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Restaurant Cover Letter: Examples & Writing Guide

Restaurant Cover Letter: Examples & Writing Guide

You’ve seen everything—from busloads 5 minutes before closing to orders for well-done filet mignon. Prove your food service skills with a critic-pleasing restaurant cover letter.

Tom Gerencer, CPRW

As seen in:

Your restaurant cover letter has to satisfy like cajun ribeye. It’s the appetizer for your resume, so if it doesn’t whet their appetite, you won’t get interviewed. Use your cover letter for restaurant jobs to show your resume is worth their time. Sound tough? Not if you follow this quick advice.

This guide will show you a restaurant cover letter sample and the best tips on how to write a cover letter for restaurant jobs step-by-step.

Want to write your cover letter fast?  Use our cover letter builder. Choose from  20+ professional cover letter templates  that match your resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

sample resume and cover letter set

Restaurant Cover Letter for a Resume— See more cover letter examples and create your cover letter here .

Restaurant Cover Letter Sample

Marge Metaxas

Waitress, Manager

1632 Emily Drive

Columbia, SC 29201


[email protected]

Naomi Munson

Restaurant Manager

Legal Seafoods

1537 Hillview Street

Dear Ms. Munson,

As a dependable waitress and manager with 7 years of experience running the front-of-house in a 5-star restaurant, I was happy to see your ad for a waitstaff manager at Legal Seafoods. Legal Seafoods’ reputation for excellence is based on its passion to deliver the highest quality product and service, every time. I believe my history of training 15 waitresses and bartenders during a period of 20% revenue growth will contribute to that success.

Your job listing on LinkedIn emphasizes skills in hiring, vendor management, and bookkeeping. As waitstaff manager and waitress at The Enchanted Narwhal Cafe, I hired 9 entry-level staff while reducing turnover by 15% through excellent interpersonal and communication skills. During the same period, I built strong relationships with liquor, produce, and other vendors resulting in a 15% cost savings. Finally, I oversaw bookkeeping and payroll functions, holding overall register mistakes near zero.

You’ll find other waitstaff management accomplishments in my resume that match the duties in your ad. I’d be thrilled to guide your waitstaff to ever-higher levels of customer satisfaction. Could we set up a meeting next week to discuss how my leadership and active listening skills can translate to continued success for Legal Seafoods?

Best regards,


That’s a satisfying restaurant cover letter sample.

Careers do not live on cover letters for restaurant jobs alone. See our guide: Restaurant Resume Sample

Looking for particular restaurant jobs? See these guides:

Restaurant Cover Letter Template

Here’s how to write a cover letter for a restaurant job application:

1. Choose a professional cover letter format and layout

Read more:  Cover Letter Format

2. Create a presentable restaurant cover letter header

Read more:  How and to Whom Should I Address a Cover Letter?

3. Start with a personal greeting and a big restaurant achievement

Read more: How to Start a Cover Letter

4. Show you understand the restaurant’s needs

Do you need a restaurant cover letter? See our guide: Do I Need a Cover Letter? Are Cover Letters Necessary?

5. Prove you’re interested in this restaurant job

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics points to 2.6 million server jobs in the U.S., growing by 17K a year. It’s a growth industry, but the best jobs need Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse-level letters. 

6. End your restaurant cover letter with an offer

Read more: The Best Cover Letter Closings

7. Include a formal sign-off at the end

Don’t skip the follow-up. A brief email or phone call the next week can put your application back on the menu at the right time. Learn more: Job Application Follow-Up Email Templates

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

Questions? Concerns? We’re here for you. If you’re still unsure how to write a Cheesecake-Factory-worthy cover letter for restaurant jobs, drop me a line in the comments.

Tom Gerencer, CPRW

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While you might be the best server in town, you still have to convince the hiring team with your cover letter. Take ideas from our professional food server cover letter sample and begin a virtual conversation with the restaurant manager. The information should extend beyond what you have listed on your resume and should explain precisely why you are the best fit for the job. This is how you set yourself apart from the other applicants. Reference our writing guide for helpful tips on wording, and learn how to properly format and tailor your cover letter to restaurants.

Professional Food Server Cover Letter Sample

Professional Food Server Cover Letter Sample

Food Server Cover Letter Must-Haves

By using a professional tone, addressing the reader by name, and including only relevant details, you can let the restaurant manager know that you are the most qualified person for the job. A successful food server is constantly aware of time, so it’s important to highlight your ability to think on your feet. Select a few key requirements from the job description and explain your approach to menu options, customer complaints, or dinner rushes. You can use the professional food server cover letter sample as a template, but keep your focus on the restaurant you’re applying to. Also, the manager is probably going through dozens of resumes, so it’s best to stick to one page.

Best Action Verbs for a Food Server Cover Letter

If you need suggestions for action verbs to take your letter to the next level, try to work in words as engaging as those in our professional food server cover letter sample such as arranged, ensured, helped, provided, supplied, retrieved, prepared, measured, displayed, and customized.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Ms. Walker,

I am pleased to submit my application for the food server position with Nelson Cafe. Given my background in customer service and hospitality, I believe I can make significant contributions to your restaurant and am the best candidate for the position. I have achieved success in a variety of business objective by employing a focused work ethic and personal integrity as well as enthusiasm for problem-solving. With more than seven years of experience in the food service industry, I have a food service worker’s certification and a strong, practical knowledge of waste prevention, sanitation, and food safety. With my hands-on experience guiding service teams, I have earned a reputation for consistently taking a collaborative approach to increasing productivity.I possess the fundamental talents and abilities you require from someone in this role. I am well-versed in welcoming patrons, taking orders, and serving guests in a prompt and polite manner. As you can see, I have a comprehensive background that will make me a valuable asset to your team. I hope to hear from you soon to discuss your needs for the food server opening. My resume is attached for your review, and I thank you for your time and consideration.


application letter restaurant job

Restaurant Cover Letter To Use This Year

For a strong foundation for a cover letter for a restaurant job, check out this example.


Table of Contents

Restaurant Cover Letter Example

Restaurant cover letter sample, great restaurant cover letter example, tips for writing your restaurant cover letter using this example, faq: restaurant cover letters.

Restaurant Cover Letter Example

Writing a solid cover letter is essential in securing a job in the restaurant industry. Whether you’re applying for a restaurant server, a restaurant manager, or another food service position, you’ll want to have a well-written cover letter. That said, the first step in writing your cover letter is thoroughly reading the job description. From here, you can select keywords to implement in your cover letter that stands out to hiring managers. 

When you write a restaurant cover letter, focus on your most notable skills and make sure they apply to the requirements of the job. If you’re not sure where to begin, then you can check out some cover letter samples, as well as this example below. 

On the other hand, some hard skills that most restaurant workers have include: 

Q: Do I really need a cover letter to get a restaurant job?

While you’ll likely submit a resume to your future employer, it’s important to also include a cover letter. A cover letter can give you an edge on the competition by grabbing the hiring manager’s attention right away before they even get to your resume, explaining some of your best skills, and telling employers specific ways in which you can benefit them. 

If you’re still unsure where to start writing your cover letter, then check out some cover letter samples. We also have resume samples that help you craft a resume to go along with your cover letter. 

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a restaurant job?

Most cover letters should be about half a page long to 3/4 of a page long. Anything less will seem like no effort was put into it, but anything longer than a page will be too much for a recruiter or hiring manager to read.

Q: Does this restaurant cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

Yes, you can use a cover letter sample if you don’t have much job experience. Just focus more on your soft skills and less on actual work experience. You can also talk about any certifications, schooling or previous part-time or volunteer work that shows you know how to excel in the position.


Move your cover letter to the top of the yes pile!

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Restaurant Cover Letter Example

Restaurant Cover Letter Example

Restaurant jobs have traditionally been some of the most plentiful and popular entry-level positions with many of these opportunities leading to full-time careers. In fact, 1 in 3 Americans had their first work experience in a restaurant according to the National Restaurant Association. However, times change and you may need some help winning a job if the competition is fierce or the number of jobs is low. This is what a restaurant cover letter is for - giving you that competitive advantage over other candidates with similar qualifications.

Whether you already have experience as a restaurant manager, cook, server or dishwasher or you’re planning to break into the industry for the first time, it pays to understand what restaurants are looking for in the best applicants.

Food service jobs can be demanding, requiring long hours of physical work, but they can also pay off big in many ways. A large earning potential, new skills, teamwork and satisfied customers are just some of the many benefits of working in restaurants.

So how do you land a great position instead of just a mediocre one? With’s collection of writing tips, free templates and sample sentences specifically for restaurants, you’ll be able to craft a cover letter that sets you apart and helps you score an interview – even with no experience.

This restaurant cover letter example along with our editable cover letter sample will:

In order to craft the perfect cover letter, it’s a good idea to make sure your resume is in great shape first. Luckily, we’ve got tons of resources for that. Check out’s collection of hospitality and catering resume examples , plus our resume templates and this general resume writing guide . Now you’re ready to create a cover letter that takes your application to the next level.

Free restaurant cover letter sample and purpose

Primary purpose.

If this is your first time writing a cover letter, then it’s important to have a sense of what you plan to accomplish. In fact, you may not even be familiar with what a cover letter actually is. Even if you have already written a cover letter before, you may have only seen it as the means to an end. If done with care, a cover letter can be the secret weapon that lands you the restaurant job of your dreams. This restaurant cover letter example will show you how.

First, the basics. A cover letter is a one page document (about 200 to 400 words) that accompanies your cover letter and allows you to expand on your most important work experiences, skills and achievements. If you don’t have any experience in a restaurant, your cover letter can help you make a great impression and convince a hiring manager to take a chance on you – more on that in the next section.

Because a cover letter is more free-form than a resume, it gives you the chance to make a personal connection with the restaurant manager and direct their attention towards all the reasons why you’d make a great addition to their resume.

Great resume writing is an important first step, but you’ll also need clean formatting to create a professional presentation. Make sure to use appropriate font styles and sizes and keep a balance of white space to text so as not to fatigue the reader. You can find specific formatting recommendations in our overall guide on cover letters .

What if the restaurant job description DOESN’T require a cover letter?

Restaurant hiring can often be an informal affair. You might even know the manager who will be reading your cover letter or have worked for them in the past. Sometimes, when applications are submitted in person or by email, it can be hard to tell if a hiring manager is interested in a cover letter.

However, unless an application specifically asks you NOT to submit a one, writing a thoughtful cover letter can only help your chances of landing the position. Make sure to adapt your tone and writing to your relationship with the employer. For example, if you know the restaurant owner well, then it makes more sense to address them by their first name instead of their last.

Secondary purpose

There’s a lot of people who work in the restaurant industry, but fewer who are passionate about food and cooking. Restaurant managers understand that dishwasher might not be your ultimate career goal, but they’d still rather hire someone who is invested in their work and wants to see the business succeed. 

A cover letter is the best place to show your motivation, work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction. Even without experience in the food service industry, you can use your cover letter to focus on transferable skills and personality traits like positivity, teamwork, efficiency and accuracy.

The best cover letters can actually put you ahead of other candidates with years of experience. A cook or server who plans to rest on their previous experience without explaining why they’re a good fit for that particular restaurant can suddenly find themselves competing with an applicant who has never worked as a server before but conveys teachability and a passion for the restaurant brand.

The final touches

We hope that this section has conveyed the importance of writing a cover letter. However, there is one final step you’ll need to take to make sure your cover letter has the maximum impact: tailoring it for the particular position and restaurant you apply to. 

Tailoring your cover letter means customizing it with the right skills, examples and achievements to explain why you’re not just interested in any server position, but specifically one with the restaurant you’re applying to. There are many people who can take orders and deliver food, so why should this restaurant manager take a chance on you?

Your interest in the type of cuisine, experience in similar restaurants or love of this restaurant itself can all be good starting points for tailoring your letter. Just make sure to focus on what you bring to the business side of things as well. As a customer, it’s all about what the restaurant can do for you. As a potential employee, it’s what you can do for them.

The cover letter example below will give you a starting point for your own application.

Dear Mrs. Hitchins,

Because you run an establishment with four direct competitors within five minutes’ walk, I understand that you need a Restaurant Manager with the ability to provide an efficient and enjoyable front-of-house dining experience as well as ensure that culinary standards are impeccable.

Three generations of my family have been involved with Italian cuisine. I had served as manager at my cousin’s establishment until his decision to sell the business; now I want to move to a more established chain. The possibility of eventually moving up to Regional Manager is intriguing and I believe that I have much to offer your customers.

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Hotel Management from the University of Colorado and spent two years after graduation in Rome under the tutelage of my uncle (who runs a five-star bistro there). My eight years of experience since have been in two family-run restaurants that have regularly won industry awards.

I gave maximum attention to everything that impacts the diner experience: fostering relationships with regular diners, supervising server training, handling customer complaints and even waiting tables when we were short staffed and will continue to do so. Managers in an Italian restaurant should be visible and involved. I achieved an increase in customer satisfaction rating from 85% to 98% at my previous position. We increased spend per customer by 28% by upscaling the menu and improved profits by focusing on our cost base and reducing waste, while still paying the best staff salaries in the market.

My proactive nature and deep knowledge of Italian cuisine allows me to get involved in the kitchen and I strive to have to closest possible relationships with my chefs to source the best possible ingredients and lead the way in providing a delicious menu. With 36% repeat customers and an active social media presence, I left the business in great shape for its sale.

I would be fascinated to understand how I might be able to do similar things for Via Verona – both as a manager and potentially later on a regional basis.

Gerri Smith

If you’re looking for additional inspiration for cover letter writing, you can check out our related hospitality cover letter samples:

Best format for a restaurant manager cover letter

The restaurant industry encompasses many different job titles and workplaces with a few core commonalities. Luckily, whether you’re a server, cook, bartender, dishwasher or another employee, the cover letter structure remains largely unchanged between positions. In this section, we’ll walk you through all the requirements for a complete cover letter that makes a great impression.

Here are the key components:

You can find even more useful tips on each of these sections, plus helpful sample sentences in this overall guide on cover letters .

Cover letter header

Your cover letter header is like the sign on the front of the restaurant – it tells a hiring manager who you are and the personal style you bring to the table. The first job of your header is to keep your personal data at the manager’s fingertips. The second goal is to create visual appeal and a professional presentation. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a cover letter template that aligns with the restaurant’s style and branding. This is one of the only places you’ll be able to add color to an otherwise plain document so it’s worth reflecting on what your branding says about you as a candidate.

The goal of this section: Keep your name and contact information front and center, create attractive formatting that catches a hiring manager’s attention

Align document styles!

Just like a restaurant keeps consistent branding from it’s signage to menus to business cards, a polished and professional candidate should keep a similar look and feel between their application materials. The quickest way to do this is by aligning the document styles of your cover letter and resume.

A resume template and matching cover letter template can make this step a breeze. offers dozens of templates perfect for a variety of restaurant types. Within our builder tools, you can even customize the colors and styles to make them more appropriate for the restaurant where you plan to apply.

Cover letter greeting

Just like the hostesses greeting can make or break a customer’s dining experience, your cover letter greeting plays a big role in setting the tone for the rest of your letter. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be too complicated. First reflect on your relationship with the employer. Do you know them on a first name basis or is this your first contact with the manager. Then pick a greeting followed by the correct salutation and name. “Dear” can work well for formal situations but you can also use “Hi” or “Hello” for more casual letters.

The goal of this section: Create a cover letter greeting that’s friendly and personal based on your relationship with the employer and the formality of the workplace

The importance of names and addressed greetings

Servers know the importance of making a personal connection through names. That’s why they introduce themselves to each table at the beginning of every meal. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that humans have a positive neurological response upon hearing their own names. 

In most restaurant environments, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the name of the hiring manager or restaurant owner. You can even call and ask who you should address your cover letter to. However, large chains and fast food restaurants may hire from a central office. In that case, it’s nearly impossible to find a hiring manager’s name let alone the one who will be reading your letter.

But don’t worry, you still have options. If at all possible, try to avoid the impersonal “To Whom It May Concern” and instead opt for the restaurant name followed by a collective noun like “Team” or even “Family” for restaurants with heartfelt branding.

Cover letter introduction

Since restaurant managers often have limited time to read cover letters and filter applicants, they often decide what type of employee you’d make just by reading your opening paragraph. Therefore, it’s important to spend some time thinking about an attention-grabbing, professional introduction that addresses the restaurant’s needs right from the start. An anecdote about a time you offered exceptional customer service, a relevant statistic or a personal statement can all make for interesting introductions.

The goal of this section: Create interest right from the start with an example, statistic or statement that appeals to the restaurant manager’s needs and encourages them to keep reading into the body of your cover letter

Cover letter middle part (body)

Your cover letter body finally gives you the space to go into detail about your goals, accomplishments and purpose for applying to the restaurant. You can make this section more manageable by using the STAR method to give examples of your previous work. First, briefly describe a Situation and the Task required of you, then explain your Action and the positive Result it caused. Make sure to keep each example brief and clearly related to the skills needed for your potential position. You can also use numbers, facts and percentages to add weight to your achievements and illustrate your impact.

In a second body paragraph, you can discuss your motivations and interest for applying to the restaurant, as well as potential contributions you hope to make.

The goal of this section: Give examples of relevant skills by using the STAR method, explain your interest in the restaurant and your potential contributions

How to close a restaurant cover letter

You’ve finally arrived at the conclusion of your cover letter. This simple section is all about leaving a hiring manager with a positive impression and interested in learning more. The easiest way to do that is through a Call to Action. This sentence expresses your enthusiasm for the position and encourages a hiring manager to contact you. Space permitting, you may even choose to leave your contact details in this section again.

Then sign off using a professional and appropriate signature. “Thank you,” “Sincerely” and “Best regards” can all make for friendly and polite closings.

The goal of this section: Add friendly and polite finishing touches to your cover letter by creating a Call to Action that encourages a hiring manager to get in touch

How to write a cover letter for a restaurant job with no experience

Whether you’ve worked in a restaurant before or this is your first job experience, there are a few key qualities that can make your cover letter stand out.

From servers and hostesses to dishwashers and busboys, a single restaurant can offer a myriad of entry-level opportunities and great first work experiences. These jobs can teach a variety of general skills like teamwork, attention to detail and customer service along with more specific ones like food service and cooking. And since restaurants are open in the evenings and on the weekends, they offer plenty of part time positions for students or those looking for second jobs.

But how do you land a job in a restaurant if you’ve never worked in one before?

The first step while on the job search is understanding the restaurant's needs . Start with the job posting, the website and social media. What details do they offer about the ideal candidate? Is it a high-end restaurant where professionalism and attention to detail are key? Or does the family-style diner need speed and a big smile? Since the restaurant you’re applying to probably isn’t far from home, it may be worth visiting to get a better feel for their service style. How is the food? How do the staff already working there behave with customers and each other? 

Once you’ve done a little research, think about the qualities and skills you already possess that would allow you to fit in.

Here are some sample traits that don’t require previous work in a restaurant:

Submitting your application

Restaurants are much more approachable than other workplaces. Unless you’re applying to a fast food restaurant with central hiring, the manager who reads your application will most likely work in the location to which you apply. Therefore, creating a human connection is one of the most important things you can do to stick out in the manager’s mind.

Unless asked to submit online or by email, try dropping off your application during a slow period (usually mid-afternoon) where you have the best chance of shaking the hiring manager’s hand and introducing yourself. Then, wait several days to a week and follow up in person or by phone. A friendly smile, a little extra initiative and a great cover letter are often all you need to seal the deal on your first restaurant job.

Common mistakes in an application letter for a restaurant job

Key takeaways

You can craft an amazing cover letter in minutes using the toolset: no more writer’s block and only recruiter-approved designs and examples. Increase your chances of employment with the best online cover letter maker on the web.

Free professionally designed templates

Restaurant Server Cover Letter Examples

Restaurant Servers are responsible for ensuring a pleasant dining experience for patrons. These employees are usually provided on-the-job training and may be required to have a food handler permit. Typical work activities of a Restaurant Server include: greeting clients, taking orders, recommending specials, answering to client inquiries, processing payment, setting and cleaning tables, and identifying special dietary needs. Another important duty is following alcohol beverage control policies.

Not exactly what you are looking for? Check our complete library of over 1000 cover letter examples .

Rate This Template:

Featured Logo

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Restaurant Server Resumes .

Let employers know that you mean business, with a professional cover letter. Learn how to write a cover letter in our detailed guide.

Include These Restaurant Server Skills

The cover letter for Restaurant Server presented below informs candidates for the job on essential skills and requirements.

Dear Ms. Morgan:

When I learned of your search for an experienced Restaurant Server, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. As an enthusiastic and customer-oriented professional with more than six years of serving experience, I have much to offer your restaurant in this position.

From taking customer orders and providing menu recommendations to bussing tables and ensuring timely food and drink delivery, my experience has prepared me to excel in this role. For the past six years I have provided excellent customer service as a server at Patrick’s Oyster Bar, providing food and beverages to guests in a high-volume, fast-paced environment. My additional strengths in communication, organization, collaboration, and team leadership position me to thrive in this customer-facing position.

Highlights of my background include:

Receiving ongoing commendation from restaurant customers, peers, and management for exceptional levels of guest service and satisfaction; earning multiple Employee of the Month awards in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (14 in total).

Building and maintaining friendly and engaging relationships with long-standing regular customers while ensuring top-notch levels of customer satisfaction to encourage repeat and referral business and drive revenue growth.

Facilitating special banquets, catering requests, and other events for up to 175 guests.

With my excellent serving experience, coupled with my enthusiasm and dedication to ensuring optimal dining experiences, I am confident that I would quickly exceed your expectations for this role.

I look forward to discussing the position in further detail. Thank you for your consideration.

Linda M. Alford

A professional cover letter is the first step toward your new job!


Waiter/Waitress Resume and Cover Letter Examples

Geri Lavrov/Getty Images 

What to Include in Your Resume and Cover Letter

Tips for writing effective resumes and cover letters, waiter resume example, waiter cover letter example, how to send an email application.

Are you applying for a job as a waiter or waitress? For some restaurant positions, you will apply by completing an online application, or you may be required to apply in person. For others, you may be required to submit a resume and cover letter for consideration, including your waiter or waitressing skills.

When you write a cover letter for a waitstaff job, it's important to highlight the skills you have that match the job requirements listed in the job posting. Your resume should include your most relevant work experience, typically in reverse chronological order.

Here's information on what to include in your resume, tips for writing resumes and cover letters that will get your application noticed, examples, and templates to download.

Highlight your customer service skills .  Restaurant managers are eager to hire front-of-house staff who understand the importance of providing exemplary customer service to guests.

Emphasize your dedication to creating positive guest experiences, your proactiveness in identifying diners’ needs, and your tact in responding to difficult customers.

Remember the importance of soft skills. Not only must waitstaff have exemplary customer service skills, but they must also demonstrate soft skills such as dependability, timeliness, flexibility in being available for different shifts, and a solid work ethic.

Match your skills to the job. Review this  list of skills required for waitstaff jobs  before you get started, then take the time to match your qualifications to the job. This way, your application materials will show the employer that you're a qualified candidate for the position.

Include all relevant experience.  Provide descriptions of your previous restaurant jobs, accompanied by bulleted statements about your achievements and significant contributions in each role. Also mention any restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems or other computer technologies you are familiar with.

Detail your education and certifications. In the “Education” section of your resume, list any college degrees you hold or are currently pursuing. You should also mention any SafeServ, MAST, or other industry-specific certifications you have earned.

Tailor each resume to the job.  Both your resume and your cover letter should be revised to speak to the specific requirements of different employers. Read the job posting carefully, and then make sure your resume emphasizes the qualifications most valued by the employer.

A good way to do this is to include keywords in your resume from the job listing. Highlight the important words in the job listing (including qualifications, skills, etc.) and include them in your resume to demonstrate that you are a desirable candidate for the position.

Include examples.  Review these resume and cover letter templates to learn what information you should include, how to present your most relevant experiences, and how to make your application stand out from the competition. You can then use them as a basis for your own documents, personalizing them to reflect your own training and experience.

Consider the format.  There is no single “perfect” format for a resume. Although most employers expect to receive resumes where one’s experience is presented in reverse-chronological order, you may find that a  different format  would work better for you, depending on the position you are applying for, your work history, or your level of experience.

Proofread and Edit.  Your resume and cover letter need to be letter-perfect. Take the time to thoroughly edit your resume, correcting any spelling or grammar errors (or have a competent friend do this for you if you feel unsure about your grammatical skills). The formatting also needs to be consistent, with the same style of bullet points used throughout and the same size font for all of your section headings. 

This is an example of a resume for a waiter position. Download the resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word) or see below for more examples.

application letter restaurant job

Waiter Resume Example (Text Version)

Matthew Applicant 789 Billings Blvd Paw Paw, MI 49079 (269) 123-4567

WAITER Serving diners with enthusiasm and efficiency Can handle a high volume of customers in fast-paced environments, ranging from casual to fine dining.

Key skills include:


BETH’S BISTRO, Paw Paw, MI WAITER (July 2020—Present) Provide service for patrons at a fine-dining establishment.

Notable accomplishments:

AUSTIN’S STEAKHOUSE, Mattawan, MI WAITER (August 2019—June 2020) Took orders, served meals, set and cleared tables, and dealt with the exchange of money at a fast-paced restaurant.

TOLL’S PANCAKE GRIDDLE, Paw Paw, MI HOST (June 2018—July 2019) Scheduled reservations and helped manage seating in a popular and busy restaurant.

PAW PAW NORTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Mattawan, MI VOLUNTEER TUTOR (September 2019—Present) Tutor and mentor second and third grade students in reading.


KALAMAZOO VALLEY COMMUNITY COLLEGE , Texas Twp., MI Associate of Arts degree, expected 2023


This is an example of a cover letter for a waiter position. Download the waiter cover letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word) or see below for more examples.

application letter restaurant job

Waiter Email Letter Example (Text Version)

Damian Finkle 123 Elm Street Albany, NY 12224 555-555-1234

May 16, 2022

John Lee Shift Manager Michael’s Restaurant 123 Business Rd. Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee,

Please accept my enthusiastic application for the waiter position you recently advertised on You state that Michael’s Restaurant requires a waiter with experience in the food industry, strong customer service skills, and the ability to work under pressure. I believe I fulfill all of these requirements and am an excellent candidate for the position.

I have an extensive background in the food industry. I worked for two years at a fast-food restaurant. During this time, I gained experience in nearly every aspect of food service. I took orders and served customers their meals, handled the cash register, and performed daily inventory checks. As a waiter for Michael’s Restaurant, I could assist not only in taking orders and serving customers but also in a variety of other capacities in which you might need assistance.

At Riley’s Fast Food Joint, I also interacted with dozens of customers each day; I always made sure to provide clear and thorough answers to questions about our meal options and the cost of items. I know I could bring this friendly, helpful customer service to a position as a waiter at Michael’s Restaurant.

My experience in the food industry and in customer service, and my ability to thrive under pressure make me an excellent candidate for your waiter position.

I have enclosed my resume and will call within the next week to see if we might arrange a time to speak together. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Signature (hard copy letter)

Damian Finkle

When you're applying for a job via email, include your name and the title of the job for which you're applying in the subject line of the message. For example:

Damian Finkle - Waitstaff Position

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

HIGHLIGHT YOUR CREDENTIALS: Emphasize your customer service and waitstaff experience, restaurant industry certifications, and your knowledge of restaurant computer technologies.

SHOWCASE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Quantifying your achievements in previous jobs with numbers or percentages will help make your resume stand out from those of the other job applicants.

TAILOR YOUR RESUME TO THE JOB: Customize your resume for each job to which you are applying so that it focuses on presenting the specific qualifications the employer is seeking.

application letter restaurant job

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Restaurant Cover Letter Examples

Restaurant Advice

Create My Cover Letter

To be a successful restaurant assistant manager, you’ll need experience in the restaurant business, some managerial skills, and a compelling cover letter. The cover letter examples below can be a handy guide to help you create your restaurant assistant manager cover letter, or make it better. We have multiple template designs to choose from, making it easy to customize your cover letter to fit your needs. Click on the cover letter examples below and take the next step toward becoming an assistant manager!

Cover Letter Tips for Restaurant

It could take only a short while to find jobs in Restaurant, or it could be a long and arduous process. Whichever way things end up going, these job searching tips and strategies will help you to succeed.

Restaurant Job Seeking Tips

A good, strong cover letter is a key ingredient in the recipe to success when it comes to finding jobs in Restaurant. Make sure your cover letter meets the cut by utilizing the tips and strategies in this section.

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Food Service CV

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