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How do you solve #1.6= log(4x)#?

how to solve logs for x

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how to solve logs for x

How to get rid of log base 10

How do I get rid of LOG10?

Can you cancel logs if they have the same base, how do you get rid of natural log, what is the opposite of a natural log, how do you cancel out a log, how do you make log bases the same.

What is a negative log?

How do i get rid of negative log.

Why can’t LN be negative?

How do you find a negative log without a calculator.

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    how to solve logs for x

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    how to solve logs for x

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    how to solve logs for x

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    how to solve logs for x

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    how to solve logs for x

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    how to solve logs for x


  1. Solve x using Logarithmic Properties

  2. Expand: log(x/y^5)

  3. Emportent formula of logarithm||math logarithmic equations|| logarithms

  4. "Solve following `log`equation `log^2x-3logx=log(x^2)-4`"

  5. x^1+logx = 10x

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  1. How to solve log(x)-x+2=0 for x?

    The easiest thing to do is to graph it. To get a "closed" form solution will require the Product Log function. Thanks, I will look at the product log function stuff. Note that the above is equivalent to [itex]x=\log x + c[/itex]

  2. Log Equation Calculator

    To solve a logarithmic equations use the esxponents rules to isolate logarithmic expressions with the same base. Set the arguments equal to each other, solve the equation and check your answer

  3. How to solve log _{x}36+log _{18}3x = 3 ?

    (change of base)

  4. How do you solve 1.6= log(4x)?

    I found: x=9.9526 for the log in base 10. Explanation: It depends upon the base, b, of your log: 1.6=log_b(4x) normally b would be 10 because it can be easily evaluated using a pocket calculator; if your base is different


    1. To solve a logarithmic equation, rewrite the equation in exponential form and solve for the variable. Example 1: Solve for x in the equation Ln(x)=8