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Power Point Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

Anushka Ghosh

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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Its a Power Point Presentation on Artificial Intelligence.I hope you will find this helpful. Thank you. You can also find out my another PPT on Artificial Intelligence.The link is given below-- https://www.slideshare.net/AnushkaGhosh5/ppt-presentation-on-artificial-intelligence Anushka Ghosh


artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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Artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation slides

Learn the workings of using intelligent machines for your processes using content-ready Artificial Intelligence PowerPoint Presentation Slides. Processes like learning, reasoning, self-correction, etc. are executed by artificial intelligent machines. Incorporate ready-made artificial intelligence PPT presentation templates and maximize the chance of achieving the organizational goals. This deck comprises of templates such as artificial intelligence objectives, artificial intelligence components, artificial intelligence statistics, artificial intelligence & investment by sector, artificial intelligence in various sectors, core areas of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence value chain elements, artificial intelligence development phases, artificial intelligence approaches, machine learning (pattern based), machine learning description, machine learning process, machine learning use cases, and more. These templates are customizable. Edit color, text, icon and font size as per your need. Grab easy-to-understand artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation slideshow and perform tasks associated with intelligent beings. Find solutions to the business problems without human intervention. Provide better products and services with the help of AI PPT templates. Click the download button to perform difficult tasks with ease using ready-made artificial intelligence PowerPoint presentation slides. Our Artificial Intelligence Powerpoint Presentation Slides team will alert you about changing demands. Their eyes and ears are always open.

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Artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation slides

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

PowerPoint presentation slides

Presenting artificial intelligence presentation slides. This deck comprises of total of 50 slides. Each slide includes professional visuals with an appropriate content. These templates have been designed keeping the customers requirement in mind. This complete presentation covers all the design elements such as layout, diagrams, icons, and more. This deck has been crafted after an extensive research. You can easily customize each template. Edit the color, text, icon, and font size as per your requirement. Easy to download. Compatible with all screen types and monitors. Supports Google Slides. Premium Customer Support available.

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Content of this Powerpoint Presentation

Slide 1 : This slide introduces Artificial Intelligence with a relative imagery. State Your Company Name and get started. Slide 2 : This is an Agenda slide. Present your agendas here. Slide 3 : This slide showcases Artificial Intelligence outline. The points are- Artificial Intelligence Introduction, Artificial Intelligence Objectives, Artificial Intelligence Components, Artificial Intelligence Key Statistics, Reasons For Using Artificial Intelligence, Survey on Adoption of Emerging Technologies, Artificial Intelligence & Investment by Sector, Artificial Intelligence In Various Sectors, Driving Force Behind Artificial Intelligence Maturity, Core Areas of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Value Chain Elements, Artificial Intelligence Development Phases, Artificial Intelligence Themes, Artificial Intelligence Approaches, Logic & Rules-based Approach, Machine Learning (Pattern Based), Machine Learning Description, Machine Learning Process, Machine Learning Use Cases, Artificial Narrow Intelligence Vs Artificial General Intelligence, Potential Use Cases of AI In Healthcare, Challenges In Adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Slide 4 : This slide presents Artificial Intelligence Introduction containing- Sense-Comprehend-Act showcasing: Computer Vision, Audio Processing, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Expert Systems, AI Technologies, Illustrative Solutions, Virtual Agents, Identity Analytics, Cognitive Robotics, Speech Analytics, Recommendation Systems, Data Visualization. Slide 5 : This slide presents Artificial Intelligence objectives such as- Achieve the objectives of company XX by 2020, Boost organizational Performance at all levels, Use an integrated smart digital system that can overcome challenges and provide quick efficient solutions, Make company XX the first in the field of AI investments in various sectors. Slide 6 : This slide shows Artificiel Intelligence Components such as- Strategy: Aligning with strategic goals. Design: Software design is transparent & auditable. Development: Iterative development, Managing data dependency. Operating Model: Data as your key intellectual property. Slide 7 : This slide also shows Artificiel Intelligence Components such as- Data: Pay per Click, Search console data, Customer service Transcripts, Social feedback. Technology: AI Analytical Engine, Interface for data upload. Strategy: Select optimal AI Engine, Instruct AI Engine, Create a training strategy. Slide 8 : This slide displays Artificial Intelligence Key Statistics. Present it here. Slide 9 : This slide showcases Reasons for using Artificial Intelligence. State them here. Slide 10 : This slide shows Survey on Adoption of Emerging Technologies with the following content- Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, AR\VR, Robotics/, Autonomous Robots, 3D Printing, Wearables, IoT/ Smart Sensors, Autonomous Vehicles. Slide 11 : This slide shows Artificial Intelligence & Investment by Sector divided into- Leading Sectors, Falling Behind. Slide 12 : This slide shows Artificial Intelligence in various Sectors such as- Transport, Health, Water, Technology, Environment, Traffic. Slide 13 : This slide shows Driving Force behind Artificial Intelligence Maturity in percentage form. Slide 14 : This slide shows Core Areas of Artificial Intelligence such as- Sensory AI such as Internet of Things, Physical AI like Industrial Automation, Cognitive AI such as worker training, General AI, Explainable AI, Research on new algorithms, High precision learning from small data sets. Slide 15 : This slide shows Artificiel Intelligence Value Chain Eléments namely- Data Capture, Cleansing of raw data, Curation, Labelling & Standardization, Annotation of raw data for ML models, Creation of ML model for use case, Training of ML model with annotated data with computational resources, Testing of model on new data, Deployment of solution on computational infrastructure. Slide 16 : This slide shows Artificial Intelligence Development Phases such as- Public use of Artificial Intelligence across various domains, Ecosystem is built by connecting various domains, Utilization & application of data-driven artificial intelligence developed in various domains, Utilization of AI will increase together with new possibilities of growth in related service industry. Slide 17 : This slide displays Artificial Intelligence Themes namely- Formation of the artificial intelligence department, Workshops, programmes, initiatives and field visits, Develop capabilities and skills of all staff operating in the field of technology and organize training, Provide all services via artificial intelligence, Integration of AI into different departments. Slide 18 : This slide presents Artificial Intelligence Approaches- Logic & Rules-Based Approach, Pattern Based Approach. Slide 19 : This slide shows Logic & Rules-Based Approach with the following points- Representing process or system using logical rules, Top-Down rules are created for computer, Computers reason about these rules, Can be used to automate process. Slide 20 : This slide shows Machine Learning (Pattern based) showcasing- Machine learning is a dominant form of AI today, Learn from data & improve overtime, These patterns can be used for automation or prediction. Slide 21 : This slide shows Machine Learning Description containing- OUTPUT optimum Model, INPUT DATA Information (+ Answers), Algorithms + Techniques, Relationships, Patterns, Dependencies, Hidden Structures. Slide 22 : This slide shows Machine Learning Process- Gathering data from various sources, Cleaning data to have homogeneity, Model Building- Selecting the right ML algorithm, Gaining insights from the model’s results, Data Visualization- Transforming results into visuals graphs. Slide 23 : This slide shows Machine Learning Main Points such as- Learning, Pattern Detection, Data, Self-Programming. Slide 24 : This slide shows Machine Learning Use Cases with the following subheadings- Manufacturing: Predictive maintenance or condition monitoring, Demand forecasting, Process optimization, Telematics. Retail: Predictive inventory planning, Recommendation engines, Customer RoI & lifetime value. Healthcare & Life Sciences: Alerts & diagnostics from real-time patient data, Proactive health management, Healthcare provider sentiment analysis. Travel & Hospitality: Aircraft scheduling, Dynamic pricing, Traffic patterns & congestion management, Financial Services: Risk analytics & regulation, Customer segmentation, Credit worthiness evaluation. Energy, Feedstock & Utilities: Power usage analytics, Seismic data processing, Smart grid management, Energy demand & supply optimization. Slide 25 : This slide showcases Artificial Narrow Intelligence Vs Artificial General Intelligence. The Artificial Narrow Intelligence consists of- Beat Go World Champions, Read Facial Expressions, Write Music, Diagnose Mental Disorders, Comfort Earthquake Survivors. Artificial General Intelligence: Understand Abstract Concepts, Explain Why, Be Creative Like Children, Tell Right From Wrong, Have Emotions. Slide 26 : This slide showcases Potential Use cases of AI in Healthcare- Keeping Well, Decision Making, Diagnosis, Early Detection, Training, Treatment, End of Life Care, Research. Slide 27 : This slide shows Challenges in adoption of Artificial Intelligence- Lack of enabling data ecosystem, Low Intensity of AI research, Inadequate availability of expertise, technology & research, High resource cost & low awareness for adopting AI in business processes, Unclear privacy, security and ethical regulations, Unattractive Intellectual Property regime to incentivize research & adoption of AI. Slide 28 : This is a Coffee Break slide to halt. You may change the slide content as per need. Slide 29 : This slide presents Artificial Intelligence Icons. Use them as per need. Slide 30 : This slide too presents Artificial Intelligence Icons. Use them as per need. Slide 31 : This slide also presents Artificial Intelligence Icons. Use them as per need. Slide 32 : This slide is titled Additional Slides. You may change content as per your need. Slide 33 : This slide presents Meet Our Team with designation, image text holder and text boxes to fill information. Slide 34 : This is an About Us slide. State your position, facts, team/company specifications or anything business here. Slide 35 : This slide shows Comparison in a creative manner displaying male and female imagery. State comparing aspects here. Slide 36 : This slide is titled as Financials. Display finance related stuff here. Slide 37 : This slide presents a Business Timeline to show growth, milestones, evolution etc. Slide 38 : This is a Puzzle image slide with text boxes to state information, specifications etc. Slide 39 : This is Our Target slide. State them here. Slide 40 : This is a Circular image slide to show information, specifications etc. Slide 41 : This is a Venn diagram slide to show information, specifications, etc. Slide 42 : This slide shows a Matrix in terms of High and Low. Slide 43 : This is a SWOT analysis slide with text boxes to show information. Slide 44 : This is a LEGO slide with text boxes to show information, specifications etc. Slide 45 : This slide presents a Magnifying Glass with text boxes and icon imagery. Slide 46 : This is a Silhouettes slide to show people oriented information, specifications, etc. Slide 47 : This is a Bulb Or Idea slide. Present any new information, data here. Slide 48 : This slide shows a Pie Chart for two product/entity comparison, information, specifications etc. Slide 49 : This slide shows a Stacked Bar Graph for two product/entity comparison, information, specifications etc. Slide 50 : This is a Thank You slide with Address # street number, city, state, Contact Numbers, Email Address to be put and displayed.

Artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation slides with all 50 slides:

Use our Artificial Intelligence Powerpoint Presentation Slides to effectively help you save your valuable time. They are readymade to fit into any presentation structure.

Artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation slides

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by Johnson Morris

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Generative storytelling in Tome allows creators to quickly and easily construct complete stories, presentations, or outlines from scratch, complete with intelligent titles, pagination, page layouts, and page text, accompanied by GPT-3 and AI-generated graphics.

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There is a brand new AI tool that can help in making presentations. To use it, users simply need to briefly explain their ideal presentation in a designated text area. Teams could use it to discuss a presentation deck for a project or a strategic plan.

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While there are still some  debates about artificial intelligence-generated images , people are still looking for the  best AI art generators .  Will AI replace designers ? Keep reading and find out.

Tome AI features

To create a magical experience, Tome combines easy to design with dynamic content and strong functionality. Anyone can express ideas naturally with Tome, enabling them to quit constructing PowerPoint presentations and start telling stories.

Tome AI has a lot of things to offer, such as:

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How to use Tome AI?

It’s really simple. Just follow these steps:

What is Tome AI: Learn how to use Tome AI and make powerpoint presentation slides easily. Is Tome AI free? Keep reading and find out.

What is Tome AI: Learn how to use Tome AI and make powerpoint presentation slides easily. Is Tome AI free? Keep reading and find out.

What is Tome AI: Learn how to use Tome AI and make powerpoint presentation slides easily. Is Tome AI free? Keep reading and find out.

What is Tome AI: Learn how to use Tome AI and make powerpoint presentation slides easily. Is Tome AI free? Keep reading and find out.

Do you want to see the full presentation? Click the link .

Check out the official guide  for detailed information.

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DuckDuckGo AI: What DuckAssist can and cannot do

Latest articles, reconceptualizing urban infrastructure in the age of 5g networks.



artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

14 Most Popular Presentations On Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning On SlideShare

artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

For a quick overview of a subject or a breakdown of concepts, SlideShare serves as a go-to platform for many. The recapitulations found in many of the presentations are both concise and informative.

The most popular presentations are the ones that have received the most number of likes and have been viewed more than the other presentations in a particular category.

AIM brings you the 14 most popular presentations on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning. Deep Learning and everything else in between.

AIM Daily XO

Join our editors every weekday evening as they steer you through the most significant news of the day, introduce you to fresh perspectives, and provide unexpected moments of joy, your newsletter subscriptions are subject to aim privacy policy and terms and conditions., 1) artificial intelligence and law overview.

People who are not aware of what artificial intelligence is will find the topic presented in a very simple manner here.

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

Along with the explanation of what AI is, the two major approaches towards AI are discussed– logic and rules-based approach, and machine learning approach. Special emphasis on the machine learning approach can be seen in the slides devoted to its detailed examination. The examination goes beyond the rudimentary explanation of what machine learning is and presents examples of proxies that seem like machine learning but are not.

The presentation lists examples of AI in the field of law and identifies some of the limitations of AI technology.

2)   What is Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence Tutorial For Beginners

For the uninitiated, this presentation offers an ideal rundown of AI. The question of AI being a threat is raised at the very beginning. However, as the presentation progresses, it discusses the basics necessary for understanding AI. The most basic question of what is artificial intelligence is answered.

A brief history of AI and the discussion on recent advances in the field of AI is also found. The various areas where AI currently sees practical application have been listed. Fascinating uses that AI can be put to in the future are also found in the presentation. The two approaches of achieving AI, machine learning and deep learning, is touched upon.

All in all, this presentation serves as a simple introduction to AI.

3) Why Social Media Chat Bots Are the Future of Communication

An exciting application of AI can be found in chatbots. Here, the limitless scope of chatbots is explored. The various milestones reached by leading players  in bot technology such as Facebook, Skype and KIK are enumerated.

The evolution of chatbots and its absorption of more AI in the future is also looked into. E-Commerce is touted as the biggest beneficiary of the advancement in chatbots and that bot technology will owe its rise to services and commerce.

Two tech giants, Facebook and Google, have been pitted against each other based on their ongoing developments in this area and the question of who will emerge as the best is raised.

4) AI and the future of work  

This presentation talks  about the far-fetching applicability of AI and ML,and the perils of that applicability. In order to derive a better understanding of this presentation, it is advisable to first watch the original talk.

During the course of the presentation, many examples of how machines can learn and perform any human task that is repetitive in nature are cited.

Other possibilities suggested include the creation of new unheard jobs for human beings as a result of aggressive use of AI and other allied technologies. Qualities that are characteristic only of human beings, may be the basis on which these jobs will be created is also suggested.

It concludes with a message- Ride the train, don’t jump in front of it.

5) AI and Machine Learning Demystified

In this presentation, Carol Smith establishes that AI cannot replace humans. Smith conveys that AI can serve the purpose of enabling human beings in making better decisions.

The slides talk about how the actions of AI are the result of the human inputs going into its programming. An AI’s bias is not its own, but the human bias with which it has been programmed, is emphasised on.

Other issues such as the need for regulations and other considerations within it that require deliberation are also touched upon. The presentation leaves you with a message – Don’t fear AI, Explore it.

6) Study: The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Car

Though no descriptive breakdown of topics related to AI is found, the presentation offers interesting numerical insights into many questions. Statistics on three main subjects – artificial intelligence, virtual reality and wearable technology, is provided here.

A variety of questions and the numerical representations of their responses are found under four main categories:

From consumer opinions to overall consensus of countries, the numbers show current trends and the possible trends in the future based on increasing development in the mentioned technologies.

7) Artificial Intelligence

There are many who have been introduced to AI only recently due to the buzz surrounding it and may not be aware of the early developments that led to its current status.

This presentation from 2009 offers a simple yet informative introduction to the rudiments of AI. AI’s history and a timeline of all the significant milestones in AI up to 2009 can be found. The presentation also provides an introduction to AI programming languages such as LISP and PROLOG.

For those who would like to have a crash course on the basics of AI in order to catch up with it current trends, this presentation serves the purpose.

8) Solve for X with AI: a VC view of the Machine Learning & AI landscape

While the concepts of  AI or ML are not spoken about, light is shed on other important aspects of it. The presentation discusses about how many known tech giants such as Google are bolstering their AI capabilities through mergers and acquisitions.

The role of venture capital(VC) in the landscape of AI and machine learning,and the involvement of VC in the firms that were acquired are mentioned.

Another point highlighted is how large companies are moving towards ML and re-configuring themselves around ML, and how it is not a US-centric phenomenon. Key points have been expressed in the form of self-explanatory graphical representations. Rounding off the presentation is the possible direction that ML can take and a few pointers on achieving success in ML.

9) Deep Learning – The Past, Present and Future of Artificial Intelligence

This presentation provides a comprehensive insight into deep learning. Beginning with a brief history of AI and introduction to basics of machine learning such as its classification, the focus shifts towards deep learning entirely.

Various kinds of networks such as recurrent neural nets and generative adversarial networks have been discussed at length. Emphasis has been given to important aspects of these networks and other mechanisms such as natural language processing (NLP).

Detailed examples of practical applications and the scope of deep learning are found throughout the presentation. However, this presentation may prove difficult for first time learner’s of AI to comprehend.

10)  The Future Of Work & The Work Of The Future

The subject of self-learning of robots and machines is explored here.  Talking about the fictional Babel fish, it is suggested that the advancements in technology leading to improved learning and translations by machines  made the Babel fish a near-real entity .

New ‘power’ values such as speed, networked governance, collaboration and transparency, among others, have been put forth and juxtaposed against older ones that are not fully technology  driven.

Going against the popular assumption that robots and machines will replace human beings, the presentation proposes that we are on the brink of the largest job creation period in humanity.

11) Asia’s Artificial Intelligence Agenda

This presentation is a briefing paper by the MIT Technological Review and talks about how the global adoption of AI is being sped up by Asian countries. It suggests that Asia will not only benefit greatly from the rise in AI technology, but will also define it.

The data collected for the review has been summarized in the form of simple info-graphics. They are a numerical reflection of the mood surrounding the adoption of AI across different industries and how it could possibly impact human capital.  The review also suggests that while there is awareness about AI in Asia, only a small percentage of companies are investing in it.

Pointers for business leaders in Asia to capitalize on AI is offered in the end along presentation with an info-graphic timeline of the history of AI.

12)  10 Lessons Learned from Building Machine Learning Systems- Netflix and   10 more lessons learned from building Machine Learning systems-Quora

While they are two separate presentations, they talk about the same subject- machine learning. The presentations are a summary of the analysis of machine learning adopted by two platforms, Netflix and Quora.

In case of Netflix, emphasis has been given to the choice of the right metric and the type of data used for testing and training. It also emphasises the need to understand the dependence between the data used and the models employed. The advice to optimize only areas that matter is offered.

The second presentation on Quora, talks about teaching machines only what is necessary. It stresses on the need the to focus on feature engineering and being thoughtful about the ML infrastructure. Another point it highlights is the combination of supervised and unsupervised being the key in ML application.

13) Design Ethics for Artificial Intelligence


With 135 slides, this presentation provides an exhaustive insight into the creation of an ethically sound AI. An introduction to the subject of User Experience(UX) design is followed by the rules that have to be considered during the designing process.

The chronological progression of UX, beginning with experience design and ending with intelligence design, and the direction in which this process is headed is also discussed.

Supported by powerful visuals, the presentation touches upon many essential considerations such as nature of intelligence, purpose of existence, awareness of self and the need for which the AI is created.

It raises a pertinent point that while creating AI, human beings are creating something that embodies qualities that they lack.

14) Artificial Intelligence

Made for a school competition in 2009, it provides many examples of cutting-edge applications of AI at the time.

Many of the examples, such as mind controlled prosthetic limbs, Ultra Hal Assistant and Dexter- the robot provide a trip down the AI memory lane where the applications of AI seemed like a page out of a sci-fi novel. It presents a list of areas where AI can assist human beings.

It concludes with  a series of questions, some of which, are still being debated. Such as machines replacing human beings’ and human unemployment due to the use of machines.

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Jeevan Biswas

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

Concept drift vs data drift in machine learning

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Our mission is to bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism.

Shape the future of tech.

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artificial intelligence powerpoint presentation

Analytics Drift

Analytics Drift

Building a Successful App: Navigating the MVP Design Process

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Disha Chopra

Artificial intelligence is an increasingly important technology that enables computers to simulate human intelligence-based tasks. With a robust foundation of software and hardware, AI can accomplish numerous human tasks with much more efficiency. It works by building and training algorithms using programming languages like Python, R, and more. Once you have an algorithm, the next step is to ingest training data in the model, analyze it, and find patterns/abnormalities to forecast future states. There are many learning materials on artificial intelligence and related technologies. However, not all of those materials credibly explain AI concepts and applications.

Additionally, going through an entire book is time-consuming. Learning from a PPT on artificial intelligence is much easier than reading an entire book or research paper. This blog highlights some popular presentations on artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Some popular presentations on artificial intelligence

Going through this AI PowerPoint presentation will be an excellent place to start learning about artificial intelligence. It is a brief presentation introducing you to artificial intelligence and its subsets like machine learning and deep learning without diving into more essential details. It describes what AI, machine learning, and deep learning are. Proceeding with AI, the presentation specifies types of artificial intelligence and its use cases. You will see that AI has applicability in various applications like supply chain management, human resource, knowledge management, customer insights, predictive analytics, and many more. Some of these use cases have been explored and explained via flowcharts to make them more accessible for the reader to understand. Finally, the AI PPT explains the rising trends observed in 2020.

You can download the PPT here.

Introduction to ML/AI is yet another artificial intelligence PPT that will introduce you to the subject. The presentation will explain machine learning and discuss several commercial applications. The PowerPoint presentation will also differentiate between machine learning and artificial intelligence. You will be acquainted with supervised machine learning methods using regression and classification techniques and unsupervised learning via clustering, association, and data reduction. The AI PPT will also explain the problems faced while working with the algorithms and the consequent failures. You will have a broad overview of how to begin working with AI/ML, the entire procedure, and the result.

This artificial intelligence presentation is yet another PPT that briefs you about what AI is. It begins by explaining the term “intelligence” and providing several alternative definitions leading to a holistic one. The description is done in tandem with the need for incorporating such technologies. The AI presentation discusses advancements in AI technology, starting with the Turing Test developed by Alan Turing to test for intelligence in the 1950s. Using the test results, one can build a representative model with real-world knowledge and reasoning. There is a detailed procedure for understanding and using the test to solve problems. 

You can download PPT on artificial intelligence if you wish to download it here .

AI is becoming highly applicable in many real-world applications, and this PowerPoint presentation discusses common areas where AI is applied. This presentation talks about AI developments in creating fundamental technologies that can be used in daily life. It begins with recent developments in artificial intelligence and explores some use cases in everyday life. It talks about AI in self-driving cars, chatbots, social media platforms, healthcare, etc.

You can access and download the PPT here .

In this AI applications PPT, you will learn about experimenting with use cases via artificial intelligence. Before jumping directly into creating fully functional use cases, you can always start by developing basic versions and adding incremental updates. This approach is referred to as the sub-ML approach. The presentation discusses the feature store requirements to implement several use cases in machine learning. You can easily understand the framework by only going through the architectures given in this paper presentation on machine learning without delving into more details. 

You can refer to the PPT here.

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This PowerPoint presentation on artificial intelligence will focus on its usefulness in healthcare. AI in healthcare is a trending artificial intelligence topic for presentation due to its increasing popularity and usefulness. New technologies and algorithms have enabled doctors and healthcare professionals to diagnose abnormalities and predict prognosis. The presentation will highlight the different sub-fields where AI-based tools support decision-making and provide more comprehensive access to information regarding health. 

AI in Finance is another application of artificial intelligence PPT you will frequently encounter. This presentation will show how AI can help automate financial service provision, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs. It begins by briefing you about machine learning and its application in four primary segments: capital markets, consumer banking, the insurance industry, and the stock market. The AI PPT will explain financial institutions in the context of big data and discuss several case studies for each primary segment, explaining how artificial intelligence and machine learning are used in the industry.

In this future of artificial intelligence PPT, you will get numerical insights on how artificial intelligence is utilized in virtual reality, wearable technology, and self-driving vehicles. It explains the efficiency and applicability of AI in the mentioned areas and enables you to decide whether to go for a self-driving car based on its relevance in daily life. The presentation talks about VR headsets and their usefulness. Finally, the concluding slides show current trends and future predictions of rising demands and advancements in these areas. 

This presentation is an AI applications PPT that will teach you about one of the most utilized sub-field of AI, machine learning. It is an introductory presentation that will brief you about the concept without getting into detail. The first few slides explain machine learning and the difference between ML and standard computer software. You will also read about different types of machine learning: supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. The PPT also mentions some advantages and disadvantages of machine learning.

You can download it from here.

Deep learning is another sub-field of artificial intelligence that deals with applications that function like human brains. The word “deep” is related to the multiple layers used in the learning process. This poster presentation on AI, specifically on a sub-field of AI, combines 2-3 presentations. The first few slides introduce several deep learning models, specifically logistic regression and gradient boosting. These two models have been explained in detail, covering the types and their basic architectures. In the second half, the presentation discusses convolutional neural networks (CNN) in detail. It also explains how you can create one by pooling multiple layers. The third section discusses GANs (generative adversarial networks) and RNNs (recurrent neural networks). Going through this presentation will give you a great insight into deep learning.  You can download it from here.

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