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Best AI Detector | Free & Premium Tools Compared

Published on May 15, 2023 by Jack Caulfield .

AI detectors are tools designed to detect when a text was generated by an AI writing tool like ChatGPT. AI content may look convincingly human in some cases, but these tools aim to provide a way of checking for it. We’ve investigated just how accurate they really are.

To do so, we used a selection of testing texts including fully ChatGPT-generated texts, mixed AI-and-human texts, fully human texts, and texts modified by paraphrasing tools. We ran all these texts through nine different AI detectors to see how accurately each tool labeled them.

Our research indicates that if you’re willing to pay, the most accurate AI detector available right now is Winston AI , which identified 84% of our texts correctly. If you don’t want to pay, Sapling is the best choice: it’s totally free and has 68% accuracy, the highest score among free tools.

Table of contents

General conclusions, 1. winston ai, 2., 4. copyleaks, 5. gpt-2 output detector, 6. crossplag, 9. ai text classifier (openai), research methodology.

In general, our research showed that because of how AI detectors work , they can never provide 100% accuracy. The companies behind some tools make strong claims about their reliability, but those claims are not supported by our testing. Only the premium tools we tested surpassed 70% accuracy; the best free tool, Sapling , scored 68%.

We also observed some other interesting trends:

Overall, AI detectors shouldn’t be treated as absolute proof that a text is AI-generated, but they can provide an indication in combination with other evidence. Educators using these tools should bear in mind that they are relatively easy to get around and can sometimes produce false positives.

Winston AI

Winston AI stood out as the best tool we tested in terms of accuracy . It had the highest overall accuracy score at 84% , did not incorrectly label any human text as AI-generated, and detected every GPT-4 text. Additionally, it was the best tool for detecting AI content that was combined with human text or run through a paraphrasing tool (although it still caught only 60% of these texts).

The information provided is clear: a percentage and colored highlights on parts of the text that the tool considers to be AI-generated. The interface could be better, though; it requires you to click through multiple pages to complete a scan.

The main downside of the tool is its price. While most AI detectors we tested are free, Winston AI costs $18 a month, which allows you to scan 80,000 words each month. A weeklong free trial is available, but it’s capped at only 2,000 words (total, not per scan).

Try Winston AI

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Originality.AI, another premium tool, performed almost as well as Winston AI, but with slightly lower overall accuracy ( 76% ) and one false positive. However, it was the only tool in our testing to detect the use of paraphrasing tools more than half the time (60%); if you’re interested in this kind of detection, Originality is likely the best choice.

Originality gives a percentage likelihood that a text is AI-generated and highlights text in various colors to label it as AI or human. The highlighting doesn’t always have a clear relationship to the percentage shown, though. It’s not fully clear how the user should interpret the two pieces of information.

It’s worth noting that Originality’s pricing is fairly generous at $0.01 per 100 words, but there is a minimum spend of $20. Still, for that price, you get 200,000 words, whereas Winston AI charges $18 for 80,000. It’s just unfortunate that Originality’s accuracy is lower.

Try Originality.AI

Sapling AI detector

Sapling stood out as the most accurate free tool we tested, with an overall score of 68% . It detected all GPT-3.5 texts and over half of GPT-4 texts (60%). It also had no false positives and did better than most tools at correctly highlighting the AI content in mixed AI-and-human texts.

Sapling is very quick and straightforward to use. There’s no sign-up required; you just paste in the text you want to check and get an instant result.

You get a percentage score followed by two highlighted versions of the text. It’s not really clear how the user is meant to interpret these two different highlighted texts, since they give different information. The first one is the one that matches the percentage given most closely.

Try Sapling

CopyLeaks AI detector

CopyLeaks is one of the better free tools in terms of accuracy, at 66% (though this is much lower than the 99% claimed on the site). Like Sapling, it found all GPT-3.5 texts and over half of the GPT-4 texts, and it had no false positives.

However, CopyLeaks has some unfortunate downsides in terms of usability. There’s a limit on daily checks, which can be increased (but not removed) by signing up for a free account. Additionally, the results shown are very unclear compared to those of other tools.

Instead of an overall percentage, you just get a highlighted text. When you mouse over part of the text, a percentage is shown, but this is not the overall AI content percentage. It seems likely that this percentage represents the tool’s confidence in its label for that piece of text, but this is a guess—it’s not explained anywhere in the interface. As such, the tool is not user-friendly.

Try CopyLeaks

GPT-2 Output Detector

GPT-2 Output Detector performed slightly below average in our testing, at  58% . It caught the same number of GPT-4 texts as Sapling and CopyLeaks, but it missed one of the GPT-3.5 texts. It had no false positives but was otherwise not very impressive in accuracy terms.

The interface provided is simplistic but clear, and there’s no sign-up required. You simply paste in your text and get percentages representing how much text is “real” and how much “fake.” There’s no text highlighting to indicate which is which, though.

GPT-2 Output Detector is an OK option, but there’s no real reason to use it instead of the more accurate and equally accessible Sapling.

Try GPT-2 Output Detector

CrossPlag AI detector

CrossPlag performs at the same level of accuracy as GPT-2 Output Detector: 58% (though they got slightly different things wrong, suggesting they’re not using identical technology). Like that tool, it had no false positives and got one of the GPT-3.5 texts wrong.

The information provided is also very similar: just a percentage, without any text highlighting or other information. CrossPlag presents the information in a slightly more attractive interface, but there’s no real difference in terms of content.

Because of this, there’s very little distinguishing these two tools. They’re both middling options for AI detection that are outperformed by other free tools like Sapling.

Try CrossPlag


GPTZero is unusual in the way it presents its results. Instead of a percentage, it gives a sentence stating what it detected in your text (e.g., “Your text is likely to be written entirely by AI”). In our testing, it only ever said that a text was entirely AI or entirely human, suggesting it’s unable to detect mixed AI-and-human texts.

Because of these binary judgments, it got the relatively low accuracy score of 52% . The tool does also highlight text to label it AI, but again, we found that it only ever highlighted either the whole text or none of it.

Further stats— perplexity and burstiness —are shown, but these are not likely to be helpful to the average user, and it’s unclear how exactly they relate to the judgment. While GPTZero is straightforward to use, we found the information it provided to be inadequate and not very accurate.

Try GPTZero

Writer AI detector

The AI detector on Writer’s website didn’t work very well for us. On our first attempt, the results consistently failed to load, making the tool useless. When we tried again a few days later, results did usually load correctly, although they still failed every few checks, requiring a lot of retries.

When the tool was working, its results were still some of the least accurate we saw, at  38% . While it had no false positives, it detected none of the GPT-4 texts and only 70% of the GPT-3.5 texts. Its ability to detect paraphrased or mixed AI texts was the worst of all the tools we tested.

In terms of the information shown, Writer provides a percentage of “human-generated content” but no highlighting to indicate what content has been labeled AI. It also has a character limit of 1,500 words, the lowest of the tools we tested. We don’t recommend this tool.

OpenAI AI detector

Although it was developed by OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT itself, we found that the AI Text Classifier did not provide enough information to be useful. It doesn’t give a percentage or any kind of highlighting, just a statement that the text is very unlikely/unlikely/unclear if it is/possibly/likely AI-generated.

The overall accuracy of the tool was  38% , the same as that of Writer. However, unlike Writer, it did unfortunately have one false positive—a significant problem if you want to use the tool to assess student submissions, for example.

Though the AI Text Classifier is free, it’s necessary to sign up for an OpenAI account to use it. If you’ve already signed up for ChatGPT, then you can sign in with the same account. Regardless, we don’t recommend relying on this tool; the information provided is inadequate, and its accuracy is low.

Try AI Text Classifier

To carry out this research, we first selected nine AI detectors that currently show up prominently in search results. We looked mostly at free tools but also included two premium tools with reputations for high accuracy.

We tested all nine tools with the same texts and the same scoring system for accuracy. The usability and pricing of the tools are discussed in the individual reviews but were not included in the scoring system, which is based purely on accuracy and the number of false positives.

Testing texts

In our testing, we used six categories of texts, with five texts in each category and therefore a total of 30 texts . Each text was between 1,000 and 1,500 characters long (AI detectors are usually inaccurate with texts any shorter than this). The categories were:

The human-written texts were all on different topics—two quite technical specialist topics and three more general topics —and from different kinds of publication:

To make the comparison as fair as possible, all other texts were on the same five topics (e.g., we prompted ChatGPT to “Write a college essay about the French Revolution”). We used the same prompts for the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 texts, and we used the same settings for all QuillBot paraphrasing (“Standard” mode, maximum number of synonyms).

You can see all the testing texts in the document below, including links to the sources of the human-written texts:

Accuracy scoring

For each scan, we gave one of the following scores:

For example, if a text is 50% AI-generated, then a tool gets 1 for labeling it 55% AI, 0.5 for labeling it 27%, and 0 for labeling it 2% (or 98%). When a tool didn’t show a percentage, we converted the information it did give into a percentage (e.g., OpenAI’s “likely” label = 81–100%).

These scores were added up and turned into accuracy percentages. H owever, we excluded the paraphrased human-written texts from this score. So a tool that scored 1 for every text (excluding paraphrased human texts) would have a 100% accuracy score. 

We excluded these texts because AI detectors are not really designed to detect paraphrasing tools, only purely AI-generated text. It’s interesting to investigate whether they can sometimes detect these tools anyway, but it’s not fair to include this in the score.

The scores indicated in the table at the start are:

Cite this Scribbr article

If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the “Cite this Scribbr article” button to automatically add the citation to our free Citation Generator.

Caulfield, J. (2023, May 15). Best AI Detector | Free & Premium Tools Compared. Scribbr. Retrieved May 26, 2023, from

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Jack Caulfield

Jack Caulfield

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Jack Caulfield

Jack Caulfield (Scribbr Team)

Thanks for reading! Hope you found this article helpful. If anything is still unclear, or if you didn’t find what you were looking for here, leave a comment and we’ll see if we can help.

Still have questions?

AI Writing Detection Capabilities - Frequently Asked Questions

online writing tool

How do Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities work?

1. does turnitin offer a solution to detect ai writing .

Yes. Turnitin has released its AI writing detection capabilities to help educators uphold academic integrity while ensuring that students are treated fairly.

We have added an AI writing indicator to the Similarity Report. It shows an overall percentage of the document that AI writing tools, such as ChatGPT, may have generated. The indicator further links to a report which highlights the text segments that our model predicts were written by AI. Please note, only instructors and administrators are able to see the indicator.

While Turnitin has confidence in its model, Turnitin does not make a determination of misconduct, rather it provides data for the educators to make an informed decision based on their academic and institutional policies. Hence, we must emphasize that the percentage on the AI writing indicator should not be used as the sole basis for action or a definitive grading measure by instructors.

2. How does it work? 

When a paper is submitted to Turnitin, the submission is first broken into segments of text that are roughly a few hundred words (about five to ten sentences). Those segments are then overlapped with each other to capture each sentence in context.

The segments are run against our AI detection model and we give each sentence a score between 0 and 1 to determine whether it is written by a human or by AI. If our model determines that a sentence was not generated by AI, it will receive a score of 0. If it determines the entirety of the sentence was generated by AI it will receive a score of 1.

Using the average scores of all the segments within the document, the model then generates an overall prediction of how much text in the submission we believe has been generated by AI.

Currently, Turnitin’s AI writing detection model is trained to detect content from the GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 language models, which includes ChatGPT. Because the writing characteristics of GPT-4 are consistent with earlier model versions, our detector is able to detect content from GPT-4 (ChatGPT Plus) most of the time. We are actively working on expanding our model to enable us to better detect content from other AI language models.

3. What parameters or flags does Turnitin’s model take into account when detecting AI writing? 

GPT-3 and ChatGPT are trained on the text of the entire internet, and they are essentially taking that large amount of text and generating sequences of words based on picking the next highly probable words. This means that GPT-3 and ChatGPT tend to generate the next word in a sequence of words in a consistent and highly probable fashion. Human writing, on the other hand, tends to be inconsistent and idiosyncratic, resulting in a low probability of picking the next word the human will use in the sequence.

Our classifiers are trained to detect these differences in word probability and are adept to the particular word probability sequences of human writers.

4. How was Turnitin’s model trained? 

Our model is trained on a representative sample of data that includes both AI-generated and authentic academic writing. While creating our sample dataset, we took into account statistically under-represented groups like second-language learners, English users from non-English speaking countries, students at colleges and universities with diverse enrollments, and less common subject areas such as anthropology, geology, sociology, and others.

5. Can I check past submitted assignments for AI writing? 

Yes. Previously submitted assignments can be checked for AI writing detection if they’re re-submitted to Turnitin. Only assignments that are submitted after the launch of our capability (4th April 2023) are automatically checked for AI writing detection.

6. What languages are supported? 

English. For the first iteration of Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities, we are able to detect AI writing for documents submitted in long-form English only.

7. What will happen if a non-English paper is submitted? 

If a non-English paper is submitted, the detector will not process the submission. The indicator will show an empty/error state with ‘in-app’ guidance that will tell users that this capability only works for English submissions at this time. No report will be generated if the submitted content is not in English.

8. Can my institution get access to AI detection to be able to trial this new capability? 

Yes, admins can set-up test accounts and allow instructors to use and assess the feature. If you’re an existing TFS customer, your admin will be able to create a sub-account and enable AI writing for only that account for testing purposes.

If you’re an Originality, Similarity or Simcheck customer, you can request test accounts by contacting your account manager or CSM.

New customers should speak to a Turnitin representative about getting a test account.

9. Can I or my admin suppress the new indicator and report if we do not want to see it? 

Yes, admins have the option to enable/disable the AI writing feature from their admin settings page. Disabling the feature will remove the AI writing indicator & report from the Similarity report and it won’t be visible to instructors and admins until they enable it again.

10. Will the addition of Turnitin’s AI detection functionality to the Similarity report change my workflow or the way I use the Similarity report? 

No. This additional functionality does not change the way you use the Similarity report or your existing workflows. Our AI detection capabilities have been added to the Similarity report to provide a seamless experience for our customers.

11. Will the AI detection capabilities be available via LMSs such as Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, etc? 

Yes, users will be able to see the indicator and the report via the LMS they’re using. We have made AI writing detection available via the Similarity report. There is no AI writing indicator or score embedded directly in the LMS user interface and users will need to go into the report to see the AI score.

12. Does the MS Teams integration support the AI writing detection feature? 

AI writing detection is only available to instructors using the new Turnitin Feedback Studio integration . Since the MS Teams Assignment Similarity integration does not offer an instructor view due to Turnitin not receiving user metadata, AI writing detection is unavailable.

If an instructor using the Similarity integration has a concern that a report may have been written with an AI writing tool, they can request that their administrator use the paper lookup tool to view a full report.

13. How is authorship detection within Originality different from AI writing detection? 

Turnitin’s AI writing detection technology is different from the technology used within Authorship (Originality). Our AI writing detection model calculates the overall percentage of text in the submitted document that was likely generated by an AI writing tool. Authorship, on the other hand, uses metadata as well as forensic language analysis to detect if the submitted assignment was written by someone other than the student. It will not be able to indicate if it was AI written; only that the content is not the student’s own work.

AI detection results & interpretation

1. what does the percentage in the ai writing detection indicator mean .

The percentage indicates the amount of qualifying text within the submission that Turnitin’s AI writing detection model determines was generated by AI. This qualifying text includes only prose sentences, meaning that we only analyze blocks of text that are written in standard grammatical sentences and do not include other types of writing such as lists, bullet points, or other non-sentence structures.

This percentage is not necessarily the percentage of the entire submission. If text within the submission is not considered long-form prose text, it will not be included.

2. What is the accuracy of Turnitin’s AI writing indicator? 

We strive to maximize the effectiveness of our detector while keeping our false positive rate - incorrectly identifying fully human-written text as AI-generated - under 1% for documents with over 20% of AI writing. In other words, we might flag a human-written document as AI-written for one out of every 100 fully-human written documents. 

To bolster our testing framework and diagnose statistical trends of false positives, in April 2023 we performed additional tests on 800,000 additional academic papers that were written before the release of ChatGPT to further validate our less than 1% false positive rate.

In order to maintain this low rate of 1% for false positives, there is a chance that we might miss 15% of AI written text in a document. We’re comfortable with that since we do not want to incorrectly highlight human-written text as AI-written. For example, if we identify that 50% of a document is likely written by an AI tool, it could contain as much as 65% AI writing.

We’re committed to safeguarding the interests of students while helping institutions maintain high standards of academic integrity. We will continue to adapt and optimize our model based on our learnings from real-world document submissions, and as large language models evolve to ensure we maintain this less than 1% false positive rate. 

3. How does Turnitin ensure that the false positive rate for a document remains less than 1%? 

Since the launch of our solution in April, we tested 800,000 academic papers that were written before the release of ChatGPT. Based on the results of these tests, we made the below updates to our model in May to ensure we hold steadfast on our objective of keeping our false positive rate below 1% for a document.

4. The percentage shown sometimes doesn’t match the amount of text highlighted. Why is that? 

Unlike our Similarity Report, the AI writing percentage does not necessarily correlate to the amount of text in the submission. Turnitin’s AI writing detection model only looks for prose sentences contained in long-form writing. Prose text contained in long-form writing means individual sentences contained in paragraphs that make up a longer piece of written work, such as an essay, a dissertation, or an article, etc. The model does not reliably detect AI-generated text in the form of non-prose, such as poetry, scripts, or code, nor does it detect short-form/unconventional writing such as bullet points, tables, or annotated bibliographies.

This means that a document containing several different writing types would result in a disparity between the percentage and the highlights.

5. What do the different indicators mean? 

Upon opening the Similarity Report, after a short period of processing, the AI writing detection indicator will show one of the following:

6. What can I do if I feel that the AI indicator is incorrect? How does Turnitin’s indicator address false positives? 

If you find AI written documents that we've missed, or notice authentic student work that we've predicted as AI-generated, please let us know! Your feedback is crucial in enabling us to improve our technology further. You can provide feedback via the ‘feedback’ button found in the AI writing report.

Sometimes false positives (incorrectly flagging human-written text as AI-generated), can include lists without a lot of structural variation, text that literally repeats itself, or text that has been paraphrased without developing new ideas. If our indicator shows a higher amount of AI writing in such text, we advise you to take that into consideration when looking at the percentage indicated.

In a longer document with a mix of authentic writing and AI generated text, it can be difficult to exactly determine where the AI writing begins and original writing ends, but our model should give you a reliable guide to start conversations with the submitting student.

In shorter documents where there are only a few hundred words, the prediction will be mostly "all or nothing" because we're predicting on a single segment without the opportunity to overlap. This means that some text that is a mix of AI-generated and original content could be flagged as entirely AI-generated. 

Please consider these points as you are reviewing the data and following up with students or others. 

7. Will students be able to see the results? 

The AI writing detection indicator and report are not visible to students.

8. Does the AI Indicator automatically feed a student’s paper into a repository? 

No, it does not.  There is no separate repository for AI writing detection. Our AI writing detection capabilities are part of our existing similarity report workflow. When we receive submissions, they are compared and evaluated via our proprietary algorithms for both similarity text matching and the likelihood of being AI writing (generated by LLMs). Customers retain the ability to choose whether to add their student papers into the repository or not.

When AI writing detection is run on a submission, the results are shared on the similarity report - unless suppressed – and results regarding the percentage AI writing identified by the detector, along with the segments identified highly likely written by AI – are retained as part of the similarity report.

9. What is the difference between the Similarity score and the AI writing detection percentage? Are the two completely separate or do they influence each other? 

The Similarity score and the AI writing detection percentage are completely independent and do not influence each other. The Similarity score indicates the percentage of matching-text found in the submitted document when compared to Turnitin’s comprehensive collection of content for similarity checking. 

The AI writing detection percentage, on the other hand, shows the overall percentage of text in a submission that Turnitin’s AI writing detection model predicts was generated by AI writing tools. 

10. Why do I see the AI Writing score and the corresponding report on the similarity report prior to April 4? 

Our AI writing detection capabilities are part of our existing similarity report workflow to detect unoriginal writing.  While we released AI writing detection capabilities on April 4, 2023, prior to launch, we were preparing for the release and running our AI writing detector on a sampling of papers as part of our QA testing. This allowed us to confirm our readiness for release on April 4.  As a result, you may see the AI writing score along with the corresponding report on some similarity reports submitted between March 8, 2023 and April 4, 2023.

11. Does the Turnitin model take into account that AI writing detection technology might be biased against particular subject-areas or second-language writers? 

Yes, it does. One of the guiding principles of our company and of our AI team has been to minimize the risk of harm to students, especially those disadvantaged or disenfranchised by the history and structure of our society. Hence, while creating our sample dataset, we took into account statistically under-represented groups like second-language learners, English users from non-English speaking countries, students at colleges and universities with diverse enrollments and less common subject areas such as anthropology, geology, sociology, and others.

12. How can I use the AI indicator percentage in the classroom with students? 

Turnitin’s AI detection indicator shows the percentage of text that has likely been generated by an AI writing tool while the report highlights the exact segments that seem to be AI-written. The final decision on whether any misconduct has occurred rests with the reviewer/instructor. Turnitin does not make a determination of misconduct, rather it provides data for the educators to make an informed decision based on their academic and institutional policies.

13. Can I download the AI report like the Similarity report? 

No. At this time the functionality to download the AI report is not available. However, we are actively working on developing this capability, and we should be able to add it as a functionality in the near-term.

Scope of detection

1. which ai writing models can turnitin’s technology detect .

The first iteration of Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities have been trained to detect models including GPT-3, GPT-3.5, and variants. Our technology can also detect other AI writing tools that are based on these models such as ChatGPT. We’ve completed our testing of GPT-4 (ChatGPT Plus), and the result is that our solution will detect text generated by GPT-4 most of the time. We plan to expand our detection capabilities to other models in the future.

2. Which model is Turnitin’s AI detection model based on? 

Our model is based on an open-source foundation model from the Huggingface company. We undertook multiple rounds of carefully calibrated retraining, evaluation and fine-tuning. What we must emphasize really is that the unique power of our model arises from the carefully curated data we've used to train the model, leveraging our 20+ years of expertise in authentic student writing, along with the technology developed by us to extract the maximum predictive power from the model trained on that data. In training our model, we focused on minimizing false positives while maximizing accuracy for the latest generation of LLMs ensuring that we help educators uphold academic integrity while protecting the interests of students.

3. Is your current model able to detect GPT-4 generated text? 

Yes it does, most of the time. Our AI team has conducted tests on GPT-4 using our released detector to compare its performance and understand the differences between GPT-3.5 (on which our model is trained), and GPT-4. The result is that our detector will detect text generated by GPT-4 most of the time, but we don’t have further, consistent guidance to share at this time. The free version of ChatGPT is still operating on GPT-3.5, while the paid version, ChatCPT Plus, is operating on GPT-4. 

4. How will Turnitin be future-proofing for advanced versions of GPT and other large language models yet to emerge? 

We recognize that Large Language Models (LLMs) are rapidly expanding and evolving, and we are already hard at work building detection systems for additional LLMs. Our focus initially has been on building and releasing an effective and reliable AI writing detector for GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, and other writing tools based on these models such as ChatGPT. Recently, we conducted tests on GPT-4, the model on which ChatGPT Plus is based, and found that our detection capabilities detected AI-generated text in most cases.  

5. Will the AI percentage change over time as the detector and the models it is detecting evolve? 

Yes, as we iterate and develop our model further, it is likely that our detection capabilities will also change, affecting the AI percentage. However, for a submitted document, the AI percentage will change only if it's re-submitted again to be processed.

6. Can Turnitin detect if text generated by an AI writing tool (ChatGPT, etc.) is further paraphrased using a paraphrasing tool? Will it flag the content as AI-generated even in this instance? 

Our detector is trained on the outputs of GPT-3, GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT, and modifying text generated by these systems will have an impact on our detectors’ abilities to identify AI written text. In our AI Innovation Lab, we have conducted tests using open sourced paraphrasing tools (including different LLMs) and in most cases, our detector has retained its effectiveness and is able to identify text as AI-generated even when a paraphrasing tool has been used to change the AI output. 

7. Does Turnitin have plans to build a solution to detect when students paraphrase content either themselves or through tools such as Quillbot, etc.,? 

Turnitin has been working on building paraphrase detection capabilities – ability to detect when students have paraphrased content either with the help of paraphrasing tools or re-written it themselves – for some time now, and the technology is already producing the desired results in our AI Innovation Lab. In the instance when the student is using a word spinner or an online paraphrasing tool, the student is just running content through a word spinner which uses AI to intentionally subvert similarity detection, not using generative AI tools such as ChatGPT to create content.

We have plans for a beta release in 2023, and we will be making paraphrase detection available to instructors at institutions that are using TFS with Originality and Originality for an additional cost. It will be released first in our TFS with Originality product.

Access & licensing

1. who will get access to this solution will we need to pay more for this capability .

The first iteration of our AI writing detection indicator and report are available to our academic writing integrity customers as part of their existing licenses, so that they’re able to test the solution and see how it works. This includes customers with a license for Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS), TFS with Originality, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, Simcheck, Originality Check, and Originality Check+. It is available for customers using these platforms via an integration with an LMS or with Turnitin’s Core API. Please note, only instructors and administrators will be able to see the indicator and report. 

Beginning January 1, 2024, only customers licensing Originality or TFS with Originality will have access to the full AI writing detection experience.

2. When can customers get access to this solution? 

Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities are available now and have been added to the Similarity Report. Customers licensing any of the above Turnitin products should be able to see the indicator and access the AI report. 

3. Is Turnitin’s AI writing detection a standalone solution or is it part of another product? 

The first iteration of Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities is a separate feature of the Similarity Report and is available across these products: Turnitin Feedback Studio (TFS), TFS with Originality, Turnitin Originality, Turnitin Similarity, Simcheck, Originality Check, and Originality Check+. The indicator links to a report which shows the exact segments that are predicted as AI-written within the submitted content.

4. Why is AI detection not being added to other Turnitin products like Gradescope and iThenticate? 

We focused our resources on, what we view, as the biggest, most acute problem and that is higher education and K12 long-form writing. We are currently investigating how we can bring AI writing detection to iThenticate customers. We do not currently have plans to add these capabilities to Gradescope, since the primary use case for Gradescope is handwritten text while for AI detection we’re focusing on typed text. However, we are happy to learn more about customer needs for AI writing detection within this product. In addition, we are not pursuing ChatGPT code detection at this time. 

5. Where can I find more information about this new solution? 

You can find information about Turnitin’s AI writing detection capabilities  on this page .

6. I’m offended that Turnitin is making the AI writing detection free for instructors then charging for it later. It feels like Turnitin is advertising to faculty. 

We made the decision to provide free access to our detection capabilities during this preview phase to support educators during this unprecedented time of rapid change. We received a significant amount of positive feedback from customers, and we acted on that feedback.

Our goal has always been to work closely with our customers to create an optimal solution for educators. We need as many educators as possible to use our AI writing detection feature quickly to gather feedback and address any gaps.

We understand that you may be apprehensive about instructors using a tool or feature that the institution may not wish to purchase in the future. However, we have invested heavily in developing and improving our AI writing detection technology over the past two years. We believe that this technology provides significant value to our customers by providing data and insights on when AI-generated content is submitted by students. This enables educators to uphold academic integrity while advancing students' learning. Nonetheless, maintaining and improving our technology requires ongoing investment as AI writing tools evolve and improve at a rapid pace over time.

The decision to move to a paid licensing structure beginning January 2024 was made to ensure that we can continue to provide high-quality AI writing detection features to our customers. This enables us to invest in further research and development and improve our infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

7. If I opt-out of AI detection, does it mean that my students’ submissions will not be assessed by the detection tool and data retained by Turnitin? 

Customers come to Turnitin to provide services that detect unoriginal writing, which, with the development of AI writing, now includes both unoriginal writing by humans and non-humans (LLMs).  Our AI writing detection capabilities are part of our existing similarity report workflow.  When we receive submissions, they are compared and evaluated via our proprietary algorithms for both similarity text matching and the likelihood of being AI writing (generated by LLMs). As such, suppressing the appearance of the AI writing indicator does not stop the assessment for AI writing. When AI writing detection is run on a submission, the result is shared on the similarity report, unless suppressed. When the AI writing detection is suppressed, it is simply suppressing the indicator showing the predicted percentage of AI writing; thus, the indicator will not be displayed on the similarity report, and the linking AI writing report showing the segments identified as written by AI will not be showing either.  However, they are retained as part of the similarity report. Therefore when the feature is re-enabled, the AI writing score will appear on the similarity report. 

This process is separate and apart from your designation of whether or not submissions can be stored in the ‘repository.’

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The 22 Best Writing Tools of 2023: A Guide for Writers

Before the computer there was the typewriter, and before the typewriter there was pen and paper, and before pen and paper there were plenty of other lost tools of writing — like clay, papyrus, wood, slate, parchment, and, of course, pens made out of reeds. (Fun fact: the name “Reedsy” is inspired by the “reed pen,” which was used as early as 800 B.C. for documentation).

As you can tell by now, the act of writing has been a part of human culture from the days of chiseling stories onto the walls of caves — and as we have evolved, so have our writing tools . In fact, today’s writers and storytellers are spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which tools to use.

The following list details our favorite writing tools and resources for taking any idea through to its written conclusion. If you want to cut straight to the chase and find out which is the right writing app for you, we recommend taking this quick 30-second quiz.

Which writing app is right for you?

Find out here! Takes 30 seconds

Otherwise, let's dive in!

Writing tools

We all know Google Docs and Microsoft Word, so we’re not going to waste your time giving those two a run-down in our list. Below are four other word processors you might not know about, and that are worth checking out.

1. Reedsy Book Editor

Cost: Free Does “fake it ‘til you make it” ring true to you? Well, the Reedsy Book Editor is a free, online word processor that formats your book as you write. See your drafts automatically turn into a professional-looking, ready-to-publish manuscript — and allow this glimpse of your work as the final product spur your motivation to write.

ZF6MHRgMQIo Video Thumb

It comes with an automatic spell-checker — and a built-in goal reminder system to get you back into shape if you find that you're falling behind on your writing schedule! Another one of the Reedsy Book Editor’s best functions is that it lets you instantly typeset your manuscript to EPUB and print-ready PDF files.

Check it out if: if you want a writing tool that takes care of formatting and conversion for you.

Cost: Free Do you like a helpful tap on the shoulder, reminding you about something you need to do? Well, you’ll likely enjoy Draft then, because the book writing software not only keeps track of how many words you write per day, it can also email you daily reminders about your daily word count goals. (Of course, if this sounds a little too “hands-on” for you, you can always turn the reminder function off).

Other than that, Draft functions a lot like Google Docs: allowing you to track changes, collaborate via suggested edits, and make comments on the doc.

Check it out if: you like Google Docs, but want an even simpler interface. 

3. LibreOffice

Cost: Free Yes, we did say that we wouldn’t mention Microsoft Word, because by now everyone knows that it’s a useful writing tool. But we didn’t say we wouldn’t mention its free counterpart: LibreOffice .

LibreOffice is the open source answer for people who want to try Microsoft without paying the price tag. (Open source means that the software is built on code that anyone can inspect and enhance). Plus it’s compatible with all of the regular file types people are used to, such as  .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, and .pptx files.

Check it out if: you like a classic word processor — and moreover, a free one.

Cost: $50 (or try a 30-day free trial) The people behind Mellel don’t just know word processing — they also know catchy, memorable marketing. Their description of why writers should choose Mellel starts like this: “Mellel is a writer's dream come true. To start, it is exceedingly boring: it just works, day in and day out, reliably. An enormous number of people used Mellel to write and they all report that their journey with Mellel was boring and uneventful. As well it should. In other words, it does all the mundane bits, and leaves the creative stuff to you.”

Mellel is not free (and note that it’s only for Mac). In return for the price tag, you’ll get more book-specific tools than other, perhaps more traditional word processors — such as outlining and bibliography-making functions. And, judging by the witty, funny copy on Mellel’s website, Mellel makes the process of writing much more fun than they let on.

Check it out if: you’re a Mac user who wants more than the Pages app offers.

Organization tools

Plotters tend to finish their writing projects quicker than pantsers — simply because when they hit a wall, they have their notes or outlines to reference, allowing them to jump straight over that hurdle and hit the ground running. P.S. You can grab a free template for your book outline here in this comprehensive guide to outlining .

The following resources will help you keep your thoughts organized so that any bouts of writer’s block don’t slow you down.

5. Milanote

Cost: Free for basic plan or $12.50/month for premium. Milanote is an easy-to-use creative writing app to organize your research, ideas, characters and outline in one place.

The vast majority of novelist-oriented writing software is organized around the idea of a linear document. But for most people, writing isn’t linear — because thinking isn’t linear. Writing is about gradually getting a jumble of ideas into shape, and Milanote's writing app matches the way writers think.

milanote platform a writing tool for organizing your writing

Check it out if: you're a plotter who likes a flexible workspace to organize ideas and see a birds-eye view of how your story outline is coming together.

online writing tool


Get our Book Development Template

Use this template to go from a vague idea to a solid plan for a first draft.

6. Evernote

Cost: free for basic plan or $9.99/month for premium. Its cute, little green elephant logo aside, Evernote is a great and easy-to-use option for writers who could do with a little more organization in their lives.

everyone knows the writing tool evernote but here is a screenshot

The app lets you quickly jot down thoughts, record audio notes, save online articles you’re hoping to reference, and it will sync all of this information across all of your Evernote-installed devices. What’s also handy about the app is the collaborative aspect of it: you can create shared accounts, so that multiple people can access saved documents at once.

Check it out if: you’re prone to getting great ideas while on the go, and need somewhere to make sure you don’t forget them by the time you’re home.

Cost: $5/month or $40/year (or try a 14-day free trial) While it’s ultimately a writing tool, one of the best assets of comprehensive programs like Ulysses or Scrivener are their organizational features. At the end of the day, whether you’re writing a blog post or a full-length novel, the seed of an idea doesn’t get too far without the ability to organize that idea into a cohesive piece of writing.

And that’s exactly what Ulysses allows you to do: organize your thoughts into a well-written work. This is accomplished through features like customizable writing goals and deadlines, plain text enhancements, a distraction-free typewriter mode, bookmarks, outlining functions, and more.

Check it out if: you’re working on a lengthy piece of non-fiction, like a blog post or essay. (For a comparison of Scrivener vs. Ulysses, keep reading!)

8. Scrivener

Cost: $45 (or a 30-use free trial) Literature and Latte ’s word processor is a popular writing tool — also, in large part, thanks to its organizational capabilities that seamlessly allow writers to turn fragmented ideas into a fully realized book/script/research paper/or whatever else you’re writing.

Scrivener vs Ulysses Apart from the price (Scrivener charges a one-time licensing fee while Ulysses charges yearly), the two platforms offer many of the same features. So we’ll focus on what makes the two programs different.

Check it out if: you’re working on a longer piece of content (like a book or screenplay) and want one comprehensive place to manage all your work. (And don’t forget to check out our equally as comprehensive review of Scrivener’s newest update : Scrivener 3!)

Productivity tools

Alright, let’s kick things into high gear now. You know what you want to use to write, and your thoughts and ideas are concisely organized. If you’re finding it difficult to buckle down and get the job done (or struggle to write quickly or consistently), these resources will help you realize that Nike manta: just do it.

9. Ommwriter

Cost: free web version or $7 for the full program Do you find the clacking sound of old typewriters satisfying? Do you find soft, neutral colours calming? Does nothing really get you focused quite like a purposeful, long, deep breath? If so, Ommwriter might be the tool to help you reach your goal. As the site’s tagline reads, Ommwriter is “a perfect place to think and write.”

Omm writer is a zen writing tool that lets you write with no distractions

With soothing background noises, customizable keyboard noises, and peaceful backgrounds to choose from, Ommwriter could just be the “break” from everything else going on around you that you need to write.

Check it out if: your very best writing ideas come to you while in “savasana.”

10. To Doist

Cost: free or $4/month for premium plan Have you ever woken up in a cold sweat, panicking about something important you forgot to do? Or, god forbid, gripped in dread about how far behind you are on your word-count goals?

Well, To Doist might be able to help. It’s the ultimate app for creating to-do lists — but these aren’t your grandma’s pen-and-paper lists with little check marks beside them (though we mean no offense to your grandma). It lets you get a daily or weekly overview of your tasks, prioritize the tasks that are most important, and even lets you assign tasks to other people if you’re working on a specific goal with other collaborators.

Check it out if: you have never been able to find an agenda that’s souped up enough to keep you on track.

online writing tool


How to Build a Solid Writing Routine

In 10 days, learn to change your habits to support your writing.

11. Marinara Timer

Cost: Free The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method meant to promote productivity. In a nutshell, it stipulates that you should work for 25 minutes, then take a 5-minute  break, then work for 25 minutes, take another 5-minute break, etc., etc.

The free-to-use Marinara Timer makes this easy for you by alerting you each time your work sessions and breaks are up. It also offers customizable timers in case the 25/5 isn’t quite right for keeping you on track. Fun fact: taking a break to stand up or walk (or do anything but sit!) every hour is also a good way to protect your back if you sit hunched at a computer working for long stretches at a time.

Check it out if: consistent breaks from work help actually keep you focused on the task at hand.

12. Cold Turkey

Cost: Free for basic plan or $20 for premium plan “Meet your match, Zuckerberg,” says Cold Turkey ’s tagline. In case that, paired with the writing tool’s name, doesn’t make it clear enough, Cold Turkey is a program that allows you to completely rid yourself of distraction. And when we say “completely,” we mean completely.

With Cold Turkey, you can block yourself from accessing certain websites — or even your entire computer — for periods at a time, only allowing you to use the current document you’re working on.

Check it out if: “willpower” is not a characteristic you’d ascribe yourself, and the only way for you to get something done is in a totally distraction-free state.

13. Freedom

Cost: $7/month or $29/year (or a 7-use free trial) Apart from pleasantly getting the “freedom” refrain from Aretha Franklin’s “Think” stuck in your head, the Freedom app is another resource that can turn your devices into tools of productivity once more.

It functions like Cold Turkey; however, a unique function of Freedom is the ability to sync your distraction-free periods across all your devices. So if you know that on Tuesdays, you want your computer, phone, and tablet to all block access to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook — you can!

Check it out if: letting other people know not to bother you during your non-negotiable writing time isn’t enough, you need to let yourself know not to interrupt, well, yourself.

Cost: Free If total silence encourages your mind to wander, whereas light sensory action keeps your thoughts on the task at hand, Noisli will be a friend to you. The tool lets you choose from a range of soundtracks, such as rain, coffee shop, wind, lake, and more. You can mix several sounds at once, and choose the volume for each one. So let’s say you want to create the atmosphere of writing by a babbling brook, with a fire crackling next to you, and the moon shining brightly overhead. Noisli will make this happen for you!

Check it out if: you get the most work done with white noise.

Editing tools

If you’re planning to publish a book — or any kind of writing you’re hoping to make a profit from, it’s crucial that your work is thoroughly edited. To that end, working with a professional editor is an investment you should give serious thought to.

In the meantime, here are a few editing tools that can help you out along the way. Hopefully, they’ll either ensure a typo-free draft, so by the time you do work with an editor, they can spend less time fixing small typos and more time on big-picture work, or, if you decide to forego a professional edit, you’ll have the tools to do the best editing job you can.

15. Hemingway

Cost: Free The Hemingway app claims to make your writing “bold and clear.” It has a number of handy features like a word-counter and an automatic readability score. But its real use lies in the features that make suggestions to your prose. For instance, it might highlight a complex sentence that’s hard to read. It also highlights instances of passive voice , qualifiers, and adverbs. Let’s take a look at how this passage from Ernest Hemingway’s very own To Have and Have Not fares:

online writing tool

“Just” is highlighted because it’s a qualifier, and Hemingway suggests, instead: “Be bold. Don’t hedge.” The sentence in red is highlighted as being hard to read. And “probably” is pointed out as an adverb — the app suggests using a forceful verb instead.

Check it out if: you want to bring out your inner Ernie. (Curious what else Hemingway offers? Check out our full review of the app right here .)

online writing tool

How to Write a Novel

Bestselling novelist Ben Galley will guide you from page 1 to the finish line.

16. Marlowe Pro

Cost: $29.95/mth or $199/year; $45 for single reports

This manuscript assessment tool will provide in-depth feedback on your novel within minutes. Using artificial intelligence, Marlowe can analyze your plot, pacing, story beats, and readability — then provide actionable insights (as well as comp titles ) based on its database of bestsellers across a number of genres.

authors AI — a screenshot of Marlowe Pro's report

To try out this AI editor, claim a free report by entering REEDSYFREE at checkout. And for a 15% discount on a Marlowe Pro subscription , enter REEDSY15OFF when prompted at checkout.

Check it out: to take a scientific and methodical approach to your developmental edits.

17. Cliché Finder

Cost: Free Cliché Finder is exactly what it says on the tin: it combs through your writing in search of clichés, and then highlights them for you. It’s not always necessarily a bad thing to use clichés in your writing, but when you do, you want to be purposeful about it (and not to mention aware of it!).

Check it out if: you want to avoid clichés like the plague, and for your book to sell like hotcakes — and the rest is history.

18. Grammarly

Cost: Free Have you ever sent an email, only to realize just as you hit “Send” that you’d made a glaring typo? Well, no more!

Grammarly essentially functions like the spell checker tool from Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but here’s the great part: it’s a plug-in that will work wherever you happen to writing. That means Twitter, Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook — anywhere. Plus it offers vocabulary or alternate word suggestions — for instance, it might suggest you replace “walking aimlessly,” with the word “wandering.” For a more in-dept analysis, check our full Grammarly review . 

Check it out if: you’re typo-prone! (Read below for a comparison of Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid.)

19. ProWritingAid

Cost: Free browser extension or $79/year for the full software ProWritingAid is a tool you can install that will proofread and spell check your material for you , no matter where you’re writing. It will also offer suggestions to improve your overall language — outside of just grammatical technicalities. (You can even get 20% off via this special offer !) 

ProWritingAid vs Grammarly The two programs offer a lot of the same services, so you might be wondering which one to pick. We have a review of ProWritingAid  that dives deep into this comparison, but the main differences are:

Check it out if: you want to make sure your writing is as polished as possible.

Workspace tools

At the end of the day, all you really need to write is a pen and paper. All the fancy tools and apps in the world won’t get the words out for you. That being said, creating an environment that’s appealing — and conducive! — to write in can make the whole process more enjoyable, and encourage you to get the job done.

Here are few physical tools to look over if you’re thinking of sprucing up your workspace.

20. Livescribe Pen

Cost: starts at $100 If you prefer writing on paper, but dread the process of transferring your words to a computer, Livescribe will likely be right up your alley. Through Bluetooth technology, the pen can actually transcribe your pen and paper words to your device. What’s more, it can also transcribe voice notes into digital documents for you.

writing tools

Check it out if: you’ve ever felt envy at Rita Skeeter’s Quick-Quotes Quill in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire .

21. Ergonomic desk setups

Cost: Varies As more and more of the workforce moves to sedentary jobs where the majority of 9am to 5pm is spent sitting — usually hunching — at a computer, a growing number of sitting-related health injuries have been occurring. That’s why looking into more ergonomically friendly desk setups is a good idea for writers who spend long hours at the computer — or even writing in a notebook. This could be a standing desk, or even just a number of textbooks piled under your desktop so that your screen is eye level, resulting in less stress on your shoulders.

Check it out if: you don’t want writing gains to come at the cost of growing back pains.

22. Computer Glasses

Cost: Varies Writers are all familiar with computer-caused eyestrains. Because you blink far less when looking at a screen than you do otherwise, computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a condition people have been developing due to long stretches of staring at a computer.

One way to help alleviate this — other than just making sure to take time looking away from your computer — is to invest in some computer glasses. They typically come in blue or amber shades, and are coated with a protective coating.

There are several brands you can check out, such as Pixel Eyewear or Felix Gray .

Check it out if: you notice itchy or tired eyes after long writing sessions.

Have you tried any of the above writing tools — and if so, which were your favorites? Or maybe you feel there are some great resources missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Mystic says:

24/10/2019 – 03:38

I tried Cliche Finder several times and it found a couple of items in my text, but it didn't highlight where it was at. The rest of the tools here, that I can use since I'm on a strict income, are amazing!

Comments are currently closed.

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In this column, you’ll find tool types and specific tool recommendations for testing, research, editing, and more to help improve your content.

Writing & Editing Assistants

We know what Google is looking for in content: expertise, authority, and trust (EAT). It’s no big secret; in fact, Google mentions EAT 135 times in its Search Quality Guidelines.

Google has also revealed some of the questions that can help inform its understanding of a page’s quality:

Even if you’re an expert in your field, that can get lost in poorly written content.

These online writing tools can help.

1. Hemingway Editor

Copy and paste your content in for evaluation or write directly in the text editor and get highly visual feedback.

Hemingway Editor highlights passages of text that need improvement, with colors varying with the type of issue flagged.

Hemingway Editor highlights passages of text that need improvement, with colors varying with the type of issue flagged.

2. Grammarly

This is a personal favorite. I use the Chrome extension so Grammarly can make suggestions wherever I’m writing, whether in Google Docs, email, WordPress, etc.

Even as a professional editor, I find it helpful for quickly highlighting issues. I can then either accept the tool’s recommendations or decide what else to do.

The free version will catch glaring errors, and there’s a paid upgrade if you’re looking for more help on sentence structure and complex grammar issues.

I use the Chrome extension so Grammarly can make suggestions wherever I’m writing, whether in Google Docs, email, WordPress, etc.

3. WebFX Flesch-Kincaid Readability Test Tool

SEO professionals and digital marketers tend to underestimate the importance of readability.

Functional illiteracy means that “a person can read or write, but at a level that is inadequate for ordinary needs. This affects 781 million people worldwide and includes:

If you aren’t paying attention to reading levels, your content may be unintentionally inaccessible to a fair chunk of your audience. Aim for a Grade 5 to 8 reading level for most content.

Use the Readability Test Tool to test reading level by URL or by direct input. Get suggestions for making your content more readable.

Use the Readability Test Tool to test reading level by URL or by direct input. Get suggestions for making your content more readable.


Every SEO content creator needs a good thesaurus. Finding synonyms and related terms can help you kill it in topical relevance without repeating the same few words over and over.

It makes your writing richer, varied, and more interesting to read.

I like OneLook Thesaurus , although they do warn:

“For some types of searches, only the first result or the first few results are likely to be useful. We urge you to click on a word to check its definition before using it in your Oscars acceptance speech or honors thesis.”

You’ve got to love librarian humor.

Every SEO content creator needs a good thesaurus.

Yoast , that granddaddy of SEO plugins, gives you writing tips specific to optimizing your content for search.

You don’t need to follow its recommendations to the letter.

Still, it provides helpful reminders of your opportunities to better optimize the content you’re creating.

If you’re having trouble implementing its recommendations or naturally incorporating relevant key phrases, make sure your writing is tightly focused on the topic.

If not, you may want to split it into more than one piece of content.

Yoast, that granddaddy of SEO plugins, gives you writing tips specific to optimizing your content for search.

Content Research Tools

Research is an integral step in content creation and an activity you’ll likely continue throughout the writing process.

Here again, we turn to Google to see what the search engine is looking for in content that meets those EAT criteria:

Here are some research tools that can help inform smarter, more in-depth, and higher quality content.

6. BuzzSumo

The very first thing I want to know when considering writing about any given topic is what’s already out there. Who else is talking about this? Which takes are most popular?

BuzzSumo gives you a few searches each month with the free version.

It shows you which articles, videos, and other content were most shared over a specific period of time, based on your keyword term.

BuzzSumo shows you which articles, videos, and other content were most shared over a specific period of time, based on your keyword term.

7. AnswerThePublic

I want to know what people are looking for in relation to this topic I’m about to tackle.

Understanding what people actually want to know and how they’re asking is essential in ensuring your content matches the intent of real searchers.

Answer The Public takes any topic and brings back questions people are asking about it.

You can see this information visualized (as below) or in plain text lists.

Answer The Public takes any topic and brings back questions people are asking about it.

The InLinks platform combines several different research functions and makes content optimization recommendations based on competitive analysis, keyword research , and semantically relevant topics from the knowledge graph.

This tool is part research, part optimization. The text editor has a familiar UI and you can toggle between different types of content insights in the left panel as you write and update your score.

The InLinks platform combines several different research functions and makes content optimization recommendations based on competitive analysis, keyword research, and semantically relevant topics from the knowledge graph.

( Full disclosure: I’ve written paid reviews for InLinks, only after using it in my business — and I received no compensation for this mention. )

Other AI-powered content helpers you’ll want to check out include and MarketMuse.

9. Google Scholar

Yes, you’re going to find a lot of dubious information cruising Google.

However, it would be a mistake to overlook Google’s utility for content research.

One tool I love is Google Scholar . Here, you can search for research papers, patents, case law, and citations.

Sort by relevance or date, and filter to specific years to get the most recent research.

Sort by relevance or date, and filter to specific years to get the most recent research.

Of course, there’s a lot of great information hiding in regular Google Search, too. Use Settings and Tools to apply filters and find the most relevant, recent information on any given topic.

10. Citation Machine

Now that you’re doing all of this excellent research, it’s important that you cite your sources properly.

Some will argue that you should use one style guide over another – APA, Chicago, AP, IEEE, and more may all have come up in your academic life at some point.

What’s most important for business blogs and publications is that you choose one and stick with it.

You can break the rules, too, as long as you do so consistently. If you’re going to go your own way, make sure you’re applying the same style every time.

This online generator makes quick work of formatting your citations.

This can be helpful if you’ve used information from multiple sources and want to demonstrate the credibility of your piece with footnotes in a whitepaper, for example.

Or, you might include an in-text citation in your blog post.

When a simple link won’t do, use this tool to generate an MLA-style citation for a book, webpage, video, etc.

When a simple link won’t do, use this tool to generate an MLA-style citation for a book, webpage, video, etc.

Content Process & Productivity Tools

Google doesn’t have any recommendations or guidelines around your writing process, of course.

But I have a few tips to make the experience of writing more efficient and enjoyable for you.

11. NaNoWriMo Writing Calculator

How much do you need to write daily or weekly to complete a longer piece of content?

I’m all about breaking things down into less intimidating chunks.

Although this tool was designed for novel writers, it’s a great way to figure out how to allocate your time to get that 2,000-word blog post or 10,000-word ebook finished.

How much do you need to write daily or weekly to complete a longer piece of content?

12. Tomato Timer

No, we haven’t tripped and stumbled into a recipe blog.

The tomato timer is so named for the Pomodoro Technique of working in sprints, typically around 25 minutes in length.

Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 80s, it’s a productivity hack that is meant to give you intense focus in short bursts.

I love writing in sprints.

Here’s how it works:

The tomato timer is so named for the Pomodoro Technique of working in sprints, typically around 25 minutes in length.

13. StayFocusd

Use this Chrome app to block out time-sucking bad online habits. Once your time is used up on your specified websites for the day, they’re blocked.

As its creators said:

“You sit down at the computer, and you swear you’ll be productive. Next thing you know, it’s twelve hours later. You’ve checked your email, updated your Facebook status, blown through 200 pages of Reddit, read every article in your Twitter feed, looked up your favorite band on Wikipedia, vanity googled yourself, cyber-stalked your ex, browsed through all your high-school crushes’ Instagram feeds, and lost a week’s pay playing online poker.”

It’s like they’re inside my mind .

Use this Chrome app to block out time-sucking bad online habits.

AI Content Writers: A Word of Caution

This is a fun rabbit hole I’ve been playing in recently: the world of AI content generation.

Can artificial intelligence-enabled tools help you scale content creation by taking your idea, keywords, or a bit of research and generating new blog posts or articles?

I’m not going to say no.

I have experienced some pretty questionable results, including this one:

Can artificial intelligence-enabled tools help you scale content creation by taking your idea, keywords, or a bit of research and generating new blog posts or articles?

It reads alright. However, when I ran this passage in Copyscape it produced a direct, word-for-word match to a “thought leadership” article in a popular online publication from a few years back.

Obviously, if an AI tool produces content that can land you a copyright violation, that’s not doing your business any favors.

If you do plan to experiment with AI copywriters, a few tips to keep in mind:

Creating content doesn’t have to be a chore.

Try out these writing tools and develop your own go-to arsenal of helpers to make your writing stronger and more effective.

Your readers and search traffic will thank you for it.

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Top free AI-powered copywriting tools

AI Article & Blog Writer

Content Rephrase

Sentence Expander

Product Descriptions

Facebook Ads

Quora Answers

online writing tool

AI Art Generator

Turn your imagination into beautiful images with AI.

online writing tool

Get unique ideas for your blog posts in seconds.

online writing tool

Blog Intros

Create attention-grabbing introductions for blog posts in a click.

online writing tool

Blog Outlines

Structure your articles and blog posts in the right way.

online writing tool

Craft meaningful answers to Quora questions with ease.

online writing tool

Product Description

Describe your product/service in a brief and compelling way.

online writing tool

Product Names

Let AI brainstorm catchy name suggestions for your product.

online writing tool

Keyword Extractor

Find relevant keywords from a given piece of content in seconds.

online writing tool

Listicle Ideas

Generate interesting ideas for listicles to publish on various platforms.

online writing tool

YouTube Titles

Write engaging & eye-catching titles for your YouTube videos.

online writing tool

YouTube Ideas

Create a unique set of ideas for your next YouTube video.

online writing tool

Boost the search ranking of your homepage with optimized meta tags.

online writing tool

Attract more organic traffic to your blog post with catchy meta tags.

Generate meta tags that increase the CTR of your product page.

Call To Action

Improve your conversion rate with impressive call-to-actions that compel your visitors to click.

Free Online Writing Tools

Our selection of Free Online Writing Tools will help any struggling student. Whether you’re having trouble with grammar, plagiarism, or idea generation—our writing tools will solve those problems and even more!

Best Writing Tools for Students

Plagiarism checker.

Find out how much plagiarism is in your text. This tool will also show you areas that need proper citing or paraphrasing.

Grammar Checker

Make sure that your text is flawless and contains no grammar mistakes. A perfect tool for any student.

Text Summarizer

With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to create a short summary of your text. You can even use it as an introduction or any other part of your paper.

Topic Generator

If you’re finding it hard to come up with a topic for your essay — use this tool. You’ll get tons of inspiration and great ideas.

Title Page Generator

This IELTS Band Score Calculator will help you ensure that you have deep enough knowledge — as well as where there’s still room for improvement.

Thesis Generator

Spending too much time trying to write a thesis statement? These thesis generators can help make the whole process much easier.

Paraphrasing Tool

Are you struggling to rephrase a sentence using different words? Use this paraphrasing tool to save your time.

Case Converter

Changing the letter cases in your text can be tedious. Why not make it automatic with this case converter?

Word Counter

If you have to meet a specific word count for your paper and need to know how much you’ve already written—this tool is irreplaceable.

Words to Minutes Converter

When preparing a public speech or presentation, it’s important to know how long it will take to read your text out loud.

Words to Pages Converter

If you need to know how many pages a certain word count of an essay will take—use this helpful tool.

Citation Generators

Proper referencing is not easy if you do it manually. Create precisely formatted citations in any major style easily with these tools.

Test Score Calculator

In case you’re curious about your test score, you can try our Test Score Calculator.

College GPA Calculator

This tool will help you calculate your college GPA quickly and easily.

High School GPA Calculator

If you want to know your high school GPA but don’t feel like doing the calculations yourself—use this tool.

Final Grade Calculator

With this instrument, you’ll easily calculate the final exam grade needed to get a desired semester GPA. Choose the grading standard and get your result.

Semester Grade Calculator

We all know how important grades are. To be sure that your academic performance is good enough, use this Semester Grade Calculator.

IELTS Band Score Calculator

Random word generator.

Try our free random word generator for songs and texts. With this tool, you’ll get an inspiring result in a click.


Need to put your bibliography, references, or any other list in alphabetical order? This tool is going to help you with that.

Essay Rewriter

Change up your writing using this tool. Using a different vocabulary in contrast to what you usually utilize, it will give you a new perspective on the text.

Conclusion Maker

Come up with a perfectly written conclusion with the help of our tool. No need to struggle and spend your precious time on something you can get in an instant.

Essay Reader

Reads your essay, article or paragraph with preferred type of voice.

GPT Essay Checker

Need to detect AI-generated content easily and for free? This GPT essay checker can quickly scan any academic writing piece.

Research Question Generator

Get a list of ideas for your essay or term paper. We’ve prepared the best research question generator.

Hypothesis Maker

Formulate a beautiful hypothesis quickly and efficiently. This hypothesis maker will automate the process.

Conclusion Sentence Maker

If you’re looking for a conclusion sentence maker, check out our free tool. It will craft a killing ending for your essay or research paper!

Topic Sentence Generator

If you’re stuck formulating your topic sentence, check our free and fast tool. With our generator, you will get an excellent body paragraph starter!

SOP Generator

Applying for a Master’s degree and need to write a statement of purpose? This handy tool is just the thing to help you get started!

Hook Examples Generator

Start your writing process by creating your very own hook with our awesome tool! Essays, presentations, speeches – this hook examples generator can handle it all.

Problem Statement Generator

If you need to create a problem statement, look no further than this page. Our generator can handle even the trickiest ones!

Business Mission Statement Generator

A mission statement is an integral component of any business. Learn all about its features on this page and create one using our business mission generator.

Vision Statement Generator

Easily create your vision statements with our online generator. Whether you are a student, a prospective business owner, or an industry professional, this tool is guaranteed to aid your process.

Research Introduction Generator

If you need to begin your research, use this tool. We have prepared the best intro generator to create an outstanding start to your paper!

SWOT Analysis Generator

Make a customized SWOT chart in minutes with our online tool. All you need to do is fill in the fields and choose your favorite SWOT template.

PESTLE Analysis Creator

If you need a free PESTLE analysis template, look no further. Get a beautiful PESTLE diagram in a couple of clicks with our online instrument.

VRIO Analysis Maker

Try this online tool if you need to make a VRIO analysis report. It can create a 100% free custom chart in no time, no registration needed.

SOAR Generator

With this editable SOAR template, you’ll get a beautiful SOAR model report for your project. Follow three simple steps and enjoy the result!

5 Forces Analysis Maker

Try this free 5 Forces analysis tool and make a Porter’s Five Forces chart. The most challenging thing here is choosing your favorite template!

DESTEP Analysis

Conduct a DESTEP analysis easily with this online tool. Find here a sample analysis to get inspired.

MOST Analysis

Check out our MOST business analysis template and get a custom report for your project in seconds.

7Ps Marketing Mix

Check this online template to conduct 7Ps marketing mix analysis and get a customized report in a click.

4Ps Marketing Mix

With this free yet powerful tool, you’ll easily conduct 4Ps marketing mix analysis for any project.

SMART Goals Maker

Try this SMART goal template to create specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, & timely objectives.

Make an STP chart with ease with our free segmenting, targeting, positioning model template.

Check this template if you need to conduct McKinsey 7S analysis or measure your personal productivity.

STEEP Analysis

Find a simple and convenient STEEP online tool on this page. Learn how to conduct a STEEPLE analysis.

Why Using Writing Tools is Good for You?

The whole purpose of writing tools is to make monotonous, tedious, and routine tasks obsolete.

Why do the same thing over and over again when you can easily automate the whole process, giving you tons of free time, less stress, and notably better results? After all, it’s not like you’re learning anything new by doing the same time-consuming tasks!

Writing tools allow students to spend their time focusing on things that really matter.

Hours Upon Hours of Saved Time

Have you ever thought to yourself that you could’ve done so much more if it weren’t for a certain writing assignment and all the many subtasks required to complete it?

With the help of writing tools, these thoughts will be gone forever. You’ll be able to:

And that’s just to name a few things! The actual possibilities are endless.

Significantly Less Stress

Writing assignments tend to pile up, along with many other tasks. And unfortunately there’s no way to add more hours to the day to complete everything on time.

An approaching deadline brings nothing but stress, resulting in even lower productivity, which can make your mental state even worse. Not to mention the feeling of failure after receiving a bad grade.

With the help of writing tools, this nightmare is easy to avoid. You’ll be able to deal with all your routines more effectively and even meet multiple deadlines at once.

Improved Academic Performance

Needless to say, no matter how much time you’ve devoted to completing your writing assignment, if it contains mistakes — you won’t receive the grade you were hoping for.

With writing tools, mistakes are simply impossible. You’re completely covered: you can check your grammar, see if there’s any plagiarism in your text, create a summary, generate a topic and thesis statement, and so much more.

Long story short—these writing tools are here to make your academic life easier and your studying smarter. It’s worthwhile to try them at least once. After seeing the results, you’ll surely come back for more!

IvyPanda is a student success hub designed to improve the educational outcomes and learning capabilities of students around the world by connecting them with academic experts and by providing highly-efficient self-study services and online tools.

Here, students can find fresh ideas and inspiration, ask questions to experienced tutors, study detailed how-to guides, and much more. IvyPanda strives to change the perception of studying - it should be smarter, not harder.

10 Absolute Best Online Tools for Writers in 2023

Katie Davies

#1: Grammarly – Best for Proofreading


Is It Free?

#2: scapple – best for brainstorming.

Best-Online-Tools for-Writers-in-2019-image1

#3: Evernote – Best for Capturing Ideas


#4: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – Best for First Impressions


#5: Hemingway App – Best for Improving Your Writing


#6: Readable – Best for Engaging Your Audience


#7: Cliché Finder – Best for Ensuring You’re Understood


#8: Google Docs – Best for Collaboration


#9: StayFocusd App – Best for Staying on Task


Is It free?

#10: noisli – best for boosting productivity.


online writing tool

online writing tool

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online writing tool


These AI-powered writing tools have awesome thesis and topic generators, plagiarism checker and citation builder, and assistance features to help reduce mistakes and transform okay essays into stellar ones.

online writing tool

Free Tools for Writing

Do you want to make all your papers 100% original and avoid plagiarism? Use the tool and you will get this impressive advantage within seconds.

Cite all the sources in a proper format within minutes and move your attention to actual writing and other elements of your paper. The tool is ready right now for you.

Create your own thesis that will give you a complete idea of what and how to write within seconds. Professional writers have been using the tool as well.

Now you can generate conclusions precisely as you like and as quickly as you need. Use the tool here and your papers will instantly become better.

Create the title for your paper that is just perfect. Want to know how? Use the tool from here and you will get your answer.

Do you have a need to generate the title of your essay right now? We present you a simple tool that works like magic every single time and helps you more than you can imagine.

If you want to make a tool better or more appealing, make sure to use this tool here. It will help you get more original, unique, and better-looking paper every single time.

Have an already written essay but want to improve it? Our Essay rewriter tool allows you to rewrite any essay or paper to make it more professional and smooth.

Sort all of your lists in alphabetical order as soon as possible and complete any writing task in less time and with a better outcome with Alphabetizer tool.

Free Essay Writing Tools For College Students

When it comes to writing, not all students have a lot of time and can complete this task properly. In other words, students these days don't have the time to invest in a paper to make it perfect, which will impress the professor. Luckily, you can use the best writing tools for students available at PapersOwl, which will make this a problem of the past. Yes, these are all free essay writing tools that work well and can help you get the desired outcome within minutes.

Using all of them is simple, and each writing tool is optimized for modern types of writing, the ones you will need to produce while at college. Use all of these college essay writing tools if you want to get excellent results every single time and if you want to get the grade you will need.

1. Plagiarism Checker

The first of many free online writing tools for students is a plagiarism checker. You only need to know here that using the tool is mandatory. It will make sure your paper is 100% original. If it is not, you will end up with plagiarized content. This means that you cheated, or you copied other writers' sentences. Most colleges these days have strict and annoying policies when plagiarism is detected. In other words, you will get the worst grade, and you will have severe issues in the future. As such, this is one of the best free online writing tools and the one that all students have to use.

Using the tool is as simple as it gets. You will need to paste the file into the field. You can use Google Docs, upload a Microsoft Word file or use Dropbox. It is up to you. Once done, you will need to click search and wait a couple of minutes. On your end, you just wait. But, the tool will compare your content against billions of others. If there are no matches, your content will be 100% original. If there are matches, you can correct them and still end up with 100% original paper. This works with all types of technical writing, all papers, and all essays in the same way. In a nutshell, you can use the tool for any type of writing you have to complete for college, blog, or any other type of publishing. 

2. Alphabetizer

The best writing is something you need to produce at any given moment. If you are successful, you will get the grade you need, and you will end up with the result you like. One of the tools that will help you with technical writing or any other kind of that matter is Alphabetizer. This is another free and easy-to-use tool that works well and has been a powerful asset to all writers. All it does is sort the lists in alphabetical order. You can choose which format or which type you like and choose other specifics like removal options, how the results will be formatted, etc. Paste the text, confirm your settings, and you’re done. This is one of the content writing tools that will require a few seconds or even a minute to use.

Once done, you will get the list you need and the one you will like. Just paste it back to the original file, and you are done. Keep in mind that this has been one of the online writing tools for college students that is essential. If you have content with countless lists, it can save you hours and make sure there are no mistakes. These mistakes will occur now and then, and there is no way around them. Using the tool makes this impossible and generates 100% accurate content that will get you the grade you need.

3. Title page maker

We can add that this tool is the first one you will use and the one that can set the ground for the whole paper. As you can see, the tool is designed to create the title page. You can use the tool for any writing style you like. Currently, supported ones are APA, Chicago, MLA, Turabian, APSA, and IEEE. These are the most commonly used styles. Hence, we don’t believe you will need more. Then, enter the title you like, the running head, and your details. Click generate, and the tool will create the title page you will like and the one your professor will appreciate. This has been one of my favorite writing tools due to its appeal and the fact it is effective and works great every single time.

Once again, we can see that without the tool, you will encounter certain issues, and you can make a mistake. With the tool, you can get perfection every single time and end up with the best writing possible. Be free to experiment with the tool and get the title you will like and the one that matches your topic completely.

4. Citation Generators

Here we have one of the online writing tools, which is more than just important. It will help you transfer all your sources into proper citations. You can choose the style, such as APA 6, APA 7, Chicago, or any other, and provide the needed specifics. Once done, you will get all the sources properly cited according to your selected format. There is no need to add that this works well every time you use the tool and is 100% effective.

At the same time, this writing tool can help you minimize the risk of mistakes. See, if you don’t source your citations properly, you will end up with plagiarized content. As we have mentioned, this is a huge problem and one that you need to avoid at all costs. That's why we believe it is one of the best writing tools and the one all students have to use, period. It is also one of the writing tools for writers that will definitely help beginners who are not familiar with citations and the sourcing of content elements. Once you know how all of that works, it is simple. But this is complicated and can be a huge problem if you don't know how it works.

5. Thesis Generator

Here is one of the free online writing tools that is like no other. It is essential for beginners and those who need help with their thesis. You will need to provide the topic, the main idea behind the topic, and 2 pieces of evidence to justify the claim. Yes, you can also include a counterargument if you like it.

The tool will then generate the thesis, and you will be able to start writing as soon as possible. This makes the writing process much easier and more appealing than you may believe. At the same time, the tool is effective, free to use, and comes with all the essentials you will actually need. We can add that the tool is perfect writing software and the one you should use before you even start writing.

6. Conclusion Generator

This can be categorized as writing software, and it is one of the tools we really like. You will only have to include your title and the text. Click generate, and you are done. You will be presented with the text that you can use immediately after. The text will be perfectly written and the one you will enjoy using. If you are looking for the best writing, you can use the tool daily. It works with all types of essays, papers, etc. The best part is in the overall quality. The tool is based on AI and can generate just the right conclusions. This means that they will be strong, detailed, and to the point. Of all the writing tips, this one has to be the most essential.

7. Essay Title Generator

The tool is precise, as the name suggests. You will have to enter the keywords and choose the category you like. Then you will inform the writers on which title you would like to use. They can create content that will be just perfect every single time. But you can also use the tool to get a better idea about the title you will want to use for your essay. Most writers have a hard time with the title. It is the first element of an essay and something that can make a massive difference, Once you have the title, you will know what to write about instantly, and you will get countless ideas. Without the title, you cannot have the ideas needed.

8. Paraphrasing Tool

From time to time, you will see clichés in your writing, and you will see content that is plagiarized or doesn't look great. The tool helps you eliminate that. You will have to paste the text into the field and scan it. The tool will then highlight all the words that are not ideal. Then you will be able to click on each word and replace it with a proper synonym. The tool is more than just effective and has been one of those we all like, and millions of students have been using it for a long period of time.

Once you have replaced all the words that have been a problem, you can enjoy the text that is more original, better, and more appealing. All of this means that you will have content that will impress your professor on precisely what you need and want to do. In other words, you get content that is just right.

9. Essay Rewriter

If you want and need a simple tool to make your whole paper look new, this is the one. All you have to do is to paste the text in the designated field and click paraphrase. The tool will do all the work, and you will get a new essay that looks great. Our software uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to make this possible and a real deal. In other words, you won’t see any mistakes, errors, or anything like that. The best part here is the fact you only need a couple of seconds for that, and you are done. Be free to use the tool as many times as you like. It is obviously designed for students who need this form of help and works perfectly every single time.

Choose PapersOwl to write your essay

If you are not interested in sentence structure, writing a complete paper, and using all of the tools from above to make it perfect, you can use another option. You can hire a professional writer from PapersOwl to write content for you. It will be delivered in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and you can submit it to your professor on the same day.

Each paper will be written from scratch, just for you, so it will be 100% original and to the point. Our writers have been doing this for years, so every one of them is a complete professional who will ensure the paper is as excellent as possible. They don't even need to use editing tools because we have editors who will proofread the content and make any adjustments if needed. This means that you will get the perfect paper every single time and the one that will get you the grade you like.

online writing tool

Open Government at the National Archives

National Archives Logo

Plain Writing Tips - A Few Words From the Federal Register

This week’s Plain Language writing tip comes to us from Succinct Sultan Jim Worsham.

We here at Writing Tip Headquarters never tire of trying to say things with as few words as possible. That’s why we have in past columns offered you suggestions for tightening your writing.

We’re doing so again here, courtesy of the  Office of the Federal Register’s “Plain Language Tools” page .

The Federal Register’s web page about drafting Federal documents provides ways to say things in fewer words. Many of the words are legal terms that staff encounter while preparing the daily  Federal Register .

But we found some that are widely used throughout the Archives and thought we’d share them with you. Let’s shine the light on the Federal Register’s efforts to infuse its work with plain language.

Below is a sample, but if you’d like to take a look at the full list, go to .

To be consistent with NARA style, take a look at the  NARA Style Guide. Introduces the Easy AI Essay Writing Tool of 2023

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Real users have already witnessed's transforming impact. Case studies and testimonials demonstrate the tool's capacity to keep its promises. continuously enables individuals to generate great written works, from kids who successfully secured college admissions to professionals who excelled in their reports.

As a result,'s holistic approach distinguishes it. It combines the features of a personal writing coach, editor, and stylist while its superior AI learns and adapts to improve the user experience. This commitment to ongoing enhancement ensures the tool's effectiveness and distinguishes it from competitors.

About the Company - is a prominent AI-powered essay writing tool that transforms the writing process. With a comprehensive set of features and an advanced AI system, the tool assists users in every step of essay creation. By combining expertise and technological innovation, enables individuals to unlock their full writing potential.

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Contact Info: Name: SAM Email: Send Email Organization: Website:

Release ID: 89098308

If you detect any issues, problems, or errors in this press release content, kindly contact [email protected] to notify us. We will respond and rectify the situation in the next 8 hours.


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Best Free Online Writing Tools to Write a Book

by GetPublished | Jul 19, 2022 | Blog , Editing , Writing

Author using a online writing tool to write a book.

Do writers stick to traditional pen and paper anymore?

No, not with today’s technology!

Now writing is easier and faster than ever before. Many writers are using online writing tools and seeking advice from writing blogs to improve their writing habits.

Are you looking for free writing software? Maybe you need to find some free writing apps for writing on-the-go? Or, perhaps you need some free editing tools for writing to improve your grammar and spelling!

Look no further because we found the best FREE online writing tools that any writer will find useful!

  • Google Docs
  • Kindle Vella
  • Scrivener app

Pomodoro Timer

  • Ulysses app

Cliché Finder

  • FocusWriter
  • Evernote App

Simplify the Writing Process with These Handy Online Writing Tools

Whatever your needs are, there’s a tool to help! The following online writing tools will help you write more, stay focused, and get organized.  

Free Writing Software

If you haven’t found the right writing tools yet, consider one of these free writing software options. There are so many word processors these days, so we’ve provided the pros and cons for each book-writing tool to help you decide.  

Google Docs (iOS/Mac/Online)

Google Docs is simple and doesn’t offer a ton of bells and whistles. Nonetheless, simplicity might be the key to focusing for writers who are easily distracted.

Kindle Vella (iOS)

Kindle Vella is an online writing tool that is tailored especially for eBook writers who enjoy writing serialized stories. Authors can also publish the short episodes as long-form content, such as an eBook or paperback.

Milanote is another amazing online writing tool that allows authors to organize their thoughts and inspirations into a visual board. When looking for online writing tools, check this one out.

Pomodoro Timer is an online writing tool that uses the “pomodoro technique,” which helps writers be more focused and productive through its time management software.

Cliché Finder is a helpful writing tool for authors who aren’t quite sure if they have inserted some clichés into their content. The software scans the text to identify stock phrases or clichés.

yWriter (Windows)

If organizing is important to you, you’ll love yWriter. This free writing software allows you to organize your plot and character development with ease!

FocusWriter (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

FocusWriter is the ideal tool for easily distracted writers. Sometimes, technology can be distracting. Having too many features in your writing program can be too much clutter to focus on writing!

Writing Apps

Author writing a book on a laptop.

If you like to draft on your phone or tablet, here are some writing apps you can use.  Add to your list of favorite writing tools with one of these applications.  

Werdsmith (iOS)

Experience an on-the-go writing studio with Werdsmith. This online writing tool features an interesting interface that allows you to store your writing ideas.

Scrivener (Mac, Windows, iOS)

Scrivener is a comprehensive book writing app that provides all the tools needed to complete your book, from start to finish. It is specifically suited to large writing projects, such as novels. As book writing tools go, Scrivener is a favorite among authors.

Ulysses is a writing app that is perfect for the prolific writer that would benefit from organizing their work by genre or other subcategories. It’s a prime book writing software for getting actual writing done.

Notes App (iOS)

The iOS Notes app is on most iOS devices. It’s easily available for a quick writing session anywhere, anytime… unless you have Android devices.

Evernote (iOS/Android)

Evernote is a well-known note-taking app with many useful organization features. Many plans or features are paid, but it has a decent free plan that allows you to draft notes, scenes, or chapters on your mobile devices.

Free Editing Tools for Writing

Let technology do the hard work for you by using a free online editing tool to get your writing in its best shape! Don’t waste precious writing time on the little details! With free editing tools for writing like Grammarly and the Hemingway App, you can fix your editing problems in no time at all.  

Grammarly (Web App)

If your grammar is holding you back, try Grammarly for a quick fix to any piece of writing. Grammarly is available on the web and as a downloadable app for phones and other devices.

Hemingway App (Web App)

The Hemingway App is similar to Grammarly in that it will help you improve your writing. However, this tool focuses more on sentence structure and readability rather than a spelling and grammar checker.

Looking to Self-Publish?

Using the best online writing tools can make a huge difference in your writing process and productivity. That’s why we put together a list of the best online writing tools! We want you to have all the resources available to be the best writer you can be.

The same goes for self-publishing, too! With the right tools and resources, getting a book published for the first time can be a breeze. Gatekeeper Press has all the tools you need to succeed as a self-published author. Let us provide the support you need, and get a free quote or consultation today !

self publishing consultation

Free Consultation

  • Developmental Editing Checklist [The Pre-Publishing Must]
  • Karen Kay Neuhalfen Author Q & A
  • Children’s Book Ideas for Writing a Meaningful Story
  • Kristin Bloch Author Q & A
  • The Guide to Top Book Categories on Amazon + Publishing Tips
  • Author Q&A (16)
  • Editing (17)
  • Making Money (7)
  • Marketing (10)
  • Publishing (54)
  • Uncategorized (2)
  • Writing (47)

online writing tool

More From Forbes

The 29 Best (And Free) ChatGPT And Generative AI Courses And Resources

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Knowing how to get the best results out of the new breed of generative AI tools that are causing a storm is quickly becoming a critical tech skill.

By now, most of us have probably played around with tools like ChatGPT or Stable Diffusion. They're a lot of fun, but they also have the potential to be helpful in many aspects of our lives.

Taking some advice from experts who can explain the advanced features and best practices is likely to be time well spent for just about everybody. So, here's a list of some of the best courses, guides, and short tutorials that I’ve come across so far. The best thing is these are all completely free. And if you’ve found a resource (or even made one yourself) that you think people will find helpful, please let me know in the comments!

ChatGPT and language AI

Prompt Engineering Course for ChatGPT

A Vanderbilt University course delivered through Coursera that acts as an introduction to writing useful and effective prompts for those with little to no technical skills.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers

As the name suggests, this is aimed at those who want to code applications using ChatGPT. It’s taught by AI mastermind Andrew Ng, along with OpenAI’s Isa Fulford, and as it is currently free for a limited time, that’s enough for me to recommend it to anyone who wants to start building an understanding of the more technical side of ChatGPT!

How ChatGPT Is Reshaping The C-Suite, With New AI Leadership Position

Inside microsoft copilot: a look at the technology stack, digital marketing in 2023: the rise of ai and what it means for your strategy.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Course

Does what it says on the tin! A short, friendly course that starts with the very basics and then moves on to some tips and techniques for writing more advanced prompts.

Datacamp: Introduction to ChatGPT

An introductory guide to writing more useful prompts along with a primer on some of the more popular business use cases for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT for Beginners: The Ultimate Use Cases For Everyone

A free course covering using ChatGPT for everyday work and business tasks, as well as building passive income streams and everyday life.

The Fundamentals of ChatGPT

This course should take one and a half to three hours to work through, so it's pretty short, and in that time, you'll learn the basic techniques for putting it to work before moving on to some more technical aspects covering how it is built and trained.

A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Google Bard

Google’s AI text chatbot interface launched recently and offers a few features that differentiate it from competitors; for example, it will soon be a part of Google Search, which is still the world's most popular search engine.

AI Art and Design

Midjourney Prompt Tricks for Beginners and Veterans

A short, one-hour video introduction to some of the key prompts, tricks, and tips that anyone can use to start making better images with Midjourney.

How To Use Midjourney, AI Art, and ChatGPT to Create an Amazing Website

A video outlining a process for creating websites using a combination of generative AI tools.

Stable Diffusion

A course provided by the University of Central Florida detailing beginner and advanced methods for this powerful AI image tool.

Stable Diffusion – Master AI Course

This one-hour video course covers some of the more technical functionality of the image generation tool, such as Python integrations. It's free, but you can leave the author a tip if you like it.

Stable Diffusion Prompt Tutorial

Learn the basics of prompt engineering to create the images you want.

How To Build A Website With ChatGPT

A tutorial covering how to use ChatGPT to design and build a WordPress website.

AI Music and Audio

How To Generate AI Music

An informative article introducing the topic of AI music creation along with some of the most popular AI tools, including Jukebox, AIVA, and Beatoven.

3 ChatGPT Music Prompts for Generating Chords and Lyrics

Did you know ChatGPT can create music – sort of? While it can’t generate sounds, it can write lyrics and chord progressions. This article explains the process.

Introduction to Ai in Music Production using GPT and Jukebox

How to use OpenAI’s Jukebox generative music AI to create entire songs from scratch, incorporating lyrics from ChatGPT.

The Secrets of Making Music with the AI Jukebox

Another approach to creating music with Jukebox, but this one requires some experience with Python coding.

Video-based Generative AI

How To Create an AI Generated Video with ChatGPT, Synthesia, and Descript

Combining the outputs of different generative AI tools is the best way to make truly customized videos with AI right now. This tutorial describes a simple process.

How To Make Cool AI Videos (Step-by-Step)

Short Youtube video walking through the process of installing and using the Deforum plugin for Stable Diffusion, which lets you make video animations.

How To Use an AI Music Video Generator

A straightforward article with video examples that walks you through some of the options available to musicians wanting to use AI to create videos to accompany their songs.

Learn Descript in Just 15 Minutes

Descript is a powerful AI video editing tool that converts video into an editable text transcript. This is a short, clear video on understanding how to use it.

Pictory AI Tutorial for Beginners

Pictory makes it extremely simple to create short, branded videos and animations as a fun, creative project or to promote a business or service. This is a video tutorial presented in four short parts that will show you the ropes.

Generative AI for Data and Analytics

Practical Data Science on AWS: Generative AI

Presented by DeepLearning.AI, this is a webinar-based tutorial introducing the practical aspects of using tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion for data science tasks within the AWS cloud.

Excel AI – Data Analysis Made Easy

A guide to getting started using the language-based generative AI functionality in Excel to uncover insights in your data.

Building Applications

How To Use ChatGPT to Write Code

How To Use ChatGPT to Create an App

Two great articles from ZDNet covering the basics of getting ChatGPT to generate and debug code and how to put it all together into a working app.

Building An App From Scratch With ChatGPT

A video tutorial that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a to-do list app, learning techniques that can be applied to creating any apps or software.

How to Build a Full App With ChatGPT in 20 Minutes

A short video demonstrating the entire process of creating a simple cryptocurrency-related application.

Build A Chatbot in Python with ChatGPT

Using a chatbot to build a chatbot is just one of the amazing things you can do with generative AI in 2023.

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  2. DeepL Write: AI-powered writing companion

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  5. Calmly Writer Online

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  6. Free online proofreading and essay editor

    Writing presumes more than simply laying out words on a paper. Typely helps you get in the mood and keeps you focused, immersed and ready to write your story. Whether you need a distraction-free environment, some chill relaxing sounds or a pomodoro timer to manage your time we got you covered. Frequently Asked Questions.

  7. Hemingway Editor

    Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear. The app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic — try editing this sentence ...

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    "Suzanne, I have the perfect online writing tool for you." I receive many emails from people telling me about an excellent new app, tool, or website for writers or students. And since I tutor academic writing online, I try all kinds of writing tools and resources to see how they work, and experiment. MyWriting Resources https://www ...

  9. Free AI Writer And Text Generator

    Smodin's AI writer is easy to use. Provide your prompt with a few words and easily generate plagiarism-free, unique, and high-quality articles and essays in minutes. Type what you want to write about in a small sentence or two, with at least the minimum required characters for the tool to work, and click on the generate text button.

  10. Wordtune Alternatives for 2023: Improve Writing & Cure Writer's Block

    The internet is full of AI-powered writing assistants that can help you choose the perfect word, eliminate spelling mistakes, and even cure a particularly stubborn bout of writer's block. Jasper is one of the best tools for this purpose, as it includes all the tools needed for SEO and grammar and can adapt to the style that best suits your needs.

  11. Free Grammar Checker

    Use QuillBot's free online grammar checker tool to perfect your English by reviewing your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Writing can be difficult, but perfecting your work with our grammar and sentence checker is easy! Whenever you need to review your writing or grammar check sentences, QuillBot is here to help make ...

  12. Free Essay Writing Tools by EduBirdie

    Free Writing Tools. Identify the percentage of plagiarism in your paper using this tool. It also highlights areas that should be paraphrased or cited properly. Do not waste your time entering titles, authors, and publications manually. Our online tool will cite everything automatically for you!

  13. Best AI Detector

    Best AI Detector | Free & Premium Tools Compared. Published on May 15, 2023 by Jack Caulfield. AI detectors are tools designed to detect when a text was generated by an AI writing tool like ChatGPT. AI content may look convincingly human in some cases, but these tools aim to provide a way of checking for it.

  14. AI Writing Detection Frequently Asked Questions

    This high-stakes plagiarism checking tool is the gold standard for academic researchers and publishers. Similarity . This robust, comprehensive plagiarism checker fits seamlessly into existing workflows. Feedback Studio . Give feedback and grade assignments with this tool that fosters writing excellence and academic integrity. ExamSoft

  15. The 22 Best Writing Tools of 2023: A Guide for Writers

    5. Milanote. Cost: Free for basic plan or $12.50/month for premium. Milanote is an easy-to-use creative writing app to organize your research, ideas, characters and outline in one place. The vast majority of novelist-oriented writing software is organized around the idea of a linear document.

  16. Best 5 AI Essay Writing Tools Online Review (2023-24)

    Its excellent essay generator makes it the best AI writing tool you can find online. Another standout feature is its essay outliner, which creates a cohesive essay structure based on your topic and type of essay. Moreover, it also offers several different writing templates or tools, including a thesis statement generator, citation finder, and ...

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    These online writing tools can help. 1. Hemingway Editor. Copy and paste your content in for evaluation or write directly in the text editor and get highly visual feedback. Hemingway Editor ...

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    Top free AI-poweredcopywriting tools. Top free AI-powered. copywriting. tools. AI Article & Blog Writer. Content Rephrase. Sentence Expander. Product Descriptions. Google Ads.

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    These thesis generators can help make the whole process much easier. Argumentative Analytical Comparative Informative. We will write a. custom essay specifically for you. for only $11.00 $9.35/page. 805 certified writers online.

  20. 10 Absolute Best Online Tools for Writers in 2023

    The Best Online Tools for Writers In this business, time is money. So a free tool isn't actually free if it doesn't save you some time when brainstorming, writing, or editing your text. That's why I've focused on online writers' tools that add value at little or no cost.

  21. PapersOwl Writing Tools

    Use all of these college essay writing tools if you want to get excellent results every single time and if you want to get the grade you will need. 1. Plagiarism Checker. The first of many free online writing tools for students is a plagiarism checker. You only need to know here that using the tool is mandatory.

  22. Plain Writing Tips

    This week's Plain Language writing tip comes to us from Succinct Sultan Jim Worsham. We here at Writing Tip Headquarters never tire of trying to say things with as few words as possible. That's why we have in past columns offered you suggestions for tightening your writing. We're doing so again here, courtesy of the Office of the Federal Register's "Plain Language Tools" page.

  23. Introduces the Easy AI Essay Writing Tool of 2023

    Ai Essay Writer; Elevating the Writing Game and Transforming Essays from Ordinary to Extraordinary. New York City, NY - May 25, 2023 —. launches AI Essay Tool with ...

  24. 20 of the Best Free Online Tools for Writers

    Writing Tools. 1. Google Docs. Google Docs is my go-to word processor when I'm not typing in Microsoft Word. I highly recommend it if you're collaborating with another person on a writing project.

  25. AI Grammar Checker & Online Academic Writing Tool for Researchers

    Paperpal is an advanced AI grammar checker and online academic writing tool that identifies language errors and provides instant, in-depth suggestions to help you polish your manuscript. Get started now, it's free! ... Work anywhere online with instant, secure, accurate language and grammar checks for academic writing. Try the Online Editor ...

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  27. The 29 Best (And Free) ChatGPT And Generative AI Courses And ...

    Stable Diffusion. A course provided by the University of Central Florida detailing beginner and advanced methods for this powerful AI image tool. Stable Diffusion - Master AI Course. This one ...