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I need an expert (no compromise) to write few essays for my college applications

Hi There! I am looking for a PhD researcher to assist in preparing a dossier of evidence for peptides and their applications to various care plans (anti-aging, injury repair & pain management, weight loss, mental clarity & anxiety, menopause). Each article for each peptide will need to correlate to the specific care plan the peptide is associated with. We would also be looking for a summary of statistics per care plan for each peptide in terms of how it has assisted/benefited the care plan. I will provide more information upon hiring! Thanks!

We are seeking experienced freelancers to convert scanned documents into editable Word files

We are looking for a French person to transcribe a 17 minutes Canadian French video in French. We need the transcriptions in .srt format and word document. Looking for someone who's experienced in French transcriptions and familiar with .srt subtitle format . New freelancers are welcome. Don't bid if you are not a native French speaker. Budget: 13 CAD MAX Need this to be done within 15-20 hours. ***Don't bid if you are not happy with the price and deadline. PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU CAN START RIGHT AWAY AND GIVE UPDATE IN EVERY 2-3 HOURS. Thank you!

Job Description: I have a book written and published that I want to repurpose some of the content for a new book on masculinity. Must have knowledge/experience in this niche and be familiar with the teachings of popular male empowerment figures. I'm looking for someone that does what they say they can do and takes the ball and runs with it and just gets the job done without a lot of input from me. If you're interested, please message me and tell me why you'd be the best fit for this and include some samples of your writing . Please, don't send me some generic cover letter or your resume.

The budget for this is $3/hour for 40 hours a week. I'm looking for a English speaker with a background in Computer Science to help me with writing abstracts and articles. As part of the proposal please submit a two-sentence summary of this paper:

The 8- puzzle problem needs to be implemented in python using all the methods mentioned below 1. bfs - Breadth First Search 2. ucs - Uniform Cost Search 3. dfs - Depth First Search 4. dls - Depth Limited Search (Note: Depth Limit will be obtained as a Console Input) 5. ids - Iterative Deepening Search 6. greedy - Greedy Seach 7. a* - A* Search (Note: if no <method> is given, this should be the default option) The details of input format and output format is mentioned in the document.

...large sized Delphi 2007 VCL Forms program with the code that contains interfaces in the code and inherited forms. The additions / changes that need to be made to the program are: 1. Add a new data field to a data input screen 2. Add this field to the list of fields used in existing routine that encodes the data for reading/ writing to a hardware RFID tag device 3. Fix Firebird database performance. Presently the database keeps growing each time the program is run, requiring a backup and restore to fix the performance. Find if this is being caused by a bug in the program code. The Firebird database is v2.0 which is very old. Try to upgrade the Firebird database to the newest version. Also the program is writing very large log files each time, which...

I would like an accurate 3D rendering in STL format of the USS Birmingham CL-62. Approximately 1 meter in length for the scale is acceptable. The WWII era light cruiser is personally important to me. To anyone somewhat familiar with naval ships, plans can be found online. I've included a file with a link to numerous photos and other sites that list historical info. I would like for the ship to sit on a stand that lists "USS Birmingham (CL-62)" This project is to anyone who has advanced knowledge of 3D modeling, naval ships, and attention to detail.

I want to edit my 7 min video , for that I want an editor who can edit my video , my video don't require a very advance level editing because I have just used voice over in my video and for that I require some footages to be added on that voice over * VIDEO IS IN HINDI LANGUAGE *

...experienced SEO article writer to collaborate with us on a long-term basis. As a key member of our team, you will be responsible for completing ongoing article writing tasks to the highest possible standard. To be considered for this position, you must possess exceptional writing skills, a strong understanding of SEO principles and the ability to consistently deliver top-notch quality work. As a reward for your efforts, we offer an initial compensation of $14 per 1000 words, with the potential for pay increases over time as you continue to exceed expectations. Preference will be given to candidates who are native English speakers and have a proven track record of producing exceptional SEO content. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a dynamic team and s...

I have story generation chatbot. Place a bid if you are good at writing and imagination

Need to build a structure of approx. 350-400sqft. for storage, located in SW corner of backyard fixed to a concrete base. To achieve this we will use 2 used shipping containers organized in a “T” format , cut and bolted together. The structure will contain the following attributes;  Largest container – 40ft L x 8ft W x 9ft H  Smallest container - 20ft L x 8ft W x 9ft H  Plumbing for small bathroom – toilet/sink/showerbox  Electrical for lighting, power sockets (6) and split a/c unit.  Finished Walls and flooring  Front door and 2 windows (approx. 4ftw x 3fth).  Wall to wall shelving Need someone who is an architect/designer capable of producing layout drawings with elevations and 3d renderings.

I’d like a basic logo of a macaw parrot outline( included attachement)with palm tree shadow like print in the black area of the design.I’d also like the words “Tropcal Nice” in cursive under the design like the bird is flying over the words. Thicker cursive like a baseball logo / writing under the macaw.

.1 The user is prompted to enter their current portfolio holdings (up to 10 names) in percentage terms through a dialogue box. .2 The script calculates the correlation, volatility, and maximum 52-week drawdown from high for the portfolio. .3 A covariance matrix is created for each of the securities in the S&P 100. The script downloads a list of S&P 100 securities that are currently rated "Optimal" from a website and suggests two securities that would provide the most reduction in correlation among the user's current portfolio and the new portfolio. .4 A dialogue box output is created that suggests "to reduce the overall correlation of your portfolio, consider adding the following securities." .5 Another dialogue box is created that ca...

Task is converting an old mysql structure with serialized data (orders) to a new relational structure (customers and invoice data). The invoives have positions. Sometimes a lot! Due to monthly invoicing Furthermore I need an export of this new (clean) structure to a certain csv structure. you ge... ... the old structure with the ...this new (clean) structure to a certain csv structure. you ge... ... the old structure with the different options within (2!). ... idea of new structure ... sample CSV Milestones: - study old structure and maybe as questions - setup new structure - mysql tables - migrate data to new structure - export to target csv We expect tihis will between 12 and 16 hours for a skilled php developer ( writing will take some time). If your are interested - let...

Protocol conversion from UBLOX UBX binary format to proprietary binary format . The converter will run on a WINDOS computer and will talk to UBLUX UBX through an ethernet connection and with the other receiver through a serial interface (RS422), but the structure must be as general as possible. It will be easy to run on Linux and change interfaces. (The proprietary interface will of course be given to whoever wins the job)

I need a blog article to be checked and edited

I need to write 2 articles per day. I will pay every week once you complete 12 articles. I expect plagiarism free articles.

I am looking for someone who can promote my youtube channel and bring some permanent subscribers. Youtube channel is about Finance and Stock market and is in Hindi Language(India)

need to draft professional MOA agreement

Hi Freelancers, Our team is looking to hire 2 Freelancers for Hindi VoiceOver of Videos. @moviesinsighthindi/featured We are Looking for a Similar Type of VoiceOver Enhanced Covers, with Lil MEME and Engaging Sounding Voice. Please Share your VoiceOver Samples when Bidding. Thanks

I have a book written and published that I want to repurpose some of the content for a new book on masculinity. Must have knowledge/experience in this niche and be familiar with the teachings of popular male empowerment figures. I'm looking for someone that does what they say they can do and takes the ball and runs with it and just gets the job done without a lot of input from me. If you're interested, please message me and tell me why you'd be the best fit for this and include some samples of your writing . Please, don't send me some generic cover letter or your resume.

Hi Adnan C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

Copywriting and storytelling share some similarities, but they also have some distinct ...similarities, but they also have some distinct differences. While copywriting focuses on persuading readers to take a particular action, storytelling is about engaging and entertaining readers by taking them on a journey. When writing a story, it's important to create a compelling plot with interesting characters, settings, and conflicts. The story should be structured in a way that builds tension and keeps the reader engaged, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. To make the story more engaging, it's also important to use descriptive language that creates vivid imagery in the reader's mind. This helps to transport the reader into the world of the story and mak...

1200 words with many times inside the article the keyword yacht rental Greece About 50 times

Python flask web application to do the following : User should be able to open the application and login. Upon login they should have the option of uploading a file (pdf or image format ) or a bunch of files( by selecting a folder) from their computer. After clicking upload, the files have to be taken into our server, then we have a function that takes in these files as input and does some processing and return a excel file as output. (Note: 1. The processing logic will be handled by us, you can make the function such that it takes all given files as input, reads them and then returns a excel file 2. The UI should be well designed and modern. Also while the files are processing we should have some relevant hi to indicate it’s processing, for eg. a loading bar) After...

New business launch: Will Writing UK

Looking for experienced writers for assisting me in writing a few research articles for high-quality journals of Elsevier, IEEE and Taylor and Francis. The research problems will be finalized after having one or two meetings with you. Please don't apply and waste your time if you have not published your works with reputed journals. The data will be provided by me or we can do a simulation kind of study by assuming some scenarios. The broad areas of research are supply chain management, occupational health and safety, mathematical modeling, multi-criteria decision-making, net zero, and circular economy. Please link your published articles or your google scholar or research gate or Scopus ID to verify your previous publications in order to assess your skills. I pre...

...For this part of the assessment, you are to build a simulation in Packet Tracer to match the IP scheme diagram below. This is also available in PDF form so you can have a paper version if you wish when working with the simulator. This network will use IPv4 and OSPFv2. The black devices have already been configured for you and are available as a starter network here. Task 3: The Troubleshooting Task: In this part you need to examine the network below very closely. You will also need to download the network simulation as it stands here Download network simulation as it stands here. This network is suffering from 10 faults which is stopping the simulation working. Your task is to track down each fault and rectify it whilst writing up how you found and fixe...

...ethics based entity who strongly believes in etching beautiful memories and impact we create. What we expect of the outcome? For this we need UNIQUE and CATCHY packaging designs which STANDS OUT( in shades of pink, white, yellow, orange and black) for jewellery and gifts:- - which is consonant to our brand logo and helps in developing the global brand we are envisioning. - which instigates the feeling of motivation, inspiration, good values, fun and emotional bursts of happiness Required Qualities:- * Has good knowledge of Social Media Marketing and knows the current branding and marketing tactics. * Has experience in building design packaging for startups or businesses with unique concepts. * It will be better If the designer is Indian and knows Hindi ...

Writing an article with analysis

I need 4 Articles every day each one is 1,000 Words. Article Example: 1. 2. 3. 4. The article should be like this type of topic and 100% Plag Free. All the articles should be well-researched and have good SEO Keywords. The budget is $10 Per Article . Newbies are highly welcomed.

I need a story writer who can write 5,000 words (Fiction+Thriller Mixed) within 2/3 days at a very cheap rate. My budget is $10 and if I like the work I will also provide a bonus. It will be a good opportunity for new freelancers to earn good ratings for their profiles. PS: I will provide the story theme, so you have to write according to my demand. Do not apply if you do not agree with my demand.

I have an indicator. And for this indicator, I want to make the truth table I mentioned below. 1 - Must be the background color for the PSAR file. (LONG G...6 Tp and Stoploss lines. 2- A truth table is required for 6 pieces of TP. 3- There should be 4 different alarm formats similar to what I told you. 4- There should be a TP alarm format as I sent you. 5- There should be an option table showing Trade History. 6- Trade history and Fact table should be calculated according to 20x leverage amount * This table demonstrates the probability of achieving each of the targets and the total profit for each of them. You can also find out what happens if you enter and exit with a 100% of the position on a specific target. The total profit including stop-losses it is displayed in the N...

...language - Have no grammar-mistake - Always proofread what they write before sending it - Follow provided template for writing - Must write original content (no copy-pasting from the internet) - Must write the article directly into WordPress - Must have a basic understanding of SEO - Must send previous work - Each article must be 600 words or more - Start your bid with "B123" to know that you read the requirements The article topics will be provided to you and they are primarily considered general topics so no technical know-how is required. No need to know how WordPress works, I will teach you if you don't know. The total budget is fixed at 10 USD for 10 articles (1 USD per article ) and the freelancer will receive excellent 5-star fe...

My Korean mother recently passed away. She kept a journal that she wrote in Korean and I would like to have it translated/typed in English. I would mail/email photo copies of the pages. The first journal price is negotiable. If your writing skills are good; we can negotiate more for future journals.

A general catalogue that can be used to present the manufactory products which is various between commercial and industrial products , I need the format that can be used to add product photos ,specifications and any additional requirements , with an English and Arabic contents done, design is done, I just need to fix a few errors the code. This is the current site: 1. login 2. upload and import CSV file. 3. Save CSV data in MySQL 4. Search DB table for 10-15 specific keywords in the data we just added 5. Show any matches in a website page daily 6. Edit the cron job and email send script to send out matching keywords via email. This part works now, however, there are a few bugs: 1. Sometimes on import of the CSV file it does not import and when I look in the list of daily reports, the file for that day is not there even though I know I imported the file for that day. So maybe there is an issue with the format of the file or something else, I need your help to fine this bug and solve it. 2. Most days the import works...

Hi Shahwar A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. How are your report writing skills? I have results already for the modeling of inverted pendulum as a start and then worked on Segway application. Looking forward hearing from you soon. Best regards, Adil

It is required a qualified MBA expert having research and Analysis Expertise required for writing of 3000 Words . Budget is AUD30

I need - 2 x design options for the logo (one must be dark blue. light blue and maybe black) the other logo must be black and gold or orange and gold. I also need a letterhead designed (MSword format ) I need final files given to me before in high res formats. WIll advise company name on private chat. Budget is 3500 INR I need the sample designs tomorrow at some point for review/feedback.

Hey there! As a new freelancer looking to build my portfolio, I'm excited to offer my ser...compelling copy for your website's homepage, about us page, and product descriptions. I'll work closely with you to understand your brand's voice and values, and will use my writing skills to bring them to life on your website. Although I'm new to freelancing, I have a strong background in writing and have taken courses on copywriting and SEO. I'm confident that I can create copy that's both engaging and optimized for search engines. If you're looking for a copywriter who's eager to learn and grow with your brand, I'd love to work with you. Please reach out to me with more information about your brand and what you're looki...

I am looking for an English to Hindi translator. The material to be translated is: A few Technical documents of our products. The translators should have Hindi as mother tongue. Dear translators .. Please quote your rates per A4 page basis. Please mention your past experience of similar work, if any.

Please draft a one-pager article on the theme of this year's Women's Day on behalf of a woman entrepreneur.

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Article Writing In Hindi Format

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