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Engineering Cover Letter Example

Create the perfect first impression for an Engineering job by getting your cover letter in gear. Take a look over our example Engineering cover letter below to find out how you can optimize your application to perfection.

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Engineering Cover Letter

You’ve found it. A job opening that is looking for an engineer. It comes with great benefits, hours, the whole package.

You’ve used a resume template to write your resume, so you know your job application is on point so far.

There is just one problem, the job posting asks for a cover letter along with the rest of your application.

In theory, it doesn’t take too long to create an engineering cover letter, but you want to do it the right way , so let’s not rush it.

If you write a run-of-the-mill cover letter, it will end up in the rejection pile before the hiring manager even gets halfway through reading it. You’ll want to ensure your cover letter stands out and grabs the employer’s attention right away .

Luckily, there is a tested method to create a cover letter that will help you stand out from the rest of the applicants.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

You’ll also get some useful cover letter tips for engineering, and be able to see expertly-written engineering cover letter samples.

To familiarize yourself with what a good cover should look like, you can review this cover letter sample below, along with a resume example.

engineering cover letter example

Text Format

Hiring Manager’s name

Company name

Company address

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. [Hiring Manager Name]

I’m very excited to be applying for the [POSITION] at [COMPANY]. As an Electrical Engineer with more than 4 years of experience working in component design and manufacture for production lines, I am confident I can bring the attention-to-detail and professional oversight necessary to achieve great results.

During my professional work as an Electrical Engineer so far, I have become familiar with formulating solutions to complex problems in circuit board design and power management, as well as preventing component malfunctions in the production line process. In fact, during my last year with [CURRENT COMPANY], my work helped to decrease production downtime by 23%.

Additionally, I am well versed in managing large scale projects, overseeing more than 20 employees, and creating a productive and safe working environment. Furthermore, I bring excellent communication skills, experience in training staff, and first-class accuracy with regards to diagnostics.

I was initially compelled to apply for this position as it focuses on industrial production. This is a field with which I am very familiar and am eager to further progress by taking on a position with more responsibility. However, I also feel that [COMPANY]’s devotion to high standards compliments my own well.

I have attached my resume which details my full career experience and training credentials. I hope that we can meet in person in the near future to discuss the opportunity and how I can help advance the goals of [COMPANY].

Please feel free to contact me via [PHONE NUMBER] between 5 pm and 8 pm any day of the week. I am also available at any time via [EMAIL ADDRESS].

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely, Name

Address Phone number Email address

In addition to these samples, you can use a cover letter or resume builder to make the entire writing process go much smoother.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Engineering with Experience

Having experience can help you a lot when you’re writing your cover letter. However, including any of your prior work experience is only half the battle .

Remember, your cover letter is not supposed to be exactly like a resume.

You want to show you are motivated and going to be valuable to the company you want to work for.

If you don’t start and end your cover letter well, there’s a good chance the hiring manager will not continue with your job application.

So getting your engineering cover letter right is essential!

So how do you start your letter ?

Let’s take a look at the correct way and the wrong way.

This is a very generic opening that won’t grab the manager’s attention at all. It also says very little about you except that you have some experience.

This is a much better example as it shows an achievement, your experience, and your motivation to do well and even improve.

This opening paragraph should set up the rest of your letter to state the skills you have and your motivation for working at the new company .

To end your letter , make sure you review the company’s needs and how your experience and skills meet those needs.

Remember to keep it personal as well.

How to Write a Cover Letter with an Employment Gap

When looking at cover letter and resume examples for inspiration, you may have a tough time figuring out what to include if you’ve had a gap in your employment history.

With a gap in your employment history , you may think you have no chance of landing the job.

However, that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case.

There are plenty of good reasons someone did not work for a certain amount of time.

So what are some things you should include in your cover letter if you were out of work for an extended period?

When it comes time to interview, you should also be prepared to answer any question related to your gap in employment.

You could even turn your gap into a positive. You can briefly mention any relevant skills you learned in your cover letter or resume.

However, remember to stick to the correct cover letter and resume format when creating your documents.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Engineering with No Experience

One thing a lot of applicants read that stops them from even applying, is when the posting wants someone with job experience.

If you see that and don’t have any engineering experience, don’t delete your application .

Even with no engineering experience, you can create a cover letter that shows how your qualities match the vacancy and that you are a fantastic fit for the available position.

So what’s the secret ?

What you should do is, fully understand what the company needs . That means analyzing what they want from their employees and what the goals of the company are.

Once you do that, use your education and any internship experience to demonstrate that you are a good fit.

In your cover letter, make sure to give examples of your personality and internship or freelancing experience and touch on:

By including those 3 points, it will make the hiring manager feel you know what you’re doing.

You may not be as experienced as other applicants, but you can show you fill the company’s needs and be a valuable employee.

Engineer Cover Letter Tips and Advice

Engineering jobs are technical and specific in nature. The field of engineering is very wide and can range through civil , electrical , and mechanical disciplines amongst others. It’s therefore critical that you tailor your letter as much as possible to the type of job on offer and to communicate your specific experience.

It’s important to throw in some examples of where your efforts have yielded results. A few carefully chosen statistics such as any percentile improvements in efficiency you helped achieve, production increases or cost savings that occurred on your watch will all help to do this.

Also, remember that Engineering is a career that is highly regulated and often requires a state license. Because of this, it is highly worth mentioning the status of your PE (Professional Engineering) license, especially if the job description specifies it.

Finally, don’t forget to proof everything once done and to be mindful of the amount of industry-focused keywords you use in your letter. The level of complexity for an Engineering covering document should be detailed enough to show you know how to do the job but accessible for a recruiter to be able to understand without a background in engineering itself.

Last modified on September 9th, 2022

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Home Cover Letter Examples Engineering Cover Letter

Engineering Cover Letter Example

June 17, 2022 | By the Resume Genius Team | Reviewed by Conrad Benz

Need help crafting the ideal engineering cover letter? Our engineering cover letter sample and writing tips will help you get the job done.

An example of an engineering cover letter

If you want another design, check out the other cover letter template styles in our library.

Additional Templates & Samples Like an Engineering Cover Letter

Engineering Cover Letter Template (Text Format)

Make sure your cover letter is correctly formatted to give it a polished look.

Dear Mx. Leung,

I’m pleased to be applying for the position of Mechanical Engineer at Biofire Technologies. As a mechanical engineer with 6+ years in the field, I believe that my extensive experience working with 3D CAD Software – SolidWorks, in particular – to architect and execute lightweight materials creation will contribute greatly to your organization.

I am recognized for my attention to detail and precision in the handling and manipulation of fragile materials. Moreover, I have a proven track record of expert communication, having worked as a liaison between various teams, including design, production, quality assurance, and machine shop floor personnel.

What draws me most to your company is your work in the health care industry. During my time at SeedSecure, I learned the demands of working in an FDA-regulated environment and pride myself on maintaining the utmost adherence to safety and sanitation rules and regulations. Furthermore, I make a priority of studying the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that myself and my team are bringing the most current standards to the shop floor.

Enclosed you will find my resume, which further details my skills, experience, and qualifications. I look forward to further discussing with you how I can contribute to the goals of your organization. Please contact me at your earliest convenience via email at [email protected] or by phone at (303)-361-8459.

Aleena Rashed

How to write an engineering cover letter

Learning how to put together a cover letter for the specific job(s) you want will help you land more interviews.

Whether you’re an electrical engineer or civil engineer, the best way to show employers that you’re the right person for the job is by showcasing your skills with a well-written cover letter.

Follow these three tips for writing an engineering cover letter that ensures your application catches hiring managers’ attention:

1. Highlight your engineering skills

Engineering is a broad field that includes a variety of jobs, such as civil, electrical, software, and mechanical engineering.

Engineers perform a wide range of tasks that require extensive training and hands-on skills. To deliver projects on time and according to specifications, employers are looking for reliable candidates with a combination of hard and soft skills .

Show them that you’re the ideal candidate for the job by providing examples of how you put your relevant skills to the test , like in the following example taken from an entry-level engineering cover letter:

This example demonstrates how the candidate used their research and writing skills to support the team of engineers at the company.

The necessary technical skills in your industry depend on which field of engineering you’re in, so make sure you only list ones relevant to the job. To get you started, here are some general technical skills to highlight in your engineering cover letter:

Additionally, here are some soft skills that are helpful for engineers:

2. Open with a strong introduction

Because working on engineering tasks requires a specialized skill set, chances are most applicants possess similar technical backgrounds to you.

Knowing how to start a cover letter in an attention-grabbing way will ensure your job application stands out among candidates with similar qualifications.

Here’s how to write a strong introduction for your engineering cover letter:

Below is an example of a strong engineering cover letter introduction:

This candidate comes across as eager to work for the company while showcasing what they can bring to the table.

3. Emphasize your attention to detail

From analyzing blueprints to developing new systems, attention to detail is vital for engineers of all sorts.

Emphasize this skill in your cover letter to show employers you can meet specifications and assure quality by following directions with accuracy.

Here are a couple of examples of how to highlight your attention to detail in your engineering cover letter:

In these two examples, the candidates use numbers and percentages to support their claims. Adding hard numbers to your achievements is an effective way to make your engineering cover letter stand out.

Want even more cover letter, resume, and CV examples related to an engineering cover letter?

Cover letters:.

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Create Cover Letter

Ms. Tracy Lamantia Human Resources Manager Nalco 2951 Summit Park Avenue Southfield, MI 48034

Subject: Application for position of Application Engineer

Dear Ms. Lamantia,

I wish to apply for the position of Application Engineer as advertised. I have the necessary skills and qualifications for this post, as well as the necessary experience. I therefore believe that what I have to offer to Nalco will be of great benefit to the company.

I have a B.S degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ and I have 8 years experience working in this field in several different organizations.

I am familiar with planning, designing and installing equipment and machinery in an engineering environment. I am fully computer literate and familiar with all the type of precision instruments I am likely to use.

I have excellent interpersonal skills and good communication skills. This stands me in good stead working in a team environment, as well as when communicating with clients to better understand and to help interpret their needs at a project level.

I am diligent and trustworthy in my work. I always try to over-deliver, both for my employers and for the clients. I believe that providing excellent service coupled with better than satisfactory results will always be seen as highly desirable, and this is what I always strive to achieve.

I feel sure that my proven ability to manage and maintain the highest standards as an Application Engineer will be of the greatest benefit to Nalco and I have confidence that I can make a significant contribution to the company.

I may be contacted at (123)-215-8880, or by email at [email protected] I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you at interview level, and I thank you for the opportunity to be considered for the post of Application Engineer.

Yours Sincerely,

(Signature hand written in blue pen ink)

Candace Williams


email cover letter engineer

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Engineering Cover Letter Examples [+Easy-to-use Template]

Engineering Cover Letter Examples [+Easy-to-use Template]

Tom Gerencer, CPRW

As seen in:

You're 8 minutes away from having the perfect engineering cover letter. But first—

Picture your dream job.

It's got stellar benefits, flexible work, and soaring challenges that make SpaceX look like a burger joint.

You've even got a great resume. That shining future is well within your grasp.

The problem?

The position needs an engineering cover letter. But write a generic one and the hiring manager will skip it, and your resume.

If we can put a man on the moon, we can find a solution to this problem.

In fact, there's a road-tested way to write a stand-out cover letter for engineering jobs. One that'll get your resume read as excitedly as specs for a working fusion reactor.

In this guide, I'll show you:

Here's an engineering cover letter sample and a matching resume.

Want to write your engineering cover letter fast? Use our cover letter builder. Choose from 20+ professional cover letter templates that match your engineering resume. See actionable examples and get expert tips along the way.

Create your cover letter now

matching set of engineering resume cover letter

Sample cover letter for a resume— See more cover letter examples and create your cover letter here .

Make sure your engineering resume is up to par by reading:  Engineering Resume: Sample and Complete Guide [+20 Examples].

This guide isn't exactly what you were looking for? See other cover letter examples for jobs in this industry: 

Want to explore your options further? See our full selection of cover letter examples for every career:  Example Cover Letters.

Now, here’s how to write an engineering cover letter:

Copy-Paste this Sample Engineering Cover Letter

The engineering cover letter sample above is picture-perfect.

Want to reverse-engineer it?

Nobody would blame you.

So, here's the text of that great example cover letter for engineering. Feel free to copy, paste, and meld it to your needs.

Engineering Cover Letter Template

Victor Durand

2340 Tator Patch Road

Chicago, IL 60607


[email protected]

Karen Trintignant

Engineering Lead

SiniTrode Global

1235 Patterson Fork Road

Chicago, IL 60616

Dear Karen,

Leading the team that increased production efficiency by 35% in Raytheon IADC Metal Fab was one of the proudest events of my life. Your opening in engineering at SiniTrode Global is the logical next step.

SiniTrode's commitment to Continuous Improvement is well known in engineering circles. Here are a few of the ways I feel I fit the job:

With ten years of experience in engineering, I'm certain I can reproduce those results at SiniTrode. More importantly, your mission to deliver the world's best artificial hearts is incredibly motivating, especially since I lost my father to a heart attack when I was ten.

Can we set aside some time to discuss how my achievements at Raytheon and BAE can translate to real customer success for SiniTrode?

Best Regards,

Frank Gillespie

PS—I'd love to explain how I helped cut inventory 52% at Callaway Golf.

Bam. The hiring manager will hold her breath as she reads Frank's resume.

Let's deconstruct that great sample engineering cover letter. Then you can write your own that's just as powerful.

What's the best engineering cover letter format? The three-paragraph style. Learn to nail it here: Cover Letter Format: How to Format a Cover Letter for Any Job

Grab the Manager's Attention with this Engineering Cover Letter Opener

There's a slim chance that anyone will even read your technical cover letter. Most recruiters don’t read cover letters .

Wait. What?

See, most cover letters are generic. They say, "Here's my resume. Please read it."

If you write a "To whom it may concern" cover letter for engineering jobs, you can kiss that golden interview goodbye.

Here's how to hook the hiring manager like a Mammoet Crane instead:

Want to see how that works? See these two electrical engineering cover letter examples.

Engineering Cover Letter Examples—Opening Paragraph

That fails QC. It's generic. It doesn't tell the manager a thing.

Compare it to his (infinitely better) engineering cover letter example:

That first sentence in a cover letter for engineering's is better than free Mathcad. The hiring manager will skip her kid's birthday party to call you.

Why is it so great?

It shows a glimpse of superhero cape beneath the glasses and brown suit.

That's exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.

What if you don't have a great achievement? In short, what if you're writing an engineering internship cover letter with no experience?

Just focus on your best achievement. Maybe that's an attaboy from a professor. Maybe it's a side project you completed, or a transferable achievement from a non-engineering job.

Engineering Cover Letter Tips:

Even with great engineering cover letter examples, starting yours can cause a lot of rework. See our guide: How to Start a Cover Letter: Sample & Complete Guide [20+ Examples]

Don't skip vital details. Use our checklist guide: What to Include in a Cover Letter (15+ Examples & A Complete Guide)

Wow them with this Engineering Cover Letter Main Body

OK, so your engineering cover letter is off to a good start. The hiring manager is excited.

What's next?

The sales pitch .

I can hear you now. "Dammit, Jim, I'm an engineer, not a salesman!"

You only need to know one thing:

The top 5% of engineering intern cover letters custom fit their message to the opening.

The object is to show you're already a da Vinci at this job.

How to tailor your cover letter?

Here's how to do it right. The mechanical engineering cover letter examples below are targeted to senior and junior positions.

Engineering Cover Letter Examples—Main Body

Let's say the job ad asks for fostering engagement , cutting costs , and lowering defect rates .

Here's the perfect cover letter body for that engineering position:

RetsiGen's current quest to cut costs while boosting quality fire me up like nothing else. I had a lot of fun meeting similar goals at HID:

Thanks to my ten years of experience as a PE, I've little doubt I can achieve similar success at RetsiGen. I'm intensely motivated by your mission statement to deliver constantly improving digital solutions to customers.

Can you imagine a manager who wouldn't want to hire that applicant? If so, he probably writes with his tongue out.

Notice the bullet points. They respect the hiring manager's time. How?

By showing her the important info in a quick, sharp way.

Don't have that much experience? Don't worry.

Just look at the sample engineering internship cover letter with no experience below.

Sample Engineering Cover Letter—No Experience

You're searching for a bright, quick-minded junior level engineer who's customer and cost-focused. (Company needs)

My Semiconductor professor called me "the curve blower" because he had to remake his grading scheme around my high exam scores. I've completed 5 freelance engineering projects with budgets in the $500 to $2000 range. I consistently delivered to customer needs at 15% under budget. (Relevant achievements)

I'm excited about using my communication and production design skills to reach real cost and quality improvements at Digispan Regional. (Offer something valuable)

That's no rookie engineer with no experience.

That's Nikola Tesla in the rough.

The key point?

Analyze the company's needs. Then prove how you can fill them in your cover letter for engineering internships.

Pro Tip: The motivation statement can make the hiring manager decide to call you. Convince her why you'll outwork the rest, and you're as good as hired.

Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes?  Try our resume builder. It’s fast and easy to use. Plus, you'll get tips and  right  vs.  wrong  examples while writing your resume.  See +20 resume templates and create your resume here .

engineering resume sample

Engineering Resume Example -  See +20 resume templates and create your resume here .

Are you writing an engineering internship cover letter, or an entry-level engineering cover letter? See our guide for all the best moves: How to Write a Cover Letter For an Internship [+20 Examples]

How long should a cover letter be for engineering jobs? That depends. See our guide: How Long Should a Cover Letter Be?

How to End your Engineering Cover Letter so it Sticks Like Cyanoacrylate

What good would the Falcon Heavy be if it never lifted off?

About the same as a cover letter for engineering without a solid ending: not much.

So, end your cover letter so the manager can't possibly forget it.

Here's how:

These mechanical engineering cover letter examples show that in action:

Engineering Cover Letter Examples—Endings

Whew. Fatigue failure, right?

That machinist cover letter ending comes off needy. The hiring manager is picturing a whiny employee who's hard to please.

"Holy cow, this applicant is switched on like the Hadron Collider! I can't wait to talk to him!"

The difference? That example is offering to give, give, give. At the very least, you're promising an interesting conversation.

Pro Tip: Why does "PS" work so well? It pulls the eye like the strong nuclear force. Even the busiest hiring manager will read an achievement nested in a PS.

Want to drive home your civil engineering cover letter ending? Need more examples of solid offers that will make the manager pick up the phone? See our guide: How to End a Cover Letter: Sample & Complete Guide [+20 Examples]

Key Takeaway

What's the key best practice in writing a great cover letter for engineering?

Do you have questions about how to make a good engineering internship cover letter? Want to share an example of an engineering cover letter that worked for you? Give us a shout in the comments. We’d be happy to reply!

Tom Gerencer, CPRW

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Engineering Cover Letter Examples

How to craft a jaw-dropping engineering cover letter.

The engineering industry covers a wide range of different positions including aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and quality engineering. To earn a position in this field, you need a cover letter that highlights your area of expertise, as well as your most relevant skills, accomplishments, and qualifications.

In this guide, we will cover the 5 essential elements that any engineering cover letter should have. Keep reading to learn all about:

Still looking for a job? These 100+ resources will tell you everything you need to get hired fast.

Bosch Maschinenbauingenieur Lebenslauf Sample [DE]

1. Create an effective engineering cover letter header & headline

To start writing your engineering cover letter, the first key step is to create a header and headline.

A cover letter header refers to the block of text found at the top of the document. In this header, you will include all the necessary information about yourself and the company you are applying to.

Following the header is the cover letter headline , a title statement used to hook the attention of employers with an accurate and compelling preview of the most important information in the letter. While a headline is considered optional, it can be a powerful tool to use to intrigue employers.

Below are more in-depth explanations and examples of the cover letter header and headline:

Formatting the header

The header is the first bit of information an employer will come across on your cover letter. As such, you want your name to be noticeable and the header to be well-organized.

An engineering header should contain:

Here is an example of a well-formatted header on an engineering cover letter

Hank Green , Civil Engineer (123) 456-7890 | [email protected] |

To: Atlanta Engineering Group Construction & Management Department 1234 Street Address Atlanta, GA, 30301

Writing the headline

While a headline is considered an optional element of a cover letter, a well-written headline can go a long way in initially impressing and intriguing an employer.

To write such a headline, you should always use a keyword related to the position, an eye-catching number or trigger word, a powerful adjective or verb, and a promise.

Here is an example of an effective engineering headline, followed by a breakdown of its key components

Looking for the Perfect Engineer? Here are 3 Reasons I Would Make an Excellent Addition to Your Team

Trigger Word/Number : Looking for, 3 Reasons Keyword: Engineer Adjective/Verb: Perfect, Excellent Promise: Your Team – the addition of this detail indicates to the employer that you will relate the information in your cover letter directly to the needs of their business.

2. Personalize the greeting & content of your engineering cover letter

Anytime you write an engineering cover letter , it is crucial to personalize both the greeting and content of the letter. To do so, you will need to thoroughly research the company beforehand, including:

A personalized greeting is a type of greeting that addresses a specific person by name. By including this type of greeting, you immediately show the employer that you have researched their company and have excellent attention to detail.

Here are 3 examples of personalized greetings

To Mrs. Jane Doe & the Engineering Team,

3. Write an attention-grabbing engineering cover letter introduction

The introduction of your engineering cover letter not introduces you to the employer but also ensures their interest stays piqued, encouraging them to read further.

To make your introduction compelling, you should include:

Pro Tip: If you do not have any mutual acquaintances, connecting with relevant professionals on LinkedIn is a great way to build your professional network.

Here is an example of a well-written introduction on an engineering cover letter

I am a Mechanical Engineer with more than 6 years of experience working in prototype design. The description for this position is an excellent match for my skill set and I am confident I will be a worthwhile and profitable addition to your team. To learn more about your company, I reached out to your Head of Communications – Jack Smith – on LinkedIn, who strongly recommended I apply upon reviewing my resume.

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4. Showcase your skills & accomplishments in engineering

With your introduction in place, the next step is to write the largest section of your cover letter – the body paragraphs. In these body paragraphs is where you will expand upon your various relevant skills, accomplishments, and qualifications.

You should aim to include between 2 to 4 body paragraphs that answer the following key questions:

Here are 6 examples of engineering skills to include in your cover letter

When including skills, make sure to give them context – such as how you applied them at previous positions and how you plan to employ them in this new position.

Here is an example of how to describe an accomplishment in an engineering cover letter

In my career as a Chemical Engineer, I have worked with 5 major corporate companies to develop high-end consumer products. For each client, I helped to develop new chemical manufacturing processes that decreased production expenses by an average of 35%.

5. Finish your engineering cover letter with a strong closing statement

To conclude your engineering cover letter, end with a strong closing statement that includes:

Here is an example of a well-worded closing statement from an engineering cover letter

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I greatly look forward to hearing from you and will reach back out next Wednesday if I have not heard back. The best time and way to reach me is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, at (123) 456-7890.

Warm Regards,

[Applicant Name]

Follow this cover letter outline for maximum success.

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All engineering cover letter examples

Assistant Audio Engineer at Iyuno-SDI Cover Letter Sample

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Free Engineering Cover Letter Sample - How to Write

Obviously your resume is almost ready and now it's time for your engineering cover letter . To get ahead of the queue and be summoned for an interview, even an entry level engineering cover letter really helps. Here are tips how to help you and cover letter engineering example to guide you through.

Free Engineering Cover Letter Template

engineering cover letter

This is a free cover letter template for engineering. Free Download and customize it according to the sample text below.

Supported formats

Engineering cover letter sample (text).

Mark Thomson 1 Joke Street, Mainland, CA 82120 Cell: (555) 443-6655 [email protected] February 12, 2018 Mr. Max Weller Hiring Manager Eastside Constructions 43 Main Road Mainland, CA 84372

Dear Mr. Weller,

I would like to apply for the position of Civil Engineering advertised on the Evening Post of February 11th and on the Eastside Constructions website. Currently, I am working with a small county road repair company where I have been recognized for innovative technical development not only for systems but also structures as well as in civil engineering and structural innovation areas. I am fully trusted in the performance of maintenance checks to avoid damages, maintain inventory, monitor and inspect work fields to examine completion, quality and safety while training and supervising project casuals, sub-contractors, external contractors and internal employees. I am confident my capability and knowledge gained for 10 years will bring value to your company and fulfill your growth and quality endeavors.

Prior to my current position I have worked for California Builder Benders as a monitoring and surveyor expert and executed various duties such as hazard assessments, plumbing and environment quality assurances. I hold a master's degree in Civil Engineering and have widespread experience in covering multi-complex and diverse projects in extensively delicate and regulated environments. This has made me skillful in providing top quality, stable, cost-effective and consistent structural creations and improvements.

I am ambitious, extremely driven and capable with skills and expertise virtually in all areas of construction. Joining your reputable and honored construction firm would be a dream come true.

Enclosed is my CV with detailed information about my education, work experience and skills. You can reach me on my cell phone or email indicated. I look forward to meeting you and discussing the position further.

Sincerely, Mark Thomson (555) 443-6655

Tips for Writing an Engineering Cover Letter

The engineering cover letter is highly important and the perfect way to express your knowledge, enthusiasm and your attributes to a potential employer. If you're requested to submit a resume, you definitely know it has to be very brief. Engineering cover letter helps you add a little more and shine better in the eyes of the screener or hiring manager.

At times, employers hardly have time to read through thousands of resumes. However, even an entry level engineering cover letter, for those immediately from college, will help them interact fast and directly with your skills, ability to express yourself and preparation for the industry or workplace.

Grammar, proofreading, checking for grammatical mistakes and errors, confirming names of contacts and company name and researching further is important if you want to impress the hiring manager. Ensure the cover letter engineering document is perfect and free of grammatical errors. Read it aloud or ask another person to read it and rectify misspelling and errors if any. Use engineering cover letter examples to get it right from the beginning and to avoid leaving out important details.

Cover letter should never miss important information such as your name, address and contact like email and phone number. Ensure they're at the top. Why is this important? Perhaps after reading your cover letter the hiring manager is so impressed even before reading the resume and want to give you a call right away. Having the cell phone or home phone number indicated helps.

For each engineering job opening you're applying for write specific cover letter for each one of them. Use cover letter examples engineering samples but avoid sending the template. Use it to craft each application you make.

Clearly explain the reason for applying for the advertised position and why that company. You can include a description of your career goals. Research the company well to be able to explain better why you're interesting in working for them.

Do you have clear and direct experiences and skills related to the job opening? Mention them. Mention any special selling points that would capture the screener reading the engineering cover letters. Write a great closing statement to perfectly summarize your document indicating your suitability for the position and why you're the ideal candidate.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Don't write so little an engineering cover letter or too long. Stick to a single page if you can. Sending cover letter by email or submitting via a web form? Stick to 3-4 paragraphs, 300-350 words total. Make the most of a sample engineering cover letter.

Among the job requirements you might not meet some of them. Don't write about the requirements you don't have or apologize for it. Engineering has everything to do with solving problems and adapting yourself. Write about this ability instead with specific examples from your volunteering activities or classwork. Remain positive throughout.

Never be critical about any previous company or employer no matter how bad you were treated. Whether you were fired for something you did or didn't do, keep it for later but remain positive in the cover letter with zero criticism.

Whatever is in your CV should not be repeated on the cover letter. The document is a way of expanding what appears on your resume or CV and not repeating it.

A quality engineering cover letter sample can really help you avoid missing anything or overdo any area.

How to Edit Engineering Cover Letter Template

To edit a PDF cover letter for engineering, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a must-have PDF editor . With the most reasonable price, it has the same features to Adobe Acrobat. What’s more, it has a much simpler interface in order to save users’ time.

Key Features:

Step 1. Open the Engineering Cover Letter Template

cover letter examples engineering

Step 2. Click on "Edit" and Enter Your Text as You Like

sample engineering cover letter

Step 3. Complete and Save Your Engineering Cover Letter

engineering cover letter sample

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