How to write a design brief analysis example

Technical platform - if you think it's important describe the technical platform at a high level in this case LAMP plus any other bits. Is it effectively written for that audience. If a television advert or music video creates the atmosphere that you want your flyer to create, then that is a perfectly reasonable statement to make in a design brief.

For meeting minutes, chat logs, brainstorming sessions, etc. A good design brief can be the difference between a design that achieves the business objectives and a purely aesthetically pleasing design. How to Write a Design Brief. First off, you may want to know what a design brief is. If you think they're providing the copy and images for everything, again write it down.

Your Budget And Time-Scale Even if you can only provide a ball-park figure, a budget expectation will give the designer a good idea of the type of solution they will realistically be able to provide. Here we compare three case studies, and look at what works best. You should also provide old promotional material to assist the designer.

Putting the creative brief online for the design team is a fantastic idea. Now take a look at the brief from Glitschka Studios. With that said, the Desired Scenario, the Goals and the Project Keys must be consistent with each other and complement each other. The team knows the contact info and the project scope, but what about budget, deadlines and competition.

What copy text and pictures are needed. You will want to consider what is effective and ineffective. Never assume that the designer will know anything about your company.

Brainstorm a lot, then start writing. Are these arguments logical. One of the key areas where scope fails in my experience is different recollections of these conversations and getting it on paper up front gets rid or much of that.

Key considerations a designer needs to be aware of The creative process and product are extremely subjective and dependent on the sensitivities of the people involved. It has been noticed that the number of strangers walking down our street has increased lately and house holders are becoming concerned about the security of their houses.

Does that make his or her argument more or less believable. What is their product or service. How can they use that as part of their marketing.

However, they are very closely related. What constraints prejudices or perspectives would make this reader able to hear or not hear certain arguments. A design brief is something that is vital to any design project as it will provide the designer s with all the information needed to exceed your expectations.

Leave them in the comments below. Developing and reviewing this bank of references and arriving at a consensus on it can reduce conflicts and confusions.

It also gives you guidelines in which to design. All the hot stuff. When creating a design brief, imagine anything and everything you may need to complete the project. This will help you figure out the tone of the design pieces. Language Whilst you should write in clear, concise way - there is no reason why you cannot use emotive language to emphasise exactly what you are trying to achieve.

If you have multiple audiences, rank them in terms of importance.

It provides a guideline for design, and it is also an excellent opportunity to understand whether the project can work within the provided monetary constraints and time framework. Even the best project plan can be impacted by unknown variables — while sometimes they can work in favor of the project, they often can derail it, cause delays, avoidable iterations and frustrations for everyone involved.

Aug 16,  · Clear instructions with outlines and sample essay forms for writing summary, analysis, and response essays. Academia» Essays; How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper With Examples. Updated on May 17, Virginia Kearney. more.

Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. (give a very brief Reviews: How to Write a Design Report ver: Summary A design report is the written record of the project and generally is the only record that lives once the.

A design brief is an explanation you give to a designer that details the goals, objectives and highlights of a design project.

Clients write design briefs for contractors and, according to Clear Design UK, the briefs are a "critical part of the design process," because they serve as a reference for all parties.

How to write a website design brief. For example: Design / Development / Installation / Hosting Migration / Updates / 2 Months of Support / Max. 3 Design Revisions / etc.

How to Write a Design Brief?

Do you come from a Business Optimization standpoint when you approach an analysis like this? Or do you see it as part of your web Design job?

Maria Tayer says. An Example of a Brief Sample Court Case As an example of the format used in briefing cases, we present here a briefed version of the sample court case that was presented in Exhibit 1A–3 on page A design brief is a written explanation - given to a designer - outlining the aims, objectives and milestones of a design project.

A thorough and articulate design brief is a critical part of the design process.

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...Services, and Bio of Founder I am developing a website for a construction company specializing in concrete shell construction. I need a web content writer who can clearly articulate what this company does and what sets us apart. So I need content for: LANDING PAGE I need to present a brief "job title" of the company and value propositions that attracts the clients we need. BIO I need a concise bio for the company founder on the about us page of the website. SERVICES I need descriptions of services the company offers for the kinds of projects we construct. Right now, I am stuck with a bullet point list naming the "structural systems" we use and need to add content that will engage potential c...

أود نقل صفحات كتبت باليد على كراس على الكميوتر ويتم تسليم العمل على فايل ورد I need someone to write many pages written in a notebook to a word file. I will share images of the written pages (around 50 but i'm still writing it can reach 100 pages). These pages are from small notebook, an experienced content writer can write 20-30 pages in one hour.

...need of a freelancer to design and develop a landing page for my new consulting business. The primary goal of the landing page is to collect email addresses from potential clients. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing and developing landing pages that are optimized for lead generation. Industry: Consulting Target Audience: Both B2B and B2C The landing page should include the following: - A clear and concise headline - An attention-grabbing image - A brief description of the services offered - A call- to -action that prompts visitors to enter their email address - Social proof in the form of testimonials or case studies - An easy- to -use form for visitors to submit thei...

Project as per Project Brief agreed on May 18th 2023.

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...Petrol Price Website We are looking for a skilled and experienced web developer to assist in the development of a comparator website. The goal of the website is to provide users with up- to -date information on prices and locate nearby stations on a map. Additionally, registered users should have the ability to update prices. Project Details: The website will be built using Vue3 and Vite as the frontend technologies, and Ruby on Rails as the backend framework. SEO optimization and mobile responsiveness are essential requirements. The website should be deployable in a Docker container. Special functionality includes user registration, user login, connecting with a database to extract petrol station data and prices, an...

...seeking a freelancer to assist us in conducting a thorough pre-employment vetting process for a single candidate in Frankfurt, Germany. The ideal candidate should have experience in conducting employment history checks and be familiar with the legal requirements in Germany. Specifically, we are looking for the following: - Employment history verification - Verification of work experience including job responsibilities and dates of employment The chosen freelancer should have experience in conducting background checks and be able to provide a detailed report of their findings. The report should include a summary of the candidate's employment history, with a focus on any discrepancies or gaps in employment. If you h...

I am looking for a skilled designer to create a brochure for my bakery in French. The brochure will be a tri-fold design , and I have a clear vision in mind for the layout and overall aesthetic. The brochure should include our menu and pricing information, as well as a brief history of the bakery. Ideal candidates for this job will have experience in creating visually appealing and informative brochures for food in French is also required. Thank you for your interest in this project. here is the super details hi! I am producing a brochure for the products i sell in my bakery and company for this summer. i would like a 3 fold z style witch totals 6 faces. this brochure needs to be in french!! i will write ...

...looking for a skilled developer who can create a pay per minute system for chat, phone and video calls for our consultants. Money will be added to the customers wallet and prepay prior to receiving consultation - that is paid per minute. The system should be integrated with both our website and mobile app. We prefer JavaScript/Node.js as the programming language for this project. The primary payment method for transactions should be Credit Card. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong experience in JavaScript/Node.js programming - Knowledge of integrating payment systems into websites and mobile apps - Experience in developing pay per minute systems - Familiarity with security measures for credit card transactions The successful candidat...

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I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an Appointment Booking System for Services. Example : Features and Integrations: - Payment Processing - SMS/Email Notifications - Calendar Sync The system will be used by more than 5 service providers, so it should be able to handle a large number of bookings and appointments. The user interface should be intuitive and easy to use for both service providers and customers. I am open to suggestions regarding the technology stack and platform, but the system should be secure, scalable, and mobile-friendly. The project should be completed within a reasonable timeframe and within the budget.

I am experiencing responsive design issues with my website and I need them resolved within 24 hours. I cannot provide a website URL or screenshots, but I can describe the issues in detail. I am looking for a CSS expert with experience in responsive design to fix the issues quickly and efficiently. The ideal freelancer will have the following skills: - Experience with responsive design - Strong CSS skills - Attention to detail - Ability to work quickly and meet tight deadlines If you have the skills and experience I am looking for, please submit your proposal with a brief explanation of how you would approach this project. Thank you.

I want to apply for a student visa of Canada and I am looking for someone who can write an effective study plan.

I am looking for an experienced sales reps to join my team on a commission basis to sell physical products to a specific target market. You will reasearch and cold email customers. The ideal candidate will have: - Experience in cold emailing and sales - A proven track record of achieving sales targets - Excellent communication and negotiation skills - The ability to work independently and manage their own schedule As a commission-based role, the candidate will be motivated to achieve sales targets and earn a high income. This is a great opportunity for a sales professional to join a growing company and contribute to its success. If you have the skills and experience we're loo...

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Budget - Upto 2000 INR/- I am looking for a skilled and creative web designer to help me create a stunning 5-page WordPress website for a villa. The website will serve as an online platform to showcase the villa and provide visitors with information about its amenities, features, and location. Please note that this project does not require any payment gateway integration. Project Scope: Homepage: The homepage should feature an impressive hero image of the villa, accompanied by a welcoming message. It should also include a brief introduction to the villa, highlighting its key features and attractions. Accommodations: This page will showcase the different types of accommodations available at the villa, such as rooms, suites, ...

I am looking for a skilled and creative web designer to help me create a stunning 5-page WordPress website for a villa. The website will serve as an online platform to showcase the villa and provide visitors with information about its amenities, features, and location. Please note that this project does not require any payment gateway integration. Project Scope: Homepage: The homepage should feature an impressive hero image of the villa, accompanied by a welcoming message. It should also include a brief introduction to the villa, highlighting its key features and attractions. Accommodations: This page will showcase the different types of accommodations available at the villa, such as rooms, suites, and villas. Each accommoda...

Objective: Create a captivating 1-minute video that serves as a landing page for Islanded, an online platform representing the web as an ocean, and internet browsers as explorers navigating the digital seas in search of land. The video should convey the concept of the web's vastness and highlight the uniqueness of Islanded as a destination for web surfers. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and creative approaches to bring this concept to life. Key Message: Islanded is your gateway to the expansive world of the internet, where browsers embark on exciting voyages to discover new digital territories. Target Audience: Internet users, particularly those who enjoy browsing the web, seeking unique experiences, and discovering new content....

...seeking an experienced freelance web developer to help us design and implement a unique, single-page website that utilizes GPT-based API code for chat and a Midjourney API for AI-generated images. The aim of the website is to provide a simple yet efficient interface that allows users to input details that the AI will use to generate unique images. These images will be watermarked and will require payment for downloading. Job Responsibilities: Collaborate closely with us to understand our vision and project requirements. Design and develop a responsive, user-friendly, single-page website. Integrate GPT-based AI chat and Midjourney API for AI-based image generation. Implement an image watermarking system to ...

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...shared access to capital, technology, and community. We offer creators access to mentorship, professional tools needed to grow their brands, and a community invested in each other's success. Your Role We are looking for a talented video editor with a passion for online content creation to join our team in helping content creators bring their vision and passion to life. You will work with some of the biggest creators in the space, helping shape their content into viral-worthy videos that will reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers worldwide. Responsibilities As a CreatorDAO video editor, you will be responsible for the following: Video editing: Working with CreatorDAO and directly with the creators the...

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Sort Product by Price in Wor...WordPress Website I am looking for an experienced freelancer to help me sort the products on my WordPress website by lowest to highest price. The ideal candidate should have experience working with WordPress and be able to implement this sorting feature seamlessly. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in WordPress - Experience with sorting products by price - Knowledge of e-commerce best practices - Strong attention to detail - Excellent communication skills Application Requirements: - Your relevant experience with sorting products by price - Examples of past work - A brief overview of your approach to implementing this feature on my website I am looking for a freelancer who is reliable, efficient, a...

We are seeking a knowledgeable and experienced business or technology consultant to assist us with the implementation of the StudentConnect platform. This project aims to connect private school students through an electronic bracelet, providing a range of benefits including streamlined payment processes, communication channels with parents, attendance tracking, and student expense management. The consultant will be responsible for conducting thorough research and delivering a comprehensive report outlining the necessary steps and strategies to successfully execute the project. The report should include an estimated timeline, budget, recommended technologies, and a step-by-step algorithm for implementing the minimum viable features of the pl...

how to program a microcontroller to read the room temperature from a sensor and control a DC motor, which is connected to a fan and also required to design a random access memory device in VHDL for the microcontroller.

I am looking for a skilled writer who can write a letter of recommendation (2000 words) for a machine learning engineer. The purpose of the letter is for a visa application. The key qualities and achievements I would like to highlight in the letter are talent, technical expertise, impact, and more impact! I will provide the context (~1100 words). Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Excellent writing skills - Experience writing letters of recommendation - Understanding of the key qualities and achievements that should be highlighted in a letter of recommendation - Attention to detail and ability to accurately convey information - Professionalism and confidentiality.

WRITE A SOP FOR CANADA TO REAPPLY MY STUDY VISA I have one previous refusal I need an expert and well-experienced person to write my sop and prepare client information for me using the given documents which I will provide. ALSO, HAVE TO PREPARE CLIENT INFORMATION DOCUMENTS FOR MYSELF.

Read a book of around 170 pages and write 100 genuine reviews on the basis of it on an excel sheet. Some reviews should be long, some can be short but not that short. You can use AI but make sure that each reviews are unique.

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How To Write a Design Brief and Improve Communication with a Client

Author Valeriia Vodiashyna

Any design begins with a discussion of the project and the wishes of the customer. You can write a lot of messages to the client and look for information in the dialogue. Or you can send a design brief that will summarize everything in one place.

You will simplify the client’s life because he won’t need to figure out what he wants and how to describe it to you. And, you will have all the basic information in one document so you know what work is required. There will be no need to hysterically look for where the message is with the list of desired colors. Better, right?

After reading the article, you will know what a brief is and why it is needed. You will also find convenient templates for working in Notion and a free brief template.

microphone for podcasts.

What Is a Brief and how Does It Help a Designer?

Explaining the meaning of the brief.

A well-filled brief will speed up your work. You will have more free time and you will be able to do cool jobs for sales on the platforms. For example, you can become a vendor on MasterBundles – we are open to designers of all levels. You can send us your work free of charge – just fill out the form . This is one of the ways to increase your income and briefs are not needed for this easy task 🙂

The best brief will help the client:

The brief is not limited to any one area of ​​design. You can create websites/applications, UI kits, posters, illustrations, postcards, logos, etc. and for this you can adapt a free design brief template.

how to use free design brief template.

Sometimes clients come with their own brief, but this is rare. You have to be prepared for clients who don’t know what a brief is or how to write it properly.

There will be some details that you discussed already in the initial process. This is normal. The brief shouldn’t be huge so that the client looks at it and is overwhelmed by it.

Banner for downloading our free guide.

How Is a Design Brief Different from a TOR?

If you are confused about the concepts of “BRIEF” and “TOR,” then let’s figure it out. It will be easier for you to communicate with customers and understand what they send you.

The brief and TOR are created to improve understanding between the customer and the designer. After all, if there is no understanding, then the result will be incomprehensible.

You read about the brief above, so let’s quickly talk about TOR. This is a detailed document that describes the technical characteristics of the design. For example, if a customer needs a website, then all the functions of the site, the number of pages, etc. are described.

Now let’s fix it with an example.

Difference between brief and tor.

Now you should be able to distinguish the brief from the TOR. So let’s figure out how to create an informative and simple brief.

Structure of a Good Brief

It is important to tailor the view for each project. Questions in the website design brief and the graphic design brief may differ. However, there are some basic blocks that should be included.

Detailed Information about the Client

Here we find out what the customer is doing in their business. For example, for a hairdresser, this direction is clear to any designer. Ideas and associations will quickly arise for this sphere in the designer’s mind.

And what if the client is engaged in the manufacture of metal structures? If you have not worked in this area, then it will be difficult for you to understand the details without asking for more information.

Details, brand name, brand history, and information about unique features are needed to fully understand the client’s work.

The Uniqueness of the Project/Product & its USP

It’s useful to know the main competitors and the unique selling proposition (USP) of the company. This will help you make design accents to make your brand stand out from the rest.

For example, pastel colors are more often used in beauty salons. And the client wants something daring and youthful. This is his USP. So, the design can be with neon colors, creative elements, and a friendly tone of voice.

Target Audience

You need to understand who the design should appeal to first. The design should be understandable and interesting for them. For example, retirees are unlikely to trust the TikTok logo, and teenagers will not appreciate the UPS corporate identity.

Description of the target audience includes:

With the right information, you will better understand who these people are, where they go, and what brand designs they interact with.

The Purpose of the Design

If the client himself doesn’t understand why he needs a design, then in 99% of cases you have problems. It will be almost impossible to please such a customer, although there is a small chance. But you still need nerves, so don’t waste them on this scenario.

For example, here are the most popular reasons for ordering visual brand identity:

The list can be continued indefinitely. But it’s better not to try to guess, but to ask the customer directly. Remember that your inner psychic is off today.

Customer’s Dream Design

Some clients don’t know exactly what they want from a designer. In this section, you should learn about the style, colors, fonts, and graphic elements that the customer likes.

Ask these leading questions to make it easier for the client to describe their wishes. Add an item where the client can send pictures with examples. Then you will not need to rack your brains and try to guess the style.

We recommend using mood boards — collages of pictures that show the color scheme and mood of the project.

Modern lilac mood board.

Timeline and Budget

It’s important to discuss this to avoid mutual claims later. Here you can find out intermediate and final deadlines, the cost, methods and procedure of payment, and work expectation with edits.

Client's brief.

How to Create a Design Brief

You need to highlight questions that will help you in your work. These questions will then be added to the brief. To create a form, you can use Google Forms, Microsoft Word/Excel, and Notion. On MasterBundles, there are plenty of cool templates for Notion – here you can find customizable templates for any purpose at super affordable prices.

Best notion templates - banner.

Tip: Want to know how to create a design brief for the client to fill out? Design the brief so that the client can answer questions immediately in this same form. Don’t send a PDF, even if you’ve designed it very nicely. Make it in a convenient format and minimize customer dissatisfaction.

What to Do if the Client Refuses to Fill out a Design Brief

For example, he says that he won’t fill out any briefs because he doesn’t know what it is. Maybe, he doesn’t know what he wants and how to answer. Then explain to him that you can make a design, but you cannot get into his head and find answers there without his participation.

But if he doesn’t agree in any way, then there is a life hack.

Offer to call the client and prepare references from this conversation. Send them to the client so that he can choose and say what he likes and does not like.

While in the process of communication, ask all the questions, discuss in detail the references, and concentrate on what the client says. Fill out the brief for him and send it for verification.

Try to implement everything you have read in the article and you will realize that working with well-filled briefs saves time on design development. Thanks to this, you will better understand the tasks and requirements of the client. This allows you to complete the project with almost no edits and without lengthy approvals.

The key to the success of the project is the mutual understanding of the designer and the customer, and the best tool for this is competent communication.

The Design Brief (Ep1/4) | Free Example | Design Insights

How To Write a Design Brief and Improve Communication with a Client - pinterest.

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How to Write a Design Brief in 8 Steps with Templates and Examples

Haillie Parker

May 4, 2023

No matter how many hours we spend staring into our dog’s eyes, none of us are mind readers. 🔮 🐶

Luckily, there are ways to combat our lack of telepathy in the workplace—especially when it comes to design concepts that we imagine so vividly in our heads, but have no idea how to recreate IRL.

What’s the solution? Writing detailed and practical design briefs, of course!

Like placing an order at a restaurant, design briefs tell the designer what you want out of a request. It’s how they understand what the project is, what the task requires, and where to start.

The key to a highly effective design brief is to be both clear and concise—which is challenging when you’re dealing with complex tasks or multiple non-negotiable project requirements . But we’re here to help with tips and examples to take your design briefs to the next level. 💜

Whether your design team is looking to standardize your briefs and requests, or you’re part of an agency commissioning a company project, this article has you covered. Read along for a fresh take on writing efficient design briefs including the essential elements, how-to breakdowns, a customizable template, and more! 

What is a Design Brief?

Step 1: choose your design brief project management software, step 2: the design brief project description, step 3: the design brief objective and smart goals, step 4: the design brief’s target audience, step 5: your budget and timeline, step 6: the expected deliverables, step 7: anything else you deem important , step 8: share it with the team, design brief template.

A design brief is a written document that lays the design thinking for a design project with the outlined goals, scope, and approach for the request. Similar to your project roadmap , the design brief is a designer’s guiding light when it comes to the where , what , when , and why of a specific request. 

Design briefs typically pass through many hands before they land on the designer’s to-do list. With approvals from all project managers and stakeholders , the brief should be thorough but to the point, identifying the approved timeline, end product, and budget (if applicable).

Creative Brief Example Made In ClickUp Docs

On a deeper level, briefs are also a way for the designer to connect and align with the person making the request. In this sense, try to use your brief as a collaborative tool for eliminating the general confusion that comes with additional back-and-forth phone calls, messages, and emails.

But while it’s important to include key details and context to your requests, your design brief should still be, well, brief . You want it to be long enough to describe the project and communicate your request without overwhelming the designer with a multi-page pamphlet that runs margin-to-margin. 🥵

How do these ideas come together in a design brief? We’ll show you! 

How to Write a Design Brief (With Examples)

In an exciting turn of events, there’s no set-in-stone format you must stick to when writing an effective design brief. 🤩

Your team will find the type of brief that serves your design project management style best in terms of length, detail, and work style. Small requests or smaller-scale projects may not require as hefty of a brief, but there are still key elements that all briefs share. 

Product Brief Example Made in ClickUp Docs

Relying on a template, a survey-style request, or a standardized document structure are all great ways to collect the necessary information to build a design brief. The key is to keep it consistent! Here is our step-by-step guide for writing effective design briefs with real-life examples. ✏️

Follow these eight steps from top to bottom—or skip to the next section for a free customizable template to make the process even easier! 🤓

Design projects are collaborative by nature and your ideal design project management software will have the features to support that! Powerful design tools will alleviate some of the stress and streamline daily processes involved in your design workflow with the ability to organize, edit, share, and manage projects of any size. 

And since design briefs are commonly formatted in a document, your chosen project management tool will likely include a built-in document editor or integrations to bring all of the right information together across apps. 

Think of your design brief as a reliable source of truth—a document that you can refer back to at any time for the most accurate information and progress updates. The best example of this? ClickUp Docs . 📃

ClickUp Docs are your destination for all things text-based in your Workspace. In true ClickUp fashion, Docs offer a ton of features like AI, nested pages, Slash Commands , styling options, embedding, and advanced settings to customize the look and functionality of your Doc.

ClickUp AI is a powerhouse tool for design briefs. You can use AI to generate ideas quickly, allowing you to brainstorm and refine concepts with little effort. With a few simple clicks, ClickUp AI can generate hundreds of ideas in no time at all. From there, you can filter out irrelevant content, find the best fit for your design brief, or narrow down the selection to create a cohesive brief.

You’ll also love how far your can take your design briefs with real-time editing, @mentions in comments , and secure sharing and permissions via a simple link. Plus, Docs can be connected to your workflows so any updates that happen in your document are automatically reflected in related tasks and other areas of your workspace. 

Context is everything and this section of your design brief should give exactly that! 

Give a brief but descriptive overview of what your project is and what it will be used for. This doesn’t have to dig too deep, but a sentence or two that clearly states your request and what you’ll be using it for is a great starting point for the designer.

This section may also include a bit about the company or client commissioning the design. What the company does, its primary services, values, and brand identity are common details to find in this section. 

Our social media marketing agency is redesigning our website to feature a new home page, blog section, and portfolio. We are a small team of eight members who work with 50 businesses in our area, and all of our work is currently clustered together on our outdated webpage. We have matured as a brand since we created our initial website and grown as a company, and we want our new website to reflect that. 

Describe the problem this project will address and the big-picture idea that you’re hoping to achieve with it. Be direct with the purpose you want the project to serve and use this section to align the design team with the client’s overall vision and objective through SMART goals . 

P.S., SMART stands for Specific , Measurable , Attainable , Relevant , and Time-bound . 

Goals in ClickUp

Want to learn more about SMART goals and why they’re so important? Check out our goals resources to write and implement goals across departments! 

We want our redesigned website to reflect our brand identity better, drive more traffic to our services, and increase email newsletter sign-ups by 25% by the end of our next fiscal quarter. 

The next section of your brief covers the who of it all. Not so much related to who you are as a company requesting a design, but who the project is targeted to.

This is where the client commissioning the project will describe their ideal customer, audience, user personas, and use cases . This design is like your first impression—a way to show customers that you have a solution to a specific problem they are facing and that your project meets their needs.

It is crucial for the designer to understand who you’re trying to reach through this request to meaningfully connect with those customers’ needs. 

Our target market audiences are female entrepreneurs in the San Diego area in the 25-34 and 35-44 age ranges. These clients want to grow their business by investing in paid ads on social media platforms and want resources to improve and increase their online presence. 

Now we’re starting to move into the details and logistics sections of your design brief. ⏰💸

Make sure the timeline provided is realistic and feasible for what the brief is asking. If there are any budgetary or resource constraints, this is the time to lay them down. 

Designers need to know when the project is due for its first round of edits, when they can expect feedback from the client, and any key milestones , task dependencies , or deadlines tied to the request. This will help establish clear communication between the designer and the client so all of their expectations are met, and avoid potential bottlenecks while the project is in progress.

Pro tip: Also note if there is any flexibility with the expected budget and timeline.

Our ideal timeline from start to finish is six months. We are announcing our new website at an event in March but want to quietly launch the website a month prior. This extra month will give us some wiggle room if there are any setbacks. We would like to approve the mockups and wireframes, and go through two rounds of edits before we launch.

This section is all about the file details and formatting in which you want to receive the project. If necessary or applicable, specify the size, file type, naming process, and deliverables you’re expecting. AKA, what is your preferred type of video, image, or software to work with and how should they share it with you?

We will approve initial ideas and designs from our digital whiteboard software and review all wireframes in Figma.

To make sure that all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, add any other relevant information to the end. This may include key contacts to reach out to if the designer has any urgent questions, approval process details, key dates, client mockups, and more!

This is a great time to specify anything that you do not want to see from this project and inspo images to give the designer a clear idea of what to work off of. 

Check our virtual whiteboard for recent work we’ve done with our clients, rough sketches of what we’re imagining for our new website, some research, media, and more!

Our suggestion? ClickUp Whiteboards ! 🎨

Mockup drawings and brainstorming on ClickUp Whiteboards

ClickUp Whiteboards are highly visual, collaborative, and productive! What’s more, they’re also the only whiteboard software on the market that can convert any object on your board into a customizable task and connect it to your workflows. 

With tools for drawing, uploading media, embedding, styling, and real-time editing, ClickUp Whiteboards are built to capture your ideas the moment they happen so you can act on them instantly. Seriously, Whiteboards are every designer’s dream. ✨ 

Plus, your Whiteboard stays updated at all times, wiping out the need for multiple tabs, constant refreshing, and confusion caused by lengthy text-based descriptions. 

RE: Step 1—design briefs are collaborative! 

You need the ability to quickly share, edit, and update your design briefs via custom permissions and convenient sharing options like a simple link. This will get the entire team quickly get on the same page (literally) and stay on target. 🎯

Like in a bad game of telephone, inconsistent design project briefs gloss over key ideas and eventually lose the main point of the project entirely. But customizable templates are a surefire way to guarantee every detail is clearly stated.

Think of pre-built templates as a springboard for standardizing the way you write your design briefs. They’re created to simplify and streamline the design brief process so everyone involved can focus on what matters most—the project itself. 

The Design Brief Template by ClickUp is your one-stop solution for writing thorough and valuable creative briefs . This template applies a designated List to your Workspace with separate views for managing tasks, timelines, and your overall direction. 

The Design Brief Template by ClickUp

In your design brief List view , you’ll find pre-made customizable tasks for everything from client sessions to gathering assets , and seven custom statuses for total transparency. But the coolest feature of this template is definitely the creative brief Whiteboard with colored sections, sticky notes, and diagrams to solidify your project vision, brand, resources, notes, and more. 

The Design Brief Template in Whiteboards by ClickUp

This template also comes with a thorough how-to ClickUp Doc to walk you through every feature to ensure you’re using it to the fullest extent. 

Pro tip : 

The Help Doc in the Design Brief Template shows off a ton of styling and formatting features to use as inspiration when writing your design brief Docs in ClickUp. 

Set banners at the top of your Doc and throughout the page for a clear outline of information, embed videos, add a table of contents, and more. Or, layer another one of ClickUp’s pre-built templates on top of your Doc to keep the process moving along.

Write Your Next Design Brief in ClickUp

There you have it! Not only are you set up for success with the eight essential steps for writing design briefs, but you’ve got a flexible, free , and customizable template to lighten the load. 

The take-home idea though is not just how to write a functional brief, but how to make the most of it. And that’s where ClickUp can help you take your processes to new heights. ✅

ClickUp Docs, Chat, and List view in ClickUp

ClickUp is the ultimate productivity platform for teams to bring all of their work together into one collaborative space, no matter your use case or work style. Its feature list is loaded with hundreds of time-saving tools to make work management easier and more convenient than ever—with 15 ways to visualize your projects, over 1,000 integrations , in-app chat, and more! 

Access everything you need to write effective design briefs including ClickUp Docs, Whiteboards, 100MB of storage, unlimited tasks, and more at absolutely no cost when you sign up for ClickUp’s Free Forever Plan . 

And when you’re ready to boost your productivity even further, unlock even more advanced features for as little as $5 .

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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How to Write a Good Design Brief? [+ Templates]

design brief

A design brief is crucial in guiding the design process toward a successful outcome where designers meet client/stakeholder expectations. A good design brief can avoid costly scope creep, missed deadlines, poor communication, and inferior results.

Enhance your design projects with the world’s most advanced collaborative design tool. Create high-fidelity prototypes that look and feel like the end product for meaningful feedback from stakeholders and user testing. Sign up for a free trial to explore UXPin’s features and build your first fully interactive prototype.

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What is a Design Brief?

A design brief describes a project’s scope, expectations, responsibilities, deadlines, and deliverables specific to designers. It tells designers what to design, who it’s for, and when to deliver it.

Projects that don’t have a comprehensive design brief risk wasting resources, for example:

What is the purpose of the design brief?

A design brief serves multiple purposes:

What is the difference between a design brief and a design specification?

A design brief outlines what designers must create, while the specifications define specific details, including visual design elements, user flows, assets, file formats, accessibility requirements, brand guidelines, technical limitations, etc. Many design briefs include design specs to provide context and guidance for design teams.

How to Create a Design Brief Template

Creating a design brief template can save time while prompting the right questions before writing one at the start of a project.

how to write design brief example

Project summary

The project summary provides a high-level overview of the project, whether it’s an existing product or something designers are building from scratch. If the brief is for a design agency, the summary might include client details and contact information.

The project overview might also include high-level details like:

Summaries are essential for stakeholders who typically don’t need too much detail but want to understand the purpose of the design project.

Project overview

The project overview defines the scope and deliverables. Most importantly, it’ll outline the problem designers must solve or the purpose of the design project.

Some points to include in the overview include:

UX research & artifacts

If there is any existing research, the brief will list these UX artifacts with links to a shared project folder. Some examples include:

Project goals

The project’s goals describe what the design must achieve. These are typically business or marketing-related metrics like increasing conversions or reducing a website’s bounce rate.

Most importantly, project goals must be measurable using a baseline and KPIs and have a deadline. For example, “we want to increase the current conversion rate from 1.4% to the industry average of 3% by April 10, 2022.” Designers can analyze the current design, research competitors, conduct tests, see why users might be hesitant to convert, and design an appropriate solution.

Target audience

Most redesigns have an existing target audience and user groups with personas and other user research data. The person compiling the design brief will include a high-level overview of this information, with links to any research.

If there is little or no user data, the UX team will have to research the market and competitors to identify the product’s target audience and create personas, empathy maps, user journeys, etc., for the design project. Conducting this research from scratch will take considerable time, which stakeholders must consider when setting deadlines.

Design requirements

The design requirements (design specifications) describe the visual assets, formats, guidelines, and tools designers must use.

Some examples include:

The design requirements will also include the project’s deliverables, but you can have this as a separate section. Some examples include:

Timelines and budget

The project’s timeline and budget are essential for any design brief. This section lets designers plan, prioritize, and allocate the appropriate resources.

Some considerations for the project’s timeline include:

It’s essential to allocate the project budget to specific tasks or disciplines within the project so that team members can take ownership and manage resources accordingly. For example, defining budgets for the following areas:

Additional notes and information

You can create an extra session for additional notes and information. Some examples of what to include here:

Design Brief Example Templates

how to write design brief example

Here are some design brief templates from popular project management tools. 

5 Tips for Writing a Design Brief

designops efficiency arrow

Interviewing clients and stakeholders

Most of a design brief’s details will come from a client or stakeholders. A project manager or design lead’s job is to interview these people and gather the information required to compile the design brief.

Encourage creativity

Designers are experts at finding creative and innovative solutions. A good design brief must guide rather than dictate the creative process. While it’s important to outline your design requirements, it’s just as important to inform designers where they have creative freedom.

Define tasks and decision-makers

An effective design brief delegates tasks and identifies key stakeholders and decision-makers. Assigning these roles at the beginning of a design project creates accountability while eliminating the “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario. Designers must know who has the final say to avoid adding features or taking instructions from the wrong people.

A succinct way to include these key people in your design brief is by using the RACI project management model :

Effective timelines and deadlines

Many design briefs only include a final deadline, but there are many milestones for a design project. Setting deadlines for each milestone ensures designers prioritize their time effectively and don’t spend too much time in one discipline.

Some critical time milestones include:

Plan beyond the scope

Thinking about the future is crucial. There might be a marketing campaign to promote the release or a possible future redesign. Make sure you include these requirements in the design brief.

For example, a marketing campaign will require social media assets. The design brief can instruct designers to provide images and videos in the necessary formats for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Getting all the design files, prototypes, and research for future design projects is also crucial because they could save valuable time and resources. Create a shared folder where designers can dump these assets for future reference.

Clear brand expectations

Clear guidelines save time with back-and-forth communication or redesigns because designers used the wrong elements. Create a shared folder or zip file that designers can download and use for the project.

Some key brand assets include:

Improve Product Design Projects With UXPin

User testing and client/stakeholder feedback are crucial for delivering design projects. Designers use this feedback to iterate and improve design ideas to deliver great user experiences.

The biggest challenge for designers and stakeholders is poor prototype quality. These inferior prototypes are difficult to interpret, making it difficult to get client/stakeholder buy-in.

With UXPin, designers can build fully interactive prototypes indistinguishable from the final product. They can even connect APIs and use live data to demonstrate the end result accurately. These high-fidelity prototypes get meaningful, actionable feedback from testing and stakeholders, so designers can iterate faster with higher quality outcomes.

Enhance your projects with a sophisticated design tool built for modern UX demands. Sign up for a free trial to explore UXPin’s advanced design and prototyping features.

Build prototypes that are as interactive as the end product. Try UXPin

how to write design brief example

by UXPin on 18th January, 2023

UXPin is a web-based design collaboration tool. We’re pleased to share our knowledge here.

UXPin is a product design platform used by the best designers on the planet. Let your team easily design, collaborate, and present from low-fidelity wireframes to fully-interactive prototypes.

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how to write design brief example

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how to write design brief example

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Choose and work with a designer, write an effective design brief.

The designer's job is to come up with specific, workable solutions for you. The more information you give them, the better the result they'll produce. This is where a design brief comes in.

What is a design brief?

A design brief is a concise, written document that outlines all of the main considerations for your project. It is a critical part of the design process, as it sets clear expectations and goals for everyone involved.

Creating a design brief will give you chance to consider and discuss all the important design issues before you actually commission a designer to start work.

How do you write a design brief?

A brief should be a point of reference at all stages of your design process. It should clarify what you want to achieve, what you expect from the working relationship and if any limitations apply.

Your design brief should include:

While a brief should be concise, more information is better than not enough.

Refine the design brief

A good brief will help develop trust and understanding between you and your designer. Your designer may want to review or refine the brief with you to make sure that all considerations are covered and understood. See  key things to agree with your designer .

Design brief example

Download an example design brief for a website (PDF, 28K) .

How To Write Design Brief Example Whether you're wanting to add a personal touch to your house or just wish to make it feel more welcoming, there are countless style concepts you can utilize to fix up your space. One great method to include character to your home is by integrating your favorite colors into the style. If you're unsure where to begin, attempt painting one wall in a bold color or including colorful accents throughout the room.


Another terrific way to customize your house is by showing your preferred products. Whether it's household pictures, art pieces, or knick-knacks, having things that you like on display screen will make your space feel more like your own. You can also include individual touches to your home by incorporating special aspects into your design. If you're a fan of rustic décor, attempt adding some recovered wood furniture or accents..

Making your house appearance fresh and brand-new doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming. With a couple of simple style ideas, you can provide your area a whole new look.


There are limitless possibilities when it concerns developing and sprucing up your house. With a little imagination and creativity, you can transform your house into a trendy and inviting area. Whether you wish to make a couple of easy changes or carry out a complete makeover, there are plenty of style concepts to pick from. So get creative and begin making your home look its best.

What Is a Design Brief and How to Write It

Learn how to stay aligned and keep your design project on track.

In order for the designer to do the best job they can, first, it's crucial to understand exactly what the design task requires.

This is where the design brief comes in . When done correctly, it becomes a vital communication tool for your design project. Running a project without it usually means relying on phone calls, long email threads, notes, and messages, which inevitably results in chaos. Whether you are a design agency or a company commissioning the design, with a brief, you have a single guiding document for your entire design process.

Let's go into what design briefs are and how to write them.

What is a design brief?

How to write a design brief, what to include in a design brief, design brief template.

A design brief is a document that defines the core details of your upcoming design project , including its goals, scope, and strategy. It needs to define what you, as a designer, need to do, and within what constraints. In many ways, it works like a roadmap or a blueprint, informing design decisions and guiding the overall workflow of your project, from conception to completion.

Most importantly, a well-crafted brief should help you make sure that there is full agreement among the stakeholders on project deliverables, budget, and schedule.

Here's an example of a design brief created in Nuclino , a unified workspace where teams can bring all their knowledge, docs, and projects together in one place. Create an account and start writing your own design briefs:

Design brief example in Nuclino

An example of a logo design brief in Nuclino

Since most design projects are collaborative and involve multiple stakeholders, carefully consider where you are going to write your design brief . Creating it in a Word document would mean having to deal with emails , bouncing around your team's inboxes, and outdated attachments. Using a document sharing tool that facilitates collaboration, such as Google Docs or Nuclino , could help you ensure everyone always has the latest version of the brief and make it easy to provide their input.

Regardless of the tool you use, the most important task is deciding what content to include. After all, a design brief is only valuable if it captures the correct, relevant, and up-to-date information.

It can take many forms and follow many different templates. Every design project is different, so there’s no fixed formula for the perfect brief. It can be a very formal, long, and detailed document, or it can be a simple and short one-pager. However, there are several essential elements that make a great brief.

Design brief template

Project overview

The project overview section of your brief should provide a clear and concise description of your design project. It should cover the what and why behind your project. For example: "We need a logo design for use online or in print", or "we need a logo animation in the MP4 format to be used in the introduction of our product tutorial videos."

You can formulate this section by asking yourself or your client the following questions:

What are we building?

What design problem are we trying to solve?

What assets are expected at the completion of the project?

Goals and objectives of the new design

One of the most important steps in planning a design project and writing your design brief is aligning on what you (or your client) want to achieve with the new design.

Make a distinction between goals and objectives . Goals describe the overall purpose of the project, while objectives are concrete measures of success in reaching a goal. The more specific and unambiguous these are in the project brief, the clearer the path will be for your work. Here are some questions that may help get clarity on project goals and objectives:

What would an ideal outcome look like for this project?

Are you redesigning an existing artifact? Why?

Is this the first time you are trying to tackle this design problem?

Target market or audience

Understanding your audience is the first step in addressing their needs in the best possible way. Take your ideal customer, and build your persona around them. Outline their demographic traits and psychographic characteristics, as well as the problems you want to solve for them through your product.

Who is your ideal customer?

What are their demographics, habits, and goals?

When and how will they be using your product?

Budget and schedule

Understanding the budget and agreeing to a timeline are critical steps in the briefing process. Clarifying these constraints and expectations upfront is necessary for keeping the project on track and avoiding conflicts and scope creep down the road. Both, the schedule and the budget should be realistic and flexible enough to account for potential changes or unexpected obstacles.

Try asking these questions to gather the information you need:

What are the budget constraints on this project? How flexible are they?

What internal deadlines does this project need to align with?

What are the key milestones within the project?

Project deliverables

Aligning on project deliverables is one of the core purposes of the design brief. Even a small misunderstanding can create major problems if not addressed as soon as possible. Here are some questions that may help you clarify which deliverables you would need:

What do you or your client expect to receive at the end of the project?

What file formats should work be supplied in?

What sizes and resolutions are needed?

Other relevant information

Depending on the project, you may need to include additional details in your brief. For example:

Who are the main competitors?

Are there any "do nots"? Any features or creative directions you want to reject upfront?

Who will do the final approval? Who will have the power to approve or reject your work at the end of the project?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to design briefs. The exact format needs to be defined by your own internal design workflow.

However, having a template that you can use as your starting point for each project you work on can certainly save you a lot of time and ensure you don' miss anything important. Here is a sample template you can use for inspiration when creating your own.

Design brief template

Design brief template in Nuclino

Once you have created your brief, don't forget to keep it up-to-date and make sure to make it easily accessible to all relevant stakeholders. It's important to remember that it's never fully finished until the project is complete – instead, it continuously evolves as part of the design process. You may need to revise it several times over the course of the project, for example, when you get new input from your clients or your team.

If you are using a tool like Nuclino , you can collaboratively edit your brief in real time and comment on specific sections. The document can be easily shared with external stakeholders using a shared link . Finished deliverables – files, images, Figma designs , and so on – can be embedded or uploaded directly into the brief, making it easy to manage your entire design project within a single document.

Nuclino : Your team's collective brain


Nuclino brings all your team's knowledge, docs, and projects together in one place. It's a modern, simple, and blazingly fast way to collaborate, without the chaos of files and folders, context switching, or silos.

Create a central knowledge base and give your team a single source of truth.

Collaborate in real time or asynchronously and spend less time in meetings.

Manage and document your projects in one place without losing context.

Organize, sort, and filter all kinds of data with ease.

Integrate the tools you love , like Slack, Google Drive, Figma, Lucidchart, and more.

Ready to get started?


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    If you are going to organize a design competition, you need to write a good design brief, here is how. A design brief is, in its broadest sense, set of information given to the designer so that the resulting

  4. How to Write a Design Brief in 8 Steps (Templates and Examples)

    But we're here to help with tips and examples to take your design briefs to the next level. Read along for a fresh take on writing efficient design briefs including the essential elements

  5. How to Write a Good Design Brief? [+ Templates]

    A good design brief can avoid costly scope creep, missed deadlines, poor communication, and inferior results. Projects that don't have a comprehensive design brief risk wasting resources, for example

  6. Write an effective design brief

    A design brief is a concise, written document that outlines all of the main considerations for your project. A brief should be a point of reference at all stages of your design process

  7. How To Write Design Brief Example

    How To Write Design Brief Example Whether you're aiming to include a personal touch to your home or simply wish to make it feel more welcoming, there are numerous design ideas you can utilize to spruce up your area

  8. How to Write a Design Brief (with Examples)

    For example: "We need a logo design for use online or in print", or "we need a logo animation in the MP4 format to be used in the introduction of our product tutorial videos."