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Are you in need of a skilled Creative Writer? Look no further, is the perfect platform for you to find the expert Creative Writer your project needs. Creative Writing is the process of combining copywriting, utilizing words with the purpose of captivating your audience, with the creative visual power of design. It enables a client to bring their vision into reality, making it come alive for their target audience.

A Creative Writer is a versatile talent that can take any concept and write compelling content that captures the essence and detail of your unique story. This type of writing involves command over all elements of design, finesse with words to evoke emotion and skillfully cover all relevant information within an engaging manner.

Here's some projects that our expert Creative Writers made real:

  • Co-authoring books
  • creating website content
  • writing poems
  • copywriting for businesses and producing radio commercials. In addition to telling stories out of nothing, they can also adapt existing material with their powerful creativity and intuition into something vibrant and eye-catching!

If you are searching for a talented Creative Writer that can bring your vision to life, offers an abundance of Creatives ready to make your project come alive. Select from a range of writers who specialize in various areas such as writing press release statements, designing marketing campaigns, creating advertising media graphics and even shooting video commercials - all through creative writing! We guarantee that with our professionals you will work hand-in-hand to quickly meet all deadlines without sacrificing quality or leaving anything out from your project narrative.

If you are seeking out a skilled Creative Writer to captivate your audience in whatever field you may require it, then look no further than! With our platform you can post any project related to Creative Writing and hire the expert writer whose profile best complements your goals. You won’t find a better place than here to find specialized professionals eager to craft the story of your dreams!

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I am looking for an experienced content writer (english native speaker) to create blog posts about car stereo. I have a specific product in mind that I would like to focus the content around, and I am looking for written pieces with a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 600 words. The content should include helpful information and product reviews that would be beneficial to a reader who is considering purchasing this type of product. I am looking for someone who has a creative writing style and extensive knowledge of car stereo systems and audio technology. Quality and accuracy of information is vitally important. I look forward to working with a reliable, hard-working freelancer. (The content should be promotional and funny.)

I am starting a new enterprise and looking for someone to help me with my marketing materials. Specifically, I need assistance with creating materials that will improve customer engagement. Ideal skills for this job include experience in marketing strategy and copywriting. The project requires a creative individual who can think outside the box to create engaging content. Prior experience with creating marketing materials for similar businesses is also a plus.

Writing a screenplay from an outline for a feature film based on a Shakespeare play

I am looking for an experienced NBA Script Writer to create weekly video scripts for my sports website. The ideal candidate will have a strong knowledge of the NBA and be able to produce engaging content in a timely manner. Content: - Game Recaps - Player Profiles - League News Format: - Video Script Frequency: - Weekly Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of the NBA - Excellent writing and communication skills - Ability to meet tight deadlines - Experience in script writing for video content - Passion for sports and NBA specifically

I am seeking an experienced ebook writer to create a compelling piece of fiction that is less than 50 pages in length. The ebook will need to be written in a conversational style that engages the reader from start to finish. As an ideal candidate, you should have: - Proven experience in writing ebooks, particularly in the fiction genre - A strong understanding of storytelling and character development - The ability to write in a conversational tone while maintaining a professional level of writing - Excellent research and writing skills to ensure accuracy and credibility - Experience with editing and proofreading to ensure a polished final product. The successful candidate will be able to work independently and deliver a high-quality ebook within a timely manner. Thank you for your inte...

Hello, I'm looking for an experienced Telugu script writer to create multiple scripts for my project. This project is for personal use, and I need your creative input to generate a range of Telugu facts that span history, culture and geography. I'm looking for more than 7 scripts in total. Having a good knowledge of Telugu language and culture is essential. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out and let me know how you can help.

I am looking for a freelancer to handle all aspects of my Wikipedia post, including research, writing, and publishing. The main focus of the post is a biography. I do not have any existing sources or research material, so the freelancer will need to handle all of that. I need the post to be published within one week, so the ideal candidate will have experience with quick turnarounds. The ideal candidate will also have experience with writing for Wikipedia and be knowledgeable about their guidelines and requirements.

Our company, a registered travel agency based in Canada, specializes in providing comprehensive travel solutions for individuals applying for visas to Canada, the USA, and various European countries. We are proud to offer a wide range of services, including the issuance of invitation letters, expert travel planning assistance, and an exciting opportunity for freelancers to join us in promoting our services. With our extensive experience and global network, we provide access to over 2500 tour options worldwide, catering to diverse interests and preferences. Whether clients seek to explore iconic landmarks, experience cultural immersion, or embark on adventurous journeys, our meticulously designed tours promise unforgettable experiences. To facilitate seamless visa applications, we tailor ...

I am looking for a content writer to create informative content for my website on the topics of business and finance. The ideal candidate will have experience writing for websites and a strong understanding of these topics. The project will require more than 6 pages or sections of content, which should be well-researched and engaging for readers. The focus should be on providing useful information and insights for our audience.

I am looking for a skilled Image Title Writer who can provide creative and attention-grabbing titles for my Illustrations. As the subject matter is open to interpretation, I need someone who can think outside of the box and deliver titles that will engage my audience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong writing skills with a flair for creativity - Experience in writing titles for visual content, especially Illustrations - Ability to work independently and deliver quality work within a set deadline - Flexibility to adjust titles based on feedback and revisions Project Details: - Type of Images: Illustrations - Theme or Subject: Flyer - Number of Image Titles: More than 20 If you are a talented Image Title Writer who can bring my illustrations to life with your words, I would love to ...

I am looking for a professional proofreader who can enhance my book author biography on Technical book on QlikSense. The tone should be professional as it is intended for industry professionals. I could provide the rough draft and also my resume and I trust the freelancer's judgment in this matter. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in proofreading and editing biographies - Familiarity with the publishing industry and its standards - Strong attention to detail and ability to catch errors - Excellent communication skills to ensure the final product meets my expectations. I have already added my draft Biography text and resume. Could you please review and provide me feedback as how you can help. the timeline to complete is by tomorrow EOD.

My project is for content writing with a focus on promotion and advertising. The desired format for the written content is text, and the length should be 500 words or less. I am looking for high-quality, creative content that will help promote and advertise my brand. I want the content to be engaging and informative, so the writer must have strong communication skills. The content must also be original and plagiarism-free. Furthermore, the content should be optimized for both readers and search engines. I look forward to receiving your proposals and working with you on this project.

Looking for a creative writer to complete a short writing project of less than 500 words. The ideal candidate should have experience in creative writing and be able to produce compelling and engaging content. The project requires excellent writing skills and the ability to deliver high-quality work within a tight deadline. The writer should be able to bring fresh ideas to the table and be willing to work closely with the client to ensure that their vision is accurately captured. Experience in working with clients in a freelance capacity is a plus.

I am looking for a creative writer to help me come up with a smart and witty piece for my graduation. The tone I am looking for is funny and light-hearted, so the ideal candidate should have a great sense of humor. The piece can be a quote, anecdote, or a piece of advice, but it should be short and sweet. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing creative content that can make people laugh and should be able to deliver the work in a timely manner. What I am looking for is a small, < 10 word saying or quote that is meaningful to the following: - Someone graduating early (graduating one year earlier) from High School that can be placed on a Graduation Cap. For example, someone might say "You had to do it in 4, but I could do it in 3." or "I got it done in 3 wi...

I am looking for a skilled writer who can create funny shayari in Hindi that will appeal to the youth demographic. I am open to suggestions for themes and topics, and I am looking for shayari that are medium in length (3-4 lines). The ideal freelancer for this job will have experience in Hindi poetry and be able to write in an engaging and humorous tone. Creativity and a strong understanding of the youth audience are essential.

I am looking for a writer to create a stand-up comedy act for my use which can be performed for 45-60 minutes for a comedy club performance. The ideal candidate should have experience performing in similar settings and be able to deliver a routine that is appropriate for a comedy club audience. The routine should be engaging and entertaining, with minimal audience interaction. Skills and experience required: - Prior writing experience specifically in the comedy genre - Ability to engage and entertain a comedy club audience - Excellent comedic timing and delivery - Ability to deliver a routine with minimal audience interaction

I am looking for a skilled writer to create a Sci-Fi short story of up to 7,500 words, based on a clear idea that I have. The story should incorporate themes of technology, space travel, and the future. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in creative writing and storytelling - Experience in writing within the Sci-Fi genre - Understanding of futuristic technology and scientific concepts - Ability to bring unique and creative ideas to the story - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines.

I am in need of a press release editing service. I have already written a completed draft of the press release, and I am looking for a professional to polish it up and make it ready for distribution. I trust the freelancer's expertise and do not have any specific format or style guide in mind. Therefore, the ideal candidate for this job should have experience in press release editing and be able to effectively communicate the benefits of the new product/service to potential customers. They should also possess excellent writing skills and attention to detail.

I am looking for a skilled romance ghostwriter who can help me with writing a novel that falls within the Contemporary Romance subgenre, with a desired length of 40,000-80,000 words. While I do have an outline for the story, I am open to some creative freedom for the writer to add their own flair to the plot. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing romance novels - Understanding of the Contemporary Romance subgenre and its audience - Ability to work with a provided outline while adding unique elements to the story - Strong storytelling and character development skills - Excellent attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines - Experience in working with ghostwriting clients is a plus.

I am looking for someone to edit a romance novel outline for me. The project requires substantial editing and needs to be completed within the next 24 hours. Ideal candidates should have experience in editing romance novels and possess strong proofreading and editing skills.

I am looking for a skilled writer who can add 34,000 words to my current romance story. The story is currently only 6,000 words long, so I need someone who can really build on the existing plot and characters. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience writing romance stories, with a focus on sensual and steamy tones - Ability to add depth and complexity to characters - Comfortable working with specific plot points and character developments provided by me - Creative writing abilities to enhance the story direction and keep readers engaged The freelancer will be expected to work closely with me to ensure that the added content aligns with my vision for the story. I am looking for someone who is reliable, professional, and can deliver high-quality work within a reasonable timeframe. If...

ContentAdore is actively seeking an experienced Vietnamese Finance Copywriter to join our diverse and innovative team. This is a unique opportunity for a skilled writer with an in-depth understanding of the finance sector, possessing excellent Vietnamese language skills, and who thrives in a fast-paced, creative environment. Responsibilities: - Write engaging, high-quality content about various financial topics tailored to our clients' needs and target audiences. - Conduct detailed research on industry-related topics to generate original, insightful content. - Implement SEO best practices in all content, including the appropriate use of keywords, meta descriptions, and titles to optimize online presence. - Proofread and revise content to ensure it meets the company's high-qualit...

I am looking for a skilled content writer who can create an article for my fashion blog on the top 5 unique ways to wear a dress shirt. The content should be written in a professional and business-like tone, tailored towards fashion enthusiasts. The article should be in Vietnamese language. The writer must have experience in fashion writing and be able to provide creative and entertaining content that will keep readers engaged. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of fashion trends and possess excellent writing skills. The article should be well-structured, easy to read and deliver value to readers.

I am looking for a talented writer to help me tell the inspiring story of a sailing journey to the holy land. The purpose of this story is to inspire readers with the power of perseverance and faith in the face of adversity. The target audience for this story is adults who enjoy reading about true-life adventures and overcoming obstacles. The ideal candidate for this job will have: - Experience in creative writing, particularly non-fiction - A passion for storytelling and a talent for engaging readers - A strong understanding of narrative structure and character development - The ability to conduct research and incorporate factual details into the story - A background or interest in sailing or maritime history would be a plus The preferred format for the story is flexible, and I am open...

I am in need of a content writer to create persuasive content for a young adult audience. The desired tone for the content is humorous. The ideal candidate will have experience in persuasive writing and be able to write in a humorous tone that resonates with young adults. The content will be used to persuade the target audience and should be engaging and attention-grabbing. The writer should have a strong understanding of the target audience and be able to tailor the content to their interests. The project will require excellent research and writing skills, as well as the ability to meet deadlines.

I am looking for an experienced book writing (ghostwriter) freelancer to write a story book based on reality for adults. The story book should be a cross between a biography and the sad story of a rough life. The ideal freelancer should have experience in writing similar works and should include past work in their application. The main message or theme of the story book should convey life lessons and be entertaining - almost like a novel with hte ups and owns of a sad yet thrilling adventurous life.

I am looking for a skilled writer to create captivating romance fiction content for my magazine book targeted towards young adults. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing fiction and a passion for romance. The content should be engaging and keep readers hooked from start to finish. The chosen genre is fiction and the specific theme is romance. The target audience is young adults, so the content should be appropriate for that age group. If you have a flair for writing romance and can create stories that resonate with young adults, then this is the perfect project for you!

I am in need of a freelancer who can create brand guidelines and a social media kit for my existing brand identity/logo. The primary colors and fonts used in my branding will be provided in a file. I am looking for someone who can design the kit for a custom selection of social media platforms. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design expertise - Knowledge of brand identity and social media marketing - Experience creating brand guidelines and social media kits for various platforms - Strong communication skills to ensure a clear understanding of my brand identity and design preferences.

I'm looking for a professional story writer to create an exciting novel for me. The novel should be in the genre of romance and I have a specific plot or theme in mind. I'm looking for a length of over 40,000 words, so ideally this project will require roughly 2-3 months to complete. If you feel like you can meet my request, please get in touch! I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas.

I am looking for a creative writer to help me brainstorm and describe an action/adventure scene that will introduce a new character or setting in my larger story. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing action-packed scenes and creating vivid descriptions of characters and settings. The project requires the following skills and experience: - Strong creative writing skills - Experience in writing action/adventure scenes - Ability to create vivid descriptions of characters and settings - Ability to work collaboratively and open to feedback - Familiarity with the genre of action/adventure The project will involve: - Brainstorming ideas for the scene - Creating a detailed description of the new character or setting - Writing an engaging and immersive scene that will introduce...

I am looking for a name for my new retail business that offers clothing and accessories for all age groups. As I am targeting a wide demographic, I need a name that is both catchy and memorable. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in branding and marketing, with a keen eye for creative and unique names that will resonate with my target audience. Bonus points for experience in the retail industry and knowledge of current trends. Just remember I need a name that helps compliment streetwear/vintage.

I am looking for experienced writers to take on a project writing an expository essay. The prompt is attached in the document. The required word count is between 1700 words and the essay must be written in the MLA citation style. If you have experience writing in this style and would like to take on this project, I would love to hear from you. Plagiarism free work. Contact me for the documents. I am also open to work around your quotes. Thanks for your time!

I am seeking a talented freelancer to help me turn my idea into a full-length stage play. My idea is for a drama with comedy elements. I have a clear ideams for the plot, the setting and the main charactersdeas, but I am open to hear additional suggestions of where this could take us. I'm looking for someone open-minded who can take my concepts and create a full script with dialogues. I need someone with an artistic touch and a sense of humour who understands how to bring a story to life on the stage. This is aprivate project for me and I’m hoping to find a partner who sees this as an exciting opportunity to bring a creative concept to fruition. I look forward to seeing what you can create.

Want biography, life novel, etc. written for a 84+ yo white American male with a varied and complicated life history. No time constraints.

I am looking for a content writer to help me with my new enterprise. The main goal of the content is to inform and educate my audience about my brand and products. I am looking for short-form content that is easy to read and understand. Some ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong writing skills with a focus on clarity and conciseness - Knowledge of marketing and branding - Experience writing for a new business - Ability to research and write about industry-specific topics - Understanding of SEO best practices - Creative thinking to develop engaging content ideas If you have these skills and are interested in helping me with my content writing needs, please submit your proposal.

I am looking for a writer to create about 50 American recipes that are easy to follow. The ideal candidate should have experience in recipe writing and be knowledgeable about American cuisine. The recipes should also include a few gluten free option and salt free . The writer should also provide a list of ingredients, cooking instructions, and a picture of the finished dish. The recipes should be easy to follow and not require advanced culinary skills. The writer should also be able to provide tips and variations for each recipe to make them more versatile. We will provide more details to the ideal candidate. thank you for reading - only bids starting with "I READ" will be considered.

At Shri Radhaa Collection, we specialize in exclusively designed clothing pieces for women. Our mission is to create elegant and stylish garments that make our customers look and feel beautiful. Our designs focus on classic yet contemporary cuts, ensuring that we offer something that suits every preference. We are looking for experienced content writers to help us create engaging and innovative content that can be used to attract new customers and boost sales for our products. Your content should be tailored to our target audience of women, and should include topics such as fashion trends, styling tips, customer testimonials, and more. We expect our content writers to be creative, articulate, and detail-oriented. You should have a proven track record developing successful campaigns in th...

I am seeking to engage the services of a freelance designer to create a strategic brand for an F&B business.

EMAUF () is a non-profit organization that serves as a platform for healthcare-related initiatives, our mission is to raise $200,000 which we intend to use for building and equipping a mini dementia village in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria West Africa. Our aim is to alleviate the hefty burden on family members whose loved ones are suffering from dementia. The dementia village will be built on 2000 square meters of land, with 20 rooms for patients, 2 rooms for doctor's consultation, 3 large parlors for television, music, and indoor games, 6 rooms of staff quarters, 2 big kitchens, mini supermarket, vast area for gardens and outdoor recreation, etc. Our aim is to recreate a smaller version of The dementia village in The Netherlands (). We will endeavor to uplift the quality of life of those li...

Looking for an English writer and ghostwriter to create a fictional book or eBook with a desired length of 100-250 pages. The writer should have experience in fiction writing and be able to create a compelling storyline with well-developed characters. Additionally, the writer should have strong editing and proofreading skills to ensure the final product is error-free. The genre and topic are open to suggestions, but the end product should be engaging and entertaining for readers.

I am looking for a skilled content writer to produce entertaining website content for a general audience. The ideal candidate will have experience writing in a casual tone. The content should be engaging and enjoyable to read.

I'm looking for a talented writer to help me with my project. The task at hand requires creative writing, with no specific theme or subject but a general direction. The finished piece should have a maximum length of 500 words. If you're confident that your writing can help me bring this project to life, please apply and let's discuss further!

I'm looking for an experienced content writer to produce informative content targeted at an industry-specific audience. The content should be written in a formal tone, clearly conveying information to the reader. The writer must have an understanding of the industry and how it relates to the content. Furthermore, the pieces should be engaging and informative. The content should be written to support marketing and communication objectives, and tailored to meet the needs of the target audience. Working together, we can create content that captures the interest of the reader while seamlessly communicating the necessary information.

I'm looking to hire a talented writer to collaborate on a song project! The genre of the song will be Hindi Film/Modern and while I have some ideas of what I want the song to convey, I am open to suggestions. The intended audience for the song is for a general audience. The perfect candidate for this project will be a creative and imaginative writer with experience crafting great content and lyrics for songs. If you think you have the perfect skillset and flair for this project, please contact me with any examples of your past work. I look forward to hearing from you!

I am looking for a creative writer to write a novelette mystery story set in a futuristic world. The story should be between 7,500-17,500 words in length. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing mystery stories and have the ability to create a believable futuristic world. The story should be captivating and keep the reader engaged until the end. If you have a passion for writing and can deliver a well-crafted mystery story, then this project is for you.

I am looking for a native English writer to create a narration script for an advertisement. The purpose of the script is to promote a Forex Trading service. The tone of the advertisement should be humorous. Please follow a specific style guide when you create a script and here is a refererence youtube video ;. We have basic script made by us. Ideal skills and experience: - Native English speaker/writer - Experience in creating advertisement scripts - Ability to write in a humorous tone - Understanding of marketing and advertising principles

I am looking for a professional content writer to create an engaging content for my Company's Profile that focuses on how to effectively highlight my services.

I am looking for a writer who can help me create fun and quirky stories for a show titled, Will the Cool Guy. The tone of the writing should be humorous and engaging. The target audience is children and young adults, so the writing should be easy to read and understand. I am looking for a medium length of writing, between 1,000-3,000 words. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing shows and be able to come up with creative and entertaining stories. A good sense of humor is a must!

I am looking for a skilled writer who can create a screenplay for a short film. The film will be a combination of thriller and comedy genres and will be approximately 10-20 minutes in length. I am open to suggestions for the plot and story, so creativity and originality are highly valued. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in screenwriting and storytelling - Strong understanding of the thriller and comedy genres - Ability to develop well-rounded and relatable characters - Creative problem solving and ability to think outside of the box - Ability to work collaboratively and take direction effectively

I am looking for a content writer who can create short-form articles with the purpose of driving sales conversion for my business. The ideal candidate should have experience in writing persuasive and compelling content that convinces readers to take action. Preferred skills and experience: - Excellent writing skills with a focus on sales copywriting - Experience in creating short-form articles - Understanding of the psychology of persuasion - Ability to write for a general audience The target audience for the content is the general public, so the writer should be able to create content that appeals to a broad audience.

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Creative Writing

Budding writers find the creative writing community at Washington College inviting and full of opportunities to practice their craft. The minor in creative writing offers a carefully planned curriculum designed to foster the young writer’s creative expression—guidance that is significantly enhanced by exposure to the voices and visions of some of the finest writers in the country. Each year, thanks to the endowment of the Sophie Kerr Fund and the Rose O’Neill Literary House, the College brings to campus a succession of distinguished writers, editors, and literary scholars. Billy Collins, Junot Díaz, Nick Flynn, Jonathan Franzen, Neil Gaiman, Lauren Groff, Ted Kooser, Li-Young Lee, Colum McCann, Azar Nafisi, Maggie Nelson, Joyce Carol Oates, Claudia Rankine, Jane Smiley, Natasha Trethewey, Colson Whitehead, and Jacqueline Woodson are just some of the writers and literary scholars who have come to campus in the last decade to teach, lecture, and conduct writing workshops.

The Sophie Kerr fund also supports the justly famous Sophie Kerr Prize (at $63,912 in 2019, the largest undergraduate literary prize in the country), as well as student scholarships, library collection development, and professional development for English Department faculty. The Literary House supervises about 50 learning opportunities and internships for students, as well as provides a space where students can explore the letterpress and bookmaking in the print studio. 

For students matriculating fall 2018 and after:

Workshops : 3 courses (12 credits).

Option A:   Three upper-level workshops chosen from those indicated below, as well as additional “special topics” courses. (Recent “special topics” courses have included The Screenplay, Poetry in Performance, Poetry and Book Arts, The Art of Biography, Travel Writing, and Writing about the Natural World.):

  Option B:   Two upper-level workshops plus either one 4-credit course that focuses primarily on editing/publishing skill or 4 internship credits (one 4-credit internship, or two 2-credit internships).

Literature : 1 course (4 credits)

Events : attendance at 6 literary events. .

Students are required to sign the official attendance form at the event in order to be credited with attendance. 

Note: Students may count up to two courses (8 credits) toward multiple programs in the English department (i.e., toward the English major, Creative Writing minor, and/or Journalism, Editing & Publishing minor).

For students matriculating previous to fall 2018:

The minor in creative writing can be achieved through the successful completion of five courses—Introduction to Creative Writing and then any combination of four of the 300-400 level courses indicated below as well as designated “special topics” courses.

Course Descriptions

A workshop introducing new writers to several forms of creative writing, including poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Students will use classic and contemporary literature as models for their own efforts. In the fall semester, this course is only open to first-year students. In the spring semester, beginning writers from all years may enroll in ENG 103.

This course explores the rich literary tradition of received forms in English and American verse. By studying a wide range of formal poems students will discover the adaptability of fixed forms like the sonnet, villanelle, and sestina. Class assignments will include both critical writing and creative “experiments” in poetic forms. Students are strongly encouraged to take Forms of Poetry in preparation for the “Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry.” 

This course focuses on the study of American poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from 1945 to the present. (The course alternates among the genres of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction.) Emphasis includes an examination of the work of major American writers of the last half-century. The course is structured in a way similar to a traditional offering in literature with this difference: some of the writers whose work is studied in class will at some time during the semester come to campus to visit the class, discuss their work with participants, and give a public reading.

Analysis and practical application of techniques and styles employed in writing for the stage.

An advanced workshop in writing for the stage.  Prerequisite: ENG 351 Playwriting I .

This course will use a workshop approach for students who are interested in developing their skills in a kind of writing which combines elements of journalism, such as the feature article, with elements of the literary, such as the personal essay. In addition, students will also develop their essay skills in the form of the personal narrative and travel writing. In essence this course treats the various forms of the essay with a special emphasis on the creative ways the genre can be interpreted and rewritten. Readings of representative essays will be included . Prerequisite: Introduction to Creative Writing. Primarily intended for juniors and seniors.

This course builds upon student’s previous training in the workshop, asking them to hone their skills not only as writers but also as readers and critics of poetry. Using recently released, debut collections as role models, students will address concepts of diction, the line and line break, figurative language, imagery, rhyme, meter, and narrative. Assignments will include drafting new poems, performing close readings of published texts, and facilitating class discussions.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Creative Writing. Primarily intended for juniors and seniors.

This workshop offers guided practice in the writing short fiction. Using established writers as models, considerable effort is put toward the objective of learning to read as writers and, in the process, becoming better critics of the student’s own work and the work of others in the group. By offering a more intimate familiarity with the elements of fiction, students write and revise prodigiously and, in the process, learn and practice a repertoire of literary strategies in preparation and in support of short stories of their own composition.  Prerequisite: Introduction to Creative Writing. Primarily intended for juniors and seniors.  

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Creative Writing, Undergraduate Certificate

Degree info tab open, faculty tab closed, requirements tab open, overview tab closed, details tab closed, availability tab closed, requirements accordion open.

To receive an undergraduate certificate (at least 15 units) at Northern Arizona University, you must complete a planned group of courses from one or more subject matter areas with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. Please be aware that federal financial aid is not available for some certificates if the certificate is pursued and completed as a stand-alone certificate (i.e., not completed concurrently with a degree program). See the "Details" tab for additional information.

Overview Accordion Closed

In addition to University Requirements:

Please note that students may be able to use some courses to meet more than one requirement. Contact your advisor for details.

Purpose Statement The Creative Writing Certificate introduces non-English majors to the range of written art: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry.   At the completion of the certificate, students will have attained the literacy skills necessary to compete for jobs and graduate programs that require high-level communication.   In the certificate, students have opportunities to develop an understanding of the different uses of narrative, lyricism, facts, form, and genre for the purposes of self-expression, argument, entertainment, and enlightenment. They will read work from a variety of perspectives and cultures, which will increase not only their storytelling and art-making skills, but also their empathy.  The certificate can thus help students prepare themselves to become productive, responsible members of the communities in which they live and work. Student Learning Outcomes General Knowledge of English:

Details Accordion Closed

Certificate requirements.

Take the following 15 units with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0.

Students enrolled in this certificate may not enroll in or pursue the following due to the number of overlapping units:

This certificate may only be pursued and completed concurrently with a degree program. This certificate is not available as a stand-alone certificate.

Be aware that some courses may have prerequisites that you must also successfully complete. For prerequisite information, click on the course or see your advisor.

Availability Accordion Closed

directory photo

Department of English

Mailing address.

Aerial of Frasier and Jayhawk Boulevard

Ph.D. Creative Writing

Ph.d. in creative writing.

A rigorous program that combines creative writing and literary studies, the Ph.D. in Creative Writing prepares graduates for both scholarly and creative publication and teaching. With faculty guidance, students admitted to the Ph.D. program may tailor their programs to their goals and interests.

The creative writing faculty at KU has been widely published and anthologized, winning both critical and popular acclaim. Faculty awards include such distinctions as the Nebula Award, Hugo Award, Osborn Award, Shelley Memorial Award, Gertrude Stein Award, the Kenyon Review Prize, the Kentucky Center Gold Medallion, and the Pushcart Prize.

Regarding admission to both our doctoral and MFA creative writing programs, we will prioritize applicants who are interested in engaging with multiple faculty members to practice writing across genres and forms, from speculative fiction and realism to poetry and playwriting/screenwriting, etc.

The University of Kansas' Graduate Program in Creative Writing also offers an  M.F.A degree .


A GTA appointment includes a tuition waiver for ten semesters plus a competitive stipend. In the first year, GTA appointees teach English 101 (first year composition) and English 102 (a required reading and writing course). Creative Writing Ph.D. students may have the opportunity to teach an introductory course in creative writing after passing the doctoral examination, and opportunities are available for a limited number of advanced GTAs to teach in the summer.

Department Resources

Affiliated Programs

Degree Requirements

If the M.A. or M.F.A. was completed in KU’s Department of English, a doctoral student may petition the DGS to have up to 12 hours of the coursework taken in the English Department reduced toward the Ph.D.

For Doctoral students,  the university requires completion of a course in responsible scholarship . For the English department, this would be ENGL 800, 780, or the equivalent). In addition, the Department requires reading knowledge of one approved foreign language: Old English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Greek, Latin, or Hebrew. Upon successful petition, a candidate may substitute reading knowledge of another language or research skill that is studied at the University or is demonstrably appropriate to the candidate’s program of study.

Doctoral students must fulfill the requirement  before  they take their doctoral examination, or be enrolled in a reading course the same semester as the exam. Students are permitted three attempts at passing each foreign language or research skill. Three methods of demonstrating reading knowledge for all approved languages except Old English are acceptable:

To fulfill the language requirement using Old English, students must successfully complete ENGL 710 (Introduction to Old English) and ENGL 712 (Beowulf).

A doctoral student must fulfill the University residency requirement before taking the doctoral exam.

Post-Coursework Ph.D. students must submit, with their committee chair(s), an annual review form to the DGS and Graduate Committee.

Doctoral students must take their doctoral examination within three semesters (excluding summers) of the end of the semester in which they took their final required course. If a student has an Incomplete, the timeline is not postponed until the Incomplete is resolved. For example, a student completing doctoral course work in Spring 2018 will need to schedule their doctoral exam no later than the end of Fall semester 2019. Delays may be granted by petition to the Graduate Director in highly unusual circumstances. Failure to take the exam within this time limit without an approved delay will result in the student’s falling out of good standing. For details on the consequences of falling out of good standing, see “Falling Out of Good Standing,” in General Department Policies and Best Practices.

A student may not take their doctoral exam until the university’s Research Skills and Responsible Scholarship requirement is fulfilled (ENGL 800 or equivalent and reading knowledge of one foreign language or equivalent).

Requirements for Doctoral Exams

Reading Lists: 

All students are required to submit three reading lists, based on the requirements below, to their committee for approval. The doctoral exam will be scheduled a minimum of twelve weeks after approval from the whole committee is received. To facilitate quick committee approval, students may copy the graduate academic advisor on the email to the committee that contains the final version of the lists. Committee members may then respond to the email in lieu of signing a printed copy.

During the two-hour oral examination (plus an additional 15-30 minutes for a break and committee deliberation), a student will be tested on their comprehension of a literary period or movement, including multiple genres and groups of authors within that period or movement. In addition, the student will be tested on two of the following six areas of study:

No title from any field list may appear on either of the other two lists. See Best Practices section for more details on these six areas. See below for a description of the Review of the Dissertation Proposal (RDP), which the candidate takes the semester after passing the doctoral exam. 

While many students confer with the DGS as they begin the process of developing their lists, they are also required to submit a copy of their final exam list to the DGS. Most lists will be left intact, but the DGS might request that overly long lists be condensed, or extremely short lists be expanded.

Review of Literature

The purpose of the Review of Literature is to develop and demonstrate an advanced awareness of the critical landscape for each list. The student will write an overview of the defining attributes of the field, identifying two or three broad questions that animate scholarly discussion, while using specific noteworthy texts from their list ( but not all texts on the list ) as examples.

The review also must accomplish the following:

For example, for a literary period, the student might include an overview of primary formal and thematic elements, of the relationship between literary and social/historical developments, of prominent movements, (etc.), as well as of recent critical debates and topics.

For a genre list, the Review of Literature might include major theories of its constitution and significance, while outlining the evolution of these theories over time.

For a Rhetoric and Composition list, the review would give an overview of major historical developments, research, theories, methods, debates, and trends of scholarship in the field.

For an English Language Studies (ELS) list, the review would give an overview of the subfields that make up ELS, the various methodological approaches to language study, the type of sources used, and major aims and goals of ELS. The review also usually involves a focus on one subfield of particular interest to the student (such as stylistics, sociolinguistics, or World/Postcolonial Englishes).

Students are encouraged to divide reviews into smaller sections that enhance clarity and organization. Students are not expected to interact with every text on their lists.

The review of literature might be used to prepare students for identifying the most important texts in the field, along with why those texts are important to the field, for the oral exam. It is recommended for students to have completed reading the bulk of (if not all) texts on their lists before writing the ROL.

The Reviews of Literature will not be produced in an exam context, but in the manner of papers that are researched and developed in consultation with all advisors/committee members,  with final drafts being distributed within a reasonable time for all members to review and approve in advance of the 3-week deadline . While the Review of Literature generally is not the focus of the oral examination, it is frequently used as a point of departure for questions and discussion during the oral examination.

Doctoral Exam Committee

Exam committees typically consist of 4 faculty members from the department—one of whom serves as the Committee Chair—plus a Graduate Studies Representative.  University policy dictates the composition of exam committees . Students may petition for an exception for several committee member situations, with the exception of  the Graduate Studies Representative .

If a student wants to have as a committee member a person outside the university, or a person who is not in a full-time tenure-track professorship at KU, the student must contact the Graduate Secretary as early as possible. Applications for special graduate faculty status must be reviewed by the College and Graduate Studies. Requests for exam/defense approval will not be approved unless all committee members currently hold either regular or special graduate faculty status

Remote participation of committee members via technology

Students with committee members who plan to attend the defense via remote technology must be aware of  college policy on teleconferencing/remote participation of committee members .

A majority of committee members must be physically present for an examination to commence; for doctoral oral examinations this requirement is 3 of the 5 members, for master’s oral examinations the requirement is 2 of the 3 members. In addition, it is required that the student being examined, the chair of the committee, and the Graduate Studies Representative all be physically present at the examination or defense. Mediated attendance by the student, chair and Grad Studies Rep is prohibited.

The recommended time between completion of coursework and the doctoral examination is two semesters.

Final exam lists need to be approved and signed by the committee at least 12 weeks prior to the prospective exam date. This includes summers/summer semesters. The lists should then be submitted to the Graduate Program Coordinator. Reviews of Literature need to be approved and signed by the committee at least 3 weeks prior to the exam date. Failure to meet this deadline will result in rescheduling the exam. No further changes to lists or Reviews of Literature will be allowed after official approval. The three-week deadline is the faculty deadline--the last date for them to confirm receipt of the ROLs and confer approval--not necessarily the student deadline for submitting the documents to the faculty. Please keep that timing in mind and allow your committee adequate time to review the materials and provide feedback.

Students taking the Doctoral Exam are allowed to bring their text lists, the approved Reviews of Literature, scratch paper, a writing utensil, and notes/writing for an approximately 5-minute introductory statement to the exam. (This statement does not need to lay out ideas or any aspect of the dissertation project.)

Each portion of the oral examination must be deemed passing before the student can proceed to the Review of the Dissertation Proposal. If a majority of the committee judges that the student has not answered adequately on one of the three areas of the exam, the student must repeat that portion in a separate oral exam of one hour, to be taken as expeditiously as possible.  Failure in two areas constitutes failure of the exam and requires a retake of the whole.  The doctoral examining committee will render a judgment of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory on the entire examination. A student who fails the exam twice may, upon successful petition to the Graduate Committee, take it a third and final time.

Students cannot bring snacks, drinks, treats, or gifts for committee members to the exam. Professors should avoid the appearance of favoritism that may occur if they bring treats to some student exams but not others.

The doctoral oral examination has the following purposes:

In consultation with the Graduate Director, a student will ask a member of the Department’s graduate faculty (preferably their advisor) to be the chairperson of the examining committee. The choice of examination committee chair is very important, for that person’s role is to assist the candidate in designing the examination structure, preparing the Review of Literature (see below), negotiating reading lists and clarifying their purposes, and generally following procedures here outlined. The other three English Department members of the committee will be chosen in consultation with the committee chair. (At some point an additional examiner from outside the Department, who serves as the Graduate School representative, will be invited to join the committee). Any unresolved problems in negotiation between a candidate and their committee should be brought to the attention of the Graduate Director, who may choose to involve the Graduate Committee. A student may request a substitution in, or a faculty member may ask to be dismissed from, the membership of the examining committee. Such requests must be approved, in writing, by the faculty member leaving the committee and by the Graduate Director.

Reading Lists

Copies of some approved reading lists and Reviews of Literature are available from the Graduate Secretary and can be found on the U: drive if you are using a computer on campus. Despite the goal of fairness and equity, some unavoidable unevenness and disparity will appear in the length of these lists. It remains, however, the responsibility of the examining committee, and especially the student’s chair, to aim toward consonance with the most rigorous standards and expectations and to insure that areas of study are not unduly narrow.

To facilitate quick committee approval, students may copy the graduate secretary on the email to the committee that contains the final version of the lists and reviews of literature. Committee members may then respond to the email in lieu of signing a printed copy.

Comprehension of a literary period (e.g., British literature of the 18th century; Romanticism; US literature of the 19th century; Modernism) entails sufficient intellectual grasp of both the important primary works of and secondary works on the period or movement to indicate a student’s ability to teach the period or movement and undertake respectable scholarship on it.

Comprehension of an author or group of related authors (e.g., Donne, the Brontës, the Bloomsbury Group, the Black Mountain Poets) entails knowledge, both primary and secondary, of a figure or figures whose writing has generated a significant body of interrelated biographical, historical, and critical scholarship.

Comprehension of one of several genres (the short story, the lyric poem, the epistolary novel). To demonstrate comprehension of a genre, a student should possess sufficient depth and breadth of knowledge, both primary and secondary, of the genre to explain its formal characteristics and account for its historical development.

Comprehension of criticism and literary theory entails a grasp of fundamental conceptual problems inherent in a major school of literary study (e.g., historicist, psychoanalytic, feminist, poststructuralist, etc.). To demonstrate comprehension of that school of criticism and literary theory, a student should be able to discuss changes in its conventions and standards of interpretation and evaluation of literature from its beginning to the present. Students will be expected to possess sufficient depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge to bring appropriate texts and issues to bear on questions of literary study.

Comprehension of composition theory entails an intellectual grasp of fundamental concepts, issues, and theories pertaining to the study of writing. To demonstrate comprehension of composition theory, students should be able to discuss traditional and current issues from a variety of perspectives, as well as the field’s historical development from classical rhetoric to the present.

Comprehension of the broad field of English language studies entails a grasp of the field’s theoretical concepts and current issues, as well as a familiarity with significant works within given subareas. Such subareas will normally involve formal structures (syntax, etc.) and history of the English language, along with other subareas such as social linguistics, discourse analysis, lexicography, etc. Areas of emphasis and specific sets of topics will be arranged through consultation with relevant faculty.

Ph.D. candidates must be continuously enrolled in Dissertation hours each Fall and Spring semester from the time they pass the doctoral examination until successful completion of the final oral examination (defense of dissertation).

Please also refer to  the COGA policy on post-exam enrollment  or the  Graduate School’s policy .

As soon as possible following successful completion of the doctoral exam, the candidate should establish their three-person core dissertation committee, and then expeditiously proceed to the preparation of a dissertation proposal.  Within the semester following completion of the doctoral exam , the student will present to their core dissertation committee a written narrative of approximately  10-15 pages , not including bibliography, of the dissertation proposal. Copies of this proposal must be submitted to the members of the dissertation committee and Graduate Program Coordinator no later than  three weeks prior  to the scheduled examination date.

In the proposal, students will be expected to define: the guiding question or set of questions; a basic thesis (or hypothesis); how the works to be studied or the creative writing produced relate to that (hypo)thesis; the theoretical/methodological model to be followed; the overall formal divisions of the dissertation; and how the study will be situated in the context of prior scholarship (i.e., its importance to the field). The narrative section should be followed by a bibliography demonstrating that the candidate is conversant with the basic theoretical and critical works pertinent to the study. For creative writing students, the proposal may serve as a draft of the critical introduction to the creative dissertation. Students are expected to consult with their projected dissertation committee concerning the preparation of the proposal.

The review will focus on the proposal, although it could also entail determining whether or not the candidate’s knowledge of the field is adequate to begin the composition process. The examination will be graded pass/fail. If it is failed, the committee will suggest areas of weakness to be addressed by the candidate, who will rewrite the proposal and retake the review  by the end of the following semester . If the candidate abandons the entire dissertation project for another, a new RDP will be taken. (For such a step to be taken, the change would need to be drastic, such as a move to a new field or topic. A change in thesis or the addition or subtraction of one or even several works to be examined would not necessitate a new proposal and defense.)  If the student fails to complete the Review of the Dissertation Proposal within a year of the completion of the doctoral exams, they will have fallen out of departmental good standing.  For details on the consequences of falling out of good standing, see “Falling Out of Good Standing,” in General Department Policies and Best Practices.

After passing the Review of the Dissertation Proposal, the student should forward one signed copy of the proposal to the Graduate Secretary. The RDP may last no longer than 90 minutes.

Students cannot bring snacks, drinks, treats, or gifts for committee members to the review. Professors should avoid the appearance of favoritism that may occur if they bring treats to some student exams but not others.

The Graduate Catalog states that the doctoral candidate “must present a dissertation showing the planning, conduct and results of original research, and scholarly creativity.” While most Ph.D. candidates in the Department of English write dissertations of a traditional, research-oriented nature, a creative writing candidate may elect to do a creative-writing dissertation involving fiction, poetry, drama or nonfiction prose.  Such a dissertation must also contain a substantial section of scholarly research related to the creative writing.  The precise nature of the scholarly research component should be determined by the candidate in consultation with the dissertation committee and the Graduate Director. Candidates wishing to undertake such a dissertation must complete all Departmental requirements demanded for the research-oriented Ph.D. degree.

Scholarly Research Component (SRC)

The Scholarly Research Component (SRC) of the creative-writing dissertation is a separate section of the dissertation than the creative work. It involves substantial research and is written in the style of academic prose. It should be 15-20 pages and should cite at least 20 sources, some of which should be primary texts, and many of which should be from the peer-reviewed secondary literature. The topic must relate, in some way, to the topic, themes, ideas, or style of the creative portion of the dissertation; this relation should be stated in the Dissertation Proposal, which should include a section describing the student’s plans for the SRC. The SRC may be based on a seminar paper or other work the student has completed prior to the dissertation; but the research should be augmented, and the writing revised, per these guidelines. The SRC is a part of the dissertation, and as such will be included in the dissertation defense.

The SRC may take two general forms:

1.) An article, publishable in a peer-reviewed journal or collection, on a specific topic related to an author, movement, theoretical issue, taxonomic issue, etc. that has bearing on the creative portion. The quality of this article should be high enough that the manuscript could be submitted to a peer-reviewed publication, with a plausible chance of acceptance.

2.) A survey . This survey may take several different forms:

The dissertation committee will consist of at least five members—three “core” English faculty members, a fourth faculty member (usually from English), and one faculty member from a different department who serves as the Graduate Studies representative. The committee may include (with the Graduate Director’s approval) members from other departments and, with the approval of the University’s Graduate Council, members from outside the University. If a student wants to have a committee member from outside the university, or a person who is not in a full-time tenure-track professorship at KU, the student must contact the Graduate Secretary as early as possible. Applications for special graduate faculty status must be reviewed by the College and the Office of Graduate Studies. Requests for defense approval will not be approved unless all committee members currently hold either regular or special graduate faculty status.

The candidate’s preferences as to the membership of the dissertation committee will be carefully considered; the final decision, however, rests with the Department and with the Office of Graduate Studies. All dissertation committees must get approval from the Director of Graduate Studies before scheduling the final oral exam (defense). Furthermore, any changes in the make-up of the dissertation committee from the Review of the Dissertation Proposal committee must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Once the dissertation proposal has passed and the writing of the dissertation begins, membership of the dissertation committee should remain constant. However, under extraordinary circumstances, a student may request a substitution in, or a faculty member may ask to be dismissed from, the membership of the dissertation committee. Such requests must be approved, in writing, by the faculty member leaving the committee and by the Graduate Director.

If a student does not make progress during the dissertation-writing stage, and accumulates more than one “Limited Progress” and/or “No Progress” grade on their transcript, they will fall out of good standing in the department. For details on the consequences of falling out of good standing, see “Falling Out of Good Standing,” in General Department Policies and Best Practices

Final Oral Exam (Dissertation Defense)

When the dissertation has been tentatively accepted by the dissertation committee (not including the Graduate Studies Representative), the final oral examination will be held, on the recommendation of the Department.

Although the dissertation committee is responsible for certification of the candidate, any member of the graduate faculty may be present at the examination and participate in the questioning, and one examiner—the Graduate Studies Representative—must be from outside the Department. The Graduate Secretary can help students locate an appropriate Grad Studies Rep. The examination normally lasts no more than two hours. It is the obligation of the candidate to advise the Graduate Director that they plan to take the oral examination; this must be done at least one month before the date proposed for the examination.

At least three calendar weeks prior to the defense date, the student will submit the final draft of the dissertation to all the committee members (including the GSR) and inform the Graduate Program Coordinator. Failure to meet this deadline will necessitate rescheduling the defense.  The final oral examination for the Ph.D. in English is, essentially, a defense of the dissertation. When it is passed, the dissertation itself is graded by the dissertation director, in consultation with the student’s committee; the student’s performance in the final examination (defense) is graded by the entire five-person committee

Students cannot bring snacks, drinks, treats, or gifts for committee members to the defense. Professors should avoid the appearance of favoritism that may occur if they bring treats to some student defenses but not others

These sets of attributes are adapted from the Graduate Learner Outcomes that are a part of our Assessment portfolio. “Honors” should only be given to dissertations that are rated “Outstanding” in all or most of the following categories:

After much discussion about whether the “honors” designation assigned after the dissertation defense should be for the written product only, for the defense/discussion only, for both together, weighted equally, or eradicated altogether, the department voted to accept the Graduate Committee recommendation that “honors” only apply to the written dissertation. "Honors" will be given to dissertations that are rated "Outstanding" in all or most of the categories on the dissertation rubric.

Normally, the dissertation will present the results of the writer’s own research, carried on under the direction of the dissertation committee. This means that the candidate should be in regular contact with all members of the committee during the dissertation research and writing process, providing multiple drafts of chapters, or sections of chapters, according to the arrangements made between the student and each faculty member. Though accepted primarily for its scholarly merit rather than for its rhetorical qualities, the dissertation must be stylistically competent. The Department has accepted the MLA Handbook as the authority in matters of style. The writer may wish to consult also  the Chicago Manual of Style  and Kate L. Turabian’s  A Manual for Writers of Dissertations, Theses, and Term Papers .

Naturally, both the student and the dissertation committee have responsibilities and obligations to each other concerning the submitting and returning of materials. The student should plan on working steadily on the dissertation; if they do so, they should expect from the dissertation committee a reasonably quick reading and assessment of material submitted.

Students preparing their dissertation should be showing chapters to their committee members as they go along, for feedback and revision suggestions. They should also meet periodically with committee members to assess their progress. Prior to scheduling a defense, the student is encouraged to ask committee members whether they feel that the student is ready to defend the dissertation. Ideally, the student should hold the defense only when they have consulted with committee members sufficiently to feel confident that they have revised the dissertation successfully to meet the expectations of all committee members.

Students should expect that they will need to revise each chapter at least once. This means that all chapters (including introduction and conclusion) are shown to committee members once, revised, then shown to committee members again in revised form to assess whether further revisions are needed, prior to the submitting of the final dissertation as a whole. It is not unusual for further revisions to be required and necessary after the second draft of a chapter; students should not therefore simply assume that a second draft is necessarily “final” and passing work.

If a substantial amount of work still needs to be completed or revised at the point that the dissertation defense is scheduled, such a defense date should be regarded as tentative, pending the successful completion, revision, and receipt of feedback on all work. Several weeks prior to the defense, students should consult closely with their dissertation director and committee members about whether the dissertation as a whole is in a final and defensible stage. A project is ready for defense when it is coherent, cohesive, well researched, engages in sophisticated analysis (in its entirety or in the critical introduction of creative dissertations), and makes a significant contribution to the field. In other words, it passes each of the categories laid out in the Dissertation Rubric.

If the dissertation has not clearly reached a final stage, the student and dissertation director are advised to reschedule the defense.

Prior Publication of the Doctoral Dissertation

Portions of the material written by the doctoral candidate may appear in article form before completion of the dissertation. Prior publication does not ensure the acceptance of the dissertation by the dissertation committee. Final acceptance of the dissertation is subject to the approval of the dissertation committee. Previously published material by other authors included in the dissertation must be properly documented.

Each student beyond the master’s degree should confer regularly with the Graduate Director regarding their progress toward the doctoral examination and the doctorate.

Doctoral students may take graduate courses outside the English Department if, in their opinion and that of the Graduate Director, acting on behalf of the Graduate Committee, those courses will be of value to them. Their taking such courses will not, of course, absolve them of the responsibility for meeting all the normal departmental and Graduate School requirements.

Doctoral students in creative writing are strongly encouraged to take formal literature classes in addition to forms classes. Formal literature classes, by providing training in literary analysis, theory, and/or literary history, will help to prepare students for doctoral exams (and future teaching at the college level).

FALL SEMESTER            





Creative Writing Faculty

Darren Canady

Joseph Harrington

Megan Kaminski

Graduate Student Handbook


Account Writing Sample | GCE O Level English (1123) | Best Notes


Account writing is a technique of reporting or describing an event or experience. This is a written document that preserves knowledge of events and facts.

Now you might be wondering, why do we write a report?

The quick and simple answer to this question is that this document provides a description of the events in proper order, which allows the reader to reach a conclusion.

account writing o level

However, account writing and report writing are not the same.

They differ in terms of format and in some cases, even the tone or register (degree of formality of language) may vary (depending on the situation). But, the core purpose of both these writings is to inform the reader about certain events.

This was some introduction to this topic. Now, let’s discuss the format of an account without further introductions.

Table of Contents

Format of Account writing:

It will address the audience and purpose. For instance, a heading can be something like this: “To the Principal, an account of the recent trip of school”.

You write a date if you do not write a heading. But, if you do write a heading then, there is no need to write a date. However, writing a heading can be a better choice because you are addressing the purpose of your account straight away.

You should make sure that the data is relevant (if added). What does this mean? Let’s suppose that you went on a trip on 10th May 2021 and you have to report an incident during the trip. The date should not be 20th December 2021 because why would you be reporting an incident that late?

A relevant date (in this case) can be 12th May 2021.

Here, you have to address why you are writing (the purpose ). You may have to add some background information (if necessary), depending on the situation. The purpose of an introduction is to briefly tell about the topic (event or experience) that you are about to write about.

In your question paper, you will be given three content points. These are the questions (bullet points) that you have to address individually in seperate paragraphs.

account writing format

Remember that you will be given 15 marks for task fulfilmen t and 15 marks for language in the directed writing part for your GCE O Level English exam. These marks for task fulfilment can only be achieved if you properly address the given points.

As mentioned above, this will be the second point given by the question to you which you will have to discuss to get good grades.

You have to make sure that you provide relevant details that are helpful to the reader. This means that the reader should be given complete details so that he can reach a proper conclusion.

This is a very crucial part of your writing because you have to mention the purpose of your writing again (to summarise things up). In other words, you have to rephrase the thesis statemen t.

Then, wrap up the important points and offer them some extra help and assistance (if required). In this way, you will properly conclude your writing.

Written by,

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Now, let’s discuss a sample report and analyse the important aspects of an account.

Sample account (example):

Question : During break time, you witnessed a noisy argument between two pupils queuing for food. The two students dislike each other. The Principal wants you to address the incident by writing an account. Write an account, you must include the following:

You should make your writing accurate and helpful and state some recommendations to prevent incidents like this from happening. You should begin with, “ To the Principal …” and add a signature and date at the end.

account writing question

Answer : (The response to this question is given below).

To the Principal, an account of the misconduct of students at the canteen.

The purpose of this writing is to report a recent fight between the two candidates during the break-time. This event disturbed multiple students and therefore, it is essential for me, as the head-boy of the school, to elaborate on what happened. First paragraph
The break on 20th January 2021 was proceeding as usual until the students experienced a noisy argument in the school canteen. Moreover, the students followed each other where everyone, including the teachers, had gathered. Upon enquiry, it was concluded that Adam and John were the students who were indulged in this incident. Although the students tried their utmost to control the situation, yet Adam and John were not ready to back-up. Second paragraph
When John attempted to disturb the queue and proceeded ahead of others, Adam was enraged and he pushed him back. Likewise, John responded with coarse language and a harsh attitude. Due to this, everyone witnessed a heated argument between the two and neither of them was ready to cooperate with the teachers. As a result, the teachers took immediate action by reporting the incident to the school office where both of them were summoned up. Third paragraph
Apart, this rivalry between the two candidates has continued over the years. The primary reason being the non-cooperative and dominating attitude of both the students towards each other. Similarly, the better academic performance of Adam has inculcated a sense of competition, which often leads to arguments between the two. This rivalry is increasing over time due to greater competition . Fourth paragraph
Finally, this account is based upon my personal experience and, I will be available for further explanation for a transparent enquiry. According to my experience, both students should be suspended from school for a week due to their misconduct. If the issue is resolved, it can prevent further unpleasant events like this from happening. Fifth paragraph

21st January, 2021

Examiner report:

This response is a perfect sample to discuss the requirements of account writing. The positive points in this sample to be highlighted are:

examiner report for account writing

The areas of improvement in this sample are:

This applies to your language as well. Let me explain.

When writing an account, you should try to be natural. If you are using “fancy vocabulary” just to create an impression, then it will do more harm than good.

Therefore, focus more on providing relevant details.

Here is what I mean.

Look, account writing is not like a typical essay. You should try to use technical language and common phrases for your topic.

For example. let’s suppose that you are writing regarding the banking sector. In this case, you should try to use financial terms (whenever possible).

Now, it is time for you to practise a question.

Practise question:

You recently participated in a competition with other local schools where you represented your school. You are pleased with the results of the competition. The Principal has asked you to write an account of this competition and your achievements. Write an account, you must include the following:

Start your response with “To the Principal…” and keep your tone accurate and informative . Do not forget to add a suitable conclusion at the end.

Note : The first bullet point says, “when and where did the competition take place”. You should not only write about when or where because you have to address both the points (indicated by and ).

Tips for directed writing:

The account is a part of section 1 (directed writing) and you should follow some guidelines to achieve a perfect score on this question.

Some tips in particular for this question are:

tips for account writing

This may sound a bit obvious to you but, let me tell you a couple of things over here.

Previously, we discussed the marks for “task fulfilment”, the marks which you will earn for following the instructions given in the question. Now tell me honestly, how can you secure these marks without understanding exactly what the examiner wants from you?

My experience says that you can never completely understand a question unless you read it, at least twice. And to be honest, that is the safe side, if you want to achieve an A* in GCE O Level English . I like to say that during the examination, the question is your best friend .

This takes us to the next tip which is to underline all important information.

You should underline all the important words (or phrases) when you are reading the question.

This is because when you will take a look at the question later, you will have a glimpse of the underlined words, which will remind you about your topic, purpose and audience.

So, this technique can be really useful if you want to write relevant information. The reason being is your proper awareness of the situation. Moreover, these underlined keywords will play a vital role in preventing you from diverging from the topic.

Remember, the purpose of account and report writing is to only provide the required information (and they are not like letters or speech), and writing extra and irrelevant information may harm you in some cases.

Many students think that writing fancy and difficult words are likely to get them good marks. But, how true it is? Let me tell you.

The truth is that if you try to include difficult words often, you are likely to mess up with the sentence structure or at least the meaning of your sentences. This is because in some cases, these words provide little to no value to the reader.

Therefore, use simple and easy words which are easily understandable and instead, try to work on sentence structure (such as simple, compound and complex sentences).

However, this does not mean that you should not use mature language. The words you use should be mature enough to reflect your understanding of English. For instance, “facilitate” instead of “help” can be a better option.

This is a mistake that many students make. They repeat their ideas and sentences to incorporate the word limit, 200 to 300 words.

Remember, as I previously said, the examiner does not want lengthy narratives because you are only reporting a specific incident.

Therefore, avoid repetition.

When you are writing the same thing over and over again, you are compromising the quality of your response. In short, deliver your ideas once instead of multiple times. You should also think that will you not be bored to read the same thing again and again?

This takes us to another important tip which is to edit your response.

Yes, you have to do it. Read your response when you are done and analyse the spelling and grammar mistakes . Then, try to correct them.

But, do not spend a lot of time doing this because you might be short of time for other questions as well. But if you have ample time, edit and re-edit to ensure that your answer is perfect.

You may delete, rewrite or shorten your response (as required). However, never forcefully add words because your writing style should be natural.

These are some tips that you can use to ace the directed writing part of your exam.

To summarise, we write an account to report or describe an event. This is the reason why we avoid giving opinions. The basic format of an account is a heading, followed by a date. Then, we have 5 paragraphs and a proper conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Account Writing:

What is the difference between account and report writing.

Report writing is basically a record of the facts. Some words to better understand report writing are: “Official”, “Detailed” and “lengthy”.

Moreover, report writing is simply telling what happened, where you do not express your opinions.

On the other hand, account writing carries a sense of “being a narrative “. This means that the author can interpret and comment on the facts as well.


I have done my work. Now it is on you.

What were the key points that you took from the sample response of account writing? What mistakes to avoid? What is the format for this question?

All of these questions have been answered for you, and do remember to practise the “ practise question ” given above. Then, get is checked by someone and rewrite it with the corrections . I bet you will improve.

With this, our article has come to an end. I hope that all your queries have been addressed. Thank you very much for reading and staying with me till the end. Stay tuned for more and remember, “practice makes perfect”.

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