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What Is a Case Study?

When you’re performing research as part of your job or for a school assignment, you’ll probably come across case studies that help you to learn more about the topic at hand. But what is a case study and why are they helpful? Read on to learn all about case studies.

Deep Dive into a Topic

At face value, a case study is a deep dive into a topic. Case studies can be found in many fields, particularly across the social sciences and medicine. When you conduct a case study, you create a body of research based on an inquiry and related data from analysis of a group, individual or controlled research environment.

As a researcher, you can benefit from the analysis of case studies similar to inquiries you’re currently studying. Researchers often rely on case studies to answer questions that basic information and standard diagnostics cannot address.

Study a Pattern

One of the main objectives of a case study is to find a pattern that answers whatever the initial inquiry seeks to find. This might be a question about why college students are prone to certain eating habits or what mental health problems afflict house fire survivors. The researcher then collects data, either through observation or data research, and starts connecting the dots to find underlying behaviors or impacts of the sample group’s behavior.

Gather Evidence

During the study period, the researcher gathers evidence to back the observed patterns and future claims that’ll be derived from the data. Since case studies are usually presented in the professional environment, it’s not enough to simply have a theory and observational notes to back up a claim. Instead, the researcher must provide evidence to support the body of study and the resulting conclusions.

Present Findings

As the study progresses, the researcher develops a solid case to present to peers or a governing body. Case study presentation is important because it legitimizes the body of research and opens the findings to a broader analysis that may end up drawing a conclusion that’s more true to the data than what one or two researchers might establish. The presentation might be formal or casual, depending on the case study itself.

Draw Conclusions

Once the body of research is established, it’s time to draw conclusions from the case study. As with all social sciences studies, conclusions from one researcher shouldn’t necessarily be taken as gospel, but they’re helpful for advancing the body of knowledge in a given field. For that purpose, they’re an invaluable way of gathering new material and presenting ideas that others in the field can learn from and expand upon.


affiliate marketing case studies


Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Going From Zero To $10K In Monthly Revenue

Featured Image Narrow Content

Affiliate Content Site Case Study

Follow the steps we are taking to grow a content site from $0 to $10k a month in under 24 months.

Summary Stats

We stopped updating this case study in May 2022 (24 months after we launched). Although we didn't achieve our goal of getting the site to $10k a month, we have managed to average over $1000 a month since June 2021. Google's May 2022 algorithm update also negatively affected the site (we're down 30% in traffic), so it's unlikely we'll see significant growth going forward. We're undecided whether we will sell this website or just keep it for cash flow. I hope you enjoy the case study - you can read more like this one here .

2020 Numbers

affiliate marketing case study numbers 2020

2021 Numbers

affiliate marketing results nov 2021

2022 Numbers

affiliate marketing case study profit and loss

Costs to date

Income to date

We only added affiliate links in late September 2020.

Traffic to date

affiliate case study traffic numbers

Timeline and Learnings

August 2020

Key Learning

If your domain is aged and good, your content solid, and your site structure silo’ed and interlinked correctly, you don’t need a lot of links to rank. Although Ahrefs shows 516 referring domains, most of these are citations and coupon sites. Hence our DR is 1.3!!

September 2020

October 2020

November and December 2020


January 2021

case study affiliate income amazon

February and March 2021


April and May 2021

affiliate website case study ahrefs

Here's what the site looked like on Ahrefs as of early 2021

June-September 2021

October-May 2022

ahrefs stats affiliate marketing

And here's what the site looks like on Ahrefs as of May 2022

Current Valuation 

As we're averaging around $1000 per month, we would estimate this site is worth: $35k (35-40x multiple).

Multiple justification is based on going market multiples for content sites with multiple income streams (Amazon, 3rd party affiliates, advertising), and 6-12 months of stable traffic and income.

Mark Whitman

Author Image

Mark founded Contentellect with a single aim - to help online business owners and entrepreneurs scale their content and generate better financial returns. Mark has built a number of 6 and 7-figure online businesses, and credits his online success to quality content and powerful links. In addition to running Contentellect, Mark is also the Founder and CEO of the adventure travel company, Mountain IQ. He holds a Masters degree from Cambridge University.

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Let's talk about how we can scale your content and link building efforts

Case Studies

Over 60,000 ecommerce brands trust Refersion to help manage, track and grow their ambassador, influencer and affiliate marketing programs.

Boardroom Socks featured image

Boardroom Socks partnered with Refersion in 2019 to cultivate a robust affiliate marketing program that would allow them to bring in new customers and protect the brand’s bottom line.

“Thanks to Refersion, our affiliate traffic converts roughly five times higher than the remainder of our traffic. As our program has continued to grow, it now constitutes over 10 percent of our revenue.” Nathan James, CEO, Boardroom Socks

Goorin Bros. featured image

Founded in 1895, global hat, apparel and accessories brand Goorin Bros. instituted an affiliate marketing program and applied Refersion’s technology to heighten brand awareness while challenging customers to embrace their unique style.

“Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform is the fuel to excite our customer base into spreading the word of our brand all over town!” Nicky Cutler, Social Media Manager at Goorin Bros.

Fuego featured image

Gliding onto the world stage in 2019, Fuego is ushering in a new era of dance footwear with its uniquely engineered sneakers and a thriving affiliate marketing program powered by Refersion.

“With a very lean team, Refersion’s automation has been invaluable to helping us scale our business. Being able to scale our ambassador program has empowered Fuego to connect and build relationships with dancers around the world!” Leah Lapic, Director of Marketing, Fuego

Verb Products featured image

After partnering with Refersion’s affiliate marketing platform, Verb hair products scaled its affiliate program from 100 affiliates to 2,000 and drove affiliate-driven revenue upwards from a yearly average of $2K to almost $700K to date.

“Refersion was essential in supporting the immediate growth of our affiliate marketing program – working with Refersion allowed us to see everything in one place and scale our program beyond what we imagined it could grow to be.” Ana Montilla, Social Media and Influencer Marketing Manager, Verb

Simply Earth featured image

Simply Earth, a family-owned essential oils brand, is redefining the world’s perception of essential oils with affordable products and a thriving ambassador program powered by Refersion.

“We wanted to work with an affiliate marketing platform that shared the same characteristics as our essential oils – simple and efficient. Refersion’s technology made managing the scaling of our affiliate program easier than we ever imagined.” Hannah Mason, Ambassador Marketing Manager, Simply Earth

In Common Beauty featured image

In Common Beauty partnered with Refersion and Absolute Web to prioritize inclusivity from salons to mobile devices, resulting in a seamless affiliate marketing experience and a 345% average monthly increase in salon-driven revenue.

“With so many hair salons shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, Refersion’s affiliate referral links were one of our main sources of revenue from our Pros, because of course, they weren’t buying products to retail in person at that time.” Brianna Zukoski, Digital Marketing Manager, In Common Beauty

Harney & Sons featured image

Learn how Harney & Sons, an American tea company, partnered with Refersion and Sezzle to reach a broader audience with a trackable, performance-based affiliate marketing strategy and increase AOV by 175%.

“By combining the power of Refersion, which helps us reach new audiences, with Sezzle, which reduces the barrier to purchase, our affiliate program has seen amazing results.” Emeric Harney, Marketing Director, Harney & Sons

Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue With Refersion

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Refersion today. In minutes, you can start tracking affiliate orders and identify your best-performing affiliates, ambassadors and influencers. You can approve affiliates, manage payments and create custom commissions for each product in a few clicks.

Case Studies

We are always working on new ways to help our clients and partners learn about what performance marketing can do for them. Our years of industry experience have given us the ability to provide singular insights and thoughtful analysis.

block fraudulent traffic

PartnerCentric’s Block & Filter Tool Blocks and Redirects Fraudulent Traffic For Reporting and ROI Brands Can Trust

Case study background

Leading Digital Healthcare Brand is Up 100.3% in MoM Revenue Due to Innovative Publisher Partnership with tvScientific

Trademark Monitoring Case Study

Leading Maternity Wear Brand Sees an 87% Decrease in Trademark Violations With PartnerCentric’s Trademark Monitoring Tool

Fashion Brand Case Study

Leading Luxe Fashion Brand Sees 627% YoY Increases In Affiliate Channel Revenue During Covid-19

affiliate marketing case studies

Impact and PartnerCentric Juice Up Vitamin World's Partnerships for Healthy Savings and Rapid Growth

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: Goals Consistently Exceeded Through Key Strategic Partnerships For a Financial Services Brand New to Performance Marketing

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: 85% of Sales from Meaningful Content Placements Within First Three Months of Program Launch for a Leading Men's Wellness Brand

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: How PartnerCentric Helped Make Up 17% of Sales in Less than a Month for this Reputable Kitchen Appliance Brand

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: Long Term PartnerCentric Client Sees Extensive Program Growth at Lower Costs

Leveraging Cutting Edge Attribution Solutions to Boost Sales for Home Retailer

Leveraging Cutting Edge Attribution Solutions to Increase Sales Above Industry Benchmarks for National Home Retailer During Key Shopping Holidays

How Strategic Management and Cutting Edge Technology Brings a Rugged, Fitness-Focused Brand to Victory

How Strategic Management and Cutting Edge Technology Brings a Rugged, Fitness-Focused Brand to Victory

affiliate marketing case studies

Rapid Growth and Increased Service for a Fashion Retailer

affiliate marketing case studies

How Success Through the Affiliate Channel Led to Increased Budget for This Iconic Shoe Retailer

affiliate marketing case studies

Immediate Revenue Increases and Program Optimization for a Children's Clothing Retailer

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: Impactful and Immediate Revenue and Brand Reach for a Retailer New To Affiliate

affiliate marketing case studies

From In-House to Agency Management: Program Growth and Strategic Optimization

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: From Network to Agency Management: Implementing Custom Solutions to Exceed Fiscal Goals

affiliate marketing case studies

Case Study: Increasing Sales & Revenue Through Site-to-Store Campaigns

affiliate marketing case studies

Successful Publisher Segmentation Strategy

affiliate marketing case studies

Successful Commission Strategy for Loyalty Space

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Affiliate Marketing Case Study: Helping Choose Wheels Grow 124%

Their site had been hit with a Google penalty and traffic was down 80%. See how we helped one affiliate partner to recover [and grow 124% in 6 months].

Pat Ahern Intergrowth headshot

Written by Pat Ahern

Pat Ahern is the Managing Partner at Intergrowth. He breaks down SEO/content marketing concepts & strategies into laymen’s terms to show you how to grow your business. Outside of work, Pat spends his time rock climbing, traveling, and enjoying the best IPAs that he can get his hands on.

The team at Choose Wheels came to us with a problem. Their site had been hit with a manual penalty from Google and traffic was on the decline.

For those who aren’t familiar: Choose Wheels is a website that provides comprehensive guides on personal transportation devices (electric scooters, electric bikes, and much more). Their business model focuses on building partnerships with companies that sell these devices and collecting a portion of each sale that they help to generate.

Choose Wheels isn’t like most successful affiliate marketing websites. They don’t have a massive monthly ad spend. They don’t rely on sending people to landing pages through Facebook Ads to make money.

Instead, they rely on great content.

Choose Wheels focuses on educating their target readers through writing informative product reviews and other useful guides. Their affiliate program focuses on partnering with online retailers like Amazon and collect affiliate commissions when they help their customers to make an informed purchase. As a result, search engines have historically made up 70% of their total site traffic.

The previous site owner was involved in a private blog network (“PBN”, for short), which was uncovered by Google’s webspam team several months after the current owner took over.

Over the course of the next 2 months, Choose Wheels lost 80% of their organic traffic.

Affiliate marketing PBN SEO penalty

Choose Wheels came to us shortly after their penalty had been lifted to learn about our content marketing services and see how we could help recover some of their lost organic traffic.

This affiliate marketing case study delves into exactly what we accomplished together.

Marketing Strategy

We started with our Discovery Process to learn about their business goals, primary competitors, and more.

During our initial analysis, we identified 3 primary issues with the Choose Wheels site (in addition to the PBN penalty):

We knew that we had an uphill battle ahead of us. Given these issues, our content marketing strategy consisted of the following action plan:

Short term:

Related: learn about 9 actionable affiliate marketing SEO tactics that we use every day.

The Implementation Process

Kicking off the seo foundation.

We analyzed the competitive landscape to learn about the search positioning and top-performing content of our largest competitors. Next, we explored Reddit and Quora to see what topics our target customers were most interested in. With this, we built our editorial calendar for the first 6 months of content.

We optimized the 15 pages on the site with the highest potential for organic traffic improvements. We re-wrote title tags and meta descriptions; incorporated term frequency, inverse document frequency (TF-IDF); enhanced site speed , and much more.

Also see: 7 Common Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Avoid

Strategic content creation

Our content creation process started with targeting long-tail search terms that the Choose Wheels website would see immediate traction on.

We analyzed top-performing content for each topic to identify the key success factors for each post. Our team then published long-form articles and promoted them across relevant social communities.

One by one, our articles started to outrank authoritative sites in search results for high-value search terms.

Managing link outreach

We launched our first link building campaign to drive high-quality backlinks and boost our site authority.

This consisted of reaching out to 1,000 industry-leading bloggers who had written about or linked to content that was similar to our own. We started discussions and built relationships. In the process, we encouraged 10 of those bloggers to link to various articles on the site each quarter, and dozens more to share our articles on social media.

Revamping underperforming content

Next was the process of revamping underperforming content.

We used our Click-Through-Rate Calculator to identify the pages on the site that were losing out on the most organic traffic. In other words, our team found the pages that were seeing far fewer clicks than the industry average for their given position in search results.

content marketing revamps for affiliates

We re-optimized title tags and meta descriptions for each of these to maximize the ROI of each of these rankings.

Next, our team looked at pages with a high bounce rate or low average session duration.

We broke up walls of text and revised outdated content to improve readability and usefulness to their target audience.

Content Marketing Playbook

Related: download our content marketing playbook to see our step-by-step walkthrough of how to scale your online presence.

Organic traffic took a small dip in the first two months of partnering together as we built our SEO foundation and kicked off the first quarterly campaign.

However, everything started coming together in our 3rd month of working together.

We had implemented our SEO foundation, published our first 2 months of blog posts, began to revamp underperforming content, and kicked off our first link building campaign.

The result was that organic traffic climbed 20.2% in April 2018. It was clear that we were headed in the right direction.

The Results

We continued to implement our initial strategy for the next 4 months. Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

Target keyword visibility (how well Choose Wheels ranks for their top-priority keywords) has increased by 459%.

Affiliate marketing keyword ranking growth

As target keyword rankings improved, so too did their monthly organic traffic. Organic traffic, which drives 76% of their total website traffic, is up 121% in 2018.

Affiliate organic traffic growth metrics

As a whole, website traffic has increased by 124% this year, as of August.

Affiliate marketing case study growth

Related: think Choose Wheels is an outlier? See how content marketing helped another partner to grow 487.1% (so far).

One important thing to note is that massive increases in organic traffic often result in lower-quality site visitors. This can often be seen by worse bounce rates, average session durations, and conversion rates.

In the case of Choose Wheels, on-page performance saw massive improvements.

Affiliate marketing case study stats

Bounce rate and average session duration improved by 15% and 40%, respectively. All the while goal conversions increased by 526%!

We couldn’t be more excited about the growth that Choose Wheels has seen since partnering with us.

Looking for a partner to help you scale your online business? Let’s see if we’re the right partner for you .


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Website traffic is one of the metrics we use to measure the success of content marketing campaigns. High traffic tells us that people are visiting the website and are interested in our content. And if you’re attracting the right type of traffic to your site (people who are interested in your business and/or products), it […]

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Content marketing is a highly effective way to increase reach for software-as-a-service businesses. We’re a bit biased, but we’d say it’s the most effective tactic. Not only does publishing content allow companies to drive inbound marketing traffic, but it gives them the opportunity to show they ‘know their stuff.’ Here’s an example of just how […]

Get to know us: Our Ad Tracking Case Studies

Want to know if voluum can help you scale your business then check out these case studies we created with our clients., lead generation, 3x more leads – 277% higher conversion rates.


With Voluum Tracker, we were able to triple the number of leads for the same amount of traffic, and get around 135% ROI with paid and organic combined.

FleetMarket is a Portuguese lead generation agency in the automotive industry, representing major brands like: Volvo, Toyota, BMW, Jeep, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Mercedes, Leaseplan, Arval, Locarent.

They tried other trackers, but still needed: a deeper level of optimization, automation, testing, and cost control.

Not only does Voluum allows them easily identify the strongest (and weakest) campaign elements, but also they can:

Generated 3 times more leads for a total of 9K leads. Increased conversion rates by 277% and boosted ROI by 135%.

Isn’t Google Analytics enough? Spoiler alert: it’s not. Learn how to track & optimize 60,000+ Google Ads conversions every month.

Gambling b2b, track everything in one place.


For us, as marketers, there was never a question, what tracker to use for our campaigns.

AFFMore is a gambling affiliate network that provides offers from their online casino brands, like Kalevalakasino, LuckyDino and CasinoJEFE. They have an internal media buying team that runs display, push and native campaigns from dozens of sources.

Media buyers wanted to effectively run multiple campaigns without:

Voluum let AFFMore media buyers access all their campaigns from one dashboard . They know everything about the spend, amount of conversions, profits, and traffic quality. They can track different custom conversions based on their needs. At the same time, they are able to optimize campaign flows and enhance their performance.

Since AFFMore started using Voluum for the media buying campaigns, their results have increased 5x times.

Mobile / Apps

Say "goodbye" to spreadsheets.

Leverage Media

As soon as we switched to Voluum, all data entry and updating spreadsheets was gone. We could finally focus more on creative work and optimizing our campaigns.

Leverage Media is the owner of an in-house-developed android application for blocking spam messages with a built-in VPN. They advertise their product and run a bunch of affiliate offers from many affiliate networks in various verticals.

Find a better solution for data management without:

Accurate and reliable ad tracker with powerful data views and breakdowns. With it, they can lets them analyze their campaigns in great detail and a smart way to filter their traffic based on various rules. As Leverage Media can now set multiple conversion types, it’s easier to indicate which users are most likely to generate additional income from upsells and post-install events.

Leverage Media saved 100% of time they used to spend on manual data entry and campaign management.

Overcoming the Big, Bad iOS15

Direct tracking meant attribution was even more accurate because conversions were tracked server-to-server and not based on Cookies in browsers… Direct tracking with Voluum means I could look at accurate reports in my Dashboard.

James Prosper is a digital marketer running search, social, native, and mobile ads across several traffic sources (Facebook Ads, Google Ads).

Though James had tried other trackers, he still had problems with some pretty essential tasks:

With the outstanding customer success team provided by Voluum and our intuitive platform, it takes half the time it used to to create and launch campaigns.

After multiple ad account blocks in the past on Google and Facebook it feels like he’s “ghost-tracking”. His ads no longer get flagged for malicious activity.

Rules to control his traffic flows like: ➡️ Increasing bids by 20% on profitable placements that have more than 3 conversions in the last 3 days 🤑

Switch from manual to auto-optimization


It turned out that a simple decision, such as investing in the right ad tracker, could become a game-changer for the company.

Alugha is a German-based tech startup that works with multilingual videos. Their toolkit lets video producers and companies host, transcribe & dub video content. Hence, they play a vast amount of videos in various languages all over the world.

Alugha was stuck in a slow-moving circle of ineffective manual optimization with:

With Voluum, all alugha’s advertising is in one place. They are able to track and optimize their ad campaigns for multiple conversions. An arduous process of optimization has been turned into something much simpler with our Auto-optimization feature.

All this allowed alugha to play out their portfolio on a completely different scale around the world.

Alhuga managed to lower their ad costs (CPM) from $0.57 to $0.11. The number of clicks grew from 2M to almost 12M.

Optimize for better ad performance


Without Voluum we wouldn’t run many successful campaigns.

Dreamin’s core is the acquisition of mobile users via their proprietary data-driven platform. Their advertising revolves around running app download / in-app-event campaigns that redirect to Google Playstore or App Store.

Find a more effective way to scale and optimize their campaigns without:

Intuitive panel and data-friendly dashboard helped Dremin avoid distractions while analyzing their sources. Integrations with Propellerads & Megapush saved them tons of time as they could control their campaigns straight from Voluum. Rule-based traffic distribution enabled them to achieve much more by matching the right users with the right offers.

Thanks to Voluum’s precise geotargeting, Dreamin scaled up a brand new campaign to $200.000 in revenue in less than 6 months.

Native media buying

Automation is the key to scaling.

The more campaigns you have, the harder it is to do everything manually. Without a tracker it’s too much to handle.

Ahmed is a native media buyer who’s been in the industry since 2010.

Scaling just meant more and more manual work. Also, because he was not using a cloud-based server, he struggled consistently with occasional crashes, losing data, server rental costs, and security risks.

Automation was Ahmed’s (and his profits’) lifesaver. Voluum Automizer enabled him to implement:

Voluum’s automation allowed him to improve client’s ROI on average by 100% and in some verticals, like native ads, by even 240%.

Online Learning

Automate your work using rules & alerts.

Colin Dijs

Thanks to rules and alerts, I can test my campaigns more efficiently. With Automizer I can really save lots of time.

Colin Dijs , the owner of Dijs University and Landerize is an 8-figure super affiliate. As he’s extensively scaling his business, he’s always in front of the screens, logged to numerous platforms at the same time.

Find a better way to manage his online business without:

After Colin Dijs beta tested Voluum’s Automizer , he introduced the tool to his media buying team. They were happy to discover that Voluum’s alternative to “The Optimizer” brings astonishing results. The team was able to increase their effectiveness tremendously, but at the end, it was the ability to have one tool to control the entire optimization process that stole their hearts.

Huge time savings connected to the ability to manage and further scale his business using only one platform.

Want to become our next success story?

Request a demo

Case studies, content filters, content formats, partnerships topics.

YoY revenue growth

increase in GMV revenue

affiliate marketing case studies

increase in departmental revenue in first year

affiliate marketing case studies

YoY program growth from 2021-2022

affiliate marketing case studies


affiliate marketing case studies

average conversion rate

affiliate marketing case studies

new partners onboarded

affiliate marketing case studies

revenue growth after partnering with

affiliate marketing case studies

scaled partner education

affiliate marketing case studies

growth in ARR YoY

affiliate marketing case studies

monthly return on investment

affiliate marketing case studies

referral program boost

affiliate marketing case studies

of new orders goal reached in the first month

affiliate marketing case studies

revenue growth from partnerships YoY

affiliate marketing case studies

app subscriptions increase YoY

affiliate marketing case studies

combined influencer reach added

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total impressions

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affiliate marketing case studies

Deepanshu Bedi

Apr 5, 2020

Affiliate Marketing Case Study 2021 [0 to $15k]

15k might not be a lot for a lot of people & it can be huge for some! For me it is good but I want to grow it to 100k per month if possible.

I don’t believe that you can make more than $5k without building links (using google’s organic traffic)

Sorry income school, I can’t wait for 1.5 years to make $1k, that’s just not my thing.

I don’t believe in white hat SEO. You can’t just publish the content and forget, you have to make links to get some organic reach(Links can be a by-product of marketing but I don’t believe that you can rank without links for a good keyword).

I chose a niche that was one of the most difficult niches in 2019. It’s one of the niches listed on this list by Matt Diggity .

I do a lot of websites every year & document a lot about them on BHW threads. Some of my threads:

This isn’t my first site & have learned a lot in 4 years.

So if you’re a beginner you will have to invest some money on your site to see what works for you and what doesn’t. After reading a few journey threads& blogs(which are mostly free) if you can’t make 1k if you’re a fucking noob! Go learn & try something…

Prerequisites I had for this Affiliate Site:

People were asking what services I use, so here it is: Guest Posts (use code “Medium” to get 20% off) Link inserts (use code “Medium” to get 20% off) Press release from PRNewswire or PRWeb Diversity Links (Team does it and I don’t recommend buying them from an agency, not even from biggies like hoth, hire some VAs to do it for you and tell them not to cut corners)

Affiliate Marketing Case Study (Starts here)

Excuse me, but Google wants headings with keywords, so you might find an “affiliate marketing case study” inserted here and there. Blame the game, not the player.

No, I don’t have 3k links. Difficult niche, jealous competitors make cheap PBNs & Spammy links in hopes that we will do bad. So you have to mitigate that damage too! I will explain how I am doing it later in the article.

So get yourself a cup of coffee coz it will be a long case study & you don’t want to miss out on some golden nuggets.

First of all , I bought this domain from a friend in January & Started posting the content.

I am going to explain what I did month-wise which will make things easy to understand.

To make money from your affiliate site, You must have these skills:

For this, I will recommend you guys to go to BHW or Reddit for whitehat journies . You will learn how other people are doing it & you can try whatever you learn as you read. If you don’t take action, then you won’t do shit!

#1 Site Planning in January:

Here’s what I did:

These things took a month to do. Managed writers & uploaders using Trello & Zapier . You need to automate everything you can and fast! I don’t recommend niche, competition & keyword research to be automated!

#2 Content Planning/Onpage Seo in February:

If you google “ fuck on-page SEO ”, You will find an article that was written by me in 2018(Webminati) on BHW. That guide is still followed by my upload guys & usually when keywords start to rank we can always tweak the articles to rank them better.

I personally give structures for the articles coz most people get that wrong(Well different) from what I want & my interlinking tactics are pretty simple…

Link whatever’s relevant when you upload the article & with an anchor which explains where the people are going to land if they click the link. Eg: Check out Our best ironing board (Link best ironing board) and whatever looks good to you. Btw, Keep your anchors natural too. (You can check top sites in your niche on Ahrefs to see what’s natural for them, compare your site with the sites in your DR range)

Did the basic SEO plugin setup, here’s what I like:

#3 Offpage audits of 15 Competitors in March:

So checking what other websites are doing is important as it will help you skip a lot of stuff that’s not really important and focus on things that work. I wanted to get what budget I should have to get backlinks.

So I noticed these things were working for them:

So I estimated that I have to invest around $3k on links & $3k on content(maybe more) every month.

#4 The Work Started in April:

Boring month, We(my team) just uploaded as many articles we could, made a few forum links & guest posts to the articles that were being posted.

Eg: If I posted a “best coffee machine” article, this is what will happen:

That’s how the day looks like when we post an article to the site. It takes 1–2 hours per day to do all this! But, it would be worth it in the end.

#5 Internal Link Audits in May:

So the site was going upwards after Feb, March and most informative articles were ranking coz they are easier to rank than the money articles.

So we made a list of all the money articles we want to rank and the info articles that had links and traffic.

Here’s something I believe:

That’s all! Now we can move to the Offpage part

These are the things we did to start off this site and we started the link building in March!

Here’s How I Planned the Links for this Affiliate Case Study:

#1 march, here’s when the link building started for me;.

So profile & forum links are evergreen tactics and you should keep making the new links all the time.

#2 April: We went on to do 15 link inserts for Inner pages and 5 Guest posts (2 links per site, 1 to the homepage & another to info articles)

#3 May: Rented 20 PBNs ( 10 to the homepage & 10 to inner pages , 4 links per week) and got a press release for the homepage .

#4 June: Here I started doing more Guest posts, did 20 new guest posts (1–2 links to my website from each article), did 15 to my most difficult buying guide & 5 to the homepage.

#5 July: Rented 30 PBN links ( 5 each to 6 buying guides, 6 links per week ) and got 15 link inserts to the review pages.

#6 August: Rented 20 PBN links to the homepage with Branded + Partial anchors to make the website more relevant in my niche (these were niche-based links) and 20 web2.0 posts (to the buying guides), and 10 guest posts .

#7 September: Rented 10 links for 3 inner pages, and got 10 link inserts & 15 Guest posts to inner pages.

#8 October: October was great, I made my first $100/day with this site. So I started to use my own PBN. Total 30 links to 8 review articles and 1 press release to the homepage.

#9 November: I asked my PBN renters to remove the links (schedule delete the links so that I don't lose the rankings fast), Removed 20 PBN links in November & added 35 link inserts for the replacement. Bought 2 press releases(PRNewswire) , 1 during black Friday & 1 for the holiday sale.

#10 December: Removed 20 more PBN links, a nd made 30 link inserts & 12 Guest posts in replacement and kept the anchor ratio as safe as possible, and also bought 1 Forbes & link .

Till January 2020, we had:

So I followed somewhat aggressive link building tactics at the beginning, some people don’t use PBN links till the site is somewhat stable?

But that’s a huge waste of time according to me. If the site is a dud, you know if by spending 1000–2000 dollars only. Most of the time, after building Pbn links we get out of the imaginary sandbox period fast.

Total Income: 54k Total Expenses: 28k Total Profit: 26k

The profit will increase every month if everything goes well, you have to spend a lot of money on the site to make great money these days. I mostly invested in content & links.

So the current revenue will increase by 15k per month or more if everything goes well. I will sell the site once it reaches its potential and stops growing.

Follow my journey threads to know the ups and downs, this stuff looks easy when you do a case study but this should be treated as your awesome business, and invest your time and money to see it grow.

Update for this case study:

This is what happened after January. It’s boring but that’s how businesses are.

From January to May, the site made over 30k a month for me but due to the weird May update. The rankings dropped.

So from January to May 2020:

2. The traffic started to grow on google analytics and reduce in Ahrefs till May.

3.So recently sold this website for $200k through a private broker who gets me new sites and helps me sell sites too.

4. Site is making $8k to $10k per month. L3M was 10k, L6M was 11k. So as i didn’t fix the site, had to sell it for 20X. If the site was growing with time, it could have gone for 30–40X too. So that’s how the game is. We got new sites that were making better than this, so we had to stop working on this exclusively.

So you should know for sure that you have to exit when you are putting more money than you’re making per month.

So Total profit with this project: $320k. Overall an awesome project but the sad truth is that sites can die sometimes when you use expired domains, PBNs, etc. But hey, 320k is life-changing for a lot of people and you can push new projects with that money!

So don’t get scared of trying new things on your website, just learn how bigger sites operate and how they are made. My next aim is 1M+ sale :D Let's get it, people!

A new project is in the works and making over 1000 dollars a day! Case study coming soon!

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affiliate marketing case studies


In this section, we share relevant case studies for affiliate marketers. It’s not all success stories. Mistakes also make for great learning material. The 2022 affiliate marketing cases will help you understand the logic behind each move of webmasters and affiliate marketers, the nuances of working with offers and traffic sources.

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affiliate marketing case studies

affiliate marketing case studies

affiliate marketing case studies

affiliate marketing case studies

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