in-Chief Geneva Vanderzeil. She is a photographer, maker, stylist, and, above all, an author sharing her thoughts and ideas regarding style, home, life, and travel. The blog also features plenty of DIY projects for creative minds!

Main topics covered: DIY, interior design, travel, life Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: book sales

43. Addicted 2 DIY The name says it all! Addicted 2 DIY is a blog that focuses on all kinds of do-it-yourself projects. Working on a small budget, ex paramedic/firefighter Katie decided to share her DIY work with the world. These days, her husband and kids also help her with all kinds of projects around the house. Apart from useful blogs, Katie also shares printable plans and writes reviews for all kinds of tools.

Main topics covered: DIY, tool reviews, recipes Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: product sales, ads

44. Vintage Revivals Vintage Revivals was founded by Mandi, a creative soul with plenty of ideas to share. She focuses on filling entire spaces with DIY stuff, meaning her whole house is one big, innovative, and beautiful playground.

Main topics covered: DIY, interior design Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: product sales

Best photography blog examples

45. Joe McNally’s Blog Joe McNally is a superstar among photographers. This award-winning artist has worked in 70+ countries and is often considered the best of his generation. Moreover, he has worked with many popular companies, including ESPN, Adidas, Sony, and more. His blog mostly consists of various photographs and stories from his work. McNally covers different spheres, including fashion, portraits, sports, dance, healthcare, and industrial.

Main topics covered: photography Built with: PhotoShelter The main source of income: product sales

46. 1x 1x is a popular photography site featuring hundreds of contributors. What makes it stand out from the crowd is a great blog section that focuses on everything related to the industry. You can read about various photographers, techniques, and contests.

Main topics covered: photography Built with: from scratch (no CMS) The main source of income: book sales

47. Light Stalking Light Stalking is a site that focuses on photography. It has been proclaimed a top-10 photography blog by Wefollow, Klout, and Feedspot. The blog was founded by Rob Wood, who is currently the Main Editor and has a team of professional photographers/writers who share unique content with site visitors.

Main topics covered: photography, videography, gear Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: product sales

48. The Phoblographer The Phoblographer is an ultimate photography blog that contains everything amateurs and professionals need to know. The site features useful gear reviews, inspiration, educational articles, and more. It was established by Chris Gampat, an experienced photographer who has worked as a paparazzi, photojournalist, as well as a portrait and wedding photographer.

Main topics covered: photography gear reviews, tips, inspiration, education, news Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: ads, affiliate links

Best marketing and social media blog examples

49. Jon Loomer Loomer launched 11 days before he was laid off in 2011. At that time, he didn’t realize that he was building what would be one of the most successful social media marketing blogs in the world. His site focuses on training advanced Facebook marketers and showing various tips and tricks for running successful SMM campaigns.

Main topics covered: social media, marketing Built with: WordPress (custom theme) Main source of income: courses, membership fees

50. Awario Awario was created in 2015 with the goal of helping businesses and individuals improve their presence on social media. Awario is actually a tool that helps thousands of customers reach their SMM and analytics-related goals. The blog section offers a wide array of topics, including market research, marketing, competitor analysis, and SMM.

Main topics covered: marketing and analytics Built with: from scratch (no CMS) The main source of income: membership fees (for Awario services)

51. Mari Smith Mari Smith is an experienced marketer with a professional team around her. This team helps businesses grow using digital marketing techniques. The site also features a blog where Mari writes about Facebook and Instagram as marketing tools.

Main topics covered: marketing, Facebook, Instagram Built with: WordPress (custom theme) The main source of income: marketing services

52. Ask Aaron Lee Aaron Lee is a social media expert whose work has been featured on sites such as Inc, Forbes,, and The Huffington Post. This young entrepreneur from Malaysia wanted to share his knowledge via his blog for free. The blog currently has more than 60,000 subscribers.

Main topics covered: social media, marketing Built with: Wellness Pro (WordPress theme) The main source of income: marketing services

What makes a blog successful?

All of the blogs shared above have one thing in common — they are widely successful.

That’s because the majority of them follow the same formula. Moreover, they were able to adopt new trends and adapt to their readership.

So, what’s the secret formula to success? Here’s a short overview.

Having an engaged readership and an online community

Imagine having a very expensive car that runs on fuel but has no fuel tank.

That’s what a great blog would look like with no engaged readership. Your readers are the ones who drive the success of your blog by reading, commenting, sharing, and more.

Being active on social media

Connect your blog to social media and post engaging content to attract new followers and readers.

You don’t have to be active on all media. Instead, try using analytics tools to see where your potential readers could be the most active. For example, photographer bloggers will focus on platforms such as Instagram.

Properly selected niche

If you select a niche that’s not too broad or too narrow, you’ll be able to attract just the right amount of readers to whom you’ll be able to sell targeted products and services.

Publishing consistently

With tens of thousands of blog posts published daily, your blog can fall into oblivion if you don’t update it regularly with fresh content. In fact, consistency is often a stumbling block for many new bloggers who want immediate fame and fortune.

Having a good blog design

Unintuitive and cluttered design can become a real obstacle in attracting new visitors and readers. A strong design , on the other hand, will help you to gain trust as soon as someone lands on your blog.

Starting your personal blog

Starting a personal blog has never been easier. It’s actually a three-step procedure that you can complete even if you don’t have a single clue on how to set up a blog or make a website .

Choose a name for your blog

This will help you find a suitable domain name , which is pretty important for SEO . Keep in mind that you’ll be able to attract readers with an attractive name that targets your niche.

Think of your blog name as a business name .

Recommended quick domain search tool:

Open an account on a blogging platform.

There are plenty of blogging platforms out there that can help you to create your blog quickly and easily using various presets. The current leader is, which we recommend for first-time bloggers.

Find a web hosting provider

You’ll need a web hosting service for your blog, and we recommend that you use Bluehost as the safest and most popular option at the moment.

Bluehost offers a free domain for one year, as well as a free SSL certificate. Most importantly, there’s professional 24/7 customer support, which makes it very beginner-friendly. -> Learn more about Bluehost .

Bluehost website

Feel free to write about anything that you are knowledgeable about. However, make sure that your niche is wide enough to attract a lot of visitors who share your interests.

There are several ways to monetize your blog , and the most popular are: 1. Offer coaching services. 2. Sell products related to your niche. 3. Sell online courses related to your niche. 4. Set up Google Ads to allow banners on your blog. 5. Write an ebook and sell it. 6. Use your blog for affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

Right now, the most profitable blog niches are technology, digital marketing, finance and investment, fashion, travel, movies & music, health, food, news, and personal development. However, even if you’re not interested in these niches, it doesn’t mean your blog is going to be a failure. You just have to be sure that your blog can reach and engage enough readers to be a success.

There’s no ultimate formula for choosing a name. However, there are several tricks that can help you to narrow down your decision, and we have covered them in our post dedicated to naming blogs .

Content planning plays an essential role in creating a successful blog. We’ve covered the entire process here , so make sure to check it out.

The 50+ blogs included in this article met all of our content and design standards. If your goal was to find inspiration for your new blog, we hope that our list helped you to achieve it.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember several key rules that’ll make you a successful blogger, so let’s review them:

The last rule is truly what matters when it comes to blogging. As long as you have a real desire to write about the things that you love, people will feel the energy you have invested in and appreciate your work!

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Thanks for writing such an informative blog which will surely be a great help for the students.

Thank you John!

Thank you for such a detailed introduction.

You’re welcome Dawn!

Awesome stuff !

Thanks Sophie!

Thank you for the list and tips! I’m always trying to improve my newborn photography blog. It takes time and practice to produce more quality content people can connect with.

Thanks Isabel…all the best with your new blog!

Thanks for the information!

You’re welcome Rose!

Hello! That’s what we focus on, definitely niche marketing and we love writing blogs!

Glad to hear that Emma!

Wow, I really loved this page. As a beginner, it really empowered me a lot.

Glad you like it Cynthia. Thanks!

Hey! Thanks for this list. There are some amazing blogs. Btw. Thanks for your free guide on how to start a blog. I Will probably make a blog about cooking in the next week 🙂

Hey I’m so happy to hear that you find our blogging guide useful!!!

Cooking blog sounds great! We even have a guide specifically for those who want to start a food blog – check it out here . But also if you’re busy or simply don’t feel comfortable with a whole DIY thing, we can create a blog for you (see more here ) without any charges! If you’re interested in learning more about this free offer write to us at [email protected]

Thanks for sharing information, its going to help me a lot in Academic Blogging. I really appreciate it.

Love these tips on starting a niche blog. That’s what we focus on, definitely niche marketing and we love writing blogs!

Thanks, you have made a wonderful post. I love and appreciate your commitment.

This is such a cool list! I especially love Jeff Goins’ articles because his marketing ideas will surely help you become better in your niche. There’s so much to learn from him! 🙂

Thanks Mr. Black! Jeff does have some great marketing strategies which will come handy to any new blogger.

It’s great to see you guys mentioned Jasmine Star! I’ve been following her blog for the last two years – I particularly like her photography, and I dare to claim that her ideas influenced a lot the way I do my Instagram

Thanks Lory! Jasmine is one of our favorites too 🙂

yeah its great that you mentioned her

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Writing Forward

10 Outstanding Creative Writing Blogs

by Melissa Donovan | Dec 10, 2012 | News | 13 comments

creative writing blogs

The best creative writing blogs.

Over the years, I’ve found some truly outstanding creative writing blogs.

Today, I’d like to share a few of my favorites. Some of these blogs offer helpful writing tips, techniques, and ideas. Others broadcast the latest news and information in the world of reading, writing, and publishing. All of them are incredibly useful.

I hope you’ll check them out.

Outstanding Creative Writing Blogs

I’m always on the lookout for creative writing blogs. If you have any favorites you’d like to share, leave a comment. (I’m especially looking for blogs on the craft of poetry writing.)

Enjoy, and keep writing!


Chihuahua Zero

Despite following 250+ blogs, I only know half of this list.

Melissa Donovan

That’s a lot of blogs to follow!


Thanks for including Booking Through Thursday on the list!

You’re welcome!


Thanks for the post! I jotted down a few,the others don’t have any type of subscribe button.

I tried to find the editing button, but I couldn’t find it. I want to delete the comment,and put some thing else up or added to it. It just make think about commenting on future post because of that.Anyway ,nice post.

You can subscribe to any blog, even if it doesn’t have a subscribe button, if you’re using a reader (like Google Reader). That’s one of the reasons I don’t recommend using email subscriptions. For example, from Google Reader, I can click a big red “Subscribe” button and then copy and paste the blog URL into the application and it will add it to my subscriptions. I highly recommend it, since a lot of excellent blogs don’t have their own subscription buttons and are not set up for email delivery. Try to keep in mind that some bloggers with valuable insight are not website designers or may have limited knowledge about technology… it’s a shame to miss out on their content.

Milena Sahakian

Thank you for sharing this list! Much appreciated! I am really happy I have found you with all your great articles and tips.

Thanks for your kind words, Milena!

Emlyn Chand

Thank you for including Novel Publicity on this wonderful list of sites, Melissa. We love Writing Forward, too!

My pleasure, Emlyn! Love your sites!


Thanks for posting this. I found some great new to me blogs.

You’re welcome Melody. Happy surfing!

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AddALL Book Reviews

The 21 Best Writing Blogs You’ll Ever Find in [2022]

Best Writing Blogs

Writing blogs are great resources for all budding and aspiring writers to get started in their writing journey.

You can learn a ton of writing tips from these writing blogs without having to spend a penny.

Writing is indeed a creative process that needs a tremendous vocabulary to write more quickly.

Your mind needs to be fresh without any hassles going around to keep the flow of words going.

All you need is to start writing until you find motivation, perseverance, and confidence to write a compelling copy.

I have handpicked these writing blogs to help you grow as a writer and master your craft in writing.

Learn from the best minds in the writing space, and now let’s dive into the topic.

Affiliate Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links, and I receive a commission if you purchase through one of the links, at no additional cost to you.

The 21 Best Writing Blogs You’ll Ever Find

This is one of the best writing blogs

1. Writer’s Digest

Writer’s Digest is one of the best American Magazines where you can find many writing tips to hone your writing skills.

You can participate in writing competitions held every year and win prizes to be recognized in the writing space.

This magazine has been around for so many years, and they have enough credibility to guide all the budding writers in writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.

2. The Write Practice

The Write Practice is one of the writing blogs that you must check out to get your work published.

This blog has helped millions of writers to enhance their writing skills with some excellent writing tips.

You can join their writing community to contribute your writing pieces which would be reviewed with the best critiques.

3. Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins’s writing blog is a must-read to get some proven writing tips from the New York Times best-selling author.

Be it fiction, non-fiction, publishing books, or even if you need writing inspiration, check out this blog for some impeccable writing tips.

If you are looking for writing tools to make your writing tasks easier, this blog has the best-recommended writing tools to make your writing process hassle-free.

4. Become a Writer Today

Become a Writer Today is a blog run by Bryan Collins, who has a remarkable story of how he became a writer.

If you are a fan of podcasts, check out Bryan’s podcast in this blog, revealing his secret sauce of becoming a profitable writer.

There are also few courses you can enroll in to take your writing career to the next level.

5. AddALL Blog

Writers Monk is my blog where I share some exclusive writing tips inspired from the best writers.

I am still learning and trying to give the best writing tips through my blog to all the budding and aspiring writers.

I have written some essential blog posts for all writers, such as Best Book Writing Software and Best Writing Apps .

6. The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn runs the blog, and she is a New York Times and USA Today, best-selling author.

She is also an award-winning creative entrepreneur who shares her incredible experience in writing in this blog.

Joanna Penn is also a podcaster whose episodes are posted every Monday, including interviews and excellent pieces of information on writing.

7. The Write Life

This blog is an excellent resource for writers to find some hot piping tips on writing, blogging, and publishing.

Alexis Grant founded The Write Life with the motive to nurture all budding writers to write to their fullest potential.

Using the internet, writers can learn a lot by writing blogs such as these and becoming better writers day by day.

The hardest part of a writer is to get their books published, with all the due efforts they put in to bring out a beautiful book.

Reedsy comes to the rescue with some great content on book publishing and powerful tools all writers can use to write a book.

The founder of this writing blog has built an enormous community of over 1 million authors and 2500 freelance professionals to bring more than 15000 books to the market every year.

9. Self-Publishing School

Self-Publishing School is one of the must-read writing blogs if you want to become a best-selling author.

You get to control your book that includes royalties, and save a lot of money to get your book published without any hassles.

This blog also runs a podcast where you will find amazing episodes on book writing, book publishing, and book marketing.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing tool to find all the grammatical, punctuation, and sentence formation errors in your written copy.

They have a blog that has some helpful tips on writing, grammar, and everything you need to enhance your writing skills.

The best part of this writing blog is they are entirely unbiased and only provide proven writing tips that work out well.

11. Elna Cain

Elna Cain has one of the most prominent writing blogs with a ton of information on freelance writing and some exclusive writing tips.

If you are a freelance writer who has just started and needs practical tips on succeeding in freelance writing, check out her blog for some great insights.

Elna Cain is also a freelance writing coach and mentor, and she answers most of the comments on her blog posts to help people with all their queries.

12. Make A Living Writing

Make A Living Writer is founded by a six-figure freelancer Carol Tice who writes some excellent content on freelance writing on this blog.

This writing blog is named the Top 100 Websites for Writers since 2015, proving its credibility in the writing space.

Carol Tice also provides awareness for new freelance writers to avoid scams and finding good long-term clients.

13. Writing Revolt

Writing Revolt has been in the writing space for quite a long time with some credible content on freelance writing.

This blog is a must-read writing blog to find high-paying freelance writing clients and some great tips to earn more as a freelance writer.

Jorden Makelle is running this blog, and she also owns a Youtube channel where you can find informative videos on freelance writing.

14. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a grammar checker and style editor to take your writing to the next level.

This website has some incredible writing resources and writing tips to become a skilled writer, and you can improve your writing skills

Whether you are writing an essay, email, or a novel, ProWritingAid can solve all your grammatical and plagiarism issues in your writing.

15. Goins Writer

Jeff Goins is running this blog, the best-selling author of five books, which has helped many readers to gain some incredible insights.

Jeff Goins shares his mammoth of experience and thoughts on writing, life, and creative work.

This blog is one of the must-read writing blogs to find some helpful writing tips, and also it provides solutions to stay focused in writing.

16. Ann Handley

Ann Handley is a prominent writer and Wall Street Journal best-selling author who has written the famous book, Everybody Writes .

You can find some hot piping writing tips and helpful content that solves most of your writing queries.

Ann Handley has an engaging writing style that entices you to read her books, and she shares her incredible thoughts in writing on this blog.

17. Shayla Raquel

Shayla Raquel is the best-selling author, prominent editor, and book marketer who specializes in self-publishing.

This blog is an award-winning blog where Shayla Raquel helps budding authors to write and publish a book seamlessly.

Shayla Raquel also provides exemplary services in manuscript review, writing mentorship, and book editing, and she has some excellent reviews who bought her services.

18. Daily Writing Tips

 As the name sounds, Daily Writing Tips provides some excellent writing tips in the writing space.

You can find writing tips on many categories, such as fiction writing, business writing, writing basics, freelance writing, book reviews, grammar, etc.

If you need to enhance your writing skills to the next level, this is one of the must-read blogs that you need to check out.

19. Writing Cooperative

Writing Cooperative is a massive global community of writers where you can nurture your writing skills.

This blog has some excellent pieces of writing tips that work out really well and are entirely unbiased.

You can also write for them as a contributor to publish articles on creativity, writing, and editing, and make sure you check out their guidelines and style guide.

20. Writersxp

This writing blog is run by Shadab Alam, who writes some excellent content in the writing space.

Writersxp helps you earn more money and succeed as an author and get you through all levels in the book writing process.

Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter of this blog which helps you become a published author without any hassles.

21. Helping Writers Become Authors

K.M. Weiland is running this blog, an award-winning, internationally published author who has written some amazing books.

If you are into writing novels or looking for novel writing tips, this is one of the must-read writing blogs to have on your list.

K.M Weiland mentors all budding authors through her blog, podcast, vlog, and books to gain some incredible insights on writing.

Final Thoughts

I have gathered some excellent writing blogs on this blog post to nurture your writing skills.

These writing blogs really help you during the early part of your writing career and become a better writer.

Start writing today and become the writer that you always wanted to become one day.

Check out the other article that I’ve written about: Best Books On Writing .

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best blogs of creative writing

The 21 Best Examples of Beautiful Blog Design in 2023

by Jessica Glendinning

on Feb 27, 2023

How important is blog design to the success of your business?

The short answer: pretty dang important.

You see, your blog design showcases who you are as a blogger, brand, and business — and influences your reader’s overall experience.

Plus, a well-designed blog is easier to read, more engaging, and even has better SEO results.

In this post, we’ll examine 21 sites with creative blog design (including some standout elements you might want to swipe). Then we’ll wrap with a brief explanation of best design practices, so you can focus on writing great blog content.

Whether you’re just starting your blog or ready to make millions , let’s look at what makes for a dazzling blog design in 2023.

blog design featured image

21 Examples of Beautiful Blog Design

As anyone who has spent time perusing the internet recently knows, there are lots of blogs out there. Over 600 million, according to some estimates !

The following blogs are not only good-looking but also include specific design elements you can borrow for your own blog design inspiration.

So from A to Z (technically, U), let’s look at these examples of blogs and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

screenshot 500px

Category: Photography Blog

Steal This Idea: Makes use of incredible photography as part of their visual-heavy design.

500px is designed and built for photographers. With member portfolios, photo licensing, and a resource hub, 500px will provide never-ending visual inspiration.

Take a look through their blog to get ideas for what kind of images you could use for your blog’s featured image spot.

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Travel & Hospitality

Steal This Idea: A progress bar at the top of the page shows how far you’ve read.

Yes, the Airbnb blog makes clever use of the reading progress bar.

But they also use quotes and real-life examples from their Hosts. And if you’re looking for visual inspiration for your blog homepage, their graphic links might be just the ticket.

3. Austin Kleon

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Author Website

Steal This Idea: Austin puts a “Read My Books” CTA front and center. It’s obvious without being in the way.

Austin Kleon is a self-described “writer who draws.” Since he “makes art with words and books with pictures,” his website and blog make heavy use of visual images.

One of my favorite user interface (UI) Design elements is how he incorporates a sidebar on the left side of his site to keep his books top-of-mind.

Heads up: this site is an exception to the one-or-none sidebar recommendation in the tips at the end of the post.

4. BarkPost

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Content Division for a Retail Company

Steal This Idea: Dog. Photos. Everywhere.

The internet loves animals. And with pet industry spending expected to grow, BarkBox uses a brilliant content marketing strategy to get its share.

BarkPost , the dog-themed content site associated with the BarkBox monthly subscription service, “helps dogs share their stories with the world, using the power of the hoomans.”

Because what dog owner can resist the power of puppy dog eyes (and stories)? Certainly not this writer.

5. Brit + Co

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Lifestyle Blog

Steal This Idea: Wows with gorgeous imagery.

You would be forgiven for mistaking the Brit + Co blog for a design magazine. Every blog post is full of topical magazine-quality visuals.

Whether it’s recipes for key lime pie bars and cocktails or a step-by-step guide to the ultimate edible garden, the photography helps the reader feel like they can succeed.

6. charity: water

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Nonprofit & Charity

Steal This Idea: Makes excellent use of multimedia to highlight their philanthropic work.

Nonprofits like charity: water have branding challenges that are slightly different from the other for-profit businesses highlighted in this article.

They have to woo fundraisers and partners as well as demonstrating the value of their work. And charity work isn’t often “sexy.”

The team who runs the charity: water blog does a great job of making their work both fun and impactful.

7. Copyblogger

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Marketing Blog

Steal This Idea: The sidebar is clean and focused, with a single call to action and a “you might also like” section.

Often, less is more. Copyblogger finds an ideal balance with a simple color palette, bold typography choices, and minimal imagery. Their WordPress blog site lets the content shine.

And there’s no mistaking the next step you should take after reading one of their blog posts. Copyblogger keeps each call to action (CTA) clear and to the point.

8. Create + Cultivate

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Business & Lifestyle Blog

Steal This Idea: Uses visual links at the top of longer posts to make navigation easier.

Not just another lifestyle blog, Create + Cultivate sits at the intersection of small business, life, and wellness. Their ideal reader is a self-described “ambitious woman” who either runs a small business or has a side hustle.

The Squarespace site makes design inspiration easy with a consistent color palette woven through the entire website, including their color-block navigation menus at the top of longer posts and on the blog home page.

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Customer Success Management Company

Steal This Idea: Makes use of a simple yet eye-catching color palette.

Customer success management may not be the most exciting topic on the internet, but ESG does a great job crafting a visually appealing website and blog.

ESG uses a consistent, simple, and bright color palette in its logo, featured images, links, buttons, and call-out quotes.

10. Help Scout

best blogs of creative writing

Category: SaaS Company

Steal This Idea: A helpful navigation menu pops up on the left side of the post as you scroll down.

Help Scout uses their blog to educate about customer service and issues around growth and culture, as well as to give inside peeks at the company and its software.

Another company where minimal design and a simple color palette help their customer-focused content stand out, Help Scout keeps the reader experience front and center.

11. InVision

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Design Software Company

Steal This Idea: The InVision blog includes highlighted sections with tips and resources relevant to specific sections of each blog post.

InVision offers a digital product design platform that provides collaboration tools and prototyping software.

Their blog, Inside Design , makes creative use of the right sidebar to offer additional tips and resource materials. They include these CTAs alongside more traditional inline content boxes.

12. Julian Shapiro

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Writer’s Blog

Steal This Idea: Uses minimal design with consistent branding, letting the blog content take center stage.

Julian Shapiro has a writer’s platform that falls into the less-is-more category. He uses his blog to “deconstruct how things work” and writes in-depth handbooks about topics ranging from growth marketing to writing to building muscle.

Julian’s minimalist design aesthetic allows for his brilliantly written content to shine. If you want your content to be the star, consider borrowing from Julian’s blog design inspiration.

13. Maria Killam: Colour Me Happy

screenshot maria killam homepage

Category: Interior Design

Steal This Idea: Makes excellent use of “before” and “after” project example images.

Interior design blogs often make the list of blog design inspiration, along with graphic design and web design blogs. And with their focus on beautiful imagery and blog layout, it’s no wonder.

Maria Killam ’s blog is an example of how you can use photographs and images to support and explain blog content.

There’s nothing like using before and after images to tell a story, and Maria uses plenty of photographs to document dramatic transformations.

14. Math3ma

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Education

Steal This Idea: Uses colorful illustrations within blog articles to help explain complex mathematical concepts.

You’ve probably heard the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and Math3ma ’s Tai-Danae Bradley uses both writing and drawing to help readers understand the technical jargon behind mathematical ideas.

Math3ma reminds us that even the most complex subjects can be broken down and explained. Even those who struggle with math might find the articles on math “fun facts” entertaining!

15. Mr. Money Mustache

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Personal Finance & Lifestyle

Steal This Idea: This WordPress blog gives users the option to switch between the “Classic Blog” and “Fancy Magazine” layouts.

Mr. Money Mustache retired in his thirties and now writes about how to live a frugal yet “badass life of leisure.”

When you first visit the site, the default view is a traditional blog layout. But with the click of a link, readers can choose a fancier layout with featured articles, classic posts, current reads, recommendations, and more.

If you’re just starting as a blogger, this design idea won’t be the best use of your time. But for anyone with an established blog looking for something new to create that “wow” factor, a blog layout change could be just the thing.

16. Nerd Fitness

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Fitness Blog

Steal This Idea: Good use of overall branding, design, and site consistency.

Steve Kamb, the founder of Nerd Fitness , created a unique and compelling brand identity. With a worldwide audience of “people with desk jobs that love nerd culture, games, books, and movies” standing beside him, it’s evident that his branding speaks to them.

The entire site is full of nerd culture references, from Morpheus to Optimus Prime, and the resounding call to action is to “join the Rebellion.”

Their training philosophy is rooted in behavioral psychology, but the overall vibe is that getting healthy and leveling up can actually be fun.

17. Noah Kagan

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Business Education

Steal This Idea: Includes a “Best Articles to Start With” section on the homepage, giving new readers guidance about what to read first.

Noah Kagan uses the blog at OkDork to share his stories on “marketing, starting a business, personal improvement, and productivity tips.”

When you scroll down past the sections with his latest posts, a plug for his podcast, and a newsletter CTA, you get to a hand-curated selection of popular posts with highly compelling titles.

Right from the start, Noah positions himself as a business and marketing expert. What topics can you write about that demonstrate your expertise?

And how can you write headlines so compelling your readers can’t help but click ?

18. Pixelgrade

best blogs of creative writing

Category: WordPress Theme Designer & Blog Design Company

Steal This Idea: Post sections use different but complementary colors.

Upstairs is the Pixelgrade blog, a “place of discovery, learning, and meaningful connections built around creating beautiful and successful websites.”

As well as offering blog design templates and themes , the team uses their blog to showcase their products and teach their customers how to craft great websites.

The visuals on Upstairs blog posts remind me a bit of a landing page , with each new section using a different set of colors. The switch keeps visual interest, and the consistent color palette ties it all together.

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Software Company

Steal This Idea: Unusual visual alignment on blog header images immediately catches your eye and remains consistent across all blog posts.

The fact that Sumo uses “ stories ” for their blog URL should tell you something. The blog is full of case studies as well as more traditional blog posts. They take the success of their customers seriously and have the data and stories to back it up.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy creative blog design as much as the next company. Their use of quirky but consistent design elements makes their content stand out no matter where you’re reading it.

20. The Londoner

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Lifestyle & Travel Blog

Steal This Idea: Uses photos with mouse-over links to blog articles instead of more standard navigation links.

The Londoner includes posts about life, travel, style, and recipes. Their homepage dazzles with images of the travel lifestyle the author leads. But these images pull double duty, also serving as blog post links.

The posts are full of written stories, but it’s the images that draw the reader more deeply into the lived experience.

21. Urban Influence

best blogs of creative writing

Category: Design & Branding Company

Steal This Idea: Makes creative use of visual headings and subheads.

The headline at the top of the Urban Influence blog leads to posts about work, learning, life, and inspiration. As a company that helps other businesses to craft their online presence, it’s not surprising the Urban Influence blog has a stunning blog design.

One of my favorite ideas from a recent post of theirs is the visual subhead pictured above. Rather than stick to a standard typography-based subhead, they used a striking visual image to make the subhead stand out.

Now you’ve seen the examples, let’s dig into the design practices that make them work.

5 Blog Design Tips for Maximum Impact

While opinions may change about what makes a good blog design, a few key elements will stand the test of time.

Let’s look at five areas where your personal blog design can stand out from the crowd.

1. Keep Your Brand Consistent

While flashy design elements may be fun right now, blogging success depends on maintaining a consistent brand.

2. Make Your Reader Top of Mind

What are the goals of your overall website, individual pages, and blog posts? Keep these goals in mind as you design your blog.

3. Consider Page Performance

How fast your website loads has a lot to do with your SEO results. There are some easy things you can do to speed up your site.

4. Follow the Crowd

There will be times where you want to stand out from the crowd, but some aspects of your blog design are better when you follow convention.

5. Keep It Simple

Most importantly, don’t make it complicated. Yes, there are a million rules you “should” follow when it comes to your blog design. But what counts is that your readers find what they’re looking for and come away happy.

Now you’ve learned more about what goes into great blog designs and picked up some new ideas, what’s next in your blogging journey?

Next Stop: Creative Blog Design

With the best design practices under your belt and these examples fueling your inspiration , now it’s time to choose the design elements you want to use in your blog.

Remember, your blog design should be all about you and your readers. Who are you as a blogger and a brand? And what do you think will resonate with your ideal readers?

Take a minute and write down your ideas. Think about how you can incorporate any of the design elements from this post that will make for a great blog.

And then get out there and wow your readers with your first-rate blog design.

Content Marketing

Photo of author

Jessica Glendinning


Make 2-5k per month, even if you're a beginner . we're seeking writers of any skill level ..

Photo of author

Written by Jessica Glendinning

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best blogs of creative writing

Landing Page: A Rookies Guide to Amplifying Your Leads in 2023

CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)

A Beginner’s Guide to CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) in 2023


ClickBank: The Brutally Honest, Must-Read Guide for 2023

best blogs of creative writing

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best blogs of creative writing


best blogs of creative writing


Creative Writing: How to Get Started with Creative Writing [+ 9 Exercises]

Posted on Mar 7, 2023

by Bella Rose Pope

Creative writing is one of those skills you can eternally get better at, but often suck at when you start…

I’ve been there. I’ve so been there.

Now, we’re not saying your creative writing is bad necessarily, but just that if you want to continue to push yourself in this industry, you’ll need some work since literature is more competitive now than it ever has been.

You might not like to face that truth, but it is indeed a truth everyone who wants to write and publish successfully has to face.

I’ll go into more detail about that in a little bit but every writer out there needs some writing tips to help them get better.

And one of the best ways to get better at creative writing is to first learn and understand the craft of it, and then challenge yourself by completing writing exercises .

Because when your time comes to publish, you want a high-quality final product in order to actually sell your book and acquire raving fans.

Save This Resource NOW for Quick Reference Later…

200+ Fiction Writing Prompts In the Most Profitable Genres

Come up with your NEXT great book idea with over 200 unique writing prompts spanning 8 different genres. Use for a story, scene, character inspo, and more!

Sps Lm Embed Form Img1

Here’s what you’ll learn about creative writing:

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a form of writing where creativity is at the forefront of its purpose through using imagination, creativity, and innovation in order to tell a story through strong written visuals with an emotional impact, like in poetry writing , short story writing , novel writing , and more.

It’s often seen as the opposite of journalistic or academic writing.

When it comes to writing, there are many different types. As you already know, all writing does not read in the same way.

Creative writing uses senses and emotions in order to create a strong visual in the reader’s mind whereas other forms of writing typically only leave the reader with facts and information instead of emotional intrigue.

It can be a book series or a single installation, the factors that make up creative writing have more to do with how it sits with the reader artistically.

What are the Elements of Creative Writing?

In order to get better at creative writing, you have to understand the elements of what makes writing a book great.

You can’t build a car engine without understanding how each part plays a role, right…?

That’s the same case with writing.

And just a note, this is all stuff we cover , and you get to talk about 1-on-1 with your coach when you join Self-Publishing School .

Here are the elements that make up creative writing and why each is just as important as the other.

Unique Plot

What differentiates creative writing and other forms of writing the most is the fact that the former always has a plot of some sort – and a unique one.

Yes, remakes are also considered creative writing, however, most creative writers create their own plot formed by their own unique ideas . Without having a plot, there’s no story.

And without a story, you’re really just writing facts on paper, much like a journalist. Learn how to plot your novel and you’ll open up the possibility of writing at a higher level without the need to find your story as much.

Character development

Characters are necessary for creative writing. While you can certainly write a book creatively using the second person point of view (which I’ll cover below), you still have to develop the character in order to tell the story.

Character development can be defined as the uncovering of who a character is and how they change throughout the duration of your story. From start to end, readers should be able to understand your main characters deeply.

Underlying Theme

Almost every story out there has an underlying theme or message – even if the author didn’t necessarily intend for it to. But creative writing needs that theme or message in order to be complete.

That’s part of the beauty of this form of art. By telling a story, you can also teach lessons.

Visual Descriptions

When you’re reading a newspaper, you don’t often read paragraphs of descriptions depicting the surrounding areas of where the events took place. Visual descriptions are largely saved for creative writing.

You need them in order to help the reader understand what the surroundings of the characters look like.

Show don’t tell writing pulls readers in and allows them to imagine themselves in the characters’ shoes – which is the reason people read.

Point of View

There are a few points of views you can write in. That being said, the two that are most common in creative writing are first person and third person .

While non-creative writing can have dialogue (like in interviews), that dialogue is not used in the same way as it is in creative writing. Creative writing (aside from silent films) requires dialogue to support the story.

Your characters should interact with one another in order to further the plot and develop each character other more.

Imaginative Language

Part of what makes creative writing creative is the way you choose to craft the vision in your mind.

And that means creative writing uses more anecdotes, metaphors , similes , figures of speech , and other figurative language in order to paint a vivid image in the reader’s mind .

Emotional Appeal

All writing can have emotional appeal. However, it’s the entire goal of creative writing. Your job as a writer is to make people feel how you want them to by telling them a story.

Creative Writing Examples

Since creative writing covers such a wide variety of writing, we wanted to break down the different types of creative writing out there to help you make sense of it. Y ou may know that novels are considered creative writing, but what about memoirs?

Here are examples of creative writing:

9 Creative Writing Exercises to Improve Your Writing

Writing is just like any other skill. You have to work at it in order to get better.

It’s also much like other skills because the more you do it, the stronger you become in it. That’s why exercising your creative writing skills is so important.

How do you start creative writing?

The best authors out there, including Stephen King, recommend writing something every single day . These writing exercises will help you accomplish that and improve your talent immensely.

#1 – Describe your day with creative writing

This is one of my favorite little exercises to keep my writing sharp and in shape.

Just like with missing gym sessions, the less you write, the more of that skill you lose. Hannah Lee Kidder, a very talented author and Youtuber, gave me this writing exercise and I have used it many times.

Creative Writing Exercise:

All you have to do is sit down and describe your day – starting with waking up – as if you were writing it about another person. Use your creative writing skills to bring life to even the dullest moments, like showering or brushing your teeth.

#2 – Description depiction

If you’re someone who struggles with writing descriptions or you just want to get better in general, this exercise will help you do just that – and quickly.

In order to improve your descriptions, you have to write them with a specific intention.

With this exercise, the goal is to write your description with the goal of showing the reader as much as you can about your character without ever mentioning them at all.

Sps Lm Embed Form Img1

#3 – Edit your old writing

Believe it or not, editing does count as writing and can actually sharpen those creative writing skill more than you think.

It can be a little scary to pull up a story you wrote last week or even two years ago and tear it apart. But that’s exactly what I want you to do.

Check out this video of me editing my old writing in order to replace weak verbs with stronger, better ones to get a taste of what this can look like and how it can help you get better.

#4 – Voice v ariations

One of my favorite parts of writing is giving unique voices to each character . I believe that’s what truly brings them to life.

Their dialogue as the power to pull readers in, or push them out of the book completely.

Obviously, you want the former.

During this creative writing exercise, your focus will be to pick 4 different emotional states and write dialogue and narrative of how your character feels and interprets those feelings.

For this one, craft a character in your mind. It can be one you already created or a completely new one.

Choose your 4 emotional states – and get creative. You can choose sadness, anger, happiness, and excitement BUT you can also go a bit further and choose to use drunk, flirty, terrified, and eager.

After you have 4 emotional states, write one page of each using dialogue and narrative your character would use.

#5 – Single senses

Creating strong visuals is one of the most powerful ways to become a great creative writer. In fact, practicing this will help you craft books that really hook readers.

This exercise’s goal is to help you develop writing the senses in ways that not only make sense, but are also imaginative and unique.

A Creative Writing Exercise Where A Character Has One Sense

#6 – Dialogue destruction

During this exercise, you will learn a lot about how to write a scene using entirely dialogue.

Now, this isn’t something you’ll always do in your writing, but it’s very important to know how to move a scene forward using dialogue if you need to.

This will also help you understand how to show and not tell in creative writing.

To start, choose a scene you wrote previously that has little to no dialogue, but is still very important.

Next, rewrite the entire thing using dialogue (including dialogue tags and body language descriptions). You will quickly become better at using dialogue to show and not tell.

#7 – Tell the origin story of the Tooth Fairy

This writing exercise will really help you think creatively about something a large part of the world knows about.

However, you have to think of a very unique, interesting way of presenting this common idea. The purpose of this is to help you dig deeper within your own story and plot in order to come up with the very best, most unique ideas – because that is what will stand out in your book.

Begin this story like you would any other. Develop who the very first Tooth Fairy is and understand their character. Then, start creating a backstory that coincides with how they ended up becoming the tooth fairy.

Write this in full, ending with the Tooth Fairy taking their first tooth.

#8 – Thematic attic

This is a fun one! The idea behind this creative writing exercise is to focus on interpreting themes through story.

Since all creative writing has an underlying theme behind it, it’s really important for you to be able to accurately depict that theme throughout the story you’re telling.

Creative Writing Quote From Herman Melville

Otherwise, it can get lost. Not knowing the theme can often leave readers feeling unsatisfied – and rightfully so.

For this exercise, pick an overarching theme you want to focus on. This can be anything from equality to the difference between right and wrong.

Next, craft a short story with the setting being and do your best to make sure that theme shines through

Get creative! Your attic can even contain a portal to another dimension if you really want it to.

#9 – Break language barriers

This isn’t quite what you think it is. So no, we will not be creating new languages with this exercise.

Instead, we’ll be working on using unique language to describe very common, everyday occurrences and experiences.

One of the beauties of creative writing is that you have the power to change the way someone sees the world. You can make it more appealing and special to them – if you know how.

This exercise will help you develop the skill of using a unique narrative within your story.

In this creative writing exercise, you’ll start by reading. You can read a new book or even some of your old writing.

Highlight or copy sentences or paragraphs you think are very common experiences that most everyone in the world knows of. For example: the sunset, brushing your teeth, looking up at the sky.

Your job is to rewrite these experiences in the most unique way you can using visuals that you don’t normally see in writing.<

Here’s an example:

BEFORE – The sun set beyond the trees.

AFTER – The trees tucked the sun in for the night.

Sps Lm Embed Form Img1

Bella Rose Pope

Most popular blog posts, what is self-publishing school.

We help you save time, money, and headaches through the book, writing, marketing, and publishing process by giving you the proven, step-by-step process and accountability to publish successfully. All while allowing you to maintain control of your book–and its royalties. Learn to publish a book to grow your impact, income, or business!

best blogs of creative writing

In today’s world, you can get information with just a click of a button. Information reaches us even if we are not looking for it. That is why blogs have especially gained popularity within a short period. Isn’t it exciting that just anyone can start a blog from any part of the world? And best blogs and top bloggers with their successes only encourage you to try. And that’s great because blogging is for everyone.

Before I dive deep into the different top bloggers of 2020, we first have to understand what a blog is and how it works.

best blogs of creative writing

A blog is a platform where either one person or a group of people share their views and opinions about a specific topic. It is interesting to note that the posts usually appear in reverse chronological order, where the latest post appears first. These posts could be in any form you would please.

Personal blogs are gaining a lot of popularity. And their audience is growing at the speed of light with each passing day. Some focus on stories, others photos or videos, but most bloggers do a bit of both.

The main aim of running a blog is to deliver content that targets your niche (see How To Choose The Most Profitable Blog Niche .) When utilized to its maximum potential, a blog could be an essential marketing tool that can turn a mere hobby into a cash cow. All this is, of course, also building brands, marketing products or services, and polishing up writing, editing, modeling, or photography skills. You name it!

best blogs of creative writing

Our list of most popular blogs and bloggers

The following is a list of some of the fans’ favorite blogs in the year 2020. As I had mentioned earlier, some blogs are run by a group of people. However, I will highlight those run by remarkable individuals who are shining in their fields. It will feature blogs from different sectors such as food , technology , fitness , DIY and decor , beauty , fashion, and health , respectively.

1. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy best blog to follow

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The beginning of this page was a weekly email newsletter with tips and decorative inspirations sent to clients. After three years in 2004, Maxwell Ryan and his brother launched Apartment Therapy – a website containing expert advice, shopping guides, and DIY guides. Here you will also find inspiring ideas and solutions shown in real homes of readers. Apartment Therapy is an excellent example of a blog that has become one of the best blogs you’ll find on the web.

Read more about: How To Make Money Blogging .

2. Humans of New York

humansofnewyork blog

This is a fantastic site showing the unusual photographic project “Humans of New York” realized by Brandon Stanton. His goal was to photograph New Yorkers on the street and create an exhaustive catalog of city residents. The project itself turned into a blog that tells the stories of the heroes of this project. The work also finds in two best-selling books: Humans of New York and Humans of New York: Stories. See for yourself how a brilliant idea can turn into one of the best blogs.


We and the color - blog

Are you looking for a blog about art? This is one of the best blogs about art and design. It was established in 2010 as a project dedicated to promoting the most outstanding creative ideas of artists and designers from around the world. WE AND THE COLOR show that creativity has no limits. This blog focuses on art, design, photography, illustration, but also fashion, architecture, and animation. Here you will also find useful tools such as fonts, site themes, templates, and graphics.

You may also like: Best Design Blogs for Inspiration & 25 of the Best Graphic Design Blogs .

DadCAMP- dad blog

The Top 13 Survival Blogs of 2020

And now something for daddies 🙂 DadCAMP is a blog of a Canadian father named Buzz. This is a great place where you can find a discussion about parenthood presented through your father’s eyes. Here you can also read how to spend time with children, what gadgets to invest in, what equipment you can buy, but not only. The blog also addresses the issues of sport , health, travel (see my list of the best travel blogs ), and even find a section on cooking containing recipes.

5. Naturally Ella

Popular blogs and best bloggers

With the rise of numerous lifestyle diseases, healthy eating habits cannot be stressed enough. Erin Anderson, a photographer, is the genius behind this blog. The food she prepares makes clean eating look fun and exploratory. What makes her blog fun is that it has a pantry section where her audience can pick up an ingredient and find various recipes for it. Moreover, it also has a guide on how to stock up a pantry and creative ways to incorporate leftovers into yummy meals to reduce food waste.

Did I mention her food is all vegetarian? Another thing her blog zeros in on is component cooking which is making a large quantity of food for the week. After that, the batch can be split into smaller chunks for daily meals which are prepared and cooked differently. It makes cooking less chore-like and saves you a tonne of time and energy. I have to mention that this technique was lifted from her book ‘Sharing 50 base recipes for playing in the kitchen’ which has a variety of recipes. Erin herself uses the back pocket recipes herself with a lot of variations. Being a photographer gives her an upper hand in her field. She not only prepares the finger-licking food but also gets to take marvelous photos of them.

6. Ben Greenfield best blog

Best bloggers & blog examples

People want to be fit for various reasons. Ben Greenfield’s blog gives an insight into what it means to be healthy and how hard one has to work towards achieving it. According to him, fitness is ironic in the sense that it has so little to do with the body itself. It has so much to do with the mental aspect. The mind determines the willingness to push further even when the body seems to have given up. It is the one that fights through the pain that the body is exposed to when it is working out. It is the one that opts for a healthier option when the body craves all the junk that does nothing but slows it down even further.

For Ben, fitness is a lifestyle and one that demands commitment. Nobody said it was easy; and if it were, everyone would be walking around with ripped bodies. Are you looking for more male blogs ?

7. SheGeeks

Top bloggers and their popular blogs

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When Corvida Raven was asked why she started her blog, her reply was very simple. She wanted to help people understand Tech in plain English. Technology has engulfed our day-to-day life in all manner of aspects, yet we still have a hard time grasping it entirely. Her blog is divided into three broad categories which make it easy for her audience to navigate their way through this space.

Apps and Tools is the section that deals with innovations that she has found striking and game-changing. The Social Media category is the most popular as it has updates on every new feature, no matter how small, on every social media platform. Last but not least, she gives her honest opinion on different features and technological advances in the Tech Opinion category. This blog has propelled Corvida to receive numerous awards. Although she mentioned that she preferred it when people recognized her from her work, she said that race was a huge aspect of her life. There were times when she could not avoid talking about race in the tech industry. This is one of the best blogs for women .

8. Lavendaire

Best bloggers blog examples

A mind is a powerful tool we have been gifted with. We’ve all heard it before. Aileen re-emphasizes this point in her blog. She is a big believer in living life to the fullest. It is attained by living life on your terms. And being at peace with where you are at this very moment. Instead of complaining about how hard life can be, she advocates for acknowledging that things may not always go as planned. But it is preparing you for the next stage. More often than not, she gives tips on how to live a more fulfilling life by taking control of your thoughts, your time, and your habits. On top of that, she believes that we are the architects of our lives. And can design how we want it to look like by setting daily goals that will get us closer and closer to our dreams. You can also listen to her podcasts on personal growth and lifestyle design.

Want to start a podcast ? Read how to do it.

9. Diary of the Dad

Best blog and top blogger

Another example of the best blog is Tom Briggs and his Diary of the Dad blog. Tom comes from the UK, and in 2010 he founded this blog as a hobby, which very quickly transformed into a full-time job, winning three awards along the way :). Diary of the Dad is a great example of a blog you need to follow.

You may also like: 10 Best Mom Blogs .

10. Peach & Lily

Top blogs and best bloggers

Best Wedding Blogs Ideas & Inspiration

Alica, the founder of Peach & Lily, decided to explore the world of skincare. The journey that led her to start this blog was an interesting one. When she was 18, a woman approached her when she was with her friends, heading to the club in Seoul, Korea. She complimented her on her make-up and told her to consider that as a career path. This stirred a lot of interest in Alicia. She later pursued this in college and was great at it. Later on, she joined Harvard Business School to plunge herself into the business aspect of her field.

It was in the USA that she realized most of her friends were intrigued by Korean Skincare products. Eventually, she decided to combine her passion with her discovery that Westerners love Korean products. In 2012, she quit her job and started the Peach and Lily brand, which is still standing to date. What makes her relatable is the fact that she struggled with eczema throughout her entire childhood. Therefore, skincare comes from a very personal place.

11. Attire Studios

Popular blogs

Best Christian Blogs to Follow

This fashion blog is a breath of fresh air. One of the many reasons is because Athena Ng is naturally an adventurous person. Her hair color changes like the weather, and her unpredictability makes her audience crave more and more. Growing up in Hong Kong, she never liked her dark hair but would die it anyway, even though it was illegal to do so in school. She admits that she now adores her black hair and was rebelling against authority to stand out from the crowd. The outspoken beauty is more than entertaining. She is obsessed with lipsticks and perfumes. She loves Hermes perfume, and Anastacia Beverly Hills has to be her favorite lipstick brand.

Besides fashion, Athena loves to travel, working out, and eating minimally. In fact, she is so spontaneous that her favorite kind of holiday is one that unexpectedly occurs out of the blue and falls right into place. Her blog is exquisite documentation of the bits and bobs of things that ignite her passion, and she executes this in an exemplary fashion. It is also interesting to watch how Hong Kong meets New York fashion and glam.

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Life is so much better with blogs. Who knew reading other people’s stories would be so therapeutic? Apart from kindling interest, inspiration, and curiosity, blogs also display different angles and perspectives people have towards everything to do with the world.

Even though you might not agree on everything these bloggers have to say, we have to appreciate that it is their take on some issues. You would be surprised at the similarities you will share with the bloggers who blog about stuff you would not necessarily be amused by.

About author

' src=

An engineer who loves design in any form. From graphic designs to interior design and architecture. She designs websites, as well as free WordPress themes. Writes about WordPress to make it easier for others to start. Likes gardening, painting, and of course, loves open source.

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The fashion world gives the impression of not having any brink. Remarkably, with imagination being the only limit, bushels of style ideas and inspirations are incessantly shared online by many fashionista and trend-setters.

How to make monet blogging

How To Make Money Blogging

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Best food blogs to follow

14 Best Food Blogs and Bloggers You Need to Follow

When food is ‘bae’, we can’t resist the eager to search for new recipes and gourmet other fellow foodies are into. Rather than turn to heavy cookbooks, many have turned to online blogs and their much-loved bloggers for those new casserole ideas.

Really like your contents.. This blog guide me to make my own blog. Keep going and thanks alot for this blog.

Thank you very much, Ar! Glad to hear. Good luck with your blog.

Thank you for the list and tips!

You’re very welcome, Hybrid Bloger.

Salamat Monika! Thank you for sharing this wonderful list. I was looking for fellow bloggers in the same niche and I stumble upon Lavendaire here. It’s nice to read just like this list. 🙂

That’s great to hear, Maria. Wishing you luck with your blog.

Loved this information Monika! Especially liked Apartment Therapy, Naturally Ella, and Ben Greenfield! I am trying to learn all I can about natural stone in interior design. Do you have any suggestions on a great blog or blogger?

Check out my article “ Best Interior Design Blogs “, there you will find a lot of great blogs and bloggers.

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Top 28 Art & Culture Blogs to Jump Start Your Creativity

top art websites

(Photo credit: / Shutterstock )

Working in a creative field and looking for a little inspiration? Or just love art and looking to see what's trending? In addition to My Modern Met, there are tons of websites that can help you get over the creative hump and keep you abreast of what's happening in the art world.

Whether you want to read in-depth artist interviews or simply scroll past imagery to get your creative juices flowing, there is something for everyone. We've scoured the internet to find the best art and culture blogs online today. Here's our curated list of the top 28 art sites now. Get clicking and see what's happening in the art world today.

Want to stay inspired? Check out our list of the 28 best art and culture blogs today, in alphabetical order.

Best Art Blogs Bored Panda

Art Insider – Whether you want to keep up with trends in the art market, read profiles on up-and-coming talent, or read exhibition reviews, Art Insider is an important hub of visual culture and those interested in art business.

ARTNews – From in-depth artist spotlights to tracking the top 200 art collectors, ARTNews is a reputable source of information for both art, both from a creative and business perspective.

BOOOOOOOM!  – A global arts & culture platform based in Canada, they also have a platform specifically for video content.

Bored Panda – Known for their viral content covering everything from cute baby animals to viral social media moments, often featuring artist submissions.

Brooklyn Street Art –  Don't let the name fool you, as the site has expanded to cover street art and graffiti worldwide. Launched in 2008, it has become one of the most reliable sources of information on contemporary urban art.

Brown Paper Bag – This site celebrates illustration in all its forms—embroidery, products, and even tattoos.

Best Art Blogs Colossal

Creative Boom  – Based in the UK, this site is a space for creative industries from graphic design and illustration to art and photography.

Creators Project  – A celebration of arts, creativity, and technology run by Vice.

Designboom  – Heavy on architecture and design culture, they often feature incredible art installations and innovative technology.

DesignTAXI  – The perfect place for designers looking for inspiration with logo design, advertising, or animation.

Design You Trust  – Updated hourly with design ideas, photos, creative advertisements, architectural inspirations, and videos.

Best Art Blogs - Juxtapoz

Hi-Fructose  – As the online presence of the quarterly arts magazine, Hi-Fructose highlights both established and emerging artists, especially in the low-brow and pop-surrealism genres.

HuffPo Culture & Arts  – Media giant covering literature, film, and theater, as well as fine arts.

Hyperallergic  – A great source of breaking news in the art world, as well as exhibition and book reviews.

iGNANT  – Online magazine about art, design, photography, fashion, and architecture. Great for haunting, minimalist imagery with a slightly surreal bent.

Juxtapoz  – Available in print and online, Juxtapoz is a trusted champion of underground art movements with in-depth features on artists, as well as exhibition news.

Laughing Squid – Covering a wide variety of topics, on Laughing Squid you can learn new insights about history, as well as discover incredible food art, tattoo art, and quirky designs.

Best Art Blogs StreetArtNews

Open Culture – This website focuses on free educational and art media, which makes it a nice place for discovering videos, images, and other media to deepen your knowledge of art, history, and culture.

Scene360  – Tattoo aficionados will want to check out this site, which often features innovative tattoos among its rotation of art, photography, and design features.

Spoon & Tamago  – Wondering what's hot in Japan? This site focuses specifically on Japanese art, design, and architecture.

StreetArtNews  – A go-to resource for what's happening in the world of street art.

This Isn't Happiness  – A minimalist Tumblr blog that is a treasure trove of inspiration for art, design, and photography. No text, all art.

Twisted Sifter  – With stories on everything from the latest scientific discovery to creative edible treats, Twisted Sifter is an unexpected source of daily inspiration.

Widewalls – With a particular focus on urban and contemporary art, Widewalls publishes book reviews, exhibition reviews, and artist spotlights. They also have a section to follow upcoming auctions, and it's even possible to purchase artwork and get in touch with galleries through their portal.

This article has been edited and updated.

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best blogs of creative writing

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best blogs of creative writing

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best blogs of creative writing

My Modern Met

Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening.


10 Best Creative Writing Blogs (For Great Writing Advice)

You are currently viewing 10 Best Creative Writing Blogs (For Great Writing Advice)

Are you new in the creative writing city, and looking for good places to learn the art of writing?

This article is for every beginner in writing looking for learning creative writing on the internet.

We have accumulated the names of the best creative writing blogs that will help you in learning all the basics of all writing, improving your writing skills, or resolving your queries related to writing?

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Follow the list for best writing tips , advice and everyday queries for your aspiring author’s mind.

Best Creative Writing Blogs

1. the write life.

the write life blog page

Want to learn Freelance Writing, Blogging, Marketing, Book Publishing, or Writing, The Write Life will provide you with all the best answers to your concern as a writer.

Founded in 2013 by Alexis Grant, a media innovator, entrepreneur, and expert in the business of content runs the blog with his brilliant team of experts who brings the best solutions for writers.

Some Quick Links From the Blog-

How to Format a Book: 10 Tips Your Editor Wants to Know

9 Powerful Tips for Writing Your First Successful Ebook

Writing Children’s Book: How Magical Stories Comes to Life

2. Writer’s Digest

writers's digest blog page

One of the top visiting Writing blogs on the internet, Writer’s Digest is the digital part of the popular Writer’s Digest Magazine , selling since 1920.

This trustworthy resource hosts tons of great articles on writing tips, advice, poetry, non-fiction, fiction, screenwriting, writing prompts and much more great stuff for writers.

Some Quick Links from the blog-

7 Tips for Writing Crime Fiction

Novel Writing from A to Z

A Word about Writing Princesses and Fairy Tales

3. The Write Practice

the write practice blog page

”Practice” is the main motto of ” The Write Practice ” founder Joe Bunting for becoming a better writer and that’s why his blog provides great writing exercises and assignments.

The blog is also filled with hundreds of informative articles on writing tips and techniques, writing prompts and lots more for writers to offer.

Some Quick Links from the Blog-

Top 10 B ook Writing Software

The Best Way to Become a Better Writer

How to Write a Book Using Microsoft Word

4. The Creative Penn

the creative penn blog

Learn the art of writing bestselling books from Joanna Penn, the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, teaching everyone the craft of writing at his blog, The Creative Penn .

This blog is best for those who want to earn a living as a writer as Joanna teaches the way of making a living writing.

The blog also offers writing tips and advice on novel writing, book publishing, marketing, writing non-fiction, etc.

How to Make a Living With Your Writing

7 Steps to Write Your First Novel

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book

5. Now Novel

now novel blog page

Want to start writing a novel right ”now”, then Now Novel is waiting for you to assist with all the tools, guidance and coaches to help you start writing at a reasonable fee.

Founded by Bridget and Brendan McNulty and Dagmar Timler around 2012, the blog provides great novel writing tips and advice.

The site also offers to edit, coaching and assisting services in their paid plans.

How to Develop a Story

How to Outline a Novel

How to Plot a Novel: 7 Tips

best blogs of creative writing

6. Jerry Jenkins Blog

jerry jenkins creative writing blog page

This blog is run by Jerry B. Jenkins, a renowned American writer and author of more than 200 amazing books and stories.

Jerry Jenkins shares all his secrets of writing bestsellers at his blog.

Learn the art of writing from Jerry, an expert in the business for years.

How to Start a Story: 4 Proven Tips

How to Write A Novel: A 12 Step Guide

8 Types of Characters to Include in Your Story

7. The Reedsy Blog

reedsy creative writing blogs page

Founded by four-man in 2014, Reedsy is like the Amazon for writers where you can get anything needed to complete your books.

From writing advice, tips, prompt, exercises, tools and writing contests, Reedsy offers a whole world of resources for writers.

Do give a read to the reedsy blog or visit their main site Reedsy if you want to hire a book cover designer, editors, marketers, book reviewers, publicists, ghostwriters, etc.

How to Write an Ebook In 7 Simple Steps

How to Become a Better Writer: 20 Tips and Hacks

Word Counts: How Long is Novella and Short Story?

8. Self-Publishing School

self publishing school creative writing blogs

As the name speaks, Self-Publishing School helps writers to self-publish their books asap.

The blog is best for those looking for advice on self-publishing as it provides great articles on self-publishing.

Along with providing writing tips and techniques the site also offers paid services to help self-publish a book smoothly.

How to Write a Children’s Book

How to Create a Picture Book

How to Publish a Book on Amazon

9. Helping Writers Become Authors

helping writers become authors creative writing blog page

K.M Weiland, a writer and an author helps writers become authors through her well informative guides covering every topic possible in writing.

The author has published more than a thousand articles on her blog , covering almost all the possible concerns and queries of a writer’s mind.

How to Outline Your Novel

Most Common Writing Mistakes

How to Structure Your Story

10. BookFox

bookfox creative writing blog page

One of the best clean and simplest looking writing blogs, BookFox was founded by John Matthew Fox, an author and writer in 2006.

Since 2006 John John has published more than 900 helpful posts for answer seekers on his blog.

Do give a read to this last but not least writing blog helping writers to learn the craft of writing and become better writers.

How to be a Happy Writer

How to Write Children’s Book in 12 Steps

10 Career Mistakes Writers Must Avoid

These are also the blogs that you will encounter the most while searching for any answers related to writing or any writing tips or advice.

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30+ Best Blog Websites to Follow in 2022

Kriti Sahay - Author

Do you want to learn how to create a successful blog? We have compiled a list of the best blog websites built on Pixpa to inspire you and help you learn how to create a blog site that works!

All of us who love to write have at some point tried to create a blog website. Blogging is the perfect outlet to help you express yourself, share your ideas with the world and maybe even make some money on the side! Blog websites were some of the earliest modes of creating and sharing content on the internet, before social media became pervasive, and they continue to be popular.  

Today, creating a blog website is superbly easy thanks to DIY website builders that enable you to create a full-featured, professional-looking online portfolio without having to write a single line of code.  The main challenge once you have created your blog website is trying to make it successful and popular. 

How do you attract more readers for your blog? What makes a blog successful anyway? 

What Makes a Blog Website Successful?

Pick your blog topic carefully, keep up with the latest blogging trends, make seo your best friend, pick a beautiful and modern blog website template, always update your blog website regularly.

It is always a good idea to be careful when picking the main topic of your blog. Try not to go for something too trendy because trends change and you want your blog website to remain evergreen. Food blogs, travel blogs, style blogs etc are always popular, mainly because these topics are broad and always in vogue. This makes it easy to write on and maintain these kinds of blog websites, irrespective of the time or era. Once you do create your blog website, you will need content for it. This guide to writing good website content can be handy!

It is true that trends can be short lived but they can certainly help you in gaining popularity and remaining relevant for your viewers. Certain kinds of blog posts, your readership. Keeping abreast of changing trends and fads is important to capitalize on ‘challenges’, etc. have a good chance of going viral and helping you with this. For example, for a design blog an article like best web design trends can help you gain more followers.

Nothing is more important for blog websites than SEO. Search engine results pages can often be the biggest sources of organic web traffic and growth for blogs. This means that ensuring your blog website is search engine friendly is essential to your growth as a blogger. The best blog website owners know the power for SEO. If you are new to all of this, don’t worry! This handy guide to SEO will help you out!

An attractive website is always much better at grabbing people’s attention and encouraging them to stay. You are much less likely to stay on a blog website that looks clunky and dated than a well organized, beautiful and modern website. When you are looking for the best blog website templates, you will first need to find the right website builder platform. This article on the best website builder platforms for 2022  might help you in selecting the best website builder for your blog.

Creating a blog website is the easy part, the more challenging part is regularly updating and maintaining your blog! All successful blog websites are able to keep their readers hooked by being regular and punctual with updates. Keep a regular posting schedule and stick to it. Posting regularly is the biggest secret to running a successful blog! This article on how to write the perfect blog post should help you figure out how to write engaging posts for your blog website!

Creating a blog website has never been easier. With a website builder like Pixpa by your side, you can create, edit and publish your blogs with the world easily and without hassle. In fact, you can create a blog website from scratch, without even touching a single line of code!

Pixpa is an all-in-one, DIY website builder platform that is perfect in every way for creative professionals! The platform comes with a range of pixel-perfect, modern and mobile friendly templates , perfect for blog websites. You also get comprehensive, built-in SEO and marketing tools to help you keep your blog SEO ready at all times. All you need when creating a blog website using Pixpa, is a little bit of inspiration!

Do check out these articles

We know that there is no better way of learning than by example. So, we have compiled a list of the 30 best blog websites built on Pixpa to give you all the inspiration you need to start your blog! Let us take a quick look!

Here are 30+ Best Blog Website Examples to Inspire you in 2022!

Photowalk nashville.

Photowalk Nashville Best Blog Website

Photowalk Nashville is a project by a like-minded group of Nashville photographers who want to offer their clients something more than just a photoshoot or a trip to Nashville. Christy Hunter and her team organize photo walks and trips in Nashville to ensure that their clients leave with an album full of insta-worthy snaps and a vacation that they will never forget. Through their blog, Christy and her team offer further advice, tips and ideas for what to do when you are in Nashville. 

Amy Rodriguez

Amy Rodriguez Best Blog Website

Amy Rodriguez is an artist and illustrator who uses her blog website to give people a sneak peek into what goes on behind the scenes of her artwork. She shows the step by step process of creating her artwork, shares the thoughts and ideas that go behind the creation of each piece and more. Amy also uses her art to share her Catholic faith with her readers. Amy’s blog website is an excellent example of how a blog can be used as an addition to your art portfolio to add more depth to it.

A Journey Inspired

Candace and Geoff’s Blog Website

Candace and Geoff’s travel blog website is a way for them to share their travel experiences with the world. They believe their journeys are ‘inspired’ because travelling breathes life into them and they want to share the ‘renewing’ and revitalising capabilities of travel with their readers. This is the best blog website if you are planning a holiday or looking for travel inspiration, tips and tricks, itineraries and more!

Anwita + Arun

Anwita Arun Best Blog Website

Anwita Arun are food stylists and photographers and their blog website is a must visit if you want to see and understand what goes on behind the scenes of a food photography shoot. Ever think about what goes into creating the pictures you see on food packaging or on advertising billboards? Well, this is one blog website that can give you some of those answers!

Misha Martin

Misha Martin Best Blog Website

Misha Martin is a photographer and videographer based in Iceland. His blog website is a mix of photography and photo editing tips, photo essays, videos and more. Through his blog Misha is able to give his readers an amazing behind the scenes look at his own work which gives his photography more depth. This is an excellent example of how blog websites can be used to add a whole new dimension to your other creative work.

Nina Butkovich Budden

Nina Butkovich Budden Best Blog Website

Nina Butkovich Budden is a hairstylist who has worked on a variety of different editorial shoots, advertisements, films, television and documentaries. Her skill with hair styling is truly amazing but what stands out the most on her website is her blog. Nina recognizes that as someone who works in show business, her behind the scenes experiences and stories can be an excellent marketing tool to generate more buzz for her business. This is exactly what she tries to achieve!

Foodshooters Singapore

Dirgan Fasa Best Blog Website

Dirgan Fasa is the man behind Foodshooters Singapore. A food photographer by trade, Dirgan makes intelligent use of his blog website as both an informational as well as a promotional tool. He shares important marketing knowledge as well as photographic techniques to help out food photographers who may just be starting out. He also writes about restaurants and hotels that may be his clients to help them promote their business.

Cuba Street Art Project

The Cuba Street Art Project Best Blog Website

The Cuba Street Art Project is the brainchild of photographer Enzo Amato who wanted to capture and preserve the beautiful street art of Cuba through his camera lens. The Cuba Street Art Project’s blog website tells a stunning visual story of the island nation’s culture, politics, art and people. This is one blog website you must not miss!

Kalina's Photography

Charlotte Best Blog Website

Charlotte, North Carolina based Kalina uses her photography website’s blog page to share tips and tricks with her clients to help them take their photo shoots to the next level. Every good photographer knows that a photo shoot is a team effort and requires collaboration, communication and coordination between photographer and client. Kalina tries to achieve this through her blog website.

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu Best Blog Website

The owners and masters at Bourgogne, France based martial arts school Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu take their art and discipline very seriously. They believe their founder was handed the secret knowledge of the sword arts by the gods themselves and they use their blog website as an extension of their school to share the knowledge, history and folklore of the martial arts they teach.

Delaina Marie Photography 

Delaina Marie Best Blog Website

Delaina Marie is a photographer who lives and works on the Gulf coast of Mississippi. She uses her blog website as a way of sharing some of the more intimate and breathtaking moments from her clients’ wedding photoshoots. This way Delaina is able to turn her photography portfolio into a platform for visually narrating the stories behind her wedding photography.

Udit Kulshreshtha

Udit Kulshreshtha Best Blog Website

Udit Kulshreshtha is a Delhi based photographer and photojournalist. His photo essay series takes us across some of the least visited and understood aspects of India. He introduces us to people and stories that are usually unheard of and lost. Taking a tour through his blog website is highly recommended if you want a taste of India beyond the mainstream.

Nina Sabina Caballero

Nina Sabina Caballero uses her blog website as a journal to share her thoughts, feelings and ideas with the world. Her blog’s content is a mix of motivational, introspective and inspirational. She also writes about photographers who inspire her and the ways in which their work changed the world of photography.

Daniel Pullen

Daniel Pullen’s blog website is a little different from other blogs. Instead of relying on words, Daniel, who is a photographer, tries to tell visual stories through his photography alone. His blogpost on the first winter surf of 2022 tries to make his audience smell the salt and surf of the sea not through words but through images!

Innocent Eye Photography

Karolina and Lukasz are the couple behind Innocent Eye Photography and they use their blog website to show their readers the stories that a simple portfolio cannot. Through their blog, they tell the stories behind the photo albums that they create for their clients. This is a great example of how blog websites can be used to tell stories and add dimension to photography websites.

Waterhouse Wade

Waterhouse Wade Best Blog Website

Waterhouse Wade is a Hong Kong based creative agency and their blog is an excellent example of how blog websites can be used by companies and businesses as a method of marketing, promotion and outreach. In this way they turn their blog into a multipurpose tool for growing their business.

Jonny Edward

Jonny Edward Best Blog Website

Jonny Edward is fashion photographer, stylist and creative director. His blog website is his platform to share his art with the world. His signature, bold style and unique sense of style are very visible in his blogs and his work. If you are looking for fashion oriented blog websites for inspiration then Jonny’s blog site is one that you must follow.

Atul Pratap Chauhan

Atul Pratap Chauhan is a Delhi based photographer who dabbles in many different genres of photography. This is one of his blog websites which is focused more on his real estate photography work. Atul shares tips and tricks, advice and general real estate photography related content on his blog website. So, if you are thinking about a real estate photography career, Atul’s blog may help you out. You may also find our guide to real estate photography helpful !

Nick Polanszky

Nick Polanszky is an award winning underwater photographer and as far as stunning blog websites go, Nick’s blog is for sure a front runner. Apart from tips, underwater photography techniques and advice, Nick’s blog is also an excellent place to find breathtaking photographs of the ocean and underwater animals. A beautiful experience that we could not recommend more highly!

Noughts & Crosses

Noughts and Crosses is a creative venture by a tribe of extremely talented and skilled photographers from Delhi, India. The idea behind Nought and Crosses is to create visual stories through photography and their blog website is the best place to see this. Visit their blog website to for some awesome photography and visual storytelling!

Cebu Foodshoot

Rey Mangocia Best Blog Website

Rey Mangocia from Cebu, Philippines is the food photographer behind Cebu Foodshoot. If you were looking for some of the best food photography blog websites, then Rey’s blog should be on the top of your list. Apart from mouthwatering food photography, Rey’s blog site also contains advice on becoming a food photographer and hiring a food photographer.

Joshua Huston

Joshua Huston is a Seattle based portrait photographer. Portrait photography is one of the more interesting and intimate genres of photography as it often involves building a connection and rapport between the photographer and the model. Joshua’s blog website is his way of letting people take a peek at this connection. Through his blog Josh is able to share the personality of his subjects beyond just the photographs! 

Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez Best Blog Website

Stephanie Rodriguez loves to have a little bit of fun with her camera. Stephanie’s photography work always includes an echo of quirkiness and creativity and her blog reflects the same. Apart from photography advice, Stephanie’s blog website also serves as her platform to express herself and her creative spirit.

Candie Brown

Candie Brown is a self care guru and healthcare advocate. Her blog website is an outlet for her to share her experiences and lessons in life with the world. Candy tries to motivate her audience through her own life experiences and the obstacles she has overcome. Candie’s blog website is an excellent example of how blogging can be a cathartic as well as educational exercise for all kinds of people!

Kiren Sandhu

Kiren Sandhu is a personal trainer and fitness blogger based in Australia. Kiren wants her fitness blog to help empower South Asian women through fitness and health content. She even donates 50% of the profits raised through her community to ASAC to try and make a difference in the lives of South Asian women.

In the Ether

In the Ether Best Blog Website

In the Ether is a news blog site for the photographic representation agency, Ether Artists. The blog website is used by the agency to keep people updated about the projects undertaken by their artists or the achievements they have had. This is an example of how blog websites can be used by agencies for promotional, informational and marketing purposes.

My Journey is My Destination

My Journey is My Destination Best Blog Website

Hans Kok is an amateur photographer and travel blogger based in Norway. His travel blog website is a wonderful resource for anyone planning a holiday or trip to Scandinavia. If you are interested in road tripping, then you should check out Hans’s blog in particular for some excellent camping and road-tripping advice. 

Strike the Lights

Strike the Lights Best Blog Websites

Alexis Cuarezma is a photographer based in San Francisco. His blog website is a platform for him to talk about his photoshoots, his ongoing relationships with clients such as the Principles of the American Ballet Theater, give photography lessons and advice and much more. Alexis’s blog site is a platform for him to reach out to people and share both his work as well as his knowledge.

Roger Font Sales

Roger Font Sales Best Blog Websites

Roger Font Salas is a landscape and portrait photographer from Catalonia, Spain. Roger’s blog website is a very creative extension of his portrait photography work. Roger publishes interviews with his portraiture subjects. This way, he is able to use his portrait photographs as creative studies to reveal a much more full and complete picture of his subjects.

The Papyrist

The Papyrist Best Blog Website

The Papyrist is an e-magazine and daily news website that publishes and shares news from current affairs and other domestic and international news items. The Payrist is a smaller news platform, independent of big media houses. The Payrist is an excellent example of how blog websites can be used for independent and alternative journalism.

Andrew Guy Best Blog Website

Andrew Guy is a wedding photographer with over 20 years of experience. His blog website is a platform for him to talk about his wedding photography work, including highlights from his year, his work philosophy and why he works the way he does, and more. Through his blog website, Andrew is able to communicate with his potential clients even before he has met them and tell them what they can expect from him and why. This way blog websites can be used by creative professionals as a way of building trust and relationships.

How to Create Your Blog Website?

So now that we have given you a whole lot of inspiration through these beautiful blog website examples, are you excited to create your own blog website yet? With Pixpa creating your blog is easier than a breeze! 

With Pixpa’s easy to use visual editor, you can create a blog website that looks and feels exactly the way you want. Use the drag and drop page builder to add pages and customize your blog site to your liking. The WYSIWYG editor lets you create, edit, schedule and publish blogs all in one place. You can also use Pixpa’s built-in marketing and SEO tools to help promote and market your blog and gain more traffic and engagement! Take a look at a full and comprehensive list of Pixpa’s features here !

Of course building a website from scratch can be a little bit intimidating for most people, especially when you are a beginner. Well, this guide on how to create a blog website is perfect for you if you are looking to create a blog website but don’t know where to start. If you are worried about the cost, then take a look at this article on how much does it cost to create a website from scratch! (Hint: it’s not a lot!)

We hope these wonderfully varied and inspiring blog websites were both interesting and motivational for you. Blogging is a great way of giving yourself a platform to express yourself and display a side of yourself that is usually hidden from the world. If you are a business owner then your blog website can even be a great way for you to market and promote yourself and your website! Blog websites can also be used for outreach and building relationships with potential clients and customers. 

In fact we believe that the question of why create a blog is redundant. We should instead ask, why not create a blog? Especially considering how easy and affordable it is with an easy to use, DIY website builder like Pixpa! By signing up for the full-featured, 15-day free trial, you can start creating your blog website today. No credit card required for sign up and no hidden charges! So, sign up now and start sharing your thoughts with the world! 


Try Pixpa - the easy, all-in-one portfolio website builder loved by photographers & creators.

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RULES CREATIVE/吾則創意是一間獨立品牌代理商,我們擅長用策略、創意與設計解決品牌客戶的商業問題。Logo「R」的缺口是20%的商業與創意出口,意義是我們懂到「真正懂創意的人,是最懂規則的人」和「創意不是顛覆,而是在規則中找出口」,基於此,我們的Slogan是「用策略和創意幫助你的生意」。

Mike Paul Vox

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Hi team, I’m Mike Paul. I’m a voice actor, narrator, and writer of various football adventures — Welcome to my Medium.

Ayodeji Awosika

Ayodeji Awosika

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Is Blogging considered a form of creative writing?

I have seen most personal blogs where the blog author's writing style is undisciplined and mostly inspiration-driven; that is, the author doesn't care too much for grammar and usually writes in a persuasive style, so blog writing isn't academic writing for sure. Is it true that it's a form of creative writing? If not, then what is it called?

Monica Cellio's user avatar

2 Answers 2

The distinguishing isn't about style but about subjects and blogs can be anything:

There are quite a few more I missed, but generally the Blog is a very versatile medium, and there are very few types of writing (if any) that wouldn't work as a blog.

As for how the style you described is called (undisciplined and mostly inspiration-driven) I guess it would be Informal .

SF.'s user avatar

I think you're being tripped up by some mistaken impressions.

First, you suggest that ungrammatical and/or persuasive writing is "creative". Maybe some of it is, but that's hardly the definition of the term. There is plenty of creative writing that follows the rules and conventions of its language, and plenty that is descriptive or story-telling but not particularly aimed at persuading the reader.

On the flip side, there is academic writing that sets out to persuade, and academic writing that doesn't. Either way, yes it's generally formal and grammatical.

Blogging isn't a style ; it's a platform . Many blogs are casual, with or without following grammatical conventions. Some focus on creative writing (fiction blogs, poetry blogs). And some are more formal, publishing essays that wouldn't be out of place in respectable magazines or even Academia. (Consider Language Log, for instance, a blog by and for linguists.) Further, there are institutional blogs, often attached to media or academic institutions, and their publishers will have style requirements that are probably different from Joe Random User's personal blog.

Blog writing isn't called anything in particular because it doesn't have a fixed style. Describe the style based on the content , not on how it's published .

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Literary Agent: Sara O’Keefe of Aevitas Creative Management

Sara OKeefe

Lucy O'Callaghan

Sara O’Keefe began her career in the literary world at Book Club Associates, before moving on to Orion Publishing Group where she was a Senior Commissioning Editor buying crime, thrillers, and women’s fiction for ten years. She was then poached by Atlantic Books who had set up Corvus, a commercial fiction imprint, publishing a broad range of accessible and page-turning novels. As Publishing Director, Sara was charged with growing this young list into a powerhouse brand. She was the UK editor for Kevin Kwan’s international bestseller, Crazy Rich Asians along with the cult bestseller Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, which spent six weeks at the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Sara also built a flourishing list of Irish writing talent.

After twenty years as an editor and publisher, Sara felt she was ready for a new challenge and decided to set up as a Literary Agent. Sara wanted the autonomy that comes with an independent landscape and she landed in just the right place with Aevitas Creative Management. ACM is one of the largest literary agencies in the world with a list of veteran agents and A-list clients. Having offices in New York, LA and London (where Sara is based) gives the company enormous outreach. Sara has built a thriving list of talented and successful authors over the past few years. She is proud to be the agent for a stunning literary debut called Hard by a Great Forest by Leo Vardiashvili that was regarded as ‘the book of the fair’ at London Book Fair last year. It has since sold in sixteen languages around the world. She has also, more recently, completed major film and tv deals with top-level streamers for several of her clients. This would not have been possible without the support of ACM’s dedicated film and tv department. The exciting details on that are to be revealed very soon!

Originally from Waterford, Sara prides herself on her Irish roots and represents many Irish authors including Sinead Crowley, Catherine Ryan Howard, Rachel Donohue, Siobhan McGowan and Amy Cullen to name a few. Sara believes that Irish writers are at the top of their game at the moment. ‘Irish writers are producing brave and exciting work both in the commercial and literary space and the international publishing community has woken up to that. There is no better time to be an Irish writer.’ She told me about new writers such as Christine Anne Foley whose astonishing literary debut, Bodies, comes out next year.

With her vast experience in publishing and an enviable network of contacts in the publishing world, Sara is in a fabulous position as an agent. After twenty-plus years in the business, she has a deep understanding of the publishing landscape as a whole and works hard to develop scripts before submission, so that they have the best possible chance in the marketplace. When submitting to agents, Sara tells me that it is important to have your work as good as it can be. As obvious as that may sound, you’d be surprised by how many people send an unpolished manuscript or a half-finished piece of work. Given the volume of submissions agents receive, they are unlikely to look at the same thing twice, so it really pays to make the material as good as it can possibly be.

Sara receives around 1,000 submissions a year and she reads every single query letter. To get her attention, your letter must be clear and short; a two-paragraph pitch making comparisons to similar books showing that you know where your book will fit into the market. When it comes to your synopsis, 300-500 words should be more than enough. Sara is not interested in the breakdown of the plot, she prefers it to be more like a pitch, explaining what it is about and where it will sit. Your submission must be professional and don’t send links; agents are wary of clicking on links! She recommends following Query Tracker and to pay careful attention to an agent’s submission guidelines.

When I asked what trends she saw emerging, she told me that on the back of shows like Stranger Things, thriller horror stories both for young adult and adult fiction are popular, as are novels with elements of strong diversity. Young Irish voices are also gaining international interest. Sara loves to read upmarket thrillers and literary fiction as well as historical fiction. She represents literary, reading group, and genre fiction and is drawn to unique, engaging voices that are immersive and transporting.

Sara O’Keefe is open to submissions and you can find out more here:

Here are a list of the Irish authors Sara represents and their latest novels:

Sinead Crowley: The Belladonna Maze

Catherine Ryan Howard: Run Time

Rachel Donohue: The Beauty of Impossible Things

Siobhan McGowan: The Trial of Lotta Rae

Christine Anne Foley: Bodies

Serena Malloy: Wider Than The Sea

(c) Lucy O’Callaghan

About the author

Writing since she was a child, Lucy penned her first story with her father called Arthur’s Arm, at the ripe old age of eight. She has been writing ever since. Inspired by her father’s love of the written word and her mother’s encouragement through a constant supply of wonderful stationary, she wrote short stories for her young children, which they subsequently illustrated. A self-confessed people watcher, stories that happen to real people have always fascinated her and this motivated her move to writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her writing has been described as pacy, human, moving and very real. Lucy has been part of a local writing group for over ten years and has taken creative writing classes with Paul McVeigh, Jamie O’Connell and Curtis Brown Creative. She truly found her tribe when she joined Writer’s Ink in May 2020. Experienced in beta reading and critiquing, she is currently editing and polishing her debut novel. Follow her on Instagram: lucy.ocallaghan.31. Facebook and Twitter: @LucyCOCallaghan

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Howe Writing Center Announces Additional Writing Hours Programs for Spring 2023

The Howe Writing Center is excited to announce two additional sets of writing hours for specific groups of individuals on Miami’s campus. For creative writers, HWC consultants are hosting a Creative Writing Cafe with open writing hours. Additionally, junior faculty members can participate in the spring Writing in Community Challenge.

best blogs of creative writing

Creative Writing Cafe at 18 Peabody

The Creative Writers Cafe provides creative writers with a dedicated, informal space to hone their craft and build community. At the cafe, they can meet other writers, enjoy snacks and beverages, and get feedback on their writing from HWC consultants. The Creative Writing Cafe will have its grand opening event on Friday, March 10th, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. where writers can visit the space, write a haiku, and enjoy free pizza.

The Creative Writing Cafe will be open on the following dates:

Writing in Community Challenge for Junior Faculty

Junior faculty writing hours are also back for the spring semester. We are challenging assistant professors and assistant TCPLs to commit to their writing at six writing hours sessions in March and April. These sessions will take place both in-person at the Howe Center for Writing Excellence and online via Zoom, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Donuts and coffee will be provided to in-person attendees.

The sessions, excluding spring break, include the following dates:

Take advantage of the space, time, and accountability we provide to make some great progress on your writing goals. If you attend four of the six sessions, you will earn a spring-themed prize.

RSVP required, so claim your spot today !

The HCWE values the community-building component of writing, and we are always excited to bring together writers from all disciplines and departments to work toward their goals. We hope you will consider attending these writing hours and commit to your writing!

501 E. High Street Oxford, OH 45056

1601 University Blvd. Hamilton, OH 45011

4200 N. University Blvd. Middletown, OH 45042

7847 VOA Park Dr. (Corner of VOA Park Dr. and Cox Rd.) West Chester, OH 45069

Chateau de Differdange 1, Impasse du Chateau, L-4524 Differdange Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

217-222 MacMillan Hall 501 E. Spring St. Oxford, OH 45056, USA

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    The Howe Writing Center is excited to announce two additional sets of writing hours for specific groups of individuals on Miami's campus. For creative writers, HWC consultants are hosting a Creative Writing Cafe with open writing hours. Additionally, junior faculty members can participate in the spring Writing in Community Challenge.

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