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This major seeks to introduce students to the entire range of literatures written in English, from British and American to African, Asian, and Australasian literatures. The major emphasizes the differences among historical periods and various genres, and encourages exploration of a broad range of literary theories. 

B.A. in English

All students must meet the university requirements ., all students must meet the school requirements ..

Residence Requirement for the English Major: ENGLISH 100 , ENGLISH 101W , two ENGLISH 102s, and ENGLISH 106 must be completed successfully at UCI.

B.A. in English with a Specialization in English for Future Teachers

Students should plan coherent programs of study with their faculty advisors, including undergraduate seminars, workshops and seminars in writing (for students choosing a Literary Journalism major or Creative Writing minor), and courses in allied areas outside the Department. It is possible to combine a cluster of courses in literature with other majors in the sciences and social sciences, and to use an English or Literary Journalism major as preprofessional training in government, law, or medicine. Students who wish advice in planning such programs should consult both the Department and people in their prospective professional areas.

A student who intends to continue with graduate work is urged to study a second foreign language before graduation.

Students are also encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad through the UC Education Abroad Program. Visit the Study Abroad Center website or an academic counselor for additional information.

The study of literature helps students express their ideas clearly, do independent research, and think analytically and imaginatively. These capabilities will help qualify majors for careers in education, law, technical writing, communications, journalism, public relations, business, marketing, and management. Departmental advisors encourage their students to investigate various career options before completing their undergraduate educations.

The Division of Career Pathways provides services to students and alumni including career counseling, information about job opportunities, a career library, and workshops on resume preparation, job search, and interview techniques. See the Division of Career Pathways website  for additional information.

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