9 Transcription Jobs That’ll Pay You to Type Audio to Text

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Could you handle listening to audio and typing what you hear in exchange for cash? Podcasts, conference calls, meetings, and recordings of all types need this service. If so, then one of these 12 transcription jobs might interest you.

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If you’re a fast typer and can translate audio to written form quickly, then you may enjoy working from home as a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist listens to recorded audio and types it into a text format for clients. Some transcription jobs need every single word written out, including “umms” and “uhs,” while others just want the basic words. Examples of audio clips include meetings, conferences, classes, monologues, and more.

The transcription job description is simple, but each client may require different formatting or have other special requests. For example, one client may need the audio typed exactly as spoken, while another client may ask for bullet points.

When working directly with a client, you often get to set your own rates, turnaround times, and other guidelines. You also have the flexibility of a work from home job . If you’re working with an agency that provides jobs, you’ll need to follow their stipulations.

A few years ago now, I tried my hand at transcribing audio to text. At the time, it was a grueling procedure, and I had to rewind the audio constantly. Transcribing one six-minute audio clip easily took more than 30 minutes of my time, and only paid a few bucks.

Today, things are different. Transcription tools have improved, so it’s easier to complete transcription jobs quickly. User-friendly voice-to-text programs allow you to quickly transcribe the majority of an audio file in almost real-time, without manually typing each word one by one.

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Who Can Work In Transcription?

Transcription jobs are great for college students, stay-at-home moms, and even high school students who can listen and type quickly.

Transcribing audio files might be a great opportunity to make money online  full-time or as a side hustle.

You can find your own transcription jobs working directly with clients or for a transcription company. Transcription platforms tend to pay less than working with clients directly, but they may provide consistent work and won’t require you to market your services. If you’re a beginner transcriptionist, it may be easier to build experience by working with an agency.

What You Need to Know About Remote Transcription Jobs

Transcription Jobs Facts Alt

The best thing about transcription jobs is that they’re typically remote, so you can work from home. Remote transcription jobs allow you to transcribe on the side for extra income or potentially build a full-time career while at home or on the go.

There are three types of work from home transcription jobs you can do: generic or entry-level, medical, and legal.

If you’re new to transcribing and need to get experience under your belt, then entry-level jobs are going to be your best option. If you already have experience and are ready to become certified in the medical or legal transcription job field, then those options will allow you to increase your income.

Transcription is like any other industry. As a beginner, it can be difficult to find high-paying transcription jobs from home. As you grow your client base, your income will also increase.

Most companies set a pay rate per “audio hour.” This isn’t the same as clocking in and out and getting paid per hour. Instead, you’re paid based on a set rate for one hour of audio transcribed. When you see a pay rate, make sure you understand if it’s the audio hour or general hourly rate. Transcribing can be a lengthy process, especially for a beginner.

Most companies assign transcription jobs based on short snippets of audio (2- to 10-minute clips). You’ll rarely be required to transcribe a full hour of audio in one sitting if hired to work for these companies.

How to Become a Transcriptionist

Jumping into the field is relatively simple. Most beginner transcriptionists start by taking an online transcription course that teaches them the skills necessary to perform the job. 

Companies, such as  Transcribe Anywhere , offer classes that teach students the basics of general, medical, or legal transcription, as well as how to find new clients.

You can also find transcription jobs online.

1. FlexJobs

transcribe for FlexJobs

FlexJobs is a job board that focuses on online, flexible, and work-from-home opportunities. You can find a range of transcribing jobs on the site, including both part-time and full-time positions, and filter opportunities by remote, freelance, flexible, part-time, and full-time options. 

These jobs may be for US-based companies or international firms. In some cases, you may even find opportunities if you’re fluent in another language. A downside to using FlexJobs is that the site requires a paid membership, ranging from $14.95 for a one-month membership to $49.95 for a one-year subscription. You can join for one week for $6.95 to see if you find any jobs that fit your needs and experience. 

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Fiverr is a job platform that allows you to list almost any type of professional service you can think of. Though many think Fiverr is only for beginners, it’s also for seasoned transcriptionists.

You set your rate on Fiverr. Someone can reach out to negotiate, but you can always decline. Research other reputable transcriptionists and use their pay structure as a guide. Remember, competition and quality are key when choosing a rate for your services. You can use Fiverr as a way to find new clients and deactivate the account once you have a steady stream of reliable clients. 

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3. Allegis Transcription

transcribe for Allegis Transcription

Allegis Transcription focuses on transcribing files for the insurance and legal industries. The jobs are for independent contractors, which means you’re not a full- or part-time employee. Some reports from former employees said that the rates were low, so this job may only work if you’re a beginner. You can apply for a position here, get some experience under your belt, and then look for higher-paying gigs after a few months.

You’ll need to be based in the US and meet their technology requirements .

transcribe for Scribie

Scribie is one of the lowest-paying online transcription jobs for beginners I’ve found, but they do have some perks for those who are looking to break into a transcription career.

When you first apply and get accepted to Scribie, you’ll be on the bottom of the totem pole. This beginner position requires you to transcribe raw, short audio files with stringent formatting rules.

If you’re able to complete a set number of transcription jobs (usually 10), you may then be promoted to a reviewer position. If you review the next set of files correctly, you can be promoted to a self-reviewer role, then to a proofreader, and then to QC (quality control).

Each promotion is based on performance, and comes with either a pay increase or a different perk, like tasks that require less time to complete. You can also earn a 2.5% referral fee for every person who signs up to work for Scribie or be a Scribie customer.

Reaching each promotion level takes time and attention to detail, but once you’ve achieved the two highest levels, your income potential increases significantly, and that will generally help you make money faster .

5. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe Homepage

TranscribeMe is another transcription company that’s easy for beginners but pays a fairly low rate.

The company has a steady amount of work available, and you can choose audio clips to transcribe on your own schedule. TranscribeMe splits long audio files into 2- to 4-minute clips for easier processing. This may be good if you have kids at home or are doing this on top of a full-time job.

Like Scribie, TranscribeMe mentions the opportunity for position advancement, but there aren’t any specifics on pay increases.

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6. GoTranscript

transcribe for GoTranscript

GoTranscript boasts a “steady stream of projects” with new submissions every day. Unfortunately, the payment rate breakdown isn’t available, which makes the “up to $36 per audio hour” a little vague.

The current average earnings per month is $150 with a top-earning rate of $1,215 in one month. The average could be heavily weighted by a large number of transcribers doing this work on a very part-time basis.

Rev Homepage

Rev is one of the more advanced transcription companies, and you might not get approved after your first time applying. Because Rev pays better rates, it requires high-quality submissions. If you don’t pass the entry exam the first time, you can try again. In the meantime, improve your transcription skills by working with a lower-paying company like Scribie.

You can also find work adding captions to videos, which pays slightly better than transcribing.

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8. Audio Transcription Center

Audio Transcription Service Homepage

Based in Boston, Audio Transcription Center offers both full-time, in-house positions and independent contract work. Its transcription work includes historic archival footage, tech webinars, quarterly reports, and more. Audio Transcription Center doesn’t offer medical transcription work. You need to be able to do basic research to verify names and spellings, especially for historic documents.

One of the main complaints was that there wasn’t enough work for the contractors, so it’s best to use this site with other services.

9. Net Transcripts, Inc.

Net Transcripts, Inc. focuses on law enforcement transcription jobs, including wire tap conversations, interrogations, 911 dispatch calls, and more. The site works as an aggregator where police departments, prosecutors, and others can list jobs. The requirements for these vary but may require previous experience, English fluency, and grammatical skills.

You need to fill out an application to be contacted by a recruiter.  

Where to Find Medical Transcription Jobs From Home

If you’ve had previous transcription experience and are ready to advance in your career, medical transcription jobs you can do from home could be a good fit.

Working in medical transcription requires knowledge of medical terminology. Without experience in this area, transcribing files with medical terms could be difficult even for the best typists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , certification isn’t always required to work in medical transcription jobs, but it’s usually preferred. Previous time spent in the medical profession is also highly preferred in this field because it helps with translating medical terminology spoken in the audio files.

As of 2019, the median pay for medical transcriptionists was $33,380 annually (or $16.04 per hour). Rates vary based on client budget and previous experience.

3 places that list medical transcription jobs from home:

Where to Find Legal Transcription Jobs From Home

Legal transcription jobs require more knowledge than most other transcription jobs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , legal transcriptionists are required to have a certification or a state license to work in this field.

Perhaps more commonly known as court reporters, legal transcriptionists type what takes place during live court proceedings. Legal transcription jobs from home are available to certified, professional transcriptionists who tune into court proceedings via live broadcasting.

As of 2019, the BLS said the median pay for legal transcriptionists is $60,130 annually (or $28.91 per hour).

3 places that list legal transcription jobs from home:

Sign Up with Multiple Transcription Companies

When you’re just getting started in transcription, your best option may be to sign up for each company listed above. Create a spreadsheet or document and order the companies that hire you from highest to lowest-paying. Every few days, check for new remote transcription jobs on those sites and aim to increase your hourly rate.

Having a good standing with multiple transcription companies can help you keep your schedule full of jobs. 

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Top Speech Writing Jobs in 2020 & How To Find Them


Speech writing jobs have gained tremendous demand from everyone – students, professionals, and even the elderly. Research shows that over 75% of college and high school students go for speech writer jobs. They take them as part-time gigs to cater for their pocket money as well as school fees.

Let us have an in-depth analysis of these jobs and why you should start looking for one if you haven’t yet. 

What Are Speech Writing Jobs?

They entail creating and editing speeches for different purposes and occasions. Speechwriters can work for PR, political or corporate sectors while others can do for organizations as freelancers.

As a speechwriter, you will research the specific topic and closely work with the client to deliver the work. 

How To Be a Speechwriter

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need any form of special writing skills to become one. Speechwriters for hire only need to possess essential skills necessary for remote working. Some of these include:

All these are qualities anyone can possess. Nevertheless, most clients who look for a speechwriter online want to hold a Bachelor’s degree in a communication-related discipline.

Different Kinds of Speechwriter Jobs

Speech writing is a specialized area of freelance writing which requires a wide range of skill set requirements for candidates. Although this can be uniquely challenging, you can still find an area of interest for yourself and write on it. 

Let’s explore some of these areas:

Political Speech Writing Jobs

These jobs entail writing professional and elaborate speeches given by politicians. You can register to write for political figures such as Mayors, Governors, Prime Ministers, or Presidents with such a job. These writing gigs are in high demand during political campaigns culminating in the electioneering period. 

A political speechwriter salary may vary depending on the post of the client. Some of the responsibilities of political speechwriters include:

Watch out for political speech writing jobs NYC in September and October before the US general elections.

Remote Corporate Speech Writing Jobs 

You can write business speeches for corporates in the comfort of your home. Most of these jobs attract high rates as they entail working with giants in the business world. Some of the possible clients include Microsoft, Apple, Ford Motor Company, and Burger King. 

Your responsibilities include:

Since this is a remote gig, you will generally be independent but also collaborative.

Entry Level Online Speech Writing Jobs

If you are fresh out of college with no relevant experience, this is where you start. Many entry-level writers may have one or two ideas about the subject but no substantial expertise. Although it is not a path that you can quickly tread, it is something worth trying.

There are online sites that specifically have speech writing jobs for beginners. The problem with this is that the salary may be as low as $2 for an 800-word speech. However, this should not discourage you. Other sites pay well for beginners.

Jobs in Executive Speech Writing

An executive speechwriter provides inspirational and insightful speeches, creates narratives, and may even develop Executive remarks. The job will entail research, interviews, writing, and editing internal and external communications.

How To Find Freelance Speech Writing Jobs UK

Finding these gigs is made possible with the numerous online sites available. However, here are some of the most reputable and well-paying sites:

With 100+ new projects posted daily, Writing Jobz is the number one choice for you. It allows you to design your schedule around your preferred working style. Speechwriters can write as much as they want in their own pace and time, and receive high returns for it.

It is free with many niches to write on, such as economics, business, health, and politics.

It is another site where you can find top-rated speech writing jobs. Since it is competitive, beginners may not thrive well here, but experts are sure to find work.

You can find speech wring jobs by top employers from this site. It offers a platform for both new and experienced speech freelancers in several niches. 

Benefits of Remote Speech Writing in the Times of COVID-19

Therefore, whether you are looking for speech writing jobs New York, UK, or any other place, you can be sure to find one on Writing Jobz . Be your boss today, and start earning as a speechwriter!

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Voice recording/playback with a micropro

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When seeking speech writing help, the author must have all information and know how you stand on the topic. Paid writers can produce great generic speeches, but if you need to add anything personal in the oral presentation, these writers may not be the best option. To find a good speech preparer, you will need to have knowledge of that person’s experiences and ways of speaking and thinking.

How Can I Pay Someone to Write My Speech?

If you so choose to use professional speech writers, you can use our custom essays services . Here, experienced writers can prepare a speech for a cost. Need someone to write my speech for me online? Simply fill out an order form and provide all the necessary details. You can then choose a pro from the team who will provide speech writing help. You may already have ideas for a speech and will want to find someone to write your speech outline. This service is also available.

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speech writing jobs online

speech writing jobs online

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How to Become a Speech Writer

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Tables of Contents

More Than Words: Speech Writer Job Description

Steps to become a speech writer, key speech writing tips, 4 types of speech writing, what is the typical speech writer salary, why we need speech writers.

A speech writer reading a speech on a computer.

Before the words of a speech are spoken, they are written. Words delivered in a public setting can be powerful. However, to reach their full potential, the words must be considered, measured, and crafted to suit the message and the audience.

This is the mission of a speech writer: to help a speaker effectively deliver a message. Sometimes, the message resonates through history:

“Four score and seven years ago …”

“Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country …”

“I have a dream …”

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

These words commemorate significant moments in American history: the Civil War, generational upheaval in the 1960s, the civil rights movement, and the end of the Cold War. The words and the associated turning points forever are linked with the famous speakers — Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., and Ronald Reagan.

However, only two of them actually wrote the words they spoke: Lincoln and King. Kennedy, Reagan, and countless other historical figures breathed life into speeches written by others.

Not every speech writer has the opportunity to write for a president or a legendary civil rights leader. A wedding toast, commencement address, keynote presentation at a conference — these speeches won’t necessarily change the course of history, but they’re important to the people delivering them.

Professional speech writers work in every industry to help people in all walks of life deliver clear, concise messages that resonate with an audience. It’s a career that requires a deft touch with words; a passion for digging into the facts; and a desire to help others inform, entertain, or persuade an audience.

A speech writer’s professional focus is communication. Depending on the size and scope of the organization, a speech writer might be responsible for multiple communication-related duties.

These duties might include the following:

No matter how broad the duties of a writer or communications professional, there are aspects of the job that translate across disciplines. It begins with a mastery of language and the written word.  

Writing and Editing

Strong writing and editing skills are a must for anyone who wishes to pursue a speech writing career. Fortunately, while there is an art to writing and editing, the craft can be taught and improved over time.

Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure count. To effectively deliver a message, a writer must understand the effect words have when delivered out loud in a particular sequence. In this regard, it’s as much about the writer’s “ear” as about the thought process.

While writing and editing a speech, the writer must ask whether the words will elicit the desired emotional response from the audience. Experienced writers have knowledge of the power of certain words and phrases to move listeners. Reading great speeches and other writings can help writers develop an ear for what works.

Researching Facts

Knowing how to write and edit well is only the beginning. A speech must be grounded in facts to reach its full potential.

Facts that support the message should be researched first. For example, Peter Robinson, one of Reagan’s speech writers, spent time in Berlin before he wrote Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech in 1987. During his preliminary research , Robinson spoke with a U.S. diplomat in West Berlin, took a helicopter flight over the city, and conversed with German citizens.

Robinson devised the famous challenge — “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” — after noticing the bleak conditions on the East Berlin side of the wall and hearing the sentiment expressed by a German dinner companion.

The work Robinson put into the research led to one of the most memorable public statements by a U.S. president in the 20th century. By 1989, the people of Berlin were free to cross the once-formidable barrier.

Robinson’s work on the speech was an excellent example of how thorough research became the foundation for a speech that marked a historical turning point.

Conducting Interviews

In addition to learning as much as possible about the topic through research, a speech writer must know how a speaker talks and what message the speaker wishes to deliver. One way to learn this is to conduct an interview.

There are two types of interview questions: fact-finding and open-ended.

Fact-finding questions are intended to learn details about the speaker’s expertise in the topic. This can include education, work experience, or research projects.

Open-ended questions are intended to provide detail, color, and anecdotes that might provide the audience with emotional access to the speaker’s point of view. This might include information about how and why the speaker became interested in the topic, or it might be a relevant story about the topic drawn from the speaker’s life.

An interview with the speaker also gives the writer insight into the speaker’s speech patterns and personality. This kind of information enables the writer to capture the rhythm of the speaker’s voice.

Writing and Editing Resources

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Many speech writers begin their careers either as communications specialists (public relations, journalism, academia) or as experts in a particular industry with a flair for writing. Rarely will someone step into the job and start writing for heads of state or CEOs.

As with any career, there’s a known trajectory to follow as regards educational requirements, work experience, and soft skills needed to succeed. The important thing for an aspiring speech writer to remember is to set career goals early and take the appropriate steps along the way to achieve those goals.

Educational Requirements for Speech Writers

Speech writers may benefit from a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or English, as well as a liberal studies degree with a concentration in writing or marketing. It’s important to study writing, editing, rhetoric, debate techniques, and other topics related to public speaking and speech writing.

In addition to honing the craft of writing, an aspiring speech writer might pursue a course of study related to a specific topic. This could entail earning a minor in a broad topic, such as history or political science. Another educational route might be in-depth study of a specialized topic, such as a technical field or law.

Recommended Work Experience for Speech Writers

Work experience is particularly important for an aspiring speech writer. A writer with a high level of expertise in a topic brings authority to the job.

Some of the finest speech writers in American history were lawyers: Ted Sorenson (JFK) was one. Others, such as Peggy Noonan (Reagan), were journalists or ghostwriters before they entered the inner circle of world leaders.

Professional speech writer Brent Kerrigan, writing an essay on speech writing as a career for the public relations firm Ragan, said that the best way to get started with speech writing work experience is to “find somebody who needs a speech written, and write it for them.”

Kerrigan went on to write that “becoming an expert in anything takes practice.” His advice is to seek out busy public officials and company leaders who regularly make speeches but lack the time to write them, and offer your services.

Nonwriting Skills to Cultivate

It’s not enough for an aspiring speech writer to perfect the craft of writing and to learn as much as possible about a relevant topic. As with all careers, finding the right job requires building a well-connected professional network.

According to the Labor Department’s Occupational Outlook Handbook entry for writers and authors , the soft skills writers should cultivate include adaptability, creativity, determination, critical thinking, social perceptiveness, and the ability to persuade others.

Writing begins with a plan. Sometimes the plan is depicted by an outline. Sometimes it’s simply a set of notes on a piece of paper.

The beginning stages of writing a speech require a lot of thinking. It helps to have a solid foundation of knowledge about the topic and the speaker going into the process.

Here are a few tips for developing a speech that can resonate with an audience.

Determine the Message

Why is a speech necessary? What does the speaker want to say? What action is intended for audience members to take after they hear the speech?

Answering these questions in the early stages of speech writing will allow the writer to find clarity of purpose. Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech provides an excellent example of how a writer worked to develop a concise, compelling message.

According to Robinson, the speech was originally intended to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the city of Berlin. In 1987, the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was coming to a head, but the Berlin Wall remained a symbol of oppression.

Robinson, as well as Reagan’s other advisors, chose that moment to send a message of support for the people of East Germany. It was a seminal moment in the Reagan presidency and a powerful milestone in U.S.-Soviet relations.

Understand the Audience

An important factor in determining the message is understanding the makeup of the intended audience. In most cases, the audience for a speech will consist of the people present for the event. However, all speeches have multiple audiences: those present, those who will read the text only, those who will view some or all of the speech later on video, and all future generations.

Each element of the larger “audience” should be taken into consideration when a writer sits down to determine the tone, voice, and length of a speech. Audience makeup determines not only the words that are written but also the way a speaker is intended to deliver those words.

Will the message be couched in humor? Will the tone be completely serious? How big is the in-person audience? How knowledgeable are the audience members about the topic? Are the audience members sympathetic or adversarial toward the speaker?

All of these questions and more are important to answer when creating the framework and shaping the message of a speech.

Use Research to Support the Message

Research forms the core of the speech. It’s as simple as no research, no speech.

However, supporting the message with research isn’t merely a matter of throwing together a list of related facts. The information gathered during the research process must be organized so the message can be supported logically, clearly, and convincingly.

One way to effectively use research is to create a list of questions related to the topic and use examples pulled from the research to provide the answers. The questions should be prioritized based on urgency: What does the audience most want or need to hear?

The structure of the speech will depend, in part, on how the writer and speaker decide to present the facts learned through research. A well-researched fact presented at the right time can capture attention and provide an air of authority to the speaker.

Show Personality to Connect

Attorney and author Sarah Hurwitz was the primary speech writer for former first lady Michelle Obama. Prior to that, Hurwitz wrote speeches for former President Barack Obama when he was a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and other prominent politicians.

In an interview about speech writing with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania , Hurwitz described how she and Michelle Obama used details to show — rather than tell — a relevant anecdote.

“I think details are so incredibly important,” Hurwitz told the Wharton interviewer. “When she tells the story of her father who had multiple sclerosis and worked at the city water plant, she could say, ‘You know, my dad had MS. He worked at the plant. He worked really hard. He sacrificed a lot.’ That’s all just sort of telling. I don’t really see him. But instead what she said in some of her speeches was, ‘You know, as my dad got sicker it got harder for him to get dressed in the morning. He would wake up an hour early so that he could slowly button his shirt. He would drag himself across the room with two canes to give my mom a kiss.’”

Through the use of colorful, vivid details about an experience, Hurwitz helped her subject reveal her personality as a way of connecting to the audience.

Speech Writing Resources

Speeches can be categorized by delivery style, writing style, and purpose. It’s important to know ahead of time what type of speech will be written, because the type has a bearing on word choice, tone, and many other elements of the speech.

To determine the type of speech to write, first answer questions such as:

Answers to these and other relevant questions will provide guidance about what type of speech to write. The more details writers know about the context of the event, the more likely they’ll craft an effective speech.

Here are four common types of speeches with examples of when each should be used.

Informative Speech Writing

An informative speech is used to explain a concept, describe an object or objects, or provide context for an event or a social movement. For example, a CEO might want to deliver an informative speech at a shareholder event or share details about an annual report with employees.

An effective informative speech presents facts in a concise, easily understood format. One potential challenge for the writer of an informative speech is to capture and maintain the interest of the audience. A dry recitation of facts seldom makes for a memorable or an effective speech.

Persuasive Speech Writing

A persuasive speech is used in an effort to convince an audience to support an idea or take a specific action. Types of persuasive speeches include opening or closing arguments in a criminal trial, an opening or a closing statement in a debate, and a sales presentation.

Persuasive speeches use rhetorical devices to create a sense of intimacy with the audience. The words used, the tone of voice, the volume, the physical gestures, eye contact — all of these devices can create a connection and engender trust with the audience.

The greater the connection, the more likely the audience is to be persuaded by the arguments being presented.

Motivational Speech Writing

A motivational speech is used to convince an audience to take specific action, particularly action that’s designed to engineer change of some sort. This type of speech is also used to elicit an emotional response to a particular cause or purpose.

Motivational speakers know how to connect with an audience on an emotional level. They help audience members understand an obstacle, recognize how that obstacle affects them, and determine ways to overcome that obstacle.

Motivational speeches are good for commencement addresses, recruiting drives, and charity drives. Coaches and managers also make motivational speeches before games and matches to help players focus their emotions toward success on the field of play.

Demonstrative Speech Writing

A demonstrative speech is used to show the audience how to do, build, or create something. A demonstrative speaker is typically an expert in the field who’s sharing knowledge or demonstrating how audience members can attain knowledge for themselves.

A demonstrative speech often requires visual aids, such as a slideshow or stage props. The speaker typically provides context for the demonstration with an introduction, and then gives the presentation. Sometimes, the speaker will open the floor to audience questions.

A demonstrative speech might be used by a salesperson to show how a product is used, by an inventor to show how a new device was created, or by a professional instructor to show how to use a piece of equipment.

Additional Tips for Writing Different Speech Types

Salaries for speech writers vary widely in the U.S. Wages can be determined by factors such as the prominence of the client or employer, professional experience, and the complexity or relevance of the speech topics.

According to a 2011 report in The Washington Post , Obama speech writer Jon Favreau earned $172,200 annually — the same salary as some of the former president’s top advisors. An expert freelance speech writer who crafts minor speeches for businesses or personal use might charge by the word, hour, page, or speech.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), writers and authors ― speech writers among them ― were paid a median salary of $63,200 in 2019. Salaries and job opportunities are affected by factors such as geography, job market, and economic conditions.

BLS employment projections for writers and authors show that the number of positions nationwide is expected to hold steady at about 123,000 from 2018 to 2028. In a related field, media and communication workers, BLS projections indicate a 4% increase in positions from 2018 to 2028.

The history of the U.S. can be told through its famous speeches.

George Washington’s farewell address created the precedent of the peaceful transition of power in the federal government. Frederick Douglass gave voice to the enslaved and momentum to the abolitionist movement with his 1852 speech “ What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? ”

The Lincoln-Douglas debates in the 1850s led to Lincoln’s victory in the 1860 presidential election, an event that helped trigger the Civil War. Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt offered motivation and encouragement with his inaugural address, with its famous line “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

MLK delivered perhaps the most influential speech in American history on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963, giving impetus to the civil rights movement.

We remember the speakers, and rightfully so. They were front and center, delivering the words that shifted history.

However, before the words could be spoken, before history could be made, someone had to write the speeches. Someone had to, as Hurwitz advises, “say something true.”

That’s the role of the speech writer: to distill the facts and provide the words that allow the speaker to serve as an effective, persuasive, entertaining messenger.

“Whether you were giving a speech to 1,000 people or talking to your board or leading an informal meeting, it’s really important to say something that is clearly and glaringly true,” Hurwitz said. “I think that it makes people trust you. It makes them respect you. It shows your authenticity. I think it makes you credible and it’s a really good way to start. I’d say it’s also a good way to continue and end a speech.”

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Bring us your ambition and we’ll guide you along a personalized path to a quality education that’s designed to change your life.

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