Tiny resume tweaks you can make to land your dream job

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Video Resume: How to Make One [Examples, Script & Tips]

Video Resume: How to Make One [Examples, Script & Tips]

A video resume may boost your chances of landing a job or turn you into a meme character. Learn when to keep your creativity at bay, and when making a pro video resume makes sense.

Maciej Duszyński, CPRW

As seen in:

Stand out from the crowd, they said. Make a video resume, they said.

Get it wrong and your video will go viral, making you a laughing stock. For ages. (You know—the Internet never forgets.)

So… is it really worth it?

Well, only and only if you know how to get it right. And this is what you’re going to find out here.

This article will show you:

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you’ll get ready-made content to add with one click. See 20+ resume templates and create your resume here .

Create your resume now

video resume

Sample resume made with our builder— See more resume examples here .

Looking for traditional resume-writing advice? We’ve got you covered:

Video Resume—Should You Make One Or Not?

Back in 2007 research suggested that the video resume is the future of hiring.

Fast forward to 2023—

The traditional resume is still the go-to standard for recruitment processes. Mind you, in this day and age the term traditional resume refers to a resume sent in the PDF or DOC format . Not one sent in an envelope.

Even though some say a video resume does have benefits , the universal sentiment is that a video resume is more of an oddity than anything else.

Video resumes are an interesting development, and I get very few because sending videos is not yet the way most people apply for jobs. Traditional resumes and job applications are still common practice, so it usually makes me take a step back when I get a video. I wonder exactly what I’m going to see when I press play, which makes me a bit apprehensive. I’ve seen a handful of video resumes that piqued my interest, and in every case, I’ve asked the applicant to send me a traditional resume. Ellen Mullarkey Messina Staffing


The question is: What is a video resume good for?

Does it save anyone’s time?

Not really.

For one thing, it takes much longer to make a video resume than a traditional one. For another, recruiters spend only about 7 seconds scanning a single resume. 

So, if the shortest video resume should last about a minute, the truth is very few recruiters would even watch it.

A recruiter can look at up to 8 standard resumes in exactly the same time. 


98% of large companies use the ATS to sift through the deluge of resumes they receive.

Since a video resume isn’t a text file, it would never make it through the initial screening.

In addition, there’s no way for a recruiter to compare the candidates who sent a video resume with those who submitted a traditional one.

The recruiter would have to carefully watch the entire video resume and note down all the key information about the candidate.

There’s no time for that when you need to deal with 250+ resumes that an average corporate opening attracts.

Does the video resume help the recruiter assess the candidate's soft skills ?


Video resumes could be recorded and edited multiple times so the final version will show you exactly the way you want to be perceived. Not the real you.

If your acting skills are non-existent, you'll come across as overly artificial.

Video resumes are generally not effective since most people do not act naturally in front of a camera. The technology has been available for two decades but it has not caught on—and that’s the reason why. Plus, in order to look “good” on camera, candidates tend to be over-rehearsed to the point that they come across with all the sincerity of an infomercial pitchman. Who wants to look contrived and phony? Bryan Zawikowski Lucas Group

More than that, research suggests that submitting a video resume may inadvertently bias the recruiter’s perception of the candidate.

You could actually be hurting yourself with a video resume even if your video and content are perfect. How is this possible? The answer is very simple—discrimination. So instead of being a piece of paper describing your background and impressing us, you are now a face to go along with it. And the person looking at you may not like your looks for whatever reason. So you're opening a door that I feel is best left closed until you get to the interviewing stage. Ronald Auerbach author Think Like an Interviewer: Your Job Hunting Guide to Success

Last but not least:

Most video resumes are of poor quality.

Since you only get one shot at making the first impression, don’t ruin your chances by submitting a substandard video resume.

That said, if you have:

The quality of your video resume may be good enough.

In all other cases—

Learn how to make a job-winning resume in a traditional format.

With our resume-writing guides, you’ll make an outstanding resume in no time.

Want to find out how to write the perfect resume? Head straight to our guide: *The* Perfect Resume: 8 Things the Best Resumes Have in Common

What Jobs Would Call For a Video Resume—Examples

Here’s the thing—

Even though video resumes aren’t suitable for the majority of candidates or positions, there are some situations in which a video resume may come in handy, for example:

A video resume may serve as a way to customize your LinkedIn profile .

Unless you are in an industry where being on camera is part of the job, don’t do it—it has very little upside and a lot of potential downside.

Bryan Zawikowski, Lucas Group

Let’s have a look at several video resume examples:

Mark Leruste’s Creative Video Resume—Example

Youcefa el kouchi's video resume—example, valerie yvonne g’s video resume—example, léo primarda’s video resume—example.

Obviously, all of the above are good examples of video resumes.

Without experience in video making, you're very unlikely to make a half-decent video resume.

And the truth is:

The bar has been raised high by professional filmmakers and videographers who use high-quality video content to promote themselves on a variety of social media profiles.

So think twice about your acting and videography skills before you make something like this:

Or like this:

In fact—

The last bad video resume example looks strangely similar to the memeable Barney Stinson video resume you might've seen on How I Met Your Mother.

The only difference is that Barney’s video resume was meant for entertainment.

Barney Video Resume

To sum up—

If you belong to the narrow group of people who may benefit from a video resume, whose acting and video making skills are up to snuff, and who happen to have good quality video gear, you may be able to make a professional looking video resume.

As a former TV news anchor, video resumes have been so important to me. I needed one to land my first job as a reporter after college. For people in news, they're called video reels. A good reel is the one way to get a news director to notice you. You'll never get a call back with just a resume! Liz Jeneault faveable.com

Looking for inspiration for your creative resume? Take a look at our selection of creative resume templates from all over the web: Creative Resume Templates (16+ Examples to Download & Guide)

When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Spell check? Check . Start building a  professional resume template here for free .

Create the perfect resume

When you’re done, Zety’s resume builder will score your resume and tell you exactly how to make it better.

How to Make a Video Resume?

Here’s some advice to help you make a professional video resume:

Video Resume Tips

1. make it relevant.

Relevance is key.

Only consider making a video resume if it’s relevant to the position you’re targeting, and it can actually boost your chances, rather than subject you to ridicule.

2. Draft a Script

Your video resume needs a script to help you control its structure.

Think carefully about what it is that you want to communicate to the recruiter. Write down what you want to say, and make sure your script has a natural, conversational flow.

Don’t read your video resume script out though as it will sound unnatural.

After all—

We don’t speak the same way as we write.

Pro Tip: If your intention was to read your entire resume aloud, well, there’s really no point in making a video resume whatsoever.

3. Shoot High-Quality Video

HD has become a standard in video quality.

Double check your video gear to see if it can capture good quality HD image. Make sure the image is sharp and stabilized.

Use a tripod or gimbal to avoid shaky footage.

I would say video resumes work best for certain professions, mostly people-facing roles such as sales. If you decide to go this way, make sure the video is very professional in terms of how you present yourself and, importantly, how it is produced. You could be well-dressed, qualified, and articulate but a poorly produced video will tank all your chances of securing the job. Chris Chancey ampliorecruiting.com

4. Choose the Right Background and Lighting

Use a softbox to light your face. If you don’t have one, sit in front of a bright window on a sunny day.

Make sure the background is distraction free. You wouldn’t want to show your messy room to the world, would you? It’s perfectly okay if you stand in front of a brightly painted wall, for example.

If you prefer to shoot outside, look for a secluded area. You don’t want other people's conversations or street sounds to drown out your voice. And choose a good shotgun or lavalier microphone.

5. Give Yourself Time

It rarely happens that you’re happy with the results after the first take.

Don’t get discouraged.

Keep shooting. The more footage you have the more likely you are to find something you’re really happy about.

6. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Before you say anything in the video—

Learn how to introduce yourself professionally .

Tell the recruiter something about yourself but keep it short.

Try to express as much as possible in as few words as possible.

Focus on what’s important for the employer.

In other words, tell them why they should hire you by referencing your:

And remember—

The employer wants to know how they will benefit from hiring you. 

So make your message clear.

Speak clearly and succinctly. Use short sentences and strong action verbs . If you can’t produce a fluently flowing sequence in front of the camera, make pauses between sentences and cut these pauses out later on when editing.

Pro Tip: Look at the camera lens. This is how you make eye-contact with the recruiter.

7. Look Sharp But Be Yourself

Looks matter.

Especially on video.

You must look professional. If you don’t know what this means in practice, read our guide on what to wear to an interview .

And be yourself—

Try to act as natural as possible.

If your video interview does manage to land you an interview, your true nature will come across anyway.

And you don’t want the recruiter to discover you’re not the person they know from the video.

How to Edit a Video Resume?

Once you’ve got the footage for your video resume, you must put it all together a.k.a. edit the video.

There are a lot of options to choose from .

And the truth is—

There’s no single best solution. To each his own.

You can do some basic editing with free video tools that come packed with your operating system.

If you’re using Windows this is Video Editor. On a Mac, use iMovie. 

If you’re looking for a free and versatile tool that will enable you to create a professional looking video, you might want to check out Davinci Resolve .

How to Publish Your Video Resume?

YouTube is your best bet.

The platform offers its users free video upload.

The only thing you need to do is click on the camera icon in the top right corner and then select Upload video .

uploading video

If you don’t want your video to be publicly visible just change its visibility settings to Private . This way, your video will only be visible to people with the link.

On the other hand, if you want to share your video resume with the world, set its visibility to Public . Now, everyone will be able to see it and you can display it on your LinkedIn profile .

Just start writing a post, and paste the link to your video.

writing a post

Add your video resume to your profile:

First, click on the Me icon in the top right corner and choose View profile .

view profile

In the About section, click on the blue pencil icon in the top right corner. 

video resume

Now, you can either upload your video resume to your LinkedIn account, or add a link to your video resume hosted on YouTube.

video resume

This is it.

Now get ready for an interview. Make sure you don’t come in underprepared and read our guide: Common Job Interview Questions & Answers [Top 35 Samples]

Plus, a great cover letter that matches your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. You can write it in our cover letter builder here.  Here's what it may look like:

matching set of resume and cover letter

See more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaways

Here’s how to make a video resume:

Do you have any other questions about making a video resume? Would you like to share your experience? Give us a shout out in the comments below. Always happy to help!

Maciej Duszyński, CPRW

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Connecting Talent to opportunity

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How to create a Video CV

In 2019, many people released the trends that would be on the job seeker scene in the next year. However, many have been popular amongst some jobseekers for a while. One method that has been talked about most recently is Video CV’s (VCV).

CV’s are now turning into videos because people want their CV videos to stand out amongst the noise of applications. The opportunity to show a bit of personality to potential employers means you can give them a glimpse of the person behind the CV, which video allows you to do perfectly.

Presenting yourself over video can be a very daunting situation which you probably don’t feel 100% comfortable with doing. Not all job roles require you to send video CV’s, especially if its a government job which has a protocol on how you apply for a position. Positions that don’t state about how you apply, then its a chance for you to use your creativity and make your application stand out with a video.

Before you press play

Before the video starts recording, it’s probably best to have a few test runs. Write a guided script with what you want to say or test run your video in front of people beforehand. Practise what you are going to say and maybe make some tweaks to improve the video.

Also, don’t forget body language is essential too. Take note of where the camera lens is and try to maintain eye contact.

How to record a VCV?

Today it is straightforward to use the technology that you use daily. Whether that be a mobile, laptop or tablet most of these devices have excellent capabilities to record a good quality video. Mainly you need to focus on your surroundings and yourself to create a video.

Make sure you’re set up, and the environment is not too busy, meaning your background is clear with no distractions, even from the daily activities that go on around you.

Another thing to think about is how you are presented, considering people will have their first impressions of you on camera instead of paper, it’s important to set a dress code for yourself. Because you are going to be on camera, it’s best to wear block colours instead of patterns because this can be distracting. Also dressing smart can give off a good impression.

How to edit a Video CV?

After recording the video, you may want to edit parts to make the video run seamlessly. Software like iMovie, Movie Maker and Adobe premier is great to input transitions and make edit cuts; there is also other free video editing software around. If you’re not entirely familiar with how to use these programmes, then there is always short tutorials to make the simple edits that you need.

How to send a Video CV?

As video files are usually too big to send over email, your safest bet is to use a video hosting site. YouTube is probably one of the most popular and most reliable ways to host your Video CV. Once you upload the VCV, you can send a link to the video on the email.

It is possible to send your CV directly over email, but you need to consider how the file is saved and what size the file is.

Uploading CV Video

If you do choose the method of uploading your VCV to a hosting platform, then you need to make sure the way you upload your Video CV is clear and correct. Ideally, you should give your video CV a simple title. An example would be to include your name, ‘Video CV’ and the job title.

Remember what most employers are looking for is personality, creativity, intelligence, and effort. Because video is still so new in CV form, companies will just be impressed that you have put effort into creating a VCV for your job application. Additionally, it is an extra opportunity for why you would make a great addition to the companies team.

If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything – Katy Perry.

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Three top tips for writing your cv.

Sitting down to write your CV can feel quite daunting and if you search online for advice, there is so much, often conflicting, information. …

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Getting started

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Did you know?

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Use video editing software you can afford before you get the job

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With a library of 24+ million stock clips, music, and one-of-a-kind animations to supplement your own footage, you can put all the professional touches on your video resume with the click of a button.

Create videos that drive action

Activate your audience with impactful, on-brand videos. Create them simply and collaboratively with Biteable.

Create your video resume in a snap

The Biteable video resume maker works in your browser and operates entirely on clicks. There’s nothing to download and no learning curve. If you can make a PowerPoint, you can make a video in Biteable.

Just choose a template or make a completely custom video from scratch. Upload your own footage or choose from customizable scenes and animations to drag and drop your way to a finished video resume without breaking a sweat.

“I’ve used other apps similar to this and Biteable is the best, by a long shot.”

“Biteable is easy to use, giving me a lot more time to focus on the message.”

Step off the page with a video resume

A video resume commands far more attention than a paper resume. Every job candidate sends a paper resume, but you’ll be the only one with a video, too. That’ll instantly separate your application from the slush pile and get your foot in the door.

Take the planning off your plate with templates

Cooking from scratch is hard, so is creating an animated resume from thin air. Biteable has  templates  for every profession, designed by video pros to help you keep your video resume on track and make the best impression.

Simply edit the template, add a sprinkle of your personality and a drizzle of your skills, and cook up a video resume that’s immune to rejection.

Build your personal brand with color and motion graphics

Choose a color scheme and style to create a motion graphic resume that builds professional rapport and visually represents who you are.

The Biteable editor offers built-in color schemes and visuals that polish your video till it shines. It’s like adding your personal logo to your animation resume (we also have  animated logos  if you want to add one for real).

Go beyond the selfie video

Even if all you’ve got is your phone camera, your video resume can be more than a simple selfie video. Add stock footage and background music to create a memorable video resume that’s way cooler than plainly answering questions on camera and gets rapt attention from beginning to end.

Create video resumes that open doors

See the difference video makes for yourself with a week’s worth of free videos for your business.

3 ways to knock your video resume out of the park

Written resumes are by nature a little stuffy. A video resume is your chance to showcase your personality, show off your creativity, and build a brand that puts you in your own category.

Demonstrate how you’ll fit in with the company culture and even show samples of your work (especially if your work has visual appeal). Your video resume is your chance to present a complete picture of yourself and add anything your typed resume leaves out.

Keep it short, but informative

Your video resume should be between 30-120 seconds. Sixty seconds is the sweet spot.

That might seem short, but don’t worry. It’s plenty if you keep your message focused and avoid fluff.  Cover the important points  like what you bring to the company, your skills and accomplishments, and your goals. If you need a guide, a template helps keep everything between the lines.

Give your video the share test

A lot of important people will watch your video resume, so imagine posting your video on the internet. Would you be comfortable with your video resume going viral?

If you’re cool with anyone on the internet seeing your video resume, it’s good to go. If going viral is scary, you may want to spend a bit more time on it.

Get some (nice) feedback

Even if your video resume passes the share test, send it to a few friends and family members and ask for honest feedback. Make any needed adjustments before you send it off to potential employers.

Further reading

Learn to make video resumes like it’s your job.

Become the foremost expert on video resumes. The  Biteable blog  is packed with enough information to turn you into a professional video resume creator in an afternoon. Check out the articles below for more.

how to make a cv video

How Marion went viral

how to make a cv video

How RockITek made the switch to video for employee onboarding

how to make a cv video

How a three-person L&D team educates 15,000 employees with video

Make a masterpiece in minutes. join the 9m+ people who love biteable.

How to write a resume that’ll get you noticed by recruiters

CHICAGO ( NewsNation ) — There are a lot of myths surrounding resumes, like what sticks out and what doesn’t — does yours need to be creative or is basic better?

Recruiters have said that creative, bold, and busy resumes only work in some fields. Standing out sometimes is as easy as making a simple resume.

“Give it to us straight” is the golden rule most employers follow when searching for the perfect candidate. It’s a rule that Stacie Haller, resumebuilder.com’s chief career advisor, can’t stress enough.

“We cannot take the time to try and figure you out,” Haller said. “I want to find the material quickly about you, enough that I know I want to meet you. If you make me work for it, I have 100 other people to look at.”

Recruiters said candidates have a short window to grab an employer’s attention. In most cases, it only takes about six seconds to intrigue an employer enough to get an interview.

“That’s why the format needs to be very clean. That’s why the information needs to go where everybody knows to find it,” Haller said. “Then, very upfront, in those first two bullet points, you need to have the most compelling reasons as to why somebody wants to meet with you.”

So what about personal websites or even LinkedIn — how much do those matter?

Haller said LinkedIn plays a bigger role in getting you an interview than you think.

“You cannot have an effective job search without having a very professional and compelling LinkedIn profile,” Haller said. “What happens is if somebody gets your resume first, they want to go to your profile and make sure you have a professional picture, make sure the information matches, are the jobs and the dates the same — are you telling me the same story.”

Haller’s biggest tip: Link your LinkedIn profile to your resume, even via a QR code, especially if you have a common name because an employer isn’t going to take the time to search for you on the platform.

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Live stream to all your favorite social platforms at once

How to make a video resume: top tips and inspiration.

👉 Applying for a job with a video resume is a great way to make yourself stand out from the hundreds of other candidates. But if you want to impress, then you need a high-quality video. We’ll guide you through how to make an engaging video resume with some of our top tips.

Restream Team

Hunting for a job is all about standing out. With the ability to search and apply for jobs online, one position could get hundreds of applicants. If you want a chance to get called for an interview, then you need to leave a good impression on the employer.

One way to distinguish yourself from the other candidates is with a video resume. Creating a video lets you show some of your personality, as well as your skills and experience. In this guide, we’ll give you some of our top tips for making a video resume, plus excellent examples of video resumes to help inspire you.

But first, what is a video resume and why should you make one?

👀 What is a video resume?

A video resume is a short video clip of a job candidate seeking employment, in which they give a brief overview of their skills and relevant experience. A video resume, like a paper resume, highlights what makes you stand out and why you’re suited to the position you’re applying for.

A paper resume is a quick snapshot of you as a potential hire, and most hiring managers won’t spend more than six seconds glancing it over. A video resume should be similarly short and to the point — anything longer than two minutes will lose your audience’s attention.

You can use a video resume as a supplement to a paper resume, to make yourself stand out from the competition. They’re especially useful in creative professions to show off your presentation skills and creative talents.

🤓 Why would you need a video resume?

A video resume provides much deeper insight into you than a piece of paper ever could. Hiring managers schedule interviews with potential candidates to get a sense of their personalities by speaking with them face-to-face (or over video call for remote interviews).

By making a video resume, you provide a peek into who you are and how you communicate the very first time the hiring manager sees your name. A video resume makes you memorable.

In addition to distinguishing yourself from the hundreds of other applicants, you can use a video resume to show off performance-based skills. Acting, teaching, and presenting are all on display with a solid video resume. If you’re applying for a client-facing role, such as a salesperson, a video resume can also show how well you do with people.

While a video resume can have a positive impact on your application process, a poorly done video can tank your chances of getting a callback. If you want your video resume to catch an employer’s attention — in a good way — then you need to do it right.

✅ How to make a good video resume: 8 tips

Want to make a video resume that employers will take note of? We have some top video resume tips for you, so your video shines rather than crashes and burns.

1. Write a script

You invest some time into creating the perfect paper resume, so you shouldn’t expect to finish your video resume in one take. You can make the process easier by writing a script. Take the highlights from your existing resume and put them in narrative form. Mention your relevant skills and why they’d be valuable to the company.

Next, mention previous experience. Include hard numbers when you can — you oversaw a team of twenty people, contributed to a 60% boost in sales, etc. Talk about your education if you think it’s important as well. Finally, rehearse and fine-tune your script. Make any adjustments so that it flows naturally while you’re speaking.

2. Tell your story

A video resume gives you a chance to do something a paper resume can’t: tell a story. With a paper resume, a hiring manager attempts to piece together a whole person from the text on a page. A video resume allows you to share something from your background that connects with the employer.

Put your skills and experience into context by creating a story around them. Don’t make a video that is simply rattling off a list of achievements.

3. Keep it brief

Video resumes shouldn’t take up too much of the hiring manager’s time. You’re not going after views on YouTube, you’re presenting your candidacy for employment. Keep the video to between sixty and ninety seconds , and definitely don’t let it pass two minutes.

You can get your timing down by recording yourself practicing your script and cutting out parts that seem extraneous.

4. Provide a CTA

At the end of your video resume, let the viewers know what they should do next. How can they follow up with you? Do you have a portfolio website they can visit or a LinkedIn profile to look at?

If you post your video on a platform like YouTube, rather than sending a video file directly to the hiring manager, you can include a link in the description.

5. Use good lighting

If you want your resume video to look professional, you need decent lighting. You don’t need a high-tech camera, as long as you light your video properly. Avoid standing under direct lighting, as this casts harsh shadows over your face. Take advantage of natural lighting when you can, by sitting in front of a window with the camera between you and the window.

A common video lighting setup includes a key light, fill light, and back light. Using three lights helps ensure you remove any shadows. You can read more about how to pull off excellent video lighting in our guide .

6. Select reliable audio and video sources

For a higher-quality video, use an external mic and camera. Your video will look decent with a standard webcam and good lighting, but you can upgrade to a DSLR camera if you want top-notch quality.

For a microphone, you can choose a standing/shotgun mic or a lav mic . Standing mics are typically either USB, which plug directly into your computer, or XLR, which requires an audio interface to use. You don’t want anything in your video to distract from you as the main focus. So using a clip-on or lav mic might be a better choice than a standing mic.

7. Boost your on-camera confidence

If being on camera is unfamiliar territory for you, then take the time to rehearse and build your confidence. Practice your script in front of a mirror, noting your body language and facial expressions. Remember to keep your posture upright, try to relax your neck muscles, and hold your shoulders back.

The day you shoot the video, get a good night’s sleep so you don’t look tired, and drink plenty of water. When filming, look into the camera, so it appears as though you’re making eye contact with the viewer. Wear something you would normally wear to an interview as well.

For more tips on preparing and building confidence on camera, check out our guide .

8. Make a professional video resume

Of course, you want your video resume to look professional. An external mic, webcam, and good lighting are a great start, but you can also use webcam software to add more professional quality to your video.

With Restream Studio , you get all the power of webcam software without having to download an app or program. Our browser-based live streaming solution lets you switch to “record-only” mode, so you use all of the Studio’s awesome features — like custom graphics, playing local videos, screen sharing, and copyright-free background music — to create a polished video resume.

🔥 Awesome video resume examples

Need some inspiration for your video resume? These examples provide some excellent ideas for how to pull off your own video.

“The Interview Thingy” – VIDEO CV

In this video , Alex structures her CV more like a job interview, portraying both herself and an “interviewer” who asks her questions about her experience. She incorporates voiceover, animation, and photos but manages to make a simple, entertaining, and informative resume video.

Short Video Resume by Saji Nair

In a 90-second video , job-seeker Saji Nair presents herself, her experience, and her related skills and then sums up why a company should hire her. She keeps the video professional with a plain white background and good lighting.

Graeme Anthony

In an intro video to his CV, Graeme Anthony gives a quick explanation as to why he’s making a video rather than doing a paper CV. At the end, he includes links to his important information, including an “About Me” page, a portfolio, a skills page, a timeline, and contact information.

CV Video - Aurora Puriqi

Aurora Puriqi’s CV video is engaging and informative, as she gives a full rundown of her prior experiences, complete with images and videos of her old projects. She presents her experience as voiceover narration, on her way to an interview, which breaks up the monotony of her just talking about her experiences.

Motion Graphics – CV

Kristiyan Despodov took a different approach to a video CV by showcasing his design skills. He’s created more of a portfolio video than a CV, which is an excellent choice for someone in a creative field like graphic design.

Best Video CV Ever – Mark Leruste

Mark Leruste’s funny CV video has a conversational tone and uses lots of engaging visuals to keep you hooked as he’s talking about his experiences, interests, and skills.

Let’s wrap up

Making a video resume rather than a traditional paper one can get you noticed by hiring managers. If you’re in a creative field, you can also showcase relevant skills by presenting a video. If you stick to our video resume tips, you should be able to create an engaging, informative video. And if you use Restream Studio to make your video, you can take advantage of all our great features to ensure your video is high-quality and professional. Good luck on the job hunt!

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