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Capstone Project Literature Review Sample

Literature review.

The project of Capstone is an independent system of reporting. The structure of the sessions is feedback based assigned by the in structure. The capstone work is an independent bridge that enables the students to learn about the specific projects. The real benefits are linked to the model and the literature review project considers different structural elements. The design course of capstone considers classroom learning activities and the project assessment instruments are provided by capstone (Academic guides. waldenu. edu, 2018).

The ideal location for the assessment and structures is the professional skills of students and teamwork. The complete analysis of structured classroom projects and independent group project by capstone is considered in the present work. The literature review of capstone projects assists to determine the bridging gap between the structured classroom projects and an independent group project. Both types of projects are professional work that gets supports from the capstone. The gap between the structured classroom projects and independent group projects can be identified by proper literature survey (Academic guides. waldenu. edu, 2018).

The literature review helped our group in identifying the research gap because problems were addressed in a complex format. The consultation of experts and previous work enabled us to find the meaningful information about the work. The identified gaps were filled with the interesting aspects as mentioned in previous research work. The closing gap was identified for the feasibility and the unexplored research areas by capstone. Our project was in a crucial stage because research questions about the structured classroom project were not answered appropriately. The literature review framed the questions and identified the gap between the stages (Davis, Trevisan, Gerlick, & Brackin, 2010).

According to the literature review, there are three general categories of capstone including project, courses, and exhibition. The present project was to identify the gap between structured classroom projects and independent group projects. The literature review suggested to compile up the programs of capstone done by both categories and then analyze. The literature review about the project served as the complete ground work. The research included a thoughtful understanding of the potentials for the capstone projects (Davis, Beyerlein, Harrison, Thompson, & Trevisan, 2007).

The collected articles about the project served complete visibility on the difference between both disciplines structured classroom projects and independent group projects. The literature review defined a complete understanding for the relevancy of work. In the capstone project, the courses mean the assisting learning of classroom. The literature review demonstrates the team member’s expertise and the knowledge in the field of the current state. The gap between the structured classroom projects and independent group projects is addressed by literature that illustrates the contribution of the program. The synthesis provided concepts, trends, and issues to maintain the proceeding gap (Finocchiaro, 2017)

In the previous literature, the outline was provided for the effective understanding of gap in the projects. The overlap of both projects generates various formats so the literature review enabled the team to identify the other factors. The requirement of capstone projects includes analysis of previous projects and research papers. The other sources of guidance were mentor, advisors, self-reflection, and presentation of work. The recommendations of previous work emphasized the importance of preparation of real world work (funginstitute.berkeley.edu, 2018). The content suggests effective applications of the project. The difference between a structured class project and independent group project is significant. In the structured class project students are engaged in active participation in the learning process. The independent group project promotes the complete development of problem solving and higher order thinking. The bridge theory is practiced by community members and penal evaluates such kind of projects. In the effective capstone project, the emphasis is on the connections between all the disciplines (Nisdtx.org, 2013).

The independent group project was beneficial to the individuals due to distributing components of the projects. The communication between the team members decreases, on the other hand, the competition between the group members increases for class structured group members. The competition between the members distracts the goals of the project but the quality of the project exceeds for the structured class group (Davis, et al., 2009). In the previous research, the factors were “what are outcomes that students learned from the approach?”.

The reflection from the previous research showed insightful ideas for the improvement and independent learning of students. The argument of cooperative teams is based on the final project review and struggles made by them for the analysis. The literature review provides a great opportunity to communicate the issue and problems faced by the team members. The project management challenges are addressed by the distributed project environment and exposed that independent student projects were less effective as compared to the class structured programs (Harding, 2007).

Faculty Perspective

The guidance of skilled and experts facilitated us for the appropriate technical support for the identification of research gaps. The faculty provided quick solutions to reduce the closing gap and identifying the difficulties. The support of faculty assured out the team to complete the task within the limited period. The services of the faculty are less compared to the other solutions and options because the faculty keeps in mind the issues and nominal process (Davis, Trevisan, Gerlick, & Brackin, 2010). The discussion with the faculty of our department was really worth worthy. Our interview was conducted by the faculty via an online skype program and this interview lasted approximately one to two hours. The total of five faculty members was included in the interview and guidance panel from our department. In most of the cases, they were helping the student on their own behalf by considering the problems and co-taught courses in the university (Davis, Beyerlein, Harrison, Thompson, & Trevisan, 2007).

The focus of the discussion was to identify the gap between structured classroom project and an independent group project. The other modules of the interview were selected by the faculty head and these modules were team member citizenship, professional responsibility formation, team contract, professional development planning and citizenship of the team member (Davis, Trevisan, Gerlick, & Brackin, 2010). Two distinct modules were completed by the faculty. The primary results of the discussion showed the complete association of our team assessment and perspective of faculty members. All the instructors indicated values and modules for the project work of capstone. The assessment aligns with the interrelated modules was the outcome of this activity (Davis, Trevisan, Gerlick, & Brackin, 2010).

The faculty members were agreed with the suitable consistency of capstone project outcomes. Initially, our team was expecting that faculty will arrange a project advisor to help us in finding final project deliverables. The collaboration of project advisor with the team members improves the product prototype, conceptual design, algorithm, and concept proof. Our capstone team was consisting of 6 students and the size of the team was selected by the faculty for the optimization of a dynamic team. The team was provided with the opportunity to develop more effectively by using teaming skills. The emphasis of teaming was on the tools used for the effective management and to review the process used in the facilitated session (Davis, et al., 2009).

The team worked as a cooperative team for the final approach assessment. The capstone team works efficiently and together as an independent team. The potential issues were addressed by teachers and faculty heads. The cooperative team approach was to complete the assessment in minimum time and according to the requirements. The responsibilities split down in two components, one was the identification of projects produced by the independent group project and other was structured classroom project (Davis, Beyerlein, Harrison, Thompson, & Trevisan, 2007).

The analysis of the project defined the gap between the structured classroom project and independent group projects. According to the faculty perspective, the capstone course provides rewards and challenges (Davis, Beyerlein, Harrison, Thompson, & Trevisan, 2007). The gap was produced due to dynamic group management and detracting of the project. The gap comes when classes suffered from the typical problem because of unproductive group members (Davis, Trevisan, Gerlick, & Brackin, 2010).

Action Plan

In the present work, the action plan did not work efficiently because of the issues faced during the capstone project. The assessment was to find the bridging gap between the independent group projects and structured classroom project. The action plan was often used in the modified version for the development of a capstone project. The use of an action plan is to define the project development and stages of the project. The action plan reduces the time taken in the process but provides an independent way to measure the efficiency. The independent team approach is to gather all the information about the process (Davis, Trevisan, Gerlick, & Brackin, 2010).

The cooperative team is similar to the structured classroom project and the responsibilities are for the approaching split. The action plan improves the motivation of research project that fits the structured problem of a capstone project. The use of an action plan was not supported in the present research because due to some issues the proper work was not done as acceding to mention in the action plan. In the next project of capstone, it is obvious that our team will work according to the action plan. The use of action plan enables to estimate the time required in the project (Academic guides. waldenu. edu, 2018).

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I am in need of an Auto - Car Accessories Engineer who can take my rough sketch or idea for an Interior Accessory and turn it into a fully functioning product. The primary goal for the accessory's function is to improve comfort. Also, someone who can go further than that and connect with prototypes and then to actual manufacturing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with engineering car accessories - Strong understanding of interior design and comfort features in vehicles - Ability to take a rough sketch or idea and create a detailed design - Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes for automotive parts - Familiarity with automotive electronics and wiring for integration into the vehicle's systems.

I am looking for someone who can help me improve my English writing skills, specifically in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure. I am working on a creative writing project and would like assistance in making my writing more engaging and impactful. The ideal candidate should have experience in creative writing and be able to provide feedback on how to improve my writing style. There is no specific deadline for this project , but I would like to work with someone who is available to provide ongoing support and guidance. i have created 600 words and i need some to review them for me.

...a residential project in the planning stage. Specifically, I require a site analysis to be conducted. The ideal candidate will have experience in residential projects and be able to provide the following services: - Site Analysis: Analyze the site to determine its suitability for the project , identify any potential issues, and propose solutions. - Planning: Provide input on the planning process and ensure that the project is in compliance with local regulations. - Communication: Maintain open communication with me throughout the project and provide regular updates on progress. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Bachelor's degree in civil engineering or related field - Experience in residential projects - Stro...

...Actively manage and respond to Google reviews. Create and sustain a monthly newsletter that delivers value, smartly leveraging content from other platforms. Experienced in using Google Suite for creating documents, playbooks, and surveys. Assist in designing signage. Familiar with using ChatGPT. Maintain a strong and engaging social media presence. Able to extract and apply creative ideas from literature to boost marketing strategies. Help design scripts for free recorded messages. Develop and manage loyalty programs. Assist in planning and implementing insurance audit strategies, leveraging tools like ChatGPT. Research potential purchases such as tools, supplies, or other resources that could benefit the company. Track referral sources to evaluate the success of various campaign...

I am in need of a web app developer to create a productivity application. I have a list of specific features and functionalities that I would like to be included in the app. However, I am open to suggestions regarding the technology stack to be used for the project . The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in developing web apps and be knowledgeable about the latest technologies. I have created most of the backend code. I need assistance with the front-end code. Please review and provide the best bid

A Civil Engineering firm has prepared 36 lots site plan with lot sizes from 7,600. SF to 8,940. SF meeting city's min. 7,600 SF per lot requirement. Problem is size of lots created include areas of 8' wide private access roadway and front, rear and side setbacks of 20', 10' and 7.5' areas leaving a certain lot with buildable area of only 1,900 SF. Thus, I am looking for a CAD technician who can readjust lot boundaries of about half of 36 lots to reduce lot area of lots greater than 7,610 SF to be reduced to less than 7,605 SF to obtain extra SF to be applied to the lot with only 1,900 SF of buildable area.

We are looking for a skilled C programmer to join our team for a long-term project that will last for more than 6 months. The ideal candidate must have experience working with APIs, macOS, C/C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, Reverse Engineering , Basic Knowledge of Assembly, AWS/SDK and Microsoft Windows. A plus if you have IOS, Reverse Engineering , PHP, Java Script, General Web Development, REST API. Preferable, Qt Framework, knowledge of design patterns and OOP Principles. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining software applications, troubleshooting, and debugging code. You will work closely with other team members to ensure that project milestones are met on time. To be successful in this role, you should have excellent problem-s...


How to Write Literature Review for your Final Year Project (Chapter 2)

How to Write Literature Review for your Final Year Project (Chapter 2)

Steps on How to Write Literature Review for Your Final Year Project

After writing the introduction , which is chapter one or section one, the next most critical part of thesis writing is the literature review, known as chapter two or section two. The literature review is critical of thesis writing since it reveals what has been done in the extant literature. A literature review examines publications , research papers , and any other source materials pertaining to a specific concern, the field of knowledge, or concept and formed the basis, overview, and analysis of a research subject concerning the research gap under consideration. A literature review gives a detailed or comprehensive summary of major works and other publications on a specific subject. Academic peer-reviewed journals , publications, government reports, internet sites, and other sources may be included in the review. Each source is described, summarized, and evaluated in the literature review.

A literature review is divided into three major parts: conceptual review, theoretical review, and empirical review. The following subheadings show a step-by-step analysis and provide a detailed understanding of how a literature review should be written.

Step 1: Preambles

it is essential to state or give a little introduction in chapter two. This preamble introduces the reader to what should be expected in the chapter. A preamble is an opening summary, a foreword, an overview of the component of a statute, obligation, or the like that states the reasons for and the purpose of what following sections.  A preamble is an introductory and expressive statement in a thesis that outlines the intent and underpinning concept of the research. When introduced to the first research paragraphs, it narrates essential evidence relevant to the researcher’s intention.

Step 2: Conceptual Review

A comprehensive and detailed conceptual review necessitates the author identifying all conceivably essential and relevant papers (both empirical and conceptual) applicable to the realm under consideration. Conceptual review is seen as a methodology in which research is carried out by studying and interpreting previously available information about a particular topic . Conceptual research does not include any practical experiments. It has something to do with abstract concepts or ideas. For instance, while writing on the topic “ Branding and Firm Performance “, the following steps should be taken:

Step 3: Theoretical Review

The theoretical review examines theoretical models (philosophies or entire theories), their interactions, the extent to which the theories have been investigated, and the development of new assumptions. The theoretical review consists of theories and models appropriate to the knowledge being considered and how they relate to the broader areas of knowledge. In this section, it is expected that the researcher will reveal all the theories relating to Branding and Firm Performance. It is also imperative that the author reveal the theories or theory on which the study is anchored from all the examined theories. The underpinning theory should be relevant to the discussion and gap the author seeks to address.

The theoretical framework enhances the research in the following areas.

Step 4: Empirical Literature Review

An empirical literature review investigates previous studies to answer a specific research question. The empirical review simply discusses the various studies research and recommendations for the future on your topic or people’s relevant literature comparable to your research work . Various researchers’ identities must be connected to their observations or statements. An empirical literature review, also known as a literature review, explores previous studies to answer a specific research question. The goal of the empirical review is to identify gaps in the literature. The empirical review is divided into three.

It is critical to state here that the Literature review will provide the author and the reader with what variables and theories the author intends to use or has used. Hence, relevant literature should be considered and various arguments examined in this section.

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Equivalent Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Illustrative Example: Review and Documentation for Applying Assessment Factors in Collecting, Identifying and Evaluating Existing Literature

A Summary of General Assessment Factors for Evaluating the Quality of Scientific and Technical Information

An example draft of the Elements of a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).

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Literature Review regarding Human resource management

Literature Review:

This research deals with different topics with in human resource management. Literature review of any research evaluates the different kinds of information and research already available in different kind of sources. Literature works as a base for any quantitative research methodology that is it gives support to the research outcomes. It also helps the researcher to gain good knowledge about the topic which eventually helps him or her in their thesis building. Here there is different kind of literature regarding HR, HR administration, Outsourcing and how these terms relate to each other.

  Literature regarding Human resource management:

Susan stated HR management as “ Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. Human Resource Management can also be performed by line managers ”.

Susan also stated that Human resource management is the firms activities which mainly related to the employees such as Recruiting, training, personal development, performance management, administration activities, compensation and welfare of staff etc.

Human resources are very important strategic asset for any organization in today’s world. Managing and maintaining these valuable resources can key for the organizations success .So companies are spending so much money on the HR administration. The main activities of HR management including

1. Maintaining and organization of human resources.

2. Recruitment and staffing.

3. Maintaining HR systems.

4. Conducting personal development programs for staff which enhance the skills of the staff.

5. Take care of employee welfare programs.

6. Analysis and monitoring organizations progress.

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